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in starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women kasich is only a drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to staggering results you've been in prison for fifteen yards is all that they was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.
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a palestinian is killed during the latest protest in the garza israel border. of iraq and you're watching all this there are lots more headquarters here in the home also coming up as inspectors wait for access to the site of a suspected chemical attack in syria its government and russia are accused of tampering with evidence. also violence and looting in a south african city forced the president to go home early from a major summit in london. and install the longest serving manager in english premier league history makes a surprise announcement also says he's to stand down as manager of fastenal.
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welcome to the program another palestinian man that's been shot and killed by israeli forces along the border with gaza it comes as palestinians are holding another major rally now they're marking prisoners day to support thousands of detainees in israeli jails thirty six palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began nearly four weeks ago monitoring events forces smith who's in gaza bernard just bring us up to speed on what we know so far about the situation. so well one twenty five year old man died of his wounds in our not long ago he was hit was hit in the head we understand according to health ministry in a confrontation with the israeli ministry near the border much earlier this morning in a different location from where i am and he died of his wounds in hospital another person has been injured at another protest site down from here this is where they pitched the tents for the protests this week were about three hundred meters closer
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to the border than those ten. we're last week numbers i'm told a much lower this week although there are people now beginning to arrive and we're told that maybe by three o'clock this time they will this today there will be more people arriving but this the idea of moving these tents closer right up to this little berm that we've got here is essentially to get closer and closer to the israeli fence now about seven hundred meters over there from me because the idea of course of all of this is the palestinians in gaza want to exercise want to demand their right of return to return to lands that were taken from that they fled from during the creation of israel what the palestinians call the not burn this is leading up to probably the biggest protest on may fifteenth so of course each week leading up to these protests bernard the israelis of trying to or have tried to warn people to stay away what did they try to do this week or this this week
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they've been they've been dropping these leaflets on the residents of gaza thousands of them dropped from israeli her helicopters essentially warning people not to take part in the protests it says on these leaflets that israel's military will not tolerate damage to its security fence and that is a familiar warning that israel has been coming out with every week you go close to that fence and there's a three hundred meter buffer zone on this side of the fans there imposed by the israelis you go within that you offer them fair game you risk being shot and israel is shooting people has been shooting people that go to that fence thirty four people have now been killed and many hundreds injured and many of them with really devastating bullet wound injuries to their legs that will leave them crippled for life i saw people in hospital yesterday who were having their legs amputated to a very very serious consequences for people who go close to that fence so we'll leave it there for now bernard and of course come back to you as we monitor events through the day thank you. the u.s.
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says it has credible information that syria's government and as i live russia all removing evidence of a suspected chemical attack on the outskirts of damascus they both deny the allegation and insists the attack itself was staged chemical weapons inspectors all still waiting to be given access to the science in the former rebel held town of duma. reports. access denied inspectors with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are on standby waiting to enter the area duma a visit to the site of the alleged chemical attack has been delayed for days the investigation stalled the white house says russia and syria are trying to buy time to tamper with evidence we believe it is an effort to conduct their own staged investigations russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence
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of chemical weapons use security concerns delayed the inspection a u.n. risk assessment team says it came under fire as a try to clear away for the inspection days later inspectors are still waiting to go in the u.n. says discussions are taking place in damascus to ensure the o.p.c. w team can go in safely and as quickly as possible i think you could understand the ju-ju. the volatility of the situation the dangers involved we don't want to telegraph what will happen but the discussions and planning is ongoing but. more than forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago syria and the strongest ally russia have denied the use of chemical weapons they also refute hindering the investigation was going to. its absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what. made
