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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. and i said well didn't you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. donald trump suggest saudi arabia may have to pick up the bill the u.s. forces in syria. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm nineteen that is also coming up
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beijing promises to hit back after the u.s. hikes tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese in pole. russia's president launches a nuclear project from promises foster arms deliveries as his country moves closer to turkey. and music streaming company spotify strikes a chord with investors during its opening up on wall street. u.s. president donald trump a spray can again of his desire to pull american forces out of syria suggesting that victory over eisel is imminent the u.s. is launching airstrikes almost every day in the war torn country and has around two thousand troops on the ground president trump says if the saudi allies want america to stay the kingdom they have to pay for it alan fischer reports from washington.
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the president insists he's never been keen on america's foreign military adventures seeing the cost too much money thank you at a news conference at the white house with leaders of three baltic countries donald trump insisted his decision on withdrawing from syria is coming quickly i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation think of it seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing nothing except death and destruction. it's a horrible thing so it's time it's time. to fish really the u.s. mission in syria is to provide advice and support for forces battling against isis the president's latest statement marks a shift from a comment he made just last week at a political rally in ohio and we're not going the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon that
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caught many in the administration by surprise given senior figures have been talking about an extended syria mission as unfinished business as he was speaking across town a senior state department official seem to back up that idea we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission but the u.s. presence costs hundreds of millions of dollars and during the news conference the president turned up the heat on his allies as a single have to share the financial burden saudi arabia. is very interested in our decision and i said well you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. oh the idea of the situation in syria could be one of the things discussed during an anticipated gulf meeting hosted by the u.s. this ring has disappeared reports coming out of washington suggest the unannounced summit has been shelved there are a number of reasons for any potential delay first of all the u.s. doesn't have a secretary of state at the moment rex tillerson still hasn't been replaced donald
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trump is planning to meet north korean leader kim jong un in the next couple of months that summit will take a lot of preparation and with the real prospect of no breakthrough in the g.c.c. dispute the americans are white they'll invest a lot of time and effort with nouriel return any potential summit could know take place later in the year alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well meanwhile president trump says he wants to send u.s. troops to the border with mexico to stop illegal immigrants until his long promised border wall is built is continuing his tough stance against illegal immigration as he demands that mexico prevent a large group of central americans from reaching the u.s. hundreds of men women and children stuck in southern mexico where officials are trying to determine their legal status get a plan that if he wants to put troops at the border perfect he can put them there. to use us to enforce his policies of fear as if these people were soldiers look at
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the women look at the women and children fleeing the violence now the threat of a trade war between the world's two biggest economies the u.s. and china has just gone off a notch after the white house proposed twenty five percent terrorists billions of dollars worth of chinese imports washington's put out a list targeting thirteen hundred chinese products mainly in the technology sector china has promised to hit but with measures of the same strength we'll hear from beijing in just a moment first so john hendren tells us more about what the u.s. has announced the u.s. trade representative has announced fifty billion dollars in new tariffs on chinese products this is the latest salvo in what threatens to be a trade war this round is over the future of technology the u.s. has targeted thirteen hundred products in the aerospace information technology communications robotics and machinery industry they say this is necessary due to harmful chinese policy that is
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a reference to china's china two thousand and twenty five plant in which china plans to replace technology imports by domestic products by the year two thousand and twenty five but the u.s. says that china has misappropriated us intellectual property through requiring joint ventures by unfair licensing rules through buying u.s. tech firms with state funds and threw out. right faffed this all began when president donald trump announced tariffs on aluminum and steel coming out of china china retaliated with tariffs on ports fruit nuts and wine thought that was specifically tailored to her trump supporters in the farming industry in the middle of the u.s. where he got a lot of his support whether this will result in a rising trade war or whether negotiations will end up with a negotiated solution that remains to be seen we heard first from china's commerce ministry which issued a statement at six am local time warning that china would respond with
