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on the wall have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them in is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one. this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the history. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we've. just. soon turned into a battlefront for the jury and. the torrijos for abducting two hundred schoolgirls the killing the displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of.
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both vagabonds former chief executive is facing criminal charges for trying to cover up the automakers diesel emissions trading. fully back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead. but those first awareness i had was during the interview last month conflicting stories on who knew what and when over present donald trump's payment to an adult film star. twitter sends out an alert to its millions of users urging them to change their passwords and flying the flag support for france ahead of an independence vote on a pacific island.
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the former chief executive of german comic of old sod and has been charged in the us over the diesel emission scandal marvin to call in is accused of lying to regulate is about fake test results up to eleven million v.w. cars were found to be releasing emissions up to forty times more than the legal limit he resigned after the scandal became public in september twenty fifteen john hendren has more. martin vinter corn is now the highest ranking former v.w. official accused of a crime in the emissions scandal in the u.s. printer korn the former chief executive officer of the w. was accused of four counts of federal crimes in the united states one of conspiring to cheat the u.s. emissions system and three counts of wire fraud that he's using e-mail in order to achieve that he faces the big ten years in prison but he could avoid prosecution entirely simply by remaining in germany that is because germany does not extradite
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for crimes outside of the european union so he could simply remain in germany and that is what five lower ranking officials did when they were indicted they remain in germany and dieted by the u.s. but alluding prosecution to officials who did plead guilty in the united states from v.w. are facing hefty prison terms one of seven years one of three years the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says this shows that the admissions cheating scandal in the u.s. occurred at the highest levels of the w. and he says it will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law nevertheless vinter corn gets the final vote there he could avoid prosecution simply by remaining in germany and other weldon is more than one hundred people have been killed in a powerful dust and rain storm in india it destroyed homes disrupted electricity enough food to trees in northern states of raw just on and sonya gago has more. i the storm struck in the dead of night as the slept in their homes leaving
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a trail of destruction and its weight i from largest on to progress even the capital new delhi there were intense bursts of lightning accompanied by hail and rain the worst affected will rural areas pulling trees hit fragile buildings destroying homes killing dozens of people inside and disrupting power supplies across the regions. all the private and government hospitals have been alerted government to minister pool resources have been mobilized and we are taking the help of the private sector as well people are helping to and we are trying to get all the into hospital and clear the roads dust storms are always expected ahead of the incoming monsoon season but not of this strength and killing so many people. in our district we have information of five deaths due to a high intensity to understand at least twenty two people are critically injured
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and i've been given treatment at a trauma center of the district hospital while relief work has already started in the affected areas it will take days to restore power and with livestock having been affected by the storms people's livelihoods have also been impacted a worrying sign ahead of the impending monsoon season sunit i have all al-jazeera. and in kenya flooding has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced major roads across the country have been blocked because of heavy rain and landslides in the past month last week part of a route between the capital nairobi and the main port city of mumbai was under water the red cross has described it as a humanitarian disaster and says kenya needs emergency funding. the u.s. president has changed his story about how money paid to an adult film actress stormy daniels says she had an affair with him a decade ago he denies that strom says he didn't know about the one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels but learned about it later i white house
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correspondent kimberly hockett reports. a shifting story from u.s. president donald trump appearing at the white house rose garden ironically on the national day of prayer trump spoke about the importance of face but nothing about a lie he told reporters a month ago aboard air force one you're very. stormy daniels is an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with trump a two thousand and six trump's lawyer michael cohen paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars during the presidential election campaign to keep quiet and for the first time a member of the president's legal team rudy giuliani admitted the president knew about that payment for move through over the president repeated that could put the president in legal jeopardy because the campaign never disclosed the payment added
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exceeds the twenty five thousand dollars legal limit for contributions that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money but melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor says that legal argument is flawed if they made the payment to stormy daniels with the intent that it influenced the campaign it can be an in kind contribution which also can be a felony given the amount on thursday trump defended the move on twitter saying payments like the one to daniels are very common among celebrities and people of wealth the latest scandal follows a shakeup in donald trump's legal team two lawyers have left in the past two months just as there are more questions about another controversy whether or not trump's presidential campaign colluded with russia kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house. now the president is no is and the white house press secretary have all made contradictory statements about the payment is told me daniels the press
