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settled weather as we head through the next few days for north america when it's turning a bit cooler now as this system sweeps east. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why ease activists to live in jail just because he expressed himself he had their store on talk to al-jazeera at this time and. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel's defense minister rejects calls for
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a formal inquiry into the violence on the gaza border. stop the carnage in syria pope francis sends an easter message of peace to the middle east. but swears in a new president after its leader steps down. plus china tries to reassure the world as one of its defunct spacecraft hurtles towards earth. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has rejected calls for an inquiry into the killing of palestinian protesters on friday it comes as video emerged of a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza it was filmed this thousands of people began their protests against decades of land grabs by israel the israeli military says the man was a member of the armed wing of hamas but his family denies that and says that he was unarmed and shot in the back we have two correspondents covering this story for us
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we go to west jerusalem and stephanie deca in just a few moments but first let's join. hoda abdel-hamid who's in russia in gaza hala i know that you've been to one of the hospitals treating the injured after friday and saturday's violence what sort of injuries are they dealing with and how the families of those killed and injured coping. well certainly what we've seen is some actually very difficult injuries a lot of the injuries are in the lower part of the body the thigh the knees and because now we were dr seems to think that that was what was most targeted by the israeli soldiers but a lot of the injuries were very complicated doctors also describe the kind of bullet this would have exploded inside the bodies of these people and so they didn't have any other solution of actually then to carry out amputations it has to
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be said also that the situation of the health system here in gaza is very complicated it's. everything is missing according to the doctors equipment medicine all kinds of things are missing even sometimes the kind of expertise needed to treat that kind of wounds and one doctor was telling me earlier in the day we had to carry amputations maybe someone else it wouldn't have been the case but here in gaza that's what we have to do because there's no other solution it's a very complicated situation and most of the people i've seen this morning were actually very young people there was a girl was nineteen years old another one who was seventeen years old and both of them. beds not very far from each other in the same ward and both of them told me that they would have preferred to die actually then to be injured that way and i said but you're so young why would you like to die he said well i live in gaza i have no hope in gaza there is nothing for me to dream of i went to that fence i
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threw a few stones because i wanted to make my voice heard because. i'm frustrated and now obviously they're both very badly wounded these demonstrations set to go on for some weeks yet has the extent of israel's response to friday's demonstrations cause people there to perhaps think twice about attending for the demonstrations. well so far i've heard actually everything to the contrary even here we're just in front of a funeral ten for fifteen year old boy who actually received a bullet in his head while trying to save his friend who had received a bullet in his leg but we ask anyone they say that they paid a heavy price they weren't expecting such a retaliation from israel but they will continue going on two days
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approaches they will continue to sit in along the border many people actually everyone tells you we have no other choice at this point we want freedom we want to live in dignity and some people would tell you we are living in an area we don't even feel that we are part of this planet and so i think there is this belief among many of the people i spoke to that there is nothing to lose at this stage they know the risk they've seen it they've lived it but they will continue because that's the only way for them to become visible to the entire planet one of many thanks hoda abdel-hamid in russia and gaza let's join stephanie decker then who's in west jerusalem both israel's prime minister of defense minister of praise the army despite what many people would see as the use of excessive force how is such a high casualty count being justified in israel stuff.
