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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the political events that led up to my question it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold of the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series al-jazeera warrant tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode two. on al-jazeera.
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you just started getting everybody man he had every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would it ten people die with more than a dozen injured after a van hits pedestrians in toronto. hello i'm adrian foot again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up french president of money on the arrives in the u.s. for a state visit with hopes of saving the iran nuclear deal. political leader is killed in a saudi led air strikes in yemen. and celebrations in the media after the prime minister resigns following days of protests. police in canada questioning a suspect after a van drove onto a crowded sidewalk in toronto killing ten people and injuring fifteen others
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officers say it appears to have been a deliberate attack although the motive is still unknown the incident happened on one of the city's main streets the suspect a twenty five year old from toronto was arrested after a standoff with police he just went on the sidewalk you just started dating everybody man he had every single person on the sidewalk anybody in his they would at the bus stop everything i shouted there's a lady in there i saw i just stopped and i looked the night went after it again all i sees is crumbling up one by one one by one i seen a stroller i didn't see the baby i saw a stronger hot slit and i seen i seen people the most gruesome scene i seen was a young empress the woman's leg her leg was all months home it. was really bad canada's public safety minister says the crash appears to be an isolated incident but on the basis of all of the
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a little information at the present time there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident. the the events that happened on the street behind us are horrendous but they do not appear to be connected in any way to national security based on the information available just one hour from a serious lack in toronto. officials and political leaders have have given an update on the situation late in the day here and they've said you know along with some heartbreaking details about the number of people injured or the number of people killed they did reveal that they had a name for the man alleged to be the driver of the band the van a twenty five year old student named alec manasse and not much is known about him he doesn't have a criminal record an interesting comment from canada's minister of public safety and national security ralph goodale who said there don't appear to be any
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connections at all to national security and officials had earlier said that they didn't think he was part of a larger plot but they didn't fill in a lot of the gaps that still exist and the police chief speaking at the same press conference said his investigators and those of the federal government and other layers of government were looking at all angles including national security whatever was being thought here at the outset they just don't know enough yet to say anything with absolute certainty people are going to find out more about the victims in the coming days the ten people so far who have died and the others who were injured many of those injuries are quite serious five or so are critical so that's going to be watched very closely and the area where the attack took place a very busy commuter area very busy area with colleges and shopping and businesses that's going to be closed because it's a giant crime scene more than a kilometer long so people in toronto they're mourning but they're anxious to know more why this happened and what they can do to move on from it. france's president
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about omicron is on his first official visit to the united states he says he will use the visit to try to persuade his u.s. counterpart donald trump to stick with the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal alan fischer reports. before getting going to work as a politician and a statesman emanuel mccrone decided to be a tourist taking the opportunity of a sunny spring day in washington to walk to the lincoln memorial the french president arrived a few hours earlier with a warm greeting but a clear agenda we will have your board meeting to discuss a lot of bilateral issues and to discuss about her security about trade and a lot of issues very important for our countries and beyond our two countries at the white house he was welcomed for the first official state visit of the trump presidency donald trump gets on well with the man you're mccraw but in the talks that have to follow the french president wants to convince him to stay inside the
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iran nuclear deal not to abandon it and to also think again about possible trade tariffs on european goods. the white house press secretary seemed to indicate there was little chance of change on iran front but the president's been extremely clear that he thinks it's a bad deal that certainly has not changed and speaking in canada become acting u.s. secretary of state things the nuclear deal is at risk because of iran's actions the united states has significant concerns with iran with its blister mix did ballistic missiles program its destabilizing malign influence in the region in yemen in syria and elsewhere iran's foreign minister is carrying out his own tutor in the u.s. international inspectors see iran is in thought compliance but he warns the us collapsing the deal could have consequences politically it would be difficult for donald trump not to abandon the iran nuclear deal given his previous statements the first chance for president mccrone to raise the issue was it moved very george
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washington at a private dinner for the two men and their wives he will hope when german chancellor angela merkel arise through or and visit in the coming days donald trump might have something positive to see alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house but as you heard there ron's foreign minister mohammed jabbered something of his also in the u.s. he told the council of foreign relations that neither iran nor saudi arabia can be the dominant power in the middle east we need to have a strong region not to be the strong growth in the region in an attempt to be the strongest in the region to exclude one another from the region we have managed to destroy the region time to break down and i'm telling you that iran is ready put it because we are bigger nob old enough mature enough to appreciate this reality and i hope that our neighbors can also appreciated.
