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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 125  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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iran's president says the u.s. will regret quitting that the nuclear deal like never before has an rouhani says iran is prepared to respond if such a decision is taken and i say it's present donald trump has less than a week to decide. as hard. if the u.s. to pull out of the nuclear deal it will soon realise that this decision will become a historic regret for them no change will occur in our lives next week we have devised plans for any possible decision to make and will resist it russian opposition leader elected never only has been released after he was arrested for an anti-government rally in moscow he said to go on trial on friday more than a thousand people were detained across the country demonstrating against president vladimir putin. in hawaii more people have been forced to leave homes by volcanic eruption. toxic gas and powerful earthquakes are threatening residential areas in
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the american state. two days in the voting in the country's first ever democratically free local elections it's seen as another milestone on the road to democracy after the arab spring but since then or thirties have struggled to improve living standards and tackle corruption observers expect a low turnout citing an electorate demoralized by high unemployment and years of star city. those are your headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story. it fought for decades for homeland in northern spain and southwest france now the
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separates group says it's the spending but what's behind their decision and what will it mean for other separatist movements in europe this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm about to hamid for over forty years at that has waged africa complain of violence killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands more the separatist group whose name stands for basque homeland and freedom had wanted an independent states in spots of spain and france and now says it's the solving it's all going to ization and then gets violent campaign international negotiators have failed its announcement and called for dialogue the
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group issued an apology last month to the victims saying it took direct responsibility but spain's prime minister mariano to holy says excess crimes would not go unpunished. or year. to date it has finally recognized after fifty years that all of its history has been a failure it achieved none of the political goals that it said itself during all of its criminal history none the terrorists didn't get anything from killing people nor for stopping it a few years ago and they will get nothing for announcing their dissolution i said it yesterday and i repeated today the crimes of it will continue to be investigated their crimes will continue to be judged and punished and the punishment will continue being carried out in this freeze of the bass city of bilbao people reacted to the news of this illusion with both relief and hope that dialogue for peace may now begin. when i don't hear well i think it is disillusion is very good news we
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were all waiting for this to happen and acknowledge the state has been taken i think it's important for the spanish government to take steps to sow the low can be fulfilled in all seem to like returning prisoners to prisons in the past community you're going to get out of ok i think it is something we have all been expecting and wanting there has been a lot of suffering for the people from here and there have been a lot of innocent victims. while as the solution closes one of spain's darkest chapters the ruins from this decades long conflict will take a lot longer to heal this three hundred or so at terror related murders that remain all solved are huge obstacle to reconsideration the victims' families and the government demand former members fully cooperate in the investigations across the divide many call for relief for the hundreds of inmates scattered across relatives and sympathizers would like to see them relocated to prisons closer to their homes
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in the basque country. but the spatters government does not appear to be in the mood to negotiate after etta's dissolution announcement prime minister has said the terrorists will get nothing for their decision let's bring our guests in from barcelona or a league with allied that cal sr professor emeritus at pompei fabray university in barcelona from the bedroom city of british luke van langan hova academic director at the institute for european studies and joining us from noble good instead of in janja italy's border gianluca gentleman thank you very much for joining us. also lie i'd like to start with you. prime minister hall he says that it actually didn't achieve anything in about sixty years of fighting yet the group says that it has reached the end of his journey what do we what do we understand from that visit did
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achieve one very major objective which was the murder one hundred seventy three. of. franco's apparently political successor. and that gave it a very very strong push and a very very strong prestige that in the impact of coretta blanco's death however was dissipated by an increase in. terrorist campaign in. a murder campaign which. confused many and which has led over a contradictory path to the present so it is not an easy balance to deal with. there are i think voices even within the governing conservative party that are
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talking about returning basque prisoners to bass jails and so relieving the families of the need to travel for hours and hours and hours to see their loved ones. it's not clear that much more will at least in the short term be achieved look very long and over that edge that was one of the most robust separatist movements in europe that decision and that is it likely to have an impact on other separatist movements across the european continent. i think indeed that it's probably a manifestation of a more general trend and that is that we are going to let what i call a negotiated serenity where you have people from different. political backgrounds that's take together and try to negotiate it because what we have to
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take into account is that the question of separatism is not new and the world of states as we know it know it today is not stable i mean the whole history is one of the big states being created then being back going to smaller units decreases germany germany as we now if we know it now was in eighty hundreds well composed of about ninety states and then there was a tendency of integration so it goes back and forward but the main reason behind it is when i think today he says that the fears that some people have probably as a ship and the reaction against globalization which is. let's say the call for being as autonomy's as possible the look up was that you actually had organize an unofficial independence referendum in venice and there we met during
