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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the the. once pristine indonesia's chittering river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply global fashion chains one when you see examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every year.
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this is al-jazeera. hello again i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. israeli forces fired tear gas at protesters on the gaza israel border in the sixth week of demonstrations. an act of aggression the internationally recognized yemeni government hits back at the u.a.e. for deploying troops onto a strategic island. the biggest scandal to affect the nobel literature prize allegations of sexual assault forcing the committee to postpone the twenty eighteen award. and will travel deep inside kenya to the area worst affected by deadly
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flooding. downtown hummus and i'll be here with all the sports the boston celtics take it to the nothing lead in the eastern conference semifinals as they aim for first n.b.a. championship. ok. for a sixth week in a row palestinians are protesting near the israeli fence in gaza the israeli army has responded with force as the demonstrators have set tires on fire there each week each friday the israelis have fired on the groups forty one people have been killed so far they're calling for the palestinians to be allowed to return to villages where their families once lived which are now inside israel and force it joins us live from the scene harry just take us through what's happening there. over the last sort of half an hour forty five minutes most of the protest has been gathering behind me where you can see this big plume of tire smoke which is being
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burned and there have been warnings tear gas fired from the israeli side but then in the last ten minutes or so you can see for a second time now there's been a large movement of protesters a few hundred meters south of our position down to another location on the fence this is very much the same thing that happened last friday and the israelis again of moved down there we're just hearing some firing they moved down there and they've been firing a lot of tear gas in the last ten minutes that's the first what sounds like live ammunition that i've heard fired for a while and still though more and more people heading in that direction from the original center of this protest and so this is very much what we were expecting to see after prayers a few hours after presently people have been heading back to the protest site in greater numbers and this appears to be the height of today's protest happening right now do you get the sense harry that both sides were prepared for this very
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much even just four or five hours ago. yeah i mean i think that this was the likely playing out of today's events so far. the numbers of injuries have been down on previous weeks although we're waiting to hear the very latest figures because in the last half an hour or so there's been a lot more activity at least here at this location but yes there were reports in the israeli media that israeli army having seen what happened last week with this kind of peeling off of protesters to a less defended position of the of the fence that they were at least preparing for that eventuality take place today how well organized are the palestinians. well certainly they are they have their plans there are moments where in the tires will be delivered there's a sort of a tire control group who plot out where best to light these fires and off a screening to those who are using slings to throw stones towards these or to
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firestone's towards the israeli positions and the and we saw that happen we saw a large delivery of tires people were among them pretty young kids were rolling them to a certain position and then we we saw them and at the same time then we had the the the throwing of stones from behind that screen and then the subsequent big movement of people to another position on the fence as you're talking to us harry we're watching you but we're also watching people being loaded into the back of an ambulance plus we're parked up in the foreground the israeli forces what kind of munitions are the using. well we we've seen them used tear gas we've heard live fire rounds the the general patton seems to be first sunny earlier this morning when the numbers were much lower first there would come that was a that was a bullet passing. overhead somewhere but yes first there were. indications
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from the loudhailers of israeli soldiers in arabic saying we can see you you individuals in particular you need to move away tear gas will come first then we will fire live ammunition at you so that is the pattern that israelis are once again undertaking although it does seem that since the first two or three weeks of these protests that there is less use of live fire on balance but of course these situations are extremely fluid it's hard to make predictions how things will pan out during the next couple of hours give us a sense terry if you can of how big the area is that we're talking about here i mean from our camera vantage point it looks maybe three or four hundred meters almost like a disk of land that the people are kind of milling around on top of. that's right let's judge the car and if he can come back with me back towards this big plume of fire here this is really the where the sort of traditional if you hike if you can
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talk about a six week tradition this is where the main mass of protests have been at this one of five locations up and down the border fence with israel and from here people have been gathering the position you can see where they're burning tires that itself is maybe two or three hundred meters away from the actual border fence there of course have been many people who've been approaching right up to the border fence we spoke to one man who was injured in the first week just ten meters away when he was trying to plant a palestinian flag right on the fence i use shot in both legs he's back here again today as he has been he says every single week so this is kind of the northern extremity of this protest and then we're going to come around this way our job and then since last friday we've seen people moving down further along the border further south and again you can see in the distance i'm guessing that's probably a good seven or eight hundred meters away from where we are another big plume of
