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tv   I Knew Bin Laden 2011 Episode 2  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 9:00am-9:58am +03

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every four shares holding a credible amount of power and are allowed to run the jails in the way that they see that and we see a lot of abuses american sheriff on al-jazeera right now to show who took me to go to jail having to show. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. and getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have told us would you accept facing the realities what do you think look like there are two people think the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. with a check on your world headlines polls of opened in lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years hundreds of candidates have been campaigning promising stability and economic growth a record number of those who registered are women the country is divided along sectarian lines raising questions over what political changes may result in reports from beirut it's. it will be the first parliamentary election in nearly a decade pulsar were repeatedly postponed until a new electoral law was agreed proportional representation has replaced lebanon's winner takes all system but some are criticizing the new law for benefiting the ruling political class who have been forging unlikely electoral alliances just to stay in power their main objective is to increase the number of seats. that
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number of seats. the new law is supposed to give a chance to first time hopefuls but breaking the establishment decades long hold on power is not easy the problem is that the civil society represents. not one group they say that they are in this just to say that. in reality they are. hezbollah and are the only parties that formed a joint and the torah lists at a national level they have long dominated the muslim political landscape but they are facing opposition from within limited but a challenge nevertheless and that is why hezbollah has been campaigning extra hard . against a. new thing so i you know i don't know to what extend this would change the political scene one thing will change prime minister saddle had it he will lose
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seats because of the way electoral districts are carved out but he is expected to be the city leader with the biggest block and. he does however face opposition from within his community blaming him for not taking a hardline stance against the iranian backed. and can be the next prime minister. christian candidates are also battling for leadership of their community the pull their popularity a few years before they vie for the presidency a post reserved. visions of the past. and the pros. and the. military power which is stronger than the lebanese army has been at
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least for the time being. have been focusing instead on securing their power if they hope to bring about a new generation of leaders that likely will not happen there may be some changes within parliament but there is a general consensus that these elections will not the major changes to the political landscape. as well as more than a thousand of his supporters and demonstrations the protests come just two days before. thousands of people have been forced to move. thursday the area has been hit by hundreds of officials say are getting more powerful including a magnitude six point nine tremor on friday. the un is warning of disease outbreaks
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following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed in more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've reached only a quarter of the families in need of shelter an explosion in the gaza strip has killed six members of hamas is military wing the brigades the blast happened in the village of us the way down near the coast of gaza brigade say those involved were trying to deal with unexploded is really ordinance dating from the twenty fourteen war those are the headlines on al-jazeera i knew bin laden is coming up next stay with us.
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asama bin ladin the world's most wanted man until his death in may two thousand and eleven. over the years al jazeera as bureau chief in islamabad ahmed said dan has interviewed numerous people who met bin laden and his associates. this is the story of bin laden through their eyes. in may nine hundred ninety eight some of bin laden and his associates held a press conference calling for the killing of americans. several months later bomb attacks on the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania killed twelve americans and almost three hundred africans. in response the united states launched cruise missiles against sites in sudan and afghanistan believed to be linked to bin laden.
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just before the cruise missiles were launched a top american general arrived in pakistan his mission was to inform pakistan's top products of the us intention to send missiles over its territory to hit targets in afghanistan. the americans wanted the pakistanis to know the missiles were not india. they were afraid the cruise me. sol attacks might inadvertently trigger a full scale war between pakistan and india two nuclear powers. the eve of these didn't come on he game landed in. and there pork put it in the evening meeting with the. chief and then had
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heard the airport and he told them at that time that we had about two hundred some as i'd been to understand and i've come good farmers who don't think their compliment as and please inform the government so but it was just half an hour before basically it was a fair company and it was really took us for granted that. they have to approach a lot of thought as a landlocked country. pakistan had failed to convince the taliban to turn over osama bin laden. the americans had demanded bin laden be expelled. the pakistanis in quite. the taliban refused. following the nine hundred ninety eight bomb attacks in east africa bin laden's name moved higher up on america's most wanted list the cia set up a bin ladin unit and the u.s. offered a reward of five million dollars for information about bin laden's whereabouts.
