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this is al jazeera. hello i'm so ho rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the world welcomes a day of dramatic gestures on the korean peninsula but many voices also urged caution. also at least three palestinians were killed in israeli fire during friday protests along the israeli gaza border. and the german chancellor angela merkel. over their differences on trade and iran's nuclear deal and. one of the biggest pop bands of its time reunites after thirty five years.
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welcome to the new u.s. president donald trump has vowed to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until there's complete denuclearization on the peninsula his comments follow a historic declaration of peace from the north and south korean leaders on friday asked about the future of u.s. troops on the peninsula trumps defense secretary said it would have to be discussed with u.s. allies and pyongyang our white house correspondent kimberly healthcare reports. with the historic summit with the leaders of north and south korea now over u.s. president donald trump says he hopes he can build on that success with his own meeting in late may or early june with kim jong un i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it that goal complete denuclearization of the
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korean peninsula the korean summit ended with few measurable steps to meet that goal the trumpet ministration maintains a meeting with the u.s. and north korean leaders will not occur unless concrete moves towards denuclearization are clearly demonstrated little rocket man traps tone has dramatically shifted from the name calling of last year a truck promised further missile testing from north korea would be met with fire fury and frankly power just this week trump referred to kim as very open. and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing the shift is evidence of the ongoing high level talks north korean and u.s. officials have been engaged in still trump wouldn't confirm or deny he's spoken directly with the north korean leader and i want to comment on that plane i'm sorry we have a very good working relationship it is known mike pump ale the new secretary of
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state met with kim over the easter weekend some human rights activists are skeptical a trump kim meeting will ultimately be successful i know the diplomatic track record of the kim regime it is not good this is a regime that has breached and violated each and every international agreement it's had the logistics for the upcoming meeting are still being worked out according to the president it is now down to a choice between two countries for their historic meeting kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house will momentous meeting in seoul came across the border into the south becoming the first rule of korean leader to do so since one hundred fifteen and nine hundred fifty all diplomatic editor james bays has more from punch you in south korea. technically they are still at war but this was carefully choreographed to create a new atmosphere of peace north korean leader kim jong un entered from the north
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side of the demarcation line the south korean president moon j in waited at the concrete block that marks the start of his country's territory. a historic handshake. and then something in all the years since the korean war the kims father and grandfather never did a north korean leader crossing into south korea. but. it was followed by a reciprocal gesture moon jay in very briefly crossing the line into the north. both leaders seemed relaxed and was smiling but of course they hope this summit is only the start of a process and that's likely to be complicated and will involve difficult negotiations. on
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a much head on the dangerous meeting i hope that there is new history written with regards to p. for prosperity and i will approach this with the feeling of a brand new start. when the supreme leader across the demarcation line on this a story that moment there was immense expectation on us all over the wild and i hope this discussion is productive over lunch the north korean leader and his fast moving security detail headed back to the north side so he could confer with other members of his delegation then a few hours later a symbolic moment of tree planting using earth from the mountains in the north and the south and water from the two biggest rivers on both sides another image filled with symbolism as the two crossed a footbridge. together then in a move highly unusual in international diplomacy they stopped the two leaders sitting face to face alone with not even no takers for over half an hour on ing out
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the final issues of their declaration it was signed and they made these statements . to charge him under john it's very significant that north korea to come measure of freezing its nuclear activities first it will be a valuable beginning for the contemplate denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula came jong un and i declare that there will be no more war on the korean peninsula and a new age of peace has begun and again i use only i enjoy the you know i feel that we are part of one family and both countries you have a new policy of cooperation after years of disputes we are here today to say that nothing will make us different again and i will say this north koreans and the south koreans are now sharing one spot on the map and they represent one country in one way or another and we hope to achieve the ambitions and hopes of both countries on the fact that this summit took place in itself is historic but if some of the
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things in this declaration actually happen they too will be landmark developments of formal and to the korean war a peace treaty between north korea and south korea and the return visit by president moon to pyongyang in the fall of one part of the agreement though will face particular scrutiny and that's the pledge of denuclearization of the korean peninsula the language used in the declaration gives no concrete details and no timeline the wives of the korean leaders joined the delegations for a formal banquet to end a long day of diplomacy but this is only the start of a lengthy and very difficult process. indeed a very lengthy and difficult process and james joins us now from seoul in south korea i mean as you say james a huge day there of huge symbolism and optimism now that south koreans really have had the chance to take in what they saw on their