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them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements of that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible. the u.s. u.k. and france retaliated by bombing several syrian government sites now it's not just western powers that are keeping a close eye on the pending inspection all the parties have agreed to allow the o.p.c. w. teams access unfettered access immediate access to these sites you know we can't get around the fact that the syrian government and their russian allies control the territory we're talking about a race against time as concerns grow that possible evidence of the alleged attack may be tainted or even disappear before inspectors begin their investigation could see a lopez so the young al jazeera. and russia's foreign minister says the u.s. led strikes on syria last week did not cross what he called
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a red line so says the kremlin told the u.s. which areas would be accept other acceptable pardon me to target he also says donald trump has invited. to visit washington d.c. . hospital. where you know we had contacts between the military leadership and the level of generals with our representatives in the commanders of the u.s. led coalition they were informed about where our red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the result showed they have not crossed these red lines. inside syria rebels have abandoned a pocket of land northeast of damascus under an evacuation deal it's believed all members of the group known as the army of islam have now left the area of them there and in nearby rebels have agreed to lay down arms it's expected to begin leaving within days in a has more from neighboring lebanon. the syrian government and its allies regaining control of more territory from the opposition the town of de mayo is now back under
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state control after the rebels lay down their arms and agreed to be evacuated to the north of the country to other rebel controlled territories in the north of the country the remaining rebel factions in the eastern caliban enclave have also agreed to surrender without a fight there was the threat of military action and this is what the government has been doing it was using this threat of military action to bring about a surrender in this eastern kalamunda enclave being really strategic for the government because it lies along the main highway between to mask this and baghdad the government is using this tactic as well with the with the rebels in the countryside of homes in the northern countryside of homs telling them you can face what the rebels of eastern water faced if you don't agree to lay down your arms there is a ceasefire in place and negotiations are set to continue on sunday but i still but talks with i still have collapsed eisel of course controlling a pocket of territory in southern and southern to masochists i still refusing to
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evacuate and leave to the east of the country to the desert and so the army and its allies have begun a battle to recapture that territory so the syrian government pushing ahead with the with its military option really the way it wants to solve this crisis by crushing the rebellion in recapturing territory from the rebels instead of engaging in any political process sort of african were police in south africa's northwestern province of fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who staging protests for a third day now the trouble president poses to cut short a trip to the united kingdom the demonstrators seeking jobs better housing roads and hospitals are demanding the resignation of the regional leader who they accuse of corruption has more from johannesburg. the situation in the northwest is calm but very very tense indeed these protests started on wednesday people are
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frustrated they're angry about the state of this service delivery they are demanding for better housing the money for jobs and they're also angry about corruption allegations leveled against the leadership they won the premier of the province to step down because they say that he has failed to do his job and you know in the last two days have been seeing people. coming out to the streets stoning you called a bass was bearing down with had incidents of looting as well police have been forced to use tear gas to disperse some of the protesters and this really was triggered we're being told by the death of two people who were taken to a clinic but they couldn't get help because health workers are also on strike they've been the street on strike there since since february so this has made people very angry this saying that it's not sustainable presidency or i'm a person who cut short his trip to the u.k.
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where he was for the commonwealth heads of state summit he's come back and he is calling for calm he's asking police to exercise restraint but also telling people there to use nonviolent ways to address their grievances staying on the continent the u.n. says more than one hundred thousand people of flooded to the province the democratic republic of congo this year now their villages have been at the center of ethnic conflict that's left them vulnerable to mass killings rape and arson. traveled to the area and spoke to some of the displaced. rochelle good to see will never know her two older sisters militia killed him with machetes before cutting her we met her family in this camp for displaced people in bosnia in the democratic republic of congo they fled their village when the militia were attacked ran into more fighters down the road they also cut off her other sisters. a father rasha told us how his wife was killed to no other along anyway so i was running behind my
