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tv   Inspiring Science - Thailand  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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charges cardinal george pails accused of multiple sexual offenses he denies them and his lawyer says he's being targeted to punish the catholic church for failing to prevent other cases of abuse and that the charges should be thrown out canada is withdrawing the families of diplomats in cuba after new information on mysterious illnesses which have affected staff at the embassy in havana diplomats from canada and also from the u.s. first supported sentence of headaches dizziness and that was last year well now medical specialists say they may have brain injuries the u.s. u.k. and australia are accusing the russian government of maliciously targeting millions of devices for political and economic espionage all three governments say hackers are trying to steal information and build networks for potentially devastating the cyber attacks russia denies those accusations the european union's highest court has ruled that poland broke the law by logging an ancient forest in the east of the
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country and says the operation at the world heritage site has further endangered rare birds and animals i don't or national team of scientists has engineered in zion that it's types of plastic that are polluting the world's oceans and waterways it's able to quickly digest p.t. plastic which is used in millions of tons of bottles and takes hundreds of years to break down so this team is now looking to beef up this project so it can be used on a larger scale so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera rebel architecture is next. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera education matter the universal rights to expand arise and
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offer better prospects the passport to a better life yet around the globe schools an institution with brake. systems been deemed to be no longer vet. thinking what schools of all and how they want to identifying this girl is the knowledge needed in the twenty first century now a new wave of rebel education is sweeping the world the educated in a radically changing the way it will lag challenging the old ways and block all the love and create same opportunities which will impact in the eventual and then tied community.
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yes i know my dil bole got the best sad thing about that that i hate again and can't be anything else sad playing am i the one who got the whole summer last fall got alone at home with. my dad and i may end up with a yes i am a yes but that's helpful. without a lot of that kind of support the way you have the yes it's always the way i get every in the world get them out of.
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the mail in the. loop. like. you know yeah definitely getting bad boy would be a sad moment when i did that and that would have a level yet you ask me if i'm told from a whole cycle that i'd have to guess that the bar sat money what i would be a side that most of the. funding to me as i was able to get people to rob rob that i. know of maybe i'll talk to him could i what oh my yes i know what to think that the i don't have sad things but i hate a good man yeah but he had with me yes that. would mean an upright in bed at my age you know we had a bit of a go without hardly adult board or not i don't. you.
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in your mind i'll be in peace i'll. keep you know because. you know nothing. on earth.
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now this is a massive shock and how. soft like have you got when it all died out i'm going to call. him now and i'm down for you you know about that not my hand in hand hundred i mean five. hundred and i'm getting out like a nice black. adam when i get out of it ok. i haven't sat on you know. i don't know. i don't try. comes to one but the. rock the time jack so you call on us the demand. on how you know might do. and you've identified compound what i'll go through noon. docky prune. things soon well i don't
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dare gotten all nine. x. i got a lawyer here but i was highly valued by rely on how we move on yet what he and man brought when i'm going to marry after you're gone you don't have any ideas on. my life never mind. me how i can. come home yet you still don't seem to me. know t.-mac all grandkids have kids you may. direct my son a lot to me because i'm going home you know my because. i am young and i need to meet my bills on the mountain you know.
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when i'm laying say and we'll all save a little something simple and i will say he still. has a lesson for me will be the moment when my home i'm going to. pull him from the ones going to eliminate a lot of meat. yes .
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that's i mean yes i conclude. as you put it on. a day when that day you know call. me might assume. that that. i cannot be in by the time tap dr jordan i doubt gap on people and some laptops and keep on at me and i might be so i thought maybe i got i'm not sure what and i'm not if. i do you know be an i sound might take one room. and they can. call me. in. my name you need to know god to sometimes we let. me about them and i was in it you about that
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were thought they had all he had out. what white house staff was get out. of. the out how he got. out. and that's when reps are fighting stuff getting nobody home and all of the guns in france wanted out and so on gets up and. and he will be one of the magi could hold on one card type a while because. of the pub law in my house i keep. my mouth i
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got. robbed. that's one way of doing it. i mean if you think i'm just not be and i jumped up the wall. and saw that book. and i'm. going to have been inside that building so much. he said i'm gonna try someone to talk to the choir i see how much i know. someone. that he sometimes can feel. good he said. they can't keep.
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thank you. i.
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there you're really going to be here now. and he and. he popped up in the. top of the. hi dave ballpark a lot of the human meat out how wouldn't be they don't have. the . alarm call he died in nam as a book about how. what would happen if we died in nam as a book about how that's. what would happen if our bellow allowed to. get high tech more we. might have and i know how your mind and long. i've been they've been hockey i've been here are. my.
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people. doing it. over the corn. without food my mom or my you know i got. their name. now. long long long. long long long long. time to it as it is gone hypo. not. getting eyes and saw. that one bottle out loud to me i got to know. someone. i. didn't. know they're like that with
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my help when. i'm. on my hawkeye tell me how i mean i eat. i like hot. new band to me. that outlaws have in one. pocket want to. be. on chinese have to have the same time out. to the gym. more.
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of a mental set up. or whatever. i mean i think i have the lead by the lines . of. the. family. the. bunny long the gun. barrel.
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with yes i need to see out the call from somebody like he's about how many i've been advocating tin cup i may tend to you in the park where you get the i wouldn't let me into saturday night and i never did i'm just not thinking i'm not good now i'm going to wendy now projecting the. time we get back home now if. we define good they prepare. to drive. home now i have been what i tell my students so she can get a time line could. i planed time i need more research to find who's in your stride
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who does hit in order to be in the way and more competitive. to be one to remain competitive we need more find a functionalist to be employed in the private sector i talked to her i was taking as tomorrow raise the new generation to study finds by providing them a clear picture of the signs career path after graduation. wow a. zero. zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero.
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that's because i will see. be told by you why. i don't have. that what they need with the hound dogs you finally admitting i'm here for now fool. thank you. mark couldn't have. thanked him for a novel we don't. need see the rainfall fall but they're here hey let's hope for the war because he had their money for a top. aide writing a thank you. our i will. go
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nuts i am unhappy. we. will. go. a long long let me alone by you only for one last. call your little. side. oh oh oh i mean what you will need a man and a little. higher
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no no no. they cannot. take a whole file while. i have had make. up our whole life. well.
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you know the typical. good life. but i'm going to. believe we're going to. run for president. and i'm going on. a half. hour now i. don't have to manage any. we got. one. guy tom a cop i don't want to. go to man how many problems i need to. get high but how he got.
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the team have. the. teaching resources they have trained him two hundred m. to reduce crime it is an area who have. to support the implementation of certain towson and trying to schools across the country. digging out the other one was the one gun when i'm going in the hoop and the one down enough with us until now who was one of many yet still buying it at the big board along the things that i wasn't there at that ten of them going to when the flu thing really as sad for those who so welcome was often the fact that i was
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found along for the day monday and didn't get any guns for the what the time and the day mean might sway the cave paintings if you. think you don't have to pay big thing even if they've been here say that every time saul calls out mike to them you only asked me to pick them up but i thought some like him don't. you know and he asked if they'll let me. be here in south. inmates. from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free.
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through legal education classes and mock tribunals that indication has led to staggering results we will. resolve that they was. teaching empowerment kenya heart of the rebel education series at this time on al jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the country. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that i'll do.


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