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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 120  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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and a highly targeted nuclear weapons program the question is whether that will convince the wider world that that means that the iran nuclear deal itself is entirely worthless it probably will do a lot to buttress the case of those united states who feel that way and that is presumably that the bet that doesn't yahoo is placing here it's something that he wants to see very dearly the end to this deal he sees it as not fit for constraining iran's nuclear ambitions something that the white house is saying in almost interchangeable language at the moment so a lot of stagecraft and a lot of detail on offer here the question is to what extent it will tip the scales in the favor of an end to the iran nuclear deal and however being kind of speculating now exactly how they got their hands on this archive just briefly i suppose we're all looking to masand. indeed yes i mean that that will be that that
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is israel's foreign intelligence service they have been engaged deeply in trying to combat iran's ambitions in all sorts of fields and so obviously the interpretation is that that mossad was involved in this in this mission he says that the archive was transferred in two thousand and seventeen to this building that he that he put on the map behind him and presumably the fact they knew that suggests how they say at least they managed to get the information thank you say where there's inside stories. ratcheting up the rhetoric against iran the newly appointed u.s.
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secretary of state says the iranians are threats and urges more sanctions but what kind of threats is iran to the u.s. and the region and kind of iranian influence be contains this is the inside story. of the welcome to inside story on lorica the newly installed u.s. secretary of state has wraps up his three country tour of the middle east in jordan where he met the foreign minister and king abdullah might pump underscore the importance of the jordanian role in helping solve conflicts in neighboring countries in particular palestinian leaders to reengage in talks with israel and america's top diplomat a united front against what the white house says as the regional threat posed by
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iran a message he emphasized in both saudi arabia and israel hard force it has more from west jerusalem. in the middle east mike pompeo double down on the theme that has dominated his first international trip as secretary of state iran's threat to the region and the world and the solidifying u.s. threat to pull out of the iran nuclear deal iran and destabilize this entire region that supports proxy militias and terrorist groups it arms it is an arms dealer to the who the rebels. and iran conducts cyber hacking campaigns that supports the murderous assad regime as well compares arrival in riyadh followed a barrage of eight ballistic missiles fired into saudi territory by hooty fighters in yemen the u.s. and saudi arabia say such missiles come from iran or combine that ticket and we also think that iran should be dealt with by imposing further sanctions further violations of international laws relating to ballistic missiles. iranian missiles
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are a chief concern of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu his focus on the risk of their being fired from iranian bases in syria and by hezbollah from lebanon with his talk of a u.s. pullout from the iran deal and new sanctions against tehran pompei as language was almost interchangeable with netanyahu we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and iran's ambition to dominate the middle east the remains of people thought that iran's aggression would be moderated as a result of signing the do the opposite has happened and iran is trying to gobble up one country after the other both men welcome the u.s. embassy move from tel aviv to jerusalem for the fourteenth of may the day the israeli state was declared seventy years ago maintain that final boundaries within jerusalem were up for negotiation that the us was committed to a lasting peace between israel and the palestinians there was no mention though of the recent demonstrations along the gaza border fence where israeli snipers have
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shot unarmed protesters killing dozens and injuring hundreds my pompei was a different proposition from his predecessor rex tillerson who spent most of his tenure as secretary of state in a state of it best same a detachment from the white house is seen as very close to president trouble in particular on the issue of iran and so that gives his words extra weight even perhaps especially when they mirror one of two listens frequent messages that saudi arabia's blockade on qatar should and they also stress to the foreign minister that go for unity is necessary we need to achieve it and report in the new york times said the message away from the cameras was more direct enough is enough stop the blockade by the time pump am moved on to jordan his chief aim seemed established laying the groundwork for tougher action against iran clear two of the obstacles the e.u. russia and china have all warned against scrapping the nuclear deal the decision will be donald trump's the deadline may the twelfth are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. well the countdown is on to may twelfth and
