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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against me oh it's. all over. al-jazeera silicates express yourself. from photos to friends of sorts bloodier putin arrives in ankara for a three way summit with his fellow power brokers in syria's war turkey and iran.
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barbara starr you're watching live from london thanks for joining us also coming up on the program this is just the start french rail workers begin their first day of rolling strikes there are set to run for months a deal undone the israel's prime minister cancels a migrant relocation agreement just hours after announcing it would go ahead. and freedom of expression under attack in spain we meet the rappers facing jail time for their lyrics. just a few years ago they were practically enemies but russia and turkey's ties are just getting stronger bloodier putin is again visiting his turkish counterpart of type at the han the pair launched the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant a twenty billion dollars project that will be built by russia the two leaders are
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also set to discuss the war in syria those talks will begin in earnest when iran's president joins them all now when state. so let's go live now to ankara and speak to osama bin laden who is there monitoring developments for us so this is actually part of a two day visit to turkey let's focus on day one that the focus there very much on trade and energy. absolutely as you said the biggest issue there is the inauguration of the twenty billion dollars project forty eight hundred megawatt project that will cater to about ten percent of turkey's energy needs putin and the government today president of the ground saying that his vision is that by two thousand and twenty twenty three when its centennial celebrations off the republic of turkey take place turkey should be in one of the top ten economies
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of the world and in order for him to achieve that he was going to need a diversification of to these energy requirements and energy needs and how he fulfills them and this is this first power plant he said is going to be a key aspect of that energy drive it's not just nuclear power we're hearing from the russian entourage that there's going to be a number of things that are going to come under discussion including the s four hundred the controversial missile defense system that turkey is acquiring from russia turkey wants it to be expedited and analysts have been saying that the earliest turkey's going to see them it would be probably around twenty twenty there's also the issue of economic ties including of russian tourists coming to turkey which is a twenty six a billion dollar industry for turkey as well as the agricultural sector where some reservations from turkey remain about the exports of its agricultural products to
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sell it to russia but russia is also exporting this second largest amount of russian wheat to turkey has been so it's a it's a it's a it's a large scale event where a lot of issues including strategy defense and the economy are coming and the discussion and obviously the crown jewel of all of that being the turkey's first nuclear power plant and some of it's just worth remembering just how tense relations were between these two nations just in two thousand and sixteen when turkey downed a russian fighter. now we see them trying to cooperate and of course they share the common desire to have some kind of resolution and certainly a quite mean down of the war in syria and they will be joined on wednesday by the iranian president what are we expecting then. well as you said the relationship between turkey and russia has been fractured and then mended
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again because of the conflict in syria after that jet was down after turkey found itself in a position where it was standing up to what was happening in syria it was actually putting words into action it found itself alone and turks will tell you that they were disappointed by the reaction that they got or the lack of support that they had from their nato allies including the united states and the european union so that was the pivotal deciding factor between going for alternative allies rather than just relying on its nato partners and that has brought the two countries together since then we seem to have been developing more than twenty fold calls and meetings between the two leaders in two thousand and seventeen and syria remain at the heart of it these three countries russia and turkey have been able to come to an agreement because they are the most powerful actors on the ground in syria that they have established deescalation zones in syria and that is what we are expecting
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that will be discussed to morrow as well when these leaders come together but you have to remember that all three parties are on different spectrums on different sides of the political divide and the fighting on the ground inside syria where there is a convergence is maybe denton but they are trying to forge that into a partnership which could end up in a long lasting and peaceful solution inside syria yet certainly won't be easy and that we should also mention that we're waiting to hear from the russian and turkish president they should be holding a news conference any time now we'll bring you that here on al-jazeera some of inches right for the moment thank you. and so as we were mentioning the real business is expect at the start on wednesday when iranian president hassan rouhani joins putin and. the three presidents are due to talk about how to end the war in syria but is it hard to reports what to do about the kurds is likely to dominate the discussions. deepening cooperation was the message of the foreign ministers of