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tens of thousands of armenians are celebrating the resignation of prime minister says sarkozy and he's stepping down after almost two weeks of antigovernment protests opponents accused him of a power grab zeroes roll in for us here walker reports from the capital got about. tension turned to celebration after eleven days of street protests the. prime minister. it was a humiliating to say. the band who has clung to power in the for the soviet republic for a decade on monday he was to preserve the peace he said just hours after. joining the crowds we know that the country has been suffering specifically under the rule of the two. mandates of the president with absolute lack of institutional freedom so be it the judicial be it the the dia police be
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a b at the. the health or culture or even the religious of the fact that they really took the initiative on individual individual basis to come to the street shows that ultimately institutions are formed by human beings and human minds and intentions. so he stepped down after the release of the leader of the opposition his arrest the day before had only served to crowds was president since two thousand and eight his second term in office had ended but the pliant parliament formed off the constitutional changes he presided over swiftly appointed him prime minister with enhanced powers stripped from the presidency the peaceful protests had focused largely on high level corruption and persistent poverty in a volatile region they were closely watched by russia with his soggy seann had formed close ties with the kremlin said it would not intervene describing events in
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yeven as a domestic matter and crowds evident delights i. alexai severing the full confidence of that he said a regime but especially the young leader staying with fighting for the auditioning for. the real was on the side of this country's future from the first she woke up al-jazeera care of. asanas county and a former foreign minister of armenia says that it's a great time for the country. it's a joyful moment where the entire i mean nation and the paper where it is truly people feeling empowered that day can really change for the first time in long hiram seuss our first in london in nine hundred ninety one when the armenians through street demonstrations. contributed to the well at the soviet union since
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then going through all sorts of ups ups and downs and going through all sorts of disappointment back disenchantment after a long time now if you're doing power on the concrete i think on twenty three you know the question now is what's next i think you will have with transition government in which. i believe there will play a major role and the primary task will be who organized the parliamentary elections that are going to be very critical during this past decade to decade i will say one up with that particular army you know will be tossed into government we have to look at them a few problem because of our blog election and it will be extremely important that we conduct free and fair election so that people will have trucks in the next government so that the government can tackle their challenges before you what domestic you aren't regionally and he government protesters in nicaragua are
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refusing to back down with thousands continuing to demonstrate in the capital that's despite the president scrapping controversial pension reforms the proposed social security have a whole spot days of violent protests leaving at least twenty six people dead demonstrators are not calling for peace and for an end to what they say is government repression how does the us john holeman is following the story from mexico city. the march was organized by the private sector a nuclear weapon it's not just businessmen though so you don't know some of the people from different sectors of society we've been monitoring it as it goes past some people calling out the names of the dead there's now more than twenty people being killed in these protests shouting out murderous murderers was one of the chant that's most definitely and authorities police tactics i think criticizes heavy handed not just by people in the country but also by international
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organizations some of the things that people are unhappy about many of those protesters were heading towards one of the main university campuses in man i was the polytechnic university and that's been taken over by students most nights police have been trying to attack them and sort of take that back there was at least one there last night so there is definitely still a lot of tension and i would just like president take is that crime down really on this over who of the social security system we're going to weather update next then luxury despite sanctions some exclusive look at how both korea is reacting to international trade restrictions. and spain confronts the painful legacy of one of its most controversial.