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tire smoke it looks considerably closer to the border fence itself that seems to be where people are trying to get right up to the fence and and challenge the israeli soldiers on the other side so we're into week six of this and this is the sixth friday that something like this has happened forty one forty two people have lost their lives hundreds have been injured the israeli forces have been roundly condemned on all sides because what they're doing is strictly speaking of course illegal but that doesn't stop the israelis doing what they're doing i mean that doesn't get any traction with them because they see we are defending our homeland our country. that's right they point to things such as kites being flown with molotov cocktail or burning devices attached to them the potential for what they say is terrorist activity led by hamas and islamic jihad's to booby trap the fence and so on those they point to some of those kites falling in in farmland on
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the other side of the fence the israeli foreign ministry put out a video statement a couple of weeks ago saying wouldn't your country defend its borders in the same way well of course a lot of members international community saying no we wouldn't we wouldn't be shooting unarmed civilian protesters in this fashion as for the protesters themselves we've been speaking to a nun a number of them and they've been saying that they are not in any way deterred by the very obvious risks that they are running they've seen people they've they've been injured themselves in many cases and they keep coming back i spoke to. the head of the sort of psychiatric committee a medical doctor here earlier this morning and he was saying that really there's been a psychological barrier that has been breached people are being if anything emboldened by on the one hand a new sense of purpose a new sort of social community springing up for young people who've been so sort of disenfranchised without any real prospect of building a proper future for themselves here given the lack of employment given the lack of
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opportunity and on the other hand that very fact the lack of any real prospects for the meaning that they didn't have they don't have very much to lose what he says is the real danger is of after the session a verse for the creation of israel the day known as nakba the fourteenth and fifteenth of may when these protests are intended to really climax if after that there is still no improvement there is no release of the pressure on gaza potentially through the rough a crossing to egypt opening up more frequently if they have nothing really tangible to show for this then the people who have been really emboldened and given so much empowerment by the last few weeks if there. it sort of futility sets in that could be really devastating for them and the whole point about the rough across and i guess harriet kind of takes us into the next level of our conversation which has to be the way that the people on the other side of the border the gaza side of the border they live a life that really comes down to living under siege anyway. that's right i mean i
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can tell you one story that this the same psychiatry was telling to me this morning which really did for me encapsulate a lot of what's going on here about a secondary school teacher whose salary had been stopped by the palestinian authority for some weeks they blames technical difficulties but at last on thursday yesterday he got half of his march salary and now we're in early may that half of that what he got was immediately taken by the bank for his house loan he spent more than half of that on his bills supermarket bills and gas she was left with less than one hundred dollars after all of that and that coming late and the point of the doctor was making to me is that this is the man who is under immense strain and pressure and probably feeling this sizable depression he's the man who's supposed to be teaching and inspiring the next generation fifteen sixteen year old students and if they see their elders in such despair if they don't see the prospects of any change in their circumstances the kind of very motivating factor
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for coming here and protesting if they see no changes then what everyone says you think it can get worse and then it gets worse and as far as those people are concerned her as well before they get to looking after their psychological needs their emotional requirements which of course is a given but those people that are being put in ambulances and taken to hospitals taken to see a doctor in the next hour or two or the next few days can the hospitals can the medical establishment in gaza can they cope with what's heading their way now. well i mean they're doing their best obviously and there are lots of extremely skilled medical staff who are sadly very well versed in dealing with these sorts of injuries but no the the hospitals are under pressure just as everything else is here in gaza in terms of fuel to keep the generators going medicine getting in. the doctors for them from organizations outside gaza trying to get in here and help as
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well we spoke to one person was injured in the first week and he said he was he had serious injuries shot through both legs by two separate bullets and he had to be discharged from hospital within five days because they had to prepare for the next round that they were expecting the following friday so these services are under immense strain and it looks like yes they will have more cases such as that to deal with during the course of today and when it comes to how israel deals with what they would say i guess if they were being kind or kind than they've been they might say they are just protesters but when it comes to dealing with protesters israel doesn't seem particularly bothered about operating within any kind of international norm or strictures when it comes to how they interact what they want to do. know the messaging coming from israel is that hamas which retains control of gaza during the case during the course of attempts to very much faltering almost dead attempts to reconcile with fatah and the palestinian authority in the west bank hamas
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remains the sole real authority in gaza and so israel says that hamas is responsible for what it calls violent riots it says that it is sending cynically young men and children up to the fence to conceal what it says are terrorist activities and therefore the methods that it's been using are defensible on those grounds i mean i've been speaking to a lot of people over the last few weeks that we've been covering this and they almost sure to a person deny any hamas affiliation. and then i mean there are some people who are politically affiliated some of them likely to be with and hospital so with. itself or with the doll on the mama done an offshoot of some really not political at all the main motivating factor for the protests those who are actually going up to the fence from the conversations that you have when you hear on the ground is this feeling of a hopelessness within gaza be an opportunity to really affirm what they say
