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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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nation is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear this story on talk to al-jazeera. made on al-jazeera venezuela will hold a snap election as president maduro aims to retain control what lies ahead for a country that has been waiting for light at the end of a long tunnel people in power asked the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating both the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is the territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from now al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may go on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm joel company on this news hour live from london coming up it's decision day u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to announce what he'll do about the iran nuclear deal. to iran puts on a brave face prepares for life after the u.s. announcement. and there's a last minute phone call from the french president emanuel macron to his u.s. counterpart but from says iran wasn't directly discussed. now in the next few minutes u.s.
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president trump is expected to announce whether he will pull out the iran nuclear deal withdrawing from the agreement would mean renewing sanctions which were lifted when the deal was signed in twenty fifteen. this is the scene now in the diplomatic room in washington where president obama trump will make his announcement very shortly the podium you're looking at there the media assembled of course iran's president has warned the u.s. it will face consequences if it pulls out and on tuesday our son rouhani insisted iran will stand on its own feet regardless of sanctions. that. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the
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world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions is working with the world well as we wait let's go live to our white house correspondent kimberly hell kit and kimberly much expectation i'm sure about what is to come what do we know because they've been whispers here and there about what mr trump may be planning. right collectively there is a bit of a holding of breath that is occurring in washington right now as the president prepares to make that announcement from the diplomatic room of the white house certainly the latest that we have heard is that members of congress have been informed of the president's decision reportedly that occurred the vice president of the united states mike pence informing members that the president intends to leave the deal again we won't know for certain until we hear this announcement but that
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is what we are hearing from members of congress being widely reported in the united states as well what we're hearing is that there may be this window that exists before the sanctions are really imposed certainly that was a question mark whether or not the president would choose to do that immediately how that would work in terms of the requirements of the parameters of the deal and what we're hearing is in fact there will be a window before the sanctions are imposed now we do know that effectively this could kill the deal because if these sanctions are imposed it would be on the oil and bank sectors in iran and certainly this is something that iran has long discouraged from happening as well as european leaders who weighed in heavily including early today when the u.s. president had a phone call with the french president emanuel back wrong so certainly there is a lot of speculation a lot of reporting coming out from around the world that the president may do this maybe not do this we will have our answer within the hour some up for us if you
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would warrant the objections of the trumpet ministration to this deal. right so certainly the president has found some support for some of his concerns about the deal their shared concerns the differences lie with u.s. allies on how to address those concerns so the president is frustrated that this deal does not go longer that it has the sunset clause of twenty twenty five and really there is no sort of restraint beyond that that's his first criticism there's also a concern about iran's military presence in the region its activities some of the construction that has taken place that is concerning to the united states and also even israel with respect to military activity inside syria as well there is also the concern about the ballistic missile program that there was not enough language in the twenty fifteen agreement that was negotiated under the obama administration specifically the secretary of state john kerry advocating on behalf of the united
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states that there wasn't sort of mechanisms to address all of this the difference again is that european allies have said look we get those concerns we share those concerns but this agreement in place is working let's build upon it and that is where the differences lie the president for many many months even years on the campaign trail saying that he didn't like this deal it did not protect american interests and as a result there is the need to withdraw at times he's called it in same saying it's the worst deal ever now we'll see if he's going to follow through on essentially what is an america first promise that was first put in place in the campaign trail now about potentially to be exercised as president ok kimberly to stand by for us bruce because we're still looking at an empty podium but that's bound to change quite quickly let's remind you now what went into this iran deal a dense web of written agreements and deadlines make up the deal which took years to agree it was finally signed off by iran and twenty fifteen with the five
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permanent u.n. security council members as well as germany and the e.u. a week later. it was unanimously endorsed by a u.n. security council resolution iran agreed to reduce the number of its centrifuge machines from twenty thousand to about five thousand for ten years centrifuges are needed to enrich uranium a material that can be used to make nuclear bombs iran also promised to enrich a maximum three point six seven percent of its uranium for fifteen years additional limits were put on its research and development of advanced centrifuges iran also removed the core of its main heavy water reactor and filled it with cement it's not allowed to build any new reactors for fifteen years to be sure iran is complying inspectors from the international atomic energy agency have access to its nuclear sites in exchange for all of this the us the un the un agreed to lift sanctions but they can be imposed again if iran is found to be in violation of the deal well