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force across the southeastern corner of the u.s. just moving across mississippi alabama into georgia up towards the carolinas this area of low pressure has been producing some very heavy right valas don't see any possibility for some very gusty winds still see some rather wet weather just around the middle and six days easing three thousand oldest multipath the new york fourteen spring like. eighteen in ottawa some welcome warmth pushing through still a bit of wet weather just into the central and northern plains and notice denver struggling to get to six degrees celsius quite a change in conditions on the mondays value balancing back nicely as we go on into where to stay the cotton right now will make its way further south of texas saying some heavy downpours southeastern corner brightening up wetter weather making its way towards new york into new england north of the border snow returning once again the wind is not quite done with us just yet meanwhile we have a rash of showers across the great around to listen i think it should be laws he
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tried to the last around here is more in the way of blue sky and sunshine here and we go with those showers just around hispaniola maybe into cuba as well possibility of wanted to share was also make of the way into panama for midweek. in this case. each one is still the. one. with. the human.
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hello again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera police in canada are questioning a suspect after a van drove onto a crowded sidewalk in toronto killing ten people injuring fifteen others he's been named as twenty five year old. officer say he appears to acted deliberately. french president is in the u.s. for a three day state visit he's hoping to persuade president donald trump to stick with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran. that antigovernment protesters in nicaragua refusing to back down with thousands continuing to demonstrate in the capital that's despite president daniel ortega scrapping controversial pension
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reforms which sparked days of protests leaving at least twenty six people dead. a u.s. senate panel has narrowly back to nomination of cia director mike pompei or secretary of state republican rand paul changed his foes after earlier saying that he would oppose the appointment that gave one player the eleven votes needed from the twenty one member panel is nomination now goes to a full. senate votes more now from al jazeera as roslyn jordan in washington. the cia director mike pump a.o. is now one step closer to becoming the next u.s. secretary of state this comes after a business meeting on monday in which the meeting ended in a tie ten ten if the confirmation vote had gone forward just that way that would have meant a negative recommendation from the senate foreign relations committee that was a signal that the chairman bob corker of tennessee did not want to send it's very
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rare for a senate committee to not recommend that a president's nominee for a cabinet post be confirmed so after a bit of negotiating one of the democratic senators who had first voted no or had voted against mike on peo change his vote chris coons was then thanked for his statements like the attitude part of the reason why this vote came up the way it did is because one of the members on the republican side was away for a funeral and so mr coons changed his vote in part so that senators wouldn't have to work late into the night waiting for that senator to show up to cast his vote in person. the u.n. secretary general has condemned an asse strike on a wedding party in yemen more than thirty people were killed in the attack by saudi led forces in the western province of ha job details are emerging of another saudi air strike last week which killed a senior leader mike hanna has more on that from the united nations. the wedding
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hall which was to have been the scene of joyous celebration was turned into a death trap this video which al-jazeera cannot independently verify shows the off to math of the airstrikes believed to being carried out by the saudi led coalition local officials said the first missile detonated in the men's section of the wedding party moments later a second one hit the side on which the females were gathered this footage released by the rebels shows the horrific off the mats. a young boy screaming and crying next to what appears to be the lifeless body of his father dozens of people were treated in the nearby hospital and they have no mercy towards children they've been killed without any remorse says this man a spokesman for the saudi led coalition says it will carry out a full investigation the u.n. has said that off the estimated ten thousand menes that have so far lost their
