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tv   I Knew Bin Laden 2011 Episode 1  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results is beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may be on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new terrorists on imports or steal an alum in your bra five gene will mean faster data types but ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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and we shall carry in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera i mean opposition leader a cold house call for a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience after he failed to elect to be elected prime minister despite being the only candidate who failed to secure the necessary fifty three votes in parliament it cleared the decision and salt and urged his supporters to strike up a forest. this was the moment of collective disappointment for fans republic square off the m.p.'s from the ruling republican party used their parliament treat with george c. to block the so-called people's candidate selection to prime minister by forty five votes to fifty five despite him being the only candidate. a huge gathering of support is expected the vote would reflect the will of the armenian people. they followed the debate from the square or on radios and smart phones but republican
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m.p.'s spent knowing hours questioning nicko passion younes right to govern or his competence in a military crisis to the crowd's cheers the. i don't partially on there mr passion in just as yesterday today you have not convinced me i do not see you as the supreme commander. was it mr pushing late to join the crowd and loot we still buoyant. here you think if we're talking about negotiations i want to officially say that that may only refer to the political funeral of the republican party mr pushing yen has spearheaded the mass protests that led to the resignation of the veteran leader says sucks yan last month is promising to rid the poor silvy country of corruption and poverty and bring about free and fair elections is now called for
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a general strike and further protests you could hear was the medians are ready to return to the streets ahead of another vote expected next week in the who just loves it although by good the first one was that only a few victory anyway we won because we are together now what nicole passion and says we will do i think it will they will do today with a vow to continue this bridge was the first was a prophecy of god's words a little bit of before it's probably first a look at al-jazeera the arab or at least twenty seven people had been killed in an attack on a mosque in northeastern nigeria explosion happened during afternoon prayers and would be. a state many people died in a second blast attempting to get out of the building this is a young man wearing a suicide vest entered the mosque with worshipers. place fifteen people. well have died in an attack on
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a church in the capital of central african republic or testers in bungay march towards the presidential palace carrying the body of a priest who was shot dead during the violence hundreds of people i gather from mass when a gunman opened fire and threw grenades at worshippers. ilia pointed u.s. secretary of state might palm pale his promise to restore what he called american swagger is about diplomatic staff for the first time a former cia director was greeted with applause as he entered the state department building i talked in my my hearing about the fact that this nation is so exceptional and so incredibly blessed and the facts that derive from that are that it also creates a responsibility a duty for america all across the world and i know for certain that america can't can't execute that duty can't achieve its objectives absent you will absence executing america's foreign policy in every corner of the world with
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incredible vigor and incredible energy fourteen asylum seekers from the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory they say they're fleeing death threats sex attacks and extortion it took them a month to travel from various countries including honduras el salvador and guatemala . those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera i knew bin laden is next.
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on may second two thousand and eleven u.s. president barack obama announced important news to the world. tonight i can report to the american people and to the world the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda. the al qaeda leader was shot dead in a raid by u.s. special forces on a compound about sixty kilometers north of pakistan's capital islamabad. the death of bin laden ends a ten year manhunt for the world's most wanted man. before his death the last known sighting of bin laden by anyone other than his very close on to raj was in late two thousand and one as he prepared to flee his stronghold in
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afghanistan. however in subsequent years he shoots several video and audio messages . how did bin ladin develop his political agenda. from when he first arrived in the pakistani from to a town of the shower and nine hundred eighty one the town at the entrance to the khyber pass and the road to afghanistan. and how did this saudi born so. son of a rich construction magnate who joined guerrilla forces in afghanistan fighting the soviet union emerged to become one of the most feared men in the world. this is the story of bin ladin through the eyes of people who met. her she foresaw the ammunition about the from the. get it hayley bit about the
