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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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the first. law you can write your party on the part of iran until twenty twenty five you see which only the allowed to make secondly to ensure that over the long term there is no nuke iranian. third vital substrate is to be able to stop the ballistic activity by iran in the region and the fourth vital point is to create conditions now a political stability in the region and to contain better and better here a lot of relation and its position in iraq in the young men and as well as the influence that has lebanon on these subjects it is a constant position to say that we must not find a framework to be able to gather with the powers the countries of the ranching. and with iranian leaders to be able to succeed.
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in the weeks and months to come. no. i hope. of respect for the iranian people has always shown its strength through history and we don't want to repeat the errors of the past each side of we wanted to stop this jute ourselves of the substantive up of people unilaterally we created you know terror and i. wish to underline is but for all allies we want stability really replace seventy. but for our allies. you know.
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we. bit of a problem there with the sound as you can hear on that turns read her news conference in the white house with president back home i'm just checking for a moment to see whether we got the feedback for you just a second within this area and within this framework until victory that being said last week in the long road we need to win peace to make sure that syria does not fall into any hegemony in the region so to that effect the approach which is. a great means now that we can work. and work on all of the situation the whole of the situation in the region. and we've these efforts. to contain iran in the region we'll continue to work to that
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effect within the un security council to make sure that humanitarian law the provision of chemical weapons are fully complied with and we will continue to shoulder our responsibilities to that effect but we will also work with all partners in building a sustainable political solution an inclusive one that will prevent any gemini and once again will prevent it feeding terrorism in the future. we also talked about the climate and here also we know where we stand france will continue to work on major advances including with global companies for the environment but i think i can say that i've always kind of look at these with this sort of business is all about research risk and could you work on children is a lesson in the field i see and what little touch to the. non-trade. like you mentioned and all you hear what you said when you call upon them
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home fair and equitable trained when we look can't international trade today we have some common talent is there some part of the capacities in a number of sectors which will well known and we should work together to make sure that this does not destabilise all markets or brings about so many fair competition but i believe we can say that we have both a touch to make sure that between allies there is compliance with international trade you know at least france is attached to that we have. preferences and there are situations we can probably be improved. but i believe that both you annoy also touched you that you want to make sure that all businesses and companies can operate in no longer a sustainable and stable framework mr president. i meant to
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mention these few points which you commented as well and allow me to say once again that the discussions we've had today the ones we will have tomorrow all fed not only by this trend of all these tory called bones. but also by use in syria friendship which i believe we share so thank you once again mr president for these extremely warm welcome for these met three days spent with you with it and with hank years well for the being there to. meet the challenges which are important for the united states of america for france and for europe and important for all peoples thank you. thank you. thank you. i like him a lot. first of all i want to thank. i want to thank our vice president and karen for being here thank you very much appreciated. you know we had
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a wonderful conference today and i think especially the one on one of the oval office we covered a lot of territory having to do with trade have a do with iran and various other subjects so we got a lot of good things are going to come out of our meeting and i appreciate your being here and we'll take a couple of questions how about jeff mason from reuters. thank you mr president hi there after discussions today with president mccrone what is your thinking about a timeline for bringing u.s. troops out of syria and one other topic you mentioned today that you thought the leader of north korea has behaved openly and honorably this is someone who many people have accused of starving his people killing family members what did you mean when you called him that well we will start with your second part of the question and i hope that we will be able to deal in a very open and honorable fashion with north korea i started
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a process and when i did everybody thought i was doing it absolutely wrong but in the meantime for twenty five years people have been dealing and nothing happened and a lot's happening right now i can tell you that jeff a lot is happening and i think it's going to be very positive and i hope it's going to be very positive for north korea and for south korea and japan and the rest of the world but i am starting at a level that frankly i shouldn't have had to start this should have been worked out a long time ago this should have been worked out many years ago we would discuss it that we shouldn't be having this situation happen to the united states and the world this should have been resolved by other presidents and by other leaders of other countries a long time ago with that being said i think we're doing very well the meetings are being set up and i want to see the nuclearization of north korea a lot of concessions have already been made we have made no concessions despite some of the media saying that i've made concessions i don't i haven't even
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discussed a concession other than the fact that meeting is a great thing and i'm sure that a lot of other people would have liked to have had the position we're having i will say this we put the strongest sanctions on a country that we ever have put on any country by far the china president xi has been very strong in helping us to solve this problem in his case at the. border he's allowing very little to get through i think he's doing that for a number of reasons we have a very good relationship and also it's very important in terms of trade because i do play the trade card if you look at what's happening with trade and china hasn't been fair for many many years to the united states and we're going to solve that problem in fact we're having secretary minucci and a couple of other folks heading over to blood as are heading over to china at the request of china they came here as you know last week and were having very substantive discussions on trade but i think it all plays to the border
