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shipping at the ready threatening the saudi people while we will continue to assist saudi arabia with its diversity and support its right to defend its own borders a political solution is the only way to advance long term stability again with them the suffering and i know we agree on that the us secretary of state told gulf leaders that the told saudi leaders rather the gulf diplomatic crisis needs to end saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt have imposed an economic in bargo on qatar for almost a year also stressed to the foreign minister the gulf unity is necessary we need to achieve a south korea says kim jong un has promised to shut down the north's nuclear bomb test site next month they say the north korean leader made the plays during friday's summit with president moon j in a u.n. security council delegation has interviewed more than one hundred refugees who fled a military crackdown in neighboring myanmar large crowds of range and lined the
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roads as the team arrived in the bangladeshi town of cox's bazaar that's where some seven hundred thousand ranger remain in makeshift camps. the australian government has announced nearly four hundred million dollars to help save the great barrier reef and large parts of it have been dying off due to climate change and coastal pollution the new money will go towards improving water quality and killing destructive starfish but those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. in the line of fire of israeli snipers palestinian journalists come under attack on
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the front lines of the gaza protest two journalists have been killed in at least twelve inches in the last five weeks so all they being targeted is this is inside story. of their own welcome to the program i'm nora kyle thousands of journalists around the world are on the front lines of important stories often risking a lot to bring us the facts whilst trying hard not to become part of the story themselves but some palestinian journalists are accusing israel of deliberately targeting them as they cover the ongoing protests at the gaza border in just five short weeks two palestinian journalists have been killed by israeli snipers and at least twelve others injured israel denies it is targeting reporters but it's facing
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institutional criticism for using heavy handed tactics people in gaza have been under israeli blockade for gives a many unemployed in the weeks long protests along the israeli security fence appear to be escalating since they began nearly a month ago. yes and just a moment but first stephanie jacka reports on the challenges facing palestinian journalists. who are in one of the city's main hospitals and this is where a lot of the injured from the friday protests are being taken in the history. the struggling to cope because of the blockade that israel and egypt man tain on the gaza strip issues with the importing medical supplies medical equipment that are needed to treat the people and one of the patients here is twenty two year old a black man quaaludes now he is a journalist and there's video showing what happened to him the off to mark this friday showing the medics removing him taking him away from where he was injured by
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israeli sniper fire and what is interesting is the amount of journalists of palestinian journalists that have seemingly been targeted by israeli snipers over the last couple of weeks when. i was taking pictures near the border suddenly a sniper shot at me directly i tried to run and he shot another time and i fell down in my camera broke i thought by wearing the flak jacket in the helmet so it would protect me because wherever you go wearing a press badge should offer you protection but they shot at us deliberately so two palestinian journalists have been killed and twelve injured by life fire inside of that there's the challenges of treatment as we mentioned the hospitals are struggling to cope so a man still doesn't know when he's going to get some final treatment because of these kinds of challenges now we've had a report saying that the hospitals are dealing with more injuries than they had to deal with during the two thousand and fourteen gaza war israel's war and gaza and that is an enormous amount of people.