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iran russia and turkey during their last meeting in asd the capital of kazakhstan the power brokers in syria's war said they would continue to work for a political settlement they have enough common interests to continue working together but when the leaders of three countries meet in ankara there could be more park any. peace efforts after the failure of such a peace conference in january and those efforts should take into account the new realities that is the opposition's recent losses and turkey's role in syria. involved exchanging for turkey entering of. the opposition has been weakened even further with its defeat in eastern one of its last strongholds and turkey its military operation against the kurdish. in africa has increased its role in northern syria and turkish determination to extend it to other areas will give it
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more influence. iran is not happy with the free rein that turkey has been given to enter the are free in kurdish zone in northwest syria . iran has made the displeasure and disagreement quite public. but at the same time iran shares turkey's concerns about the strength and influence of the widely last year both countries discussed possible joint military action against what they consider separatists kurdish forces during a visit by the chief of staff of iran's armed forces to ankara. the two countries are unlikely allies since they support opposing sides in syria's war but preserving syria's territorial integrity draws them together. there iran and turkey have sizable kurdish populations and want to prevent the creation of an independent kurdish state syria's kurds specifically the white p.g. controlled twenty five percent of the country. russia has been trying to convince
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the wife to hand over its territory to the syrian government the white refusal is why moscow reportedly turned a blind eye to turkey's military operation in africa. it was also the kremlin's way of increasing tensions between the united states and turkey. russia iran and turkey would like to see the end of the us as military presence in the kurdish dominated north east the u.s. alliance with the white peachey is its only leverage in syria negotiation between three parts russia iran and turkey just to make a new settlement and to push down the process to finalize. the implication of the good inside this settlement because if they will not. sit down a process of talking about all saw a new round of conflict. some serious kurds are now the king makers
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a deal reached with them will determine the state of play between the different stakeholders in syria's war. trains have been canceled across france as rail or railway were workers' strike against president obama well planned reforms just one in four of the trains in paris has been running and just one in eight of france's high speed. the rail unions are planning to strike for two days out of every five for the next three months they are demanding that the government give up its plans to cut their benefits and pensions it's going to sort of go yeah go is that one of paris says main train stations that's possible. so just one in four of the trains in paris are running at what kind of impact has that had on the city.
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well barbara we are act one part of the station and as you can see this is the middle of what is the rush hour and it is looking certainly calmer than it would do normally but still there have been passengers which we've seen getting on planes managing to make certain journeys there but at a reduced rate than it would normally be here in central paris as well there was a demonstration earlier on with the rail workers as well as the refuse collectors workers marching through from their union headquarters in to go out and all to make their presence felt refuse workers of course being on strike as well on tuesday as well as wednesday air france as well twenty five percent of the of the flights were canceled throughout france today because of that strike and it really is coming up against what president back holds
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a vision of labor reforms are in this country he has a mandate to undertake those labor reforms but this is something which goes against very much how the unions see that that would play across the employment of this land they certainly does have the support of business leaders and economists but he wants to see what more sort of flexibility hiring and firing of workers more direct consultations with employees and the unions are very much against that as well also in particular with the railway unions they are fearing that in these labeling laws could under could be undertaken a privatized zation of the national rail network this is something which they say is absolutely not absolutely not a choice for them at all they are very much against that idea and but with no one
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has specifically said that there would be a privatization but. yes this is something which is by the unions themselves as far as the impact certainly this is just the first day the beginning so if these continue to go on and somebody will have a severe impact not just the capital paris france. from. paris thank you. now the u.n. refugee agency says it's the supported by israel canceling a deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours before the deal was actually announced protests against the u.-turn have been taking place in both tell of eve and jerusalem the prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have led at least sixteen thousand africans stay and another sixteen thousand resettled in western countries where seventy deca has more now from television.
