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ok we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. in a country with high youth unemployment one of the nice asian helps turn school children into entrepreneurs on tell us what i mean by a wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how i read this story in my shoes how to make it back and deal to more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into the business school from the uganda part of the rebel education seems at this time on al-jazeera.
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another suspected chemical attack in syria dozens of people are being killed in eastern guta many of them children. and i'm nick lot of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program the nigerian army says it's rescued one hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram. opposition leaders are encouraged by a high turnout in congress parliamentary election but prime minister viktor all bans party is still expected to win. confrontations and celebrations in brazil as former president lula da silva begin serving a prison sentence for corruption. so that medics say dozens of people have been killed in
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a suspected chemical attack on a rebel held area of eastern ghouta the syrian government have dismissed reports as fabrication the u.s. is calling for an international response if the strike on doom is confirmed the touch you can name has the latest and a warning you may find find some of the images in this report distressing. entire families babies children adults dead the people who remained in dumas thought they could shelter from the air strikes in the basements of building instead witnesses say they suffocated from a suspected chemical attack i saw how that looked into docking dumas with chemicals many children have been killed in tents airstrikes by the syrian government and its allies began on saturday. witnesses reported a barrel bomb with some sort of gas being dropped rescuers say they're struggling to get to the survivors and retrieve the bodies of the dead because of
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a strong chlorine like smell they don't have the protective gear they need the health care system in duma has been decimated. unfortunately would do them a number of medical suffering no it's to go to. the sometimes and the treatment and shoot people and we've seen people. have seen people should dying with you to be it's reported that ambulances and a hospital were hit by airstrikes and the red crescent can no longer operate leaving a small team of medical professionals with scarce supplies to tend to the injured the familiar cycle of recriminations denials and calls for action has begun using language heard after last year's confirmed chemical attack in qana coom which killed more than eighty people the syrians and the russians called the allegations farcical and staged the russian's offer to send their own experts to investigate
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and disprove the claims the united states called for an immediate end to the attacks and for the international community to respond it said russia was betraying its commitment to the un and the chemical weapons convention people say life in duma already difficult after weeks of intense fighting has become even more miserable on sunday the syrian government says it met with members of jaish alice lamb and reached a deal in exchange for the release of prisoners fighters and their families will be allowed safe passage out of duma jaish al islam has not confirmed that but with the syrian government's recent advances in duma it appears their options are increasingly limited natasha going to name elders era i'm on the mood is a spokesman for the syrian white helmets and he says there is substantial evidence showing that this was a chemical attack. and we have a lot of the jews documented and. published the tell
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myths and there is a statement. this morning by the way. this is. sort of a clarification only the old details of what has been done. that the effects the consequences how children and women when affected also we have thought they do regarding the arrival of the way to the places and this is billions what i strung across one of she had her tanzi who's in washington d.c. and she had any response there from the u.s. government. right now we had a lengthy statement from the state department calling for an international response it was notable though that almost half of that statement was actually attacking russia for its support of president assad and then we had
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a series of tweets from donald trump this morning u.s. time which again attacked russia specifically mentioning president putin by name anything to think this might be the first time that we've seen really go after president putin specifically he said president putin russia and iran are responsible for backing a big price to pay there's a lot of discussion as to what exactly that might mean don't trust then went on to say if president obama had crossed his stated red line in the sand the syrian disaster would have ended long ago. would have been history donald trump there referencing president obama's failure to use military action following a alleged chemical attack by the syrian government in twenty thirteen despite it literally crossing president obama's stated red line it's interesting to note that president obama chose to get congressional approval for a military strike and he didn't have the support from congress or any public opinion behind him and donald trump himself vociferously against any kind of military action from president obama but things clearly have changed we had the