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televisions what sort of the public reaction. well there was that declaration signed but of course it was a declaration of intent nothing has actually happened so different views i think from different parts of the media on this let me show you some of the front pages first the two korean english language papers and you can see there the headline beyond division in that front page in the career times let me bring you the other korean english language paper this is the korea hair old and you'll see the picture on the front page let me flip it over and you can see it says careers to declare an end to the korean war moving to the papers that are in korean and the chosen daily is the best selling paper and it's a little bit more skeptical it's headline is saying it's only the beginning of complete denuclearization in this headline we're sending you this is the best
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selling paper but of course like everywhere else in the world print newspapers tend to be bought by the older part of the population so this is a conservative newspaper also worth telling you that here there was wall to wall television coverage most people don't buy newspapers anymore they get their news of television channels and off online platforms wall to wall coverage here very very different when you go the other side of the d.m.z. what will kim's people told about what happened well they've been limited statements by the state news agency and the state media what they are saying that there was an agreement the words here north and south korea affirm the common goal of realizing a nuclear free korean peninsula through completely nuclear is asian and they were holding this as a new milestone but very very limited and edited coverage in north korea and as you
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say james it is a statement of intent of what these two countries want to do as they move forward but will we see any movement be it even behind closed doors before kim jong un meets president trump. well i suspect they'll be dialogue going on behind the scenes as there has been dialogue going on between north and south korea to get this summit going since the winter olympics that's really the moment when the two koreas started talking there have been other back channels between the international community and north korea before those pics and before the outreach from the north koreans to attend the winter olympics but in terms of public events the next thing is the summit the next summit the perhaps even more important summit that he's planned but not yet fixed but tween president trump and kim where is that going to take place that's a big question are the americans happy with the progress that's been made in this
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summit to go ahead with their summit certainly on twitter president trump has seemed pretty positive saying that previous that minute u.s. administrations have been pulled in the past but his approach is working he made clear on twitter what we do know from previous statements from the blue house that's the presidential residence here in seoul there is a plan for president moon of south korea to speak on the phone to president trump we saw the time that he spent alone with kim on that blue bridge i'm sure some of the insight from that long conversation he'll be giving in a private conversation to president trump before then we'll leave it there of course our follow the day's events with you james from the south korean capital for the moment thank you. well joining me now is learned at petroff he's a lecturer in korean studies at the australian national university college of asia
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and the pacific joins me now from the australian capital canberra good to have you with us while the impression is that the negotiations are between really the two koreas i mean how involved diplomatically are regional countries such as china obviously the u.s. and even japan in this political a very complicated equation. well this summit would not have been possible without china and russia joining the united nations security council and board sanctions last year north korea now is really. feeling the bite of the sanctions kim jong un is facing potential you know people at home or in the asian american led strikes you implied. so the choice is pretty poor so that's why i came john and decided to turn solve. for the brainchild of to the south korean brothers and sisters which was accepted
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by the new president who was elected. under the promise that the relations between north and south korea would improve and this is what just the living up to the promises and the president probably took. in running the electoral campaign he promised that he would meet with kim jong il and sit down and have a hamburger and sort out the differences so i think there's a little surprised to what is happening right now and we only can. relate by the fact that north and south koreans meet kim jong il met with presidency and now the summit with donald trump is shared also everything will not going as planned because the way we do we should we be so optimistic that the two koreas are actually talking to each other we've seen similar circumstances where we've seen negotiations conversations around tables over the past twenty odd years it's all sort of collapsed is there a danger of that or is that just something that i think the diplomats have to be cautious of. well this process of
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reconciliation oppression and we saw ups and downs in the last forty years starting from one nine hundred seventy s. not in south koreans to bargain potential conciliation olva's called upon the united states to finish the war and find a peace treaty but nobody listened in the early one nine hundred ninety s. the joint of into korean agreement on the nuclear reservation of the peninsula and non-aggression have been signed but they were postponed for for almost twenty years until the six party talks began and they also collapsed because of the two parties simply not seeing the possibility of influencing north korea so i think right now the situation is very different we have the new western educated the leader of north korea we have a liberal and progressive president of south korea we have the president of the united states was known for his unconventional approach to international relations