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well at school in the name of security agent there is a lot of preparations for this and this is the language that you will be hearing coming out from the politicians and also the army even before friday they said anyone approaching the border fence will be shot now in the all from all the languages similar in the sense that israel is saying that ten of those killed remembers of what it calls terrorist organizations five of them belonging to how massive their sort of saying that this was a real threat to their security but of course you know in an age of social media age and you see the videos coming out there's multiple videos of unarmed protesters running away from the border fence and being shot so questions are being also this is not the first time that israel is accused of using excessive force when it comes to crowd control i think it is interesting however that this is a different dynamic in gaza we've not seen this before sometimes you will see rockets being fired there is an iron dome in place which has incidentally been brought down to gaza for this now even though we haven't had
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a rocket fired as of yet so it was since this march started on friday but to deal with tens of thousands of people most of them ordinary civilians course israel says that some of those are members of hamas and other organizations but most of them as you were hearing hota say are ordinary civilians protesting trying to be heard because yes gaza and indeed the palestinian cause has fallen off the map and you have an army that is i think struggling to deal with this when people come much closer so i think two messages here the army was sending on friday was aid to the israeli people and this is of course also the the holy day of pos over saying that we will keep you safe and to i think a very strong message to the palestinians in gaza saying think twice before doing anything like this again so war through were ordinary israel israelis think of what happened. well i think it's an instant question because when it comes to the army in this country age and it is something that is not criticized it's part
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of the fabric of society if you will there is conscription everyone is served in the army mothers fathers sisters brothers sons and daughters so there's been many incidents over over the years over the decades particularly when they're caught on camera that raise questions about the behavior of particular soldiers of brigades of the army itself but people may say privately perhaps that was a bit much but there is no criticizing the army when it comes to that because even by their name it's called the israeli defense forces that is the way they're seen they are seen as protecting the country of israel and its people so i think yes i think most people will will tell you that they did the right thing because again israel says that this was not an ordinary demonstration this was an effort a mass effort to breach the border fence and indeed its security ok stephanie thanks to dogs there stephanie decker that live in west jerusalem pope francis is used his annual easter message to call for peace in the middle east saying that the
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conflict does not spare the defenseless the head of the roman catholic church addressed pilgrims at some peter's square in vatican city as christians around the world celebrate easter. the pontiff touched on conflicts in the region and praised those helping marginalized people through to do. we beseech fruits of reconciliation for the holy land which also experiences in these days the wounds of ongoing conflict that you're not spared the defenseless for yemen and for the entire middle east so that dialogue and mutual respect me prevail over division and violence. u.s. media say that president donald trump has ordered the state department to freeze two hundred million dollars of funds that had been set aside to help rebuild syria trump is eager to end u.s. involvement on thursday he said the troops will pull out soon on outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson announced the recovery funding in february during a meeting of the coalition fighting isis. a fire has destroyed fifty tons of food
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aid in yemen five warehouses of supplies were lost in the port city of her data which is controlled by the rebels some port workers are blaming a short circuit for sparking the blaze around eight million people are on the verge of famine across yemen. what's what has inaugurated a new president at a ceremony that's designed to highlight a smooth transition of power up of what c c she is taking over until elections next year he was formally the vice president in comus stepped down on saturday after serving the maximum time allowed under the constitution catherine soy reports. this money which is very much in line with the constitution the president former president. back that's to step down as he did and behind the.
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president who is now. eighteen months to the general election next you know. the president in some way this is an opportunity for myself. to have a florrie. tranqs presidency destroy all the people of books and he democratic party. in his own right. very loyal to former president and in. some people really. going through. this while he's going through. and you know. by larry dealing with unemployment and again it's going to be interesting to
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see what happens. next wednesday when he gets. his my private or botswana's friend described as an african success story it's enjoyed strong economic growth at a stable multi-party political system since gaining independence from the u.k. just over fifty years ago it's one of the world's largest producers of diamonds but the new president the c.c.p. believes that the country is too reliant upon the cham of wants to diversify trades the economy tipped into recession in twenty fifteen the unemployment rate is currently around twenty percent michael is a visiting fellow at the fair. the center for africa studies at the london school of economics joins us now from the u.k. from kent via skype michael good to have you with us to what extent. under pressure now president sisi will it be business as usual given that he was the country's vice president. my c.c.
