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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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several in some townships in cape town children sometimes get caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them from gun violence i lost my. way i lived oh yes the go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers falso act as security guards of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of the men for was only one word on when mitchell marched or saw a boy killed in his father's all i saw. i have only once in my life see you are scared to death a bitch a civil war was darkest secret. to come on al-jazeera.
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votes are being counted in lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years and little change is expected at the top. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program thirteen people were killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan police suspect that some other attacks by those looking to disrupt the forthcoming elections iran's president warns the u.s. will suffer historic three great donald trump pulls out of the nuclear agreement with tehran and war in berlin to find out why the city's iconic street art is under threat.
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but counting is underway in the first parliamentary elections in lebanon in nine years the election was held under a new voting system for the country called proportional representation if it allows for more independence a new party the stand and is supposed to reduce the dominance of established political parties but with most of lebanon's political landscape already called adopt a long six tarion lines critics say major change is unlikely xina holder has more from beirut. judd phone is among the eight hundred thousand voters who are eligible to cast their ballot for the first time lebanon hasn't had an election in nine years political wrangling and disagreement over a new alec torah law were to blame now this twenty three year old hopes his vote will make a difference. but it shows the money we need to let them go. more and more voices are calling for change and it's not just
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the young lebanese are concerned about the growing level of poverty and unemployment in the country. on the unit. we want change we want to new generation of leaders who know what they used to meet with. this is the first time where so many independent candidates joined the electoral battle the new law which is based on proportional representation opens the door for these candidates to try to break the political elites hold on power but they acknowledge they can only make a small difference. and we know we will win all the one hundred twenty seats but even if we get eight ten or twelve seats we are satisfied because we know we will be able to expand our presence later on they are up against a political establishment that has been in power for years if not decades even since the days of the civil war in the one nine hundred eighty s. if those politicians are not running their sons or grandsons are and they have been accused of using their office for electoral gains. there are people who
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vote for candidates who help them this is wrong with that is how it has always been . those are the so-called traditional voters who not only benefit from a politician or party but are often loyal to their sect before the nation lebanon's parties are sectarian among them the iranian backed shia armed group hezbollah. hezbollah the way no one did and the fault is hezbollah has been. a wonderful to them hezbollah and its allies are expected to win the most seats in parliament further strengthening their power which has been growing in recent years. a lot has happened since the last election in two thousand and nine there was political instability the post of the presidency was vacant for two years until late two thousand and sixteen when lebanon's political rivals reached a compromise deal a president was elected a national unity government was formed headed by prime minister saddle heidi that
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included members of hezbollah. prime minister how did he wants. secure enough votes to ensure his leadership of this and the community and ensure his return to the premiership he has exchanged harsh words with hezbollah during campaigning but that is an expected part of the election rhetoric in lebanon both sides know they need to work together if they want national unity and this divided nation. beirut. well meanwhile the country's interior minister has just confirmed that turnout is at forty nine point two percent that's slightly less than the two thousand and nine vote question how barack has more now from babyhood preliminary results are starting to trickle in hezbollah says it is making gains in the southern part of the country and the big valley both areas i consider to be. hezbollah strongholds now of hezbollah's weibo which is the future movement led by prime minister saddle
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. it has again so far. seven seats but they're expecting that number to increase these are preliminary results of future movement is expected to gain something like twenty five seats or more than that the other main establishment political parties say that they have also made some gains and the civil society candidate said that they managed to see that this is quite significant these were some sort of emerge from almost nowhere and the out of now trying to shape the political future of the countries have been very aggressive over the last few months. they have been building up the momentum across the country just so far we're getting first indications that just in that the establishment political parties are likely to maintain the results they made back in two thousand and nine.