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several years later that reward increased significantly. determine. the members of this august house had a rare you know i just this has got it out strikes inside to quantify and it's with pakistan's foreign minister at the time you spoke before an angry parliament enraged by the u.s. missile strike and what they saw as a violation of pakistani sovereignty and the information suggests that the ms i look back as a result in loss of innocent lives which is because it's concerned. until then pakistani officials have heard little from the outside world about the exploits of the saudi born leader. now the surprising thing is be a defense. albrecht. be it bill richardson clinton starting from japan right up to washington i traveled all the skeptics and met
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michael never was the name osama bin laden mentioned i think until all the bombings in east africa in one thousand nine hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred eight the cia certainly underestimated him after that we were the loudest. heralds of warning for the u.s. government. in december one thousand nine hundred ninety nine indian airlines flight eight one four was hijacked by gunmen and forced to land in kandahar in afghanistan. the hijackers believed to be pakistani demanded india release militants it was
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holding. they were militants who were known to be close to al qaida they included a maasai chase and masood. and many of them will sort of put them up on the hook then to show some of the going to look for gonzalez thing than we did i'm going to go to the saudi idea has a saudi who should in a lot of them a konica that muffy mobile so i want to say. for them to my last up on the phone in the market i am but i'm with by them up to face meeting because the fact that if you just. the man is a pariah the how to what body but from the god forcing you. to my feet but that he by that you. could at what cost they need to pound the pliable could have been set up by you but the started to. look at them o'clock in the diffident fortunately not fanatical to be had when i leave. for the heaven i may be it is the battle yet half
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of who were on that body my out was lost for going to my lair you can see a path that it looks like yes it could even by that be only one thing if they ship them said i'm lost a little bit of sleet bloody battle and it would be because you don't think that up on that image of me without an eye would know most of us a lot of us in them i'll bet that if we did them anything to get at them would also the social self even look at the fact that we've been you know that. bin laden's prominence in afghanistan was increasing. al qaida was gaining credibility among its afghan allies. it offered the taliban bomb making experts experienced fighters and money feral peroration us. from its shelter in afghanistan al qaeda sought revenge for the u.s.
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cruise missile attacks it chose a daring strike against a symbol of american power. you know told the truth fellas and a small boat charged with explosives was driven into the u.s.s. cole will ship off the yemeni port of aden. the suicide bombers were killed along with seventeen american sailors. bin laden's showdown with america was intensifying . back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he had called on muslims to kill americans including civilians. but he's animosity to america dated back eight years. earlier when u.s. forces deployed in saudi arabia following iraq's invasion of kuwait in ninety nine bin laden accused the americans of desecration what he called holy arab soil he said i am opposed to the presence of foreign troops in saudi arabia for two reasons . and trivial because he said i don't want my homeland to be occupied
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by foreign troops secondly islamic reason because they're. you know the you know the holiest places for muslims and we don't want them close nearby i think it was the entry of the united states military forces in western forces generally and into saudi arabia in one thousand nine hundred ninety one was kind of the turning point for osama bin laden in two ways first it kind of cemented his animosity toward the united states but it also completed his alienation from the saudi government he figured that any was one muslim a government that could invite. western forces into the home of the prophet is. really not a government that he would want to support. a former bodyguard of bin laden revealed to al jazeera that the attack on the u.s.s.
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cole was originally intended to take place further round to see. the ship of some. kind of. the nationals on the committee to do it. that there would be a. couple to who i mean. look at the. video and safina first mean i didn't but i did. you know that.
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the pressure increased on the taliban to control bin love me and taliban representatives were approached by u.s. officials to discuss ways bin laden might be handed over. in the end the diplomatic efforts proved fruitless. but taliban leader mullah omar did impose restrictions on bin laden forbidding him to talk to the media without the consent of the taliban the al qaida leader asked a senior figure in pakistan to intervene. then we get the number and i have to. say. that he was. with cannot or some muslim in a way. but i will. if
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you. work. for but it was. shortly after the attack on the u.s.s. cole al jazeera as ahmed said dan was invited to the waiting list bin ladin son. marrying the daughter of muhammad. al qaida as military command given the taliban restrictions imposed upon him the social occasions were a way for bin laden to deliver his statement to the media. her one of her her room her and her have her own you're going to.