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hammock in the wood if you know what i'm up. you have the ship will celebrate the four but also had that with him he was very conscious of his appearance he would touch his fear with a robe because no other way anybody could get from a to go on the bridge and you know some of them were going to name him a man of a clump of them well one of them thought yes they may leak b. b. b. at the. other colored luck so to have field just done in a similar stuff to let the use of the national i don't model for me any been the dame and not only so much of the muslim can imagine who can i lack that if you went to hell and then when i looked me in the eyes and he was answering my questions he had the tone and manner of an old uncle and i tell you a story that would be a good example of moving from khartoum to afghanistan somehow trade with his role or changed his strategy he was going through their political arguments
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which were correct but he was i think. not able to pull word from. over the years al-jazeera is bureau chief in islamabad dunn has met numerous. people able to debunk some of the myths and describe some of the characteristics of the man who was some of been logged. amanda nouns by his enemies as a real. just fanatic and a terrorist and praised by supporters as a leader fighting western aggression and subservient arab regimes. top pakistani surgeon amir aziz. he was willing to speak about his meeting with the
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sum up in law. in two thousand and two the british trained orthopedic surgeon had been held for more than a month by f.b.i. and pakistani intelligence officers on suspicion of links to al qaida. he was released after being cleared by investigators. from his clinic in lahore aziz described his meeting with bin laden in november two thousand and one shortly before the taliban government was routed by u.s. led coalition forces. he said bin laden had shown no sign of kidney failure nor had he seen any evidence of dialysis. in the last meeting i had with him was after nine eleven this was in kabul where i had i was treating patients and he'd just come to say see his injured and see him know he was walking normally he was eating normally he was looking hale and hearty and. i find it very hard
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to believe that such a healthy person could be on dialysis i don't buy this at all and during one of my visits took on how. i was asked to see a patient in the test house where i was put up by the taliban and they'd done dowd to be osama bin laden who i was stuart had fallen off his horse. on examination i did not find anything seriously wrong with him i did some manipulation of his back gotten some exercises and prescribe some medication and that's about it this was the doctor meeting and after that i met had been on the
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hot again in in a place which was near the airport it was an old building or dam lake with multiple small buildings and there was a big lunch in a big hall. having failed to capture bin laden in two thousand and one many americans placed faith in reports that bin laden was near to dying of kidney disease if you did have renal problems there was certainly not serious enough to kill him. abdel bari atwan was one of only few arab journalists to meet bin ladin. during the many hours he spent with the al qaeda leader he failed to see any evidence of kidney problems.
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with the standard of. the killer wolf. you know and i must have been like in the. first health care we. receive. from this war. and i. can feel how do you that were really. mcguffin and that if an article it was at all. methadone. and i think that the list of the sukkah yeah and it was some of bin laden was our beloved ken yes i'm sharing with the other michael. and the mathematics of kerry. and what then the shaman calls a mark want to know. about being one i feel loved and. that. they. have that account of but x.
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janish it and if you don't see i. gave. bin laden spent most of the first half of the nineteen eighties as a fundraiser for the mujahideen the guerrillas fighting the soviet occupation of afghanistan. he helped run the so-called services pure. raising funds recruiting foreign with jihadi. he worked as an aide to what the last. eleven of understand the us and some notable for many. got in the.
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hundred one what kind. and so much about whether or not what the other one in the showed what it. can i don't think when many of the calls i. got then i felt like a father might. get. moving to afghanistan bin laden's first taste of combat was at the. battle of judge nineteen eighty seven in which the mujahideen outflanked the force of russian tanks and special forces. the battle proved to be of great interest to the guerrillas. bin laden and his arab fighters one famous battle the relatively small in number these fighters fought side by side with the afghan mujahideen. graves of arab fighters can still be found today in
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afghanistan. in the shah at all because. when nothing of him another. one not drooly him when. a human took over a year. ago well you're the. judge and the. lizzie's been london times and. as i learn you have. my beloved i'm not your style. and. the mother. decided on the abuse thing got. you so going in there. and you had to show up in the room.