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he's a seasoned manager joe and he's looked nice right from day one they have to be economic diversity so although it was too hot to rely on diamonds good training. and look for other ways and means of. growing the economy what has to wonder though why they hadn't put in the versification plan before the vice president became president. the actually trying to get two thousand and forty in. world markets exports they have to actually rely on some of the wealth funds we've actually contributed to morgan. clearly g.d.p. to be able to sustain a fiscal range means so they're actually sort of back on track where can we stop that mystification i mean contribute to about four percent of exports
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and meat may contribute one point to the cents so there are ways of trying to beef up the fiscal engines has had this smooth transition of power how long will president must say see the president is he likely to be the front runner in the next presidential elections oh yeah definitely he gave you the candidates and who searched for and mark simone to test that's the standard for what we're not going to agree that it's really been good governance actually. this man is the person behind the presidency well before we talk salute we are not in the process of wanting to look younger ten years ok so we have a multi-party system in botswana but is there any chance that that opposition candidate could replace him when it comes to the next presidential elections. that is not very likely to want to because although it's multi-party the rule even be
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able to look at the party house of must see much i mean the opposition is no really coming into a whole however because of the good governance record there isn't much fuss about the position you usually can't kick against the ruling party. you know county not possible. to actually our government in botswana in the foreseeable future could still see so many thanks dave for being with us michael moore that from kent in the united kingdom this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. iraq's christian community tries to rise from the ruins of war for easter. possible take a look at the dark secrets of one of russia's most polluted rivers. and a belter of about it says here britain's and the joshua as he takes another step to
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becoming boxing's undisputed heavyweight champion. the u.s. and south korea have resumed joint military drills after a pause during the winter olympics nearly twelve thousand u.s. troops and three hundred thousand south korean soldiers are holding the largest annual exercises between the two nations kathy novak reports from seoul. these annual joint military drills usually take place earlier in the year but they were delayed so as not to coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that were taking place here in south korea north korea usually react angrily to drills like this calling them a rehearsal for an invasion even though the u.s. and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course lately there has been a more peaceful atmosphere here on the korean peninsula and in light of that it seems
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that these drills are likely to be more low key the scale will be the same as in previous years but instead of running for two months they are expected to run for one month of course that is a time when there is a lead up to a summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and plans for a possible meeting between the leader of north korea kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump so another sign of a more cooperative atmosphere between the two koreas and indeed between the u.s. and north korea with shorter drills planned and we're not likely to see what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers this time around at the same time in another sign of the cooperation between the two koreas there is an art troupe visiting north korea for a series of performances to see one who is the managing editor of korea expose a news magazine he says that both the u.s. and south korea are acting cautiously to not impact any chance of peace. to some
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extent. i think we cannot change the fact that the two koreas ending at all is for the last several decades and the relationship between south korea and the us is a very strong one many people here value the military alliance very much and they support disclaimed of military exercise but at the same time what we're seeing from both south korea and the u.s. as well as china is claimed a very serious consideration of the change in tone from the korea government realizes that d.c. has a very important opportunity to bring about dialogue so they're proceeding very delicately and and i think both sides are showing a lot of restraint in order to make sure that this process toward peace is not going to be grilled. time to dig out the tin helmet for the last two years it's been spinning out of control now though a chinese spacecraft the side of a size of
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a bus is about to crash back to earth china's first space station the gong or one or heavenly palace was launched in two thousand and eleven but the chinese called tycoon orts lived on the station including the first two female space explorers heavenly palace there was abandoned five years ago then space engineers in china lost control of it in twenty sixteen and it began to fall out of orbit the craft is expected to re-enter the atmosphere at some point on monday experts say the chance of de brito landing in a populated area is extremely small u.s. lore has barred the american space agency nasa from working with chinese space scientists for the past seventy years chinese government leaders have increased space spending by some thirty five percent china intends to launch a larger space station by twenty twenty as well as landing titles on the moon and on mars john johnson friess is a professor at the u.s.