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is their right to return to their villages right enshrined under international law and under un resolutions to return to their villages on the other side of that fence ok harry for the moment many things to stay close will we'll come back to you if there are any more developments but in the meantime thanks very much. plenty more still to come here on the news hour for you including these stories some information i am aware of and someone not one. caught off guard top white house official struggle to defend president trump on differing versions of the scandal involving a former porn star. a volcano eruption a wife forcing thousands to flee their homes. and in the sports are some bankers dream of claiming one last trophy as the manager of asshole well they've been shattered santa will have a story in about thirty minutes. yemeni
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government sources have told al jazeera that the united arab emirates committed a court's hostile act by increasing its military presence on a strategically important island in the arabian sea on thursday errata troops forced yemeni personnel to leave key locations on the island of so caught it hosts a major airport and is located near a key shipping routes he has alex just office. showing support to yemen's prime minister up in dhaka hundreds of yemenis took to the streets of so culture is the u.a.e. boost its presence in the remote island the gulf between. the united arab emirates flew in soldiers along with tanks and armored vehicles they're shown here sitting up a security cordon having expelled local troops from the airport situated off the coast of somalia and the unesco heritage site known to many as the galapagos of the indian ocean is famous for its unusual wildlife and scenery but with a three thousand metre long runway ideal for fighter jets and large military
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aircraft the island is also situated between the horn of africa and yemen just beyond the red sea and some of the busiest sea lanes in the world and what they've done here is basically occupying a country part of the country so they've done it in aden in an hour. which is very far out in the end you know. to effectively control the region and you know sure having already invested heavily in somali land and expanded the commercial port but there are the uys control of the culture a seen by many is the latest move by the emirates to spread its influence will beyond its borders people have often remarked on the strategic value. there have been speculations that. one power or another might try actually establish a presence on the island. with the war in yemen entering its fourth year the u.a.e. now controls much of the south of the country the strong presence of both sides of
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the entrance to the red sea and psychiatrist placed right in the middle topless al jazeera. hakim. he joins us on the line and he is the editor in chief of the yemen post. saying here that the u.a.e. forces have gone from zero presence on this island to having a presence or did they have a presence on the island anyway. if you go if you get a little bad right now the yemeni government. orders. by the islamic courts to get the insta couple on a good. so it's not just. david of ritual for over two years right now and it's a shame about the yemeni government and the president himself. have some ninety percent of their tribe outside. or another country so they're not.
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really whether it's a couple or a game because. more to start with and not the. leadership. it's worth starting. again for the apology. big call from the commission. whatsoever or even a demand of both you bring out. ok. the problem ok ok maleness mary i'm going to draw a conversation to a close then we'll come back to if we can it's not the best telephone line we've ever had it's a bit of a tough listen but we will come back to you if we can through the course of the coming few hours or so of course in the u.k. has ruled that human rights campaigners can proceed with a legal case aimed at stopping british arms sales to saudi arabia the campaign against trade says british weapons are being used in violation of international law
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in the war in yemen now the u.k. has sold six point two billion dollars worth of arms to the country since the saudi led a campaign began and twenty fifteen the un is estimating that more than ten thousand people have been killed in that conflict let's bring in andrew smith from london he's the spokesman for the campaign against the arms trade under smith what do you realistically things going to happen here. we believe that the verdict this morning is correct and we want to see this going to the court of appeal mere confident that the court of appeal is going to agree with our challenge we have no doubt that u.k. arms exports are being used not just in an immortal way base but also in a legal way and we're confident the court is going to be we want to see the u.k. government suspending all arms exports while it carries a fool review into how you've been used in t.v. been used against agree with your challenge then what happens if you get what you want are you really saying that the british government will pull the plug on an industry that's worth billions of dollars a year the u.k.
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government will be a blade to suspend the licenses while it carries a to fool review into wherever u.k. arms have been used in c.d.'s by a lesion of international humanitarian law and we have no date that we have been. has been widely condemned by humanitarian organizations across the world it's been widely condemned by a un expert panel because of the terrible systematic ways as abused international humanitarian law and its brutal bombardment of yemen phases of people have been killed and one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is going to take root and yet u.k. arms companies have profited from it every step of the way and all that will happen if you win is that saudi arabia will buy those weapons from somebody else probably we were told in our last news our program probably from the united states. well we don't just want to see v.u.k.