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it appears even trump's close his aides don't know which way he'll go u.s. national security adviser john bolton who is no fan of the iran nuclear agreement told fox news on sunday that trump has made no decision on the nuclear deal whether to stay in or get out. ok well let's bring in our guests now and joining us here in doha juan cole a visiting festa at the center for gulf studies at cattle university from tehran mohammad marandi head of the north american studies graduate program at the university of tehran and from beirut via skype joseph to chichen middle east analyst and senior fellow at the king faisal center for islamic studies if i would welcome to all of you mark first of all let's get an idea of iran's reaction to this very clear message that we're hearing from pompei are that iran destabilize is the region that is the main threats and needs to be contained i think the iranians
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would respond by saying that the israeli regime is subjugating the palestinians it is murdering people on the border of gaza and the saudis on the other hand and the israelis are constantly bombing syria against international law and the saudis they kidnap prime ministers they invade countries like yemen they invade bad reign and keep the dictator in power they commit bring about as they brought about a siege against the tab and they've spread extremism to syria and iraq and of course they haven't succeeded in untag in izing turkey so i don't think that the americans really are in much of a position to talk about iran's behavior in this region iran and iran has very good relations with iraq which the americans brought to power and its allies and elected
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government in iran has prevented isis and al-qaeda in their affiliates those groups that the united states and its allies are allowed to enter syria iran's help to prevent them from taking the country and it's the united states is helping the saudis to strangle the yemeni people so they are. the iranians really don't think americans have my second play about ok one what do you think about that. something that the us some in the us at least might agree with me and trying to get the ball that's why. we're breaking into programming to take a stance in the white house where president trump who is hosting the nigerian president hasn't come into bihari is about to give a press conference let's listen and i'm honored to host president hu hari of nigeria at the white house right here in the beautiful rose garden president who are you want to thank you very much for traveling to washington for these
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important discussions to take to pleasure to welcome you to our nation's capital nigeria's largest democracy africa as i can in our discussions united states deeply values and appreciates nigeria's role as a strong democratic leader in the region the united states is currently working to expand trade and commercial ties with african nations including nigeria to create jobs and wealth in all of our countries. we hope to be the economic partner of choice for nations across the continent and all around the world and you see what's happening with respect to trade and the united states we are being respected again i hope all african countries and countries throughout the world that we also will be supporting you and that they will likewise support us in our bid long with canada and mexico for the two thousand and twenty
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six world cup. we will be watching very closely and any help that they could give us in that bid we would appreciate i'm pleased that nigeria is one of our largest trading partners in the region and we look forward to growing our trade relationship based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity but we give nigeria well over one billion dollars in aid every year and we have already started talking with the president about taking down the trade barriers very substantial barriers to the united states trading with nigeria so we think that we are owed that president bush has also taken several steps to fight corruption and improve the nigerian business climate and most of all to me it again is ripping down those trade barriers these measures will make it easier for nigeria and the
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united states companies to invest and we will be investing substantially in nigeria if they can create that level playing field that we have to very much ask for and maybe demand i especially want to thank president to hurry for nigeria's partnership and leadership in the fight against terrorism he's been a real leader nigeria was one of the first african nations to join the coalition to defeat isis and nigerian forces are currently leading regional efforts against isis in west africa and doing very well as we have nigeria's also leading african nations in the fight against boko haram and another ruth ruthless jihadist terrorist group they have been reading about them they kidnapped the young girls and young women many of whom never are seen again. stuff
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stuff this summer is my honor to meet with two brave young women joy and lydia. who were kidnapped by boko haram in april of twenty thousand and fourteen at the secondary school in nigeria i was deeply moved by their inspiring stories of courage resilience and survival they really were two amazing young women i told joya lydia my administration is committed to come batting both jihadist terrorism and the school of human trafficking and sparkling in the world today there is more human trafficking than there has ever been if you can believe this they use the internet better than almost anybody is able to use the internet so think of it in a modern world in this world there's more human trafficking and slavery
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than at any time in the history of this world it's hard to believe to protect americans from these menaces have called on congress to close deadly immigration loopholes that are exploited by terrorists traffickers and criminals just look at our southern border and our weaken obsolete immigration laws they are obsolete and they are weak and they are pathetic and there's no country in the world that has laws like we do they've got to change and they've got to change now for the safety of our country. we're also helping our nigerian partners by facilitating intelligence cooperation and providing training and military equipment to nigerian forces for example we recently sold nigeria twelve usa twenty nine super caetano aircraft its great aircraft in the first ever sale of american military equipment