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ok let's bring in our guests now and joining us from gaza. a journalist who is a member of the palestinian journalists and ticket and survey of a sovereign well heads of the foreign news desk of the her newspaper and in liverpool in the u.k. elizabeth witchell from the committee to protect journalists a very warm welcome to all of you sunny let me start with you because you've been covering some of these protests along the israeli security fence why are journalists there being killed and injured. they have been killed and injured because of the messenger of the truth i think because israel thinks the truth is it's in the me and who who care is the truth that journalist that's why the israelis shooting or targeting the jordan is by mirroring them or wanting them especially vis a vis events and now it is near the border near the fence are peaceful march i mean
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there's only propaganda most of the time they are talking about palestinian people palestinian militia palestinian rockets palestinian gun shots but this time it is peaceful it is public public act no gunshots no shooting nothing that's why maybe israel is corner. by the by the palestinian civilians and who reveals the truth from the ground who reveals that israel is committing crimes near the border just the journalists and that's why they are targeting jordan is they are mere story ok so it just wanted to enter there because i want to just be clear here that these journalists are clearly marked as journalists i mean they're wearing vests that are marked as press in some cases perhaps they've even got helmets maybe perhaps in the international journalists cases are they also staying back from the fence so you know they've engaging in any provocative moves
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themselves i think they have achieved something by those of us by the way. achieved this something important for example i myself used to cover events from near the border but lost the fry the i did not because i'm scared i'm scared to cover to cover because i am sure i'm convinced that the israeli snipers are getting targeting journalists i am i am scared to be killed i am scared to lose one of my live limps. actually maybe it won he won twenty one civilians have lost their lower limbs because of the israeli strange gunshots according to me they said he was liable to use except loose of gunshots and very strange or even so-called cares. it is called gas canister but what is that i was
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afraid i am afraid to suffer suffocation maybe to die for example this is an example of what is called gas canisters by the israelis but it is i cannot describe it what is it but i can see that it is something strange and you see this canister nothing getting on it nothing what is the source or is it from u.k. from air america for russia nothing. nothing great in sound even the english under of journalists not clear lumber of journalists were injured through that gas canister on friday well is that because being dropped from drones according to what i have seen has been short by drawings or by israeli military jeeps that's why they are these these canisters are being shot very strongly and they are said to be this canister hit a boy in the face and open a big hole in his face nothing written on it so if there is an examination or an
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ear for example. an international committee for investigation they will found nothing and maybe there is a release there going on or it is not us because nothing no proof you see writing this this is this means death to hide some crimes just to get a question because i want to speak right here when you are covering these protests is there anything on me to mock you as a journalist yeah actually when i go there i have. a flak jacket and mask but despite of that i would like to assure here to make to focus on some point that even the flak jackets even the helmets do not the flak jackets and then we do not protect journalists because there is there any killers are sharpshooters there are snipers that's why when the israeli snipers killed us in malta despite yes they will tell you had the flak jacket but that is the latest lie bob is very clever ok or very a criminal that's why he shot that's why he shot him
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a gunshot just beneath the flak jacket he shot him in the abdomen and the electric is actually at the protests most of the chest but he hit him in the abdomen and the same with with the same ok has been also short in the abdomen the same gunshot which even if he if the palestinian journalists near the fence even if they have jackets and helmets they are not saved. assaf israel says it does not intentionally target generalists but from what we're hearing from sami and from the iranian story and step back is report it sounds like it's exact opposite i think that there is no government policy that these old building snipers to shoot through and honest i think that there are even the israeli government is realizing the damage the p.r. the image the shooting journalists would cause the israeli side. because of the media attention that helping journalists creates i do think that there is
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a declared the israeli policy to use. excessive force against the protest of the civilian protest of along the gaza strip and there is and to add to that there is no account of accountability to snipers who shot. up until now i think that the. these are the government is defending those night bills and instead of putting finding who who was the sniper who shot. who is the sniper who sort of a double hussein and they're putting them on price for breaking the windows they are protecting them and by that they're filth of all creating an image of if they really is deliberately hurting the journalists and second of all is there they are not getting. clarifying to other type of the truth is forbidden it is against the laws to add to that they think that the fact that there is