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ending arms sales to say duty and tougher oppressive regimes around the world we want to see all the major arms exporters doing exactly the same thing view here is meant to have standards that's meant to stand for human rights and democracy or in the world that's what we're constantly being told and you can't do that by arming and supporting some of the most brutal and repressive dictatorships in the world but the official line and the back channel unofficial line from whitehall from the ministry of defense in london was and i guess would be today look when the crown prince of saudi arabia was in london we had those conversations we feel confident enough and comfortable enough with this arrangement. but we don't believe that any if there's any evidence that these conversations have had an impact only last week we saw saudi forces bombing a wedding killing more than twenty people turning what was meant to be at the of celebration into a massacre and this has been correct to rest stick of a bombardment which has seen schools blown up which is seen hospitals blown up
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which is seen almost or not all across yemen and has allowed the worst cholera on record to take root the saudi regime is one which cannot be trusted to run free and fair elections and to observe the most basic human rights of saudi people and yet the u.k. government is somehow trusting it to investigate itself for war claims we don't believe that regime can be trusted and we don't believe u.k. should be complicit in the destruction is brought to yemen we must leave it there anderson with many thanks. the syrian white helmets rescue group says the u.s. has put its funding on hold washington provides one third of the organizations money in march president trump put a freeze on two hundred million dollars worth of funding allocated for recovery efforts in syria it is unclear if the review of the white helmets is linked to his decision the group says it's rescued more than one hundred thousand people during the conflict ismail abdullah is a rescue worker with the syrian civil defense also known as the white helmets he
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says that work will go on despite any funding issues. for us it's a big problem for our and for our operations and rescue people our vehicles that were a cure brant. it's big problem for us but for our sin there is for our the current two years in or syria we're continuing working with our partners. and up a lot of years we're continuing to scoop be pulled to see if people from under the rubble this is a volunteer job we still started doing thousand and thirteen up to now and we would walk and we will continue the nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year the swedish academy has been in crisis over its handling of rape and sexual assault allegations linked to one of its high ranking members council a person the un has more. it's
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a scandal that's not the swedish academy in turmoil and the nobel prize for literature on hold at least for now the academy decided this year's winner will be selected and announced in two thousand one thousand. round the confidence in the academy is so low in the world at the moment and that is the deciding reason why we now refrain from awarding this prize. eighteen women say they were raped assaulted or harassed by famous photographer john clarke not he's the husband of academy member and poet caterina frost and sun the women l. ledger the abuse happened in properties owned by the swedish academy their complaints they say were ignored he has denied the allegations his wife has since resigned over. the crisis has aggravated differences among its members shedding light on other problems the academy is also dealing with allegations of financial crimes and in the past names of laureus were reportedly leaked before winners were officially announced. you know i think the swedish academy is worth more than that
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it shouldn't disappear because of the scandal which it undoubtedly is but never cademy member has done anything as far as i know. protests were held for weeks the global need to move mid likely played a role in the revelations and the economy's decision the voting process is also an issue the academy had eighteen lifetime members but several have resigned since the scandal booting the organization's first female leader. we only have ten members at the moment and now we really have to start electing new members and show the world that we are serious. leaders of the swedish academy which is separate from the norwegian committee that awards the nobel peace prize hope the delay will give them time to regroup and recover their once pristine asia's reputation c.l.o. bissell began al-jazeera at least fifteen hundred people in hawaii have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the killer whale volcano erupted steam and
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lava and threatening at least one residential neighborhood of ok no erupted after a series of earthquakes national guard troops are now being deployed. kenneth reuben is a professor of vulcanology at the university of hawaii he says killer whale is one of the best monitored volcanoes anywhere in the world the evacuation should go smoothly. can always been erupting continuously since one thousand eighty three for the last decade in two other locations and started a couple of days ago a series of events unfolded after which there was a migraine of earthquakes into this residential part of the volcano it's what we call down river it's. about fifteen kilometers away from where it had been active in for roughly two and a half days or has been a high frequency of earthquakes and the residents in the area have been reporting things like ground cracks in the roads so this part of the island is not
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a risk zone it's very sparsely populated it's. urban to rural i would say many of the homes out there are not fully connected to water systems and the electrical grid for instance and so there's a protocol for people who live in high risk zones in hawaii are risks and risks from volcanoes also we have tsunami inundation zones along our coast so people who live in those areas become prepared ahead of time bout what the evacuation plans entailed where the shelters will be set up where they should go they oftentimes have boxes or. sensual stuff that they want to sit with them ready to go and it's fairly walk where needed spring he really warm up and down the eastern seaboard will bits of it anyway but yes no over the forty eight hours or quite on the way to go to places new york you're quite right and washington well above average and if