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so there is a window of opportunity so moscow and beijing join the same sions and that's why the process has been jumpstarted so i'm very optimistic about what is going on and it has been long overdue for north and south koreans to and the war the armistice regime was sustainable for sixty five years but now it's time to turn it into the peace regime and if there is peace there is no need for weapons of mass destruction i think it's very simple where we see what does happen certainly in the coming months maybe even years to the moment that it petroff there joining us from can breath thanks for your time sir. german chancellor angela merkel has also visited washington d.c. for a brief meeting with the u.s. president she hopes to persuade trying not to impose new u.s. tariffs of european steel and alum in the exports top of merkel's agenda was the preservation of the iran's nuclear deal which trump wants to abandon down estabrook has more from the american capital. well engle merkel came to the white house today
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as sort of a tag team with emanuel mccrone earlier in this week to try to convince president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal and to not end those exemptions on tariffs on aluminum in and steel in both cases it's unknown what the president might do during a press conference this afternoon in the white house merkel mentioned as did mccrone that the iran nuclear deal is not perfect it's a framework that can be built on but the president made no commitment either way as to whether or not he will stay in that deal on tariffs again merkel said that the president said that he made no commitment as to whether or not he would extend those exemptions on the tariffs the deal with steel and aluminum and in both cases merkel said it is now up to the president it's important to keep in mind that these are two nations that have a very close relationship with the united states as emmanuel mccrone mentioned earlier in the week that this is
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a familial relationship that they might not agree on everything but there are things that these countries do still agree upon and they are still very strong allies well still ahead here on the all just. below the breadline voiceover the argentinians all struggling to make ends meet. also histories of the us and through could this be one of the world's largest mass graves. the sport bikes to stop and hits a warm day after promising to drive with full control. the leaders of the association of southeast asian nations will notice. a gathering in singapore this weekend to discuss a wide range of issues well let's get more this from our correspondent in singapore
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florence levy she's at the summit we do understand that there was a working dinner with the heads of state on friday florence i mean also seems seemed to be top of the agenda. well just a correction there we're not at the summit we are in singapore but we were denied accreditation to attend the summit to cover the summit but we do know that the leaders as you said as you mentioned held a working dinner on friday night and they've issued a joint statement so we know that in that statement world security was one of the themes that the leaders mentioned now and this is something that the talk about the challenges that they need to tackle head on they talked about cyber threats violent extremism climate change and of course there is the territorial dispute in the south china sea in which china is a claimant country and the member states have a already agreed to draw up a code of conduct this is how they're tackling this issue this code of conduct is
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being drafted at the moment it's on that they're not expecting it to be concluded at the end of this year but it is something that they are working on and of course the economy was an important topic is one of the largest economic zones in the world so there was a commitment to deepen economic integration as well as strive for greater economic growth but if there is one area in which austrian member states have been criticized for not doing enough it is in promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms on the block largely stood by in silence when cambodia clamp down on independent media and effectively wiped out its political opposition by dissolving its main opposition party and jailing political leaders and also there was very little sense show also off the philippine so-called war on drugs in which ten in which thousands were killed in extrajudicial killings and then the the ongoing conflicts in myanmar fighting has intensified in christian state in the
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north thousands have already been displaced and there is the ongoing humanitarian crisis in rakhine state where seven hundred thousand muslim or hindu have already fled since august to escape persecution by the military so there have been calls by human rights activists to take on a greater role in protecting human rights movement will even let you fall over and so in singapore thank you. they knew he was secular state mike compare has been meeting nato counterparts in brussels just hours after being sworn in nato secretary-general un stoltenberg said the trip was a testament to the importance of the alliance and the commitment to the united states in the coming hours pompei is set to begin to tour of the middle east making stops in saudi arabia jordan and israel. now assad led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two who theme leaders in yemen's capital city state television is reporting that he's interior ministry was targeted in sanaa earlier in april rebel
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leaders died in that strike in western yemen and israeli army has struck six naval targets in the gaza strip now an army statement says it was in response to a so-called last infiltration attempt earlier on friday three palestinians were killed as a march right up to israel's border fence they close is they've come in five weeks of protests to stephanie decker reports from east gaza. it happened all of a sudden a surge towards the border fence running in a different direction from where the protests have been focused all day israeli soldiers had to reposition themselves the army issued a statement saying there was an attempt to infiltrate the border that they acted within the rules of engagement to thwart it the soldiers opened fire. it went on for quite some time.