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back to standing police say the suspect behind the attempted assassination of the interior minister is affiliated to the ultra religious. party the twenty one year old was arrested shortly after allegedly shooting in being asked following a rally in punjab province. police say the shooter showed his affiliation to the party which focuses on highlighting and fighting glass in. indian police say they've arrested the main suspect in an alleged gang rape and murder over teenage girl danube yuan and several like healthy says are accused of burning the sixteen year old girl alive after her parents complained to village elders that she'd been raped be a member of a suspect or allegedly angry that the elders finds them several hundred dollars as punishment. a bomb blast in afghanistan has killed thirteen people the
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explosion happened at a mosque in the eastern province of hawk's police suspect the mosque may have been targeted because it was being used as a voter registration center for october first parliamentary election is jennifer glass with more from kabul. the attack in host province is the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration centers and on election officials around the country it certainly has the afghan government concerned president ashraf ghani condemned the attack saying the attackers continued crimes against religious places but he said that it won't do a real election process that he called on his security services to better protect these voter registration centers but so far they've been unable to do so the worst attack came here in kabul two weeks ago when a bomber attacked a line of people lined up for to to register to vote sixty nearly sixty people
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killed in that bombing and almost one hundred twenty injured has many afghans very concerned about going to voter registration areas they feel that they're unsafe they feel that they're not protected they feel that they are a target and of course this is just the beginning of the election process those parliamentary elections to be held in october the campaign period will start after voter registration voter registration goes on until mid june the afghan government's goal had been to register fifteen million people by then but so far only about one million people have been registered in the past three weeks or so and the attacks certainly seem to be deterring the afghan public from it so a very serious consequences to these attacks for an election that many here see as crucial to the future of afghanistan. the united states has less than a week to the side whether he will withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal on sunday
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rein in president hassan rouhani who warned washington about the cult sequences of scrapping it while european officials continue to press president trying to keep it a n.-s. the book has more now from washington. with the may twelfth deadline just days away president donald trump's new legal advisor offered this assessment of the iran nuclear deal to a gathering of iranian dissidents in washington what do you think is going to happen to that agreement. that they are a good. president trump a longtime critic of the pact is threatening to pull out of the deal by saturday unless it can be improved on sunday iranian president hassan rouhani offered a stern warning this sars mommy in it is yeah tell me if america leads a nuclear accord it will soon see that this will until historic or more story china the united states along with four other countries and the european union signed the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran in twenty fifteen. under the j. c.p.o.
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way iran agreed not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the easing of sanctions president trump says the deal was flawed from the start in part because it allows some nuclear provisions to sunset in two thousand and twenty five. he's also blasted iran for its use of ballistic missiles in the region and has accused iran of supporting terrorism european allies have been pressing the u.s. president not to scrap the deal u.k. media say british foreign minister boris johnson is traveling to washington to meet with senior administration officials on the issue so it is really that visit followed similar meetings in washington last month with french president emmanuel mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel who both agree the pact isn't perfect but think it can be improved in an interview on sunday britain's ambassador to the u.s. expressed optimism about keeping the u.s. in the deal all those issues we have ideas we think that we can you can find some
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language produce much and that meets the president's concerns there are reports that former secretary of state john kerry who helped negotiate the j.c. under president barack obama is also meeting with foreign leaders to save the deal some republicans in congress say they aren't opposed to scrapping it but advised the president to be careful you need to have a clearer idea about next steps if when you are going to pull out president trump maintains he still hasn't made up his mind what he'll do but time is running out dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. still to come here on out there at the second part of the investigation into claims of medical malpractise at mexico's flagship neurological institute and volcanic destruction in hawaii lava flows continue after u.s. island is hit by the worst quakes.