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naval war college and a former chairwoman of the national security affairs department she says the station is part of china's development of a manned space program. well it's interesting in that. one that is falling to earth then will there's only a very visible there very very small chance that it could do a major hurt humans it's part of their billion space program it really has little to do with any materials great shows whatsoever it's going to be a big part of it a program united states china has announced their intentions for human spaceflight program in one thousand nine hundred two they're appearing at a very methodically down is a technology trust that is part of working towards their own goal of a permanently militant space station large space station and the only connection between it and military aspirations and here right. now
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dual use technology which is true for any space program be it china russia the united states in europe and where some russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. over the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. have written to moscow a plane brought home forty six diplomats and that family members in total one hundred seventy one people the shuttle to leave the u.s. russia has retaliated by expelling diplomats from allies of britain which has accused the kremlin of being behind the attack on the spy and his daughter last month. the governor of russia's central came out of a region has resigned over the shopping center fire that killed more than sixty people last week and antulay i have said that it was the right conscious and only true decision and investigation found that fire exits at the mallet been illegally blocked the public address system was not switched on and the fire alarm system was
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broken many of those who died were children and investigators say that some of them have been locked inside a cinema. our river in russia that serves hundreds of thousands of people is considered to be one of the world's most polluted and it's spreading radioactive contamination all the way to the arctic channel how reports now from russia's chelyabinsk reach. the teacher is no ordinary river considered one of the most polluted waterways on earth the stench of open sewage rises from beneath the ice. it has a dark history the tensions waters also contain radiation levels up to eighty times higher than normal that's thanks to the my ak nuclear plant seventeen hundred kilometers east of moscow originally producing plutonium for the soviet union's nuclear weapons program they produce many types of nuclear waste.
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high level nuclear waste inside their area where. that in one hundred fifty seven my x. suffered what's thought to be the world's third worst nuclear accident contaminating a vast area affecting hundreds of thousands of people it was covered up for decades . no do overs father was a worker at my ak he and her grandmother died of cancer she campaigned for compensation for victims but fled two years ago accused in the media of being a traitor she spoke to al-jazeera in paris finally a day on this. because population died. and began to. children the defects communities were moved new villages were built but even sixty years later the residents of new mystery of don't feel safe. used to swim in the toxic river as
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a child. i think it was the wrong decision where only three kilometers away what is it a clean. not everyone was relocated he learned done by of still lives in what remains of old muslim of a on the banks of the techo these days he's careful to use only bottled water it wasn't always the case and no one ever told us anything then in one thousand nine hundred three a drunken yeltsin came here he climbed up on a table in the street and told us i'm going to me it's a contaminated area done by of suffers from a litany of health complaints from stroke to heart and bone marrow problems that his doctors have linked to years of exposure to excessive radiation cancer because rife in communities that didn't even know why they were getting sick many died naturally young and that would be extraordinary enough as a story from
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a long time ago except that the plant is still functioning still potentially leaking hazardous waste its operations still going on under a shroud of secrecy. last october a crowd of mostly harmless ruthie me i'm one of those six was detected in the air over western europe scientists believe it may have been released at my act during the refining of spent nuclear fuel but russia denies any leak occurred so what of the future dangers posed by my ak and. sits there is an expert on nuclear pollution. it applies to this region and also goes all the way to the icy northern seas these materials never existed in nature before the human made and no one knows how they're going to behave over time activists believe miacca may still be dumping waste into the region's water system russia's
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nuclear. says it complies with all relevant safety guidance little has been done to compensate victims of contamination. in the chelyabinsk region of russia. obviously very snowy there it's a full first this is no april saw the slower the full cost to the united states is will it ever clear oh we're going to get spring well we will probably but not this week let's see what's happening at the moment and plenty of clouds here in that cloud already brought us a fair amount of snow this is what it looked like in the northern parts of michigan and then four hours later this is what it looked like so splat snow is pretty heavy in places and what it's doing is it's running up to the northeast there and it's bringing some of us some snow but it is a short lived ephesus let's take a look at the forecast then there's that really area of snow there to the east of denver and then that gradually runs its way up the northeast and some of us in the northeast could see around twelve centimeters of snow from the system and it's