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and balances raced to pick up the wounded. guys suddenly ran in this direction to the fence they threw stones at the soldiers then the israelis opened heavy fire there are many injuries. there really is a feeling here that people have lost their fear israel has said it will shoot the ball they get right up to the border and the people here will tell you they have absolutely nothing left to lose. earlier in the day a small victory for these young boys israeli forces had warned the protestors over a speakerphone in arabic to move back from the fence. when they didn't. to deal with the tear gas homemade gas masks and now being sold it could demo on how to use them these young men part of a generation who grew up under the blockade there are no jobs no opportunities they are stuck here as. we get power from
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a peaceful protest they get their power from. their rifles with us we have rights and we need our freedom. these three seem to discuss tactics maybe hoping for a brief moment of pride against one of the best equipped armies in the world. and this. was. for the youth who are the first nation. to what they want is change to be given their rights and their freedom and you can see despite the dangers of getting not put to the front no one is stopping. this friday has been described by many here as the most dramatic yet because the protesters came right up to israel spends israel's intelligence agency and the army
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have warned the israeli government that gaza could explode if the current restrictions continue they may be right people here say they've lost their fear that life in gaza has become unbearable that they have nothing left to lose stephanie decker or jazeera east gaza all colleges in peru have uncovered i must crave which could be the largest case of child sacrifice ritual in the world the remains of all the one hundred children from the ages of six to fifteen years old were found in the northwest of the country was one a hoax to reports. this child's skeleton is part of what archaeologists ahead in the biggest site of child sacrificing discovered so far the victims appear to be in part of a ritual sacrifice that took place nearly five hundred fifty years ago the remains of more than one hundred forty children were found alongside two hundred young lamas all of those i think most of them all the sacrifices that we have found with children aged between six and nine years of age and that from ten to twelve or
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fifteen years of age all have been found with their sternum cut with the aim of possibly opening the rib cage and extracting the heart that was the way that the team of a society that developed between the tenth and fifteenth centuries about era sacrifice these children this mass grave has been on the excavation since two thousand and eleven investigations are carried out by an international team led by national geographic's peruvian explorers. the sacrifice must have been a societal response by the chief moose to counteract the negative effects of nature of climate that affected its political economic and maybe its ideology system the chim a civilization was known to worship the moon scientists say they were now focused on investigating the victims' lives. out there. now a two thousand and sixteen plane crash in colombia that killed seventy one people including most of a top brazilian world brazilian football team. was caused by fuel exhaustion investigators say the plane ran out of fuel because of an appropriate risk
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management by the charter. among the dead were members of the chappaqua n.c.a.a. football team who were on route to methylene for the south american cup semifinal six people including three footballers survived the crash staying in the region argentinians are struggling with the rising cost of consumer goods with some of the poorest families especially at risk inflation has fallen to less than half its peak of forty seven percent in twenty sixteen but it's still the second highest in latin america after venezuela stories about reports. lives in one of the poorest areas of when a site is. a place that when it rains it is isolated from the other parts of the province because of buses won't dare to go in. but these days she has another reason to warry. paid for this piece of beef eighty and it just goes up and up and we are trying to catch up but my husband's salary doesn't
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go up in the same way and that's the problem. might he lives in this house with her husband and two children inflation is a major issue in argentina especially in places like this one because it affects people's lives in every way this family for example says the food that you can see in this refrigerator from tomatoes eggs among other things they see the prices rise every month and that is physical for them to make ends meet. since taking office over two years ago president has been struggling to cut a double digit inflation rate inherited from the previous administration. but it hasn't been easy the government has also lifted the subsidies on utility bills that allow d'argent times to be cheaper electricity gas and water but that has also had an impact on prices. that's why this week bakers gave away over five thousand kilos
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of bread because they say customers cannot afford the rising bread prices anymore. the rise in the prices affects us because it has caused a rise in the costs of making bread but we cannot continue to pass the rising cost to the people because they cannot afford it if things go on like this then i will have to shut down. mackie's popularity has suffered in recent months because of some of the m. popular economic measures he has taken in the last year. the president says he's convinced he's doing the right thing for argentina. it is a law that nobody pays for the subsidies of gas and electricity we all pay for it with inflation and debt to pay for energy we have to end. a debt that our children and our grandchildren will have to pay the other alternative was to implement shock austerity measures but we are choosing to be gradually no reforms so that no argentine is left behind. with