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all right fine to use participated in the battle of jalalabad in one thousand nine hundred nine with the mujahideen against afghan government force and. later in the same year. bin laden's mental was assassinated in a bomb attack on his car and push out one. and then. you know what i. know who can the more volatile i mean. i mean can the nephew to let you know to for you if you could get for that big shot of the lot with a lie detector at five one hundred two and no kendall do that. ken who will let you have three i think there used to be fourteen or to. inside of one of them. one of them going from one hundred one hundred i would come across me and on the phone would i do you know. there are times that you have to have
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a problem or you thought of a problem and that i came to know that from one of the best come. and he was helping a form which i did in building roads and shared. their after again i heard one of commuting with him when. he was. off who heard the forum which i things because their leader told that according to what's going to shock a beloved almost kid and their mother reckoned a condition until someone with a loving mother available. suspects in this. included the cia mossad even bin laden himself but those with him at the time deny his involvement. or what i was up to and i was never been led and about
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to defend him when he was well let me come to know when to shut up the lies that you know you have to offer me. and never. lead their lives so i don't know about your madeup but then it should give me a little money while led zep be had the mystery knock it out you know i'm in my head how many get me have never learned how do you know a lady said you met up with illegitimate liver. just remember i'm on a limb you're going for sort of the laws well let me. worry then and maybe i'm in a fairy well i'm not going to be. the better authors you know consume every minute of good and then maybe on the road to say. like i'm going to have this of the can or. that will stop all book that will stop who i want to be like and can. second out of that bond. he shot he walked in at the at the had the state of the at
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. orly so we're. just all have to go on. what secondly women outside the home. second i feel i must have not come at all to want to shop online see. how that came about the minimum and if i had them i don't see why back stanny. couldn't have that backstabbing. me here when i'm on a me why put them at the end had some happy. with his mentor now dead bin laden became increasingly close to an older and more experienced egyptian militant a form a doctor ayman al-zawahiri. got to tell you how to cut and i'm sorry so what i mean my honey and if i didn't see it was some of. the theater of the month who. couldn't make the should the. fee to leave him caught but the
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minute the saw the muslim he and the in accounting or law sees that the only muslim going home or if you got this is the least of them seems about them in wars that i didn't like they set about even avoiding that it will make them go that it was never let in the animal to the end is that if the moment a man or a clue but this is the only even the most would be the often a lot of the what did i know how did he him in kenya us with then for not a monk on a fee and on a few home and zadok were raided and shitty got enough about god then what the know will give as i going to do about been shit and much of this with him a law. that helps them so he was safe and. that i think bad is a bin ladin was clearly the messenger he was the one who was cast as the leader the one who was pushed up front to do the talking but looking back on that experience and i thought about it many times. i spent more time with doctors who
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are e than i did with osama bin laden he wanted to know what type of questions would be asked he wanted to know what areas would be covered he wanted to know what program it would be on and for how long he wanted to know what kind of shots we needed to go with the story and clearly he had a lot to do with formulating the message i think if there is there is a mindset behind bin ladden that helps formulate is his message and his approach to delivering that message it's probably is a walk. in november nineteen a.t.'s benazir bhutto want to elections in pakistan and became the country's first female prime minister. and the election was a blow to the arabs in neighboring afghanistan who had lost an ally in pakistan's
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previous ruler general zia. bhutto's pakistan began to look with concern at the arab fighters next door particularly once russian troops had fully withdrawn from afghanistan by early nine hundred eighty nine. hundred on the target is not accusations continue to this day that bin laden supported pakistani politician now was sharif in a bid to topple the bhutto government at that time. a former pakistani intelligence official who knew bin laden well told al jazeera that sharif received financial support from bin laden among others. one thing they did. to date mr know our city. refuses that he ever met osama or he ever got any support from osama. this is back he was
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a person who would always ask me where is my benefactor i would like to see you. it was some time the sum of money some time money came from outside and the maximum money ultimately came from the government it came from government of saudi arabia it came from government of your weight it came from other governments was a lot of just see and i know how this bizarre barber and the one other than i saw the most of. bin ladin or and i was sure if. i had a little whore a heart of hearts or a list. of all of us that has a list of what other bloggers son or whatever on the ground i'm in a dime in. the quarters of it or as an accountability sort of a supermarket. had been a lot of feverish i want to bother them all the apartment i was on pakistani of
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what been a zero in order for a thought i've been loved and i. know i should if as i am a model of the on the. list katakana been as a local when i was. the pakistanis go to going to started a lesson and asking them that was the problem and. wanted to resolve this problem he wanted some help and but nobody was ready to help him some people contacted and they said that actually this is been a government that is creating problems and if you want the solution of your problem . a new government can solve your problem so you must support us so. ask some bugs bunny religious scholars some who support and watch and according to my information i'll talk. with.
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bin laden left afghanistan and the escalating civil war following the soviet withdrawal. he later emergency. after slipping out of saudi arabia. in heart two leading islamist ideologues his son to robbie had recently taken power and was offering protection to a variety of islamic militant. bin laden contributed generously to a country that had announced its adherence to sharia law. among other things. and built a road as a goodwill gesture his work won him many admirers among the sudanese people.