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white house homeland security adviser on morning television here in the u.s. saying options no options are going to be taken off the table we know that donald trump has had several national security briefings from his team overnight and this morning and we know of course this time last year president trump did order air strikes against the syrian air base following an alleged chemical weapons attack or i shall believe there for the moment she ever times reporting from washington d.c. . now the nigerian army says it has rescued one hundred forty nine hostages all women and children held by boko haram in borno state in the northeast of the country that women and children were being held in the village of yeti mattie could or they rescued are not among the kidnapped schoolgirls into book and the party who are still missing but interest says the details now from. it looks like villages of
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villages or residents of unum a quarter village in northeast nigeria and. from what the army saying they want on a military operation and then they encountered backcourt on fighters remember not all villages in the know these are protected by the army the army is overstretched walking different parts of the northeast which is a vast territory by the way that includes but you care about what a lot and your mistakes but the concentration of fighting is actually in the states of the northeast bottle and your bay as well as adam our state so the army said anything counter with these fighters they open fire on the military patrol and then they responded killing three of them and arresting five of them then they later found out that they have been holding. fifty four women and ninety five children in the village of them according to my record who they have now evacuated to a hospital receiving treatment and are profiling them polls are about to close in
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hungary's parliamentary election following a heated campaign dominated by the issue of immigration the prime minister viktor orban is seeking a third consecutive term and is expected to win but opposition parties could make up some ground tapping into the public's anger at corruption allegations against the government jonah hill has more now from the capital past. there were early signs of a record high turnout that could favor the opposition in preventing hungary's ruling party feeders and prime minister viktor orban from winning a third consecutive two thirds majority in parliament after all what's at stake well we've already said everything about that what's at stake is the future of hungary it's not only parties a government or a prime minister that we're choosing for ourselves but a future as well voting is secret but i'll reveal that i voted for thirty two votes for this because i thought that was the safest bit in the past or ban has altered
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the constitution changing the electro law and curbing media freedoms and he's promised to go further targeting n.g.o.s and civil society possibly even the independence of the judiciary. this is a country in which allegations of high level corruption rife in which public services like health and education are in desperate need of investment and yet state run media is full of scare stories about muslim migration and even an anti semitic campaign aimed at the billionaire george soros and his network of pro-democracy probably immigration n.g.o.s here he is surrounded by the opposition figures holding bolt cutters getting ready to tear down the fence that big band built to keep the refugees out. and. opposition figures say hungary's future in europe is a stake twenty eight years after the change of regime this is the first election beach. not just political but he. says.
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who is other friends a battle. this is under stake. yet it is the same opposition figures whose failure to unite behind a single party makes it so hard to be treated as and. the prime minister has used his power not just to undermine democratic values at home but also in building fences and rejecting refugee quotas to go and test the european union in a wider sense therefore that is not a two thirds majority when would amount to a substantial defeat al jazeera budapest a sort of. state of emergency there with hospitals struggling to treat hundreds of people injured in protests. or one organization is teaching about the damage of the nearby river puts the most plastic in the world than any
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other river. hello the potential spring rains have backed off for a while through china there's a good feed of moisture as you can see but there's no real significant rain in the forecast the temperature rise even if you put twenty nine in shanghai thirteen showing do by twenty seven steadily in the increased humid hong kong so dry spell here but increasingly we're seeing showers in india and bangladesh and they can be some pretty nasty ones they tend to bring hail with them they certainly pick up the winds even that low level this is a lot about just to show you the strength of the wood to the fatties quite a dusty atmosphere of course it would be wouldn't talk about the pre monsoon heat now increasing temperatures and humidity slowly around the edges it's clearly
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cloudy in pakistan the far north of pakistan both india and readily will see snow for up and the himalayan shy and then you've got the green dots which is showers significant showers through the polka time and the northeast of india possibly bangladesh so they backed off a bit here we've seen a few spots are very recently in fact significant showers last couple of days in northern side if you can see the other remains of that cloud are just hanging around towards the u.a.e. qatar bahrain so it's generally fine picture the skies are by no means blue they're often white occasionally spotty was rain and often dusty. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. the best agaves how far china will go to control its citizens.
