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tv   Time Out  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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paint the scene for us whether online what is a parent sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm dennis in over the top stories here at al-jazeera we've just heard that a court in south korea has found former president park geun hye guilty of abuse of power and a landmark corruption case prosecutors want a thirty year jail term we can talk to our correspondent kathy novak she's outside
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the courthouse in the south korean capital so the former president has been found guilty of some of the charges kathy. that's right martin these proceedings have been going on for about just under an hour now the judge is doing to the charges and going through them step by step and clearly referring to each company that was involved accusations but as you say we can say now that the former president talking he has been found guilty of at least some of those charges involving abuse of power and coersion she's facing eighteen charges involving those and also bribery involving some of south korea's biggest companies including samsung is being watched very closely here in south korea it is being broadcast live for the first time hockenheim herself has been boycotting proceedings she's not in court at the morning moment she remains in the detention center where she had been last year and local reports say she is not actually able to watch this live so she may have
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to wait until later in the day to receive the reports of her fate of these proceedings are expected to take at least another hour or so and at that time they're expecting to also hear any sentences associated with the guilty verdict right so that's that's what we're now waiting for we're now waiting to hear what the sentencing will be and as we've already mentioned the prosecution is seeking a thirty year. that is right here in south korea just sort of proceeding to get the verdict and the sentence in the one perceiving love people who have long protested against this corruption scandal have been demanding a hefty sentence and a friend of pot going hey who was also swept up in this chance to chill was sentenced recently to twenty years in prison over this corruption scandal so it is expected that that they point to a hefty sentence against the former president as well kathy novak live for us in so
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thank you. brazil's former president luiz inacio lula da silva is considering his next move after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest follows a ruling by the country's top court that he must begin a twelve year jail sentence for corruption supporters of gathered outside a union building in sao paolo where lula retreated to some of his allies one of them former president dilma rousseff spoke to the crowd. it's a political persecution aimed at putting him behind bars and i want to tell every one of you gathering here that i'm sure that president luiz inacio lula da silva is an honest strong and brave person and that he will know how to face this moment with courage and serenity of an innocent man. russia has warned britain it's playing with fire during a tense exchange at the u.n. security council the meeting was called to discuss the poisoning of a russian former double agent in england with the u.k. blames a moscow. news no good. i don't even know what to say
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some sort of theater of the absurd can you come up with a better fake story we all know what the worth of british intelligence is based on the experience with tony blair we've told our u.k. colleagues that you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry palestinians are preparing for more protests along gaza's border with israel prompting fears of more violence twenty one palestinians have been killed over the past week or so dan's farm in this is as talks with egypt in ethiopia over a controversial dam project have failed building is underway in ethiopia the project will massively increase the production of electricity but egypt is concerned it will devastate agriculture further down the nile. president trouble's ordered his administration to consider an extra one hundred billion dollars worth of tyrus on chinese goods it's the latest in the tit for tat trade fight between
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the world's two largest economy is al-jazeera world is next. i am. proud to extend the as a. latin. am
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. often at the magic scenes in the final of the nevins basketball championship in twenty fourteen between the end and technique are to some extent typical of the root of the sport has taken since the early ninety's and. they also reflect sectarian and political developments in this turbulent country and the post civil war era up. the rivalries between what where the top two teams in the country reached its peak in the late ninety's and early two thousand and letting these basketball was enjoying its most successful period in terms of popularity funding and playing success.
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competition between the players and sectarian tension between fans often resulted in many riots like this in scenes reminiscent of football in europe and south america at their worst. is supported by mussina fans and their rivals at hackney by christians. and some of the problems within the sport may simply be an expression of the sectarian divisions. that afp league let in for decades and which are no closer to being resolved today. the captain of our reality at the height of their success was when he done nothing as a star player in the late nineties and to fancy the end. it was my. washing.