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countermeasures of equal intensity we also heard from the chinese foreign ministry which issued a statement warning that the u.s. action was unrealistic and protectionist and was recklessly endangering trade cooperation between china and the united states it seems that the trumpet ministration is targeting industries the form part of president xi jinping made in china two thousand and twenty five strategy this is a move to turn china into a modern manufacturing economy within the next seven years in doing so though he is challenging the big tech icons in the united states and they say that the reason why china has got to the position it's at now is because it's been stealing and replicating their technology u.s. executives here though worry that it's not so much further terrorists that are the big concern it's whether this trade friction could turn into a consumer boycott and we've seen in the past that the chinese consumer can be
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a very powerful weapon. their mosque has agreed to speed up the delivery of a powerful defense system to turkey in a move which is a law and its nato allies the announcement followed talks between russian president vladimir putin turkish counterpart raja tired eder one they also launch the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant some of binge of aid reports from ankara. it's a special occasion for turkey to be part of the nuclear power generating this is the site of the twenty billion dollars a q u which is scheduled to begin operations by twenty twenty three the leaders of russia and turkey said it will have a workforce which is already under training in russia it's the first foreign visit by president vladimir putin since he was reelected last month he chose nato member turkey which has become a staunch russian partner in recent months also to seaward. today we're not just inaugurated the first atomic power plant but we're laying the foundations for
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turkey to have an atomic industry so we're building a whole new sector turkey is a highly developed economic state but this is a new step in the history of a turkish republic with the power plant the two countries are forging defense economy in strategic ties both countries are working on a major gas pipeline which will provide hydrocarbons with the growing energy needs they accuse birches of russian s four hundred missile defense system has been criticized by its nato allies through them between the two countries is worth more than twenty six billion dollars a year and the turkish president is hopeful that russian help he can push the economy to be among the top ten in the world by twenty twenty three trucks is that if we are enacting many strategic projects together with russia the s four hundred strategic missile defense system and the turks stream pipeline are just some of the projects we're working on the nuclear power plant is another and we will also address the terror threats and conflict in syria. civilian nuclear technology
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defense and economy are sectors where turkey and russia have common interests turkey's geopolitical position plays an important role in its relationship with moscow but ankara is increasingly having to play a difficult balancing act between being a nato ally and partners with a country which many in the alliance see as a threat. does era and car. to france for their work images of in the first of what could be many more days of transport disruption rail workers are on strike they're protesting against president emanuel proposes labor reforms from paris here's the trash. it was chaos for commuters in paris as the rail strike began to hit with most trains cancelled many passengers were left stranded some stations were nearly empty as many travelers chose to stay home or take alternative transport i think the strike justified you have to defend public services and everyone has a right to strike but i believe the rail uprighted must be reformed. drugs israel
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unions have called for three months of rolling strikes and protests they're angry over the government plans to reform the national rail company s.n.c.f. and scrap some of the workers' special privileges such as early retirement. i'm not backing down he won't give up his fights or give in to the government school of the objects or not we are protesting far blights as well workers and to keep our privileges france's government says s.n.c.f. must change as it's deep in debt and must prepare for twenty twenty when the french rail network will be open to foreign competition and the e.u. rules like eastern six o'clock form this reform is necessary for commuters yet in seattle where workers so it must be complete and you know many people in france they did these strikes will be a man on michael's biggest test since he came to power in may he has promised to transform france's economy and he's been pushing ahead with an ambitious reform
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agenda but it will not be easy to reform essence a solution if macro fails the remainder of his presidential term will be tarnished as a huge failure on the other hand if he succeeds he will be seen in the months and years to come as someone who was capable of reaching out to the unions and doing exactly what he was elected to do and that was to reform the country reform. in the past presidents have tried and failed to reform s.n.c.f. is determined to succeed much now will depend on the result of france's powerful trade unions its al-jazeera paris. private take a look at the weather next and then. leaving me in my bed carrying dozens of reindeer refugees finally lands in malaysia but will they be allowed to stay. and thousands rally across brazil they're calling for a former president to start his prison sentence for corruption.
