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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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in the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn all this are gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. the. u.n. security council meets to discuss the spiraling diplomatic crisis caused by the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. . this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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a german court allows consular only as former president carlos pushed him on out on bail and so they decide on extraditing him to spain meanwhile brazil's wildly popular acts president lula is tell he must go behind bars over a corruption conviction. and zimbabwe's a money maker is put under the spotlight after human rights campaigners say the tobacco industry is rife with abuse. the un security council is meeting to discuss the fallout from the poisoning of the former russian spy service cripple and his daughter the session has been called by russia which is seeking to undermine britain's case that moscow was responsible for last month's attack in salisbury eunice cripples health has improved rapidly but her father remains in intensive care lawrence lee reports. first the good news
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scriptural is on the mend the police in london issued a statement from her in which she said i woke up over a week ago now and i'm glad to say my strength is growing daily i'm grateful for the interest in me and for the many messages of goodwill that i've received i have many people to thank for my recovery i would especially like to mention the people of souls very they came to my aid when my father and i were incapacitated. the timing of the press release was curious became just after a purported phone call between yulia and her cousin victoria was played on russian t.v. in it the two women complain that victoria can't get a visa to come and see you and you did suggest not only she but also her father surrogate a former spy are getting better on this point the british police and government have said nothing all of which was the backdrop to the latest from the russian embassy in london the ambassador laying out the stall that his counterparts at the united nations will repeat that britain can produce the proof that russia was
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guilty of the poisoning and it's only nato countries that support the u.k.'s position the rest of the world doesn't. take a real. position and the this is she'd been selves with the position of the west so basically you have. twenty three countries. against fifteen so the international community is not ready to assist the themselves with the position which was taking by the u.k. in the united states and which was supported by the e.u. and nato countries mr yet again can also heavily criticized the u.k. for not having given you a scrip old cousin that toria a visa just as the two women had on russian t.v. it starts to look like both of you and victorious cripple are on board with their own government in the end the russian message to the united kingdom and the united
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nations is exactly the same prove it was us beyond any doubt or stop making these allegations as frustrating as it may be for the british the russian diplomatic efforts is very very well coordinated gloriously al-jazeera of the russian embassy in london while our diplomatic editor james face is live for us at the united nations james are expecting this meeting if south fairly soon what kind of form are we going to see this debate to sort of shape is it going to take. well you're going to see each of the ambassadors getting their chance to talk about this i can tell you some of the ambassadors don't really know why this meeting is taking place it has been called by russia the council will suit soon be convening for the meeting and because russia called it russia will speak first diplomats say they are seeing a familiar pattern with this meeting which is when russia's find itself backed in a corner it goes on the diplomatic offensive and not only would have the security
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council meeting we've had fresh comments from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov we've had that news conference from the russian ambassador in london and we've had russia going to the o.p.c. w that's the international organization that deals with chemical weapons and their russia making a brazen suggestion that russia and the u.k. should stuart start a joint investigation that was voted down but the idea was also referred to by the british ambassador here at the united nations in new york karen pierce and she used a very british literary reference referring to the villain in the sherlock holmes books james i really don't see any kind of conclusion and we get a clue i suppose as to whether some countries are lining up between you can russia and russia has posted so far that they think they have the support of china do we have any sense of who is in whose side. i think that you are
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likely to see divisions around the security council table that are of a pretty well known we've already seen most of the e.u. and western countries strongly backing the u.k. in this and we've seen them as a result the tit for tat expulsions of diplomats from western countries and from russia watch closely i think the friends of russia on the security council those that do normally side with russia and yes china is often in that camp and the other country that often is on the side of russia is bolivia in the security council those are the three that i think will take russia's side i don't think though that you're going to see anything more than words today there's nothing been put down as a statement or even as a binding resolution from the security council again it's fresh words what will russia be saying well russia will be the first speaker at the security council meeting and then because it obviously concerns the u.k. the u.k.