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coordination between yemen and the united states increased. american military exercises were held in the area. almost two years to the day after the u.s.s. cole was bombed duplicated attack took place. an explosive laden boat rammed into a french oil tanker in the gulf of aden yemen. al qaida claimed responsibility for the attack. on the back who have i'm your home moment even though despite melo must restrictions on bin ladin the relationship between the taliban leader and the al qaeda leader appeared to be strong even though they had known each other for only a few years it was a relationship noticed by a pakistani journalist who had interviewed bin laden. they want to but i like
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a. loan went out in the woods jesse loved that why they don't want to behave badly because you get them with seemingly no. one to meet me when i'm with him and they could you would eliminate. the world i. just thought why osama but i got up out of like but. this is what the men the x. so i've got a park a. little. so much good news in the back to mind the collaboration between the taliban and al qaeda seemed to benefit bin ladin the. government of the most absurd amount of the . smallman law then was benefited more because the mere show pattern showed up wider. he was a man in
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a way and there was restriction on him and he would not move anywhere probably is of course what also for them i mean he would not forward much of kokomo much except a few of his leave the world with him for sport. in some military. training or. many people are blaming him including myself i'll sort order against him alone but in one thousand nine hundred six i accept the responsibility. that i had ordered that he is playing an american game because many american diplomats in islam by and be in his input or she was prime minister at that time and she was also supporting without him or. because benazir bhutto us warding will know more so i thought that maybe he is working for americans and i wrote some columns against him there maybe more long was an american game so i was
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invited by them along what and he told me that i am not an american agent so if i am an american again why i have given refused to. enemy of america was. a bond of loyalty developed between law in law and bin ladin. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight bin laden's arab fighters had helped taliban forces conquer the city of lazaro sharif the last major city in afghanistan. to fall to the taliban. al qaida had also for too long sought the taliban against its arch enemy the renowned guerrilla fighter ask made shah masood. bin laden's former bodyguard remembers fighting lawsuits forces advancing on kabul. for the mother to come i had
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a mobile one of the market sucked at the cut the deal had become in it to public. to come on would. address. that one hundred. percent come in a whisper to leave a colossal come out of it and select for the. missing . for the key thing in the game i do miss the latin for good. had to do. with the how the the more sort of how much. was a. happy man how we left. afghanistan. when the.
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it appeared to some observers who would keep players in events at the time that bin laden had considerable influence over his taliban allies and noticed a kind of helplessness in the sense that. was guiding the whole thing and he was in combat and not in kabul and obviously he was the first. so it was quite a lot of local interaction with the americans they were not but they were just telling us to look. they can solve the osama problem. bin laden seemed to have increasing sway he had reportedly prevailed over mullah omar and convinced him to destroy the historic statues of buddha carved into
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a cliff in the bamiyan valley in the hindu kush mountains of central afghanistan. the destruction of the statues in march two thousand and one led to worldwide condemnation and further isolation of the taliban by the international community i told him and that. gives you a lot of aid. and many of the japanese have put this why you want to bring this to choose and i had them there they did you know could be than them somewhere they didn't put away. all against them so that nobody worshiped him but i mean he had his own conviction about islamic god and he thought he was what he was doing with a great model for islamic going to follow. what you thought of the holy. city. as bin laden strengthened his influence over the taliban in afghanistan he also maintained contacts with religious or clerics in neighboring pakistan. he
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would invite clerics close to the taliban to visit him in order to discuss ideological matters. one of the scholars was the father of abdul rashid ghazi the. good old red mosque in islamabad. and. what invited by osama bin laden and nine hundred ninety eight. in kandahar. and among them my father was also he was also invited. and while he was going there. i went with him. and we met we spend the whole day with someone he was against america and the point was
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that you know that. there is a saying off the prophet that. the. these yahoos and aside from. these the holy places so that was the basic idea. prior to the attacks on september eleventh two thousand and one bin laden was called one high level meeting the taliban and they expressed to bin ladin that frustration with ashmit shah masood was forces represent the only could he said military opposition to the taliban and the only such group to be taken seriously in the west. and how to. manage them is diminished in the least. for the most part of why they moved. out of i look. for someone.