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welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas not maybe a problem we've still got significant snow fall across eastern parts of canada during the course of wednesday we're seeing improvement across northeastern parts of the u.s. that system begins to move away you see the cold air beginning across chicago the two degrees celsius but actually wrote him all conditions there for new york and washington but the frontal system sweetser obviously colder fresh air pushing towards the eastern seaboard big drop in temperatures generally across the region meanwhile out across more western areas with another area of low pressure pushing towards pacific northwest little bit of snow in the rockies but coming from the south so should be fine in san francisco with highs of twenty degrees as we head down into central parts of america we've got a few showers likely across mexico about the worst weather conditions through the
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isthmus a generally ok just wanted to showers around the same really goes for the caribbean and showers few and far between jerry weather conditions looking pretty good much as she would expect so heading down into south america we've got showers all across amazon basin much as you'd expect this time of year and extending further towards the west into ecuador southward through peru and into northern parts oblivion see some showers for the south it should be sunny in santiago. combining also in technology. to challenge soviet era methodology. creating. a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. in. the after school.
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part of the rebel education serious. time al-jazeera. covers take a look at the top stories here it out there president says i still is only as defeated in syria and he wants u.s. troops to be pulled out soon you also said that if america's allies saudi arabia want to say then the kingdom may have to foot the bill. the president also and i'll feel deploy soldiers along the border with mexico is demanding that mexico prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s.
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. china has condemned the latest move by washington and a growing trade dispute it says it's ready to retaliate again after being hit with twenty five percent tyrus on more than thirteen hundred items most of them consumer products. now a boat carrying nearly sixty ranger refugees have now has now reached malaysia the group began allegedly from a bank of actually refugee camp cox's bazaar they've been sheltering there among hundreds of thousands of others who fled violence to me and their boat headed through southern sea routes where it was intercepted by the tiny easy stopping on an island in krabby province the group was given supplies and then escorted on its way the vessel was then spotted and intercepted by malays in maritime in force meant in pull out tuba that's in langkawi waters where it docked in quetta state there the refugees were given food water and medicine and they will now be
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processed by malaysia's immigration department where we can go live now just classic paris that's very close to where the refugees are currently being process and our correspondent there is florence louis i mean is this the end of the journey then for this group of men women boys and girls. well malaysia doesn't recognize refugees not being a signatory to the un convention on human rights and it normally. vote refugees but the malaysian officials said they are they are allowing them to dock they are processing them as dock migrants without valid travel documents on humanitarian grounds now and many of them continue to stay on in malaysia despite not having any legal status they do they do get given what's known as white concert by the u.n. h.c.r. that's the united nations refugee agency that operates in many countries around the
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world and has an office here in malaysia as well but they don't really have any legal status. many of the children can't go to school they are not able to work legally yet many of them will want to stay on here because they view this as some sort of a safe haven because of malaysia's muslim majority population so i can imagine for many of them once they've been process once they've been given u.n.h.c.r. white cause they will want to continue staying on in malaysia they are already about sixty thousand refugees living in the country and given that there are almost seven hundred thousand people in these camps in bangladesh to the malaysian authorities fear that there might be an influx of. trying to get into malaysia from bangladesh as a result of this. well they would seem that this would be something that not only malaysia but also other southeast asian countries would fear as well now remember in two thousand and fifteen we saw very many people trying to leave
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myanmar and bangladesh by boats taking on very perilous sea journeys for the in the straits of malacca. in two thousand and fifteen and then it stopped because these asian nations decided to crack down on human trafficking rings now however we are starting to see them making the same dangerous journey again because of the crackdown against the minority population in myanmar where they're facing a military crackdown a very severe and harsh military crackdown mentioned nearly three quarters of a million have fled to bangladesh since august two thousand and seventeen so yes there is that you that there will be another huge exodus to sell these asian nations including malaysia and indonesia now however because we are seeing the start of the monsoon season which makes sailing on the seas extremely dangerous we were very likely to not see many boats come off to this but that could pick up when