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will be the second speaker of the security council meeting which we're expecting to get underway in the next few minutes as a short statement on burundi first but we'll expect in the next few minutes and you say you've been talking to some of the members some even questioning why they're there is that because they're not really saying any conclusive evidence either way and it really is seeming like a lot of hot air. well i think most of them and i just was listening to the swedish ambassador a short time ago as he was arriving at security council he said i don't know why we're having this meeting the o.p.c. w. is investigating the british authorities are investigating nothing new has happened why is the meeting being called the british ambassador was a bit more forthright she said she thought this meeting was simply being called as part of a russian campaign that they're starting right now to discredit the o.p.c. w the security council is now in session but as a say they'll be they'll be
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a short statement on burundi before this particular subject to the subject of the attack in salzburg on the fourth of march is discussed by the council james like a famous financially back to slightly later on when we hear some of what they have to talk about but thanks very much from the united nations. according to germany has ruled that the former catalan leader callus christiane can be released on bail while awaiting a decision on his extradition to spain which don has been held at his prison in one monster for just over a week after he was arrested soon after crossing the border from denmark he's facing charges of rebellion over the catalan religious campaign for independence so we can cross over to dominic cain he joins me now live from berlin so this is a strace decision dominic if they can extradite him for certain charges but not others. yes that's right they're affectively saying that one of these charges is
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not something that he can be prosecuted for under german law and is therefore not appropriate for him to be extradited on the basis of that one but that another charge which is intimately associated with the whole reason for this case is something that he could be extradited for so you have this degree of ambiguity and the bare fact is that if he is able to come up with the seventy five thousand euro's bail then he will be able to walk out of court in monster but the prosecutors say that he can't leave the country can't leave germany as things stand so that the this case that he is at the center of this idea of extradition means he has to stay in germany the question will be what is his next move that we don't know the moment i want to timing on this dummy how soon could all this move. well he was arrested by german police on the twenty fifth of march now under the
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terms the auspices of the european arrest warrant member states have sixty days in which to complete an extradition process against the person who's arrested that's provided the individual does not cooperate does not consent to extradition but if that's the case then one would expect to see some sort of resolution of the negative or positive from mr bush the most point of view by around the twenty fourth of may so again it falls down into the court of mr bush and what does he want to do next the problem here is as you said in your introduction there is this ambiguity the spanish government says that he is this risk that they want to prosecute him for this the rebellion and for the embezzlement they say the funds it took to hold that referendum and they believe to be unconstitutional now the germans are saying that they don't want they don't believe he could be prosecuted on that serious charge but on the lesser charge perhaps he could be and the point to make here is the only thing we've actually heard from mr bush and more himself was in a statement he gave to a german politician
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a few days ago from behind bars where he said that he believed that he and his supporters should act the catalan way the catalan way of doing things nonviolently well now he's experiencing the german judicial way of doing things and it's up to him now how this case proceeds from here on thank you dominic cain live for us speaking about that extradition of collars on well we're going to go back now across the atlantic to the united nations security council where we're listening to the president who is introducing this debate. as to whether or not russia was responsible for the poisoning of the former spy on u.k. soil the first speaker we're expecting is the russian ambassador to the u.n. that's a lebanon. held an open debate on the letter of the prime minister of great britain to reason me. that letter contains horrific
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and unsubstantiated accusations against russia in the use of chemical weapons on the territory of the united kingdom a representative of the united kingdom. promised us at the time to brief the security council on the course of the investigation regularly however that we didn't have any such briefings. so being as it may we will brief you in detail. so it has been a month since you in the british city of solsbury. the russian citizens to get screwed powell and his daughter yulia were found unconscious. and these have chemical weapons if this did indeed take place is a threat to nonproliferation and as such it is a topic that deserves to be considered by the security council especially since we do have quite a bit to say and we do have some questions to ask our british colleagues so what do
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we know about the crime and its victims. sergei's group who was convicted in two thousand and six for spying for great britain who after being amnesty in two thousand and ten lived in the united kingdom while maintaining his russian citizenship periodically his daughter yulia citizen of russia visited him. according to the versions spread by the british side russia did not forgive him is treason and decided to eliminate him. given that there was no threat that this individual represented for russia that is obvious so a number of questions begs to be asked first of all. if we speak very cynically. why did we have to wait eight years and decided to do this two weeks before the presidential elections in russia and just a few weeks before the world cup. why was even. released from the country. why eliminate the individual through this strange and dangerous for people around
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him and such a. highly public. method. everyone who knows. crime novels. for example the midsummer murders which is. well known the british british series of they all know hundreds of very clever ways of killing someone however those who sought to kill sergei screwball and his daughter supposedly chose an extremely toxic chemical substance so the most risky and dangerous method possible the same thing they didn't really finish the job because the individuals seemed to be alive and you live thank god seems to be improving rapidly. so in this very
