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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. are going to. start. this is al-jazeera. hello there are more kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. israel's prime minister cancels a deal with the u.n.
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for african asylum seekers just hours after announcing it on national television. don't prosecutors move to extradite former klan recent president colors prison won't back to spain. i. must south africa celebrates the life of a key leader in the fight against apartheid winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one. i'm joining us roscoe with the sports including a second national championship in three years as villanova win the u.s. men's college basketball title. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has canceled a deal reached with the un's refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african refugees resettled in western countries and the prime minister made the you tell him within hours of announcing the agreements under pressure from members of
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his government at a place the previous plan to forcibly send people to countries in africa if they did not leave voluntarily most of the migrants affected are from eritrea and. just a short time ago u.n. spokesman william spend addressed israel's sudden cancellation of the agreement he says the u.n. still hopes the deal can be implemented we remain in close touch with the prime minister's office and we continue to believe this is a win win agreement it benefits us row the international community and people needing asylum. by establishing mechanisms which. on the which responsibilities towards asylum seekers and refugees are shared with other countries it allows israel to meet to meet its international obligations and more importantly it saves lives because people will no longer. be returned to
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sub-saharan africa and then take dangerous journeys on word to find safety stephanie deca has more from western islam. an extraordinary u. turn off of these ready prime minister came out on television breaking down the deal that was achieved with the united nations refugee agency which would stop the mass deportation plan but up to forty thousand african asylum seekers it was welcomed by n.g.o.s but just a couple of hours later this u.-turn saying that it was now on hold he was going to address talk to residents of southern televisa is the area where most of these asylum seekers migrants are living and he would can consult with his members of party members of the coalition because this is all about the pressure he faced after he made that announcement members of his own party saying they weren't consulted naftali bennett of jewish home from his coalition the right wing coalition going as far as saying israel will become a paradise for infiltrators because this is the language that has been used here
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from the authorities and to describe the asylum seekers most of them from eritrea and sudan calling them illegal infiltrators this deal was hailed as a very positive first step because what they call particular the critics would say that this was an inherently racist policy of forced deeper taishan and it was aimed at sort of safe keeping the identity of the jewish state most of these people who have come here have had extraordinary difficult journeys crossing the sinai peninsula over the last year is about ten years or so into israel so we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out but certainly it goes to show the pressure the prime minister's under from his right wing coalition from his base and how much he needs them. that is processing on gaza's border with israel say they're going to stay camped there for another six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred injured
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demonstrators have gathered in the barrier that runs the entire length of the border and so many soldiers including about one hundred snipers on the other side. the former catalan leader could soon be extradited to spain down prosecutors applied for extradition after his arrest last month of one this has been traced on mccain he joins us live from berlin settlement talk us through this application process is not wholly unexpected as it is. now it's not wholly unexpected the tall or the point to make here is this is effectively the start of the judicial process that could culminate in the push them are being sent back to spain to face those charges which we've known about for some time those two charges that referred to the decisions he took in so far as the referendum which the spanish government considers unconstitutional referendum that was held in catalonia they say sedition rebellion an element of fraud was involved in it those charges that german prosecutors have been looking into and there in the explanation for this isn't
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they've taken today they say that they believe that there are equivalent laws there is a criminal legislation in germany that would recognise those as offenses well that's crucial here because it means that the process can stop this process of mr push from being sent back to spain he's already been in custody now for some time and from his perspective well we have to see how he's going to respond absolutely and one wonders how long this process could actually take but one considers that there will be appeals involved and such like. well that's it exactly that is the question here in one sense it's now up to mr pritchett moment to decide whether he's prepared to accept this which would seem unlikely given that he had gone into self-imposed exile in belgium for some time or whether he chooses to to act against it in the first case well then this would proceed pretty quickly and we
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could expect to see a handover back to spain within the next few days or so if however as seems more likely he opposes this. well then there is a deadline imposed by the european arrest warrant scheme which was how in fact german law enforcement agents arrested him a sixty day deadline implies applies in that circumstance he was picked up on the twenty fifth of march which suggests some time in late may perhaps the twenty fourth of may would be when we could expect to see the culmination of this process but really this now is in his hands how does he want to go forward with this in a statement that was released yesterday by a german politician who actually visited him in prison he said that he wanted people his supporters to carry on doing things peacefully nonviolently saying that is the catalan way of doing things where the point is and now he's experiencing the german judicial way of doing things and we wait to see quite exactly how long he'll