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you look back at the satellite picture when we talk about spring in the u.s. you think you do if you're familiar with it of tornado season and that will be a family a tornado line where you've got warm humid air here and a bit of a cool push behind it what it gave us a couple tornadoes and. i think the prasco and down towards texas couple days ago but i mean look at. now it's just disappeared is still a cold front it still does divide warm from last while the head of it here it is raining in the great lakes is racing raining in toronto probably raining in new brunswick but the eastern side is the warm side so it's thirty three washington the average is twenty four yesterday i think was thirteen new york the average is sixteen so it's chiefly above average not quite record surprisingly and court humid to back down in texas to tail end of it is actually in the thirty's in west texas so this area i think will see the potential develop into significant storms with for the most part is frankly
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a bit pathetic and to be honest as it moves slowly eastwards because there's not much to a difference in the temperature od the side of it it'll cloud contentious drop for a bit but when we dramatically khuda it's just a bit of a wet spring for washington when it will probably rain for a while anyway peter. rob thanks very much still to come here on the news of the campaign to free an al jazeera journalist from jail we'll look at egypt's crackdown on the media. also ahead how lions tigers and bears in war torn aleppo found a new home in jordan. and in the sport of cycling is grand tour starts outside europe for the first time controversially in west jerusalem. for us what were you hearing whether on line horrendous things. or if you join us on sacked
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a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ships to eat bass is a dialogue. about some of this except perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the conversation. in the u.s. civil war brought slavery to an end. there is a strong possibility that the very spirit that you. could have been rocked to your table by enslaved in your thoughts right here in the land of the free thousands upon lad has tricked into emigrating and trapped by unscrupulous profiteers. to gain slaves because of slavery and twenty first century evil announces iraq.
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welcome back here with the al jazeera news hour live from doha let's just recap our top stories for you israeli forces have fired tear gas at protesters on the gaza israel border for the sixth friday of demonstrations each week the israeli military has fired on the groups forty one people have been killed so far the protesters according to the palestinians to be allowed to return to villages with their families once lived inside israel. yemeni government sources have told al-jazeera that the united arab emirates committed a hostile act by increasing its military presence on a strategically important island in the arabian sea on thursday m.-a r.-c. forces forced yemeni personnel to leave key locations. the major airports and is located in a key shipping routes. the nobel prize for literature won't be awarded this year
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because of accusations of sexual harassment board members of left the swedish academy responsible for the award following allegations involving the husband of one senior academy member. officials from the us are on their way back home from china and it seems they made some progress in crisis talks to avoid a trade war chinese media is reporting the discussions lead to both sides committing themselves to resolving a potential trade dispute but despite the talks there are still some big disagreements as adrian brown reports from beijing. as is so often the case in china the media were kept away from the venue for these talks beforehand both delegations that sought to play down expectations of a breakthrough we now know why for a while there was progress in some areas major disagreements remain less than two days was never going to be enough time to resolve them all the u.s.
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came with a long list of demands immediate action to reduce china's huge trade surplus with the united states and then to force technology transfers whereby u.s. companies have to hand over their intellectual property to local joint venture partners as a condition for doing business here the u.s. has also been complaining about the heavy state subsidies for technology development like robotics and i.t. one area though where china is unlikely to yield analysts say the deepening strain in relations is a recognition by the united states that china once seen as a partner is now regarded as a strategic rival for trump. competing with china is a very important for him and he wants to win and china has to give him something a win but whatever china gives it won't be sufficient for trump or for the u.s. because there's no way for china to abandon its industrial policy.
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it's six months since president trump and china's leaders she jingping last met and they could be getting together again soon after trump tweeted that he looks forward to seeing she in the not too distant future that could mean after his planned summit with kim jong un but she jingping had someone else on his mind on friday karl marx the german philosopher was born two hundred years ago on saturday the president repeatedly said the communist party mustn't forget its socialist roots as it strives to bring about the rejuvenation of the chinese nation and that rejuvenation includes maintaining a tough line with the united states on trade adrian brown al-jazeera beijing will stay with fiscal matters more than a thousand economists have now written to donald trump warning him his tough stance on trade could plunge the u.s.