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the sailing season starts again in october florent flew we live in traffic barris in malaysia thank you the video has emerged of australian police punching and kicking a man as they arrested him in two of the sixteen the sudanese born man was in the grip of a psychotic episode when. several people in the southeastern city of melbourne tried to hold up a pharmacy with a paris's c.c.t.v. video shows his volunteer rest shortly afterwards and initial investigation found that the officers did nothing wrong another review has now been launched. thousands of brazilians are valid across the country calling for the former president lewis enough at the film to be jailed for corruption now this comes a day before the supreme court decides whether he should start the sentence that he was given after his conviction last year as a latin america editor newman. more demonstrators filled sao paulo's
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emblematic paulista avenue demanding former leftwing president. be put behind bars without delay. tensions are soaring ahead of wednesday's supreme court ruling on whether to accept loose argument that he cannot be sent to jail to serve a twelve and a half year sentence for corruption until he has exhausted all appeals. if you do that is not imprisoned he will return to power and keep stealing he's the leader of them all. as he's known is still the front runner ahead of october's presidential elections if it went he's allowed to run people here say they won't let that happen demonstrators say they want to send a very strong message to the supreme court that just about the former president they say that about in favor of the us petition would set a dangerous precedent that could lead to the release of scores of high ranking
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politicians and business leaders. serving jail sentences for corruption but most of large peals hundreds more who've been indicted for corruption could avoid jail three years of the motion is upheld. many here have lost faith in the supreme court as an brazil's other institutions. but sure they have paid off all the judges of to supreme court so we will remain free but we are here trying to prevent that well those are. political passions running so high there's good reason to fear violence ahead of the ruling last week gun. attacked and shot at a campaign bus caravan in which lula was taking part in southern brazil he insists he's a victim of political persecution as the countdown to wednesday's all important judicial decision begins the pressure on the court for and against sending lula to jail could not be overstated. i'll just see how. and thousands of
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americans have been gathering in memphis tennessee to mark fifty years since martin luther king jr was assassinated please check out my three admirers of the civil rights either having taken off in various events to on the king's legacy he was shot in memphis in nineteen sixty eight during the protests to support black sanitation workers in this river in jordan ripple a citizen attention workers or in another standoff with their employees fifty years old. man and back rigidity. they. want to know pick the. people how was how we go back to the people thank you. all now back to you to show either. of us. we have we had
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a. going on found the jump was also dangerous eckel cole and robert walker were crushed to death while they were waiting out a rain storm in the back of their trash truck the city didn't care so leach and hundreds of others went on strike in february one nine hundred sixty eight martin luther king visited the city three times to support the workers the second march turned violent after police clashed with some of the protesters to gail row by my day and i will read and hayden binah to have a role but still leach was grateful and asked. him i felt of me and my. family is him right here not even i don't family right now he believes he got sanitation where did i hear you were going to say listen mr colton is the welcome here some would have been as mayor right now he had no benefits
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maurice spikey is one of the you. new leaders for today's memphis sanitation workers black and white the sanitation workers along with the police and other government employees are in a standoff right now with the city over a new contract what they want better pay and health benefits as well as better working conditions still a problem here after fifty years we asked for can you believe it or not air conditioning in our trucks can you imagine working in a mrs heat when it's one hundred five degrees out here and you have no refuge from the heat. baxter leach received seventy thousand dollars to cover the retirement pension he didn't get while he collected the city's garbage a blessing he calls it still leach says today's workers shouldn't have to worry about earning an honest day's pay or about being treated with respect due to be a man and showed all who will bowl will be among the album laying what
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are the. i will mail not know boy the quest for fair treatment seemingly neverending rosalyn jordan al-jazeera memphis tennessee. let me think streaming service spotify has made a strong debut on wall street it's played a huge role in changing how people listen to and pay for their music from the los angeles river and his response. spotify his debut on wall street came without the bell ringing and hullabaloo that normally accompany hot initial public offerings the company says its focus isn't on making a splash but on building a long term strategy we do think demand is going to be strong for sponsor fights you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry the twelve year old swedish company jumped into a dominating position in music streaming convincing customers to pay