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going to be that heavy wet snow type of snow and then it will run away and so i think clear as you think oh good maybe that's the end of it but it's not it's really just the precursor because this weather system here this is the main event this is working its way eastwards towards the great lakes there and it's still pulling itself together as it does so so heavy snow all the way across the great lakes region then as we head through the day on tuesday some of us here could see around thirty centimeters of snow so lots of heavy snow falling to the south of course where you've got too much in the way of warm weather to see snow here you're going to see a lot of rain instead and then the system will only gradually edge its way eastwards as we head through the next few days so really adrian it looks like winter still with us for a few days at least. yeah stephanie thanks still to come on that is one of the world's longest bridges opens in china it's creating divisions and sort of bringing people closer plus. who all. opera in
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sydney but not of this opera house find out why music lovers to choose a good stead to brave the elements outside. there was a debut to revive for this football stuff our old behave tell you can that is why a little later. when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just when he's been feeling saying. we just don't know yet where the lines when drawn between what can be said and what comes after that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access to polling the media or opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to
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leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. it's good to have you with us avery and for the get here at the home with the news hour from up zero our top stories this hour israel's defense minister has rejected calls for an inquiry into the killing of palestinian protesters on friday video has
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emerged of a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza seventeen palestinians were killed hundreds were injured. pope francis has used his annual easter message to call for peace in the middle east the head of the roman catholic church said the conflict does not spare the defenseless and praised those helping marginalized people. has inaugurated a new president in a ceremony designed to highlight a smooth transition of power of what seem a c.c. took over from the comma who stepped down on saturday. returning now to our top story the violence in gaza that's left seventeen people dead but not of ishai is a professor of political economy at dartmouth college he joins us now via skype from jerusalem good to have you with us sir what do you make of friday's incident and will israeli forces ever be held accountable for what happened
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well first of all i think fair minded israelis are appalled by this clearly. it's a great tragedy to put. live ammunition in the face of protesters who are gathered on the other side of the border wall. and it's perfectly clear that the israeli government has done very little if anything over the last. decade. to advance peace negotiations of any kind and the frustration of young people in gaza is completely understandable with electricity four hours a day despoiled water sewage problem and so forth. at the same time i think hamas has a lot to account for not just the israeli army israeli army
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arrayed. hundreds of soldiers young people themselves just kids let's face it you're nineteen years old you're called a soldier but you're just a kid and you're told that these people will infiltrate your border and kill your civilians which in fact is happened in the past so naturally there are some pretty itchy trigger fingers the question is what does hamas really intend to achieve by this and i don't see i don't see what such a protest achieves other than to dare young people to shoot. so yes i think what will happen is that the army will look into those cases where somebody may have pulled the trigger and shouldn't have maybe all seventeen triggers were polled and should've been told but at the same time i think
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one has to ask hamas what it could possibly hope to achieve by putting hundreds of young people in up in front of tens of thousands of protesters putting them in harm's way ok what could they achieve other than what they might consider to be a public relations victory with a public that's indifferent it's been a talking about the somebody is saying that about these these israeli kids as you call them. they may be kids but the but the soldiers that they're wearing army uniform is israel. using kid soldiers here. no you know clearly what i'm trying to imply is that when you put young people whether the young protesters with their slingshots throwing rocks at the soldiers and daring the soldiers to to push them back to move them back you put
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them in front of young people who are. trained to protect what they consider to be a border it's a volatile situation it's a tragic situation and it's bound to lead to this kind of violence. i've i've stated in the past and strongly believe this that if hamas us were actually offering the israeli government something that was not just a mirror of what the israeli government is offering the palestinians namely a theocratic exclusive state if hamas instead were were to try to come to a reconciliation arrangement with the palestinian authority and provide a common diplomatic front they would be doing far more to advance the prospects for those young people in gaza then pushing them up into the face of live fire
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professor good to talk to you again so many thanks indeed for being with us. here many christians in iraq km prayed together at least for the first time since the defeat of eisel in the northern city of mosul the group destroyed many churches and christians fled the area now though the community is on a mission to rebuild itself. as him run com reports that's not without its challenges. for many easter is a time to mock the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of home to nia in the nineveh plain in iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when i still took over the nineveh plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community. some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this
