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in a new game of oil it could mean steeper prices at the pump. and into korean summit but what we saw in relations made for their economies. counting the cost. was. the fact. place on the planet one that could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention. i would say here too about now it's a race against time to try and save a species like a crisis that's in the. extinction.
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the wild wild comes a day of dramatic gestures on the korean peninsula many voices also urged caution. but i'm adrian finnegan this is out as they are live from doha also coming up germany's chancellor angela merkel beats donald trump over the differences on trade and iran's nuclear deal. at least three palestinians killed in israeli fire during friday protests along the israeli gaza border. and one of the biggest pop bands of its time reunite after thirty five years. u.s. president donald trump has vowed to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until
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there's a complete denuclearization on the peninsula his comments follow a historic declaration of peace from the north and south korean leaders on friday asked about the future of u.s. troops on the peninsula trumps defense secretary said that it would have to be discussed with u.s. allies as well as pyongyang a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. with the historic summit between the leaders of north and south korea now over u.s. president donald trump says he hopes he can build on that success with his own meeting in late may or early june with kim jong un i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it that pull complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the korean summit ended with few measurable steps to meet that goal the trumpet min. astray she maintains a meeting with the u.s. and north korean leaders will not occur unless concrete moves towards
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denuclearization are clearly demonstrated little rocket man trust tone has dramatically shifted from the name calling of last year the trump promised further missile testing from north korea would be met with fire fury and frankly power just this week trump referred to kim as very open. and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing the shift is evidence of the ongoing high level talks north korean and u.s. officials have been engaged in still trump wouldn't confirm or deny he's spoken directly with the north korean leader and i don't want to comment on that plane on t.v. we have a very good working relationship it is known mike pump ale the new secretary of state met with kim over the easter weekend some human rights activists are skeptical a trump kim meeting will ultimately be successful i know the diplomatic track
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record of the kim regime it is not good this is a regime that has breached and violated each and every international agreement it's had the logistics for the upcoming meeting are still being worked out according to the president it is now down to a choice between two countries for their historic meeting kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house and a serious diplomatic editor james pace joins us now live from seoul so james friday a huge day of symbolism and optimism koreans have had twenty four hours to digest the momentous events what do they make of it. very important events and a declaration but a declaration of intent nothing has actually happened yet as that means i think there are different reactions from people about what they've seen let's take a look at the korean press this is the the daily korean jew knowing newspaper which
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appears in korean and in english edition and it's telling the story with one very big picture all across its front page and just a short headline there stepping into the future right at the bottom there let's look at another one and another of the english language newspapers here this is the korea times and they have the headline there beyond division and another english language newspaper is the korea head herald again the historic pictures on the front page and also the headline on the other side of the cold koreas to declare an end to korean war quick look one of the korean language newspapers the biz best selling one is the shows on daily and it says it's the beginning or only the beginning of complete to nuclearization so this is a conservative newspaper a little bit more skeptical this is the best selling news paper it's worth telling
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you older people tend to be more conservative in newspapers nowadays or tend to be bought by older people remember though that many other younger koreans watched what happened using news channels which were broadcasting everything twenty four hours a day all of the events around the around the clock or on their screens and also of course on the internet and social media very different if you cross the other side of the demilitarized zone very limited coverage from the north korean state controlled media they have mentioned the meeting and they have mentioned the declaration let me read you what's on the news agency north and south korea affirm the common goal of realizing a nuclear free korean. insular through complete. denuclearize ations the words are there and they say it is a new milestone but they haven't shown very many of the pictures and very limited edited coverage in north korea remember they've not even talked yet about the idea going forward of a summit between trump and kim. what happens between now and whenever
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if donald trump meets with kim jong un well there are there's dialogue going on behind the scenes and has been really since the winter olympics the south koreans and north koreans will continue that dialogue and it's pretty clear now after the visit of my pompei own our secretary of state but he was still in the final days as cia director that u.s. contacts are ongoing with the north koreans the south koreans involved in that as well but not really any other allies involved and although mr pompei o i think will stay as the lead on this file i am told that it's likely that the cia will still be the main channel of communication rather than his new staff at the state department they will continue discussions one of the most important things i think we expecting soon according to the south korean president's office is some point