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some of the activists we've been speaking to will say that even this deal that it has been hailed they were cautiously optimistic before that you turned by the prime minister they said that deal was floored why because they say israel should be doing its part in taking in refugees asylum seekers because it is a world wide problem certainly now the situation remains in limbo the bottom line is these people up to forty thousand mostly from eritrea and sudan have been here for years they speak hebrew they work here and they pay high taxes israel has never sorted out their final status that is not processed or applications they don't have refugee status nor do they have any form of temporary or permanent residence the message is that you are not welcome here and we will make it as difficult as possible for you to want to leave and this is what activists are saying is the issue here and now they still remain in limbo but it is a situation that is not going to go away and it will have to be resolved one way or the other. so to come on the program saudi arabia's crown prince tells
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a magazine israelis do have a right to their own land is this a turning point in relations between the two countries and the first the sentences handed down by the u.s. in the investigation into russian tempering with the presidential election. has the rain clouds are gathering once again in central china hong kong is dry the humidity there you could feel it's coming up now and the humidity eventually manifests itself in quite a large area right developing through the middle of china stretching almost as far as shanghai seven thousand degrees this cloud building to the south that had always up to thirty degrees southeast asia's still dry picture and of course that's true certainly a dry and quite hot up in the north of india this cloud that does indicate some
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relief and that's been showing itself more especially in nepal across two tons there in the forecast as well particularly heavy showers recently you notice in nepal if you're there thirty eight degrees in new delhi and everything's going to rock east towards the forty mark still to all this to this early in the year that dust has been a big feature of the well throughout arabia in the last week or so it's a little bit better now the sort of breeze coming up from the into quarter so it could be dusty in this cloud indicated the eastern side of society as far as qatar bahrain up in kuwait but that's not to be just a bit of cloud of think up in the sky mikita maybe orange or yellow we rather than blue otherwise things are just steadily getting hotter. white supremacist is on the rise in the u.s.
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and its adversaries to. drum. lines investigates the anti fascists. against intolerance. this is. non-violent attempt to appeal to the moral conscience of the now the jury's still out. if the nation has won. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin has arrived in the turkish capital ahead of a three way summit with the leaders of turkey and iran the war in syria is at the
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top of the agenda trains have been canceled across france says railway workers a strike against president manuel mccraw plans to cut their benefits and pensions and the un's refugee agency says it's this appointed by israel canceling a deal to relocate half the african asylum seekers living in the country just hours after the deal was announced. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land mohamed bin some man made the comments in an interview with the us magazine the think it's seen as a sign over warming ties between the saudi kingdom and israel. well he said i believe the palestinians and israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are
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a lot of interests we share with israel and if there is peace it would be a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council well i'm joined now in the studio by a senior political analyst the model one. o one how surprising is it to hear this kind of language coming from the crown prince of saudi arabia it's not entirely surprising because we've been sort of edging towards it for a couple of years now i think the saudis along with the americans have paved the way for what i would like to call normalization of normalization so before saudi arabia does get into some serious cooperation coordination security and other we're another war is with that with israel it is to prepare the public opinion especially in saudi arabia so i think this is part and parcel of a revisionist reading of so would you foreign policy revisionist reading of saudi history and certainly a revisionist reading of saudi. approach to the region and its
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security notably the relations with israel i think of course as everyone has been saying the last couple of days the key word was not just is a question of recognizing israel because it was understood that arab and muslim countries and other countries in the world would recognize israel once israel made peace with the palestinians and the arabs and withdrew from all occupied territories according to un resolutions including the resolving of the refugee question the issue here is the recognizing its right to exist and some would say its historic right to exist do the jewish people have a historic right to exist in palestine meaning the immigration in the in one thousand in the twentieth century that was ok as a not as a colonial movement but as a people's right to exist in palestine i think that was the question of course the other aspect of it which is even more important. the timing i mean why now
