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where everything. in the us civil war slavery to an end did it there is a strong possibility that the very truths that. could have been brought to your table by his brave individuals right here in the land of the free powers and the foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by on scrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves cause of slavery a twenty first century evil on al-jazeera. president
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trump admits he didn't know about hush money paid to a porn star but says it didn't come from his campaign funds. or in taters al jazeera live from london also coming up. our full dust and rain storms killed almost a hundred people in northern and western india. anger on yemen's culture island as the united arab emirates deploy troops and craft on the unesco world heritage site . and syrian rebels surrender their last two besieged air is in south damascus and their homes.
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under u.s. president donald trump has changed his story about hush money paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with him more than a decade ago trump tweeted that he knew about a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels but he said it was a retainer fee for his lawyer and the money did not come from his election campaign funds which i know pres or diane has the latest. donald trump has admitted he's aware of the hush money paid to former porn star stormy daniels the president hansen not knowing anything about the payment but now he appears to be changing his story on twitter he wrote the agreement was to stop false and extortionists accusations about the affair and he says money from his presidential campaign was not used his tweets follow an interview with rudy giuliani that may have backfired against trump giuliani recently joined trump's legal team he says the president knew about the hush money and even reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen from making the payment so they followed through law for formal draw from the president repaid
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. the comments contradict tom's previous and i also felt the scandal. trumps lawyer reportedly paid daniels before the presidential election in exchange the course star was to keep quiet about the alleged affair with trump and the lawyer asked trump for money but apparently what giuliani is arguing is chuck had no idea what the money was being used for. the production funds were used it would be a violation of us federal law the president can contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign he has to report it and he did not report this to the federal elections commission that would be a criminal violation one team says no laws were broken the fact is just trust me. they're going to come up with no violations there the adult film star has filed a defamation lawsuit against the president despite the scandal still appears to
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enjoy the support of his base. a young. for more white house correspondent it can be joins us live so it can be an apparent change of story here from from the president how damaging is this for him. will certainly it's damaging the question is why it happened i mean it's so deliberate in terms of having rudolph giuliani come out and say this that you have to question the motives obviously what this appears is that there's an attempt by the white house legal team to get ahead of the story in essence knowing that that recent raid on the president's attorney michael cohen's office is that likely there is something in there that would contradict what the president had said and instead of having that revelation come out in an unexpected time send out a member of the president's legal team to say yes that's the case and it doesn't matter but certainly there are many that will say this does matter because
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essentially what this does is this does confirm what many have been trying to prove for some time is that the president knew more about this than he was letting on and this is going to be put a stop to questions about whether the money was paid as part of trying to presidential campaign is it. you know and certainly that's what we saw there from rudolph giuliani going on a very friendly platform to deliver bad news and try as we said get ahead of the story because in essence what they're trying to create is this narrative that this in no way breaks the law this in no way violates any sort of campaign finance rules but there are legal experts that we have been talking to the say hey wait a second not necessarily because there is this thing called a campaign contribution in kind if you can show whether this was done through some reimbursement or retainer of some sort which is what the white house team is alleging if this was to try and cover up some bad news that could harm you
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in an election cycle that would be considered a campaign contribution in kind this would be a violation of federal election law so certainly this is something that the federal election commission will now have to investigate committee how could thank you very much indeed. nearly one hundred people have been killed in india after a powerful dust and rain storm hit the northern states of register and pradesh the storm destroyed homes disrupted electricity and uprooted trees so we're going to go report i the storm struck in the dead of night as well slept in their homes leaving a trail of destruction and its weight i for much of stand with a project even the capital new delhi there were intense bursts of lightning accompanied by hail and rain the worst affected will rural areas trees hit
