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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's a devastating impact to save the means to save the lives. and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who need to learn our gura from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. and i said well if you want to say maybe you can have to pay. donald trump suggest saudi arabia may have to pick up the bill for u.s. forces in syria.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia's president launches a nuclear project and promises arms deliveries as his country moves closer to turkey. south africa mourners sweep aside many winnie mandela checkered past celebrating a woman they call the mother of the nation. and music streaming company spotify strikes a chord with investors during its opening act on wall street. well u.s. president donald trump has spoken again of his desire to pull american forces out of syria suggesting that victory over isolate is imminent the u.s. is launching almost daily asterix in the war torn country and has about two thousand troops on the ground a trump says if saudi arabia once americans to stay the kingdom may have to pay for
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it helen fisher reports from washington. the president insists he's never been keen on america's foreign military adventures seeing the cost too much money thank you at a news conference at the white house with leaders of three baltic countries donald trump insisted his decision on withdrawing from syria is coming quickly i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation think of it seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing nothing except death and destruction. it's a horrible thing so it's time it's time. to fish really the u.s. mission in syria is to provide advice and support for forces battling against isis the president's latest statement marks a shift from a comment he made just last week at a political rally in ohio and we're not going the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon that caught many in the administration by surprise given senior figures have been
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talking about an extended syria mission as unfinished business as he was speaking across town a senior state department official seem to back up that idea we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission but the u.s. presence costs hundreds of millions of dollars and during the news conference the president turned up the heat on his allies as a single have to share the financial burden saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. oh the idea of the situation in syria could be one of the things discussed during an anticipated gulf meeting hosted by the u.s. this ring has disappeared reports coming out of washington suggest the unannounced summit has been shelved there are a number of reasons for any potential delay first of all the u.s. doesn't have a secretary of state at the moment rex tillerson still hasn't been replaced donald trump is planning to meet north korean leader kim jong un in the next couple of
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months that summit will take a lot of preparation and with a real prospect of no breakthrough in the g.c.c. dispute the americans are white they'll invest a lot of time and effort with nouriel return any potential summit could know take place later in the year alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well david is a professor at the national defense university in the u.s. and a former pentagon official he joins us now from los angeles thanks very much for being with us so let's talk about there let's let's start first of all with president chavez comments on on syria what did you make of what he said in that news conference that seemed to be a very kind of transactional approach to u.s. foreign policy yeah it's not the sort of thing we're used to hearing from american presidents but it is not inconsistent with the you know the remarks he made when he
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ran on it and it taps into a broader sentiment in america outside of the bubble where to be quite honest i live and work most americans share that view that we have no business being involved in what they see as other people's fights and that when we do get involved particularly in the middle east that it just becomes a fiasco and there's very little that benefits america so i think that the washington commentary at which i'm a junior varsity member of will will you know a stone didn't clutch their pearls and they'll be negative washington post up ads but i think that among trump's base they'll say yep that's what we elected him for but when when we look at how this relates to saudi arabia it does seem as if the u.s. and saudi you have two different approaches. in syria in syria for the u.s. and for trump it's about defeating eisel as he is as he has said for saudi arabia
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it's about going after iran isn't it i mean how do you make sense of that. that's exactly right. the trump policy toward syria is not that different from the obama policy and you know we did not intervene in syria to defeat. and his hezbollah in iranian overlords we entered there to defeat isis because they were beheading american hostages and there was always a paradox both in iraq and in syria which was the united states was kind of serving as a de facto air force for militias aligned with iran i think the president also uses language in precisely and i think what he says saudi arabia he's probably using that as a surrogate for all the sunni muslim states of the region that are concerned about iranian domination in the assad regime and of an iranian land bridge from iran through baghdad across syria to lebanon. and as far as finding some sort of
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a solution to the ongoing g.c.c. blockade of qatar which is led by saudi arabia what are the prospects of that right now particularly since as our correspondent there said there isn't currently a u.s. secretary of state to deal with that. yeah well i think that things were more or less on path for a resolution of the g.c.c. crisis at least in security terms that the united states was going to broker and they were trying to you could see the visits of all these various heads of state to washington and the crown prince of saudi arabia and then there was to be a another camp david summit at which they would there would at least be a formal rapprochement that's been postponed and i think the reason why it's been postponed is first off i think there's probably emer audio difficulties and then based just on the schedule of visits and also you know i think they are waiting until. mike pompei o is confirmed as the secretary of state it's just