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is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the people here the people here are helpless people return to a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community to help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been pledged so far people at no idea how to contact in return because there's nothing to return to the houses destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were
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looted and the houses destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and there have been fifty i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical attention my husband suffers too in baghdad the christian community was spared much of the violence the others faced on the eisel even here in baghdad churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet in two thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the patch. there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today though in mosul and across the nineveh province they come together this is to my. important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians in iraq al-jazeera like. people in sierra
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leone are waiting to find out who will be the next president there's been a runoff election between two candidates after the first round failed to produce an outright winner but has already addressed reports now there's been little enthusiasm for the vote see. this as election offices count the vote settle unions hold their breath this is the last leg of a difficult three months of issues are hoping that the turnout will be high to give legitimacy to the process. what president on his bike arrived to see success that there was hardly anyone. all a concern. at the run of. the voter turnout seemed to. reach no other than what we experience under several we do. with all the gains we have made it is incumbent on the candidates to accept the
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outcome of the elections this is what some say is partly responsible for some voters staying away especially in more rural areas heavily armed soldiers at polling stations we have high presence of security outfits it's been a number of intimidation and all of that and. i mean enthusiastic in terms of how the process jabril kamar lives close to why the president voted but he's not keen on voting. where is a month for the five now. not mom not even the youth and i'm on the. roads i can boast of anything i'm skinny and not at all to ya. and there are thousands who think that way the recess narrowed to two candidates after the first round failed to produce a clear winner voters must choose between
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a former military ruler i'm a former government minister they both represent parties that have dominated politics and certainly those who are most young and are eager to change the way things are done here for those who chose to participate like this first time voter they simply want their voices heard i was a change in the education of. the very. we need any. election officials say results could be out in a few days but whoever succeeds this man will have to find a way to unite several unions polarized by the election as well as addressing the critical needs of the people with it greece al-jazeera freetown. there's been another day of protests in the u.s. city of sacramento against the shooting of an unarmed black man by police a fear for the streets and i got a feel for the cops you know how do we explain to our kids that because the color of your skin people are going to like you rob it was organized by the black lives
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matter group on friday an autopsy found that stuff on clock was shot six times in the back that contradicts police accounts the clock was facing them and carrying a gun which turned out to be a mobile phone demonstrators are demanding that the officers involved are fired. civil rights leader martin luther king was assassinated half a century ago this week in the u.s. city of memphis his death was one of many events that defined one nine hundred sixty eight as a year of political social and emotional chaos was when jordan looks now at what shaped that year and the parallels with modern day america. one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the year the world was watching the united states was mildly and psychologically falling apart it was a pivotal moment that saw changes in nearly every aspect of american life transformative was transformative. it was
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a period shift as moral and political heroes were being gunned down the public discovered it could no longer put its blind faith in its political leaders. nixon's victory in sixty eight which arguably is only made possible because of these assassinations really takes that playbook and parlay that into national power university students in the streets and in campus halls protesting what they called the u.s. is disastrous war in vietnam. african-american snapped and rioting several cities throughout the country were left burning. women took to the streets to demand equal treatment equal pay equal rights throughout the year and we will explore these developments and delve into why how fifty years later the u.s. is fighting these fights all over again politicians stoking the very worst racist
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sexist and class stereotypes and divisions in order to gain power. young people ditching classes and marching on capitol hill to demand universal gun control we either voice it changed me either peace is the fisherman this fine should not make. women naming the men who have sexually harassed them and pushing for ways to stop the systemic abuse. and yes african-americans latinos asians and native americans still fighting for a definitive and to racial profiling discrimination and prejudice the biggest difference everyone is weighing in in real time and on social media making it harder to ignore the fault lines in us society the vietnam war was so prominent in
