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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 67  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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that i will not be involved with the justice department now armenia could have a new prime minister by next week this parliament is expected to hold a special session on tuesday to debate and possibly elect a new leader the opposition wants its leader. to be the head of a new government palestinian journalist ahmed abu hussein will be laid to rest in gaza he died on wednesday from injuries sustained while covering the protests at gaza's border with israel two weeks ago abu hussein rashard when israeli forces use live fire against unarmed palestinians the un security council is discussing the dispute between israel and palestine the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process says the humanitarian situation for palestinians is worsening nicholai mladin always says civilian should not be targeted like there have been during protests at the border and it's day one philippine president regurgitate his order to close a popular holiday destination for six months he says tourists have turned into
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a cesspool the beach attracts about two million tourists a year with a billion dollars in revenue jurors at the sexual assault retrial of us actor bill cosby have finished their first deliberation without a verdict prosecutors accuse cosby of sexually abusing a former basketball player at his mansion in two thousand and four his lawyers say she fabricated the case to get money from their client well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's a water bottle. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate from the facts that's why i am. with. my own family ok and here in this stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today
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a new wave of anti-government demonstrations in our media earlier protests ended with the prime minister's resignation so why are people once again flooding the streets. protesters are back in the streets of armenia as tensions mount between the government and the opposition this new round of demonstrations comes as talks between both sides appear to have broken down on monday protests to celebrations off the country's prime minister's surge because the end agree to resign the movement against the ruling republican party is largely led by the opposition leader nicole passion who is now calling for snap elections joining us to discuss this from. she's the director of the institute of armenian studies at the university of southern california she's also co-founder of the civil that's house
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and its new site civil in that. we also have our member he's an activist and protest organizer. grigori and he's an economist whose work focuses on growth and development in armenia and he's been participating in the protests richard get a go c n he's the director of the regional study center that's an independent political think tank hello everybody it's good to have you right in the middle of history being made if you will very you are participating i want to show you a video. and i guess this video i find fascinating i'm going to stop playing itself tell me what's happening because i'm curious about the chemistry between these two men you have your former prime minister has now stepped down and then we have nicole passion who is for intents and purposes the leader of this opposition protest movement tell us a little bit about nicole what do we need to know about him. southie he's very good
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at organizing. and getting out of the mess i mean into the. various for the last twenty twenty seven years and this is the most that's because of the rules personality yeah there's like you see in the other hand and you're really chairs are there as you can see the shirt so it really was very interesting. and this is a look at it in the hands you don't see the full conversation but there's not much more to see that than that yeah yeah reach out how do you analyze what happens that well there are two interesting points here what we see is first the contrast in dress in many ways for less than three minutes the now growing prime minister came in his little suit and was very accustomed to having his own way what he saw and what he faced was a
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a new phenomenon occur is magic opposition leader who actually had the support of the streets and the population the lack of legitimacy was most evident and in many ways it was sad because the outgoing prime minister in this video is the last person in armenia to realize he's lost and this is a reflection of a very new political reality and we are present at the creation of building a new future armenia much more democratic so richard you mentioned that nickel and has the support of the streets and while that is definitely ringing true amongst most of the people who are tweeting into us there is this interesting tweet from arsène who writes in nicole pushing and pushing for a system crackdown but the people are not for him there i guess the ruling republican party has no agenda for the next steps the president sarkozy and holds consultations opportunistic political parties are fueling on the. but again i want
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to get your view on this your take on whether people are for nichole or anti the ruling party elder who is nicole what should we know about him sure but basically the thing is that people first came out of the streets in order to remove certain power but nicol paci and led a movement that was able to do the impossible and argued this was and was a man that no one thought they would be able to remove them especially not through a peaceful protest and you know as the person who facilitated the removal of this would be authoritarian or would be an autocrat and just by doing that nickel posturing and has become in many ways the people's candidate for the next prime minister you can like him you can hate him that's secondary at this point the point is that he that people have a lot of times you know you see a charismatic persuasive he even a few people he's legitimate and i think that's the most important point right now
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he's illegitimate and that your question is qualified enough to go ahead sir. no the questions that i sent is asking you know what is that what are the next steps a lot of people are asking and i think that we're just going to have to accept that perhaps a leader of a revolt a revolution is expensive or simple ends up governing me it isn't this really it's like serious and really. an amazing job of getting a situation to this point i thought it. and i think i'm right that we have shelby's right because what she me on is a catalyst here is a catalyst in terms of channeling as arman wlad well from his own experience yes i mean not that it was arson because. it said by safe rule. for the future first of all we want to have a terrorism going on that she organize the free and fair election we want to have
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a new political at the moment with the new center liberation committee which should be trusted by the public and we should organize free and fair elections in order to have. the parliament which will form the you go on and we live new prime minister they want to see this is their office and there we see this very clearly not just i don't think that there is no clear six although there are everything the other side to precisely out there the other fact here is armenia was without a free and fair elections for a very long time this is actually a new political reality that is demanding the requirement of an opportunity to choose their leadership by showing on in many ways as a catalyst he's not all things to all people but offers a degree of opportunity in terms of
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a transitional government until we can have free and fair elections that actually map to the new political reality and then the new political reality. the danger of a one party dominance whether it's a communist party or the ruling republican party is devastating to the democratization of the country so i'm actually let me make that let me jump in here because richard said something that completely corresponds with a tweet we got from petro who says if in the cold passion and does not act fast then the person who is now the acting prime minister cameron at ten. but i will try better next time it says he will stay in power and nothing will change the fight is not over we must continue what we started until the ruling party gives up power and most importantly we have to do it peacefully are meant to this point it took about eleven days to see the prime minister stepping down but do you think that that's something that's permanent because people are worried that the person who is now in charge and that prime minister's office may not move over. look
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people today were asking does why today you were in the street and you were. the source because the use of the. car to car trying to get up the whole. gotten caught up in. the former prime minister. nor. did the field you who should. be to go. to david with you to st you know no one from the republican party. going to be live by the. book today the republicans were people. like you called the.