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a phone call from president moon to president trump because you saw those pictures of moon and kim on that blue bridge together talking for over half an hour with no other aides present they were clearly talking very candidly there the two leaders i think that some of what they said may well be relayed in a phone call to washington d.c. by the south korean president james many thanks to syria's diplomatic editor james space there in seoul. germany's chancellor angela merkel has visited washington for a brief meeting with the u.s. president she hopes to persuade donald trump not to impose new u.s. tariffs on european steel and early minium exports but top of locals agenda was the preservation of the iran nuclear deal which trump wants to abandon the iranian regime fuels violence bloodshed and care as all across the middle east we
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must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon and that iran ends its proliferation of dangerous missiles and its support for terrorism no matter where you go in the middle east wherever there's a problem around is right there. we are of the opinion that the nuclear deal with iran is a first step which has helped to slow down its activities and allow them to be better monitored but we also think from the german perspective that it's not enough to achieve a reliable outcome so more has to be done the ballistic missile program is a major cause of concern the fact that iran is exerting influence in syria and lebanon is also of great concern for us and we need to cut loose influence. estabrook has more from washington. well engle merkel came to the white house today as sort of a tag team with emanuel mccrone earlier in this week to try to convince president trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal and to not end those exemptions on tariffs
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on aluminum and and steel in both cases it's unknown what the president might do during a press conference this afternoon in the white house merkel mentioned as did mccrone that the iran nuclear deal is not perfect it's a framework that can be built upon but the president made no commitments either way as to whether or not he will stay in that deal on tariffs again said that the president said that he made no commitment as to whether or not he would extend those exemptions on the tariffs the deal with steel and aluminum and in both cases merkel said it is now up to the president it's important to keep in mind that these are two nations that have a very close relationship with the united states as emmanuel mccrone mentioned earlier in the week that this is a familial relationship that they might not agree on everything but there are things that these countries do still agree upon and they are still very strong
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allies leaders of the association of southeast asian nations will ask yanna gathering in singapore this weekend to discuss a wide range of issues children sleep this their. one of the main themes that would be of concern to the member states of russian based security now in the lead is in a joint statement issued pursuant to a working dinner on friday night said that the challenges facing r.c.n. include violent extremism cyber threats and climate change and of course there is the territorial dispute in the south china sea which involves china and several assy and countries while the countries are tackling that is by agreeing to drop a code of conduct which is being drafted at the moment then the of course there is the matter of the economy r.t. and it's one of the largest economic zones in the world the countries are committed to striving for even greater growth as well as deepening economic integration but if there is an area in which our three member states have sometimes been accused of
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not doing enough it is in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms down the block largely stood by in silence as cambodia clamp down on independent media and effectively shut to political opposition by dissolving the main opposition party and jailing political leaders there was very little censure philippine so-called war on drugs in which thousands have been killed extrajudicial and then there's the ongoing conflict in ian ma where fighting has intensified in northern kitchen state and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in rakhine state where seven hundred thousand muslim or hindu have led to escape persecution by the myanmar military so there have been calls from human rights activists for states to take on a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms a saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two whose leaders in yemen's capital saudi state television is reporting that the who thinks interior ministry
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was targeted in sanaa earlier in april rebel leader. died in a strike in western. the israeli army has struck six targets in the gaza strip and all the statement says that it was in response to a so-called mass infiltration attempt on friday three palestinians were killed as they marched right up to the israeli border the closest they've come in five weeks of protests stephanie decker reports from recent gaza. it happened all of a sudden a surge towards the border fence running in a different direction from where the protests have been focused all day the israeli soldiers had to reposition themselves the army issued a statement saying there was an attempt to infiltrate the border that they acted within the rules of engagement to thwart it but the soldiers opened fire it went on for quite some time yet.