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complex case there are lots of lots of questions and the further we go the more questions keith cropping up from the very beginning the british side. represented by said share or said she expert chemical chemist as prime minister to resign may and minister of foreign affairs boris johnson unequivocally stated that in the case with the script it was there the substance used was a so-called navi choke and that is how highly likely that this substance comes from russia. now if this very powerful substance was spread in the house of the script or on the door in the door knob of his house. and that seems to be the version that the investigation seems to be pointing to how could sergei and knew every maned in normal. state a few hours following that one given that the surgeon of police nigga bailey the
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first individual who helped them immediately lost his consciousness and. how will with able to survive after all this the only in substance i exposed is that. they. an antidote was immediately introduced into them immediately. you know to do this according to the unanimous view of experts in this sample of an exact same substance not a similar sentence but the exact identical substance had to be present somewhere nearby. several kilometers from the scene of the crime a british research center porton down is located which is well known for its development of chemical weapons. that there are a lot of questions that we have about the activity of this and however this is what's interesting gary can head to head of the laboratory important down stated on
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tuesday that his laboratory has determined that this was a a toxic nerve substance. but it could not confirm its origin that was that was a quote. furthermore he said the laboratory important down stated on tuesday that his laboratory has determined that this was a a toxic nerve substance. but it could not confirm its origin that was that was a quote. furthermore he said that no antidotes were used were introduced into this group policy he assumed that the british government unlike him may have additional information on this topic and we have to pay tribute to mr. head he did and he did not he did not put in danger his professional
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reputation to service the what was this. that couldn't leave the premises of the laboratory. and does the o.p.c. dubey know about this substance. no matter what happens with all this means that the main argument of the british side about the unquestionable russian origin of the substance has basically it has is no longer valid now all of the system of evidence about the highly likely version of the involvement of russia was based on that premise but that statement by mr bacon had only adds even more questions into this case that is before us. once again we want to state we're b. or b. . you know the joke is not a is not copyrighted by russia instead in spite of the obviously russian name. it
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is a name that that was that was invented in the west for a line of talks. toxic substances which which is no nothing new for experts and scientists were developed in many countries including in the united states and in great britain. boris johnson in response to direct question of bella directly confirmed that great britain does have. balls of that substance important down yesterday on the site of the british ship foreign. ministry of foreign affairs the tweet about the russian origin of the substance was deleted. this already led to some scandals and some serious. talk behind the scenes however yours johnson and the british foreign service immediately got extra support and assistance from the british for
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the british special services. just like chippendale which through using the times newspaper yesterday stated that they were able to on the basis of a scientific analysis and intelligence data determine the. probable origin of the substance already a few days after the chemical attack in salzburg it is stated that on the seventh of march the cabinet of ministers knew. that the chemical substance. was produced in russia with a very high degree of probability that the british intelligence services consider that they have determined the location of a secret russian laboratory where the nerve agent was produced and furthermore begin and would be very attentive to what i'm about to say this sources of british security intelligence services cannot cannot speak openly about the
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location of the lab laboratory however there. their knowledge of where it's located there there's certainty of where it's located is very high their degree of certainty they also consider one that the russian side conducted tests to determine whether no could be used for politically motivated murders or assassinations. there's even more the daily mail also yesterday revealed that british intelligence services have highly secret information from certain sources but the fact that russia turns out just before the attack in salzburg tested the nerve agent no the choke on every day targets like you were like a door handle for example or everyday objects. gentlemen ladies and gentlemen i
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don't even know. what to say about this it's some sort of theater of the absurd. we . couldn't chew come up with with a with a better fake story. i mean we all know the how with what the worth of british intelligence information is based on experience with tony blair. we have told our british colleagues that you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry. because it's one thing to put forward unsubstantiated accusations and it's quite different. to start speaking using professional terms. which requires not which means not simply who will who will speak louder than diplomacy but it requires clear answers to two very
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specific substantial questions i don't think the british investigative of bodies are grateful to the british government for their hasty and unequivocal statements and conclusions on all this of course your politicians never thought about all this did they they had no idea that their sense that there had been statements might boomerang and hit them and hit them and they used a very very useful and timely anti russian canard. or the topic of russian chemical attacks are because of course they didn't they weren't aware that once the dust settles they will be held responsible for their words and yet london london started started poisoning our relations with other countries. is a sign of solidarity i've ever number of states that are allies of the united kingdom some one hundred fifty russian diplomats were expelled we know that your
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ambassadors around the. world are putting pressure on sovereign states and are forcing them to follow this very terrible example. you started a wave that even reached new york. your allies in the united states have undertaken an unprecedented expulsion of sixty russian diplomats including twelve. staff members of the permanent mission of russia with the u.n. . without providing any proof. for this without can conducting consultations with us as provided for in the agreement on. headquarter is. pretty presence at headquarters and hence they make a clearly they clearly. they clearly didn't comply with all the provisions of the headquarters agreement of the united nations. and lived up to