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let's talk now to our diplomatic editor james bays also standing by waiting for that announcement he's at the u.n. headquarters in new york of course and james. five powers plus germany put this deal together one party to the deal threatens to tear it all down what happens to the others they say they'll continue with it can they. well that's a big question they certainly would like to you have a rare situation where you have the european powers on the same side as russia the same side as china the same side as iran and it is one country that is the outlier here it's the united states that looks like it may be about to pull out of this nuclear deal by pulling out it is violating this nuclear deal if it re imposes sanctions i think the things to watch for in president struck trump statement of first what he does and the word on the street certainly on capitol hill is that
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he's going to pull out of the deal the second thing to watch for is the sanctions and the remote position of sanctions is there going to be a little bit of a gap of time as kimberly was mentioning now i know european diplomats would welcome that that would give them a little bit of wiggle room their concern is that they have their companies which are doing trade perfectly legally with iran under this deal well some of those european country companies could get caught up in the u.s. sanctions particularly if they're doing any business using the central bank of iran and then i think the last thing to look for is what are the grounds what is the evidence that president trump is going to produce if you want to pull out of this deal as you say jono the i.a.e.a. it's part of the u.n. the u.n. agency that deals with atomic a nuclear affairs has been looking at this very closely they have inspectors in iran inspecting the nuclear sites they come up with these reports they come up with them every three months and they've done none of these reports this is the latest
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one february let me tell you all nine say that iran is fully complying with this deal it doesn't look like it's going to be iran that is going to violate the iran nuclear deal it looks like it's going to be the united states and the consequences of that james if it were to happen could be pretty extreme and on multiple fronts not just risking read. stability in the middle east inflaming further conflicts in places like yemen and syria upsetting the balance or the power game between saudi arabia and iran but also. risking upsetting the democratic balance in iran itself by empowering the conservative clerics there and of course there's the issue of the united states expanding its own diplomatic capital here its own diplomatic trustworthiness pulling out of a deal just as it's trying to make another one with north korea. absolutely the
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u.s. which is already pulled out of the climate change deal again will be showing that it can just change its policy agree to something then completely change its direction in terms of the middle east we've seen the lebanese election in the last few days we see an iraqi election coming up we see the trumpet ministration moving its embassy in jerusalem in the coming days these are potentially volatile moments for the region and iran such an important regional player a regional player in the gulf a regional player in syria a regional player in yemen worth telling you that with regard to yemen sources tell me that the iranians certainly were putting feelers out to members of the international community about possibly trying to help with yemen possibly trying to use their influence on the who thiis to try and bring the who these to the negotiating table to try and get talks restarted and my understanding is that the
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iranians were suggesting we can really help with this but the international community has to help keep the trumpet ministration in the nuclear deal so that offer of help from iran may well disappear if as we're now expecting president trump in some way pulls out of this nuclear deal and really imposes sanctions of course we don't know the details we'll get them very soon ok james well in the box next to you on screen we're still looking at an empty podium at the white house and so as we await donald trump we'll move on iran's large oil output has helped the country survive decades of economic isolation it's something iran's leaders hope they can do again. the reports from tehran. from this fairground it's difficult to tell that iran is going through a diplomatic crisis. iran's leaders are highlighting the merits of the country's century old oil industry. and they're looking for foreign investment to the tune of
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two hundred billion dollars this is an honest i have a recommendation for foreign companies that are here if these companies want to have an important role in the market of iran in the region they should try to cooperate with iranian companies and do their job as they have chosen iran as a partner iran is not a country one could overlook in the global market and energy sector they may delay or development but relying on enormous domestic potential caught willing we will continue our plans. but in the face of us sanctions it's a hard sell the fate of the joint comprehensive plan of action more commonly known as the twenty fifteen nuclear deal has become the most important factor for doing business with iran but the issue is so provocative no one was willing to speak about it on camera there are many european countries represented here but the goods are smaller than they were in previous years especially right after the nuclear deal was signed many of the exhibitors we spoke to say they like doing business
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with iran and since your normal school tensions in iran's market but for now no big deals are being signed and no one is making any real money it would seem that scare talk broad will take you now to the white house donald trump has stepped up to the podium let's listen and update the world on our efforts to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon the iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terror. it exports dangerous missiles fuels conflicts across the middle east and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as hezbollah hamas the taliban and al-qaeda over the years iran and its proxies have bombed american embassies and military installations and murdered hundreds of american service members and kidnapped imprisoned and tortured american
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citizens the iranian regime has funded its long reign of chaos and terror by plundering the wealth of its own people no action taken by the regime has been more dangerous than its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them in twenty fifteen the previous administration joined with other nations. putting iran's nuclear program this agreement was known as the joint comprehensive plan of action. in theory the so-called iran deal was supposed to protect the united states and our allies from the lunacy of an iranian nuclear bomb a weapon that will only endanger the survival of the arraigning in regime. in fact the deal allowed iran to continue enriching uranium and over time