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fragile buildings destroying homes killing dozens of people inside and disrupting power supplies across the region's. private and government hospitals have been alerted government to minister pool resources have been mobilized and we are taking the help of the private sector as well people are helping to and we are trying to get all the into hospital and clear the roads dust storms are always expected ahead of the incoming monsoon season but not of this strength and killing so many people . in our district we have information of five deaths due to a high intensity tender storm at least twenty two people are critically injured and i've been given treatment at a trauma center of the district hospital while relief work has already started in the affected areas it will take days to restore power and with livestock having been affected by the storms people's livelihoods have also been impacted
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a worrying sign ahead of the impending monsoon season sunny al-jazeera. flooding in kenya has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced in the last month major roads across the country have been blocked due to heavy rains and landslides since early april last week a route between the capital nairobi and the main port city of mombasa was completely submerged the red cross has described it as a humanitarian disaster and says kenya needs emergency funding. every protester broken out from a remote but strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there is to cut or archipelago is a unesco world heritage site it lies in the gulf of aden along important oil trade routes and also provides access to nearby regions yemen's prime minister visited troops on the coach as main island on wednesday shortly after officials say the u.s. unloaded soldiers tanks and armored transport onto the area yemeni troops reportedly
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expelled them artes have been expanding their influence in southern yemen they're part of the saudi led coalition fighting goofy rebels undress krieg is an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college in london he told us that the move is part of a much larger strategy by the u.a.e. . and what they've done here is basically occupy a country part of the country. so they've done that in aden and then now do that and so contra which is very far out in the indian ocean to effectively control that government that region of the indian ocean which is part of the grand strategy of the united arab emirates the u.a.e. e.c. themselves or want to see themselves in the future to be the link between the east and the west there's very important to control here the trade links between east asia and europe which mostly go through the suez canal and the bottom of that strait between yemen and generally the horn of africa so if you want to control the
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straits you have to control the indian ocean so it's not and it's not just enough to have you know military facilities on shore which they have done because they invest heavily in to aid in the u.a.e. have built similar outposts in somalia and along the red sea coast going up to the suez canal so what they have done here is they have found an island which is very remote from both yemen and somalia it's very far off the coast but it's very strategically located and it kind of acts as a quad the aircraft carrier in the main for the u.s. in the middle of the indian ocean where they can control traffic and obviously of control the traffic you can also give favorable access to the sea lanes to companies that are related to the u.a.e. so it's a military and geopolitical strategy which is very much linked to the economic strategy of the united arab emirates syrian rebels have a surrendered enclaves in south
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a masochist and in the northern hunts countryside they've been given the option of pledging their need to the government or relocating to rebel held territory in northern syria and how to have a civil. russian military commanders led the negotiations on behalf of the syrian government rebel factions controlling the northern countryside of homs were given an ultimatum reconcile with the state or surrender and move to rebel held territory in northern syria to avoid an all out military offensive. military pressure has piled on the armed groups a few days ago the pro-government alliance heavily bombarded the region which is at a strategic crossroads linking the main population centers under government control the opposition had little choice around three hundred thousand syrians live there many of them forced from their homes elsewhere in syria the northern homs countryside is the latest rebel held area to surrender the opposition has been losing ground since its biggest defeat in years the fall of eastern huta in early
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april followed a fierce and intense bombing campaign the pro-government alliance then use this threat of military action to force rebels in the enclave northeast of damascus to bring about their surrender the same tactic was used on opposition armed groups in southern damascus rebels in the districts have. agreed to leave some seventeen thousand people fighters their family members and others who are involved in opposition activities are leaving in the nearby iso controlled districts and how the fighting continues between the armed groups and government forces but in those districts there were a few hundred fighters belonging to him. the group formerly known as they surrendered and were moved to northern syria the opposition continues to control the province of idlib in the northwest border with turkey they also hold parts of the southern provinces of. close to the borders of jordan and israel in recent
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weeks the process government alliance has been focusing on recapturing besieged areas close to its stronghold northern homs is the last significant piece of territory the rebels control that is not along an international border what comes next is more complicated. every offensive to recapture the whole of the problems would cause tensions with turkey which deployed troops as part of an agreement with russia. for. you on this agreement with thirty they know they need turkey to solve the situation in the north of syria if they ever want to fall for an offensive in the southern corner of syria is also just as complicated there is the possibility of escalating tensions with israel the israeli is are worried if the syrian regime of the army advances toward the border. with iran or iranian affiliated militia it's president bashar assad has repeatedly pledged to recapture every inch of syrian territory but future ballot terry