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their obligations and by the way it's not the first time that the united states has not lived up to their obligations in this area what you know. what you now also. also the united states. it's forced russia to give up its diplomatic property but the united states forced russia to give up its diplomatic property. the united states the united states seized from russia diplomatic property that belonged to him including a russian property here in the permanent mission at the united nations in new york based damage to twenty five mile zone for our diplomats a restrict restricted zone while you know you're not extending and they're not issuing them american visas. we call on the united states to be responsible
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their responsibilities as. host country and to return everything that they illegitimately took from us and refrain from similar steps in the future when you mr president. we are witnessing truly remarkable events. in this new this new this is this a new approach in law i already mentioned this where you have accusations based on simply a year without any proof. mention this at the meaning of the fourteenth of march simply on the basis of. suspicions when you however know less surprising something else when i look at the debates interviews and statements of british politicians i'm simply stunned. morris. what happened to good old england. is this
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a lack of professionalism or a deterioration of political culture or or is this exactly the need for the kind of political culture we're seeing i really don't have an answer i perhaps will allow those present here to draw their own conclusions. the british authorities are trying to almost make fun of russia by providing some thirty versions of what is happening now you should know that these are not versions of the russian or thought provided by the russian authorities these are opinions by experts and journalists. it's true that there are many versions because there is not enough facts or evidence whereas in russia everyone there here wants to get to the bottom of this dark story. but the british
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authorities in fact don't have a lot of aversion rather they have just. one version with you and which they have put forward as a verdict trial and the same time they can determine they can't they can't come they can can't come to grips they can't determine what the the source of the toxic substance is. is it house of mr scruby of the door now. is a flower is buckwheat grain or a laurel not a business and we have to acknowledge that citizens and experts from great britain and from other countries those who are capable of thinking also have come up with a whole range of different versions and there are many questions to which they don't have answers. here are just a few of the questions where were the script palls for four hours with their telephone switched off. how were the samples taken. who can
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confirm their reliability would you want to know why weren't why weren't relatives asked for their approval of for to take blood samples of health how did the antidote against an unknown chemical substance appear so quickly was it injected into the script when you miles what was screwball doing what who was he communicating with you where was the where did it where did he go was he traveling who was he talking to. did they meet with anyone on the day of the event or on the eve where the day before where or where the where the the data from the video surveillance cameras are now how are these ickes ations but forwarding hate in haste how do they correspond how they gel with the
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statements by the scotland yard that they were require it. several weeks or maybe months of and best to get it work why why is russia not being given consular access to russian citizens against whom on the territory of great britain possibly terrorist act was carried out by the british authorities decided quickly that their their insinuations without evidence will. will not cost them at all believe me my friends this story and this investigation is far from being over. in fact it hasn't even begun. on the twelfth of march we sent to the foreign office and note with a request to you to provide us access to the data from the investigation including the samples of the chemical substance that the british investigation reserved referring to for our experts to examine it in the framework of a joint investigation. this way we were acting in the framework of article two of
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paragraph two of article nine of the convention on chemical weapons. according to that convention member states can on the basis of an exchange of information and consultations on a bilateral basis to resolve any issues that could cause any doubts regarding the compliance with this. with this. treated now based on the provisions of the that article russia is ready to would be ready to respond to it requests by great britain within ten days. instead of all this london put forward a completely absurd twenty four hour ultimatum obviously we rejected it no one in under no circumstances. can talk in this way using this tone with russia in this ultimatum which was transmitted to boris johnson orally to the russian
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ambassador in london. the foreign secretary made clear there not only two possible scenarios eyes of the russian state has the time to go on the british soil using a good to go weapon or nationalist control would stockpile of nerve agents therefore encircled the national bus of the to explain which of the two possibilities was true. for how this national review's new vision would have been deployed in salzburg the wanted to do just. what if some muscle but also got to remember with a lot of bones because they. did you can your bill sponsored says you wouldn't know a preview of the ball need to keep the ball new going for months easy really new and you would need to do show up soon. statements we've had since then the questions in that ultimatum will seem even more absurd you on the fourteenth of march mrs may send to the director general of the technical secretary of the of the
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c.w. mr jim drew the proposal to conduct an independent analysis of the results of the british investigation of the so incident in salisbury the same time our british colleagues forget that acting in the framework of the o.p.c. w. which we believe is the only correct way. they not only have rights but they also have certain obligations including the including obligations towards us as fully fledged members of the organization and we have clearly reminded them of that during this special meeting of the executive council of the a p c w that was convened yesterday at our request we proposed a draft decision on a joint investigation it was blocked by the united kingdom and its allies which they immediately considered as a victory although the number of those voting for and abstained in fact
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exceeded the number of those that voted against this is quite understandable why does why does the great britain how it needed.


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