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up looks up to. his big rival was it be al hackney captain elaine shannon duff the two former captains now reflects on what made basketball such a force in their playing days on their an amazing on court success on their intense rivalry and on the national and sporting politics which have seen their sport decline and their roles within it changed considerably. over the. other kilauea the can did he fit in a laugh at the a for russia sneeze. into the mob as she sets out but not by the. high at their daily she could look on to follow knievel to do it all now while they're back in a godly moment game what does about that can leave. it there that.
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these two men were dominant figures in lebanese basketball for a decade they commanded fanatical support and thousands of fans had their posters on their walls they were there or not oh and messi off their sport. legends along with other big names like fag. who still playing today.
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because it was it up to. one of the other significant figures was the former president of and had committee says yes as the club is sometimes known on to launch weight. heche was originally a sports club affiliated to the i suggest of the now in our church they started playing basketball in one thousand nine hundred ninety two when she known as the godfather of lebanese basketball began funding it. these aim was to transform the sport by developing a drone team that all lebanese might support and with players like ancient duff he certainly produced on court success. posts. tshwane made and massive impact on at hackney and on livings basketball as
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a whole. coming from advertising he attracted sponsors did t.v. deals and while he was involved there was a buzz around the beirut basketball scene. and read all the verses and hackney was the bin root derby and it meant everything especially to the former captain when we do not see the level of the you know that it would appear. to have not been a lot of. what there's a. bizarre vision. well i missed out see a lot by it killing way. this will feel our fear. and i wish the those are as well because the senate was up with our mayor.
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and hackneys former president ran in major advertising and media company which was influential not just in lebanon but across the middle east. he invested in several basketball clubs and some estimates say that he put nineteen million dollars into me to create his dream team. to understand the whole phenomenon of letting his basketball you have to go back to nineteen ninety two king and.
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make. sense that they're not the same and warmish really. cage's it and how does but you see if you look in the n.b.a. and what it in i'm seeing it became who we eventually there linny gaming but be was that would hang for. one hundred. billion believe me. as a daily aleck and. feel there he made the shady little mini with the bar on the bush deed what the other big daley felina not alone want us the hand of the bull. mockingly mean not a foot of futile then given what we can do we hustle to cissy a lot of basketball and then maybe it's maybe the spirit. but the spirit
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monotony of thought if he does a miss the men need it for me i can. but he. really can your midfield of being behind lead sadly to be shipley be good if you need a small yard little bit of the man but the capability but there are possibly malicious loss of a good thing but for the manner of the all the trick me and the less equal of nini majestically america holly and responding are highly classical god but it would be sucky lately what they do you are the old whitney oh my china will still be your plea is heard if you look in. the water i did buter that was our legacy but that there are only people it is another key element of plan to form a dream team was the experienced coach. who took charge of me in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety two lebanon can most but a machine around must pay back the people stare. at the same then why are you. such as a small general on them as a family law passed to show me. one. of the mob know when i'm up and show me something about the give me the id community i'm in the same boat me a minister or michelle bennett or the. head of the. will shine a general arm of the mob the sane alleged bit of king of the. jalan had the need the fan and ned. into a war in a moment because all. then incumbent what sort of came to the best song in the of the. head some were some of them mad that i
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wish. them well if you were staying up that awful. mess or hung. by your own for a while and maybe lost. a shilling in missy he came to do she again what if you. bought a ticket to meet him would do this if you met him in seattle when he can as a couple and as.
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been a needed missy he will need to mislead as the only dimly lit will. be in you pleasure for the unknown bitterly as a. lonely there is it. on the shore they were about. twenty billion i'm with. you and shame. thing might take me. well me. i was. the executive. about this to the shoes when i made. it. but you. can see over.
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some kind of. where do we want to. head the school i want to. go i couldn't do it because. by then. that that. might have. known anything. about. the. symbol for the symbol. of the shots mentally ill we. all. looked at him in the mind and it would. have been.