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it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion. dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to my real people. but again a reminder the top story on al jazeera and medical staff say dozens of people were killed by suspected chemical attack in the siege rebel enclave in syria many more including children have been receiving treatment. the nigerian army says it has rescued one hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram in borno state in the north east of the country the women and children were being held by the armed group
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in the village of you anybody could. hungary is a prime minister viktor orban is expected to win a third consecutive term been a parliamentary election dominated by the issue of immigration polls closed in less than an hour. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has angered palestinians by saying that there are no naive people in gaza and those taking part in protests hamas military wing activists at least thirty palestinians have been killed by israeli forces since demonstrations along the israeli border began ten days ago thousands more have been injured palestinians plan to hold protests against the israeli occupation for the next five weeks well doctors in gods are struggling to treat those palestinians injured in friday's protests hospitals have declared a state of emergency juju a severe shortage of supplies or as this report. isn't
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an easy atmosphere in the ward the patients are in pain but this is silent where we have those around him at his most right. but not in the hoody cannot contain his despair he has three all three maimed to protest is the last one to be injured and his condition is double swearing he has already lost his left leg in an accident a few years ago now his right one is at risk. he lost his leg because of the two governments we have one would agree to transfer him the other would refuse anyone who cares about us please help me get my son out of gaza he needs treatment to please help me save this leg. lays in the next bed in agonizing pain his mother is angry at all parties. living in gaza is like living in a sealed box she says they only care about themselves. a man was among the first to
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arrive at the hospital on friday it was early in the day many more would follow the sheer number of injured putting stress among already fragile system dr ayman sahab and he says it's now bursting at the seams. we declared a state of emergency and once his who carrying three or four patients had this time we had three hundred cases in one day has fifteen times more than the capacity of the emergency unit and we've used all our stock. injuries are in the lower part of the body external fixators for limbs antibiotics dijon other necessities have run out or are in short supply getting anything into gaza requires a lengthy and complicated process under normal circumstances the health system suffers from a shortage about half of the drugs needed and a third of the equipment are lacking but the situation gets even further complicated by political developments the. seventeen year old mohammed
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a sports lover was told that nothing more could be done here in gaza there are treating his leg is torn and he's losing a lot of blood he needs to be transferred to the occupied west back the hospital there is waiting the paper work is done by the israelis won't allow him to make did journey no one has been able to get out since the protests began. listens from afar tears roll down his cheek and hope is all but gone. but. there's no solution each time they make us dream of reconciliation failed my generation has lost the one after me that's why we go to the. friends to express the misery we live in. it's that sense of hopelessness that continues to draw do you still was do border fence many might come back on a stretcher some will never fully recover without that hammy gaza now
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police in germany say they foiled a potential attack which was supposed to target the berlin half-marathon on sunday let's join dominic cain who joins us from munster to tell us more. well nic the point to make here is the police have issued a statement in the in the last twenty minutes or so confirming that they have arrested six people in connection with what they are referring to as a potential incidence of people preparing an act criminal act against the berlin half-marathon staged in the german capital today the people arrested are reported to have to vary in aged between eighteen and twenty one years of age the police say that given the higher element of tension in germany over this weekend given what has happened here in the city of munster on saturday where a vehicle was steered into a crowd and the perpetrator then shot himself that that made the police think that the time was right to move to make these arrests and also to search several
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properties in berlin and to search two vehicles associated with the six individuals concerned those are the facts in so far as the police are saying now separately there is speculation reports unconfirmed from the german newspaper de velde suggesting that one of the individuals who has been arrested might have been somebody who had moved in the sort of milieu with the tunisian christmas market attack and his amry in twenty six thing that's not confirmed and that the this individual had two knives which may have been considered to be used in this acts that the police say may have been being in preparation for what has happened that's speculation unconfirmed what is confirmed six arrests varying in age from eighteen to twenty one done by the police today in berlin or a dollar thanks very much indeed dominic a reporting. thousands of people from pakistan's punched community attending
