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oh. this is. headquarters here. coming up in the next sixty minutes i was. waiting for a change. in the d.m.z. between north korea looks like. for the forthcoming talks between. diplomacy . being very friendly with china. one of the most senior officials to stand trial. sex abuse charges.
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will be in this news in the armenian capital yet of on where thousands have gathered outside the parliament building which will soon vote to elect a new prime minister. and. he's the opposition leader nicole he is the sole candidate for the job after a deadline passed on monday with no other candidate entering the race now the vote follows two weeks of protests that forced the long time leader. to step down. has been facing questions about his vision of the armenian future. i've gotten through croom armenia should eradicate the thirty percent poverty that is the most shameful thing and there should be no poverty in armenia but that should be chief not through charity but through putting people's best abilities to use i want to
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underscore that this movement is about the victory of the citizen our primary mission is to organize free and fair elections in armenia the absence of which since the one nine hundred ninety s. is at the base of the situation we're in now robin frist a walker joins us live from europe and so robin how long until we know it is a done deal so they just crossing eyes and dotting the ts one assumes. that would be wrong to assume that peter because we still don't know which way the governing republican party is going to vote they have said that they will not obstruct this vote they have not put forward a candidate which was a huge relief to all the supporters of nicole passion yeah and it was assumed that that meant he was going to be the next prime minister but we still need to wait and see whether that republican party the governing party of armenia for the last twenty years has woken up and appreciated that the people want nicko passion eon elected it's become clear over the last few weeks with this massive groundswell
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of support for him on the streets of the capital and in towns across the country and in villages across the country than it is wanted and at the moment everybody is either on the square listening or they they've they've come away from the square to get some shade this is a long debate going on but they're listening to the debate on their car radios or watching it on t.v. screens possibly the most popular debates in parliament that you would expect that we would normally expect from from a public but the people sense that they are close to something rather extraordinary to history being made and we'll find out in the next couple of hours they only need six seats from the republican party to have the majority that they need will the republican party digging their heels because if that happens there will be many many angry frustrated people on the streets up to now this protest movement has been peaceful it's been all about that that's why they call it
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a velvet revolution but it remains to be seen just yet whether or not the movement is going to get what it wants today so badly because the armenian people so frustrated with the situation as it's been up to now for many years with as you were hearing from him there talking about the issue of the brain drain people leaving. because they have been given up so much hope and been so frustrated by the political system no opportunities lack of jobs a very poor economic situation and the sense of huge corruption at all levels of the administration and in it bureaucracy and that is why people want to change ok in terms of that change that you're talking about there robin i mean up to now it's been a soft authoritarian state particularly since the fall of the old u.s.s.r. so what does it become when mr passion young gets the job if he gets the job. you're right it's
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a classic case of how things turned out after the fall of the soviet union for countries like armenia where you end up with a slight towards the authoritarianism and yes i should say that armenia pass is not the worst. but everybody was so frustrated with that move by. c.n.n. to sort of promote himself with a new role still as leader but as the prime minister and wanting to keep his old house even the president's residence and the author terry that was used to quell protests in the past the cronyism now what they want and what they call passion you know he's promising them is a new start because they have been able to realize that they are incapable of. bringing about changes and voting in free and fair elections is the key objective now if nicholl question gets to be prime minister he will head a transitional government they will try to effect electoral reform that will give
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even playing field more level playing field for parliamentary elections at some point soon and then the people will have another opportunity to speak at the ballot box and take this movement to another level and armenia to a very new uncertain but exciting. democratic future robin will come by each if there are any developments in the meantime thanks very much. the u.s. president says he likes the idea of meeting the north korean leader at the same location as last week's historic summits with the south koreans in the latest move towards reconciliation south korea has begun dismantling huge loudspeakers that used to play north broadcasts across the border kathy novak is in seoul. during times of heightened tensions here on the korean peninsula north and south korea have used the loudspeakers to broadcast propaganda messages across the border south korea's messages have included news weather and k.