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operations may have different calculations. beirut in a russian fighter jet has crashed off the coast of syria killing both of the pilots came down in the sea after taking off from i mean base according to russian military the jet was not shot down russia's president bashar assad's main ally and operates from bases in syria's coastal areas. still to come this half hour on world press freedom day we look at what it's like to be a journalist in yemen one of the most dangerous places in the world. and the firm at the heart of a facebook data scandal goes out of business. how
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the weather in china is turned wet again and surprisingly feeding permanently now most you're from the south china sea temperatures are rising the cloud is forming and rain will fall the forecast for friday he's dessen right to come across the vietnamese border and heading us was for zhou hong kong included twenty eight humid degrees then that rain tends to drift north and we got it through the yangtze valley as well through and shanghai leaving it a bit dry to the south i will turn the rain moves local flooding shouldn't be too that the too bad and that's what it's doing and i was waving north to science there were some local flooding but not extensive we've had some vicious weather recently in india and that's a clue the temperature difference between say the deserts in russia style and surrounding areas are sufficient to really increase the strength of the winds cause death and damage have a big sandstorms that's just an example the edge of it showers running through the brought some rain but the forecast isn't quite as hot it still calls pre monsoon
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heat for the most part in excess of forty quite easily from the middle of india northwards the big showers next day or more like to be as you might expect the northeast of india and bangladesh and if you're lucky some significant running carola i mean sri lanka. from planting forests with drones to surviving drought. was a would winning environmental solutions program with time i would do that with them to a real job but. meeting the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest man might involve a mental problem threatening our planet. a new season of birthright so al jazeera.
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they're going to run to the top stories. the u.s. president has changed his story about money paid to a porn star who claims she had an affair with him but donald trump now says he knew about it but the money did not come from his campaign funds. nearly one hundred people are being killed in india after a powerful dust and rain storm hit. states. and that would actually approach us from a strategic yemeni island. to the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops that comes off yemen's prime minister visited service personnel on the on and on wednesday. journalists are under increasing attack by both sides of the war in yemen they're often threatened by kidnappings raids and missile strikes one
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reporter was killed and three others injured in bayda province last month when world press freedom day and why and about the reports on what life is like for journalists in yemen. yemen is a country that's been torn apart by war and suffering. the u.n. calls it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. and those telling its stories are increasingly finding themselves at risk but to the after the coalition's intervention the hooty started going after journalists intensively especially after the hutu leader's speech calling for the targeting of journalists and deeming them more dangerous than fighters does a yemeni journalist who was forced to leave the capital sana after being targeted by the rebels for his coverage of the war he says he had to escape the southern city of terrors for safety. the media published my name along with other journalists calling us coalition supporters only for doing our jobs by doing that they increase the threat on our lives and movements if the hutus
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were to spot us our fate would be uncertain you would be fortunate to be kidnapped . journalist covering the conflict in yemen face kidnapping raids and missile strikes in december last year forty one journalists from yemen t.v. were held hostage after the forces stormed the building. human rights groups have accused both who the rebels and coalition forces of targeting journalists yemen's media union says saudi led coalition air strikes have killed at least one hundred and twenty journalists since the start of the war three years ago. yes trucks have killed one hundred twenty journalists over the past three years these airstrikes have also cause total and partial destruction of over two hundred t.v. and radio stations as well as newspaper headquarters. journalist middlebury was concerned his wedding would be targeted so did the coalition have been targeting wedding parties so if the beginning of the war so it is not something new and
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people are now afraid from doing within parties like me i got to mount it one month ago and my mom told me don't do all we're doing party metal continues to work where you can his life or means restricted to the city of tears where he's free to report but if you ventures elsewhere you're likely face being kidnapped or even killed a middle of a d.c. al-jazeera al-jazeera jenna's which hussein has now been in gyptian jail for almost five hundred days international human rights organizations and now dizzier have repeatedly urged egyptian authorities to release him one who does an egyptian national was based in qatar when he was detained without charge by authorities in twenty sixteen during holiday to cairo to visit his family turkey's ruling party has formally nominated incumbent president richard as its candidate to run in next month's election a snap election was called by added one more than a year and a half earlier than planned so that the opposition scrambling to get organized