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stay in germany and what will happen next and a well done nic thanks very much for the update. what a. the anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa has died at the age of eighty one she was married to nelson mandela the nation's first black president for thirty four years born in the eastern cape province as a young social worker when he mandela enjoyed the humiliations and limitations of racial segregation shortly after marrying lawyer nelson mandela he was sentenced to life in prison for his anti apartheid activities with asp and in jail she became a leading voice of the african national congress and for her jailed husband in one thousand nine hundred ninety she was imprisoned tortured and sent into exile by the apartheid regime many say this harsh treatment hardened her she was convicted for charges relating to the one nine hundred ninety one kidnapping and killing of fourteen year old suspected and former stumpy mark had seen the following year in
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a shock to the nation south africa's first couple split but she retained a loyal political following within the a.n.c. sometimes putting her at all this with her ex-husband partnership has been to say another version of the struggle says her courageous defiles was deeply and spiration to a generation of activists tributes are being paid to winnie mandela as mourners gather outside her house and so well after soy has there was. a vigil for we need. so we're told the very heart of the idea apartheid struck president cyril ramaphosa came to pay his respects as we say in african culture. a gigantic three has fallen this is the women mandela three that provided shame for the people of south africa mandela will be given a state funeral next saturday and before dark will be
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a memorial services in the jewels across the country she has been. one of the strongest women in our struggle who suffered immensely under the party regime who was imprisoned who was banished who was treated very badly separated not only from her husband but from the children as well and their people but notwithstanding all the she remained strong she remained determined she was courageous. i mean our act she became the face and voice of nelson mandela and come pain while he was in prison for twenty seven yes all these people say they are here to celebrate the life of winnie mandela but she was also very controversial figure she's been accused of being involved in human rights abuses during the times she's also been
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accused of having a very militant leadership style a song say this could take her legacy. even of their party height system she fought draft hotshot cummings. you would understand that. itself was violent. it was. violence against. a comes to mind is that she defied a project system which isn't such a huge negative impact on our country and the biggest project still lives on today . she might have lived a checkered life with her own political and past struggles but many people in south africa want to remember half of the role she played in the fight against apartheid and the impact she had a million people here for them she is the mother of the nation catherine saw
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al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. u.n. has condemned an attack in northeastern nigeria that killed at least thirty four people and injured dozens more suspected book around fighters detonated bombs and opened fire on people in two communities on the outskirts of my degree is the city where bach or her arm was formed nine years ago. some of those present is in china seeking investment to help his country's struggling economy and sentiment and god has met chinese president xi jinping and saying it's his first foreign trip since coming to power in november and dad will replace his princess and other mcgarvey in a military takeover edge and brown has more from beijing first and foremost president emerson when god wants to thank president xi jinping for all the support the china has given zimbabwe during those long eighteen years when zimbabwe was isolated because of the international sanctions that were imposed on zimbabwe and
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she jinping has always said that zimbabwe and china were all weather friends but of course he needs investment you know zimbabwean it may be wealthy in a variety of minerals but it's a commie is in dire straits now china is already a significant investor in zimbabwe particularly in sectors like farming mining and tobacco but i think the zimbabwean leader will be looking for more investment from president xi jinping and president xi jinping also wants to consolidate and also strengthen the influence the china currently has in africa i'm sure that president xi jinping will want to promote and talk about his one build one road foreign policy and trade initiative and to say to the zimbabwean leader that there's room in this project for zimbabwe. a boat carrying dozens of ranger refugees has arrived in malaysia a boat was intercepted and brought to the mainland malaysia's maritime officials
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say the refugees will be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds and refugee agency has praised the decision around seven hundred thousand rangers have been forced from their homes since miramar launched a military crackdown in iraq and state in august florence louis has more from kuala lumpur. according to the government there are already about sixty thousand refugees living in malaysia this is also not the first time that malaysia has seen boatload of. refugees arriving on the shores off of malaysia malaysia has a policy of not allowing these boats to land in the country but this time malaysian officials have said they are allowing this to take place on humanitarian grounds they've already said that the boat is being escorted to peninsular malaysia where the refugees fifty six of them mostly women and children will be handed over to immigration authorities where they will be processed accordingly as migrants without documents. are refugees have long seen malaysia as
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a place of refuge partly because this is a country with a majority muslim population and it is where they think they will be looked after now as i mentioned earlier there were. lots of refugees arriving later is not something new peaked in two thousand and twelve when there was violence in rakhine state in myanmar and refugee advocates have been warning that we will start seeing this again soon because of the violence persecution that's taking place in northern rakhine state in myanmar and the conditions in refugee camps in bangladesh having said that this is the start of the monsoon season so we are not expecting many more boats to arrive until the monsoon season ends in a couple of months. as here on the news hour including. in the u.s. interview saudi arabia's crown prince offers another sign of warming relations with israel plus. jordan washington.