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pop music it often provoked an angry response from north korea which tightly controls the information it allows its citizens to access but relations between the two countries have been improving south korean k. pop artists were even welcome to pyongyang recently for a performance and the leader kim jong un was in the audience and as part of the declaration signed between him and south korean president moon j n on friday the two koreas agreed the propaganda campaigns would stop south korea begin dismantling its speakers on choose day in the north reportedly did the same and after that historic summit between the two koreas there's now the possibility that a meeting between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un could take place at the same border village the date and location have not been confirmed yet but donald trump says he likes the idea of having the meeting at the demilitarized zone because he says if things work out there's a great celebration to be had on the site. a propaganda show and
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a pack of lies that was the reaction from iraq to allegations from the israeli prime minister about iranian nuclear weapons benjamin netanyahu showed reporters in tel aviv what he calls conclusive proof that tehran had at one point a weapons program and u.s. diplomats say they believe netanyahu and the e.u. and germany are investigating those israeli cues ations particle from washington. it wasn't you know suspicious start a technical glitch with the audio meant a brief delay describing a highly sophisticated intelligence operation this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse. but from the inside israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says his intelligence agents tracked the paperwork from an iranian nuclear weapons program to this building and that they were able to take this. proudly displaying paperwork and disks he says were from iran according to his own visuals the program ended in two thousand and three but he alleged it continued in
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secret using these visuals and television performance to send the message the iran deal the nuclear issue is based on lies it's based on iranian lies and the rain in deception one hundred thousand files right here prove that their logs at the white house it was clear the u.s. president was impressed by what he saw i think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right that matters because by may twelfth the president will decide if the u.s. sanctions will continue to be waved under the iran nuclear deal negotiated between the u.s. iran and five other countries around foreign minister dismissed the new allegations tweeting breaking the boy you can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at unga you can only fool some of the people so many times the
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president has said nobody knows what he's going to do perhaps trying to build suspense but there seems a lot less of that after what he saw on his t.v. pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. well the white house says a clerical error forced it to correct its response to those allegations from mr netanyahu in a written statement its press secretary initially mentioned that the israeli information shows iran has a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program shortly after the sentence was modified to say had such a program well that matters because an existing nuclear program would put iran in violation of the twenty fifteen agreement to the core of netanya whose presentation was that iran had lied about the program's existence before that deal was signed and twenty fifteen and elected in twenty sixteen since the deal inspectors from the i.a.e.a. a the international atomic energy agency have submitted nine reports showing iran
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has been complying with its stated commitments iran has twice narrowly exceeded the deal's limits on heavy water for nuclear reactors but in both cases it shipped that excess out of the country again complying with the strictures of the deal robert kelly is a former director of analysis with the i.a.e.a. he joins us on skype now from vienna good to talk to you again just separate from us here we seem to get a cascading effect here of dates what netanyahu is talking about is a nuclear weapons program going back to the beginning of this century two thousand and two two thousand and three. that's one of the things that first drag to about their netanyahu speech is the dates are all missing everything he presented it appears to be related to developing nuclear weapons was long ago and is well known there is nothing that he presented about the former weapons program that was news i think what you have to see is there are a lot of countries have a lot of secrets they like to keep him holding some of these feet to the bar and
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saying admit everything you did last fifty years is not going to happen we're looking to the future ok looking to the future when the us says we believe what the israeli is a saying is the u.s. speaking with a slightly fault tone here because one assumes here with satellite technology the pentagon and the state department they would know if iran was doing something with nuclear weapons as opposed to its nuclear ambitions as covered by the twenty fifteen slice sixteen nuclear deal. right a nuclear deal is there to prevent them from producing highly enriched uranium to make weapons themselves obviously iran is familiar with how to build a weapon and netanyahu looks and pictures that were basically cartoons saying look at what they know i have the same curtains on the internet so it's hard to imagine that the u.s. would not know about a nuclear weapons program the key ally e.a. is to stop producing nuclear materials that's why the j p c away is so good that it
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stops them from using metal rods they have mr kelly i'm assuming here that given your pos job you have routed around through emails communications you know people like the iranians the israelis the americans keep their records so given that we did israel maybe get this information from. i think one of the places they may have gotten when you see the fifty thousand number it's very reminiscent of when we have fifty thousand telegrams from iraq to suppliers of equipment in europe in the one nine hundred eighty s. i know that that same information exists in the rand we've seen hints of the in other analyses i would be expecting that an awful lot of what netanyahu says he has are english language telegrams to suppliers in the western world and those telegrams are intercepted two decades ago ok it's decision day on may the twelfth
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for donald trump on the trumpet ministration views of the iran nuclear deal do you think he'll use this to blend it into walking away from the deal or not i think it the case has been made very well now that the j c p a where he needs to stand because the jury c.p.o. away is the thing it's keeping the information that netanyahu presented yesterday from being actualized there's not going to be a nuclear weapons program there's a j.c.b. away so term would be a fool to walk away from this point all the callee in vienna thank you today. plenty will still to come here on the news for you including these stories afghanistan is mourning dozens of victims of that attack on monday. and the last minute the u.s. puts off imposing widespread trade tariffs. at the boston celtics why they're ready to end a decade long wait for a championship action from the n.b.a. playoffs coming up in the sports news.