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into another great depression the group which includes nobel peace prize laureates is concerned that mistakes will be made such as they were in the one nine hundred thirty s. they say the u.s. withdrawal from trade agreements and calls for new terrorists could see americans eventually paying a heavy price. the u.s. president changing his story about hush money paid to a former porn star stormy daniels says she had an affair with him in two thousand and six donald trump denies that mr trump has now admitted however reimbursing his lawyer for a payment he made to daniels but says it wasn't part of the campaign funding arrangement white house correspondent kimberly how kids has the story and. a shifting story from u.s. president donald trump appearing at the white house rose garden ironically on the national day of prayer trump spoke about the importance of faith but nothing about a lie he told reporters a month ago aboard air force one you. very. stormy
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daniels is an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with trump a two thousand and six trump's lawyer michael cohen paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars during the presidential election campaign to keep quiet and for the first time a member of the president's legal team rudy giuliani admitted the president knew about that payment former through over the president repaid back to put the president in legal jeopardy because the campaign never disclosed the pavement ad it exceeds the twenty five thousand dollars legal limit for contributions that that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money but melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor says that legal argument is flawed if they made the payment to stormy daniels with the intent that it influenced the campaign it can be an in kind contribution which also can be a felony given the amount on thursday trump defended the move on twitter saying
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payments like the one to daniels are very common among celebrities and people of wealth the white house press secretary defended the president's shifting story of the night she'd ever. why do reporters instead suggesting the president had also left her in the dark and the first awareness i had was during the interview last night and i'm giving the best information i have some information i am aware of and some i'm not when i can answer i will but beyond that i really don't have anything to add the latest scandal follows a shakeup in dol trumps legal team two lawyers have left in the past two months just as there are more questions about another controversy whether or not trump's presidential campaign colluded with russia kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house at least four people have been killed in gunfire between the police and armed gangs in the prison city of rio de janeiro the fighting close to major city
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highways causing huge traffic delays during the morning rush hour the police launched the operation after an officer was killed in the area eight people were arrested rios struggling to handle a wave of violence as drug gangs fight for control of areas of the city. al jazeera journalist much more to say and has now been inside than egyptian jail for five hundred days he was detained without charge by the authorities and twenty sixteen during a holiday to cairo the egyptian national is one of many journalists terrorists were threatened with arrest and a government crackdown to stifle dissent his assam a binge of eight. five hundred days locked up and counting map and hussein and al jazeera deny provoking sedition incitement against egypt and spreading false news the un condemned his arbitrary detention hussein was stopped questioned and detained in december twenty sixth seen after travelling to cairo for a holiday since then he's been in solitary confinement and has yet to be charged the office of the un high commissioner for human rights says indefinite pretrial
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detention is the egyptian government's tactic to restrain anyone who dares to act independently the un human rights what he says the policy is a cornerstone of egypt's suppression of the media civil society and protesters the committee to protect journalists says egypt is a leading jailer of journalists at least twenty are in prison the advocacy that we can do by documenting attacks and repression of journalists and using every opportunity that we have to bring this to public attention around the world egypt's government has targeted other al jazeera journalists in a trial condemned almost unanimously by rights groups and journalist organizations egypt level similar charges against al jazeera is by her mohamed mohamed fahmy and peter greste and jail them five years ago the former editor in chief of al jazeera arabic ibrahim helal was sentenced to death in his absence two years ago and a new antiterrorism law passed last year targets other media organizations as well
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the committee to protect journalists says the law furthers the government's crackdown on the media it enables police to put journalists acquitted of terrorism related charges on a watch list that restricts their finances and other rights every morning so everything long says you hear of of a case of over journalese that you know in directly being and difficult situation and persecution and their disappearance and their arrest censorship intensified this year during the reelection campaign of president a bill for don sisi journalists. tical of him or who interviewed opposition candidates what arrested entertainment and satirical t.v. shows have also been shut down egyptian journalist mohammed there was a known as show khan was jailed five years ago for reporting the rubber square protests in cairo hundreds of protesters were killed and thousands injured show khan's been nominated for unesco's press freedom prize for his resistance and
4:42 pm