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reach the brink of a nuclear breakout. the deal lifted crippling economic sanctions on or in exchange for very weak limits on the regimes nuclear activity and no limits at all on its other malign behavior including its sinister activities in syria yemen and other places all around the world in other words at the point when the united states had maximum leverage this disastrous deal gave this regime and its a regime many billions of dollars some of it in actual cash a great embarrassment to me as a citizen citizens of the united states
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a constructive deal could easily have been struck at that time but it was it at the heart of the iran was it at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murder's regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program today we have definitive proof that this a rainy and promise was a lie last week israel published intelligence documents long concealed by iran conclusively showing the iranians regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons the fact is this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace and it never will in the years since the deal was reached iran's military budget has grown by almost forty percent while its economy
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is doing very badly after the sanctions were lifted the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear capable missiles support terrorism and cause havoc throughout the middle east and beyond the agreement was so poorly negotiated that even if iran fully complies the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time the deal sunset provisions are totally unacceptable if i allowed this deal to stand there would soon be a nuclear arms race in the middle east everyone would want their weapons ready by the time iran had their us making matters worse the deal's inspection provisions lacked adequate mechanisms to prevent detect and punish cheating
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and don't even have the unqualified right to inspect many important locations including military facilities not only does the deal fail to halt iran's nuclear ambitions but it also fails to address the regimes development of ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear warheads finally the deal does nothing to constrain iran's destabilizing activities including its support for terrorism. since the agreement iran's bloody ambitions have grown only more brazen in a lot of these dual airing flaws i announced last october that the iran deal must either be renegotiated or terminated three months later on january twelfth
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i repeated these conditions i made clear that if the deal could not be fixed the united states would no longer be a party to the agreement over the past few months we have engaged extensively with our allies and partners around the world including france germany and the united kingdom we have also consulted with our friends from across the middle east we are unified in our understanding of the threat and in our conviction that iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon after these consultations it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb on to the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement the iran deal is defective at its core if we do nothing we know exactly what
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will happen in just a short period of time the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons therefore i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the uranian regime we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction any nation that helps iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail we will not allow american
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cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime that chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them in fact at this very moment secretary pompei o is on his way to north career in preparation for my upcoming meeting with kim jong un plans are being made relationships are building hopefully a deal will happen and with the help of china south korea and japan a future of great prosperity and security can be achieved for everyone as we exit the iran deal we will be working with our allies to find
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a real comprehensive and lasting solution to the iranian nuclear threat this will include efforts to eliminate the threat of iran's ballistic missile program to stop its terrorist activities worldwide and to block its menacing activity across the middle east. in the meantime powerful sanctions will go into full effect if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before finally i want to deliver a message to the long suffering people of iran the people of america stand with you it is now been almost forty years since this dictatorship seized power and took a proud nation hostage most of iran's eighty million citizens have sadly
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never known an iran that prospered in peace with its neighbors and commanded the admiration of the world but the future of the ran along to its people they are the rightful heirs to a rich culture and an ancient land and they deserve a nation that does justice to their dreams honor to their history and glory to god iran's leaders will naturally say that they refuse to negotiate a new deal they refuse and that's fine i'd probably say the same thing if i was in their position but the fact is they are going to want to make a new and lasting deal one that benefits all of iran and the iranian people when they do i am ready willing and able great things can happen for
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iran and great things can happen for the peace and stability that we all want in the middle east there has been enough suffering death and destruction let it end now thank you god bless you thank you. watching donald trump signing an executive order there having just announced moments ago that the u.s. will withdraw from the nuclear deal and executive order reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on iran. sanctions he said that would be the highest level of
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economic sanctions on the country affecting even nations that chose to help iran. they too might be sanctioned by the united states saying. you know what we will be there for sure but leave the matter of virtual probably in our. we have a meeting scheduled our meeting said the location is big time. everything is big we look forward to every great success we think relationships are building with north korea we'll see how it all works maybe you. can be a great thing for north korea south region. thank you very much. i find i would be really you.