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near the. media all day and he. hadn't she is a dec twenty first may need. a d m nor. again can. again i had done as of at that an office in a safe haven of men when it hit me that the board nor the man know about a machine on friday and i'm in no way i wanna a kid on a killfile he can undo do you know i will assure phoebe dave you dated three you all saws with the walk now blue nor who are you and died five hundred. fifty shot out can you do on the leash i don't want to even need to leave the candy cane coud
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come in shot audit i love the month you would do when they did we are. going to miss your lunch a it was a worry all the army and i said you want to help me if i want some banner in gay man to hey yani. a listen say listen we. do we
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do not a. lot us mama must move in or near did it all day and in the midst there was a name that had many mussy here when he did mass and they all even less in this there will only be muscle in a way exotic their rituals coverage would have lead people to do with their. had the. decency. to. see you. were. see you down here below the you did this to the city to the young people but it will be a misnomer according to the n.b.c. couldn't let the folks in to talk from the point waiting for a short and then whatever tensions will the president help me. have
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a mess or he was at the market for you and at the same machine it with the bottle it audibly he was having one which would have welcomed me and if me send away your urine but that none only move. but that you could you would. cylinder didn't know at the time you know status i believe that z. is the brother that's am still leadership of the heat a spot of a calm billy. thought to be and then let it be let it pass and i believe the feet in the heat wave and look and feel the ticket animal but out the all the fuck up get under the clean feet and indeed the good little young. look you need of the other king manuel. is or was of late i'm one of eleven us and we eat up the last
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man to pollute the confusion from in a can and the segment undies to follow your own side it is a human is it was good board. will come in give us a say it could be a really them. it is a but that it can she that neither that it is that lots. and heck missile was built around lebanon's most successful coach class sunset kids
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he's a controversial figure having coached at hackney from the one nine hundred ninety two to one thousand nine hundred ninety four but then moving to under the law in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. he was lured back to hackney for their golden period from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and three before returning again to other yagi that would be like coaching riyal madrid then moving to barcelona and back again twice and then there's the politics. be what mellow up into. the has been a couple. of chivalry all about their. but mark would mean named bill bennett our limit make the any stuff at that minute. going to be a has be. then is about the cat not about that anomaly you would much rather palomar the lush ne shift. that they. have had that well i'm.
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going to. get it done for the top of my life when feel lucky but we can and. some i'm up about a. sufi thought out of. the church of unfunny on your own that have. to block pass a little for it we must take in some yes i will. buy your fat. but i thought the other reasonable club member supports sixteen one thing i'm always one one one point two or sixty and ninety. i'm in the community mostly a mushroom inches it alone and i'm going to miss the farm drawn back and the should be able to move it with other fair you know the freedom of the free will of these
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women mother signals go around a bit i'm your own training but i worry about you that way about the trap of trying to please rip it out of the basket. was morally atrocious and i learned moments than i'm good at sullivan have been hacked. an american is the name and that is ample parking ok that is not the animal believe that we all do with that the lower me. but there's a. lot i mean like by the name in one account that you don't know hundred numbers refutable of one to eight in a million shifty and to look at is not a. further a hug monologue. it's a machine if i'm on a homicide i'm old i'm from really not number the bomb but real the. russians pretty well we have you got to drop it without.
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knowing economic. model you can love me me i was. definitely in love with life. and shameful funny part of. a little. more some of us a lot of. collateral if your whole. world looks out of all of us why us out of. luck if you have to move the committee the. individual cleaning off a list was abducted like a hollywood mogul canal or loses a few flaws or cut it a lot of. metal to st
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a really what the can the a.b.a. like me i know for. a kid who share my needs and with expedia is a sign of how much is about that moment the loss of the added the money the loss of the. both me and i'll enjoy success in lebanon but it was the christian and pick me or suggest that became the first let me scrub to be on to make prize at the peak of their play in progress. and. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far the minor will go to control its citizens. on on his or her.