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the ship. but i did mean that's more because i now get a free for gated then i said hello and you know the county i need when i live. alone with you should it be read a missile if you will a look good you know what have you been a you skinny g. you do you want my skin did you come so did i said well if i did not. there sheen almost like it but he got us there are too fine a sheer bloody well i have met him only twice and both times. he was logged in called. back in ninety three december or some hours building the road of the as he was involved in agriculture elective would be he was trying to economically build up food on that and he had created certain facts of also by rail infrastructure we went up through the desert north of khartoum towards this
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little tiny village where bin laden's men were building a new road which it can get constructed joining the village to the main highway between. khartoum and port sudan. and they were children were dancing and old men were. explaining to him how grateful we were in the village had man was thanking me that bin laden sat in his white robe. and his red coffee i had on. and i saw john i'll go up to him and greet him and i saw bin laden looking over shoulder at me it obviously was i brought this. to be with me. and bin laden was very i was he was shy he was very nervous. he'd not met a western reporter. and he clearly believed. that i was going to ask him about terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism. and in fact what i was
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really interested to know from him was what it was like fighting the russians. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas that hardest had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with details coverage of this extremely hot. striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta tory over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of their menfolk was only one word a limits bill maher struggled a saw
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a boy killed in his father's all but saw so much that. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit to civil wars darkest secret bosnia to come on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and nine years on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on.
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and we shall carry into these are the top stories on al-jazeera armenian opposition to the culpa shinya has called for a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience after the ruling party blocked his bid to become prime minister has urged his supporters to strike as well as streets and airports in protest at least twenty seven people have been killed in an attack on a mosque in northeastern nigeria an explosion happened during afternoon prayers in movie in adama's state and eight people died in a second blast twelve attempting to get out of the building witnesses say a young man wearing a suicide vest entered the mosque with worshippers. at least fifteen people have died in an attack on the church in the capital of central african republic protesters in march towards the presidential palace carrying the body of a priest shot dead during the violence hundreds of people would gather for mass when a gunman opened fire and threw grenades at worshippers. newly appointed u.s.
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secretary of state my palm pale as promised to restore what he called america swagger as he met with diplomatic staff for the first time the former cia director was created with the pauses and turned the state department building. i talked in my my hearing about the fact that this nation is so exceptional and so incredibly blessed and the fact that derive from that or that it also creates a responsibility a duty for america all across the world and i know for certain that america can't can't execute that duty can't achieve its objectives absent you will absence executing america's foreign policy in every corner of the world with incredible vigor and incredible energy. fourteen asylum seekers in the so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to cross over from mexico into u.s. territory they say they're fleeing from death threats sex attacks and extortion it
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took them a month to travel from various countries including on tourists salvador and guatemala. government opened fire on unarmed civilians in an iraqi town north of baghdad killing several people iraqi military says security forces are searching the area this town is term media as are the headlines keep it on al-jazeera we return you now to our new bin laden more news to come. while in sudan bin ladin remained politically active. for most of the nine hundred ninety s. he maintained an office in london named the advisory and reformation committee. the office was believed to have been involved in distributing literature critical of
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the saudi regime. following bomb attacks in riyadh and hobart and saudi arabia sudan started to come under increasing pressure to expel its controversial guest. investigators believed bin laden was tied at some level to both attacks. it was not the whole. somalia it was where bin laden chose to open up his first front against the united states. in one nine hundred ninety two and the marines were sent there on a relief mission. bin ladin provided on's and expertise to the somalis. soon after american helicopters was shot down and marines attacked and killed in the streets of mogadishu. the americans withdrew. another superpower humiliated another bin laden victory.
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the pressure on sudanese president omar al bashir to expel bin laden intensified. as well as the saudis and the americans the egyptians added their voice. in one thousand nine hundred five an assassination attempt was made on the gyptian president hosni mubarak in the ethiopian capital at a suburb of. bin laden and his egyptian allies were suspected of being behind the attack. it was thought that. bin laden used his farm in sudan as a training camp for egyptian militants opposed to mubarak. perhaps to counter this allegation bin laden accepted an interview request from a cairo based american journalist scott macleod. the interview took place of bin laden's farm in sudan well i met him two times altogether. as part of the same interview though i went to khartoum in sudan in february early february
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of one thousand nine hundred ninety six and it was during the holy month of ramadan and i met bin laden at his office in khartoum he had a construction company called i think i'll head you're a construction company and i met him in his office as the manager's office in that building. eventually in one nine hundred ninety six sudan succumb to international pressure to expel bin laden in may of that year been lot of let. his land and investments in the country were appropriate to buy the government. ahead of them while though. i did get the who do you hope the. guy who got the well kind of cattle is a you know you might say that. they were kind of you suddenly he. was like.