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don't from departing that press announcement in the white house today he called the nuclear deal disastrous defective to its core that had given the regime in iran billions in cash at a moment of maximum advantage at its heart he said it was a fiction iran's promise that it didn't intend to build a nuclear weapon he said was a lie let's bring in our white house correspondent now kimberly how kid whose when he was listening to that of course kimberly in the run up we heard whispers of some sort of measure perhaps a bit of this perhaps a bit of that that was entirely definitive wasn't it. definitive except for the part about the sanctions there was a little need for clarity in terms of if this is reimposed immediately or if there is a window we know there will be a white house briefing following this announcement there it will be an off camera briefing but certainly we are tracking that here at al-jazeera to get some
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clarification on those finer points and drill down on that but i think a lot of this was to be expected we've certainly seen the administration laying the groundwork for quite some time with regard to this withdrawal that now has been announced and the reinstating of what the president called the highest level of economic sanctions certainly the president laid out a case that he has made so many times before his concerns with the deal that sunset clause where it doesn't go beyond twenty twenty five in terms of limiting activity he talked about the lack of an inspections mechanism something he felt was not adequate in terms of its sufficiency there one interesting point though that the he did bring up is the now smitten by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that nuclear archive the president the u.s. president touching on that saying that that was also something that factored into his decision but what's notable about that is that presentation addressed iran's activities prior to the signing of this agreement but in not in fact did have any
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sort of conclusive proof that there was not a compliance by iran under the c.p.o. way beyond twenty fifteen so certainly interesting that the president mentioned that as well what i think is very notable now moving forward though is how this impacts the discussions with north korea you heard the reporters there as the president was wrapping up and that is the big concern for many here in washington that this is going to impact those discussions because there will be this feeling now that any agreement or or understanding that the united states comes to with north korea this will not be respected given the fact that the united states has now withdrawn from the iran nuclear agreement i'm going. kimberly as well as all of that donald trump has made this move in clear defiance of the expressed wishes and pretty intense lobbying of the other parties to the iran new nuclear deal key allies of the united states france and germany among them. exactly i mean
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we have talked extensively here on al-jazeera about the efforts by those key european allies the u.k. germany france we had all of them including the the foreign secretary of the united kingdom here in washington making last minute efforts and please with donald trump saying that is important to in fact address the concerns of the deal in a compatible agreement i believe the french president manual macross said let's use the g.s. e.p.o. a as a pillar to a future agreement with iran to try and address some of these activities in fact donald trump saying there in his announcement just a moment ago that the allies are very clear that there must be a need to fix some of the concerns that he outlined but again the differences between the united states and key a different magic allies comes down to how to address those it appears that donald trump has decided to move ahead unilaterally kimberly how could live at the white house for us thanks kimberly and we turn now to our diplomatic editor james bays who's at u.n.
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headquarters in new york and james you were at the heart of global diplomacy this is a deal that was struck as part of a u.n. resolution effectively part of international the united states now unilaterally walking out of it they say they have evidence of noncompliance by iran against that the i says there's been total compliance where does this leave the very notion of u.s. diplomacy the u.s. is would in international agreements. well this is a very important moment i would say those words that we just heard from the diplomatic reception room of the white house effectively tearing up one of the most important bits of u.s. diplomacy in modern history and the diplomatic reception well i can tell you they're not very surprised but they are still very pained by what has happened here they didn't i think gets what they wanted even though i think most of those leaders
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allies of the u.s. had expected this they were hoping perhaps a little bit a wiggle room a delay before sanctions were imposed so they could perhaps work out some exemptions for their companies and their entities but in fact the president said in his speech there that he would target other nations one of those that kimberly mentioned who's been to the white house very recently to try and lobby him was emanuel markhor france he's tweeted in the last few moments since the trump speech we will work collectively on a broader framework covering nuclear activity the post twenty twenty five period ballistic activity and civility in the middle east notably syria yemen and iraq i think the european allies as well as the other signatures to this deal china russia and of course iran will try and pick up the pieces but it will be extremely hard because the basic deal was this iran you stop your nuclear weapons activity and we will remove the sanctions to give you economic relief now if the u.s.