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they're planning to announce a broad electoral alliance to try to keep the one out of power and challenge the dominance of his ruling ak party did do would include turkey's largest secular and nationalist opposite opposition blocs. emmet is a political news editor the pro-government newspaper the daily sabah he says the anti edda one vote might not be strong enough to win the opposition parties a majority. this is what has gathered very distinct parties. together around one one cause and their main strategy is being anti add on and i think this is also their men their biggest step back in appealing to people's votes because being an anti aired on a coalition or an alliance is what they're putting forward but i don't know if this will be enough to actually get votes for people who are looking for tangible policy
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proposals and also. policies that will make their daily life better if you look at the alliance that is formed by the c.h.p. s p good party and the democrat party we see that they come from very distinct ideological backgrounds this will be perhaps their biggest challenge to maintain their coalition on a sustainable basis rather this comes out as a very as a call ition that is. coming out as a desperation against a party and a president who has claimed who have claimed victory for the all the elections past decade and a half iran says it will exercise its right to respond if the u.s. withdraws from a twenty fifty nuclear deal phone message of us or a philip at the statement online days before president trump deadline on whether he'll pull out of the deal let me make it absolutely clear once and for long we
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will need to outsource our security nor will we negotiate or add on to it we have already implemented in good faith to put it in realistic terms when you buy a house and move your family in or demolish it to build a skyscraper you cannot come back two years later and try to renegotiate the price the u.s. is valid why it's. to finally start on its commitments or it and only you will have to accept responsibility for the consequences of not doing so both korea's leader kim jong un has told china's foreign minister that he's committed to denuclearization when ye has been on a two day visit to pyongyang during which he congratulated north korea for its historic summit with south korea last week wang's visit comes as the north korean
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leader the best to meet the u.s. president in the coming weeks three u.s. citizens have reportedly been freed from detention in north korea weeks before. is due to meet donald trump the chair said to been transferred from labor camps to a hotel in pyongyang although there's been no official confirmation of this kim sandy hook also known as tony kim was arrested last april after being accused of carrying out hostile acts against the regime he was working at the pyongyang university of science and technology and his family have always said he was innocent came hacksawing who worked at the same university were detained a month later under the same charges his wife says he's an agricultural expert and was teaching north koreans rice growing techniques and this condone true who were sentenced to ten years in prison that hard labor in april twenty sixth even after being convicted of espionage a trade delegation of united states is currently in beijing for talks with china
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the discussions are being held led by your secretary treasury secretary steven lucan and chinese vice premier knew he they will try to hammer out a deal to avoid a trade war between the world's two largest economies ahead of the meeting chinese state media said china would stand up to us bullying if necessary while u.s. president donald trump tweeted that his team was trying to negotiate a level playing field on trade adrian brown has more from beijing on the issues at stake. there are many areas of friction i guess the two key ones would be the deficit at the moment china exports far more to the united states than the other way around and the united states wants to redress that balance china of though also is accused by the united states of really carrying out very unfair trading practices what the united states really gets upset about is this china has a plan known as made in china twenty twenty five and this is president xi jinping ambition to basically overhaul the economy and to pour billions of dollars into
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technologies of the future things like artificial intelligence and robotics but the problem is these are state funded companies that will be competing against u.s. companies in the global market in china the united states believe the basically china is out for world domination in this area and says you know it's unfair on the trade issue on the deficit issue the united states wants china to to cut the deficit by about one hundred billion dollars will state media here say there's very little likelihood of china going along with that chinese media was saying that they want united states to shows sincerity during these negotiations and they say that china will not bow to any measures that seek to contain china and that's the overriding message china will not allow itself to be contained the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross who is also part of this high level delegation now in beijing also spoke before leaving washington and he said that basically the