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ambulances raced to pick up the wounded. guys suddenly ran in this direction to the fence they threw stones at the soldiers then the israelis opened heavy fire there are many injuries there really is a feeling here that people have lost their fear israel has said it will shoot the ball they get right up to the border fence that people here will tell you they have absolutely nothing left to lose. earlier in the day a small victory for these young boys israeli forces had warned the protestors over speakerphone in arabic to move back from the fence. when they didn't. to deal with the tear gas homemade gas masks and now being sold it could demo on how to use them these young men part of a generation who grew up under the blockade there are no jobs no opportunities they are stuck here as we get power from
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a peaceful protest they get their power from rifles and but it's because that potations will confront their rifles with us we have rights and we need our freedom . these three seem to discuss tactics maybe hoping for a brief moment of pride against one of the best equipped armies in the world now there was no obvious. like this in. the us for the youth here are the first situation. to voice what they want is change to be given their rights and their freedom and you can see despite the dangers of getting not put to the front no one is stopping . this friday has been described by many here as the most dramatic yet because the protesters came right up to israel spends israel's intelligence agency and the army
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have borne the israeli government that gaza could explode if the current restrictions continue they may be right people here say they've lost their fear that life in gaza has become unbearable that they have nothing left to lose stephanie decker or jazeera east gaza will get a weather update next here on houses here and then below the breadline take a look at why i'm so many people in argentina are struggling to make ends meet. from drones to fighter jets which check out the latest tech on display at the berlin asho. hello world wet two nice words for spring and they sort of typify the eastern states of the us and eastern canada the clouds suggest that the direction the cloud
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up from the south twenty seven in new york is a bit of a talk around a cold rainy seven hundred toronto has a bit of snow possibly in quebec oh yes and so i don't terria but that's really spring ish whether to bring the green this out even though cools down a bit on sunday surprisingly further west where you do see a bit of snow still in the northern rockies there has been rather a lack of snow this you know are thought to be a very snowy winter but all this side not so so we want to see a bit more and we're not going to snow back to be. exactly well it is obviously rain here at the white cloud suggests a good line from the bahamas through cuba back to yucatan peninsula and that's where the big showers will probably develop cuba's a good focus possibly jamaica certainly bahamas and back to mexico billie's and maybe guatemala and honduras big seemed possible just about down here in the southern hemisphere south america mostly it's a dry picture from halfway down brazil south was but not including bonus areas has
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seen some rain recently and as bit more still to come. us trillions multibillion dollar international student of history is booming but it has a dark side one of many of the salmon's widespread revelations of sexual assault on foreign universities to no desire for. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of things that matter to you. al-jazeera.
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the top stories on al-jazeera this hour u.s. president donald trump is about to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until there's a complete denuclearization of the peninsula his comments follow a historic declaration of peace between kim jong un a blue jay and friday. germany's chancellor angela merkel has visited washington for talks with president trump the top of vocals agenda is preserving the iran nuclear deal which donald trump is threatening to abandon. the israeli army has struck six targets in the gaza strip it says that it was in response to the so-called last infiltration attempt three palestinians were killed as demonstrators marched right up to israel's border fence. people in argentina are struggling with the rising cost of consumer goods with some of the poorest families especially at risk inflation has fallen to less than half its peak of forty seven percent in
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twenty sixteen but it's still the second highest rate in latin america after venezuela stories about reports. might be in the u.s. lives in one of the poorest areas of one of citing. a place that when it rains it is isolated from the other parts of the province because of buffy's won't dare to go in. but these days she has another reason to warry it in. eighty pest sauce we paid for this piece of beef eighty and it just goes up and up and we are trying to catch up but my husband's salary doesn't go up in the same way and that's the problem. marty lives in this house with her husband and two children inflation is a major issue in argentina especially in places like this one because it affects people's lives in every way this family for example says the food that you can see in this refrigerator from tomatoes eggs among other things they see the prices rise