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unfortunate because you know we're up against ramadan on may fifteenth and i think that that's created sort of a deadline for america so i think they've chosen to go beyond that when we have a secretary of state to implement the policy good to speak with you david to rush joining us there from los angeles thank you. i mean our president says he wants to send u.s. troops to the border with mexico to stop illegal immigrants until his long promised border wall is built he's doubling down on his tough stance against illegal immigration as he demands that mexico prevent a large group of central americans from reaching the u.s. hundreds of men women and children are stuck in southern mexico where officials are trying to determine their legal status john heilemann has more from mexico city. donald trump says that putting troops on the border is a big step but it's actually something that the two presidents that came before him
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also did temporarily what's going to determine exactly how big it is is how many military personnel is going to put on that mexico united states divide and what exactly they're going to do president trump also said that he's going to be talking to mexico about the cooperation on migration across that mexican us border he seems to think the mexico is not doing enough to cooperate with the united states and stop country migrants from countries in central america like honduras and el salvador crossing through this country on their way to the united states is even said that if he doesn't get what he wants he could pull out of nafta the free trade agreement between the united states mexico and canada what president trump doesn't seem to be aware of is that here in mexico on the southern border they've been tightening the up for the last few years and cutting more and more central american migrants that are trying to get through the mexican government in response
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to president trump's tweets on the issue try to strike a measured tone and say that they continue that cooperation with the united states and that they didn't promote illegal migration now of course beneath all of that political drama there's also a human element to this there are people that fleeing honduras el salvador guatemala. those central american countries are many of them are fleeing because of chronic problems poverty but also because of gang violence gangs in those countries that dominate big stores and kill and some of those that we've spoken to they're heading on the way north since president trump's got into power have said that despite his rhetoric and despite the measures that he is planning to take they'll still keep heading north because they don't have a lot of choice. a woman has opened fired you tubes headquarters in the u.s. state of california wounding three people before killing herself police were called to the complex in san bruno after reports of gunfire the shooter's motive is still
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not known last month the online video company said it would ban content promoting the sale of guns and gun accessories as well as videos to teach how to make guns. a russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense system to turkey a move which is alarmed its nato allies putin has put his warming relationship with russia type show as he launched construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant or some of been generated reports from ankara it's a special occasion for turkey to be part of the nuclear power generating club this is the site of the twenty billion dollars. which is scheduled to begin operations by twenty point three the leaders of russia and turkey said it will have a workforce which is already under training in russia it's the first foreign visit by president vladimir putin since he was reelected last month he chose nato member turkey which has become a staunch russian partner in recent months or so which is it would know today we're
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not just inaugurated the first atomic power plant but we're laying the foundations for turkey to have an atomic industry so we're building a whole new sector turkey is a highly developed economic state but this is a new step in the history of a turkish republic. with the power plant the two countries are forging defense economy in strategic ties both countries are working on a major gas pipeline which will provide hydrocarbons with growing energy needs dicky's purchase of russian s four hundred missile defense system has been criticized by its nato allies to them between the two countries is worth more than twenty six billion dollars a year and the turkish president is hopeful that russian help he can push the economy to be among the top ten in the world by twenty forty three trucks or thirty we are enacting many strategic projects together with russia the s four hundred strategic missile defense system and the turks stream pollak on just some of the projects we're working on the nuclear power plant is another and we will also
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address the terror threats and conflict in syria civilian nuclear technology defense and the economy are sectors where turkey and russia have common interests turkey's geopolitical position plays an important role in its relationship with moscow but is increasingly having to play a difficult balancing act between being a nato ally and partners with a country which many in the alliance see as a threat. on car level while the czech next and then protests as israel pulls out of the deal to let african refugees stage just hours after the green was signed. and brazil divided rallies are held as a former president waits to hear his fate. from the waves of the sales. to the contours of the east.