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to nigeria these new aircraft will improve nigeria's ability to target terrorists and protect civilians finally were deeply concerned by religious violence in nigeria including the burning of churches and the killing and persecution of christians it's a horrible story we encourage nigeria and the federal state and local leaders to do everything in their power to immediately secure the affected communities and to protect innocent civilians of all face including muslims and including christians mr president thank you again for visiting the white house and being with us today nigeria is a valued partner and a good friend i look forward to working closely with you to deepen our cooperation and forge an even closer partnership the united states is committed to working alongside nigeria as we seek
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a future of strength prosperity and peace for both of our countries mr president thank you very much thank you the president of the united states of america ladies and gentlemen of the media it has been a pleasure. to visit washington d.c. at the kind invitation of president do not trump. nigeria and the united states a long history of choros and codell relations which encompass political economic military social and cultural cooperation or two countries maintain a strategic partnership for peace and security conflict resolution as well as
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a global fight against terrorism we also share a common future as a secular federal state pretty soon a similar to more critical model of governance and a committed to the universal values of fundamental human rights and freedoms free enterprise social justice and the rule of law. present tramp and his team and myself and the nigerian team discussed issues related to security trade governance human rights and humanitarian crisis. we congratulated the leaders of the north and south korea on the historic city and we applaud them for the first two commitment they have made towards do nuclearization of the korean
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peninsula and insula president ram deserves a great deal of credit for his statement a road in transform in so dramatically the course of events in that region. we also congratulated the united states government on the important role it played in the duty to isis although some of the remnants have appreciated very much the united states agreement to sell twelve sue for two colonel a twenty nine warplanes and weapons to nigeria to effectively fight terrorism to contain the speedo inside and say in nigeria the federal government has adopted a multi sectorial approach in baldwin related government agencies to address the sushi economy in full to cover their missions was the armed forces of nigeria as is
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the civil of forty two from where security and maintaining law and order. as part of efforts to address imagine cases of insurgency in the country the nigerian military i don't have to read the nigerian military draft it counter-terrorism insurgency approach code name operation safe corrido to direct the radicalized rehabilitate and reintegrate willingly surrendered woke her members into the larger society. this program is currently embarking on a number of projects including the kill a position centers and integrity farms comprising four three bush phone and greenhouse warming among us a number of international partners including the international organization for
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migration have contributed to the success of operation safe corridor we indicated that we were appreciate whatever support we could also get from the united states we exparel great to the united states support in the reconstruction and rehabilitation apposed in the north east of nigeria as well as humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced persons through agencies such as a united. for international development and other international partners the united states of america has been to date the biggest contributor to the humanitarian response l.s.a. i gave up work natalie a billion not to say dollars in cash and in kind contribution to the united nations and into governmental organizations these him nearly supported
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protection activities have put assistance and shelter. we are doing all we can to secure the release of the remaining abducted suppose guys from death she and she book in this context we will continue to welcome you not to say collaboration intelligence together and hostage negotiations and information sharing the government is taking necessary steps to promote the peaceful coexistence of hides men and farmers by focusing on boost in security and fossilization that will guarantee borders and pharmacy access to land extend our congress solution to present trump and his government on the improve the performance of the united states economy and his watch. aim is to
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diversify our own economy by focusing on agriculture and food security. and infrastructure we have cut the importation of rice by ninety percent they are by saving a significant amount of money we very much welcome increased united states investment in nigeria economy especially the nun or oil sector economy collations be to nigeria and the united states and god on siri instrument namely that by a national commission trade and investment framework agreement and africa growth and effort unity act the way national commission in particular can present by later political economy there were mental and humanitarian partnership is at this in economic framework where engagement between two countries. nigeria's trade well it