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a changing government argentina has become the darling of emerging markets but high inflation rates continue to be a challenge especially for people like madeline who have to struggle to get by. i just want to cite us well still ahead on al-jazeera from colorful pop art to children's cartoons a real trauma of occupation we visited america's first palestine museum. and from drawings a to fine to jets we check out the latest take on display at the gym and show to stay with us because this board has a double trouble post the twenty eight thousand u.s. winter olympic and paralympic athletes at the white times. through tranquil arabian can you. can feel intense
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and if any should come to life. ok stand by in hong kong for enough humidity to produce a shower and the rain not just hong kong grendel general area of southern china will see increasing humidity cloud and rain novel eventually spread in land so this sunday looks a fairly wet day but again you might expect is down the pretty sticky and in shanghai twenty nine not far behind in will hand as well so that's where the rain has gone further south bit of the gap in the skies boney's are dry day for example there are two masses to watch this one also sort of ways of the southern philippines and just catching born here that will be quite active the next day or so another one that massive cloud over sumatra singapore north will take the right or develop the rain fell and also we're talking about thailand southern myanmar with some heavy downpours recently there are more to come. this is of course is because the sun's going north and eventual bring the monsoon rains with it but for the time being we're just looking at big thunderstorms that show up almost daily
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basis in bangladesh or in northeastern india police in styrofoam the himalayan flats i was about about perhaps are and a few showers in the sun all that is normal and of course also known would see rising temperatures in the middle of india forced to also in october at forty five not far away. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects alice to me ends. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave
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the room just to be out when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on line. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera has a whole robin obeid of our top stories this news our u.s. president donald trump has vowed to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until there is complete denuclearization on the peninsula he says it's his responsibility
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to resolve the crisis between seoul of pyongyang his comments following a story declaration of peace between kim jong un and boom jay in on friday. german chancellor angela merkel has visited washington for talks with president trouble at the top of merkel's agenda was preserving the iran nuclear deal which trump wants to abandon. also the israeli army has struck six hamas naval targets in the gaza strip it says it was a response to a so-called mass infiltration attempt three palestinians were killed as demonstrators marched right up to israel's border fence. mark not pol pot asian altaf record of whole of the cultures and styles represented in the united states one has been noticeably absent from public display while until i was there was christensen to me has a ball on a first of its kind museum in the u.s. state of connecticut. of all the art in the new palestine museum us
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these paintings by sami a holler be called a special place for its founder one of the. best known palestinian artists in the world she lives in the united states she was the first to donate works for display and get behind the first and only institution in the entire united states dedicated to the art and culture of the palestinian people since then palestinians from around the world have gotten behind it for years the palestinian watched as the as the media demonized palestinians and cast them in a very negative light through the museum in the united states we hope to change the discourse from the political arena to the artistic arena the museum has more than seventy paintings ranging in styles from realistic to abstract as well as photographs while the focus is art and culture many artists bring the political
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realities of life under occupation to their work like this installation called a time to cast stones highlights and stresses that is the asymmetrical nature of the conflict palestinian children throw rocks at israeli soldiers israeli soldiers by pulitzer them. many american museums refused to show this exhibit which features the work of palestinian children and their impressions of israel's attack on gaza in two thousand and fourteen you can see that the images are very graphic and do not patrol the israeli military in a positive light. the mood at the grand opening was one of celebration and defiance the u.s. based howard dean was just one of the artists to attend and we. are supposed. to move forward and oh feels now believe that this museum is an example
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of that accomplishment and we will move you know in the visual arts even if we have to create the ems exiles the hope is to attract more investors and eventually move the museum from its suburban home to a major city christian salumi al-jazeera woodbridge connecticut well more than half of there is largest palestinian refugee camp has reportedly been destroyed between government troops and are still fighting continues government tillery pounded areas around in southern damascus over the past twenty four hours many of its one hundred sixty thousand residents of fled the fighting to say damage to the campus exceeded all expectations the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees has warned of catastrophic consequences turkey says it will work with the u.s. and syria's money beach region turkey's foreign minister. met in you are
5:38 am