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every month and that is physical for them to make ends meet. since taking office over two years ago president has been struggling to cut a double digit inflation rate inherited from the previous administration. but it hasn't been easy the government has also lifted the subsidies on utility bills that allow d'argent times to be cheaper electricity gas and water but that has also had an impact on prices. that's why this week bakers gave away over five thousand kilos of bread because they say customers cannot afford the rising bread prices anymore so i think the mood of the rise in the prices affects us because it has caused a rise in the costs of making bread but we cannot continue to pass the rising cost to the people because they cannot afford it if things go on like this then i will have to shut down. mackie's popularity has suffered in recent months because of
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some of the m. popular economic measures he has taken in the last year. the president says he's convinced he's doing the right thing for argentina. it is a law that nobody pays for the subsidies of gas and electricity we all pay for it with inflation and debt to pay for energy we have to end. a debt that our children and our grandchildren will have to pay the other alternative was to implement shock austerity measures but we are choosing to be gradually no reforms so that no argentine is left behind. with a changing government i didn't tina has become the darling of emerging markets but high inflation rates continue to be a challenge especially for people like madeline who have to struggle to get by. but influential former president of guatemala has died he signed the ninety ninety six peace accord which ended the country's thirty six year civil war was who was
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the mayor of the capital guatemala city when he died at the age of seventy two it suffered a heart attack while playing golf with friends. in the u.s. the republican led house intelligence committee says that there's no evidence that donald trump's presidential campaign colluded with russia a report released by the committee does criticize trump's eldest son for poor judgment over his e-mails about a meeting with a russian lawyer president trump says the report clears his campaign and the allegations against him were based on lies democrats however a challenging the findings the report is separate from the special counsel's investigation into the drug campaign's russia. i mean he is acting prime minister is refusing to hold talks with a leading opposition figure as anti-government protests continue there in color petty and called off the talks with a call me and accusing him of trying to dictate the agenda meaning is parliament meets next week to elect the prime minister of the search. resigned on monday
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following weeks of antigovernment rallies. china's president has hosted india's leader calling for greater cooperation between the countries she and paying held an informal summit with prime minister narendra modi at a time of tension along their shared border india has also raised concerns about china's belt and road initiative that includes a major infrastructure project through pakistan administered kashmir which india says is illegally occupied would be a shot on this head of politics and its national relations at the university of westminster he says that china's relationship with pakistan is influencing india's position. since last year india has been very cautious about china but more than that in also recognize that if it's a stench in a china then china will become even more close to pakistan already and therefore they were the strategy and part of indian government which of course very different to the indian government would like that india rather than challenging china almost
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backed out there and was very careful the use the language of measurement and then recently of course indian government also passed a circular asking if of which was not to meet the dalai lama all these indicated to china that in north keen on having this is an informal summit of course what would happen is strong macho leaders eventually meeting both of them very nationalist both of them does like a minority of both of them suspicious of foreign forces and trying to sort of reduce tensions but really it can be reduced or not we'll have to wait and see if any government or military is unlikely to react off usually because they would not want to alienate china and they would be hoping that this informal summit remains informal and concrete comes out of it and that the tension between india and china which is. under under that was this but pakistan would have an anxiety because of the defend itself largely from u.s. and with donald trump making it very clear that it still believes that doesn't you know haven't done enough for to fight against extremism and terrorism but it
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depends heavily on china so they would want this to remain more often or sort of shaking of hands agreement here and there but nothing substantial so pakistan would remain anxious about it many of the world's leading aviation manufacturers have converged on germany for the berlin airshow this year there's an emphasis on drone technology as dominic came reports as development is helping to spark a revolution in sustainable flight. april in berlin means two things potentially to ritual downpours and. this is the innovation and leadership in aerospace event for short with a huge range of planes helicopters and other airborne elements taking their turns to wire the crowds. one of the main themes of this year's event is drones and other unmanned aircraft and while many of the items here have more military applications the civilian use of this technology is clearly on show and this is