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secretary was asked by reporters about who knew what and when and his what chance. as mayor giuliani stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learned have the president has denied and continues to the not the underlying claim and again i've given the best information i had at the time now that news conference hi lies the government's strained relations with the media matthew mccovey act is a republican consultant and former bush administration mate he says trump is convinced the media bias against him in terms of press conferences in terms of of interviews with media organizations trump is is far behind his predecessors done very few interviews anywhere outside of fox news i he's done very very few press conferences that said they are briefing every day that you answer questions there
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as you answer questions at events he answers questions with foreign leaders usually two two for each side every time you as a foreign leader with him at the white house so they are somewhat accessible it's not quite as accessible as predecessors then but i also would add though that this is ministration has been attacked more consistently by the press corps probably than any president since nixon that the relationship between the white house and the press corps is as bad as i can remember it in my almost forty years of being alive i mean it really is a war every day and i remember back when steve bands in the white house used to call the media the opposition party and i think for a lot of republicans they see the press corps as trying to impeach trump every single minute of every single day and i think that's part of the reason why trump lashes out at the press corps. syrian rebels have surrendered an enclave of the northern homes countryside to government forces they have been given the option to
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pledge allegiance to the government all moved to rebel held territory in northern syria in a halter reports. russian military commanders led the negotiations on behalf of the syrian government rebel factions controlling the northern countryside of homs were given an ultimatum reconcile with the state or surrender and move to rebel held territory in northern syria to avoid an all out military offensive. military pressure has piled on the armed groups a few days ago the pro-government alliance heavily bombarded the region which is at a strategic crossroads linking the main population centers under government control the opposition had little choice around three hundred thousand syrians live there many of them forced from their homes elsewhere in syria the northern homs countryside is the latest rebel held area to surrender the opposition has been losing ground since its biggest defeat in years the fall of eastern huta in early april followed a fierce and intense bombing campaign the pro-government alliance then use the
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threat of military action to force rebels in the enclave northeast of damascus to bring about their surrender the same tactic was used on opposition armed groups in southern damascus rebels in the districts have. agreed to leave some seventeen thousand people fighters their family members and others who are involved in opposition activities are leaving in the nearby iso controlled districts and how the fighting continues between the armed groups and government forces but in those districts there were a few hundred fighters belonging to him. the group formerly known as they surrendered and were moved to northern syria the opposition continues to control the province of idlib in the northwest border with turkey they also hold parts of the southern provinces of. close to the borders of jordan and israel in recent weeks the process government alliance has been focusing on recapturing besieged areas close to its strongholds northern homs is the last significant piece of
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territory the rebels control that is not along an international border what comes next is more complicated. every offensive to recapture the whole of the problems would cause tensions with turkey which deployed troops as part of an agreement with russia. on this agreement with thirty they know they need to solve the situation in the north of the i want to fall for an offensive in the southern corner of syria is also just as complicated there is the possibility of escalating tensions with israel israelis are worried if the syrian regime. advances toward the border. with. that militia its president bashar al assad has repeatedly pledged to recapture every inch of syrian territory but future bella terry operations may have different calculations.
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beirut now if you have a twitter account the social media site says you should change your password the company discovered a computer glitch that stored some passwords on its internal system in an unprotected form they were kept in readable text rather than disguise with a random set of numbers and letters twitter says a problem has been fixed and no data was stolen or misused larry magid is c.e.o. of connect safety safety dot org an internet safety privacy and security organization he says twitter should be credited for letting users know about the problem. it is a pretty big mistake and the good news of course is that they claim at least that the gaited was not breached which means that with if it was seen by anybody it was feed by twitter employees that's bad enough because the good best practices faith that no one not even the c.e.o. of the company should be think anybody's password but you know it was a software glitch i can't tell you how the glitch happened but obviously it's something that they are embarrassed by but to their credit they did put out an
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alert they let people know they feel they could have ignored it but they decided to share it and urging people to change their password i would face impossible that an employee could have grabbed it and fed it to family that's the type of risk that you want to avoid i'm sure that most twitter employees are very reputable but you know they've got a lot of employees and there could have been a lot of rotten apple there i doubt it but i wouldn't rule it out though in an abundance of caution of a few just everybody should change their password and by the way make it a unique password and a strong password to head on al-jazeera gold companies settle south africa's biggest ever class action lawsuit plus. one challenge live in london inside the world knowledge of the victorian house of a huge restoration project it's home to some of the world's rarest.