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ok let's get more for you on the story we were just discussing there with robert kelly what benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister has been saying about nuclear weapons in that region of life now to hurry forces correspondent in west jerusalem harry what's the reaction where you are. well very much praising the israeli media the how of all this the the getting of this intelligence but somewhat nonplussed by what actually was that the content of it that's pretty much in capsulated in the times of israel headline which talks about the stunning op which it says overshadowed the actual intelligence stolen when you consider that half a ton of material benjamin netanyahu says was taken hundreds of thousands of documents one hundred ninety three cd roms all detailed in this very slick
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presentation it is if it is true and if this is what actually happened pretty incredible intelligence operation but the actual content according to the haaretz newspaper it represents a photograph of a smoking gun taken some years ago as opposed to a smoking gun i mean on that point hundred ninety three c.d.'s rather than that information being contained on more modern type of storage devices shows the vintage of it netanyahu in his own comments said that it was a program which was suspended in two thousand and three and so he is saying that this shows that the iranians have gone into the deal in bad faith with lies and therefore that undermines the entire deal the u. even quoting jim mattis the u.s. defense secretary some time ago saying that the whole point of the j.c. p.o. of the iran nuclear deal was the assumption that iran had a program and that was lying about it and that the language used there in was
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designed to try and counteract those those misleading statements and ensure that iran did not obtain a nuclear weapon in the future and so it will presumably that this presentation that netanyahu made last night it's not going to do very much in terms of convincing anyone on the i.a.e.a. i.a.e.a. rather which had some of this material published a lot of this material published in twenty eleven all the e.u. all the other actors. it may well be in line with what donald trump already knows and already thinks the timing it very interesting though coming just ahead of that may the twelfth deadline for donald trump to make his decision on whether to stay in or pull out of the deal mr netanyahu also getting new legislation on the books about when he can or cannot declare war declare israel is in a state of war how's that stacking up. well you know that is extremely interesting and potentially
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a more consequential move that happened after this presentation last night in the israeli knesset the parliament netanyahu apparently putting in language into a bill which has been in the works for some months but was voted through last night which would reduce drastically the amount of approval that he requires to go to war the current legislation says that the israeli cabinet should vote on war before it is entered into in practice often it's been the security cabinet even sometimes a smaller group of ministers this legislation allows him only to require the approval of the defense minister so those two individuals could decide whether israel goes to war or not again i think this has to be seen in the context of iran for all he was talking about iran's nuclear program last night benjamin netanyahu is shorter term issue and concern the one that he's always talking about is iran's activity in syria and in lebanon the installation he says of iranian
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missiles within those two territories there was a very large as strike on an iranian facility it's thought in syria in the early hours of monday morning iranian soldiers it's alleged were killed in that although iran denied that and so it comes as he is trying to mount a much more aggressive and effective he hopes way of trying to contain iran's ambitions inside syria in particular many thanks. the dominican republic is breaking ties to taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china the caribbean country is the latest to abandon taiwan leaving it was just nineteen diplomatic allies worldwide china split with the island after the civil war in one nine hundred forty nine while taiwan's he's a self as a sovereign state it's never formally declared independence yttrium brown now from beijing. well the dummy can republic may be a small country but its decision to sever ties with taipei and recognize beijing
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still amounts nevertheless to a major diplomatic loss for taiwan it's just ten months since another small country panama also sever ties with taipei just nineteen countries now have diplomatic relations with taiwan and it seems that china's strategy is simply wants to isolate taiwan as much as possible and also to exclude it to prevent its participation in a number of international organizations well in the past taipei has accused beijing of playing a diplomatic money game and says it's a game it's no longer prepared to pay now beijing of course regards taiwan as part of its territory and is deeply suspicious and occasionally very antagonistic towards taiwan's independence leaning president zine in when and they have warned in the past that if any time when he's leader were to declare independence then china would seize back the island republic by force
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a roman catholic cardinal is to stand trial in australia for sexual abuse decades ago cardinal george pell pleaded guilty after dozens of witnesses gave evidence that a month long committal hearing the former archbishop of melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. rose to become the vatican treasurer and an aide to pope francis is under thomas. cardinal pell arrived at a melbourne court hoping this would be his final appearance. when george pell was until recently the catholic church's treasurer arguably the third most important person of the vatican inside here a magistrate told him he will face a criminal trial accused of historic sexual offenses police formed a barrier to help clear his path out a large crowd of media and people who say they were abused by priests in the catholic church was writing. the magistrates had barely finished.