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the known by the referendum and october two thousand and seventeen how do you take that news of eta now stopping all activities of course it is a good news for him generally speaking specifically for the independence movement all over europe or in the world it is definitely a chapter of the last century that there was still some how open and now it it has been closed there with all the unfortunately. violent not pacific. history of that century. so. so i think that docking about modernity the independence movement all over europe and the world as our own gated to pursue a pacific. way to gain their rich their goals
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and i think that it they support equally is a very good news because that chapter was how to say something that created a problem in the independence movement not only of course for the. people and i hope but this will happen to heal the. enormous tremendous suffering of being. in the base and those. of our low i hope this definitely will have of the pacific movements and understand that only. pursuing our political rights and freedom of expression can help our in. achieving our goals in rick do you think ed to has abandoned its ways because of every kid nation that violence doesn't achieve
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anything is it. isn't the basque country today better off than sixty years ago when all of this started isn't that right doesn't that region have now more autonomy that actually in the past it has much more autonomy there are regions or the whole reorganization of spain on a regional powers in the region was basis on the basis of devolution of central power to regional autonomy is has altered everything is altered a great deal especially in linguistic and cultural aspects. it has faced especially sense of disarm now inst ceasefire in twenty nine eleven has had a very bitter internal fight between the hardline defenders of. an armed struggle of continuing the armed struggle in one way or another continuing the idea of a pressure group that was not political and the political wing
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rebut us who now which was much more open to a political solution. the current situation can be taken as finally the victory of by the us and i in relation to it are. but a large of a large part of it was an internal basque fight aside from a fight with the spanish government and with spanish nationalists because the timing of it is a bit surprising i think for many considering that on the other side in spain you have the problem of catalonia. the catalonian regional government try to. achieved or declared independence backed off from that but anyway try to get certainly get more out of the central government in madrid and many in catalonia would argue that the mcready quezada lead to much considering them not much of that leadership is now in jail so one looks at it on one side that is
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a band closing down saying violence didn't work and then you look at the catalonian side and there you would have people who say well pursuing democratic past doesn't work it's a bit confusing from the outside to say this one. the basques have gotten to where the catalans are now. and the can land debate is a complex one. and not with just a possible hint of of tension behind that. which which the basque experience would alter the other thing and which no one is taking into account is that the great guiding element for balance for the past pacification was the invention of our respondents in irish politics is now at
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a crisis point because everything that led to pacification is now falling apart with drugs. sure and this is a major bank grown problem well i just want to bring in luke again now they are many separatist movements around europe you have scotland you have in the flung flounders in belgium you have long but at the end venator in italy and so forth us saying earlier that that was a reaction against globalization isn't it also our reaction i guess the e.u. itself in the sense that they were too many regulations that people found intrusive that people were some people feel that they're losing their cultural identity a lot of people in europe for example complain that the e.u. also regulates what they eat and how they eat it isn't that what's happening.
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well actually i don't think so i think the european project is not about imposing a kind of generally e.u. culture to the different peoples and the different nations of europe on the contrary i believe that the e.u. does a lot to protect the local identities for instance the fruit that is now regulated think of the greek letter chism in other states are not allowed to use that label and stuff like that so no i really don't think you can blame the e.u. for that on the other hand i do think that many people will. think about the e.u. in the same terms as they think about globalisation as a force that triggers the idea that i think delusion that you're better off in small units and that indeed is not only related to the separatists or the independents who wins because of two things happening with the exits it's the idea that you have really better off in your own small corner then in
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a globalized world and related to this comes then an economic issue. quite often one of the background reasons for in the striving towards more independence is the idea that people have that they are contributing much more to the wealth of the other regions of the country than they get back from a central state so this is about transfers of money this is about limits to solidarity and then i think is one of the main reasons why we see that in many cases actually the more richer parts of countries are heading towards claiming that they need more autonomy and even go for independence well then look at that you come from one of the riches regions of italy venator in the north and you actually you do support in the pan there's and you actually thought that the referendum of last october which asked voters whether they want. did more autonomy
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from the central government in rome wasn't far reaching enough why do you want to have an independent vendetta and don't you think that in today's world to have a small country a small state can actually be difficult to handle i think a country that globalization and halep are smaller country when they are part of for example of the. geopolitical block like it could be the european union. and need a clearer example of this is also the ranking of the wealthiest countries in the world where the detaining. first position eric abide by a count is that there's less than five million inhabitants. and i think that. generally speaking this has so-so the other parts of the state in this case that