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that. we haven't here i mean it is the fellas with us at them but what about the symptom of the over what in europe we do. see that estimate for something . that is. september eleventh two felt it was. the holy war or jihad which bin laden had declared against the united states three years earlier and nine hundred ninety eight had now arrived on the streets of america.
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and. the nine eleven attacks sparked a chain reaction of events. america demanded bin laden be handed over. the taliban refused america went to war the taliban were ousted from power. it was some years later a full bin ladin claimed direct responsibility for the attacks. on the muslim on technique and what the. marketing some of. them have enough of look at me and then you're going on the. sort of competent kind of. progress on moment.
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going green bacteria in a bar a tree and. gas escaping from. this is really the fault of the innovation in the for what happened to the experiments both exploring and thinness have. helped counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing. on the science on the back of my maintains the more i just have to contend. with. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we've done that up to
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back to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battlefront for the nigerian government how do you know why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing of displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of bloody rise of local iraq on al-jazeera. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of their menfolk and was only one word on their lips almost all of those saw a boy killed in his father's. i saw my film. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit a civil war was darkest secret bosnia the camp on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera i'm debbie navigator with a check on your world headlines polls have opened as you can see in lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years hundreds of candidates have been campaigning promising stability and economic growth and a record number of those who registered are women and. riot police in russia have detained opposition leader alexina valmiki as well as more than a thousand of his supporters an anti-government demonstrations the protests come just two days before putin's inauguration for a fourth term. thousands of people have been forced to move after the killer way of ok no one why is big island began spewing lava ash and talks a gas on thursday the area has been rattled by hundreds of earthquakes that officials say are getting more powerful including a magnitude six point nine tremor on friday rob reynolds has more from any estates
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in hawaii or the civil defense administrators said that the eight active lava folds seem to have quieted and that they are sort of joined together but they're not completely done yet they have burned down five homes fortunately no people have been reported to be killed or seriously injured in a officials are now considering whether on sunday to allow people to come back into this area the u.n. is warning of disease outbreaks following severe flooding in kenya at least one hundred twelve people have been killed and more than two hundred sixty thousand displaced over the past two months aid workers say they've reached only a quarter of the families in need of shelter. an explosion in the gaza strip has killed six members of hamas military wing the brigades the blast happened in the
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village of near the coast of gaza brigade say those involved were trying to deal with unexploded is really worden and dating from the twenty four war the former football coach alex ferguson is an intensive care in hospital in a critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage ferguson is the most successful manager in british football history he was in charge at manchester united for twenty seven years leading them to win thirty eight trophies in that time those are the headlines it's back to i knew bin ladin that's next on al-jazeera.
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once again. and then good cooperation in the. following the attacks on september eleventh two thousand and one pakistan found itself at the center of american attention. islamabad chose to fall in with the americans even though there was considerable support for the taliban and al qaeda on the streets of pakistan that. they are from the no. islam a bad sort of war looming and desperately sought
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a last minute solution. a senior delegation was sent to taliban leader mullah omar in afghanistan to convince him to give up bin ladin. among the delegation was general mahmoud othman head of pakistan's intelligence agency the i.s.i. . and also the new dean shams i respected head of the bin nouri mosque in karachi. was i have not a model of leaders in. the who. and the what was thought. in the. what i live on bother the lives of the husband or khan who was all of a sudden the drama obama will sort out the rumor is a. long one. but i have been. lovely in the. color of your will in the car but of the likud like
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a lot and in the mahmoud. was that the law had when. that is a man to. work alone who believe. in the. come iconic on a come up. will bother the. nine or even the gin a little louder or no more of abuse and will not deny you live in a way you know of other come how that will move a thug us. a one a living in the. local obama when the. limit is let me i would hope but i or nothing will in the form of the of the of understand as the of the ship was solid and had been was yet . not on the law in their.
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own you know enough with the hob publicized well luck in. law to lose that in. a low. notes that the old. and in the still a lot. because you have a money that could convert the law one idea when this one was that if a. human could and the syllabi how that. that he had called how. as you well i can see how that. then there was that when the whole not. to live in the home over the hole in the hopman home. for a month we have the. most that a lot. of.