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is reimposing the sanctions it makes life much harder in iran it means the u.s. is not living up to its side of the bargain and those u.s. sanctions will impact european russian and chinese entities who are doing business in iran so the benefits are ron and staying in this in this deal are disappearing and some believe this deal will die a slow death it does rather suggest doesn't it a source light. quicker death than that james because as you say there are very few pieces now to pick up if those those fluid elements the sanctions and the ability of french companies to go in and do business in iran is curtailed that cuts off effective in the commercial supply of money into iran where does it leave the international community in terms of the central goal that was at the heart of this deal in the first place curtailing iran's. progress towards a nuclear weapon and taking into account associated of the trumpet ministration its
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ballistic missile program its interventions in the middle east i mean they've got to start from scratch now to. absolutely you heard the words of the president that iran could be on the cusp of acquiring a nuclear weapon while the those that support this still say that's where iran was before they put the deal in place and where iran now could be if the deal collapses and the hardliners in iran decide that's the best way forward i can tell you that the european allies of the united states the u.k. france and germany have been saying leave the nuclear deal the nuclear piece of this in place and if you're unhappy with other things that iran is doing then deal with those separately for example here at the united nations in the u.n. security council yes the iran deal is in place and is a security council resolution but if iran is doing stuff that the u.s. and some of its allies don't like in yemen then use the yemen file at the u.n.
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security council to take out fresh sanctions but linked to ballistic missiles and linked to yemen those calls on the u.s. have not worked and i think they're going to have to try and rethink all of this i think it's also worth jonah bearing in mind that while talking about destroying the iran deal president trump was very much trumpeting the success he's having in north korea but i think it's worth looking at that very carefully because north korea actually has a nuclear weapon and they are now getting talks with the united states on a possible deal it's very very different from the situation in iran where they never acquired a nuclear weapon and agreed to all the safeguards north korea's agreed to absolutely nothing at this stage and is being treated with what they're being treated with we with a trip soon from president trump to meet kim worth watching their very closely that
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section as they pompei on his way to north korea watch the three u.s. prisoners being held in north korea some suggestions that they could be released ahead of that summit. james ok we'll leave it with you there for the moment thanks very much and i think we can take you now straight to tehran for reaction there then bus ravi is standing by in our bureau in iran zain has there been any reaction so far. well iranian leaders here have seen this coming for a very long time so in a sense we've seen reaction for many weeks but we are expecting to hear from president hassan rouhani any minute now he's expected to speak on state television in response to the announcement from president from now. we of what from what we've heard in the past from iranian leaders they see the truck administration attaching the nuclear deal to a number of other iran related policy reference points that have nothing to do with the deal itself and what we've heard from people before is that this is internal
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politics playing out on the international stage a desire by a president from the under you and obama era a foreign policy legacy a successful legacy and if we can speak for a moment about the nuclear weapons itself president trump continued to lead the accusations against iran saying that iran is trying to achieve a nuclear weapons program that the iranian problem is that is a threat to world security but it will come across likely as bizarre for many of the iranian leaders here who have said over and over again that iran policy is to not to pursue a nuclear weapon from the supreme leader on down to members of parliament in our reporting we've heard over and over again that the pursuit of a nuclear weapon is against iranian political beliefs and they will not pursue nuclear weapons or a signatory to the nonproliferation treaty and so do you continue to accusations the constantly mentioning the words nuclear weapon in iran in the same sentence is that will most likely ruffle any feathers here in iran and it is difficult to see
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despite the fact that president trump left the door open for new talks and a new deal that is really difficult to see that in such an atmosphere of accusations and allegations how a new talk would be possible let's leave that the heights of politics to one side for a moment and knuckle down and what this actually means to the iranian people because when this deal was signed and. twenty fifteen it was viewed i believe with a great sense of hope and expectation that it would improve their lives that it would open up the economy again the sanctions were lifted i know that that has happened only to a limited degree but as you said this is now the door slammed shut it must be a deeply disheartening thing for iranians to see happening. there's no doubt about that we saw that with the signing of the deal in recent years there was a kind of opposite of a brain drain there was a brain return of young iranians that had lived around the world who wanted to come
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back and set up businesses and participate in what promises to be bigger brighter future a more robust economy iran began to enjoy many of the economic benefits but the troubled ministration scare tactics simply making threats that what happened today was about to happen really did go a long way to hurting small and medium businesses as well as a large part of the economy big companies making big deals. there was an oil and gas exhibition underway in the last few days and many of the foreign exhibitors many of the. zain i think we can take you now to some rouhani speaking in iran let's listen in. the monitor to him in the name of mike you got.