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takes over the masses as the fourteen time major. so this best. in sports. yemen's foreign minister has called for a return to the negotiating table to and the devastating three year war in the country. that have the made the announcement of the un conference in geneva urgently seeking donors twenty three billion dollars in aid dollars in aid it comes as a sound led coalition air strike killed at least fourteen civilians and who died seven of them children unicef is calling the attack one of the deadliest on children since the conflict in yemen escalated in two thousand and fifteen.
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norwegian refugee council is at that conference in geneva he says the event is also raising awareness of the human cost of the conflict. it is a stark reminder of how cruel this war is what happened in who day there were also missed sides going from the northern governorates into saudi arabia so the escalation is precisely what we do not need now here in this building now donations from around the world are meeting to give more funding to us the humanitarian agencies that are desperate plea under-funded on the ground however our message is also it's not just money we need we need more than anything ceasefire we need an end to this senseless war we need an end to the bomb beings and the missiles going into areas like all data and we need an end to the missiles also going from
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the north in yemen to saudi this has to end in twenty eighteen number one we need generous donations saudi arabia and the united arab emirates who are also fighting in yemen are now the biggest donor to our aid efforts we need other you know neutral. independent donors to come and step up to the plate number two we need ceasefire now number three we need the new media to martin griffiths who is here now in in the building starting his work to lead you and negotiations for peace and we need so do arabia in new rohn iran is supporting those who are having control in the capital sanaa and the northern governorates iran need to push also the parties to the negotiating table so does united kingdom and the united states
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that are selling enormous quantities of arms to this war. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land where they've been banned selman made the comments in an interview with the us magazine the atlantic is seen as another sign of warming ties between the saudi kingdom and israel he said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are a lot of interests we share with israel and if there is peace there would be a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council. following maven as a lecturer of foreign policy intercession relations at lancaster university joins us now from there says simon how significant a change is this in the saudi position towards israel well i don't think that the crown prince is comments that were published in the atlantic or particularly. a
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really actually reveal a seismic change but they are the latest step in a long process of the current recreational between the saudis and the israelis but what is what significance of course is that the crown prince acknowledged that the israeli state the jews have a right to a a so growing national home and that's the first time that an arab leader has actually explicitly said this so i think and not sent such really quite a a big step but it's the law it's been a long line of very small steps working towards this regression and how alarming is this report from four palestinians. well i think if i were a palestinian i would be i would be concerned but i would also be not particularly surprised by this we've seen that the palestinian cause has long been picked around and over the past seventy years since the nakba it's been used for political ends
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or and and really harnessed but the mess dickon regional agendas rather than actually being treated as a cause in and of itself by by states from i'm from egypt and jamal up till now said to saudi to do even iran for instance so i wouldn't be particularly surprised by a palestinian it's just the latest in a long line of events that have seemingly marginalized the palestinian cause and using it as part of a much bigger geopolitical issue look at bigotry a political issue is this a useful relationship for saudi to cultivate when it comes to iran and facing what had been some might think is a common enemy that. yes sure i mean he talks about this in the atlantic piece and he's talking about how there are shared interests with regard to iran and if you look at it through a purely sort of rail quality cleanse you see that my enemy's enemy is my friend and we all know that the iranians and the israelis said cardo long one problematic