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how i once again the weather has set fabric of the good parts of australia yeah we got a little bit of cloud just rolling through the bites as per usual that will introduce some slightly cooler air into the southeast including nineteen twenty celsius here just wanted to show us just around that east coast of queensland to notice up towards sunshine coast going to choose that should be a tad dry brighter colder still that's what the southeast seventeen or eighteen celsius but it will be a father dry lots of sunshine around a little more cloud the sunshine easing towards western australia but perth still getting up to around twenty one celsius in the fabric too badly well it's a bad two across news even a little bit of cloud just coming in here western side of the country western side
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of the south a lot of kit kats want to see showers for a monday ninety celsius in christ getting up to around seventeen or eighteen in oakland over the next couple days and that wetter weather as you can see still in place for the south island if you move through the week further north a little bit of wet weather loss of wet weather actually coming into japan some really heavy downpours into q shoot into honshu twenty three celsius forth so it does turn. to the fair amount of cloud as we go on through tuesday fairly cloudy is fine and dry for the korean peninsula. in this. next story. to be. added to. it is. when.
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we. receive. a reminder now the top stories on al-jazeera vote counting is under way in lebanon's first parliamentary election in its interior minister has just confirmed turnout of forty nine point two percent slightly less than the two thousand and. thirteen people have died in an explosion at a mosque in afghanistan's cost the province the mosque was being used as a voter registration center for october's parliamentary election and iran's
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president hassan rouhani has warned the u.s. it will regret quitting the nuclear deal as the deadline looms for donald trump to make a decision. north korea has the night it was forced into giving up nuclear weapons by american led international sanctions a foreign ministry spokesman told the state news agency the us is misleading public opinion by claiming the sanctions worked he also warned washington against deliberately provoking the north by the plowing military assets in south korea. there have been more evacuations in hawaii as molten lava from a volcano continues to threaten residential areas around two thousand people have now been forced to leave their homes to escape lava and poisonous gas coming up scoop cracks opened by scruggs but also has more now from an emergency center in palau where some people have been told they can return to their homes but only
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briefly they were told that they could go back into leylandii estates the area that's been off limits now for days where those love events have been erupting and pick up their essential supplies personal papers irreplaceable items from their homes we know that nine homes at least so far have burned down i spoke to one gentleman who lived in a home that was destroyed and he said it was just devastated still of shock always knew that something like this could happen but the reality was really quite quite stunning now we're at this. emergency center which has been set up completely by volunteers from the community you could see right here people have donated the water and food and toiletries and all sorts of things that are essential for people who've lost their homes going to walk over here and see some of the folks who are also volunteering this gentleman is making ham and cheese sandwiches for people who
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are hungry or been volunteering and people who perhaps don't have homes anymore. tunis is another party is claiming victory in the country's first democratic local elections the religious party says it's ahead of its secular rival need to win is by about five percent the two parties are coalition partners in the national government turnout is reported to have been low intimacy is first local polls since the two thousand. revolution official results are expected over the next few days. now to the diplomatic standoff between the united arab emirates and yemen over the presence of an iraqi troops on the yemeni island of support for the deployment happened without consulting yemen's exiled government that saw yemeni officials call in to douse the u.s. role in the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen but in a statement on sunday the u.a.e.
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said the reaction from yemen had not taken into account the realities on the ground here is victoria gate. on the yemeni island it's a katra people protest against the u.a.e. military presence a mirror to soldiers arrived on the island earlier this week to see yemeni troops to leave key locations a government minister says the emirates he forces are a threat to yemen sovereignty he's calling for nationwide protests on sunday the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abbot robbie mansell heidi. it's fighting against iranian backed rebels who control large parts of the country but the u.a.e. has permitted other separatists in southern yemen at the expense of the government analysts say the u.a.e. has a wider goal in mind if you consider the strategy that the united arab emirates have
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driven in yemen over the past three years actually we see that there is a pattern of all being which doesn't necessarily directly concern fighting the who these or reinstating the higher the government as it was said in two thousand and fifteen when the coalition started but it's more about securing a morality interest in the south of yemen access to the indian ocean access to the bubble munda yemen has suffered three years of will in which thousands of people have died the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalitions and power. which is why criticism of the u.a.e. by ministers is rare but not unheard of three months ago a minister accused the u.a.e. of trying to fragment the country by creating what he called separate regional and tribal armies a saudi delegation has been sent to mediate this latest crisis in a real that gets complicated by the day victoria gayton be out there.