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before he answered very very not guilty they were only words during the hearing he's been granted bail but he's not allowed to leave australia a legal suppression order bans the reporting yet of exactly what will stand trial for it also prevents the reporting of how many accusations have now been dismissed and what they were as a priest in the state of victoria and later archbishop of melbourne and sydney cardinal pell became australia's most senior catholic during his committal hearing a magistrate tested the credibility of pelts accusers and the strength of his defense she said her job was to decide whether a jury could convict not whether it would she only dismissed charges where established facts made the accusations impossible or where an accuser's credibility was so poor their attitude to giving evidence so cavalier that a jury couldn't possibly trust what they said on that basis the magistrate decided
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there was sufficient evidence for about the charges she examined to go to trial victims of sexual abuse by other people in the catholic church say they are delighted to die surely does restore the five in the system you could say that the judge. went through very very far away the crimes against the cardinal spoke about climates. yes it's. a very historic absolutely historic on wednesday cardinal another court that will be a first hearing to determine where and when no longer just whether he'll stand trial under thomas al-jazeera meldon the u.s. defense secretary has played done the plan to pull u.s. forces out of syria james massa's says the u.s. will not withdraw before a peace agreement is reached he says the u.s. led coalition was on the verge of a victory against deisel doesn't want to abandon syria at this point last week president trump said he wants to withdraw american troops from syria relatively
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soon. the nigerian army says it's launching an operation to defeat the armed group boko haram the offensive will begin around the lake chad area hosting the group's faction which is linked to eisele more than two and a half million people have been displaced in the fighting between the group and the nigerian government forces mike edge of four is the former director of nigeria's security services he joins us now from mike edger for have the security services in nigeria failed. i would. have room for improvement. if you know this war before this is over begin to appreciate people should have prosecuted forces. launched now to the front of these according to the military is now being launched. i think we should be able to achieve a result but my judgment actually is that. each time these
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operations are launched. we begin to wonder i would have actually defeated the insurgency asked him by a government record out sometime ago. but. technically if you take this image that they really do want to do so operation so i had to guess where how to challenge we the new war is always focused on the long term this is a nice metric or that doesn't have to be given a timeline so that's one of it's a linkage ok mr bush is in washington as we speak well he was yesterday and the day before at the middle of those discussions planes military aircraft that won't be delivered for at least eleven or twelve years he just used the word asymmetric between now and when those aircraft land on a landing strip in nigeria what has to happen to make the conflict to make the fight against book
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a symmetric where i believe that we need the armament we need across like a government. the government is acknowledged that these people. are crowded armament we need these needs. of the mind by providing busy amenities for the address in the fundamental issues affecting the people and we cannot win the war by just our primary. only a moment we need to look at the. military the troops you with will divide two forces i think that is very provided basic infrastructure and amenities with industrial region ok that means root and branch reform of the military in the first state surely how do you do that how do you achieve it probably that means you've also got to change what the military does who it's run
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by who implements the decisions taken at a national level by the government. well i think. the has to be a change likely and military also acknowledged in this the last operation that i'm going to change the tax i think that's the best we go we have to change that is because we don't expect the country to do sit in and get some results but added to that i want to also believe that governments change. service chiefs you'll be because there's general believe that the appointments in the military under we're not getting the desired result so i think the government needs to cheat. security architecture by making some point mr butler and give confidence to the people ok we will leave it there mike for formally the director of nigeria's security services thank you so much now in just
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a few moments we'll have the world weather for you with steph but also still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our. chief. highlights how emotional. pigeon racing is the next big thing. from the sunsets if it's proving. to sunrise the top in metropolis. hello there it's being rather wet and windy for some of us in europe recently these are the pictures coming out of london taken yesterday where the thames overflowed its banks clearly a lot of water on the roads there making it rather difficult to get around and that
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was all thanks to the heavy rain that we saw from this system here you can see it didn't know me effect in the u.k. also across the low countries and now it's working its way across denmark and author up into norway as well so that's certainly given us a very wet and windy weather and for many of us in the western parts of europe it's been pretty cool so the maximum temperature is expected today thirteen degrees so that is an improvement the temperatures are definitely on the rise but thirteen is still a little bit chilly if you compare it to what's going on in the eastern parts of europe in the east you can see on a temperature chart we've got plenty of oranges plenty of nearly red color so that indicates that it's really is very warm here but without warm weather we've also been seeing a few wrong of the lively thunderstorms these taken from hungary beautiful lightning displays but they've also given us some or all the damaging gusts of wind as well and there could be a few more today particularly around parts of bella reuss so this is what we're expecting the weather to do than staying warm in the east but gradually that warm
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weather being chased towards the east and staying cool and unsettled in the west. the with sponsored by the time. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was often the name. bin laden was very nervous about meeting had not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed hostility towards me of the west i knew bin laden on all dizzy of.