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a rally in pasha to demand rights and protection the so-called passion protection movement says the security forces are carrying out arrests and killings and has this report. fury and frustration and push all the posted above the chanting crowd photographs of pashto said to have disappeared or be killed these protesters blame the police and the military i think this was this was an emotional eruption. they get there and they started this moment and i think they believe. this moment across and it's not only from their tribal identity and even the pakistani. society they are also supporting the demands of the moment. thousands of pashtuns have moved to the southern port city of karachi fleeing from their homes in northern tribal areas to escape violence along pakistan's border
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with afghanistan but pashtuns say they've been targeted by the police and the army since the emergence of the pakistani taliban whose leaders are also said to come from close to the pashtuns northern tribal homeland. the most recent killing in karachi was not. an aspiring pashtun mortal who his father says had no links to rebel groups pashtun say they want the senior police officer involved in the killing of not keep to face the death penalty i they deny these anti-government demonstrations and say their demands a simple first demand was to arrest the girl but the second was stop him really ation. women especially the tribal women and children at the security check the third was it took the land mine which was given in specially. by. the support for the protests grows the government may be forced to do more to
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show that pastors are not being targeted rob matheson al-jazeera. brazil's former president lula da silva has started his twelve year jail term for corruption arrived to create schieber prison under the cover of darkness after finally agreeing to hang themselves in following a twelve hour standoff with authorities and supporters have protested against his imprisonment while others have celebrated saying that the guilty must pay for their crimes it's been. joins us now from critics and i know it is a significant moment when luda now is serving time with you now serving time behind bars well yes and they come precedented in brazilian politics was an impetus to go history serving president next president has never been convicted of a criminal charge before so the very fact that the suv is in this federal place prison behind me has had a huge impact on brazilian politics as you mentioned there have been demonstrations
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around the country both in his support many people still believing that he's innocent that this is been a political campaign to stop him running in presidential elections in october all those saying he's simply another politician who's taken money or stole the money and should serve time for his crimes that he has been convicted and also other crimes. alleged against him more investigations more and more cases will continue so those twelve years and one month that he's been sentenced to could increase as well so this story is is by no means over yet although he is serving time in that prison. as you say the prison is right there behind you and inside that prison in some fairly comfortable quarters so i understand that housing the former president . yeah this is likely to be a temporary stop for the sale of before he's processed before he's perhaps moved to
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another prison at some stage in the next few months possibly close which is which is where he was based previously i mean he said to be in the he said to be in the top floor of that prison segregated from the other prisoners t.v. screens been installed there so that he can watch his favorite team play against us today but as i say he is a huge figure in brazil in politics now serving time as a common criminal or i don't want to be there thanks very much indeed daniel from a reporting kenya has suspended the construction of a seven hundred kilometer wall along its border with somalia locals say the partially built wall has helped prevent members of the on group from crossing into kenya from and on the kenyan somalian border is catherine soy. this is what is meant to keep out fighters based in somalia part of a larger government project to protect the poorest. here in the kenyan county town of mandela clan elders say the border barrier has helped along with other security
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measures including arming vetted civilians and better cooperation between different clans and security forces. for there to be peace we have to look out for. us if my neighbor result issues. the enemy. was killed almost three years ago when gunmen attacked a bass he was shot trying to protect christians who are the target. for ten years and we have six children when i look at them i see him i will never forget him. and there has been an entry point for. sympathetic locals say to aid them with crown wars making the situation was some security analysts say building a barrier is not in itself a solution. needs to its. people here monday or on all the parts of these