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a lot of the saloon you had. he then did the leg at the level they have on someone and a lot of them i mean they let the economic they you know. well i don't buy the vatican. salary i know who. has a lot of it they don't get. sheikh osama bin laden. that. anyone has a membership there. what have. you for the credit who is that muslims are you even the ones i thought what are you home. jani what are they nobody with oh let's let me have it be here we're full aphelion it and over the. bin laden still had friends in afghanistan. at the time in nine hundred ninety six the country was
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under the presidency of burhanuddin rabbani. allies of the afghan president recognize that bin ladin was in need of a new sanctuary. that can be had as are working and they've been rather. it's only in the in the saudis. he were fi if that as far as yeah wife to mean home. done. well to an arc. from osama bin laden but the. trade on the market in the us on issues when there. was some should be an issue.
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which i had said which is. and one down the you know mom. starts off. the most of how this one then we move the. start self-command on who is in a new york us son jeb we were one the. sudan. but they were actually the somali with. the well how do you know ya. gonna test. well there's a lot of how. i would do that. with some of the doubling the markets the us with russia afghanistan. bin ladin and he's egyptian allies left sudan and returned to afghanistan. the
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pressure was lifted on sudan which had been at risk of international sanctions for sheltering those suspected of involvement in the assassination attempt on the baraka. was the main suspect in the plot to kill the egyptian president. al jazeera done met him in eastern afghanistan in one thousand nine to six. had fled then the place where bin ladin and other members of the nascent al qaeda group had taken refuge the place which bin laden called. which is where according to muslim legend and he will emerge to support muslims in the middle east that came back by that
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time to a lot of the bitter it came because a lot of them and then he was again guest of. the self. what on the new one and their normal direction. or the month old one entered their former phone a lot of the northern and. i will toward the author. of. you want to. we're going to go and join your old friend. if you want to stay with her you can be our guest probably with all the love inside of the stairwell the.
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settling in afghanistan as a guest of the newly emergent taliban bin laden gave another interview. the cameraman remembers being surprised at how he was received by bin laden and his men . i read about a lot about them that they had extremist all over right because of fundamentalist type of people but when they entered the time and it was their rooms on time and they offered me blanch i saw after that i feel a sense of security that they know me that i am christian and behaving well so after. after the interview we all thought for a body and we eat it in there you know and in one play it and the another which he told me is that i am not against any religion not any you know cost i am only against the policies of america which they are trying to
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implement on this and lived all of you know in implementing these policies on muslim brotherhood. he said to me on our second meeting that he was not against americans he was against. the u.s. government. but of course you hear this from many people in the middle east. i'm not against english people only against mr blair whatever it may be he never showed the numbers in any of his armed men ever show any hostility towards me as a westerner in fact bin laden. to my appalls. fascination he he mentioned me in a videotape he made just before the u.s.
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presidential election. the new kind of party model but. here. in the typical moron i mean not to well someone in the home. but. you know afghanistan's ongoing civil war arab fighters loyal to bin ladin lent their support to the taliban. and them of course. with. just enough if. i had none and mr bannon livy kind. of on.
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the look that there will be him fully as using the corner but often it can get out of the. matter of but at the end of us when we didn't feel understand well courtly it was on them and the men had the forethought and how they got them any and what they would do. be give me. a kind of a time when i know they're going on lehman collide with the g. and a so that. they're not caught in one door that i'm in service i don't want to do that of any well not as a brother. but that and i don't know. but i'm going to head in that the thought that if you know why the fifth and the most i mean i am going to understand it behind. bin laden's one and only press conference was in may nine hundred ninety eight. he
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appeared with ayman al-zawahiri on his right and al qaida as military commander mohammad atta on his left. before a select few journalists he announced what he called the international islamic front for jihad against jews and crusaders. the press conference represented a categoric statement of intent the fronts would take the war to america. time. pakistani journalist mass holly found was one of the few journalists present at the conference. the journalists were under strict instructions no independent videotaping was allowed khan only managed to take photographs. or
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a little bit of. the book you make is that when you say let me league aloha to my right it would be the right of the boat to fire at that one that as he had up there was a lot of nobody like of those people knew about the film looks up at the beach and what a good idea that one will tell me he got going to give us however let it out again with salami that he. says i may be a good he has thought fit to have laid in his thought with that he. went totally don't get up off if they. and get on is how to do badly how having to going to get paid to be will stop that. will. go with the heavy. work i won't get the job by the. macabre year with. meanwhile tensions will also escalating in the region. on may
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twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred ninety eight pakistan exploded five underground nuclear devices in response to india's nuclear tests two weeks earlier . the move provoked wild wide condemnation and fears of a nuclear conflict in one of the world's most volatile regions. aides close to bin laden at the time said that he sent a letter of congratulation to pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif following the nuclear tests. also known as abu is a former bodyguard of bin laden. al jazeera as ahmed said dan met him in the yemeni
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capital sanaa. etc sally had never come back a step one and i was sitting in the cafe about the jet kind of about the jets to get to know you because then you had no where the could be and how the company see that it isn't any one reliable than your the other so the how the seat a magical meal with them and the you know that the media would indicate that well i can know that and somehow this left him at its number that it was at the shows that are sort of. lost if that over the us and about people. move. through months after announcing his jihad bin laden put his words into action.