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the concerns of young people and society and others was it was on t.v. every night fast forward twenty eighteen everyone is in their own personal bubble on their device in two thousand and eighteen and this is the question how much has the us learned from the divisions of one nine hundred sixty eight and hell well as it applying those lessons today was when jordan reporting a hotel in central india has collapsed killing ten people before story building came down and media pradesh media reports say that a car rammed into the building just before it collapsed the government has ordered an investigation. that spilled as the walls long. just crossed sea bridge one of them after seven years of construction the new link between hong kong account mainland china is finally complete beijing says the twenty billion dollar project will cut travel time in half but critics say it's blurring the border at
4:45 pm
a time of tension sarah clarke explains. it's fifty five kilometers long six lines wide before tunnels and four artificial islands the mega bridge between hong kong macau and china was built using more steel than sixty eiffel towers and is being hailed as an international partnership. i was on the border where we have included a lot of foreign experts from the united kingdom united states denmark switzerland japan and holland they are from around fourteen countries mainland china has set the road rules unlike in hong kong and macau traffic to drive on the right and tolls must be paid in chinese currency the project's been fraught with delays overspending even fight a lot since the charter is proud of the finished product inviting foreign media to inspect it we hope that friends from the present. us take this opportunity to see the new accomplishment of china you know
4:46 pm
a new era and fresh progress of the one country just as the twenty billion dollar project is part of a broader push by china to integrate the whole river delta region forty thousand vehicles a day are expected to use the bridge including shuttle buses running at ten minute intervals the travel time will be halved ikea commuters of less than an hour this mega bridge is one of three major infrastructure projects set to open in this region they fear the other is a high speed rail link between the mainland and hong kong biker being hired as major transport links between the mainland and hong kong but critics say it's yet another attempt by china to blur the border the main criticism of the link is the plan to allow chinese immigration facilities to operate in central hong kong not on the border some say that undermines hong kong's autonomy under the one country two systems agreement it is a kind of infrastructure telling the people of hong kong or even the people meaning
4:47 pm
that you know hong kong and china is no longer. two places they are actually new part of the of the main in the chart it says both multi-billion dollar transport projects will deliver hong kong more dividends with its integration using one bridge to link three of the region's biggest economy its siri plock al-jazeera you hide china. take a look at this another volcano has erupted in hawaii but this time land spouts have been spotted the swirling columns of ash are pretty rare event it happens during intense wind and high humidity. now one of the hottest tickets in australia's biggest city is for oprah on the harbor it's become so popular that sales are outperforming shows inside the world famous sydney opera house and it's attracting a new crowd to the arts as andrew thomas explains the sydney's opera house is the city's most famous building but sydney's most successful oprah's a
4:48 pm
shown here not in soit the opera house but using it as a backdrop this year it's lab o.-n. showing on a stage overhanging the harbors water on the edge of a city park this is the dress rehearsal for a full week run last year when common was shown here most performances sold out this is what opera was originally about it was a very very popular art form and here three thousand seats where we're doing twenty six performances of the one opera means that it's it's reaching the people but i think are important opera australia says engaging a wide audience is vital and outdoor opera with subtitles here is what brings in the crowds there's no things going on i'm just trying to focus on what's going on so i don't sound french unfortunately so in this kind and i'm going there in an elegy thinking that's how initially but we do. them for other reasons and what do you think of the setting yeah it's amazing it of using fame on again off the fact
4:49 pm
that all night that i just love seeing is i don't understand to tell you know french or anything that i like that. i like the fact that it's translating for me. but outdoor acoustics can never match those inside the best opera houses and it's hard to suspend reality and be in la bohem is paris with the real sights and sounds of sydney on either side of the stage. and then there is the weather for no refunds if it rains the show only stops in dangerous lightning storms so cannot for ever really be enjoying it if you're sitting. what suits some cool whites for the dress rehearsal meant you were never going to control the way that they're going to be no once they get right down it just happens there are probably some people that are snobby about it and that's fine if they want to. enjoy the experience for what it is like it's a totally different experience and it's a wonderful experience and enjoy it for today's most do the reviews have been
4:50 pm
almost universally good andrew thomas algis in sydney. that doesn't speak french ceremonies but held in kenya for the world's last male more than white rhino called sue dunn who died last month his death means that there are only two of the species left both of them a female sudan's caretakers led the tributes at his memorial service. still to come here all the news in sport the fairy tale run for this college basketball team and that ninety eight year old chaplain has come to an end to tell you what happened with fall of next.