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al-jazeera journalist ahmed said don't visited the famous islamic seminary on the trust of the rule of law. run by sami al-haj. many of the top taliban leaders once attended this major us including mullah omar. for this reason sami al-haj has been described as the father of the taliban. he spoke to al jazeera about the crucial stage following the nine eleven attacks when america pressured pakistan to request the handover of bin laden. and more for their month i mean would you but i don't. know about if he said to me but many more after that i must have been a former bulky from a director this long by the men who got them see the minute. your duty
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for a minute could be god yet the world. or how did you have to live there or the other would have. to go you. don't. well bartley money money more to be in the we are there. but on a visit or you think open out of the here or. not all muslim scholars in afghanistan back to the stand taken by mullah omar some suggested bin laden should leave the country to avoid the expected american onslaught. this threaten the taliban with division among their own ranks.
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there will fall mean going to get your bulky body. of someone equal to a job in the world with id and suck not always going to move it to fall through. your pakistan mithya with corporate aloa when a board sucks for me to go to extra leo and can afford. to feed that the fox say. well. the bond of loyalty between mullah omar and bin laden seemed breakable even saudi arabia had tried to break it years earlier. in one nine hundred ninety eight the chief of the saudi intelligence service had held a heated meeting with mullah omar in a bid to convince him to hand over bin laden. places the officer at the end of the
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face of. the mess and cooking or of the lebanon. was it off so you think if it was in their office with. us it would be a hostile. when there are a lot of. this list of says if you want to. get into i think the thing about not than an awful amount of fun we. want to go at the. her muslims women in crawford. and. on in two thousand and six al-jazeera reporter ahmed say done traveled to helmand province in southern afghanistan to meet one of the leaders of the taliban. one on one of the one i was on the.
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i. was. on the trip took several days of moving from one place to another before finally arriving at a location to meet. one of the taliban senior military commanders. he explained why the taliban refused to hand over bin laden. even though it had resulted in the american invasion of afghan. a stand and had cost the taliban their position of power. in the jet that she does courtesy she doesn't know that our home machine of the i would be tickled political that would preclude any. though will sue though we cheer muslim on chad the spot and. you know as.
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well that the. deal. with bin laden dead questions are raised about whether al qaeda will be able to orchestrate any major attacks in the future this footage released by al qaeda offers a glimpse into a possible rudimentary non-conventional weapons program. a
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new book revealed a plot by al qaeda to kill new york by spreading cyanide gas in a subway in two thousand and three. the plan was reportedly called off forty five days before it was set to occur by al qaeda second in command ayman al-zawahiri. was the last reporter to meet and interview. the meeting took place in november two thousand and one in the interview bin laden claimed that al qaeda possessed chemical and nuclear weapons. the most important thing was that. admitted that yes we have nuclear weapons as. it clear to me that if americans are going to use nuclear weapons
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against us then we have the right to respond in the same manner that was very clear i put the same question to him in ninety ninety eight and he ignored my question in ninety ninety eight after three years in the number two thousand one he admitted yes we have nuclear weapons which means that in three years he was trying his best to acquire and deploy his weapons and i must tell you don't underestimate nuclear designs of al qaeda a person whose name is synonymous shukrijumah. he was given that. to smuggle. and inside the united states of america between one thousand nine hundred nine and. two thousand and one he smuggled more than ninety kg of inside the united states of america from the mexico and now. i
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can tell you that he is the next muhammad and he will be responsible for the next nine eleven inside the united states of america they can use some kind of dirty bombs i can't rule that out now know that they have embarked on programs to acquire in developed these weapons certainly chemical biological weapons and we know they have developed toxins poisons and they have they have used them and they intend to expand this program. american concerns were heightened by reports of contacts between al qaeda and pakistani scientists.
