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in a new game of oil it could mean steeper prices at the pump. and into korean summit what would a saw in relations mean for their economy. counting the cost on a. story generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. the more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i only got. the misinformation from the journalists and the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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and historic day for north and south korea after their leaders agreeing to work together with the and then she left and you. alone again i'm sick and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up three dead palestinians continue to protest along the gaza border despite the un urging israel to stop using excessive force. we have a really great relationship but we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning but some people didn't understand that president donald trump posted germany's angela merkel at the white house playing down rumors of a rift from colorful children's cartoon as we visit the united states first at the museum dedicated to palestinian.
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north and south korea are vowing to work towards a complete denuclearization of the peninsula after historic face to face talks between kim jong un and it was a day of symbolic moments beginning with kim crossing the border into the south the first north korean leader to do so since war broke out on the peninsula in one nine hundred fifty then apparently unscripted moment came a moon crossed back into the north together the pair celebrated and embraced as they released a joint statement announcing what moon called a new age of peace on the korean peninsula and the afternoon a shared a long private conversation on an historic border bridge which connects the two countries they then helped to plant a pine tree on the border symbolizing peace prosperity using soil from both the north and the south and diplomatic as a jazz bass has more from punch you on the south side of the border.
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technically they are still at war but this was carefully choreographed to create a new atmosphere of peace north korean leader kim jong il entered from the north side of the demarcation line the south korean president moon j in the concrete block that marks the start of his country's territory. a historic handshake. and then something in all the years since the korean war the kims father and grandfather never did north korean leader crossing into south korea . but. it was followed by a reciprocal gesture mungy in very briefly crossing the line into the north. both leaders. seemed relaxed and was smiling but of course they hope this summit is
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only the start of a process and that's likely to be complicated and will involve difficult negotiations. on the most and on the danes this meeting i hope that there is new history written with regards to p. for prosperity and i will approach this with the feeling of a brand new start. when the supreme leader across the demarcation line on the systolic moment there was an immense expectation on us all over the world and i hope this discussion is productive over lunch the north korean leader and his past moving security detail headed back to the north side so he could confer with other members of his delegation then a few hours later a symbolic moment of tree planting using earth for the mountains in the north and the south and water from the two biggest rivers on both sides another image filled with symbolism as the two crossed a footbridge together then in
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a move highly unusual in international diplomacy they stopped the two leaders sitting face to face alone with not even no takers for overhaul for an hour on ing out the final issues of the declaration it was signed and they made these statements. to charge him under john it's very significant that north korea to come measure of freezing its nuclear activities for it would be a valuable beginning for the contemplate denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula came jong un and i declare that there will be no more war on the korean peninsula and a new age of peace has begun and again i also. you know i feel that we are part of one family and both countries if you have a new policy of cooperation after years of disputes we are here today to say that nothing will make us different again and i will say this north koreans and the.
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south koreans are now sharing one spot on the map and they represent one country in one way or another and we hope to achieve the ambitions and hopes of both countries the fact that this summit took place in itself is historic but if some of the things in this declaration actually happen they too will be landmark developments of formal end to the korean war a peace treaty between north korea and south korea and the return visit by president moon to pyongyang in the fall. one part of the agreement will face could to kill or scrutiny and that's the pledge of denuclearization of the korean peninsula the language used in the declaration gives no concrete details and no timeline the wives of the korean leaders joined the delegations through feeble banquet and a long day of diplomacy but this is only the start of a lengthy and very difficult process james pays out zero power shoe in south
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korea when u.s. president donald trump has hailed the historic meeting between the korean leader saying americans should fail proud is here to meet kim jong un may. i want to congratulate the republic of korea on its historic summit with north korea were encouraged by president moon and kim jong un's expressed goal of complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks we look forward to that and hopefully it will be productive. well jenny town is the assistant director of the u.s. career institute at john hopkins university she says it's easy to get caught up in the symbolism of friday summit but after years of hostility the two nations have grown so far apart that normalizing ties should be the first priority. there's a still a long road to get to sustainable permanent peace and prosperity before you start