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welcome back to look at the weather across southern and eastern china and taiwan things looking fairly quite through when so you see some rain here that area frame is likely to develop as we head through into thursday so heavy rain likely to extend towards trying to in the way towards shanghai to surf up a southerly flow is all looking woman he would turn twenty eight degrees the high in hong kong and the warm weather an annoyed too with that maximum of thirty three degrees celsius general cross indo-china weather conditions are looking ok one to two showers around but generally draw young going to me mark the highs of thirty seven then into southeastern parts of asia we've got just a scattering of showers across the philippines and no more than that dry for much of the time of plenty of sunshine in manila a fair few showers across on the borneo but for java bali through towards east timor west papua weather conditions are looking fine and then up through them they potentially we've got dry conditions for singapore in kuala lumpur one to two
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showers around the gulf of thailand but i think generally we should be looking at dry weather in bangkok with a high there of thirty six degrees so if asia no change the heat continues to build up ahead of the monsoon and so long way to go for the monsoon to arrive so for night poor look at my some of forty two degrees celsius not much better and daddy a high here of forty one. the weather sponsored by the time he's. story of blackmail. you. have strength of the story of carnage a lot of the fear is real. passion. and very serious just.
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again you're watching as a reminder of our top stories this hour. u.s. president donald trump says i saw is almost defeated in syria and he wants u.s. troops out of there soon he added that if america's ally saudi arabia wants them to stay the kingdom may have to foot the bill. a tramp's also announce he'll deploy soldiers along the border with mexico he's demanding mexico prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s. . russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense missile system to turkey a move which is along to turkey's nato allies and a visit there and also launch construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant.
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israel's defense minister has one protest protestors in gaza that anyone who demonstrates on the border is putting their life at risk eight hundred people have been killed there since friday and more than a thousand wounded. reports from ramallah. by all appearances the phone call or looks routine with no hint of the desperation now head feels good meanwhile in the senate everyone asks why we hit a certain this isn't just taking away our land it's not just killing people this it was also taking away our loved ones without giving us the opportunity to say our goodbyes every day israel is giving us a new reason to hate it that was there as a palestinian from gaza living and working in the occupied west bank now it is trying to arrange permission to get back home and mourn with her family she says her nephew or a farmer was killed by israeli fire while working his land before the mass protests
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in gaza on friday let's have out of the shadows look i still don't know whether i'll get the permit or not i'm tired of going to bury people and come back i'd love if i got a permit to go to gaza eat fish have fun and see the people i love. over the course of two days in the west bank demonstrators came out to express solidarity with people in gaza against the israeli occupation and to denounce american policy which they say is biased toward israel but attendance was sparse in light of the numerous calls for a campaign of escalation in the west bank this week you would have expected a protest like this to be much larger but here in ramallah it's a pervasive sense of resignation that seems to far outweigh any feelings of anger. in many instances it's a growing cynicism toward the palestinian political leadership that has been behind the twinkling number of protesters over the past several years. palestinian officials don't deny the existence of that sentiment. the position of that in their
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ship is it is strong and tough but it has to be translated into terms of of policies on the ground and i think that's when we have grown that's what we have not really been able to do lead in downtown that i'm alone some residents worry the split between the two main palestinian groups and how mouse. will seep ever more into the social fabric in can we need to tell the politicians enough dividing us stop saying west bank and gaza so we don't feel this division others expressed their frustration another has in the financial it says i don't feel that there are people who encourage and push us to go to protest it's not enough for one or two people to show up you need leadership to encourage you and you need daily demonstrations. but with levels of fatigue here as high as they've ever been many worry things will only get worse mohammed improvement easier for muslims in the occupied west bank the un's refugee agency says it's disappointed israel has
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scrapped a deal to relocate half of the african refugees living there prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the agreement as stephanie decker reports now from tel aviv. the deal was on then it was off this was the reaction in tel aviv by some who had hoped that tens of thousands of asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan would finally have their legal status resolved. is one of them he made the dangerous journey from eritrea in the horn of africa alone at the age of sixteen he's been here for six years and is fluent in hebrew he shows us his immigration papers that he needs to renew every two months shit. is first of all there is racism in this country and this is a difficult disease especially among the politicians this we could have dealt with but then there's the issue of