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wife and children they grabbed me and started cutting with machetes then they caught my wife and started cutting her too she was pregnant and so they cut the baby from my stomach. many of the people in the camps tell similar stories of attacks by men from the lendu ethnic group we went to some of the villages they fled these are the remains of one family's home they fled when the attackers came some of their possessions were left behind the attackers set the house on fire and they did the same in the house next door as well another family lived here and they ran a business they were repairing motorcycles and selling spare parts also completely destroyed. and it's a similar story of destruction if you go down the street. many of the homes on this side belong to people from the hammer ethnic group they weren't the only targets just across the road homes and businesses belonging to ethnic land with destroyed as well. as being conflict between the two ethnic groups in the past in the one
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nine hundred ninety s. in two thousand uganda and rwanda fought the congolese government to control of eastern congo in a tourist and lendu militias where their proxies tens of thousands of civilians were killed but now look on a safari told us there is no conflict between the two groups he's a lendu he says he haiti's hamma neighbors here in his house when the militia are attacked like many he thinks politicians planned the violence to further postpone congo's over to elections and the world progress there what they were waiting for elections so we can have new leadership this is our will that the killing started without reason this was already prepared for lin do with him or to start killing each other i consider this a deliberately planned conflict and. the government denies this since the attacks began it sent soldiers to take control of the villages. glad you don't if you it's difficult to identify the enemy right now army intelligence working to identify who
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killed and burned houses and who was behind the massacre we've arrested some militia who are already facing justice. the army says the area is now secure and people should return some have many more have not because they still don't feel safe because they have nothing left to return to malcolm webb al jazeera it's a repro vince in the democratic republic of congo. the weather check is coming up next and then out with the old town hall is trying to clear the air and its roads also washingtonians inflamed by high prices gather for what's being called the march of the candle stick stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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hello again full stop by look at the weather across northeastern parts of asia we've got fine conditions across japan at the moment there is a weather front though across the northeastern parts of china into the far east of russia and that's going to give some brace of rain along that line but otherwise the most part weather conditions looking fine mid twenty's across much of japan fine and summer's all conditions across the korean peninsula beijing though seeing a big drop in temperatures from the low thirty's the low twenty's as we head through saturday is that front begins to push in and then as it clears during the course of sunday then the cold air comes in behind but to the south of beijing the could be some pretty heavy rain developing here for a time fine conditions zero further south in shanghainese for a time now across more southern portions of china you see this area of rain across some more central and eastern areas that is likely to continue across the region during the course of sunday east coast five thirty to hong kong twenty eight largely dry across indochina with temps there around about thirty mark for her
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neuer in vietnam and then into southeastern parts of asia good weather conditions across the philippines for the moment nice day in manila plenty showers across borneo showers expected across western parts of java with highs of thirty three expected in jakarta. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and jersey a tells the story of a decline of the innocent and the end of an empire. the kind of episode three on. the earth.
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welcome back you're watching out of their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories a palestinian has been shot and killed by israeli forces along the border with gaza thousands of people are holding another big protest rally there thirty six palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began nearly four weeks ago. also russia is denying u.s. accusations of trying to delay international inspectors get into the side of a suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for access to the area in duma almost a week after arriving and police in south africa's northwest province of fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who are staging protests for a third day the violence has forced president several rather poser to cut short his trip to the united kingdom demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the