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just when the israelis are saying we don't want two state solutions just when the israelis are shooting at palestinians in expanding and increasing the settlement the illegal settlement building when the peace process is not going anywhere when trump has just recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and basically dropping it from going to really this is absolutely the worst time ever to be saying things like that but so do you think that mohamed bin some money is doing it because it's part of approach with israel and the united states or do you think that it's part of it he could try to put more pressure on the israelis to for example stop settlement construction in the west bank we certainly haven't heard any of that in fact. jeffrey goldberg who himself is an interviewer he's i'm self is i'm an ardent zionist who once upon a time was a prison guard during the first intifada he actually went to israel volunteered to become a prison guard guarding the palestinians and he then became an important journalist
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in the united states and he says no one words. of criticism against israel this was all praise to you know a possibility of cooperation so there's no no no notion of pressure if anything it's also more or less seen as a attempt at confronting iran knowing all too well that having the likes of israel in egypt is a good thing but so i want to briefly she can how has this gone down in the arab world then well in the beginning there was a bit of a denial in saudi arabia itself and our sister channel al jazeera arabic published the exact words of the crown prince and the so does sort of accusing there are a big four misquoting the crown prince not believing that he would say the things that he said so i think generally speaking it does not go down well but the you know dictators are not exactly responsive to public opinion more on the share
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a senior political analyst thank you now the special counsel investigating russian connections with donald trump's presidential campaign has handed out its first sentence that's lawyer alexandre is violent has been sentenced to thirty days in jail and a twenty thousand dollars fine for lying to federal agents shepparton c. joins us live now from washington shed this is a very complicated story break it down for us. while it is a former corporate lawyer he was based in london he's a dutch national and we should be very clear here at the outset he has not been sentenced as a result of any collusion with russia in order to sway the twenty sixteen presidential election what he has been sentenced for is a lying to the special counsel little stenson is probing any allegations off collusion between the trunk campaign and russia to sway the twenty sixteen
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presidential election but as we know that special counsel investigation has why didn't it scope in increasingly over this over the last few months and is now looking very generally into all the business dealings that have come up of those within trump's orbit that may be suspicious or may have you know dodgy links to foreign powers in this particular instance it was paul mana for trump's campaign chairman briefly and his lobbying work for the ukrainian government years before the twenty sixteen presidential election and the work that gates will mount a force deputy was also doing it all of in order to help the ukrainian government a victory mount a p.r. campaign in the west this corporate lawyer this former corporate lawyer was one of those that pulled him out of for hired help produce a document a white washing viktor yushchenko which is a rest of your tymoshenko in ukraine several years before the twenty sixteen presidential election the reason why he's going to jail he lied about the
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communications that he had with rick gates and another business partner awful manifolds in ukraine as part of the investigation so what this is being seen as is a warning by the special counsel do not lie to us do not withhold information we will catch you and you will go to jail. from washington she had to thank you. yemen's who the rebels have struck a saudi oil tanker in the red sea saudi state t.v. says the vessel was hit off the yemeni port city of one day that the who the say they targeted the tanker in response to a saudi air strike in on monday that killed at least fourteen civilians seven of them children. officials are warning that aid groups are in a race against time to stop or hinder refugees from facing what they're calling enormous threats in the coming season me and maurice panel of international advisors on the road says that refugee camps in bangladesh will be unable to
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withstand storms around seven hundred thousand have fled violence in myanmar since last august and many are still trying to escape malaysian authorities of intercepted a boat carrying fifty six refugees off the northern island of malaysia says it will allow them to enter on humanitarian grounds. zimbabwe's president is in china seeking investment to help us countries' a struggling economy emerson has held talks with the chinese president in beijing it's his first trip to china since coming to power last year after the former dictator robert mugabe was ousted in a military takeover adrian brown has more now from beijing. first and foremost president emerson and god wants to thank president xi jinping for all the support that china has given zimbabwe during those long eighteen years when zimbabwe was isolated because of the international sanctions that were imposed on zimbabwe and