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relationship so i think that and not pure sort of defensive realist sense then there is a common interest but i think there's also there are also deeper interests economically and deeper interests in terms of the organization of regional security and particularly since since the trump regime came to power there's been this this growing sense of something happening something moving because of the proximity of trump to mohammed and sound man and also jared kush not trump's son in law to the regime in israel so i think that the trumpet ministration has had a key role to play in this whole way of relations but of course it was there it was happening anyway because of what was happening in iran so you got to get that the u.s. is looking to saudi to promote its darkest and deal of the century which we're still waiting to see the details of and saudi's role head is to try to sell it to the
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palestinians that's a tough sell. yeah it really is and we saw a few months ago mohammad our boss was cold too cool to riyadh and told why except the saudi plan otherwise you'd be forced to resign now of course a bus could not accept this it would be giving up on on longstanding palestinian claims and no holliston leader could ever accept that so he went back and said no i'm not accepting it which left there i've been a vague on the face of the saudis and said that they can't necessarily exert all of the influence that they they perhaps a lot they could so i guess what happens next is is really key to what extent do the saudis try and could joel the palestinian leadership into accepting this to what extent do they look to other types of political big o's maybe younger or younger political leaders or maybe did they try and change tack to maybe try and find a better economic incentive for them to accept whatever dealers' is on the table but i think that what the crown prince just said is that he is keen to try and get
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some kind of solution and obviously the deal of the century is is there to be explored but i think there are deep security issues there are deep existential issues as nascar's ends up facing right now with with sixteen or so being killed seven hundred eight hundred being shot snipers being being surrounded in the gaza strip and after all this is the largest open air prison in the world so whilst there are broader geopolitical security issues at play it's the palestinians particularly those in gaza who are paying the heaviest of all races and data ok side and may even leave eleven seem to go inside thanks for joining us from lancaster university thank you now when say is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of us civil rights leader martin luther king jr the latest in our series looking back at his life from washington muslim jordan examines the range of
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his ambitions. i have been. in the struggle to end segregation in the united states in the one nine hundred fifty s. and one nine hundred sixty s. martin luther king jr was at the head of the marchers and the boycotters a powerful symbol of nonviolence pushing for legal and social improvements for african-americans but according to the new documentary king in the wilderness king had a vision of achieving more a vision still unfulfilled fifty years later taylor branch is king's biographer and one of the film's executive producers we were on a mission to redeem the soul of america from the mankind's triple scourges of of racial bigotry war and poverty for a largely invisible tiny minority to have that as an ambition is just stunning my current. king was a preacher by training and so it was natural for americans to consider him
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a leader even a prophet but only to a point as long as king gave speeches on voting access to public spaces and equal treatment under the law branch says his support was widespread but once president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law in one thousand nine hundred sixty five king's influence cratered even among his fellow activists because he opposed the vietnam war because he was trying to launch an anti-poverty campaign and because young people impatient for change cheered on the black power movement what depressed king more was the great rush of excitement about black power that obledo aerated all the questions of the potential of nonviolence and how quickly nonviolence became kind of passe in the culture. by the time king was assassinated on april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight he was drained under f.b.i.
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surveillance and worried about a race war but he still wanted to work fifty years after martin luther king's death people speak of the dream he had for a better society king is revered but it's a board to remember he wasn't the u.s. a saint rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. just a few members will have all the weather with rove and then still ahead here on out to sarah as the russian president has a tacky look at the warming relations between moscow and i'm corrupt plus. mounting anger amongst the u.s. as years of low pay and budget cuts take that toll. and in support could there be a fairy tale finish of this surfing star's kuranda that's ahead.