secretary of state mike pompei are on the sidelines of the nato summit in brussels relations between the allies have been strained over northern syria where turkey has been attacking kurdish rebels who are supported by the us. armenia's acting prime minister is refusing to hold talks with a leading opposition figure and government protests continue carrying their capacity and called off the tolls with nick life hsien accusing him of trying to dictate the agenda armenia's parliament meets next week to elect a prime minister after sagacity and resigned on monday following weeks of government rallies robin forestry walker has more for yet over. the stage would sit today for talks between. the opposition leader and. the prime minister the acting prime minister of armenia this is the second time that mr paasschen yand the self-styled people's choice for the prime minister has
5:39 am
invited mr kind of pity and talk with him this is the second time is to cut it has said he is not going to sit down with mr passion yand because he said he was merely being dictated to these were not going to be real negotiations and so we had this situation where surprisingly i was sitting at a table for two. with international media surrounding him and no talks going ahead a sign that the administration that is still in charge here after mr assad he stepped down earlier this week is pushing back and is not willing to relinquish power we expect this vote to go ahead on tuesday this depression the end saying that if he doesn't get elected in that parliamentary session he and his supporters will boycott the elections on the day on tuesday when his very is due to
5:40 am
go ahead he wants again the opposition movement supporters many many armenians and we have seen in large numbers on the streets of the capital and in different cities around the country in recent weeks to show their support for him that he has the support of the armenian people and where expecting a very interesting day on tuesday next week in the meantime he'll be visiting the region again trying to keep up the momentum but missing the acting prime minister showing that he is in no mood at the moment to simply hand over the reins of power to this opposition movement. china's president has hosted india's leader calling for greater cooperation between the countries she held an informal summit with prime minister narendra modi at a time of tensions along their shared border india has also raised concerns about china's a belt and wrote initiative i think leads a major infrastructure project through pakistan administered kashmir which india
5:41 am
says is illegally occupying it. is head of politics and international relations at the university of westminster he says china's relationship with pakistan is influencing india's position. since last year india has been very cautious about china but more than that in also recognize that if it has tension with china then china will become even more close to pakistan already is and therefore there was a strategy on part of indian government which of course very different to the indian government would like that india rather than challenging china almost back out there and was very careful the use the language of measurement and then recently of course indian government also passed a circular asking if not to meet the dalai lama all these indicated to china that in those keen on having this is an informal summit of course what would happen is strong macho leaders eventually meeting both of them very nationalist both of them disliking minorities both of them suspicious of foreign holders of and trying to
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sort of reduce tensions but really it can be reduced or not we'll have to wait and see if any government or military unlikely to react off usually because they would not want to alienate china and they would be hoping that this informal summit remains informal in concrete comes out of it and that the tension between india and china which is radio will be under under the one that was this but partisan would have an anxiety because of the defend itself largely from us and with donald trump making it very clear that it still believes that doesn't you know haven't done enough for to fight against extremism and terrorism but it depends heavily on china so they would want this to remain more often or sort of shaking of hands agreement here and there but nothing substantial so pakistan would remain anxious about it the u.k. government was recently forced to apologize after many elderly people from the caribbean were threatened with deportation and denied public services the so-called windrush scandal opened up a debate to britain's relationship with its former colonies where the descendants
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of people from the church or silence hope a proposed new law will grant them british citizenship that in barber explains. doris miller's r. came to britain from the rishis eight years ago she lives with her oldest son and works as a hospital cleaner but she's had to leave two other sons and a daughter behind as a second generation shakos islander she's a british overseas territory citizen but that doesn't pass automatically to her children how we wish mike to take it possible for me there will call and work and look off to us all together i speak to them every day we talk like video call on skype but some time where dan had gone. i cry because it's really far back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. and early one nine hundred seventy s. britain kicked out the people of the che goes archipelago in the indian ocean so the u.s. could build a military base on diego garcia the largest island they were forced into exile in
5:44 am
the seychelles often living in poverty but in two thousand and two a legal change allowed verma and their children as well as a small number born between certain dates to apply for british citizenship and now a community of several thousand lives here in crawley south of london but hundreds of them don't qualify for a british passport and the local member of parliament is now proposing legislation giving them that right and cutting the cost involved from fourteen thousand dollars to less than three thousand later generation born in russia born in the seychelles don't under normal nationality law have an automatic right to you cases and shit through no fault of their own because their ancestors were forcibly exiled from their home island so really what this proposed change in the law does is to recognise unique set of circumstances that at the moment is dividing families one of those families or the sergei's two years ago sharon america's national came to the u.k. with her two children to join her husband he has a u.k.