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interim government leader so this was one of the. you forgot to do is there more station we want to call him caught up it's not that he's a little. league of concrete or very good but cannot mean the fact of the matter now you know i think the problem is that we're talking about individuals when really the problem is institutions not just yes we're going to say yes we got a part of this what's the big deal that is left everybody should. not lose the institutions that don't really exist. they've been built up to. look at the whole thing. and so what are the protesters there and saying is it really want change we let through this hours or we're going to have to have here yet where those now work and not the same guys that were in south payne i want to show you this i want to shout when you say behind me that's an extraordinary
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picture this is the night when your prime former prime minister stepped down and this picture is extraordinary and then i look at civil net your website and it's a question here that you asked armin and you sat down in an incident here why back to the streets. so you did well in set out to do as a protest as well jack said he wanted to set he stepped down why he's still protesting. yes i was just shows leeks lady why because we saw that going on it's own tries to get out there are probably going to. go on and on about its own root trying to. have these interests or try to get out of the news these fruiting who suddenly she's so we don't want to the street to show you. know not only you know all belongs to the people the people are the.
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people are just trying to scat say you know what we did we toppled the prime minister to mess with us. no yes or no it's not that you know i think i was thinking this is a big yes this is people power well this isn't revenge this is not know where they call it but this is power and not vendetta politics yeah but what's important is this isn't only about caught up at the current acting prime minister nor is it about plus you know it's bigger however cora petty on is especially dangerous because he's a former gazprom official a man on a mission sent to armenia from moscow in other words this raises even larger stakes in the future but the reason we're here today is to celebrate the success the reason viewers should care is that this is a rare victory for peaceful people power but it's not over in fact the hard part is
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only now beginning consensus compromise and governance this is why institutions are keep. so and. bob can go ahead because we haven't heard your last on a minute go ahead i'd like to just echo what richard was saying i think what's happened in our in your right now is a really beautiful thing is that every army in the world really should be proud of i mean what you're showing on the screen of course but the fact that we've been able to through peaceful means be able to change. to get rid of the stranglehold on power now that the fact of the matter is that current or if it does not have the same level of support in the republican party that. there are people breaking ranks within his party as we speak and it's completely possible that. right now actually has a majority in parliament then order to vote him and so and as temporary prime minister even without any further negotiations prime minister needs to be elected
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by parliament in the next five days and i think that's going to happen within the within the framework of the constitution that already exists and in the meantime you know when i really do love my mom can i want to share that i want to share a couple of thoughts from online because in the meantime from what bob was saying and what's going to happen in the next coming days and weeks people are saying they're still going to remain on the streets here is why this is going on on twitter who said armine suffered a lot during so i guess hands presidency immigration international debt military issues are only a few of the problems the nation faced i protested as people had been silenced for too long and i no longer want to see my nation in despair that's one person's thoughts we also got a video comment from someone else who put it very poetically on why people are out in the streets this is the desire of us and this is what he told the stream. and see when people get sick or is not functioning properly they become weak and this is exactly what has been happening to working in the past decades to republican
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party has been that the it's for the country and the movement and the members of this movement are the antibiotics killing it that's why it's resisting the republican party should it's a step down in time to manners and powers of power to. to the people who elected and trusted by the nation and this should be done as quick as possible and we as minimum or as possible there is no other way to go about this southie you were explaining earlier that this is systemic can you talk to us about some of the roots of this and why people are fed up so many of them. absolutely and i want to put it in a global context you know i mean it's not the only country in the world not armenians are not the only people in the world fighting authoritarian trends and the fact that i mean slightly and really in such a short amount right levon thirty days not street is something that says you know people today. what we're all trying to say oh what is that
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as long as you do not have one sitting in those in power in all they're going to fly an exchange and so in this particular case. all are one hundred thousand people came to washington because they have social inequality economic the well and so when they want to support those they look election or they don't replace councils don't they don't go out there's no freedom the mediators or a mysterious. individual relation. and i like the person that gets me no left behind thing laughter. so once the other prime minister or the people on the street just say you never you know. there's a new way of doing things including tomorrow. so get it guys you.