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april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bread's it vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. i really did bad things would i be able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't give
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a better showing for. the unforgiven a witness documentary on al-jazeera to mask our. hello again i'm asking dennis in the whole of the top stories here it out is there a cause in south korea has found former president park geun the hay guilty of abuse of power in a landmark corruption case his sentence is yet to be announced the prosecutors have called for a thirty year jail term park was removed from office early last year after months
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of protests she's refused to attend the court proceedings which are being broadcast live russia has one britain it's playing with fire during a heated exchange at the u.n. security council the meeting was called to discuss the poisoning of a russian form a double agent in england with the u.k. blames a moscow. brazil's former president louis in asio lula to silver is considering his next move after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest it follows a ruling by the country's top court that he must be given a twelve year jail sentence for corruption supposes of gathered outside a union building in sao paolo where lula retreated with some of his allies one of them former president dilma rousseff spoke to the crowd. it's a political persecution aimed at putting him behind bars and i want to tell every one of you gathering here that i'm sure that president luiz inacio lula the silva is an honest strong and brave person and that he will know how to face this moment
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with courage and serenity of an innocent man. palestinians are preparing for protests along gaza's border with israel prompting fears of more violence twenty one palestinians being killed over the past week most of them last friday when the israeli army opened fire on protests as israel is warning it will react harshly to what it calls provocation. sudan's foreign minister says talks with egypt and ethiopia ethiopia over a controversial dam project have failed building is underway in ethiopia the project will massively increase the production of electricity but egypt is concerned it will devastate agriculture further down the nile president trumbull's ordered his administration to consider an extra one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods is the latest in the tit for tat trade fight between the world's largest economies president trump however says the rift between the
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world's biggest economies should not affect relations in the long run right up to date those are the headlines it's get back to al-jazeera world now. and i think that i would put it in the burgeoning sport of basketball in lebanon in the late one nine hundred ninety two teams were serious rivals to me and. a nine hundred ninety eight under the media through to the final stages of the champions cup the premier tournaments in asia by god from hong kong by the tightest margin eighty two points to. be kept. away. from that where the first thought of the politics of food. was up front of ok a couple of bottles of fun but the let me go to this little bit because that's doesn't
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want you. to think that he was good enough to of. either kids elected him bulletin nor you know one wish he had a kid live many years can hear the the c.e.o. . look in it they live in norway and she bust the money on them give me an animal for the music it was i mean enough. that they can make you have to for the who have been let me in on it is it is it we assumed we would i mean. any nine hundred ninety eight and hackney made their own breakthrough by getting to the final of the arab club championship against the club dad.
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and mo out within it if you know that if you don't three what have you done mean almost nothing to what he did the field then with his argument that he is you know more than any of you love that are you that many wanted the son. what is it. that. this was the first international trophy for the christian supported and had me its captain. and their funder on twenty twentieth's. and then letting. thing.
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you'll who. laugh again and. others. follow me is how long i think my neck. of the funny it's on your own medicine. then the next year nineteen one thousand nine. or so jess as they're sometimes known because of their maronite christian connection went to one better. big one the biggest continental prize the feedback champions cup by beating the chinese club young in the final eighty four in one thousand nine. or suggests as they're
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sometimes known because of their maronite christian connection went to one better. big one the biggest continental prize the feedback asia champions cup by beating the chinese club. in the final eighty four to seven thousand. people. who watch the sugar. somehow decided she wanted a year out of the uk there were fifty of them i wasn't there. but there's. one that is weird. in the middle of the us i was like angry all the. while hella funny made in the
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middle. funny millionaire but i guess us has a lot of alchemy on our bill through sally. chantilly. now when i get there about thirty some odd not only. about that about the city figure who was kind of with us going it all about the wind isn't quite under. and we also want to see champions cup the next year two thousand and ten again two thousand and four. the. big enough to do little. fan.