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and the fact that they have been extremely strong on the border and very little has gotten through much to the surprise of a lot of people and i believe the trade will work out but i also think that china has never treated us with more respect than they have over the last short period of time that i'm president i have a very excellent as you know relationship with president xi and i think that relationship is very important as to what's happening with north korea so the end result is we'll see maybe good things will happen and maybe we're all wasting a lot of time but hopefully it'll be good for everybody concerned as far as syria's concerned i would love to get out i'd love to bring our incredible warriors back home they've done a great job we've essentially. just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq and in syria and we've done
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a big favor to neighboring countries frankly but we've also done a favor for a country with that being said. emmanuelle and myself have discussed the fact that we don't want to give iran open season to the mediterranean especially since we really control it to a large extent we really have controlled it and we've set control on it. so we'll see what happens but we're going to be coming home relatively soon we finished at least almost our work with respect to isis in syria isis in iraq and we have done a job that nobody has been able to do but with that being said i do want to come home but i want to come home also with having accomplished what we have to accomplish so we are discussing syria as part of an overall deal when they made the iran deal what they should have done is included syria what i say should have before giving them around one hundred fifty billion dollars and one point eight
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billion dollars in cash one point eight million dollars in cash if you think about this before giving this kind of tremendous money ok one hundred fifty billion and one point eight billion dollars in cash in barrels i hear it was taken out and in boxes it was taken out cash they should have made a deal that covered yemen that covered syria that covered other parts of the middle east where iraq is and where iran is involved they didn't do that so we want to come home we'll be coming home but we want to have a very very strong we want to leave a strong and lasting footprint and that was a very big part of our discussion ok thank you for a follow up if i may sir on north korea you said you believe in complete the nuclear is a sin what does that mean exactly it means they get rid of the nukes very simple
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they get rid of the nukes and nobody else would say it be very easy for me to make a simple deal and claim victory i don't want to do that i want them to get rid of the nukes. for president mccrone. the president referred earlier in your meetings in the cabinet room to a potential deal between the two of you are and can you give us a sense of what that might be and are you confident that you will have assurances from president trump that the united or that the european union will be excluded from tariffs on steel and aluminum look as far as the second question is it's a prison to serve but i just want to hear on the trade issue two to be very clear when you look at the trade issue between our two countries they are balanced there is no balance relationship segment we are following and respecting the w.t. all rules because we are the one we've contributed to the creation of the bill and
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we think it's it makes sense to respect the rule you decided to create in a german i mean in general on in life that's a good method and third because i do believe that we have a very first issue on trade which is overcapacity is still an eliminate him it doesn't come from europe and not even from france and it's good to work together when your allies and especially when you work so closely together on security issue like him iran and syria so i am i'm confident about the future of the trade relationship as i think it's part of a broader picture where our interests are totally aligned as for the iranian situation and i think i did in my introduction for me to keep the laws of this new approach we want to adopt and it's exactly what's present from say we have nuclear on the short run we have nuclear
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on the long run we have ballastic activity we have written all prisons. of iran we want to fix the situation forces for the loss syria is part of the force one and what we have to work on obviously with iran and the different brought is in the region the p five and our allies is to find a fair deal where we can fix the situation this is the only way to preserve sovereignty in the region and to build peace on the very long run also wise we will have to come back in the region because of new to revisit groups for sure and i say i'm very happy about the discussion we had together because we were at least three bring new issues and very new solutions together and especially the fact that the syrian crisis and the syrian situation should be part of this broader picture and
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the fact that we are here and we are today in syria together is international coalition against isis but tomorrow we will have to find a way to fix the situation from the political point of view not automatically from a military point of view which means to set up the series of agreements part of this big deal in order to be sure that syria the more will be a sovereign country with inclusiveness and free people in a situation to decide for the future this is very important and that's our duty and i think we will have a great shot at doing a much bigger maybe deal maybe not deal with it or find out but wolf the world of fairly soon. mr president gets on the press. from the french press. on his own and levels with. players but the french
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press. on your arrival mr president you said that there were there was no plan b. that one had to maintain an agreement with iran an angry man would have basically negotiated you know you were talking about a new deal with a van why i mean we're not going that recommends mr trump. through pragmatism failing to convince him and the other signatories to the agreement according to you will they be in agreement to follow this decision thank you. it happened to me that there was no plan b. but it was more to do with the planet than with iran i confirmed there is no plan for iran if you followed. the driver that. said. the un had ordered the general assembly last september. to be completed by five additional pillars ballistix regional influence