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turkish president richard typepad behind has unveiled his party's election manifesto promising new military operations against kurdish fighters along its border in syria and iraq at the one address thousands of supporters in istanbul ahead of next month's elections he called the vote more than a year early to consolidate the move to an executive style presidency which was narrowly approved in a referendum last year. five rebels have been killed in a gunfight with government forces in indian controlled kashmir security forces moved in on the house and shop in the street where the suspected rebels were based troops ordered rebels out of the house and then started shooting when they had no response. over fourteen years nearly five hundred mexicans were used as guinea pigs at the country's flagship state neurological institute they were
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able planted with a device to drain fluid from the brain invented and patented by the head of the institution but the device was never approved by mexican authorities and doctors told al-jazeera it had serious flaws in the second part of our investigation john home and examines how this could have happened and the consequences for those involved. over the fourteen years almost five hundred patients were fitted with an experimental unapproved device a top public neurological institute you learned the good at it was among them it was done without her or her husband's knowledge. they asked us to sign a bit of paper but never that it was going to be a valve or a tube that was part of an experiment they never told us anything about that. three doctors working at the institute at the time told out does it or that the same is true for other patients who received the implant it was designed to treat
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hydrocephalus that's excess fluid in the brain by draining it down through a chub into the stomach area. this man invented the device and patented it julio sotelo he was also the director of the same national neurology and neurosurgery institute where it was pressed into use despite never being approved by medical authorities that mean that there was a recommendation i would see a demand that you had to recognize the brilliant idea of sotelo the institute the health ministry and dr so tell himself or refuse to talk to out to zero he's always maintained that studies show his device was effective. neither he nor the national institute has ever been sanctioned for its unauthorized use despite a commission of medical arbitrage clearly stating that now per. has occurred in your landers case you know. who still works at the national institute has one word
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for it all. impunity impunity at every level he says. meanwhile your learned and one man oil had to sell their flat to pay medical bills their claims for compensation have fallen on deaf ears mexico's attorney general's office kept them waiting for eight years only to tell them it wouldn't take any action all the time you learned his health is worsening although it's unclear if that has any connection to the device. i'm frightened of dying as leaving my daughter i'm just so tired there are days in which i just think it would be better if i died. against the backdrop of silence a congresswoman and n.g.o.s have taken the case to the into american human rights commission. it's unlikely to succeed but it is a fresh attempt to get justice for the hundreds of people treated as guinea pigs over a pool to use. john home and how does it or mexico city. police
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in serbia have stopped returning to a village where he encouraged ethnic hatred to during the balkans war or just love scene here in the red shirt wanted to hold a rally with his supporters special was convicted of war crimes last month by a u.n. court over a speech that he gave in the village of nine hundred ninety two calling for the ethnic cleansing of precipice. one of cambodia's opposition parties is threatening to withdraw from july's election the grassroots democratic party says the vote is unlikely to be free and fair for the capital phnom penh when have reports. one of cambodia's newest political parties believes it's the only one that truly lives up to its name representatives of the grassroots democratic party i really did from the ground up with supporters and members voting for who they want to
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stand in july general election but party leaders say there are undemocratic forces at work in cambodia we are ready for the original but in the next two months i'm on until monday so there's and and it's getting worse so you don't think that this and it's in this what's wide boss the price of pain the previous largest opposition party the cambodian national rescue party was dissolved in november accused of plotting to overthrow the government its leader kim is in jail charged with treason critics say it's part of a campaign orchestrated by the ruling cambodian people's party which is afraid of losing power the opposition. formed well in the last general and local elections including here in q one his seat in phnom penh only to lose it when his party was banned. most people used to support my party in this area told me that if there is no can board international rescue party in the election they want