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al-jazeera and. every. welcome back you're with al-jazeera this is the news live from doha recapping our top stories. in the armenian capital the thousands of gathered outside the parliament which will soon vote to elect a new prime minister the opposition leader nichol pasha neon is the sole candidate for the post after a deadline passed on monday with no other candidate entering the vote. iran's accusing the israeli prime minister of
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a propaganda show by revealing documents he said proved the twenty fifteen u.k. agreement was based on lies eleven days before donald trump decides on continuing with the deal or not benjamin netanyahu showed reporters what he said was an archive of stolen nuclear plans. the dominican republic has announced as breaking ties to taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with china it's the latest nation to cut ties to taiwan leaving the island with just nineteen diplomatic allies around the globe. some breaking news coming out of brazil to us here this hour at least one person has been killed after a building in sao paolo caught fire and collapsed the twenty floor former police headquarters was abandoned it was occupied by squatters the search is underway to find several missing people inside the building will get you more details on that just as soon as we can. the people in afghanistan are remembering those who died on monday in a twin bomb attack in the capital city kabul says it carried out the attack is
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jennifer glass. the morning continues here in afghanistan there will be prayers in mosques across the city for those twenty five people who died in twin eisel bombings on monday morning that injured of that also injured more than forty nine people this is the second i saw a bombing here in kabul in just over a week last sunday an attack on a voter registration center killed almost sixty people and wounded more than one hundred and ten and the attacks continue in eastern afghanistan or early tuesday morning a bombing targeting a provincial council member killed his bodyguard injured several other people and the fighting continues in eastern afghanistan as the bombings were happening here in kabul afghan security forces and want to american were killed in fighting in eastern afghanistan that is the eisel stronghold and there was a car bomb on monday in the south which is the taliban stronghold the taliban
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announcing the start of their spring offensive just a few days ago and the fighting continues throughout afghanistan the afghan people wondering how this could all happen monday's bombing killed nine journalists the worst day for the media in afghanistan since two thousand and one and journalists and others are asking what can be done to keep this from happening what more can be done in terms of security the the battle very fierce for afghan security forces and for the government another battle for of the trust and the and the security of his own people u.s. president donald trump has decided to delay new steel and the minimum tariffs on the european union and mexico until june he's also reportedly reached an agreement in principle with argentina australia and brazil it's understood south korea will also be exempt. from washington. the discussions with the europeans
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in particular have been described as for europe holding firm that they will not impose voluntary quotas on their steel and aluminum exports to the united states as the white house is requiring and in fact the e.u. saying that they will impose tariffs on u.s. goods like bubble and jeans and holly davidson motorcycles if the u.s. does go ahead with tariffs on their goods wilbur ross the commerce secretary was pushing for some sort of delay he's convinced donald trump as for the other countries we knew actually about the u.s. and canada that was announced over the weekend the negotiations they're doing with the negotiations over the north american free trade agreement lots of positive noises but some sort of agreements maybe maybe in the works from mid may and then the three other countries that were mentioned in this proclamation well argentina australia and brazil they are out of the danger of tyrus as long as the agreement that's going to that has been put into into play in principle is followed through
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within the next thirty days south korea already had agreed to putting a quarter on its steel and aluminum exports so they are also no longer in danger of tariffs eight asylum seekers from so-called migrant caravan being allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory. and american migrants have been celebrating the since the weights that tend to enter the united states it took them a month from honduras el salvador and guatemala they were first denied entry as the u.s. president called them a threat to american security. and a visit to u.s. border patrol station in california the u.s. vice president might tends to stress the administration's commitment to border security. and one hundred fifty men women and many small children that are being processed at our border not far from here will be completely reviewed by our postum sufficient under our asylum laws and that will take place that's why we've got to build a wall not just for the physical barrier that prevents but also because of
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a wall sends a very clear message that we're a nation with borders and we intend to uphold those borders and defend those borders. reports from the mexican city of. it's been two days of confusion and exotic for a group of over one hundred fifty central american migrants who were denied entry into the u.s. inspection facility at the u.s. border crossing here in mexican officials had asked many of these individuals to leave yesterday after they were denied entry but a group of fifty stayed overnight braving the cold braving the elements saying that they will do anything to to have that opportunity to plead their asylum cases to u.s. border officials you can see that there is quite a few children behind me today happened to be children's day in mexico so we saw plenty of activists and charity volunteers handing out clothes handing out blankets and toys as a distraction from the confusion a distraction from the stress for many of these kids we have to remember that these