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hello again the severe storms that we've seen across parts the central plains through towards the it missouri and mississippi river valleys just gradually easing off now still some heavy rain associated with this frontal system pushing into the northeast and there is towards the eastern seaboard so it looks like being a wet day for ottawa and can of there a temperature of sixty but we got some warm air pushing up ahead of this frontal system so washington a thirty three new york at twenty nine the front itself then pushes through during the course of saturday so cool a freshet conditions coming in behind still quite person a twenty two degrees for new york right conditions for chicago and then out across the west he's looking fairly cool but still draw on bright with seattle coming in at eighteen degrees celsius so let's head down into central parts of america and here for many areas is to dry and find good deal of sunshine in evidence as the island so looks a bit more unsettled around the caribbean gerri some heavy downpours apart cross
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parts of cuba and maybe into jamaica and that risk of showers continues to head on through into saturday so again kingston could be rather cloudy at times and some heavy rain is likely heavy showers across northern parts of south america but a town that is quite wet further towards the south we've still got some disturbed weather affecting your acquired highs of twenty though it is aries. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington members of congress did nothing about the bust late part of the constituency in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government for the weekend to deal with it isn't in the government has the responsibility everybody thought that there could get. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al jazeera live from doha top stories the former chief executive of german comic of all science and has been charged with lying to admissions regulators in the us vinda khan was in charge when up to eleven million v.w. diesel cars were found to be releasing emissions up to three times over the nico limits more than one hundred people have been killed in a powerful dust and rain storm in india it's destroyed homes cut electricity and uprooted trees in the northern states of raw just on and to pradesh officials say it's the strongest storm in decades and twitter is urging all its users to change
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their passwords after a computer bug calls some to be stored in a readable form to stuff in the company the social network says the problem has not been fixed and no data was still in or misused. now profiles ronnie's are taking place on the pacific island of new caledonia as present a man you might call makes his first visit to the french territory the trip comes ahead of an independence vote set for november the majority of the island's indigenous conoco ethnic group support a full break with funds the president's office says mccall will not express a position on the vote and will focus on commemoration and remembrance during his visit andrew thomas has the latest from noumea. president macron is on a three day visit to new caledonia for what is likely to be his only trip before that referendum in november officially he is neutral he says that he simply wants the process to be legitimate and accepted by all sides but he has made the pacific and his commitments to the pacific
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a key part of his foreign policy he made the point on the first day that off the break states france will be the only european union country with any territory in the pacific and he says with president trump looking less inclined than president obama was to tilt his foreign policy towards the asia pacific region he thinks that there is a strategic gap for france to fail others of course will look at the referendum. with what china might be thinking china has extended its reach culturally economically writes across pacific island nations if france were to lose one of its territories in the pacific that would further tilt the balance of power in this region in china's direction president macro is visiting many parts of this country or i should say this territory because this is very much france they vote in the presidential election they get a grant from france they put deputies in the french assembly so we are in front here at the moment he'll visit many parts of his territory over his visit and he
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will try and talk to both sides of the debate he does not want to repetition of what happened thirty years ago in another referendum where one side saw the whole process as illegitimate and there was violence is a little of what president said on thursday. lives even the home our history like you say can sometimes be jostled around and cause harm i believe that if we know how to take the part of history that links us in the future and today we will only become stronger on friday there was a march through the streets of the made by people who want this territory to remain part of france but president michel is deliberately going to places where in the. he's in favor he wants both saw each of these to buy the feeling in the process. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has been reelected as chairman of the palestine liberation organization's highest decision making body his reappointment to the executive committee was expected it came at a gathering of the palestinian national council which was meeting for the first
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time in twenty two years called for the forum to be postponed until all functions were united it was one of several groups that boycotted the meeting. the united arab emirates has sent troops to a remote strategic yet many islands so culture is a unesco world heritage site in the gulf of aden is situated along important oil trade routes the military deployment by the u.a.e. follows a visit to the island by yemen's prime minister and when say the many troops were reportedly expelled from the territory the u.a.e. has been expanding its influence in southern yemen as part of the saudi led coalition so is known as the gallop pagels of the indian ocean is home to the unique dragons blood tree and hundreds of recipe cheez about a third of those animals aren't found anywhere else in the world psychiatrist sixty thousand residents have lived almost isolated from the outside world they now find themselves at the center of power struggle between z.m.