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to go to. the party headquarters which is owned by another former leader sam rainsy has been seized by the court which may sell it unless he pays a million dollar fine for defaming the prime minister when sam rainsy has called on cambodians to boycott the election there has been international condemnation of the deteriorating situation here with forty five countries signing a letter calling for the opposition to be reinstated and for kim to be freed while the united states and the european union have withdrawn funding for july's vote the government says it isn't concerned about the criticism and words intervene in the judicial process they can voice but it best not the flag of the spirits of all people of the country so it's still negative on earth today but the future. they will come back to earth it's normal. the grassroots party
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has already faced intimidation with signs and banners taken down in some places apparently by government supporters but in a way a new political force may be exactly what the government needs a strong opposition to give the election some credibility but becoming too strong may also come with risk when hey al jazeera phnom penh. for decades berlin has been known for its street art with some graffiti and murals becoming well. but the matter for new housing means some of the famous artworks might disappear dominic king has the story. it's a city of culture and counter culture where the walls of buildings are the canvas on which politics and society sometimes collide in an art form that has much to the anarchic where what matters is the work and the artists themselves want to remain anonymous and not to have limits placed on that creativity if there's new buildings being that's all right it's like that's i mean more important than it's like street
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art is like something that is war but it's art and doesn't have like when it gets too well regulated or sanctioned and it won't really be alive anymore. and you get a feel for just how alive the scene really is in districts like lights back where improvised astronauts stare down at you from buildings how the fruits of the artists labor is there for all to see and where people feel walls are just murals waiting to be painted. more and more street artists are coming here from across the world really what's more and more and as far as i know this year alone more than fifty new murals are going to be painted in a very short time. but in a city with a constant need for new housing and more office space often world renowned examples of street art can end up obscured by new buildings recent figures suggest the vacancy rate in existing apartment buildings is just one and a half percent at
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a time when fifty eight percent of all households are occupied by single people leaving the city planning or thora these with the dilemma of how to protect cultural treasures while accommodating the ever growing number of people who want to live among them you have to deal with investors that want to build blocks and things like that and so everyone has to find solutions what could stay here and what current has to go not. friend of having a sort of staying with this square cities and things like that forever there are some examples of three thought in this city which do have protection germans called partial factories here what's left of the bourbon wall at what's called the east side gallery but even here it's clear where modern buildings have
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really taken over and yet some believe those modern buildings that obscure the art of yesteryear also provide a platform to paint the pictures of the president dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. i remind you of the top stories on al jazeera vote counting is underway in lebanon's first parliamentary election years the interior minister says voter turnout was forty nine point two percent that's slightly less than the last vote in two thousand and nine lebanon is using a new system based on proportional representation but it's unlikely to upset the overall balance of power barak has more this is quite a crucial moment for everyone for president bashir loud because he wants to consolidate he wants his party the free pass for your check movement to consolidate gains above the christian community it is crucial for hizbullah which wants to
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consider date its gaze in the in its strongholds particularly in the valley of southern lebanon to tell the international community and the libyan is that he has the trust of its own people it is also crucial for prime minister saddle hariri as you know historically speaking of the sunni's have been divided there are key players the players divided over who has to have the biggest set said that how do you want to project himself as the voice of the sin the community. a bomb blast in afghanistan has killed at least thirteen people the explosion happened at a mall skin the eastern province of cost police a suspected the mosque may have been targeted because it was being used as a voter registration center for october's parliamentary election pakistani police say the suspect behind the attempted assassination of the interior minister is affiliated to the ultra religious to recalibrate party the twenty one year old man
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who was arrested shortly after allegedly shooting and wounding arsenic buyout following a rally in punjab province iran's president has warned the u.s. it will regret quitting the nuclear deal as the deadline looms for president trump to make a decision as an rouhani says iran has plans to respond if trump pulls the u.s. from the pact. and the real more evacuations in hawaii is molten lava for mobile kanal continues to threaten residential areas that's it thanks for watching witnesses next of the. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures of the. al-jazeera.


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