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instability i don't know the position the president will take on the g c p a and it's his responsibility to g.c. is the first pillar of this agreement that i've just as. i've just talked about i haven't said that one doesn't go from one agreement and another is one aspect of the aspects of republic have not been as critical as present i believe we can add to it. whatever the decision by president tran of the future and if it was it decided to come out of it i wish that as of now we can have i knew agreement over the four pillars what is today treated by the g.c.c. the current nuclear activity and after twenty twenty five the region situation and the ballistic activity there is no change at all. there is consistency but we're
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able over the last few weeks and most specifically to the end of a discussion which is vital only situation in the region and i believe that we have converged him protect on a joint reading of what's going on in syria and yemen in iraq in particular and the fact that the new critters subject is not the only one and that there is a problem with the ballistic activity of iran and the president of iran in several regimes in the region that our desire is to create conditions for stability in the region. when we have built this convergence of points of view to go towards a new agreement allows us to have a settlement for the syrian problem is a strong progress in the exchanges that we've had today and i hope that we can work with our partners and we have constituted with our foreign ministers who met
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and will meet again in the next few days what we call the small group in which the objective over syria is to gather allied powers of which we are a party but with powers in the region and i think that we must work at the level of the small group and we must have a privileged discussion with turkey russia on regional subjects and on the syrian matter and i think that now we will develop this method to go towards a new agreement and i think there is real progress which allows to conciliate our differences is that we don't remain in an empty space i have always expressed myself clearly against a dry exit from the. tarried up to move to replace it by nothing else is not a good solution when the time comes when we are in the time i make which and it costs a lot of building
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a wide agreement which deals on four basic subjects that i've talked about at a great different it allows to integrate the u.s. concerns and the critics by president traveling with regards to this agreement i recall it was initially. pushed put forward by the united states political administration allows to take into consideration our concerns in the region and not believe the interests of all our allies and this grammar of the life of international life that we wish to observe the sovereignty of the states the region and let us not be in a situ. because i can see this in having interesting pension but build a stable framework if you will protect aunt interest and build on peace and i think that's the great difference and the newness is. what if you agree today we don't have an agreement to go to go nowhere but we built a new agreement that allows to include all law concerns and of i might add they
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states and as i alluded to that and countries that are in the area some of which are immensely wealthy would not be there except for the united states and to a lesser extent france but they would be there except for the united states they wouldn't last a week we are protecting them they have to now step up and pay for what's happening because i don't think france or the united states should be liable for the tremendous cost the united states is embarrassingly into the middle east as of a few months ago as you've heard me say before and i don't take responsibility but i would be very embarrassed if i had to seven trillion dollars in when we want to build mr president our infrastructure everybody says oh we want to be careful with our money when we want to fix a highway or we want to build schools and lots of other things tunnels bridges they
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say oh let's be careful with our money and yet we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east and we've gotten nothing for it nothing less than nothing as far as i'm concerned that's over an eighteen year period the countries that are there that you all know very well are immensely wealthy they're going to have to pay for this and i think the president and i agree very much on that and they will pay for it. they will pay for we spoken to him they will pay for it the united states will not continue to pay and they will also put soldiers on the ground which they're not doing and we will in fact bring lots of people home we will have a strong blockage to the mediterranean which to me is very important because if we don't you have iran going right to the mediterranean not going to have that but
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there is a chance and nobody knows what i'm going to do on the twelfth although mr president you have a pretty good idea but we'll see but we'll see also if i do what some people expect whether or not it will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations because this is a deal with decayed foundations it's a bad deal it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame congress i blame a lot of people for it but it should have never been made and we're going to see what happens on the twelfth but i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. ok yes
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john was. john roberts a fox. thank you mr president i have a question for president mccrone as well but if i could do you sir first your nominee to run the veterans affairs administration dr ronnie jackson has run into some serious political headwinds on capitol hill with some serious allegations being leveled at him i'm wondering what you know of those allegations in do you intend to stand behind him well i haven't heard of the particular allegations but i will tell you he's one of the finest people that i have met and i think speaking for malani also. he's been the doctor for president obama i believe for president bush for me i got to know him pretty well he's a great doctor and it was a suggestion now i know there's an experience problem because lack of experience
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but his experience from the veterans administration is very important to me we've done a great job with it as you know with the accountability act and many other things now we're working on choice it's going to happen going to take great care of our veterans it's a very very important thing and we've done a great job but i told admiral jackson just a little while ago i said what do you need this for this is a very group of people that malign and they do and i lived through it we all lived through it you people are getting record ratings because of it so congratulations but i said what do you need it for is an admiral it's a great leader and they question him about every little thing as you know with the success of. what will hopefully soon be secretary of state pump a oh everybody was very surprised i heard ten minutes before the vote yesterday in committee that he will not be approved at committee which would be the first time in many many decades that something like that would have happened with regard to