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folks have been traveling for a month now across mexico many of them most of them from central america countries like honduras el salvador and guatemala where they're fleeing violence related to gangs violence related to organized crime because so many of these folks have been actually traveling for longer than a month what many of these folks are telling us is that regardless of the rain you can see the tarps being set up behind me sort of preempting the rain showers that are expected later this evening they say that regardless of the weather regardless of how long it takes to be out here they're committed to having their opportunity to plead their cases to to authorities on the other side of the border we're also hearing overwhelmingly from individual saying that they don't want to do anything illegal they want to use the existing asylum laws in the united states to go about this the legal way which of course they do have the right to do so under international law these chief was calling for a deal to preserve the so-called invisible border between northern ireland part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland michel barnier was in the irish republic on monday as
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lawrence lee reports he took a hard line on the issue of the soft border. if anyone needed proof of how the european union's chief pricks in the go see is viewed in ireland and the welcome from the irish prime minister said it's all done dork's technology college was occupied by the leadership of the entire political class and everyone else with an interest in making bricks it worked on ireland and by extension the european union i have the honor of introducing someone who has become a household name in our mr bania they all said he will have no closer friend in us and he in turn promised to defend islands to the end. there is no added value brecht the consequences of bricks he could not a miss not lead to the return of our border nature and maps or in mines dundalk itself is only a few kilometers over the border with the u.k.
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and virtually everyone here crosses as a matter of daily routine the man from the city's chamber of trade is raging at what he sees as the u.k.'s planned betrayal of people here by the proposal to leave the customs union with europe i have somebody that works for me that lives in monaghan tone which is thirty miles away about fifty kilometers so she crossed the border twice on the way to walk across the border twice on the way home and she said to me i don't mind being left in the morning but i do have a worry over picking the kids up before six o'clock in the evening the hills around the border have in the past seen fighting between irish republicans and the british army they were also smugglers routes for contraband the peace dividend open the border and encourage trade so what next. so we're just crossing the border from the republic of ireland into the north and therefore the u.k. more or less the only reason why you know is because the road signs change color
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and that's true in dozens and dozens of other border crossings between the two countries and communities in all of those places are desperately worried that the u.k.'s lack of clarity about what bricks it really means will end up with physical roadblocks all over the border. mr bunny then went to newry the british city just over the border in the north where he offered his support to people who fear exactly the same things as the people he'd met in dundalk the business community in northern ireland wants to remain in the customs union the customs union also wants to retain access to the single market so if those are to your comes from the end of this process just for northern ireland it's a very positive thing that would make northern ireland one of the most attractive investment kitchens in the world but there is one party here which doesn't like mr barnier sticking his nose into northern ireland at all and it props up the british government keeping to reason may's conservatives in power he is here to represent the views of the european union twenty seven so he's not an honest broker he's here
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to represent their views and the u.k. government will represent the views for the people of northern ireland given that the british government is in disarray anyway and split in half over its bricks it strategy it isn't difficult for mr bonior to look like he knows what he's doing he and his supporters must hope they can use this straw and the u.k.'s weakness to press home their advantage lawrence lee al jazeera on the island u.k. pulled. some ten thousand people took to the streets of moscow on monday to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in your thirty's this month began blocking the messaging app telegram of its refusal to hand over keys to its data encryption history on a home. in moscow they demanded the government block the popular instant miss. app telegram a company had refused an official order to hand over the data encryption keys that keep messages sent on telegrams private. to. russia's federal security
1:44 pm
service the f.s.b. says that privacy is a shelter for criminal and terrorist groups but telegram users see it as an attack on free speech it's probably just about their freedom which in russia is a beginning that's a way to start. censorship to examine the symbol why do you think it is because the want for free internet in the world telegrams logo depicts a paper plane and hundreds were launched as demonstrators shouted anti putin slogans opposition leader alexina valmy was there ensuring the authorities would not overlook this demonstration was an e.k.g. i have my rights and i don't care about these bands i do what i want what i need to do whatever i'm allowed to do under the constitution russia is not the only country in which telegram has fallen foul of the oath or it is on monday iran's judiciary sidelined the reformist government by announcing