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regional leader who they accused of corruption. and south africa's president will miss the announcement of the new head of the commonwealth expected leaders of the fifty three member nations meet near london queen elizabeth says she hopes that they'll appoint her son prince charles to take over from her to be phillips has more from the town of windsor. the commonwealth leaders are in retreat in windsor castle behind me and they are discussing queen elizabeth's desire that her son prince charles should take over this organization be the head of it as and when she departs the have been suggestions in the past that the should be some sort of rotating presidency that might in some ways separate the commonwealth from its british imperial origins but it seems likely that the queen will get her way she has voiced her opinion at a time of which she has great moral legitimacy she's the hostess she's respected
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popular amongst the fifty odd commonwealth leaders and of course this is likely very likely to be her last commonwealth summit because she's indicated that she won't travel to summits in the future and it will be many years before the commonwealth heads of government meeting returns to the united kingdom and she is a lady in her early ninety's that gives her a lot of moral authority her desire has been supported by the british prime minister and the canadian prime minister justin trudeau will get a clearer indication later today friday on who will be the next leader of the commonwealth when the polls only international airport has reopened after a passenger plane skidded off the runway during the takeoff halting all flights now the boeing seven three seven owned by a malaysian carrier known as melinda ended up in a grassy area at the end of the runway no one was hurt the airport closed for more than twelve hours while the jet was towed away there's no word yet on the cause of the accident. well staying in the country where the government is banning older
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cars in an effort to better control pollution some say the move is unfair for people who rely on their vehicles of making a living from them being a shuster reports from the nepalese capital katmandu. that is traffic can be a nightmare and often the pollution levels exceed that of larger cities like new delhi and beaches you know to manage pollution an accident it's not pass coverage and started enforcing an old decision to ban public vehicles that are more than twenty years old last year public bagels alone were sponsible more than seventy thousand major and minor accidents in the common devalue. twenty year old vehicles were banned from the city two years ago but the ban has now been imposed across the country according to the department of transportation as many as sixty thousand vehicles will be taken off the roads because of this decision. just a few hours outside guttman do in bank village there are a few buses transporting locals drivers here are happy that the ban has just come
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into effect but i know why it didn't register on all the verses on these roads bridges and a student can fail and there can be accidents but vehicles older than twenty years or even thirty years are you still operating around here. but the decision has upset some transport entrepreneurs who are often accused of acting like cartels just last month to come to the end of their monopoly on bus routes and allowed new buses now don chipp in your see this twenty year ban will impact the group is the most divided we have four wheelers operating in the hills they cost one hundred to one hundred fifty thousand dollars now you can't replace those vehicles and people will be deprived of the services if vehicles are damaged even within five to ten years they should be removed from operation capping the life of big girls to twenty years is unscientific and pallies pay high rates of taxes to support any vehicles up to two hundred eighty eight percent government officials say it takes no longer
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than twelve years to recover a divestment on public transport and extra eight years its profit transport entrepreneur say they already run at a loss and it was subsidies to buy you the coals now threatening to go on an extended strike but government officials say they're not going to back down. on the government the government so far has only a regulatory and managerial role in the public transportation sector we need to operate our own public transportation system like the metropolitan cities in developed countries we are lobbying and hope to demonstrate this all over the country the ban of all vehicles might not have much impact on pollution but if both sides don't compromise and vehicles are not replaced on blue roads the poorest people in the country may have less access to public transport. also sierra that might do. let's head to the americas now where thousands of students have marched in the chilean capital santiago demanding an end to profit making in higher
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education is the first must juden rally into the new government of president sebastian pinera last month chile's constitutional court struck down a law that would have banned universities operating for profit it's a sent back to reforms pariah. being free tuition for low income students in acted but. socialist michelle. i angry as thousands of argentinians angry at rising living costs have been protesting in buenos aires the demonstrations are taking place as the country prepares to host this year's g. twenty meeting and that's putting pressure on the government to get its economy in order to resupply reports. it was called the march of the candles thousands of people on the streets protesting against a rising utility rates in the last months. media a local resident says the situation is getting worse each day.