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countries so there. you would be building a wall just give it a wall because it's not i was just a fence i think for me i think demonstrate they maybe to you from the policymakers when it comes to dealing with us about even after all these years in this region the attack has mainly target holds who come here to walk in schools and. one where most people from other parts of the country. quite unsafe for thirty six. what killed. along the border with somalia. watched his friends die but he says the security situation at least within town and the surrounding areas has improved and as. we have the protection of the bodies we do not live in one neighborhood breaking the fast we have spread out to other areas
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where there are. people leaving he may have found relative peace but several other parts of the region remain unsafe some of this travel is going farther east taking a route so dangerous that they have to be escorted by armed police who themselves are a target catherine saudi al jazeera and dara northeastern kenya the longest river in asia has become one of the world's most polluted the young sea has long been a lifeline for millions of chinese but now plastic from the river is slowly killing life in the east china sea and beyond scott to reports now from shanghai. three generations of new ijaz family are out cleaning up plastic along the mouth of the gang's the river one of the worst spots in the world for plastic pollution. but. i'm here to protect the ocean there's a lot of trash on the beach we saw a video where turtle inhaled a straw and it bled
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a lot so when people try to help get the straw out of its nose littering and dangerous marine species. one of the biggest plastic consumers in the world china's numbers are staggering for instance package delivery services in two thousand and sixteen used fourteen billion the plastic bags and with the rapid increase of food delivery options it's estimated that sixty million plastic containers are used each day many cannot be recycled. one campaigner at the environmental group that organizes these volunteer cleanup outings says people seeing the pollution drives the message home alone. i think we can look beyond the numbers when we're talking about the marine waste to the public statistics of their abstract it's easier to bring them here to see with their own eyes and participate in activities like this that's a more direct way to make the public realize the severity of the problem. according to an environmental journal the yangtze river and its tributaries here carries one
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point five million tons of plastics into the sea each year through some of china's biggest cities the last one here in shanghai before it meets the east china sea and then the plastic makes its way to the pacific ocean nature magazine recently reported that what's known as the great pacific garbage patch is much larger than previously thought twice the size of france and containing seventy nine thousand tons of plastic china's environmental protection ministry admits there's a big problem and recently announced that a restructuring plan is in the works. the plan will create better conditions for fighting the uphill battles against pollution and improving ecological environment we're obliged responsible and have every reason to do a better job in coming days. and the pace of that job needs to quicken as scientists predict that if the flow of plastic into the oceans is not slowed by
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two thousand and fifty the amount of plastic in the oceans will outweigh the fish it's got hotter al-jazeera shanghai. all right let's bring you up to date the top stories here on al-jazeera and the united states is calling for an international response against the syrian government if reports of a chemical attack on a rebel held area. are confirmed medics say dozens of people have been killed in the suspected gas strike in duma at the syrian government and it's a russian allies of denying involvement u.s. president donald trump says there will be a big price to pay if the chemical attack is proven. my mood from the civil defense group the white helmet says there's clear evidence of a chemical attack. and we have seen. we have published this and we have seen a lot of things we have we have photos we had pictures we have. been
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evacuated after being targeted by these gases nigeria's army says it's rescued one hundred forty nine hostages held by boko haram in northeastern borno state the women and children were being held by the armed group in the village of you he met he coulda nigerian soldiers killed three of the fights isn't injured another five those rescue do not include kidnapped schoolgirls from two book and who are still missing the polls will close in just under half an hour and hungry as it general election prime minister viktor orban is expected to win the following heated campaign dominated by the issue of immigration however voter turnout appears to be higher than in previous elections which could point to a better than expected showing from all bands nearest rivals. doctors engel's are struggling to treat palestinian protesters injured during friday's fighting with israeli troops hospitals have declared a state of emergency judy to
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a severe shortage of supplies at least thirty palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured since demonstrations along the gaza israeli border began ten days ago. thousands of people from pakistan's past and community all rallying in the city of push our to demand rights and protection the so-called pashtun protection movement accuses security forces of carrying out actual judicial arrests or killing us. all right up to date with headlines here on al-jazeera one one east is coming right up. and i'm like i don't know how many are going to get off into gaza in china.
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