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from a fresh coast to bring peace. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. the tropical cyclone season is still active in australia northern australia and in the southwest pacific and satellite picture shows you quite clearly they circulation off the coast of queensland weather really has been very wet so have a tropical cyclone maybe isn't much different fact this one stays off the coast so its worst effects are if you were to leave the safety of land is sustained winds are on the way up just about to reach your hundreds or be a bit stronger i think in the next twenty four hours where you fight only four metres a structure quite quite low in the rain potential about one hundred fifty millimeters none of this is like a superbly dangerous storm but it's dangerous enough and he's going to want to i think in the next twenty four hours slowly down the coast of point and so it's persistence won't help with the strong winds and heavy rain along the coastal strip down towards rockhampton there's not just australia once again fiji's be in the
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frame starting the week with a tropical cyclone over the top again the rainfall is only about one hundred fifty millimeters but it all fell it once so there has been some dodge of at least four deaths in fiji as this thing went through now it was a fairly big cycle time but this winter the opposite is dying down just the way from fiji but it's not far away and taller. the weather sponsored by cateye place. a story of blackmail. this person. will have to kill i have strangled i have a story of current a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sincere just. one of our biggest strengths
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is that we talked with normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a worse two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can get on jurists in the rest of central america for about the same time but more importantly where those two cultures north and south america. to very important points for all to the roots of. you know again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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has canceled a deal with the un's refugee agency which would have seemed thousands of african migrants resettled in western countries that are based a previous plan to forcibly send thousands of people to countries in africa. the former leader of the catalan parliament could soon be extradited to spain german prosecutors have applied for cars because humans extradition after his arrest last month he's facing charges of rebellion and spain all spearheading catalonia is independence votes. and saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land mom had been made the comment in an interview with the us magazine the atlantic is being seen as another sign of warming ties between saudi arabia and israel. let's get more now on another of our top stories the death of winnie mandela and war in her life and legacy. joins us from johannesburg as a political analyst and human rights activist good to have you with us it's
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a sad day for many people there in south africa he said tell us about your experiences and impressions of winnie mandela. well i think it's in duvets of all that winnie mandela is a struggle sort stalwart she's the hero in of the end here apartheid struggle but she's also flawed personality or was a flawed personality as indeed most of us are and of course you know much of her fearlessness and her compassion and her passion in that struggle for freedom in south africa was unfortunately diluted by the allegations against her in the late one nine hundred eighty s. regarding her involvement in the murder of stumpy the and also in the allegedly in the murder of dr x. but so she's a flawed personality but then comes the liberation arrow the sort of post ninety four era she's again shown how indomitable she she was she was not afraid to
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challenge both president mbeki and former president zuma she was not afraid to speak out against aids denialism she was not afraid to speak out against corruption so she is revered by many in this country and perhaps legitimately so when you've said that in many ways she will have contradictory personas are reflection of south africa's society today i quite like the way that. yes very much so you know you know as much as she was the ultimate amazon the ultimate mother and warrior and spouse of nelson mandela she also be treated that incarcerated has been both on a personal level and perhaps betrayed the struggle through her involvement through her football club in the murders as a said so she's a reflection of her life is a reflection very much of the society that we are today which is very much due to
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a very very turbulent history so her perversity her complexities her passions and compassion and mellow dramas even are quite reflective of south africa today and she was one of the few remaining of a generation of activists wasn't she what did she make of the battle against apartheid and why it left south africa. she was very very critical of the fact that the agency had not delivered on the key issues which it had promised to deliver on in terms of a better life for the majority of the people in father because she was very very critical about the increasing inequality in the country about the entrenched poverty and poverty gap and particularly about the levels of nepotism and corruption within the ruling party so she was fearless in that sense and she was very dissatisfied on that level and i remember one of my first memories of her was
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that she would promise something to a community and in ever to be she'd make sure it was delivered even under apartheid i worked as a volunteer if i'm largely and she promised that water stand pipes you know outside water pumps would be delivered to a community within a week that had been done so she was very much somebody who tried to live up to what she promised in those respects and she was very disappointed with the post apartheid government with the government that didn't actually deliver on those basic issues water sanitation housing food security etc so. at the moment we've got the scene outside her house. of course singing and dancing. the house of winnie mandela when he went and of course he died yesterday at the age of eighty one. are expecting the arrival of just millennia the need of the economic
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freedom fighters a far leftist party to arrive to pay his respects he was a close associate of winnie mandela i so you were talking there about how she was disappointed in the a.n.c. i suppose what does she think of the state of the party now. she was critical about the unity what she saw as the disunity in the party what she thought. element in the party willing to principled look and feel resentment materialism but at the end of the day she maintained that she believed we could write it with the proper leadership and so she was still a believer in the in the political vehicle even despite her disappointment at what it had done or hadn't done over the last twenty odd years. very good indeed to speak to the day after when he passes away in south africa thanks very much.