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the south of italy because. in this moment they are linked to a model in which they have money airdrops a few free money but this does isn't happening them if you think of for example that they're in south need to do you have an unemployment rate of forty percent of people especially in the young people so i think that independence of concern like than a dollar lumber being colonia scotland and so on is the best way to give to a new more subject that is the euro you want your own opportunity to better work because of i see very simply what is the. use of roma if we have already brooke says so in the shorter turns i think that with the more important. a central power
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a you tuber militarization probably it's better have a better flexibility with smaller countries that kennesaw absorb the changes that are necessary in a very turbulent nowadays world but everything isn't there also another issue here is that none of these referendums that happen whether it's call alone by the editor or even catalonia had a clear majority and it's not very clear either whether these groups have to support of at least some of the majority if you know if i may put it that way these referendums didn't really reveal that isn't that one of the issues is that maybe one of the is just why oh reasons why i decided to disband i would just i would assume that it is i would assume the pressure of the political wing finally got through and finally got to
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a situation in which. a rotor blades small number of activists. probably not certainly not mourn a couple of hundred maybe significantly less were blocking. serious political situation from developing and growing and allowing. the left nationalists from having political power they have representation in the valar one of the long term basque discussions is the relationship between the valar and the other three basque areas in spain and then. what there is on the other side of the. basque french basque country so getting rid of. terrorist apparatus that was very much a product of the one nine hundred sixty s.
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and one nine hundred seventy is this something is i think useful it gets something out of the way. what it effect this can have i think nationalist movements like other ideologies are very linked to fashion and in the sixty's in the seventy's the fashion world. was made armed struggle and sort of vietnamese vision of small fighters defeating big powers this is not the way to look at politics and at the end of the second decade of the twenty first century in which. new kinds of politics are appearing and then where it's not clear that for instance in the european union that the a state based system as it is now is going to be successful in the long term there
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was a long running discussion about giving regional representation a larger voice in. e.u. politics there was also the subject of cities and urban networks and what representation they would have i would think that these would be issues that should come to the fore and that themes of armed struggle would go into a more historical distance a more historical perspective look i see you nodding in agreement is this a matter really what's happening in europe is that as you said earlier as well that it boils down to finances to people wanting to control where the regional government and the regional money is invested that wanting to have a greater return on that taxes and maybe also wanting to have a bit more control about us. immigration policies over the past few years i think
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that has also become part of the conversation what does the e.u. have has to do now to solve this well first of all the e.u. is a group of states and of course that means that the rule of law of all of states needs to be safeguarded at any moment so this makes it to the e.u. very difficult to say oh yes we're going to support some claims for more autonomy or even independence and that is very unlikely to happen but i do agree that in the past the e.u. had has already done a lot for giving some powers to regions but much more could be done now the problem is that. in many cases that will states have already given quite some of the money over many different policy areas to regions made in doing so they have created regional entities that look like that more and more look like is as if there are
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state themselves and this group i think a lot of people thought that would end the claims to autonomy but what we see is just the opposite do more autonomy if two regions do more autonomy even that region wants to get. in in the future so there is a kind of paradox here between the states trying to safeguard itself and giving in the autonomy law to small units because if you do so you will few more more claims for independence and autonomy and it is one of those you look up briefly now you had your. referendum turnout fifty seven percent yes vote went by more than ninety percent but at the end of the day no one called for in the pendants was that the year you can get more autonomy from rome which anyway is a constitutional right in italy so what's the next step now for. next step of
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course is the creating a path that will use other tools or that our economy and technology because as we conceded. that path for us by regional parties is without any hope aromas hasn't given as a as and even know the answer and if also of roma will answer it will be with nothing because we know very well that the cost delicacy to show doesn't permit the duraid john to apply their taxes for example so i think that probably we need to use some other democratic perceived doors like creating economic programs asians and technology achievement like digital platforms use of block change technology has we are doing to create a sort of
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a cry to state that that will help the citizen been issued citizen to disinter media. will respond with all respect to the times and fortunately was a time so i will get in at length you to all our guests they can look right along and all the and general couples that are and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from more good at the family and the entire team here by phone now.
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i feel like if i were. still. stuck slightly easier to be a right for thing. it. sounds like. good stuff for us fail to. see if you like kids. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we need. this to look
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at russia was responsible for this to separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. way live go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards.


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