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nuclear scientist sultan bashir routine mahmud who had met bin laden was arrested and interrogated by pakistani intelligence. he was later released apparently unable to provide any clear information. bin laden's former bodyguard rules else that al qaida had non-conventional weapons before the nine eleven attacks. but he revealed to have been a program underway to try to acquire chemical or biological weapons. because they let me decide what i can and what a little something about the ship with i'm not in the south in the summer forgot that these animals. i don't want to live under a casket to defend them all because that about it was. a political team only a film or hobby that can fit in
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a coffee that isn't. the core that i thought that city did not make the dead of. the any. country happy to put a bit of i had almost thought of what i would also consider that i had them and the country was got more than a couple kind of in my scope more the second fiasco have been mad at me he's any i'm older i'm not going to get another who had a book on how to do better with men who did that if i could have them do you see are the kind of we know that they have is an example anthrax they did develop some of this in afghanistan and al qaeda in affiliates they've got some low grade toxins so there was an example in the u.k. of recession. that's made from from caster beach that was part of an al qaeda cell that developed this.
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after the fall of the taliban and the flights have been lot and the americans discovered documents in four mile kind of basis. the documents indicated the groups were much closer than had initially been thought to gaining new clear and biological weapons capabilities american concerns led to the arrest and interrogation of one of pakistan's leading off a peak surgeons how can an auto predicts agent be involved in making biological weapons i asked the americans this questions and this question and they said you're right. but still it is a possibility the any geisha against me was of providing biological weapons. chemical weapons of sending dialysis machine to osama bin laden it's a load of total rubbish. i have no idea what antics and chemical weapons are and what they were telling me was that the supplies that i sent for the
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jalalabad ward they were empty septic solutions to wash your hands before surgery and he told me that they were dual purpose chemicals and they could be used to make bombs and i mean it's amazing you cannot reason with such logic. the killing of al qaeda leader osama bin laden in may two thousand and eleven may be a huge blow to the organization. but its decentralized nature means it has the potential
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to carry out attacks on any number of targets. many dedicated al-qaeda militants and supporters will no doubt be ready to give their lives in revenge for the death of bin laden. it's a bit like a nuclear scientists who created the atom bomb you can go around and arrest all the nuclear scientists but the bomb has been made. and. bin laden full to expel the soviets from afghanistan. years later his al qaeda group led to the americans invading the same country. bin laden was to claim according to one journalist who interviewed him that this was his goal all along. early and the only it had to be that actually they could do better yeah and your
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children emily can in the moment and enjoy a home. and they jack the gentle anybody can tell to my lovely. that of labor and woman a subject than an american and that. his last words to me were mr robert from this mountain upon which you're sitting we help to destroy the soviet army. and to destroy the soviet union which was a bit of an exaggeration but have some truth in it and then he said. i'm mr robert i pray to god to keep them it's us to turn america into a shadow of itself that next morning we went down the mountainside and there was a comet passing through the heavens. and the al qaeda men and i got out of the car to look at the comet. and one of them said to me this is not bin laden but the moment one of his people said mr robert when you see this comment it means there
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will be a great war. bin laden is now dead. al qaeda affiliates across the world are likely to remain active . meanwhile american troops remain in afghanistan. where conflict is likely to continue.
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you're. hello spring rain is coming back to the levant you might get an idea of the building of it all the platter ranch is a good start in the right shape for circulation so it proves the point it's starting off in turkey in this rain like heavy on sunday in turkey which stretches across the caucasus dancer azerbaijan he might even catch terror on south of the us looking fine reason we warm as well thirty four in baghdad and the showers were quite big afghanistan but that cloud in circulation would develop more boats are we get to monday and day for lebanon jordan israel right up through syria again to
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turkey the catalyst for the head not the temperature back in baghdad to twenty nine degrees we might find that we're in two showers just come across the border and shows us a thunder storms in northern saudi arabia not social sunday but on monday otherwise temperatures low forty's in many places humid around the gulf coast but not too much so. maybe if you're lucky blue skies there is still a lot of rain running through zambia and catching zimbabwe going cross to madagascar but the west generally speaking this is not a fine and warm but returning to cape town. getting to the heart of the matter if. the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept the realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peaceful unification is the only option
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for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. whether someone is telling. me truth it's how you. end up doing it. with the most billion people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with a growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program and discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably folks online any end and just from this bit of the. sea is the vegetable of the scene right there. for thought on al-jazeera.


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