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now russia's president vladimir putin is on his way to turkey for a summit on syria ties between the two countries have been steadily improving even as their relationships with the west strained further and president hassan rouhani will also be joining the summit later on wednesday. joins us now from the turkish capital in ankara persons on his first foreign visit since his election why did he choose turkey. well laura this is the first visit by putin and turkey is a key nato ally so putin is perhaps making a point here that he is willing in his next presidency to come closer to words nato and also on the other hand turkey has been an ally with the nato alliance where its relationship has been very strained because of the syrian conflict and the involvement that turkey has been asking from nato so it is it's
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a double edged sword as analysts have been putting it to us that the that the directions want to be seen as coming closer to nato as well as prying away from nato a key ally towards more closer ties to words them so they can have better relationships in terms of various fields both economic and strategic ok so what's going to be on the agenda between the meeting between putin and president. well there's going to be a number of items that we've seen that are on the agenda the most important is the ground breaking off this nuclear power plant a twenty billion dollars project that president out of the gun and russian president putin will be attending also we've been hearing there is a lot of focus on energy and trade between the two countries as you as you remember there was the relationship between the two countries came to a really critical point when turkey shot down a russian plane over syria since then dies of improved the russian media has been saying that since last year there have been at least eight meetings and twenty four
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conversations between the two leaders so the thais are restring thinning to a new level there's also the talk of defense cooperation between turkey and russia the controversial purchase by turkey to escort a hundred air defense system from russia is also going to come under discussion turkey wants it to be expedited where it's received criticism from its allies including united states which has installed its own patriot battery system on turkish soil so it is going to be a number of issues. economic political as well as strategic that are going to be coming in the discussion and there's obviously the over hanging issue of syria that is going to come under discussion today and tomorrow as well when the serious summit kicks off when house and rouhani the new president will come over as well absolutely they'll be a big meeting to watch for ok thanks for the update from ankara. now rail workers in france have begun three months of rolling strikes causing chaos for commuters four and a half million passengers will be affected by two days of sub just eight week rail
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workers are angry at present value and that calls plan to reform the industry around half of all staffa taking industrial action that involved has been out meeting with those affected commuters and paris. this is one of several bus stations in paris where people can travel to cities around france and in fact further afield it is a lot more busy than normal the company the private company that runs this place says that they've laid on extra services on tuesday because of the train strike but some passengers we spoke to said that they still felt inconvenience on the journey was going to take a lot longer than normal that they don't know from its destructed up plans because the train would have cost us how much early and we're having to wait for a pulse and the journey will be much slower. will another solution for passengers trying to get from paris to other cities is car sharing it's already extremely
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popular particularly among young people but coincidentally on tuesday there's a strike at air france so vats adding to the demand for that particular solution. that most of it i couldn't take a plane either because of the strike there i absolutely have to get an aunt and i don't drive so car sharing seem like the best idea. well some of the passengers the travelers that we've spoken to say that they fully understand why the strike is happening others say that the rail sector does need to be reformed and they do think that the three month strike is excessive but one thing's for sure they're going to have to get used to this disruption because it's going to last until the end of june. amnesty international says spanish prosecutors say using a charge of korra fighting terrorism to stifle government opponents and freedom of expression the latest targets of rappers and that establishment lyrics to chase her fortes. tonnage as he's known on stage could be sent to jail that any
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time he's been found guilty of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown he was given a three and a half year sentence the court offered him a chance to avoid prison i apologized but he refused since i'm being used as an emissary to send a message to the rest of society i also want to be a part of this message and send my own i'm not ready to retreat what we should or to his repeat the same offense. l g o is that catherine member of the twelve strong collective drawn from all over spain known as the insurgency. he's facing two years in prison and a fine equivalent to six thousand dollars. he was also found guilty of glorifying terrorism but he's appealing to the supreme court will object to. the objective of repression in any field is to take a scapegoat and make others be afraid so they stop mobilizing stop going to