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won't. move up to me. but that kind of thing to me bin laden is their thing and enough they've been able to get back to back and fan them on it if it. can only one of a lot of people have a bill with them so where are the big trouble on the part of the matter is the net about to be a little game had a couple divisional been shot at it been shut down because. it was a lot of four zero but they had the. big three a little bit just. a limit. but some had sayed hassan nasrallah i mean i'm has a little bit i decide that my. mates hate me when foreigners be marketable probably think i'm going to cook. then think the amount of him as
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a lay up a couple for the lock up for cutler on one of them on the third one in the. more than on. the instant analysis. as well. as a week of a savvy year to play in. the bad luck in the match then a lot of. well. but after the two biggest clubs had reached such heights a shift began to occur in levin's basketball. it seems to have been a combination of different factors. one funding onto one trade he gradually became disenchanted with events off the court increasing sectarianism and party political intervention by two thousand and four he had completely pulled out of me
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with effect rippling across the sport. to sectarianism and politics i sound circus's outspoken remarks after i'd hackneys in a cup win show that figures within the sport had strong political affiliations. some argued that basketball gradually became a tool in the hands of political parties causing players and financier's and even fans to withdraw and. their money i should feel. it whatever it was so what. the exposure to. the two unlucky fan but then it didn't feel that gays that somehow love. it. and it wasn't. a war or. no.
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but someone who are. of. as i. had been in. on twelve. some of them. assess it must be really how we'll need the e m a c. one mano with the only man to resist on another team you don't talk to. us of the name of the city maybe met the sea man who is in need if you mean maybe medicine is easy to come see i'm going to be for the man of the lobby and even before them that i'm. on the list you and. you must not even
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the len it easy one has said no no come in on a visit. how will. that all she thought so. how will it look here that. there was no more buffy coming is the movie you can drop out of the normal book a few. of our lives and a lot of i love enough to. be baby enough to know. what i had to shelley but i said i last had been in. such power and influence on twenty in the early two thousand in the sport and across the media that his withdrawal from acme affected not only the club but the sport as a whole. a look at the offices of the lebanese basketball
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federation today which still bears issue eighty's name suggests the bus and dynamism of the early two thousand is no longer their. way to ease frustration with the christian administration of the acme club seems clear. but he would not be the first sports finance here to come up against entrenched club attitudes. like me still play in the lebanese league and command loyal support but they're struggling with debt and their form is inconsistent. you. are the and. and. former captain tough became the manager in twenty seven and then president and his
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to revere by today's players like evil stuff. oh and. i'm looking at them with my. butt dollar do you enjoy the month of the bar. good she ought to have a good bargain on the books mamma the public men cannot muster but i did if somebody or. river from a neighboring billion of anonymously or. by lobby i'm trying to. either let a leader in the world give mistrust that i did. it with the comment this material beauty or the amendment i meant one gets is
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wrong or at least a bit of news. and an abrasive some of it had to be sure to help a little there are no women. she is special in. i'm limited as about the revolution a little basket miserable year it can all work through your rhythm kumar now i can offer our grass or the having our new. vision their beloved. technically really lovely can she. softly facilities our daughters how to feed. both because.
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lawson pulls it from a small foot up on the truth they want to force hallucinate something. and some of. the little danielle will stand for a thorn but at the. bottom and actually that was your c.s.e. or your bubble. like in the upper one the c.s. that they showed the wall then none. of the other from a well at all if that. include
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for the bother what. so obvious of the clue you would assume use. of the do or the. i think simply by way of the truth is a love of the lost cause along in verse one of his boots off and you feel. it in my mouth but i never had the muffled police i did you know that they have not dropped the point of what i have done a feminine to follow the law but it all down which in effect i shall have nothing if i listen and shut up like for someone about my own you ought to listen nothing but i felt it was one of them then i let me out that night on the john had to go off alone to cut the.
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dog has succeeded in securing viable funding but the constant twyford with me as. they continue to win trophies after his decline but when they won the league in two thousand and six their captain was no longer living. on the highly public not knowing something they will saletan on something cassimatis and i while on your phone like you say come the material thing happened last night i. had to find a couple of some kind of comes out little said how they got their home without the name that it could out sunday oh ballad leave all. that kind of last sell out of. their lives then let some of them with me set out at the. end of the.