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and government and the u.a.e. to south africa now where gold mining companies have agreed to a four hundred million dollars settlement to compensate thousands of mine is who contracted fatal lung diseases al-jazeera is malcolm web reports two muslim posters lungs was so badly damaged he says he struggles to breathe if you will any faster than this. you worked in gold mines in south africa for moved in thirty years you met him here at his home in the mountain kingdom of. he told us conditions were planned and worst on the ripon side. there's been a lot to how there was a lot of dust i wouldn't be able to see a person standing the ground makes to a lot that they would instruct us to go and we need to stick is who trying to use the water to listen that we had no choice it was the part of it there are a few jobs here in the thirty day that's why thomas traveled to south africa to
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look for work many millions from neighboring countries of them the same and his story is typical of many of those he worked in the mines when he became too thick to work he lost his job he told him if son could be sent to replace him so he came home and he's lived here ever since. a rock from a blast blinded him in one eye that's what cost him his job he already had tuberculosis. doctors since told him the t.v. was because of his work and that he also had silicosis permanent lung damage caused by inhaling silica dust now he might finally be compensated. he's among thirty thousand miners he was represented in a class action the first of its kind here the lawyers behind it have announced that affected miners will be paid in a settlement with six gold mining groups they say it's scientific progress that helped they didn't know a lot about silica dust and that was they knew it existed and they knew of course
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a lick ours but they didn't know how much of it should be in the last year it's been a lot of advances on hard to make the dance and hard to prevent the dust from being in the atmosphere that. there's been gold mining in south africa for one hundred years the lawyers say thousands of cases of silicosis recorded like gold miners since the one nine hundred seventy s. we can just do a little something to hold these companies that are still here to hold them accountable to change this account to root this culture of impunity and to bring some relief. to the victims who are still alive today thomas might be eligible for about twelve thousand dollars for his lung damage he says he'll invest it in his small farm he says the mining company took his health forever. now you might get something in return malcolm webb al-jazeera.
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bill cosby in roman polanski have been expelled from the organization that manages a prestigious oscars movie awards entertain a cause we was convicted of sexual assault last week oscar winning director polanski has admitted to having unlawful sex with a thirteen year old girl in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven the u.s. academy of motion pictures arts and sciences says the decision reflects its standards of conduct. al jazeera journalist mahmoud will say and has now been in an egyptian jail for almost five hundred days he was detained without charge by authorities in two thousand and sixteen during a holiday to cairo the egyptian national is one of many journalists harassed or threatened with arrest in a government crackdown to stifle dissent osama bin job that has our report. five hundred days locked up and counting hussein and al jazeera deny brutal king's addition incitement against egypt and spreading false news. the un condemned his
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arbitrary detention saying was stopped questioned and detained in december twenty sixth seen after travelling to cairo for a holiday since then he's been in solitary confinement and has yet to be charged the office of the un high commissioner for human rights says indefinite pretrial detention is the egyptian government's tactic to restrain anyone who dares to act independently the un human rights what he says the policy is a cornerstone of egypt's suppression of the media civil society and protesters the committee to protect journalists says egypt is a leading jailer of journalists at least twenty are in prison the advocacy that we can do by documenting attacks and repression of journalists and using every opportunity that we have to bring this to public attention around the world egypt's government has targeted other al jazeera journalists in a trial condemned almost unanimously by rights groups and journalist organizations egypt leveled similar charges against al jazeera is by her mohamed mohamed fahmy and peter greste and jail them five years ago the former editor in chief of al
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jazeera arabic ibrahim helal was sentenced to death in his absence two years ago in a new antiterrorism law passed last year targets other media organizations as well the committee to protect journalists says the law for this is the government's crackdown on the media it enables police to put journalists acquitted of terrorism related charges on a watch list that restricts their finances and other rights every morning everything long says you hear of of a case of over journalese that you know in directly being and difficult situation under persecution and their disappearance and their arrest censorship intensified this year during the reelection campaign of president a bill for the hand sisi journalists critical of him or who interviewed opposition candidates but arrested entertainment and satirical t.v. shows have also been shut down egyptian journalist mohammed there was. zaid known as show khan was jailed five years ago for reporting the rubber square protests in