5:45 am
passport but they don't they were given just eight days to stay and now they're living in limbo after being threatened with deportation for my uncle matt it's a very traumatic situation i'm always stressed these days i don't even like going outside to take my kids to school because i think the home office might turn up and deport us i can't work and that makes things worse my husband works day and night so we have no family life. the big irony in all of this is there's been a sustained campaign by this community to be allowed to return to live on the silence that you're gossoons here in the u.k. has spent years trying and failing to get the right to return to what they call their rightful home but at the same time many feel they're being doubly punished by a legal situation which keeps them and their families apart. people like doris are hoping the renewed focus on immigration from commonwealth countries will help their families in their push for the right to british citizenship barbara al-jazeera
5:46 am
crawley in southern england. many of the world's leading aviation manufacturers have converged on germany for the berlin airshow this year there's an emphasis on drone technology that's top became reports its development is helping to spark a revolution in sustainable flight. april in berlin means two things potentially to richel downpours and. this is the innovation and leadership in aerospace event for short with a huge range of planes helicopters and other airborne elements taking their turns to wire the crowds. one of the main themes of this year's event is drones and other unmanned aircraft and while many of the items here have more military applications the civilian use of this technology is clearly on show and this is where airbus sees a real opportunity demonstrating what they call the city airbus helicopter
5:47 am
currently undergoing final test before a first flight later this year as yet it's a drone but one day its creators see it as an alternative to ground based taxis with the option to have a human driver to ferry the paying passengers and it will not be a v.i.p. option because we want to democratize this kind of transportation so it will be comparable to an arm of the taxi and maybe even a bit cheaper and. in a certain point in future the burden asho is about far more than just unmanned drone fact knology out here on the tarmac the runway a bit of a product for many of the world's leading aviation manufacturers and indeed from the military on many of the airport visible here that it's way their product at europe's leading asho amid the different and graph to be seen on many from the german military which this year is presenting its hardware in combination with elements from its french counterparts germany and france they are the engine of
5:48 am
euro so we are being part of that engine we focus here and berlin with all the industry has been present and that's what you see over here and that's what we have very part of and very proud to be it. isla's organizers say it's all about showcasing the latest innovations in aircraft design and technology but for many people it's also a chance to get a close glimpse of jets they'd never be able to see otherwise dominant came out zero at the berlin azure. well still ahead here on al-jazeera in sport liverpool's manager calls for the club bowls and safety talks ahead of their champions league games in a row to stay with us. he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one that will extend the power at peaceful transition when because the short term
5:49 am
expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid and crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and next governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist when i was getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job . if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for war our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part two on a josie. welcome
5:50 am
back it's time for sports. thank you very much boss alone as captain under is any esther has announced to leave the club after sixteen seasons the thirty three year old who set to leave at the end of this season has won thirty one trophies in his six hundred sixty nine appearances with the club including four champions league and eight league title he hasn't yet announced his next move part is widely tipped to be moving to the chinese super league barcelona could send him off with a night the league a crown on sunday if they don't. know this in a figure i know what it means the responsibility of being this club's captain and therefore being almost with myself and with the club which gave me everything i
5:51 am
understand my stage here in the season is over because of the simple fact i've always thought that the club which welcomed me when i was twelve years old deserves all the best for me and i've done that so far but i understand there in the near future i won't be capable of giving the best of myself in all senses physically and mentally so the former president of brazil's football confederation has been banned for life from all football related activities while governing body pfieffer found marco polo dull narrow guilty of bribery and corruption and also find him a million dollars it comes back to the u.s. department of justice investigation into corruption ling to broadcasting contracts for football competition to narrow was charged but hasn't been extradited from brazil so far forty football and marketing officials have been convicted of wild wide. officials from liverpool have met their own account parts the way for and italian police to discuss the found face day ahead of wednesday's champions league
5:52 am