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lives in the conflict some sixty percent have been killed in strikes. there's been no formal response from the security council as yet its members have just returned from a weekend retreat in sweden but the office of the secretary general has issued a statement on his behalf condemning the attack it reads in part the secretary general reminds all parties of the obligations under international humanitarian law concerning the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure during armed conflicts he calls for a prompt effective and transparent investigation and during the day details emerged off another saudi led air strike political council here. was killed in an apparent missile attack last thursday the ballot. with sorrow and sadness i mooned to our yemeni people that did their martyr president saleh. who
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was killed on the nineteenth of april with six of his companions he was targeted in her data province on his way back from a meeting with local leaders by three airstrikes launched by the warplanes of the us saudi aggression a summit is the most senior who three leader to have been killed since the western backed saudi led coalition intervened in yemen just over three years ago mike hanna al jazeera united nations police in china say that a fire that killed eighteen people was probably started deliberately the blaze tore through a three story building in the southern city of ching one state media reporting that the building was used as a karaoke lounge just days before a rare summit between rival leaders on the korean peninsula and as heroes been taking a look at life inside north korea we've been granted rare access to the capital pyongyang our diplomatic editor james pays takes a firsthand look at the impact of international sanctions. north korea has been
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targeted with tougher and tougher sanctions by the u.s. and the international community of a what persuaded the country's leadership to pursue a diplomatic course and what effect to the having on ordinary people in this isolated country. we're being taken to a department store in the center of pyongyang despite the international sanctions the shelves here are full. we managed to visit a number of shops in the city center all were upmarket places catering to the elite we found no shortages and luxury items like chocolates and bottles of alcohol that were clearly smuggled in in defiance of the sanctions the official line is that foreign imports have been replaced by increase domestic production. do you believe i don't know why others around us are starving us dear reporter when we return
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please tell them we are indomitable no matter what thank sions are upon us. the only medical facility we were taken to was a gleaming new hospital most of the equipment here was imported clearly a problem in the future when spare parts become needed we were shown the eyeglasses which is subsidized for north korean citizens you know what it will mean yes what's the name of the north korean brand. yeah. yet not yet not ok but a recent un report says the humanitarian situation particularly in rural areas outside the capital is poor before traveling to north korea i spoke to the un's top humanitarian official in new york. their. nutrition problem also malnourished children especially there are too many women having a really hard time tough and dying in childbirth it's the u.n. security council that voted in the international sanctions and the netherlands is
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the council member that administers them. in all resolutions there's a view very clear passage where it says. these sanctions are not meant to have adverse negative effects on the people of the pier again that's the official line privately even western diplomats will tell you there's a stigma to donate in humanitarian aid to north korea for example an important program by the n.-g. o. the global fund to fight malaria and tuberculosis was caught earlier this year sanctions are having an effect in north korea but perhaps not the one the international community wanted james. the former bosnian serb leader radovan carriage which has begun his fight against war crimes convictions a u.n. tribunal in the hague is hearing the today case carriage which is asking for a retrial accusing prosecutors of twisting his words as his initial trial in twenty
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sixteen he was sentenced to forty years in prison for genocide over the killing of eight thousand muslim men and boys in srebrenica in one nine hundred ninety five at least ten people have been injured and more than one hundred detained on the greek island of last boss after fighting broke out between locals and migrants riot police had to intervene to separate the two sides earlier local people said pins on fire during a demonstration against two hundred asylum seekers camped out on the island's main square this boss was a gateway for more than one million refugees entering europe during the twenty fifteen migrant crisis there are still around ten thousand migrants on the island. jordan is home to almost a quarter of a million syrian refugee children who've been displaced by the war that's putting pressure on the school system that which is express expanding teaching time so that more refugees can get an education as here is the tasha graham reports from.