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political battle that could be. but. he mentioned taffeta now runs a national resort and is not active you can evolve in acme at the moment. he's critical of the increasing involvement of political parties in the club he stays. away. a lot of them useful to know we need to take me because of the ease for could be a teeny sound this year the billion i'm a bit on my lawyer door to be a busy it overnight but i belatedly i'm just near there carlos and in town.
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we found on the budget i mean i'm in the final four weekend haggis's abolished and i'll suddenly about. and i can have a fee. but a damn a c.s. ability and you know not a lot but. you didn't like me make one ended up as book but you know as a fifth of c.s. hemo we. could be nearly cool. with that many other obstinacy is the other. one i'm a. fan and i know you're on was almost. on the other hand while. on. nor. about would even get the flick of a bad on an. on it because she. is an ex
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like me on in. the is whether or not the hunt to see is excited. because. i had to handle sikkim know. a way to know how it could have been a word ok. until. our new sort of congress leaves. us on of have been. if with. all the vision i think. when you do not he is also critical of the room of party politics in his old club.
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he's coached clubs and lower divisions and aspires to be a commentator. as in the you know. in the. she beat me and. leave. us is a. mess isn't a mother is legally old it is and when your mother is needed me i'm a. good listener will national he. was on the view even when he saw the job you know you are my everything was. never on the understand it in the middle of all honesty sympathy because she. believed. that only about. the two and a mafia would have done. in or. button or an account of how
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he'd and i can. set up the a food baby secondly if secularly then it's what i learned in your. such. a man how alice and thin ok near said most of a belief that only needed to be in illegal with. the month. month i.c.i. you. have who do you. say must of old equipment of a severely ill is obviously for the. moment of any energy to any. but. when they are mean that they usually know if it's been that is it any. of
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while an honest. one. this way phaedo boggle is a bailout for the ned that we all leave the fate that many in various and military shia it. shows will. always see it know what i love what i like that the name of. a son is a member thought that is in order. and there when you do not he sums it all up if. he says sunni against shia they would clash that's the problem. basketball in lebanon is still very much alive but when the civil war ended ninety nine to one it did not resolve credibly complex politics and sectarianism could
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have continued to develop since. so the fortunes of the country's most successful sport really reflect events course the country as a whole. fans and commentators often plead for sport and politics not to mix but in a country like lebanon on that can really feel. more fanciful today than ever.
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he ruled for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad he wanted to be. in a two part series al-jazeera want to tells the story of king hussein of jordan. episode one so by on al-jazeera. allies spring rain is developing now across iraq in the levant and the hint is this thing here actually looks like a proper cold front and it's certainly wrapped around colder up here in western russia so it will change temperatures a bit more interesting he just gives you a crap temperature contrast across which he tend to generate rain or shine the certainly plenty of planned around the temperatures or more as where they should be twenty to thirty and sort of range had
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a bit nice warm sunshine it's still cloudy in tashkent some sort of temperature notice and behind it is still sunny that circulation in northern side a bit of a hint if we've got that going on then that could be some pretty big thunderstorms the whole lot develops as it moves east across the flatlands iraq to west and iran and that green is of course a full cost of rain probably representing big thunderstorms that will tail down through kuwait eastern saudi might reach as far as bahrain or even cut other this is the lower limit south of that federal breeze it's been quite just dusty recently it will carry on in that same vein the cloud tends to fade away come saturday but it doesn't mean it'll be bone dry not just yet southern africa should be seeing the end of its wet season and that's certainly true in the forecast for friday that are all noise and maybe it's still wet.
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the scene for us where online what is american sign in yemen the peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people that there to choose and between buying medication eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out of it has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe challenge your perceptions but i was here and sounded so far fetched that i thought there was buys one more behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism a life then reality the to see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. a story
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fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one. al-jazeera. where ever your.


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