semifinal second leg of a pool fan from ireland remains in a critical condition after being injured by roma fans in fights that broke out just before kick off on tuesday to italian men have been charged with violent disorder and inflicting grievous bodily harm the whole manager. urged both sets of fans to act for sponsor the bully. it's all about football it only if it's only football it's only football and it's i never understood people they didn't understand that and i never my life was not that's all damage but it's nice that they have another fight next tuesday to know that i'm not too concerned about that but i wouldn't. ask for this one is going to keep everybody very well it's a football game not more not less so let's play football. rafa nadal is through to the semifinals of the boss alone open the spaniard blitzed through the first set
5:53 am
against martin clips on six love the qualifier had the chance to end his al streak of forty one consecutive sets on clay when he had three set points but the world number one rallied to take the second set seven five the doubt will face belgians david goffin in the semifinals on saturday the full speed coming from a set down to beat spain's roberto about to stagger you. meanwhile second seed grigor dimitrov is out of the tournament off to losing his quarterfinal match to public on your blue star spain despite being plagued by back and finger problems recently the spaniard beat the bulgarian strength that six four seven six to advance to this time. there was a shock defeat at the start got open women's world number one simona halep was knocked out in the quarter final stage the romanian losing and. straight sets to american culture and away he was playing in just a second quarter final form. to formula one and done your recorder has
5:54 am
topped the time she's in friday's practice sessions and the by john his teammate much for stopping who just a day ago i promised to drive with more control crash to enter the tires early on but off to the pass he finished fosse's ferrari's can be right in the second fastest while well champion lewis hamilton could only manage to pick a. dystonia tonic leads rally argentina by twenty two points and seven seconds off to stages ten at last time off to spinning on the second stage but then went on to win five of friday's remaining is seriously just busting her to. six seconds behind. donald trump welcome to the twenty eighteen u.s. winter olympic and paralympic team so the white house on friday several big name afghanis such as in the vonn and flag bearer aaron hamlin declined the president's
5:55 am
invitation. praised the athletes and credited the games for helping to bring people of north and south korea together to see if the olympics and. joint korean women's ice hockey team compete and pleas from both nations must under a unified flag. they had a lot more people show up than they thought and you think you know why right but a lot of good things are happening right now over there literally as we speak and the olympics really help to bring it all together was a big help so just in that respect it was something very terrific finally this has to be the candidate for the best goal of the season and it came and in a league game in new castle australia nineteen year old jets player vidame agrees call this one to strike known as a scorpion go over the melbourne city and a semi final as the jets stung their opponents to progress to the first final in ten years with the two one victory and that is all the sport for now more later.
5:56 am
thanks to. the swedish supergroup legends will be thanking them for the music all over again records its first new material in more than thirty five years now the four members have been back in the studio for the first time since one thousand nine hundred two producing two new songs. it was nine hundred seventy four when a swedish band performed at the vision song contest. i. three minutes later they were stars winning the contest and soon becoming sweden's biggest export carmaker volvo into second place. beyond benny and a feat the first letter of the names made. their kitsch costumes dance music and catchy disco songs dominated the music scene for
5:57 am
more than a decade a truly european beat the soundtrack to a million camping holidays and operations for a brief moment the eighty's were married to the bees but soon divorced all in the public eye and they finally split in one thousand nine hundred eighty. despite an offer of a billion dollars to reunite they refused until now we all four felt that off to some thirty five years it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio so we did it was like time had stood still and then we'd only been away on a short holiday and extremely joyful experience. wanting to be remembered in their prime that two new songs we performed by computerized avatars better versions of these one seen at the stockholm they will be next year but fans will be able to hear the song i still have faith in you in a special t.v. broadcast in december after i was a pop sensation the likes of which probably won't be seen again and they did so in
5:58 am
recent years this musical mama mia has been seen by a whole new generation some fifty four million people worldwide who will have to see whether these two new songs performed by digital avatars will make it onto the land of the greatest. place in popular culture secure with two millennia films based on the songs created in recent years and as i said in their statement we may have come of age but the song is new and it feels good. within the borders of exclusion zone the toxic nuclear waste and touching any
5:59 am
vegetation is. grows on the writing system. to finally surviving on the homeland they band together. and land contaminated by. cultivated unshakeable sense of belonging to witness bush because of chernobyl. and. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. although powerful factors are at play in
6:00 am
a new game of oil it could mean steeper prices at the pump. and into. what we saw in relations mean for their economy. counting the cost. of. life. the fact. place on the planet could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is to time and not happen without intervention. i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try to paint a species. crisis that's in the. extinction.


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