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a monthly subscription fee allowing them to choose from millions of songs online instead of paying to own individual tunes starting out with a handful of people working out of a back room stock home office spotify now has seventy one million aids subscribers worldwide that's double the number of its closest competitor apple music the streaming model was initially resisted by the music industry but since streaming became widespread around twenty fifteen spotify has helped drag the music industry into profitability after a decade and a half in the doldrums streaming service revenue now accounts for sixty five percent of recorded music sales spotify also changed the way people listen to music play lists dominated by hit songs partly chosen by artificial intelligence and algorithms now influence what consumers here instead of individually developed
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tastes and preferences spotify has not yet turned a profit but the company expects to have ninety six million subscribers and more than six billion dollars in revenue by the end of this year robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. imus international has accused the. clannish government is silencing its critics and crushing freedom of expression many rappers say they're being threatened with jail under a charge known as glorifying terrorism simply for having stablish meant lyrics david chase a report from barcelona. carnage as he's known on stage could be sent to jail that any time he's been found guilty of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown he was given a three and a half year sentence the court offered him a chance to avoid prison by apologizing but he refused to believe since i'm being used as an emissary to send a message to the rest of society i also want to be
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a part of this message and send my own i'm not ready to retreat what we should or to his repeat the same offense. was a catherine member of the twelve strong collective drawn from all over spain known as the insurgency. he's facing two years in prison and a fine equivalent to six thousand dollars. he was also found guilty of glorifying terrorism but he's appealing to the supreme court the objective. the objective of repression in any field is to take a scapegoat and make others be afraid so they stop mobilizing stop going to demonstrations stop striking stop singing that's the real object of more than attack against me it's an attack against the whole population from about the crackdown by madrid has extended to all parts of spain's artistic. this work by santiago sierra was removed from this play in the capitals main exhibition center
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entitled contemporary spanish political prisoners it contains a series of blurred images including to catalonia is imprisoned separatist leaders . one. piece that has shown that whenever you want to shut out or you want certain discourses not to see the light of your very repressive action of provoking the silence acts as a loudspeaker act without bail. after galleries across spain are now queuing up to exhibit peace the artist accuse the spanish government of using the same repressive formulas as grandfather franco he described his censorship as a tyrannical act coming from the more of the jungle. rights groups like amnesty international say freedom of expression is under attack in spain even tweets and jokes posted online to get you arrested it seems any dissent can be treated as criminal activity cheater and his era barcelona.
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you know without is there and these are the top stories this morning president trump says eisel is almost defeated in syria and he wants u.s. troops to be pulled out soon he also said that if america's allies saudi arabia wants them to stay the kingdom may have to foot the bill i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation we will have as of three months ago seven trillion dollars in the middle east over the last seventeen years we get nothing nothing at of it but the president also announced that he'll deploy soldiers along the border with mexico the u.s. president says the move is needed until his long promised war his belt he's demanding that mexico prevent a large group of central americans from reaching the u.s.
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china has condemned the latest move by washington in a growing trade to speed it says it's ready to retaliate again after being hit with twenty five percent tariffs on more than thirteen hundred items most of them consumer goods. agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense system to turkey a move which anchor as nato allies are alarmed that during a visit to the turkish capital vladimir putin also launched construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant a boat carrying almost sixty ranger refugees reached malaysia they're now being processed by immigration staff the group began their journey from a refugee camp in bangladesh they've been sheltering there with hundreds of thousands of others who fled violence in miramar thousands of brazilians have rallied across the country calling for the former president lula da silva to be jailed for corruption it comes
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a day before the supreme court decides whether he should starting sentence. coming up next revelator cation just. decided to sacrifice their integrity for our. listening this time on al jazeera education. the universal rights to expand. and. to a better life. around the globe. and institutions. and how they. identified. in the twenty first century now. education. educate a radically.


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