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demonstrations stop striking stop singing that's the real object of more than attack against me it's an attack against the whole population from about the crackdown by madrid has extended to all parts of spain's artistic. this work by santiago sierra was removed from display in the capital's main exhibition center entitled contemporary spanish political prisoners it contains a series of blurred images including to catalonia is imprisoned separatist leaders . one. piece that has shown that whenever you want to shut certain mouths or you want certain discourses not to see the light of your very repressive action of provoking the silence acts as a loudspeaker act without bail. art galleries across spain are now queuing up to exhibit the piece the artistic use the spanish government of using the same repressive formulas as grandfather franco. he described his says the ship as
1:44 pm
a tyrannical act coming from the law of the jungle. rights groups like amnesty international say freedom of expression is under attack in spain even tweets and jokes posted online to get you arrested it seems any dissent can be treated as criminal activity chaytor and his era barcelona. gunmen in pakistan have killed four people in a mainly christian neighborhood in the city of quest at least three of those killed are from the same family at a relative's home in their rickshaw came under fire says it carried out the attack in a separate shooting which police say was unrelated five people were killed. and i know crossing by central american migrants into mexico has prompted a storm of criticism from the us president donald trump is accusing mexico failing to do enough to prevent them from entering the united states to home and reports
1:45 pm
from mexico city. become any which way they can put in buses and trucks central american migrants crossing into mexico looking for sanctuary here or in the united states they usually go in small groups but every star activists organized this caravan to bring awareness to the plight of poverty or criminal gangs in their homelands particularly salvador and honduras. it started with threats and i'm a woman and well men can do more than me and we couldn't figure out any solutions except to come here and that said take a look at the caravan organizers hope that the sheer numbers will keep them safe from the cartels which often kill and extort migrants and member of thirty's let them stay or pass through so far they've been granted free passage that's impurity to u.s. president donald trump who tweeted mixteco is doing very little if not nothing
1:46 pm
stopping people. flowing into mexico through their southern border and then into the u.s. that on the whole is not true over the last four years mexico has drastically tightened up its southern border with the help of funding from the us usually migrants according to weber patrols and checkpoints there have been many accusations of human rights abuses the tolerance for caravans like this one is the exception not the rule something which can foreign minister luis feed that i highlighted on trump's preferred battleground he tweeted every day mexico in the u.s. work together on migration throughout the region the facts clearly reflect this the government here would hope that its efforts to stop migrants heading through mexico to the u.s. would help the relationship with the northern neighbor but president trump doesn't appear to see it that way after learning about the caravan even threaten to cool off a trade deal between the countries it's impossible to know how many of the tweeted threats will turn into policy but it's another headache for the mexican government
1:47 pm
and an unhappy signal for those who say going home is not an option john home of. mexico city. tens of thousands of teachers in the united states have walked out of classrooms demanding higher salaries protests and can talk in a part of growing unrest among education staff far less than other professionals and asked about reports the pay gap is not confined to america yet here in kentucky thousands of teachers stormed the state capitol we are here to say. so rarely for our schools the scene was much the same in oklahoma where teachers call the recent six thousand dollars pay hike their first in a decade too little too late i'm not walking out on my children or my students and walking out for my students. across america from west virginia to arizona teachers
1:48 pm
are in open revolt walking off the job demanding not only better pay and pensions but more funding for classrooms not in the u.s. teacher salaries and pensions are mostly funded through a combination of state and local taxes but since the recession tighter government budgets have kept a lid on teacher wages we have our own limits and we have other people who are also in desperate need of funding when it comes to teacher salaries the u.s. is actually one of the best paying nations luxembourg is at the top paying roughly one hundred thirteen thousand u.s. dollars for teachers with roughly fifteen years of experience latvia is at the bottom paying only about nine thousand dollars but despite wage differences teachers worldwide have one thing in common they make on average about twenty percent less than other professions with similar training that could make teacher recruitment harder in the future we have seen reductions in the number of teachers
1:49 pm
and the number of college students who are exiting who are graduating from college with a teaching certificate and so there have been declines over the last ten years or so that people have raised warning flags about losing losing teachers to other professions teachers in oklahoma say they'll stay off the job at least another day hoping their demands will inspire change in their state and possibly others as well diane that's true broke out zero washington. tell us.