4:51 pm
friday. growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being. freedom the challenge is going to be that men and women are the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to be you know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for down what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
4:52 pm
to the sport is far adrian thank you so much and to me joshua is now focused on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world the britain needs one more belt to do so and called out the hall to read dante wilder just minutes after winning his third major title on saturday joshua beating new zealand joseph parker in front of eighty thousand fans in cardiff he was taken to twelve rounds for the first time in his career and ended up winning by unanimous decision and although he now wants a showdown with wilder joshua and his promoter aren't convinced the american is ready for the fight that negotiations can go no. i think that in terms of where the serious business you have to sit. and discuss.
4:53 pm
what. if they stepped up and actually was serious about a boy and serious about their will that morning. because well we've already been on predictable. now it didn't take long for wilder to reply he took a few jabs at josh was performance on twitter here's what he said he called josh was went over parker a robbery and in reference to the britain's challenge he said he accepted it one hundred percent football now and the battle for champions league qualification in the english premier league heats up on sunday right now six place arsenal are at home to stoke it's nil nil in that game early in the second half later fifth place chelsea take on tottenham who are fourth their separate eight separated by five
4:54 pm
points at the moment but a chelsea win would close that gap to just to the top four progress through to the champions league food. we go very close to. and we continue to see the. not not so close and with seven seven games to go. it will be difficult to. take a place in the chipper sleep. barcelona survived a scare on saturday as they continue their march towards the title despite being down by two against city of fifteen minutes in they were covered thanks to their star duo luis suarez and leo messi each scoring a goal in the last two minutes for a two two draw barsa leave the table by twelve points. zlatan ybor him of it
4:55 pm
couldn't have scripted his l.a. galaxy debut any better the star swedish forward scored twice in his first ever major league soccer game he noted his first in the seventy seventh minute of the game just six minutes after coming on as a substitute to level match three all the thirty six year old then followed that up with a header in the ninety first minute helping galaxy come from three goals down to beat ellie football club for three galaxy last won the m.l.s. title in twenty fourteen. all story learn real trouble on day three of the fourth and deciding test against south africa in johannesburg the australian captain temp
4:56 pm
a lead tale order comeback as his side struggled through to two hundred twenty one the australian bowlers just made a breakthrough with for sixteen however south africa is still builds a comfortable lead of three hundred and fifty six runs the us open champion sloane stephens has won the miami open for her first title since her success at flushing meadows the american was just too good for the french open champion elaine austin penco beating her in two sets seven six six one. eight time grand slam champion andre agassi has announced. he's ended his coaching relationship with know about jock a bitch the two started working together how to last year's french open agassi says that differences in opinion was behind this but with the former world number one. michigan will face villanova for the biggest prize in u.s. college basketball the n c double a championship it was heartbreak for chicago's loyola whose cinderella like run in
4:57 pm
the tournament came to an end in saturday's semifinal against michigan michigan was trailing by ten points in the second half but put on a charge led by moore is to end the game with a fifty four to forty seven when loyals biggest fan ninety eight year old sister jean was so distraught she couldn't even face the. over in miami not a good night for the heat either in the n.b.a. the brooklyn nets prevented them from clinching a playoff spot the heat losing one hundred ten to one hundred nine in overtime dwayne wade missing a potential game winning shot the last up to miami's nine game home winning streak . an american writer cody webb has been crowned the super and jerome world champion three riders were in contention going into the final round in sweden the americans nearest rivals crashed and suffered breakage is as they dealt with the multiple obstacles web's results across the three races or enough for him
4:58 pm
to claim the title. and that's all your sport for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's back to you eateries all over the thanks. but so these two zero zero zero birch up to two of those top stories just about suit them. travel often. by tranquil ortiz and purple forests near broad white wall. and walks of only. by icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover good jobs because far away places closer than anything going this is together with cats are always. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we hear
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a lot that nothing worse first will be in three years the devastating impact for save a big means also to save the deposits of in there is service and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who need to learn over us are gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just the places but it's one that gives gives us the ability to identify the. other side of the wall but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. and its adversaries to beaching their war drums. faultlines investigates
5:00 pm
the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to frack on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of the maze now the jury's still out. if the nation has won. israel's defense minister rejects calls for a formal inquiry into the violence on the gaza border. hello i'm adrian for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fifty tons of much needed relief.


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