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a secretary of state. except i spoke to rand paul and rand paul has really never let me down here rand paul is a good man and i knew things that nobody else knew and rand paul said i'm going to change my vote any voted never but it was surprised he actually got an eleven to nine vote because as you know johnnie isaacson's vote counts if it isn't the deciding vote so it was actually a leaven to nine with i believe an extra there was one vote what what would you call that as well as a present i'm not present present it's called present ok so was eleven to nine and that was that was a terrific thing but they failed to stop him so now they say who's next who's next and this person admiral jackson dr jackson is a wonderful man i said to him what do you need for. and as far as experience is
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concerned the veterans administration which is approximately thirteen million people is so big you could run the biggest hospital system in the world and it's small time compared to the veterans administration so nobody has seen watching your news conference there with the president trumka and emanuel mccall the french president and the subject of iran my course said that he believe the discussions with trump made it possible to forge a new agreement on iran but it's clear that at this stage president tom hasn't decided what he will do on that deadline of met office to whether he will continue that agreement the existing agreement on iran has been can be how kit to analyze this so. seems to have an idea that they're going to have a broad bring in other issues in the broader arena like syria working towards a new agreement on iran but the existing one at the moment is still in play and we don't know quite what trump is going to about it. right i think that donald trump seems to be leaning but of course he changes his mind just like the wind so we
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really won't know ultimately what could happen until that arbitrary deadline of may twelfth that he talked about of the story press conference where he is expecting some sort of fixing by european leaders and if they're not satisfactory he may withdraw the united states from the deal but you're right it seems that both leaders have come to some sort of common agreement that there is a concern about the current jay c.p.o. way the nuclear agreement that was put in place in twenty fifteen with six world powers to contain iran's nuclear program that it doesn't go far enough and particularly both leaders seem to talk about the concern of what the trumpet ministrations often calderon's destabilizing activity in the broader region whether it is in iraq in yemen in lebanon and syria so what we seem to have here is the men suggesting that as macross said that the existing agreement would be the first pillar as he called but that there is a need to expand the agreement even further so that addresses not only beyond
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twenty twenty five but that it addresses some of the issues that are of concern to both leaders not just when it comes to broader security but also in restraining iran. ballistic activity so i think that is one of the key headlines there but the other within all of that with respect to syria is that issue of the united states and whether or not it will continue to maintain a presence in syria the president being very clear that he felt that there were other players that needed to step up and in turn contribute financially to the security and stability of a future syria can be for the time being thank you very much indeed joining us now from paris is and you cannot dugan who is a senior fellow at the international affairs. council thank you for being with us what was your impression of what came out of a news conference particularly the michael and. well i don't think it's just the micro and i think it's both i think they've essentially what we are witnessing is
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that they've done a deal that they've done a deal that i call has been inspired perhaps by woodrow monday that one of the founders of europe used to say which is when you disagree and large the question it's very clear who is extremely realistic he's not just pragmatic he takes things as they really are and what he probably has realized at this point is that they that trump is absolutely passionate for all the reasons that trumpet said and i think this is the clearest articulation that we've ever had from trump that trump is absolutely convinced that this is a really bad deal because it is too narrow it's too narrow and it was too costly so he believes that it was badly conceived because it because it only it addressed the issue of iran's nuclear capability and badly executed because it was too costly if you listen to him as president of the united states and you say this is the
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american position then mccool's natural and political intelligent political reaction would be i've got to deal with this as he has just explained it and the only way to deal with it is to say look. donald the oh that we if we give up on this if we if you pull out of this then we're going to have all hell to pay because it's going to create greater instability now i'm not asking you to say at this press conference today that i that you're going to recertify and i realize that you probably don't want to do that until the deadline but if we can put this in a larger context of these four pillars i can sell that to uncle americal she going to see her on friday i can brief her beforehand and we can come up with a common european and american position which is we don't destroy the two thousand and fifteen agreement but in order to continue it we make it conditional on a much larger regional agreement and that does two things number one it
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massively and large is the role of france and as i have said the main reason for michael's visit and the main thinking behind his policies is to make fronts great again the united states on its own given the legitimacy that it has with some of the parties in the area the jealousy and lack of the genesee cannot pull this off by itself fronts can actually cannot pull it off without the united states the two together with french leadership in the european union could actually make this happen i wrote a an op ed. an article in the new york times probably more than twelve years ago called it could be the end to iraq saying that if the west stayed together on the iran question and this was this was in the very beginning when it was still the p three germany france and britain. it that if the west could stay together we
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could avoid many of the mistakes that were made in the iraq invasion of two thousand and three it seems to me and i still is taking a very similar attitude which is that he's got to work with the united states like us and thank you very much indeed for your time and then we end this extended and but attend with that news conference there at the white house with president emanuel mccall and of and of the u.s. president donald trump inside stories up next and then use our fame after that by for. all the world leaders doing enough to stop the war in yemen.


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