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where airbus sees a real opportunity demonstrating what they call the city airbus helicopter currently undergoing final test before a first flight later this year as yet it's a drone but one day its creators see it as an alternative to ground based taxis with the option to have a human driver to ferry the paying passengers and it will not be of the ip option because we want to democratize this kind of transportation so it will be comparable to our normal taxi and maybe even a bit cheaper and. in a certain point in future the burning asho is about far more than just unmanned drone fact knology out here on the tarmac the runway a bit of a product for many of the world's leading aviation manufacturers and indeed from the military on many of the airport visible well here it is way their product at europe's leading asho amid the different and graph to be seen on many from the german military which this year is presenting its hardware in combination with
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elements from its french counterparts germany and france they are the engine of europe so we are being part of that engine refocus here and berlin with all the industry has been present and that's what you see over here and that's what we have very part of and very proud to be it. organizers say it's all about showcasing the latest innovations in aircraft design and technology but for many people it's also a chance to get a close glimpse of jets they'd never be able to see otherwise dominant came. at the berlin azure. fans of the swedish pop legends will be thanking them for the music all over again as the baron records its first new material in thirty five you. report. it was nine hundred seventy four when a swedish band performed at the vision song contest.
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i. three minutes later. winning the contest and soon becoming sweden's biggest export pushing carmaker volvo into second place. beyond benny and a feat the first letter of the names made. the kitsch costumes dance music catchy disco songs dominated the music scene for more than a decade a truly european beat the soundtrack to a million camping holidays and operations for a brief moment the eighty's were married to the bees but soon divorced all in the public eye and they finally split in one thousand nine hundred. despite an offer of a billion dollars to reunite they refused until now we all four felt that off to some thirty five years it could be fun to join forces again and go into the
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recording studio so we did it was like time had stood still and then we'd only been away on a short holiday and extremely joyful experience. wanting to be remembered in their prime that performed by computerized avatar better versions of these one seen at the stockholm they will be next year but fans will be able to hear the song i still have faith in a special t.v. broadcast in december i'll go with the pop sensation the likes of which probably won't be seen again they did so in recent years this musical has been seen by a new generation some fifty four million people. will have to see whether these new songs performed by digital will make it onto the only other great. place in popular culture. with two films based on the songs created in recent years
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and as i said in the statement we may have come of age but the song is new and it feels good. and. it is good to have you with us adrian figure here in doha the top stories in the u.s. president donald trump has vowed to maintain maximum pressure on north korea until there's complete denuclearization on the peninsula his comments follow a historic declaration of peace between kim jong un. on friday i think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the president of the united states and i think we have i think i have a responsibility to see if i can do it and if i can't do it it will be a very tough time for a lot of countries and a lot of people. it's certainly something that i hope i can do for the world this is beyond the united states this is
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a world problem and it's something that i hope i'm able to do for the world germany's chancellor angela merkel has visited washington for talks with president trump at the top of merkel's agenda was preserving the iran nuclear deal which trump has threatened to abandon israeli army has struck six house naval targets in the gaza strip it says that it was in response to so-called mass infiltration attempt three palestinians were killed as demonstrators marched right up to israel's border fence more than half of syria's largest palestinian refugee camp has reportedly been destroyed as fighting between government troops and beisel fighters continues government jets and artillery pounded areas around yarmouk in southern damascus over the last twenty four hours the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees is warned of catastrophic consequences leaders of the association of southeast asian nations were asked you have a gathering in singapore to discuss issues affecting the region fears of a global trade war disputes in the south china sea and. crisis are expected to top
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the agenda armenia is acting prime minister is refusing to hold talks with a leading opposition figure as anti-government protests continue kind of petty and called off the talks with a call to shinny and accusing him of trying to dictate the agenda on media as parliament meets next week to elect a prime minister. resigned on monday following weeks of demonstrations there's the headlines more news on al-jazeera after what i want east next. there's a seven million in this room each with a story that didn't lie to the. witness the she meant to these children. and she's here.


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