commitment to freedom of expression and have order for the times newspaper in britain was arrested and deported from egypt without official explanation international journalist unions accuse the egyptian government of creating a climate of fear and reporters don't know if they will be next to be jailed osama bin job as their. al-jazeera as acting director general moustapha is attending a conference on world press freedom day in the gun in capital accra he says the channel al jazeera will continue to raise awareness of what hussein's imprisonment in egypt. in this difficult days. of course is it about the. convention to be. diction authorities for denying you your freedom. for abusing this military and believe our to fight along with the bodies of all my. money you'll stay in
4:43 pm
anything that is against the government or it's a list of all things according to the government and freedom of expression and freedom of the media is completely to say is that egypt which i mean is anybody believe. it might be a trivial worth ever in the vicinity. because it is a big country and one of them even. that kind of behavior would generally when highs with serious amplification against to say things that are illegal immigrant countries are we to believe that the maoists are. brave or. him or us and of course in the conflict in syria young non-deceptive are saying this is a visit issue and a visitor has been working tirelessly to keep the issue alive so people wouldn't forget to see jail for five hundred days now we've got to cry and
4:44 pm
the myth that we discuss is one of the journalists who has visited professional and do we do job. a mexican journalist has won the inaugural breach valdez prize in journalism and human rights diana rae is known for her coverage of turf wars between rival drug cartels the breach valdez award is named in honor of two mexican journalists who were murdered last year the united nations prize recognizes reporters who risk their lives to cover human rights abuses in mexico. the red cross is appealing for more aid to help victims of the flooding in kenya the rising waters of killed at least one hundred people and for some two hundred thousand from their homes major roads across the country have been blocked because of heavy rains and landslides last week parts of a road between the capital nairobi and the main port city of mombassa were completely submerged under simmons has more now from the one the village along the town a river. we have just the right in the village of hawaii which is completely cut
4:45 pm
off from the outside world by the flood waters we go here by speed but it's an extraordinary journey lasting more than an hour going through the swamps and going through very deep water not the river county but in actual fact it was just like covering. past areas of agricultural land villages that disappeared and people standing on high ground and they're now getting help by let me just show you the red cross distribution. we came in and other parts of the beach to the spot the first time people have received and this is being some food i something it's already arrived but this is primarily equipment to shelter them. all in this and other goods and blankets and the people here what's remarkable about them is that there is so subdued and so polite and so very caring for each other in the way they're queuing in an orderly fashion taking this aid away they've got long walks
4:46 pm
to shelters not their own homes some of them many of them not their own homes that it's like so many of them are on this high ground because it's the only place where they know that there is the problem rising flood water other problem of actually going into the water particularly for children we saw crocodiles amongst. the groundwater we saw beside the boat at two points on the journey so this is an extraordinary situation for these people a pretty miserable one bill cosby and roman polanski have been expelled from the organization the manages the academy awards he was convicted of sex the last week the rector polanski has affinity to having unlawful sex with a thirteen year old girl in one nine hundred seventy seven the economy of motion picture arts and sciences says the decision to flex. standards of conduct. six critically endangered black rhinos are on their way to chad from south africa black
4:47 pm
rhinos were wiped out from chad nearly fifty years ago because of wide scale poaching the rhinos will be released into small enclosures before they can roam freely through the country's cooma national park wild animals rescued from the syrian city of aleppo have found a new home in northern jordan the lions tigers and bears are now living in a nature reserve dedicated to rescuing creatures from conflict and as brandy's alexander now reports it's the only century of its kind in the middle east. so does a two year old lion and has been through a great deal he's one of many animals rescued from a warzone and brought to this sanctuary in northern jordan we are currently have twenty three in total we have seventeen lions we have four bears into tigers and they all come from somewhere from the in middle east last summer several animals were rescued from a zoo in the syrian city of aleppo during heavy bombing they were moved across the
4:48 pm
border to turkey for treatment and eventually works here. when the animals came from syria other tigers were very very weak malnourished and very very skinny the two asian blackbirds when they arrived they were very very stressed so that can be from you know their living conditions it could be from the travel it was it was a very trying experience for them to bring them out of syria into turkey and then here into jordan. similar operations took place in iraq and gaza. today the animals live in a peaceful refuge where lions tigers and bears are recovering at the sprawling nature and wildlife reserve jordan's ministry of foreign affairs says the country will continue to carry out its humanitarian duty towards the one point three million syrian refugees in the country as well as provide shelter to all of the casualties of war bradley said xander al-jazeera.
4:49 pm
the table tennis players still.