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talking about the more complicated issues of unification but certainly a lot more can be done to help bring the two sides closer together and help create some opportunities for family reunions and for humanitarian missions that can help improve relations and help improve the cultural understanding between the two countries now as we move forward towards a more peaceful and hopefully more prosperous region. three more palestinians have been killed after israeli forces opened fire on a crowd of protesters along the gaza israel border they are the latest deaths in a series of protests being held in the run up to the seventieth anniversary of the naacp when hundreds of thousands of palestinians were forced from their homes stephanie decker reports from east gaza. it happened all of
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a sudden surge towards the border fence running in a different direction from where the protest had been focused all day the israeli soldiers had to reposition themselves the army issued a statement saying there was an attempt to infiltrate the border that they acted within the rules of engagement to throughout it the soldiers opened fire it went on for quite some time. ambulances raced to pick up the wounded. guys suddenly ran in this direction to the fence they threw stones at the soldiers then the israelis opened a heavy fire there are many injuries there really is a feeling here that people have lost their fear israel has said it will shoot the oh they get right up to the border but the people here look tell you they have absolutely nothing left to lose. earlier in the day a small victory for these young boys israeli forces had warned the protestors over
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a speakerphone in arabic to move back from the fence. when they didn't. to deal with the tear gas homemade gas masks and now being sold it could demo on how to use them these young men part of a generation who grew up under the blockade there are no jobs no opportunities they are stuck here as we get power from a peaceful protest. but it's potations welcome from their rifles with us we have rights and we need our freedom. these three seem to discuss tactics maybe hoping for a brief moment of pride against one of the best equipped armies in the world. this . year and you like. us for the youth you are the
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first. one to voice what they want is change to be given their rights and their freedom and you can see despite the dangers of getting not put to the front no one is stopping this friday has been described by many here as the most dramatic yet because the protesters came right up to israel spends israel's intelligence agency and the army have borne the israeli government that gaza could explode if the current restrictions continue they may be right people here say they've lost their fear that life in gaza has become unbearable that they have nothing left to lose stephanie decker or jazeera east gaza. u.s. president donald trump has been hosting the german chancellor angela merkel at the white house their own nuclear deal featured high on the agenda as the u.s. has threatened to withdraw from the landmark twenty fifteen dail merkel was only in
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the country for a few hours and contrast to france's president imani will not call he's just finished a three day visit but the president was quick to play down rumors of any rift that we're working on a lot of different subjects including trade including nato including military of all types and we have a really great relationship and we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning with some people didn't understand that but we understand it and that's what's important but very extraordinary woman more than half of syria's largest palestinian refugee camp past reportedly been destroyed and fighting between government troops and i still funny to this government jet sound artillery have continued to pound targets around here move in southern damascus in the last twenty four hours many of its one hundred sixty thousand residents have fled the fighting activists say damage to the camp has exceeded all expectations. seven school children have been stomped to death in
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northern china the children aged between twelve and fifteen were attacked as they made their way home from school in county in shannon she province several of the children were injured a suspect is now in police custody. so to come on the program below the breadline why so many argentinians are struggling to make ends meet and afford the most basic items. and the law change that could make it easier for members of the u.k.'s chambers island community to get british citizenship. quite ish whether it's rational straight at the moment there's not a lot of clout i didn't understand a broader shower across the river a scene of evidence of it this is a rather more active frontal system going through the bite we're going to see them
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progressively throughout the next few months reaching adelaide just about late in the day on saturday ahead of it sun's out you know really chilly melbourne relatively speaking eighty degrees and a few onshore showers of prosper at least and i'm sure breezes far north as bruce been all this time person joining much sunshine twenty six degrees here occasional showers maybe in south australia western australia never take you ahead to sunday the only difference really is the clouds gone through adelaide the thames has not really dropped very much in melbourne more bright than sunny the story news even this quiet has been the line this is a massive cloud here is tucked in some well some tropical there really so the amount of rain potentially forming out of it is quite great again nothing's for much yet but this is saturday's picture of rain from north to south eighty in oakland and twelve in christchurch a day later and the rain is still lucky to be there least in north london but south of southlands come out into brighter weather temperature wise it's obvious where the root of the air is at twenty one degrees in oakland but
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a rather twenty one rather wet twenty one you know and. from planting forests with drones to surviving drone to be smart funny. award winning environmental solutions program. never heard of the birds and the a real job but. meeting the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest manmade environmental problems threatening our planet. a new season of birthrights on al-jazeera.