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al qaeda was behind the bombings of the u.s. embassies in nairobi and dar es salaam in august nine hundred ninety eight. as he had promised bin ladin was taking the global war to america. the americans understood that al qaeda could attack at any place and at any time. but some experts raised the possibility that the attacks were masterminded more by the egyptian militants than by bin laden himself. on clinchers it's august before the attack i received a phone call from the government as a variety and he spoke in english as he's very fluent in english and he told me that bin laden is sitting next to him but since he cannot communicate in english so he was sending the guards and doctors are why he told me that. mr bin laden is
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denying his involvement and of gardez involvement in the bone beings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania so he won't didn't mean. to convey this message through the media he said things like. i did not know ramzi yousef before the world trade center bombing which left open the question that they met afterwards but he said one thing i will say to you you will see many ramzi yousef coming to your shores he said i predict a black day for the united states a day after which the united states will not be the same and was clearly trying to tell us that and i think if there was any doubt about that or the gravity of that within seven and a half weeks we saw the simultaneous bombings of two u.s. embassies in nairobi kenya and dar es salaam tanzania with two hundred twenty five people dead that certainly was the period on the end of the sentence bin laden
4:52 am
started that night. u.s. president bill clinton ordered an immediate retaliation with cruise missile raids on al qaida bases in cost and kandahar in afghanistan. a number of al qaeda members were killed. bin laden himself escaped unscathed. yanni doesn't have be a man who will have some muscle. or some of another. you know a sick lynton i'm going to get it that what's an out of the truth of a band no. send him in and limb
4:53 am
yahoo. no record i'm erica santa yannis. home that isn't happening. just a few days before the cruise missile attacks whether by chance or fate bin laden had decided not to visit the base exhaust which would be targeted. for a glistening fuel for he wasn't really a horse to look at a couple little governor. for going to show some kind of a couple of last. hour but he said he thought about south of the america mobile and if you have a my in. there would have a book going. and how difficult it would. be a time but the city would be but. a little mosque on.
4:54 am
manama but i'm. going to. stop. him from a lot and have to hook up with. bin laden is that an attorney but also the the mosque
4:55 am
. moving. he was the world's most wanted man and last meeting i had with him was off to. finland was very nervous about nature did not match a western reporter patrol in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed hostility
4:56 am
towards me and the west i knew bin ladin continues on all disease. how i once again we've got some momentum pushing into the east the side of the us real want as well to feel like summer by the end of the wake but we have got a little cloud making its way across the plains that will meet up cool tucking in behind us and we get this line of cloud ad right we are going to see some pretty lively storms pushing in over the next hour so the potential for some tornadic
4:57 am
activity look at that for temperature and day seeth to one degree celsius so really hating out heiko on into day could be well with still the cloud have the right will continue to slide its way across the midwest down across the plains down towards texas and again we are looking at quite a rash of storms sunday want to watch out for localized flooding the possibility big thunder a downpours and lots heil to watch out for with those tell neda's behind that we could see a little snow over the rockies father west states fun and dry seattle up day too bad the temperature was well on his have around twenty one degrees that's about across the caribbean as per usual some lovely tropical sunshine coming through generally staying fine and dry over towards the lesser antilles mall and there's a lobby showers from time to time across the greater antilles stan in places because on into thursday but more sunshine than shall.
4:58 am
possibly but. this is our summit that. we only. use the room there and we don't want to get inside things it. makes it sound. like he's the lord yes. some of that are. located here you see those stone there are. they built some houses and. you know they also the.
4:59 am
i'm. not. saying what do you think ultimately you love me you don't know. how i'm doing but i know what i'm going to remember all over you know. she could see those close open you know. the problems. at the top of the. apartment type. grave or. the need for done oh fifty five minutes of the top. this is their way to their house and she can see the will.


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