4:50 pm
time for the sports news with santa thank you very much and peter will start with cycling and for the first time ever that period italia is starting outside of europe the first three days of the race are controversially being held in west jerusalem where the race does not and to occupied east jerusalem at all is well first approach the race director and two thousand and sixteen they have reportedly
4:51 pm
paid twelve million dollars to host the event as well as appearance fees for two leading riders protest against the race were held across twenty european and middle eastern cities in march israeli officials say the race will boost tourism but critics say it is simply propaganda. we are now joined from sent all this in england by cycling commentator phil liggett phil first of all starting the race and israel's obviously very controversial why has the cycling's governing body done it . so first of all it's not a governing body that commands where they start where they don't study talk to the organizers of the event in this case the organizers of the jihad italia and they've either had israel come to them and it would happen like a little big two three years ago and suggest to start in israel they'd look at all the pros and cons and of course the money and decide whether they should make the
4:52 pm
effort this is the first time it's a grounds for the grand tours by the way while the tours of france spain and italy it's the first time a grand tour started outside of europe itself so it's a big plus for the organization and yes it's a big problem steve israel has there being any negative reaction from the cyclists themselves. i actually read or heard of no negative reaction whatsoever only praise for the stand of the organization the races in italy it's currently going on as we speak it in italy till three days now and they would love the weather of course the particularly the italians it's thirty one degrees today and the reason of the conditions they love organizationally it's a very difficult only time travelers been a few crashes already before the race started and a better looser rider constantine sits off already out of the race and never got to ride the race at all he crashed in practice today so a little bit controversial all around but it's gone off to
4:53 pm
a good start health cost the other controversy surrounding the event the ongoing doping questions that chris from a faces do you think he should be in this race in the first place. that's a very very difficult question to answer it is taking such a long time to sort out did he take a salvagable into a system through an aspirin any more than the allowed to mountain twenty four hour period the results say he took it twice twice the level in the tour spain last september and then no one here giving a result yet and chris's attitude is look it should be confidential it was leaked probably from the doping so i'd rather than from his team and he said i'm just going to race not going to give you only commentary on what's going on the riders themselves it depends who you speak to some say it should look race until it is all over and cleared and one way or the other because it's not
4:54 pm
a drug taken for the performance enhancing drug on the banned list in such a way it's only having too much of what is allowed to be loose he is allowed to race until such time as they say no you took too much then they will take action and the suspension could be ending up to two years so i think commentator phil liggett thank you very much for that. to the n.b.a. in boston have come out on top in a playoff trailer to take it to nothing lead and the eastern conference semifinals against the philadelphia seventy six ers the celtics are trying to win their first championship and decade tell mike has more. often of starting to show the fight needed to win a championship after winning game one the celtics were really tested in game two by philadelphia. was the stem to six have dominated early on and ended the first quarter and nine ahead wasn't. that continued in the second jolan
4:55 pm
beat like a twenty point game piled on the pressure i just thought i went to them to six is what twenty one head look down the now so. i. but that's when boston started showed resilience that got them through a seven game first round series they went on a twenty five to a run i went in just five points behind off telling if the tide shifted into off the drawing level to boston built its whole point lead to take it to the final four to see if that's when things got really tight to fall in behind terry rosie standing in for the injured party of the boston ahead again if we. believe changed four times in the quarter but eventually it was boston to hang on thanks jason tate and got a team by twenty one the celtics winning is one away to one of three as coming together even even more in and out o.
4:56 pm
and definitely our fans this is the energy that they brought tonight yeah you know once we said we got on our own we never looked back there were dogs saw a man. we saw that especially tonight responded really well and. so. we we know what works and what. boston our lead the series to nothing so heavily al-jazeera. has to be you know fairytale ending to our something goes to a decade long career at arsenal that accommodate the haves and not them out of the opelika goal from diego costa have a political gave a tactical a one deal when on the night to madrid and a two on aggregate victory in the semifinal for the outgoing event had been his last chance to win a trophy with arsenal look i'm. very disappointed. warner. even very frustrated as
4:57 pm
well because when you go to for competition and. you need the performances in one hundred eighty minutes we had to it's very difficult to take. but. regis waited for the drop of. knowledge some time to think about what to do for next season. i have to go play friend side must say in the final extra time goal of from your long though decided their encounter with rb cell spoke the final will be in leo on may the sixteenth and after the diplomatic if not sporting success of korea's unified women's hockey team the winter olympics table tennis is now following suit north and south korea's female pairs will combine for the semifinals of the world championships which takes place in sweden on friday the last time a unified korean team played the at the event it was in nineteen ninety one and on
4:58 pm
that occasion they won the gold medal. two time defending stanley cup but champions the pittsburgh penguins are back to winning ways they beat the washington capitals in the eastern conference semifinal match on thursday down to one the penguins that were under pressure heading into game four on home ice that. scored twice including an empty net set to seal a three one win the series has back to washington tied to a piece. and nashville's pick iranian made its two saves as the nashville predators the feet of the winnipeg jets two one in their western conference semifinals to even the second round series two two. that's it for me back to peter sanna thanks very much when we come back and recap all the top stories including the latest but also israel hold receivers. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington members of congress do not
4:59 pm
think about whether to be slightly part of me or constituents in their responsibility and that is what's underneath these crazy phone lines visits the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government more than we can tell you what it is and in the current mentality responsibility every morning but never get closer repaired. after the story on al jazeera. it's new possibilities. thing in this jenin isn't just one of the rooms. or hospital looks like the debates and discussions that when you make about commentary misinformation dissent from rumors and false messages when you take you on a journey around the. amount to see. indonesia's river has become
5:00 pm
a toxic waste dump for textile factories that supply a global fashion chain one of the human cost of the world's most polluted river. is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. on countering the cost of drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure of foreign cash even as oil prices head high and the european union launches a new budget blueprint. plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. counting the cost on al-jazeera.


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