1:45 pm
a ban on the app also citing threats to national security the clerics said telegram had been used to organize anti-government protests that swept the country in january it's a combination of something like what twitter that you might have here in the united kingdom so it's the two platforms combined. so it's very important and if you look back to previous elections kind of correlate the series of those that whine the most are limits or your own heinie very kind of see how they were so yes especially very well it ramps and that was supporting so telegram is seen as a threat by those opposed to reform in iran and protesters in russia would say the same thing the app's founder russian entrepreneur pavel bure of is fighting back he's promised to fund anyone developing proxy platforms online able to dodge the ban jonah how al-jazeera. pigeon racing has become popular in sri lanka many locals
1:46 pm
say they think it's a great way to unwind and feel at one with nature and smith met some breeders and their birds as they took to the skies in justness first ever pitching race. now they're shalamar reaches for his favorite bird irene in one of the first ever pigeon race here earlier this month and this one. a hindu priest would like more pigeons but says his wife has drawn the line at the hundred or so he has in his yard already. i have hundred this bridge and from the time it was twenty one days old i feed and look after it so it identifies recognizes us we spent a lot of time with the birds even when it's flying in the sky we can recognize which is our this is. it takes a couple of months to train a homing pigeon used for thousands of years to carry messages gracing the birds only became a sporting belgium in the nineteenth century now the sri lankans of picked it up
1:47 pm
and for the same reasons people world over take up hobbies have a lot of place in my life so i have sleepless nights and all the games the lot of places and i lay for some sports believe i. thought i had to miss a start but there are these regions with wings stamped just in case a bird doesn't make it home they're ready to fly. on this training run the pigeons should make it to their coops within a couple of minutes before my champion harini has made it back after an hour later she limps home with a nasty gallop it seems this champion pigeon survived a fight with a hungry falcon the vet stitches are up i really will fly again bernard smith al-jazeera jaffna.
1:48 pm
and smell flowers. place in the champions league final final and
1:49 pm
. scientists have cracked another genome this time saying they may have found a way to grow more colorful and frequent rosies this is especially significant because it means bigger and better and utterly unique new strains of the rose is also important because roses are the product of cross pollination and that makes
1:50 pm
the rose genome highly complex not the project was based at the university of leo it analyzed the bio chemistry of the flowers to figure out which genes are responsible for the color and the smell they've developed a blueprint for a new version of the rose which should also have longer lasting blooms mohammed ben demonic is the senior author of the study he joins us now from leo mohammad benjamin a welcome to the news hour what does this mean for gardeners. hello everybody. what we have done is described actually with the ship the content content of the rose genome and that as you said that she was into easy as the who was genome is quite complex because it's what you call actually scientifically just two hundred of his chromosomes are quite different and to assemble it and get the genetic information one deep eugene information wasn't really easy task to do so we do what up to two approaches and this work actually involved in an international consortium and you got information about the gene
1:51 pm
content and now we have our year on june stuff and one of the incense as you know actually rose scent is composed of henderson monikers but also on color and on the flower development and initiation as well and also is going to find ways to understand actually how nice traits are connected to a degenerate a degenerate a three level ok does this mean that we can in theory make bigger better more longer last ing roses that smell either like roses or even perhaps if you splice the genome smell like other things as well. exactly actually what will happen is that during the discussion of the inbreeding process is one respect for metaphors this is victorious for example for flowers that last longer these flowers lost their ability to be scented and this we couldn't undo stewart actually before
1:52 pm
having information of the genome we couldn't understand it now we have. to do that explanation why actually remember select far longer flower lush. sounds so hopefully actually by using this information will be able at john to stand at the fundamental level why actually really who sent one respect for longer or really actually sent to another car and use actually either biotechnological or de or breed and is that it is there just interrupt you for a second so i think we're about to lose the line is there one downside to this are you making bumblebees and bees insects redundant because if you're breeding all making rather big super strong flowers the bumble bees and the beads in the last set for the cross pollinate these plants don't have a job to do. i actually didn't have the job to do with divorce for
1:53 pm
a long time because as you know rose the breed is human wrecked it actually by using each species coming from china and europe and this was all the breeding was done by human hands and we want to affect actually. what's happening in nature. structural reform when it is when you put in a test this is different if you want which is going to happen but one thing that we can do actually is by going to find the genes for example that an important for resistance supporters gents and resistance to or. what to use we can reduce or breed the sweeter do sexually or the the use of pesticides and less walk around also actually and this is really important for our nature and for environs understood mohammed and the money many thanks for joining us here on the news from the all good children. thank you you thank.