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come back to remind all the top stories here in al-jazeera south korean president jay n. has declared a new era of peace in the peninsula after hosting north korean counterpart conjunct room for a day of meetings the pair have agreed to work towards full denuclearization u.s. president donald trump has hailed what he called i start meeting between the leaders he's also due to make end may or june and three palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli fire and another day of demonstrations along the gaza israel border. on many as acting prime minister sharon kara pecha has refused to hold talks with a leading opposition figure as antigovernment protests continue carpet chan called off the talks with nicole passion you're accusing him of trying to dictate the agenda on many as parliament meets next week to elect a replacement for. resigning
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a monday following weeks of antigovernment rallies problem for. the stage would sit today school with. i mean. the opposition leader and scouting. the prime minister the acting prime minister of armenia this is the second time that mr passion yand the self-styled people's choice for the prime minister has invited mr kind of pity and to talk with him this is the second time is to cut it has said he is not going to sit down with mr passion yeah because he said he was merely being dictated to these were not going to be real negotiations and so we had this situation where surprisingly i was sitting at a table for two. with international media surrounding him and no talks going ahead a sign that the administration that is still in charge here after mr assad he
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stepped down earlier this week is pushing back and is not willing to relinquish power we expect this vote to go ahead on tuesday this depression the end saying that if he doesn't get elected in that parliamentary session he and his supporters will boycott the elections on the day on tuesday when his vote is due to go ahead he wants again the opposition movement supporters many many armenians who we've seen in large numbers on the streets of the capital and in different cities around the country in recent weeks to show their support for him that he has the support of the armenian people and where expecting a very interesting day on tuesday next week in the meantime he'll be visiting the region again trying to keep up the momentum but mr kind of the acting prime minister showing that he is in no mood at the moment to simply hand over the reins
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of power to this opposition movement. romania's president is urging the prime minister to resign saying he wasn't consulted about a plan to relocate the country's embassy in israel to jerusalem prime minister eric chiller visited israel earlier this week she wants to follow america's lead by moving the embassy from tel aviv the president who has the final say on the relocation of won't it could break international law and chill it became romania's first female prime minister just three months ago china's president has hosted his indian counterparts calling for greater cooperation between the countries sheeting paying held an informal summit with indian prime minister narendra modi at the time of tensions along their shared border india has also raised concerns about china's belt and road initiative it includes a major infrastructure project through pakistan administered kashmir which india
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says is illegally occupied. the u.k. government was recently forced to apologize after many elderly people from the caribbean were threatened with deportation and denied public services the so-called windrush scandal opened up a debate about britain's relationship with its former colonies now the descendants of people from the child or silence hope a proposed new law will grant them british citizenship again barbara explains doris miller's are coming to britain from riches eight years ago she lives with her oldest son and works as a hospital cleaner but she's had to leave two of the sons of a daughter behind as a second generation chico's oil and she's a british overseas territory citizen but that doesn't pass automatically to her children. like to get possible for me there we call. the us. i speak to them every day we talk radio call on skype but
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what go. i cry because it's really far back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. and early one nine hundred seventy s. britain kicked out the people of the che cause archipelago in the indian ocean so the u.s. could build a military base on diego garcia the largest island they were forced into exile in the seychelles often living in poverty but in two thousand and two a legal change allowed verma and their children as well as a small number born between certain dates to apply for british citizenship and now a community of several thousand lives here in crawley south of london but hundreds of them don't qualify for a british passport and the local member of parliament is now proposing legislation giving them that right and cutting the cost involved from fourteen thousand dollars to less than three thousand later generation born in russia born in the seychelles don't under normal nationality law have an automatic right to you cases and shit
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through no fault of their own because their ancestors were forcibly exiled from their home island so really what this proposed change in the law does is to recognise unique set of circumstances that at the moment is dividing families one of those families or the sergei's two years ago sharon america's national came to the u.k. with her two children to join her husband he has a u.k. passport but they don't they were given just eight days to stay and now they're living in limbo after being threatened with deportation for my uncle matt it's a very traumatic situation i'm always stressed these days i don't even like going outside to take my kids to school because i think the home office might turn up and deport us i can't work and that makes things worse my husband works day and night so we have no family life. the big irony in all of this is there's been a sustained campaign by this community to be allowed to return to live on the chicos islands which are gossoons here in the u.k. has spent years trying and failing to get the right to return to what they call
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their rightful home but at the same time many feel they're being doubly punished by a legal situation which keeps them and their families apart. people like doris are hoping the renewed focus on immigration from commonwealth countries will help their families in their push for the right to british citizenship barbara al-jazeera cruelly in southern england. at least six people have reportedly been killed in an attack by a buck or her arm fighters in nigeria's northeastern borno province authorities say at least two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the city of my degree several more people were injured by the explosions and subsequent gunfire back around has launched a regular attacks in borno province this year as well as kidnapping schoolgirls. argentinians are struggling with the rising cost of consumer goods with some of the poorest families especially risk inflation has fallen to less than half its peak of