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some big wishes or so. i say hello to. brave people of iran. islamic iran. you know i'm not sure we missed. him he would be very important historic experience about how more. according to what was said forty years ago. and we have kept repeating the same thing on iran and what and that was the iran daughter for can accomplish its agreements. called cash value and the us a is a country or daughter which has never. kept his promises.
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for two years experience history and even the past time has shown us that milat it was the us has got. no respect for. countries in the region and have been hostile towards them. you can tell. from the. look. you can tell from. a lot of action on i could attack against. the presidency and the regime. support of saddam. so yeah how. about he he also. managed to
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shut down because he. and you rain in. past just killing innocent people. also have done a lot of bad things against people in afghanistan iraq and yemen. and other people in the. middle east and north africa that. they have done the same thing against other nations in the war. americans announced tonight as. they have pulled out of the agreement. then you clear agreement about. this just approved and shows you what they had done in the last few months in a different way because. america has a. us should show
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they have. carried out really serious. actions in agreement since we signed the agreement they have done nothing except putting few signatures. on a piece of paper without doing anything about it. if you're a new nation on the other hand. he has agreed to everything that was agreed with the international agencies and accomplished all the responsibilities. we had some. based on that agreement and we have carried on and delivered all our duties. but today we can see. a country that doesn't. know we can see what is a country which is the country that does not respect international agreements.
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we have done nothing wrong and it is not acceptable that usa is pulling out. the nuclear agreement was an agreement it. was an international agreement and various aspects about various parties. was. it was approved by un security council and the. relevant. united states show tonight and said that not. agree or wish to accomplish. before before that they also talked about terrorists and they try to. do the same thing with the.
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other agreements. including the economy kwan's which they pulled out from there for so what they have done is based on what they have done before and it's nothing new that. people have seen at the same time. him. that the only nation that has. supported trump's position is israel. that's the same regime which martyred our nuclear scientists. that's a regime that during the political political history always have always carried out atrocities against the nations in the region especially the palestinians. as in.
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at the moment of the nuclear agreement between iran and five other nations from now on. five plus one has lost its extra one so it's only five on the circumstances we should wait be patient. to see which to see how hard the big six countries in the world would react to this issue. i have ordered the foreign ministry. to use the next few weeks and. negotiate with the european union countries and to other countries in. the russian trying to coordinate and negotiate matters as needed. if i didn't of this. we reached the. decision that we
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can use the help of the other five countries to deliver on everything and. everything that iranian people wanted. and that would be again that would be against the u.s. and israel those determinations and needs and also the rude words of. which was delivered today. we will continue to carry our. nuclear agreement and do everything for the peace of the region. if we see that we cannot achieve our goals i will talk to a. are you saying in nations and i will make my decisions accordingly.