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deficit was had inspired what he said were evil chinese trade practices well those are the sort of comments you're hearing outside of the negotiating room imagine what you're going to hear inside that negotiating room now that those talks are underway. germany says it would welcome the widow of nobel peace laureate usual borough after she made a desperate plea for help you shot has been under defacto house arrest in china since her husband won the prize in twenty ten a recording has been released of her crying in desperation and saying she's given up hope of being able to leave china and would prefer to die than go on living in detention her husband was jailed in two two thousand and nine for subversion and died from cancer last year or serving an eleven year prison sentence and nobel prize for literature could be perspiring this year due to a crisis in the organization responsible for the award a string of board members has quit the swedish academy over an alleged sexual
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harassment scandal involving the husband of one of its members and outspent on the awards fate will be made on friday the last time there was postponed was in one hundred forty three at the height of world war two. cambridge analytic or the company at the heart of the facebook data scandal is filing for bankruptcy a political consultancy firm had harvested information from about eighty seven million facebook users to target during political campaigns including during the u.s. presidential election campaign you know how reports from london. cambridge analytical is the political consultancy at the heart of a massive facebook data breach there are claims that the personal data of millions of people contributed to micro-targeting models using online ads to influence voters in the u.s. presidential election and the bricks of referenda in the u.k. the news that the company has closed its doors and is filing for bankruptcy may frustrate efforts to get to the bottom of what went on
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a british parliamentary inquiry has heard evidence from company whistleblowers describing how the data of eighty seven million facebook users was harvested vajra third party app and passed on to cambridge analytical in an undercover investigation the company's former c.e.o. alexander nix all but took credit for donald trump's election victory only eight years old is that the scandal went all the way to the u.s. congress where facebook founder mark zuckerberg apologized for what he's called a breach of trust between facebook's and its users and said more should be done to protect people's privacy online rocked the offices there of cambridge analytic in london suddenly empty as are their offices in new york just a week ago a company spokesman gave a press conference here defending the reputation of cambridge analytic and its multiple clients against what he described as unfounded allegations well now we're told in a statement that the seed of media coverage has driven those clients away the
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business therefore no longer viable but there are also reports of a brand new company with several familiar figures among its directors could this be cambridge analytic or in all but name. the new company form with the mercer sisters one of them is behind. alexander nix we learned the same person involved in cambridge analytical was set up the day after a couple of days after the scandal broke a member it's data data could be just downloaded all the modeling it's meant more important than just the data for example the eighty seven million. profiles taken from facebook which they psychologically play follow the american voters is the modeling of that data and you can take that you can move on just one from dr evil the demise of cambridge analytic it does little to dim the lights shown by the scandal on the widespread use of our personal data for commercial and political purposes data is often described as the new oil the most precious asset in the
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modern economy and it is ours as social media uses to either guard more closely or simply give away join a whole al-jazeera london. around to the top stories around jazeera u.s. president donald trump has admitted he paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars to a porn star who claims she had an affair with him more than a decade ago but he says that the money paid to stormy daniels did not come from his presidential campaign funds john says he made the payment through his attorney michael cohen after previously denying any knowledge the president insists he did not have an affair and says the payoff was part of a deal to keep daniels quiet about quote false and extortionist accusations can be how could has most of what this appears is that there's an attempt by the white house legal team to get ahead of a story in essence knowing that that recent raid on the president's attorney
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michael collins office is that likely there is something in there that would contradict what the president had said and instead of having that revelation come out of an unexpected time send out a member of the president's legal team to say yes that's the case that it doesn't matter but certainly there are many that will say this does matter because essentially what this does is this does confirm what many have been trying to prove for some time is that the president knew more about this than he was letting on. nearly one hundred people have been killed after a powerful rain and dust storm hit parts of northern and western india at least sixty four people died in uttar pradesh state and twenty seven of those in my just on the storm left a trail of destruction with collapsed houses fallen trees and dead livestock. angry protests have broken out on a remote but strategic yemeni island after the united arab emirates deployed military aircraft and troops there the so-called archipelago is
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a unesco world heritage site lies in the gulf of aden an important oil trade routes yemen's promise to visit troops on psychiatrist main island on wednesday shortly after officials say the u.a.e. on loaded soldiers tanks and armored transport onto the area the yemeni troops were reportedly expelled. syrian rebels have surrendered enclaves in southern damascus and northern homes the government has given them an ultimatum of joining the military or escaping to opposition held areas in the north to stay with us up next it's thrives on ones that.


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