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she jinping has always said that zimbabwe and china were all weather friends but of course he needs investment you know zimbabwe nate may be wealthy in a variety of minerals but its economy is in dire straits now china is already a significant investor in zimbabwe particularly in sectors like farming mining and tobacco but i think the zimbabwean leader will be looking for more investment from president xi jinping and president xi jinping also wants to consolidate and also strengthen the influence the china currently has in africa i'm sure that president xi jinping will want to promote and talk about his one belt one road foreign policy and trade initiative and to say to the zimbabwean leader that there's room in this project for zimbabwe amnesty international is accusing the spanish government of cracking down on opponents and freedom of expression many of rappers a say that they're being threatened with jail terms under
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a charge known as glorifying terrorism simply for having anti establishment lyrics from barcelona here's they've a cheater. carnage as he's known on stage could be sent to jail that any time he's been found guilty of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown he was given a three and a half year sentence the court offered him a chance to avoid prison by apologizing but he refused to get since i'm being used as an emissary to send a message to the rest of society i also want to be a part of this message and send my own i'm not ready to retreat what we should or to his repeat the same offense. l g o is that catherine member of a twelve strong rubber collective drawn from all over spain known as the insurgency . he's facing two years in prison and a fine equivalent to six thousand dollars he was also found guilty of glorifying
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terrorism but he's appealing to the supreme court will object to. the objective of repression in any field is to take a scapegoat and make others be afraid so they stop mobilizing stop going to demonstrations stop striking stop singing that's the real object of more than attack against me it's an attack against the whole population from about about a crackdown by madrid has extended to all parts of spain's artistic world this work by santiago the sierra was removed from display in the capital's main exhibition center entitled contemporary spanish political prisoners it contains a series of blurred images including to catalonia is imprisoned separatist leaders against all but i must get out get one. piece that has shown that whenever you want to shut certain mouths or you want certain discourses not to see the light of your very repressive action of provoking the silence acts as a loudspeaker act without bail. after galleries across spain are now queuing up to
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exhibit peace the artist accuse the spanish government of using the same repressive formulas as grandfather franco he described his censorship as a tyrannical act coming from the more of the jungle. rights groups like amnesty international say freedom of expression is under attack in spain even tweets and jokes posted online to get you arrested it seems any dissent can be treated as criminal activity. to zero barcelona. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories the russian president vladimir putin is on a two day trip to turkey where he's been meeting his turkish counterpart retch of type at the un the pair launched at the construction of turkey's first nuclear
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power plant a twenty billion dollar project that will be built by russia the two leaders are also said to the scots the war in syria those talks will begin in earnest when iran's president arrives on wednesday. because they are the most powerful actors on the ground in syria. and syria. expecting that will be discussed to morrow. come together but you have to remember that. different spectrums different sides of the political divide fighting on the ground inside syria trains have been counseled across france as railway workers a strike against president. planned reforms tuesday's walkout is just one of more than thirty strikes that are said to run for months across france the rail unions are demanding the government to give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions the
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special council investigating russian connections with presidential campaign has handed down its first sentence the dutch lawyer. has been sentenced to thirty days in jail and a twenty thousand dollars fine for lying to federal agents. the u.n. refugee agency says it's disappointed after israel canceled the deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours after the deal was actually announced protests against the u. torn have been taking place in both tell of eve and jerusalem prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have let at least sixteen thousand africans stay and another sixty thousand resettled in western countries. officials are warning that aid groups are in a race against time to stop refugees from facing what they're calling enormous threats in the coming months. around seven hundred thousand fled. since last august
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and half an hour is the next day. april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. his role in the wilds fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrice returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the friends it vote is set to take place in the u.k.
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we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between cooperage and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science. by scientists. techno investigates gold at any cost. we travel deep into the rain forests of peru these illegal mining operations except for miles and miles away from the main highway to uncover a gold rush that's turning lush jungle into utter.


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