1:54 pm
we start with the n.b.a. playoffs where the boston celtics have taken the early advantage in the eastern conference semifinal with crossing wing over the philadelphia seventy six ers took a game one on home court in a match that saw a trio of their play. boston are starting to look like a team ready to end a ten year wait for championship standing in their way of the in-form philadelphia seventy six of beer headed by joel embiid. but the thirty x. made short work of them in the opening game of the eastern conference semifinal i was out hole for getting twenty six points he was one of three place to get more than twenty for boston. terry rosea more than adequately filling in for the. big. thank you for resonating seven three nine and finish the game with a team high twenty nine points to. jason tatum was the third big score
1:55 pm
a bagging twenty eight. there were they were out of sight by the end of the penultimate quarter twelve ahead. that lead to even bigger in the fourth boston closing out the game one seventeen two one zero one has been a dream come true and you know i want to keep i want to keep. he. just living in the moment and i coach a number trying to get you on a ridge on to get to low. you know. the celtics so expect a tough time in game two with philadelphia not losing games since february so. his time in barcelona the newly crowned champions have taken to the streets to celebrate. the premier division title and the copa del rey last weekend. turned out in the city for the team's victory parade sunday's. oh to win deportivo luck on your security twenty fifth spanish league title monday's parade also served
1:56 pm
as a farewell for matilda and yes the head of his departure for the chinese super league looking over all of us. i have no words messi is the god of football and everything we have ever had in barcelona it can't be expressed so it's something immense fifty years will go by and there may not be another one like him i don't think there ever will be so went on ben stiller maybe we are very happy because they deserved it they played very well this season and we were wishing for them to win it's a shame we missed the champions league title but it's ok because they are a great team. madrid struggled to keep up with us and spanish competitions this season but have done better than their rivals in europe and remain on track to win an unprecedented third consecutive champions league crown they take a two one lead over by munich into the second leg of the semi final in madrid later on tuesday and of the match reality manages in a d.m.z. dan was full of praise of his rivals when he was asked who was the better side. and
1:57 pm
i do go you know to your comment about barcelona deserved to win the league and they need to be congratulated for us we have the chance to get to the champions league final but we're not there yet and. munich would become the first team in champions league history to overturn a two on the first leg deficit away from home if they can beat three out of the burnable but the german champions have lost this pos six games against the spanish side five time when his final loss won the competition back in two thousand and thirteen on the current coach playing. in and trying moments we'll have to be able to manage our timing really really well that's the art of football of great players of great teams and hopefully we will achieve what we need to do. more used to winning their award on the tennis court then on the surfboard ahead of the story will open in portugal top ranked portuguese player so us and british
1:58 pm
number one cause temporary hang up their tennis rackets to try out this sport of surfing happily for them they'll both be back to what they do best on course at the tournament on tuesday. and that's always before me we'll have more for you later on including the preview for the all madrid and by munich semifinal but for now it's back to peter many thanks that's it for this news hour of course we're monitoring that story coming to us if you are about the armenian capital we are expecting a result from inside the parliament imminently daryn we'll have that story for you in a couple of minutes i will see you very soon but why should i. carcinogen
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. made on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al-jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power ross the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis
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