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a government takes twenty percent of the money we make and puts in deposit we can only see this money when we leave the country this puts huge pressure on us. the deal would have seen just over sixteen thousand african asylum seekers resettled in western countries under the auspices of the united nations and in exchange israel would process and resolve the status of up to twenty thousand others who would remain in the country something it hasn't done it would also replacing ultimatum issued by the israeli government last year be deported to an unknown african country or face an indefinite time in jail but activists tell us that even this now cancelled deal which put some hope was floored this is the first time we had a chance to take part to take responsibility to share the burden with the world and say look. it's hard for us blah blah blah even though it's not hard we're benefiting at konami cleaner but let's say it's hard for us we're going to stay where we're going to take our we're going to take our share and taking refugees
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we're actually from a modern state from a democracy state we're trading we're saying ok we're we can't even take care of sixty thousand we're throwing them back to the world many of the african asylum seekers we've been speaking to live here in southern tell of even they will tell you that there was a short lived moment of hope but now it is back to the uncertainty that they have experiencing here for years and they say they don't know what the israeli government will do next these people have been living in a legal limbo for years under the constant threat of prison or deportation we're told this is all part of a systematic strategy to force them to leave israel human rights activists say this is an inherently racist policy aimed to preserving the identity of israel as an exclusively jewish state and it appears that a plan that would allow up to twenty thousand asylum seekers to stay in israel and get some form of legal status was something that those in the country's far right didn't tolerate for even half a day stephanie decker al-jazeera. rebels have struck
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a saudi oil tanker in the red sea off yemen's main port city of data hooty say they targeted the tanker off to an airstrike there that killed at least fourteen civilians including seven children the united nations says that strike was one of the deadliest attacks on children since the saudi led coalition began its aerial campaign against these in twenty fifteen none of the parties to these brutal wall have for one second respected the fundamental principle of protection of children. and children can continue to be the victims of in discriminate and disproportionate attacks and today the as you know the international community is used to danger in the valley response to the to the dire humanitarian crisis in yemen and unicef called. all in all parties to the conflict who have been for them to immediately take action in the legal obligation to protect children and their ways keep them
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out of harm's way there is no justification for such blatant disregard for children's rights and international you money to. a rival demonstrations happening in brazil a day before the supreme court decides whether a former president. of the silver should go to prison. he is known was convicted of corruption and money laundering last year that decision will have a huge impact on upcoming elections which he is favored to win in america and it's an issue newman is at a rally in sao paulo. thousands of demonstrators are converging here in sao paulo's emblematic avenue as in more than a hundred cities throughout brazil many of them carrying these little inflatable dolls of former president. dressed as you can see in prison garb what they are asking is that the supreme court on wednesday not accept
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a petition or an argument by the former president that he may not be sent to prison i just turned out a twelve and a half year sentence for corruption until every single last appeal has been exhausted the why is the so important first of all because he is widely known is still the most popular politician in brazil and this ahead of october is presidential elections if and when he is actually how allowed to run these people argue that the good exceptionalism argument that would set a dangerous precedent that could lead to the release of scores of politicians and businessmen who have been in. charge of the. car wash corruption probe that has shaken this country they say that it would also basically give a green light or a carte blanche to politics. it's the same the message that in this country that impunity is what prevails on the other hand says that he is basically being
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persecuted that he would be a political prisoner if and when he is sentenced to prison a south african politicians are praising winnie mandela to death at the age of eighty one store supporters are attacking those criticizing her checkered past calling them racist catherine sawyer a force from johannesburg. economic summit the life of an indiana through songs of struggle life that it's a political party largely supported by young people and reaches the same populist ideals of the woman who kept the anti-apartheid campaign alive when i has ben nelson mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven years. because of her fabric politics and apologetic positions some would say maybe tension leadership and post apartheid scandals we had an uncomfortable relationship with the leadership of the ruling african national congress she helped build the leader of the f.s.f.