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forty seven percent in twenty sixteen but it's still the second highest in latin america after venezuela turn isabeau reports. us lives in one of the poorest areas of when our society's. money no plays that when it rains it is isolated from the other parts of the province because the buses won't dare to go in. but these days she has another reason to warry. eighty pets also paid for this piece of beef and eighty and it just goes up and up and we are trying to catch up but my husband's salary doesn't go up in the same way and that's the problem. marty lives in this house with her husband and two children inflation is a major issue in argentina especially in places like this one because it affects people's lives in every way this family for example says the food that you can see in this refrigerator from tomatoes eggs among other things they see the prices rise
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every month and that is physical for them to make ends meet. since taking office over two years ago president markey has been struggling to cut a double digit inflation rate inherited from the previous administration. but it hasn't been easy the government has also lifted the subsidies on utility bills that allow d'argent times to be cheaper electricity gas and water but that has also had an impact on prices. that's why this week bakers gave away over five thousand kilos of bread because they say customers cannot afford the rising prices anymore so i think the mood of the rise in the prices affects us because it has caused a rise in the costs of making bread but we cannot continue to pass the rising cost to the people because they cannot afford it if things go on like this then i will have to shut down. mackie's popularity has suffered in recent months because of
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some of the popular economic measures he has taken in the last year. the president says he's convinced he's doing the right thing for argentina. it is a lie that nobody pays for the subsidies of gas and electricity we all pay for it with inflation and debt to pay for energy we have to end our selves a debt that our children and our grandchildren will have to pay the other alternative was to implement shock austerity measures but we are choosing to be gradually no reforms so that no argentine is left behind. with a changing government argentina has become the darling of emerging markets but high inflation rates continue to be a challenge especially for people like marilyn who have to struggle to get by. now modern art pop art asian art african arts and all the cultures and styles represented in the united states no one has been noticeably absent from public
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display well that is until now. has more on a first of its kind museum in the u.s. state of connecticut. of all the art in the new palestine museum us these paintings by salmiya hala be called a special place for its founder one of the. best known palestinian artists in the world she lives in the united states she was the first to donate works for display and get behind the first and only institution in the entire united states dedicated to the art and culture of the palestinian people since then palestinians from around the world have gotten behind it for years the palestinian watched as the as the media demonized palestinians and cast them in a very negative light through the museum in the united states we hope to change the discourse from the political arena to the artistic arena the museum has
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more than seventy paintings ranging in styles from realistic to abstract as well as photographs while the focus is art and culture many artists bring the political realities of life under occupation to their work like this installation called a time to cast stones highlights the stresses that is the asymmetrical nature of the conflict palestinian children throw rocks at israeli soldiers israeli soldiers by bullets. many american museums refused to show this exhibit which features the work of palestinian children and their impressions of israel's attack on gaza in two thousand and fourteen you can see that the images are very graphic and do not trade the israeli military in a positive light. the mood at the grand opening was one of celebration and defiance us based how libby was just one of the
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artists to attend and we are determined as opposed to new people to move forward and both fields and i believe that this museum is an example of that accomplishment and we will move you know in the visual arts even if we have to create our own museums in. the hope is to attract more investors and eventually move the museum from its suburban home to a major city christian salumi al-jazeera woodbridge connecticut now let's recap for you the images and symbolic moments which have been causing all around the world from the historic summit between the leaders of north and south korea which is offering a rat promise of hope after decades of war and nuclear threats. i
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get you a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera north and south korea of vowing to work towards a complete denuclearized nation of the peninsula after historic face to face talks between kim jong un and. a momentous meeting seoul came across the border into the south becoming the first north korean leader to do so since nine hundred fifty came and moon have promised to work towards establishing a permanent peace agreement the summit comes just months after increasingly aggressive and warlike rhetoric from north korea. you know you so we are you know i feel that we are part of one family in both countries if you have a new policy of cooperation after years of disputes we are here today to say that nothing will make us different again and i will say this north koreans and the south koreans are now sharing one spot on the map and they represent one country in
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one way or another as we hope to achieve the ambitions and hopes of both countries . and u.s. president donald trump has hailed the historic meeting between the korean leaders saying americans show feel proud he's making in may or june trump also held talks with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house with the iran nuclear deal featuring highly on the agenda the u.s. has threatened to withdraw from the landmark twenty fifty years deal for the palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli fire in another day of demonstrations along the gaza israel border around forty palestinians have died in the weekend protests that began at the end of march the rallies are marking the seventieth anniversary of masculist an expulsion also known as the bar the un human rights chief has called on israel to stop using excessive force on palestine want
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to test a singles over five thousand others have been injured many by lying fire. seven schoolchildren have been stabbed to death in northern china the children aged between twelve and fifteen more attacked as they made their way home after school in a county in shanshu a province. and more than half of syria's largest palestinian refugee camp has reportedly been destroyed in fighting between government troops and is isis fighters. stay with us knowledge is there a counting the cost is coming next. he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one that will let stand the power had peaceful transition when because official term expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid and crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera.


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