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cairo hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured show khan's been nominated for unesco's press freedom prize for his resistance and commitment to freedom of expression reporter for the times newspaper in britain was arrested and deported from egypt without official explanation the international journalist unions accuse the egyptian government of creating a climate of fear and reporters don't know if they will be next to be jailed osama bin job does their athletic oh madrid have knocked arsenal out of the europa league a goal from diego costa gave athletico a one nil win on the night in madrid any two one victory in the semifinal atlantico will pay french side marsay in the final. now the world's largest victorian glass house has reopened for the first time in five years in the u.k. it's home to fifteen hundred species of plants many of which are extremely rare and require a specialist care charlie angelo went to take
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a look. an architectural wonder and heaven for horticulturalists kew gardens a vast victorian greenhouse is open again to the public it's taken five years of restoration moving in ten thousand plants from the world's temperate climates where it's not too hot not too cold this is the largest metering glass house in the world it's maybe two hundred metres long it actually consists of five separate buildings each grade one listed it's this is unesco world heritage site and it's open to the public every day of the year as well so dismantling this building restoring it taking all the plants out returning them it has been a hugely complex project inside a plant that can feed the world like the end set a staple quote but ethiopia a cousin of the banana plant which kew scientists hope could be used throughout africa there are plants supply medicine and plants that a purely beautiful thing all these plans on the one we've picked pretty positive hits and global biodiversity but in the wild
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a fear of not species are at risk of extinction the foundation of life the farming logging development and climate change a putting them at risk. the species a part of kew gardens living collection used by scientists in charge of them is scott taylor we grow plants of really hard scientific value notably conservation cues a conservation organization we've got about two hundred fifty species growing in here of fifteen hundred to have got conservation ratings from vulnerable to extinct in the wild species extinct in the wild which means you don't find them anywhere else in nature one of those now extinct species is the. which survives is the time when dinosaurs rode a favorite here with botanists specimen here has actually been a new engine twenty years which is spectacular and the story behind this is quite unique. last time as an offset of the original specimen found in the only
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male specimen found in the wild these plants a part of our everyday life the food we eat to the clothes we wear the materials we use the medicines we take too often we take them for granted. london. so again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the former chief executive of volkswagen the german county has been charged with lying to regulators in the us martin of into khan was in charge when up to eleven million v.w. diesel cars were found to be releasing emissions up to forty times more then the legal limit the us president has changed his story about how money paid to an adult film actress stormy daniels says she had an affair with donald trump a decade ago he denies that now admits to reimbursing is lawyer for payment made to daniels but area had said that he didn't know anything about the money. press
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secretary was asked by reporters about who knew what and when. giuliani stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually war the president has denied and continues to deny the underlying claim and again i've given the best information i had at the time more than one hundred people have been killed in a powerful dust and rain storm in india it's destroyed homes electricity enough food or trees in the northern states of raja to pradesh officials say is the strongest storm in decades and kenya flooding has left at least one hundred people dead and more than two hundred thousand displaced major roads across the country have been blocked because of heavy rain and nonce lights in the past month the red cross describes it describes it as a humanitarian disaster and says kenyan these emergency funding twitter is urging
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all its uses to change their passwords after a computer bug calls some to be stored in a readable form the social network says the problem has been fakes and no data was stolen or misused have been pro france ronnie's on the pacific island of new caledonia as president emmanuel mccall makes his first visit to the french territory the trip comes ahead of an independence vote set for november the majority of the island's indigenous comeback ethnic groups of course a full break from france you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after a fault lines to stay with us u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel an alum in your bra by g.m. will mean the data time span ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on zero zero. zero eight
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