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1:51 pm
let's get you all sport now and here's joe laura thank you very much will start of the u.s. where the men's college basketball season ended in spectacular style on monday with villanova winning is second national team title in three years dante david came off the bench to score thirty one points the sophomore god with red hair nicknamed the big rockers lifted his team to a seventy nine to sixty two win over michigan villanova won all six games by double digits there just the fourth team to do that in the history of the championship. villanova university students spilled out onto the campus in pennsylvania late on monday to celebrate that when they danced set a small bonfire and at least one student made it up a streetlight despite officials discouraging the tradition by greasing the utility
1:52 pm
poles. was one season ends with a title another is already underway with the houston astros hoping to defend their world series trophy the astros proudly showed it off to fans and unfurled their champions banner ahead of the home opener against the baltimore orioles on monday he still has been off to a strong start already this season they've picked up three wins in their four game series with the texas rangers on monday they got another against baltimore when gonzalez hit a home run and charlie walton pitched six scoreless innings as they all reels six to one. but both the new york teams had to postpone their home opener is because of a snowstorm this was the scene at the yankee stadium where they were supposed to be hosting the tampa bay rays the game will now be played on choose day while the mets pushed back their game with the phillies until july the night. south africa's cricketers have sealed the series against australia by crushing four hundred ninety
1:53 pm
two runs for their first home series win over their opponents in nearly fifty years south africa's bowlers needed seven wickets on the final day of the fourth test in johannesburg as a straight faced of record run chase and vernon philander delivered the blows taking six for just twelve runs earlier to clinch a third straight victory for south africa as a straight arrow all out for one hundred and nineteen australia's defeat is the heaviest of any team in terms of runs in tests since one thousand nine hundred thirty four meanwhile the australian cricketers association has called for a reduction in the bans handed to steve smith david warner and cameron bancroft for their part in the ball tampering scandal in south africa last week former captain smith and former vice captain worn a one hundred twelve month suspension while bancroft was banned for nine months by cricket australia the trio have until thursday to appeal the bans which the players' union say are too severe. of the dozen or so matters
1:54 pm
of this time the most severe suspension today has been a bad four to one no less no. the most expensive fine has been one hundred percent of the match for. the informed conclusion is that as right as the motivation is the proposed penalties are disproportionate relative. well just a few weeks tiger woods has gone from golf outside a to mostest favorite the fourteen time major champion which fans into a frenzy in his first practice round in augusta on monday was played just nine holes to ease into the course ahead of the first major which begins on thursday he hasn't won a major since two thousand and eight and missed the last two masters because of injury and off course problems but the form a welcome one showed he still had the touch as they chipped in on the second his fans are the only one succumbing to tiger mania. which creates a human off i mean some of these kids there that are. participating on sunday
1:55 pm
yesterday you know they never got to see tiger woods that we've all got to see. so for him being healthy i mean that's you know as a friend you want him healthy and as a competitor you want to be healthy so yes there's nothing but great things when he's healthy i mean what he's been able to do on and off the course to help the game of golf and help young people. you know being on course and winning again is going to stop that mean more people love the game of golf well there's a big game on tuesday in the u.a.e. for champions league israel madrid play eventis in the quarter finals and a repeat of last year's final nail clinched the trophy in cardiff with a four one win event to say they're not focused on revenge while they all manager and is in sudan says last year's result is in the past. when i was looking almost. what we're going to try to do is play a good game a good football game because it's what we know how to do and it's been prepared we are ready but it has nothing to do with what happened ten months ago what happened
1:56 pm
is in the past we need to think about this qualifying round and try to play a great game by mean a place of the n.t. says other quarterfinal underdogs severe who are playing in the last eight for the first time in sixty years have never met by in but they haven't lost at home in eleven matches against german opponents. in but their team. and you always put yourself qualifying for the next round we know how hard it will be and that we aren't favorites but we won't make it easy for them we will play with our style and try to take advantage of our strengths if that's enough to defeat this byan team then we'll be in the next round. like event. we're not afraid at all but i will say to game that you can never know what will happen during the game or what the final score will be but i can guarantee you that we will never say that we are ok with a draw or a specific result you can never know in advance out of the start of the commonwealth
1:57 pm
games on wednesday in his boxing team has received an official warning after cleena found syringes in their accommodation over the weekend a hearing into the incident cleared the team of doping violations but they were found to have breached the games no needle policy that's all true a doctor gave an athlete a vitamin injection and then left needles on attend it isn't the first time india has been reprimanded over the use of needles though they also received a warning at the two thousand and fourteen commonwealth games in glasgow. this matter is now not defined as an anti doping rule violation but rather as an infringement of the c.g.s. no needle policy which has been introduced by other major sporting events and of course this is to ensure safety medical best practice. australian surfing style make finding is edging closer to a fairytale finish at his last event before retirement funding reached the course finals at bell's beach on cheese day competition he's won four times previously the
1:58 pm
thirty six year old also still has the chance to end his career on top of the world rankings. to get there on a little bird. that is all the sport for me for now but it's an aura so i don't thanks very much and that's it for me for this news asco raman is back in just a moment with more of the day's news for you.
1:59 pm
arts. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke that's all about it as people do. setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. jeanette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack
2:00 pm
around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. israel's prime minister counsels a deal with the united nations for african asylum seekers just hours after announcing it on national television. when you're watching all this there are laws.


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