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guys or no because fine or we will continue here you're. just going back to that i want to show our audience a little bit of the statement i have and we just show our audience that this little bit of the statement of your former prime minister it's hey it's the end of the statement he says. was right i was wrong the situation has several solutions but i will not take any of them that is not mine i am leaving office of the country's leader a prime minister so the situation has several solutions one of them several solutions according to you aman. that's the speed he or he might be called or mark on the mark on course. after the presidential election in army yup there were people died in two thousand and eight and two thousand story thank you sir it was so isn't it so he reminded me go. the other way the easy
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mind was to use the power to use the force and. to use the force of the people by the way and i was i was in police station i couldn't see europe knowing which i didn't. and i was actually laughing it wasn't really that it wasn't really that funny i'm just looking for it give me a moment and i find it when i say us setting a we got so you all sitting in a cafe and then what happened yes actually arnett and i were sitting down having coffee i took this video. there and i was just smiling why is this this isn't even vaguely amusing from my perspective it's amusing and now at the time it was very scary but at the time he thought was a horrible i don't know because we really. use this revolution move egypt will be jail everybody for sure but that and that it will come to
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this i was. as clear. this was a serious. but anyway i was there is sure. this is because it was my call and i was. i was watching the rally tonight i'm lying. everybody apart from sappy was there something you were in your office and this is what i saw in nicole passion on doing he was on stage and he didn't sound like he was making any concessions he was very direct he was calling out the government the government lies how do you get to a situation where protesters have the government that they want where you have the leader of the protest being not even a politician apologetic he's not even being conciliatory that that's tough that's quite tense as
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a situation how do you read that south. i hope that what happened is that this interim period is an opportunity for all parties all of them including the ruling party now an opportunity to look their case to the people and let the people decide do they want this that you know there are. all. possibility of choice as to how without vendettas pushing all of these out would be part of that. so you mentioned what doing it without that as i want to bring this up and richard i'll direct this to you got two treats one a term and a he says the immediate imperative for armenia is to hold free and fair parliamentary elections that could produce a legitimate parliamentary system and pave the way for more radical reforms at the next stage but the key is not to allow the existing systemic issues persists that may be hard we got this other tweet from peter he says prominent armenian oligarchs
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are now joining the side of the protesters and simply a last second play to try to preserve their position of privilege once nichol position and attempts to make good on his rhetoric they will become his most dangerous enemies do you actually see that happening were sent if not telling for people to their real risk it's a real danger in terms of looking at lessons learned from ukraine in terms of a successful revolution in ukraine hijacked and go on badly we have to be extra careful to prevent any kind of reiteration we're reproduction of just new faces and new nicknames taking over for example corruption is very much the cancer of the economy and society the armor guards are public enemy number one this is a real test of political will and to retreat to go back to the first question to be fair for partially on they were scheduled to begin the gauche ations today and in
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what i see as a test of the opposition the acting prime minister scuttled the talks but it was very much a test and this is why demonstrators were coming back into the streets as a response to this test and challenge and other words. surprisingly left easily but the other ruling elite is much more entrenched and much less likely to leave without being pushed. the same time the rule of war is extra important in europe we need to keep the moral high ground and we don't need to cut corners on the let me just say this to you again i'm sure you've seen it but for our international audience so here is your acting prime minister he says at the pre-announced meeting that richard was just referring to or not take place as nicole passion and has unilaterally set forth new demands particularly as regards
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the format agenda and media coverage of the meeting and he has been saying that you think saying ok we want this person against us and we don't want this person negotiations he knew all with nicole this is you wearing obviously your favorite teacher at within the culture what are you planning. we were just talking about. it was just short short talk but. got an opportunity. and we're going to go up it's not. the republican party that. we didn't know the speaker of parliament. brewpub our army so are you just we just a because a right at the end of the show just so i understand this correctly you are suggesting who the government brings to your negotiations you are asking them to
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bring specific people. in this is your thinking that going to god it does not represent the republican party. says the kenyan sources amen can you see why they would be upset with here. can you not see why they they would be upset with you feel suggesting you need to pin these people to the table not because we use is just to sweet people who come through most of the movie kind of concert going off it doesn't represent the republican party that's more who are suggesting d.c. book the speaker of the parliament and the good of the. r t o l wrote this is all i meant. and that. i think it is a way to make sure the garden any any concession that dark makes is a credible one because it's that garbage and it doesn't have the full support of the republican party ok only way to make sure that anything he says is credible is
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to make sure that it's also done in the presence of the speaker of the parliament and it's about can they oversee a. government not happy with that right now but can so richard thank you for your analysis and see what the community want and many wants to end up like that says there's still so much to be done in armenia but it's so far shown how the nation of the power of people can shape a nation and that is powerful as is appropriate for this conversation on this particular protest the conversation continues online i don't stray thanks everybody . inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals that education has led to
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staggering results even in prison while in the us is the ricin that they was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al jazeera. on the twenty seventh of april the leaders of north and south korea will hold a rare into a korean summit after decades of heightened tensions on the peninsula is this the meeting that will pave the way for more dialogue we'll bring you live coverage and analysis here on al-jazeera.
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carcinogen. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one who had to pull that stunt of power at peaceful transition when because official term expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid and crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera. and. the. oh oh. oh.


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