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a mass uses of snipers against civilians along the gaza strip unarmed civilians which according to even the i.d.f. both spokespersons twenty six but it's thin small shot without carrying any element in the hands of these according to these really all me. a lot of the snipers along the border much freedom to shoot whoever they like i don't know what happened in those specific cases that all internal investigations by d.s. really i mean i don't know if we're there we lose. personally i'm doubtful that we would learn what really happened according to by those investigations. and they don't know what went inside the minds of those type of the shot them i believe what somebody said that it was deliberate i don't think that there. is a possibility of snipers missing but when death of a bomb with other will show it when your thumb or total struck was shot. if you days before that these early books books both on the cloud that they know exactly
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where it would have landed right which means they think you're sponsibility for that ok changed it changed a bit with a comment of hussein. you can notice that he's the only patient up until now that was wounded during the puerto in gaza that was hospitalized in a hospital and that is even that the. news organization he works for with affiliated with one with a political party in britain political party which is the find the children edition by israel and instead of like they played the claim about the other t.v. the hamas ability if they didn't say it about them it up with saying they are learning that it is not working to try to. ok. that may well be lacking that it's looking like playing it when we have because so israeli snipers was suggesting seem to be acting with impunity and what message does that send absolutely if if the. government does not step up immediately and
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if us all i.d.f. investigations what has happened isn't isn't completed and made public then all it does is this is reinforced. and you know what's looking like a very appalling pattern of targeting journalists who are covering. were all peaceful protests. and it's not. you know one might be think you know journalists working on the front lines are putting themselves in danger and it happens all the time but it is the kind of attack does not happen all the time it has happened sadly but it's not. you know it doesn't make up the majority of attacks we see against journalists who are targeted in very different ways by. you know people who are seeking to silence them are present for their journalism and to see you know forces. really opening fire and to see these
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high numbers of journalists injured in as well as to be killed is is. setting what is a very unfortunate. precedents word of what protection should journalists expect to have covering these sorts of protests when you do have the israeli side saying if you come close to the fence you are a legitimate target in these very different and unusual circumstances what protection is going jonathan expect well i think they can expect that if they're carrying cameras and if they're covering something news where they should be they should expect the freedom to do that it's an important function of of all society is. an important element of of you know it's a it's people have the right to know what's going on on the ground and you really can't operate in. an invite you can't
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a you know something that their press. you know should be who should be the protection that they need and i think that in this particular case we need to look at how protests are handled in this. in this region and you know that more than one non-lethal non-lethal meant measures need to be employed and you know this is this is not the appropriate response for assad to these killings i have have they stopped many of your journalism colleagues from attending the protests and covering them i mean when you yourself didn't go on friday do you think you'll go back and many of your colleagues saying it's just not worth covering it i think actually i'm one of them actually actually i am one of those who was who stopped covering mrs. last friday we must go to the fence because i'm afraid that it will i think i mentioned i am afraid that my children will be orphans because there is
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a really. good thing journalists. and some don't and it's also the they have no other choice it is their main source of living that's why they are trying to go despite danger because there is no opportunities but workable eternity's in gaza visit them in their main. source of living for them this might also we believe that that their this policy i mean meir that in jhana lists meddling is not in your policy it is very ancient it is from the beginning of the establishment of israel let's see if one example of during the last time the father they have killed italian journalist or fairly sure a law in the west bank in two thousand and three. they have they have killed him with six gunshots in the rafa they have murdered the british camera man james miller this while he was raising a white flag in africa i think they killed him they killed him some of his own or
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injure me in with a gunshot and continued and also we don't forget the publication our authors come in a man who has been killed on the spot with a canon green ape and he has been ripped apart on the spot i mean it isn't there isn't a the targeting of journalists is not and your policy. during the march of last year but this time the scale it's why because the last in the last year or in the last couple of years. so-called arab spring they are claiming that israel is the office of democracy in the region. and the israeli army is their wards most moral army but the ad but the palace scene in germany is or this model very thin and if that is an aisle is the aussies of a clear crimes were criminals who are going to get that i think a civilian is ok far lets get out and get the view on the other side so i guess i