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it's always the same thing it's us the workers who are struggling to make ends meet who have to pay the price of the government's austerity measures this needs to stop now. martin time has got used to generous subsidies on services like water electricity and gas during the previous administration up to the number nine the sticker here the current government. that argentina has the lowest prices on services in the region and that the path back on government spending to reduce the pain and i trap boring investment but people here say that they simply cannot pay their bills. an example of what's been going on can be found here at la behind them. it is a pizza restaurant that was turned into a completive in two thousand and twelve when the owner decided to close down. fifteen people took over the restaurant and are splitting the profit. but now
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they're concerned about the rising electricity bill which has gone up from sixty dollars a month to eight hundred fifty in the last two years phone shows. so it was a shock especially for us we struggled so much to keep this restaurant open we wanted to paint it and fix it all that money we had was used to pay the electricity bill this forces us to raise our prices so less people are coming in we are afraid of being forced to shut down because we cannot pay the rent. the hiking utility services has an impact on inflation that remains one of the highest in the world the government says it is hoping to bring it down to fifteen percent this year but most analysts believe it could be much higher than the more. of the same inflation rate we had during the previous government a similar physical deficit meanwhile we have to control the prices by force because
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if not they will spiral out of control the historical problems of the economy are the same so it's not clear to me how the government expects to get the economy in order. the government insists inflation will go down later this year and the hike in utility services is necessary for the country to grow. but on the streets many have lost confidence that the so-called economic prosperity may come at their expense. also management also inventor has announced he'll be leaving the english premier league club after twenty two years at the helm he's the longest serving manager in league history when the premier league three times and lifted the f.a. cup on seven occasions well in a statement he said after careful consideration and following discussions with the club i feel it's the right time for me to step down i'm grateful for having had the
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privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years finally in one hundred sixty eight americans and the former soviet union were locked in a space race to land a man on the moon it was joining this time of cold war tension and rivalry that two thousand and one a space odyssey hit cinema screens roslyn jordan went to the smithsonian unit museum in washington to see an exhibition that honors the movie. an adventure that ultimately leads man to confront is own destiny its perhaps the grandest science fiction film of all time two thousand and one a space odyssey stanley kubrick's attempt to examine humankind's journey through evolution and technology it's impossible to pick a single iconic moment so we started the film's end and here's the bed where dave and his life question mark this calendar with it when you know intelligence
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is a transformative moment not just for him but for the human species overall. collins is a curator at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington d.c. where visitors marvel at the vessels used to soar above the earth and now can spend a few minutes inside the hotel suite where the fictional two thousand and one astronaut died or perhaps was reborn. but for those fans it potentially is a kind of stimulate to kind of relive that experience of the film in a different way and for those who haven't seen the film but perhaps as a catalyst to encourage them to go and take a look at the movie an artist and fan of the movie created this replica of the set and museum officials welcomed the chance to bring it to washington not just to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film's release but to provoke conversation there's
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such a close correlation between cultural products like film and television these worlds become entangled right now but a sort of your kind of lives those worlds separately but the exhibition doesn't tackle is one of the film's most important characters how the computer with a mind of its own and a threat to dave and fellow astronaut frank the film suggested relying on technology could be too dangerous for humanity a plaint recently raised by elon musk the high tech billionaire and inventor could be just something like getting rid of spam e-mail or something it's like unclear as well the best way to get over spam is to get out of humans this is just what you think you're doing today. perhaps two thousand one had the right answer humanity must be able to turn off the power switch on machines even though there's no such
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thing as immortality for humans or is there. rosalind you work al-jazeera washing. your children their arms their whole raman these are all top news stories a palestinian has been shot and killed by israeli forces along the border with gaza others have been wounded now thousands of people are holding another major rally there thirty six palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since the protests began nearly four weeks ago russia is denying u.s. accusations of trying to delay international inspectors getting to the side of a suspected chemical attack in syria the team is still waiting for access to the area in dubai or almost a week after arriving. and russia's foreign minister says the u.s. led strikes on syria last week did not cross what he called a red line so good lavrov says the kremlin told the u.s.
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which areas would be unacceptable to target he also says donald trump has invited vladimir putin to washington hospital. where you know we had contacts between the military leadership and the level of generals with their representatives in the commanders of the u.s. led coalition they were informed about where red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the results show they have not crossed these red lines police in south africa's northwest province of fired rubber bullets of demonstrators who are staging protests for a third day the violence is falls presidents are all rather opposed to cut short his trip to the united kingdom and demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the regional leader who they accuse of corruption. thousands of students of marched in the chilean capital santiago demanding an end to profit making in higher education is the first mass student rally under the new government of president sebastian pinera last month chile's constitutional court struck down the law that
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would have banned universities operating for profit is sent back to reforms providing free tuition for low income students enacted by perry's previous esus socialist michel nationally. and police evacuated a large part of central berlin to remove an unexploded world war two bomb they've warned of transport disruption the british explosive was found during construction work earlier this month those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next is inside story to stay with us. the end of an e.u. africa i new president and for the first time in nearly so.


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