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playing piano in front of her classmates before heading to school was once unimaginable for sidra after fleeing the war in syria the twelve year old was forced to drop out for two years and why a fan of the rest of us are now there was a school of the refugee camp but i didn't like it i love studying here in aman because i study with my friends and the level of education is better this unicef center helps sidra transition back to school impoverished children such as syrian refugees come to learn everything from english to communication skills to play and obtain psychological support to cope with the trauma they've endured among feed them enough to see one of my sons has psychological problems the psychologist at the center has helped him he is now listening to me and he is better and this has been the biggest benefit. unicef says thirty one percent of syrian children in the kingdom are not in ruled in any formal or informal education program yet this
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year there are more syrian refugees in the jordanian school system than ever the ministry of education has implemented a double shift system to meet the need unicef is also providing cash assistance to encourage children to stay in school fifty five thousand students are receiving about thirty dollars a month the money helps pay for the cost of transportation uniforms and school supplies unicef says the economic crisis in jordan is making it harder for all children living in poverty its educational program is operating with a more than one hundred million dollar deficit this year this is now a prolonged crisis and so it is becoming increasingly challenging for us to maintain interest in funding these very important programs but the reality is on the ground there we see increasing vulnerability use of the most of children educating children is seen as
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a long term economic investment in jordan and at the centers all nationalities are coming together and learning to get along natasha guinea al-jazeera man. for the first time of course in spain as all arise the exhumation of bodies from the country's most controversial monument the valley of the fallen is a vast morally where the fascist dictator general franco is buried along with thousands of unnamed victims of spain's civil war reports. sixty kilometers outside madrid lies spain's largest mass grave cut into the mountainside the valley of the fallen is where dictator francisco franco lies buried around him tens of thousands of bodies of unnamed people killed on both sides of spain's civil war many of the murdered on franco's orders. is the granddaughter of one of those murdered men for years her family has fought for the right to re berryman well and
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his brother antonio romero in their hometown. it's an historic day not because of my relatives but also because we can help other people that are in the same situation. that the mortal remains of my family shouldn't be lying with a dictator. during franco's thirty six year dictatorship hundreds of thousands of spaniards died or just disappeared franco himself ordered the building of the basilica as a symbol of peace and reconciliation but many see it as a monument to a fascist or a silent place it embody spain so-called pact of forgetting and amnesty pardoning the political crimes of the past that helped spain's transition to democracy in one nine hundred seventy seven the benedictine monks who live here against the dead for them the religious status comes before its political significance but the silence
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is now being shattered. city officials entering there's a grim task ahead searching through the remains of thirty four thousand people to identify. bringing up the bodies of franco's victims has happened in other parts of the country but relatives have to fight for the right to re bury their loved ones i hear today other grandchildren of many people but there are others waiting hoping that today is the beginning of the end of the legal process to retrieve our relatives these relatives are also calling for the removal of the hundred fifty metre high stone cross the tallest in the world but fresh flowers a still on franco's grave it seems there are still two spain's when it comes to reexamining the civil war.
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good to have you with us adrian for going to hear it with the top stories on al-jazeera police in canada questioning a suspect after a van drove onto a crowded sidewalk in toronto killing ten people and injuring fifteen others he's been named as twenty five year old. officer say he appears to have acted deliberately he just went on the sidewalk he just started dating everybody he had every single person on the sidewalk anybody in his they would at the bus stop everything was shattered there's a lady in there i saw i just stopped and i looked annoyed when after degeneracy crumbling up one by one and one by one i seen a stronger. and stronger. since i seen. people the most gruesome scene i seen was a young empress the woman's leg her leg was all months. it was really bad france's president of ariel mccrone is in the u.s. for a three day state visit he'll be hoping to further cultivate his good relationship
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with donald trump across has already said that he will try to persuade the u.s. president to stick with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran. a u.s. senate panel has narrowly backed the nomination of cia director mike point peo as secretary of state republican rand paul changed his votes after saying that he would oppose the point that compares nomination now goes to a full senate vote. and he government protesters in the garage are refusing to back down with thousands continuing to demonstrate in the capital that's despite president daniel ortega scrapping controversial pension reforms which sparks days of protests leaving at least twenty six people dead demonstrators are now calling for peace and for an end to what they say is government repression. thousands of armenians are celebrating the resignation of prime minister sarkozy and following nearly two weeks of protests he was accused of a power grab when he became prime minister after finishing two terms as president.
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the u.n. secretary general has condemned an s. trike that hit a wedding party in yemen more than thirty people were killed in the attack by saudi led forces in the western province of haji details also emerging of another saudi airstrike last week which killed syria hooty leader. those are the headlines the news continues here on out of syria after witness reading north. on counting the cost of trade war a real war and rising in bed find out why the i.m.f. and the world bank a warning of risks to the global economy what saudi arabia is ideal world price and the castro year ending cuba but an economic blockade remains counting the cost on al-jazeera.


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