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can bring you at this point because what is it like being an israeli journalist covering these protests first of all personally i am enduring world news so i'm covering not covering the part of themselves i'm not the along the fence so i cannot justify myself in general for. these early media. for jewish israeli media israel is still a democracy there is going to scan of jewish children are still free to say whatever they like to go wherever they want to do whatever the they want if there is pressure it's not from the government it's the civil society the part of the civil society that are less tolerant to some views a i am working for house which puts freedom of speech as it's called value and i am allowed to say whatever i like and they've been tested the borders of for that mean a. we hope we all of the jewish journalists are free to do whatever we want
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whatever we think it is right for our profession and that's not true for part of the enjoyment it's not in so i did learn a lot in the west bank is true surely not in gaza a as for the reporting about it and the great multiple turn form the israeli side there is no room for it at the moment there is no danger of the go there was no not even a single day so is really doing this five weeks between forty five i mean that as you've been really don't want to say about this haven't you and i did see today that you've had a lawsuit brought against you by right wing organization able to talk about that yes there. not in details and there was some right wing organization the leader of fighting to. keep away all the effort going to a few jews that are known as well and they commented about the about them and they sued me for my words. actually they didn't to do certain to some of the having to
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do it. still it still hanging over my head it's not pleasant some journalists happens more often but it's not the government governmental pressure on me it's part of the tensions that the in the thirty's or thirty i guess that some journalists are not feeling free to say what they were left with journalists working for is really mainstream media most of it might think twice before things open things because they know they might get told ok the family can also say and i may buy them just like me so you can say i should think that many people many journalists in gaza also have to think twice before reporting what they want to report on how politicized is the situation that we can see that you can see that it is some sort of putting himself in danger which is not logic but no other choice. in brief i mean i mean they have not for example they join us in gaza we have no no
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safety safety equipments for example why also because of israel which means that isn't a is behind it it's directions of covering the news from gaza israel is behind preventing flak jackets preventing the entry of flak jackets and helmets for palestinian journalists in gaza. they don't want to reveal truth from gaza and i think it is a governor his government old his governmental policies listen for example in one thousand nine hundred ninety two is a assessing palestinian writer where is it in rome or is it government that will not government ok this is not you are not american out of that i'm a little bit want to go back to elizabeth and just ask her in the broader picture how being a journalist in guards or both within the strip and reporting and feeling pressure
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from perhaps outside of the strip how does that compare to other places in the world. certainly emerging at this time is as one of them are dangerous environments . i think we're seeing a lot of the same elements that we see in other countries where. journalists are being labelled as combatants or. being linked to terrorism rather than the distinction being made between covering engaging in an activity that might be. seen as legal in anti-state activity so we're kind of secure seeing you know some of the same patterns play out that we see in many other countries where journalists maybe in another country they might be detained or arrested and sent there to harsh penalties some countries we see journalists you know targeted for murder so it's a kind of different scenario and i can't really i would really like to say one is more dangerous or difficult or more challenging than another. but i think we're
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seeing many of that you know very basic elements a certain. lack of understanding on the part of authorities of what the rights and the role of journalists are the need for a dialogue between media and between government parties and security services. to bridge those differences and. you know and we are seeing. as a colleague pointed out. you know what happens when you know journalists don't have access to safety equipment and good safety training for whatever reason in this case you know to be political but for other journalists it's a question of resources these are expensive and difficult. things to obtain when you're a local journalist often working on a freelance basis so i think we're seeing really you know an escalation of many different elements that make journalism dangerous in many countries right now. and
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it's. and it's unfortunate to see you know to see see this as she happening every day ok well we will have to leave it there we've got three more weeks of these processes we will watch closely to see how they are dealt with by the israeli military many thanks to all our guests today for joining us sami abu salim of the finale and elizabeth witchell and thank you for watching because of the program again any time by visiting a website as al-jazeera dot com about a discussion to get off facebook pages that's facebook dot com full slash a.j. inside story and also join the conversation on twitter one hundred list at a.j. inside story from the laura kyle and the whole team here at five hundred.
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which part you know are part of the world some people think you are stupid or crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera discover a well for the win in programming from around the globe challenge your perceptions but i was here it sounded so far fetched that i. but there were five but lo and behold it was true groundbreaking documentary it's. clear this journalism life that we. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.


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