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was a united states stood at six going to zero seven billion united states dollars according to two thousand and sixteen statistics and conference for four and seven six billion united states dollars was of nigerian export to the united states and one point eight or nine and four billion united states dollars exports to nigeria we are greater effort to increase these figures substation. we thank the united states government very much for cooperation we have received in our efforts to recover stolen funds. to governments if with the machinery in place for their respective attorney generals to collaborate in ensuring their turn to nigeria or about five hundred million not to say the loss of looted funds
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siphoned away in banks around the world in this connection we congratulate the united states government can learn chin left talk or say i said the recovery initiated which was spearheaded was a united state department of justice said full feature and money laundering we hoped that we could continue to count on united states support in this area the government on nigeria remains deeply committed to the principles of human rights as well as from motion and for people's freedom even in the process of fighting terror we commit to ensure that all due to mental cases or human rights abuses investigated insoles responsible for where lucian held responsible i thank you very much willacy thank you mr president thank you very much thank you
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sarah. steve miller of the washington times place washington times thank you steve thank you mr president. had a two parter on our immigration last week in the supreme court case over your travel where the lawyers for the opponents said that a few would simply apologize for some of your own rhetoric during the campaign the whole case would go away and i was wondering if you i don't think it would number one and there's no reason to apologize our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster to laughed at all over the world they laughed at for this stupidity and we have to have strong immigration laws and so i think if i apologize would make ten cents worth of difference to them there's nothing to apologize for we have to have strong immigration laws to protect our country and looking to the
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future of the caravan has arrived at the us we've been watching it we've been watching it's and i'm just wondering in your opinion of your estimation what percentage of those people do you believe are deserving of asylum in the u.s. well i won't get into percentages but we are a nation of laws we have to have borders without borders we don't have a country and i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up and you know the mexican laws are very tough on immigration extremely tough and it started out with way over one thousand people i guess now it's down to about one hundred going all through mexico people don't realize what a big country mexico is but it came down by a lot and now we're working on the border with the worst laws any country no matter where you go all over the world they can't even believe it and we're doing the best we can with that but we have to have changes in congress and we have to have it quickly we need a wall number one and you see that right now you know where they are even though
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it's not a particularly good wallet even though a small percentage can climb to the top they have to be extremely good shape but a small. senator can climb that particular wall we have a wall that's much more difficult but if you didn't have that you'd have thousands of people just pouring into our country you gotta have a wall and we need border security and we will have border security as you know we're sending many many national guardsman down to the border most of them are already there and that's having a big impact but. we need a change in the law catch and release is ridiculous if they touch our property if they touch our country essentially you catch them and you release them into our country that's not acceptable to anybody so we need a change in the law. mr president. when you were sitting down in the oval office with president trump who overran or not wanting to be the policeman for
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the world we're going to arguments that you make to convince them to continue a military presence for the u.s. in your country and what argument that you make to him hell receptive wasn't i a convents in order to mean you notice a person who's in my country this send a training team because i'm their experience is to train. it's similar training is to sheens and moved to the crashes area to see how the train for forming i think this is one of the best in the united states could do for us to say to the country . and he agreed with that i do very much so that i think important. and you will win more and more it because it's a very fair question and we more and more are not wanting to be the policeman of the world and we're spending tremendous amounts of money for decades on policing the world and that shouldn't be our priority we want to police ourselves and we
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want to rebuild our country and the president understands that and they've come a long way they're doing a great job with contributing to that but they have done a great what we do want to do though is open nigeria and other countries up to trade because we have spent over the last decade a number that so large you wouldn't even believe it and i think we'll be treated in a reciprocal fashion now as of today so i think that's going to happen and i have great respect for the president ok how about jordan fabian was doing jordan the hill thank you. thank you thank you thank you mr president i want to ask you about iran the air israeli prime minister just gave a speech very critical of their nuclear program i want to.


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