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julius malema led supporters in paying his respects saying he relates to his struggle and equally abrasive politics florida. was supposed to close the club. to see what the back to. square root. of this one was just on. the war on other people's lives. the dumbest of the. one malema and we need particularly close she stood by him when few within the a.n.c. dead today after he was expelled from the potsherd she continued to see and give him political advice through the years and in time. and he sees lamont tyin for defending her legacy and fighting for what system of florida. many here say that we
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need mandela's politics was misunderstood that's just just human and make mistakes but that side of my life should not overshadow what they believe is a great hilarious. women like. told us they are angered by the ongoing debate about how checkered life we will make sure. that to her legacy continues. if they seem that very have gathered with we knew they must know she has cloned yourself into menu a nice i am one of them the freedom fighter will be given a state final exit saturday many people want to remember the significant role she played in the country's people racial struggle for which she suffered at the hands of the apartheid regime she was fighting but at the same the controversial side of . the leash to write catchy song al jazeera just adds back. the music streaming service spotify has made
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a strong debut on wall street it's played a huge role in changing how people listen to and pay for music from los angeles rob reynolds reports. spotify is debut on wall street came without the bell ringing in the whole of elude it normally a company hot initial public offerings the company says its focus isn't on making a splash but on building a long term strategy we do think the mob is going to be strong for spotify it's you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry. the twelve year old swedish company jumped into a dominating position in music streaming convincing customers to pay a monthly subscription fee allowing them to choose from millions of songs online instead of paying to own individual tunes starting out with a handful of people working out of a back room stockholm office spotify now has seventy one million eight subscribers worldwide that's double the number of its closest competitor apple music the
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streaming model was initially resisted by the music industry but since streaming became widespread around twenty fifteen spotify has helped drag the music industry into profitability after a decade and a half in the doldrums streaming service revenue now accounts for sixty five percent of recorded music sales spotify also changed the way people listen to music play lists dominated by hit songs partly chosen by artificial intelligence and algorithms now influence what consumers here instead of individually developed tastes and preferences spotify has not yet turned a profit but the company expects to have ninety six million subscribers and more than six billion dollars in revenue by the end of this year rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles.
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this is as you know it's going to round up now the top stories u.s. president donald trump says that i saw is almost defeated in syria and he wants the u.s. troops out of there soon he added that if america's ally saudi arabia wants them to stay the kingdom may have to foot the bill i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation we will have as of three months ago seven trillion dollars. in the middle east over the last seventeen years we get nothing nothing out of it a chance also announced he will deploy soldiers along the border with mexico and u.s. president says the move is needed until his long promised war is built he's demanding mexico prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s. russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense missile system to turkey a move which is alarmed turkey's nato allies during
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a visit they have let him of putin also launch the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant iranian president hassan rouhani joins the pair on wednesday for talks to end the crisis in syria. a rival demonstrations are happening in brazil a day before the supreme court decides whether former president luis in naseer lula da silva should go to prison or as he's known was convicted of corruption and money laundering last year the decision will have a huge impact on our coming elections which he is favored to win a woman has opened fire you tube headquarters in the u.s. state of california wounding three people before killing herself police were called to the complex in san bruno after reports of gunfire the shooter's motive is not known for last month the online video company said it would ban content promoting the sale of guns and gun accessories as well as videos that teach how to make guns
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those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. remembering the life and legacy of winnie mandela for decades she was a prominent figure in the fight against apartheid as south africans say goodbye to the woman they call the mother of the nation we ask who are the next generation of leaders this is inside story.


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