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but at the moment i want to emphasize that. people should not have any worries about the future of this country. since many weeks and months ago we reached the. we understood we reached this decision that trump has north interests in. maintaining keeping to nationalist means including to new clear. agreement with iran therefore we have done everything we could and we have done a lot to maintain our economy call decisions. what we did in relation to our current issues was based on the same decision. we are now being when agreement nuclear agreement without american people will see that our economy
9:49 pm
growth will continue. there will be peace and stability in the market. in need of current. needed currency in the future condition will be supplied. in terms of. important. should be no worries these will be supplied. with. us from tonight will be even more determined what a new nation will be even more united from tonight. what trump state was just psychological pressure and we call pressure we will not allow trump. to succeed in putting pressure on iranian nation in terms of economy or psychology . the. history shows that our people have always been
9:50 pm
victorious against all the trades and problems. i have. it is a shame to be ready for what is needed to be done next weekend in reach. we can economy because we will lose your. enrichment or economy cause. we will wait for the next few weeks. we will negotiate and talk to our allies. we will talk to. allies and parties who are signatures to be agreement we will continue to negotiate with them. everything will be based on. national unity and. if the engagement
9:51 pm
continues. if the agreement continues to benefit us we will stick to it and if not if it's just going to be a piece of meaningless paper we will know what to do with it. are you give every assurance to a nation that our government has been. since many months ago to be ready for all of course it will. based on different decisions made by america we will have no problem. we have no problem whatsoever this is a historic moment that we will be strong and we will pass this obstacle to beat out any problem. that. you not have any problems in the next few weeks months or years. god willing.
9:52 pm
i'm so sorry. tonight only from one point of view and that is the fact that. in a nation of us. the stark. some. governing these who govern are such as trump who each discrete. i'm so happy that this new sense has. remained we will continue to our. all in the way and soon i will talk to our union nation major speech thank you very much indeed you've been listening there to iranian president hassan rouhani a historic moment he said we will be stronger as a nation we will continue to observe the iranian nuclear deal as long as it
9:53 pm
benefits us the p five plus one he said the six nations that negotiated the deal have become five we will wait to hear their responses the other five that is to before deciding how it is possible to continue with the deal. the iranian president again reaffirming that for the time being his country will remain in the deal french president emanuel meanwhile tweeted his disappointment at trump's announcement he said france germany and the united kingdom regret the u.s. decision to leave the j c p a that's the name of the deal the nuclear nonproliferation regime is at stake we will work collectively on a broader framework he said covering nuclear activities at the post twenty twenty five period ballistic activity and stability in the middle east notably syria yemen and iraq. and a short time ago the european union's foreign affairs chief frederica mcgreevey also reacted to president trump's decision she says the deal is working and the
9:54 pm
e.u. will continue to stick to it. the european union will remain committed to the continued full and effective implementation of the nuclear deal we fully trust the work the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that's published reports certify that iran has fully complied with its commitments the lifting of nuclear related sanctions is an essential part of the agreement the european union has repeatedly stressed that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact not only on trade and economic relations with iran but also mainly crucial benefits for the iranian people israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is an outspoken opponent of the deal he spoke in west jerusalem a short time ago and applauded president trumps decision to withdraw israel fully
9:55 pm
supports president trump's bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorists resume in turn around israel as opposed to the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking iran's path to a bomb the deal actually paves iran's path to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs and this within a few years time the removal of sanctions under the deal has already produced disastrous results the deal didn't push war further away it actually brought it closer. now to pull these very many strands together for us we're joined by our senior political analyst mowen bashara and my one look i mean we've got to cut down to brass tacks here what does this mean for the middle east and the wider region to this truth this was a fascinating hour and i think it's a major crossroads not only for the middle east it is for the international peace
9:56 pm
an order the president put in just said it is for international norms for international law and for international security of course as well as middle east security i think in so many ways we are way beyond any nuclear deal or any deal now we are talking about the future of the middle east and i've never seen the middle east closer to the brink of war confrontation of sorts than it is today a serious not since two thousand and five when the bush administration went against iraq and was trying to go after iran i think walking away from the deal is walking closer to the on the brink of war certainly confrontation in the region certainly with iran certainly with our allies in the region whether it's in syria in iraq in yemen and lebannon in palestine and so on so forth this is a call for an. all out confrontation with iran because that i should not behind walking out of the deal is not just because the deal is the warst ever it's badly
9:57 pm
negotiated deal because iran cannot be trusted because iran is the biggest destabilizing force in the region because iran is the biggest sponsor of terror around the world and you know the united states consider those who host the terrorist or supports terrorists to be terrorists themselves the second important point here is that this is a total embrace of netanyahu whole of israel's logic for the middle east that the now just facts or said he supports trump in fact it's trump who embraced netanyahu his vision of a middle east where the confrontation a showdown with iran is necessary for peace and security third i think trump just and he knitted his european allies and the five members of the security council when he advocated not only for sanctions against iran but secondary sanctions against those who cooperate it or do business with iran that means you know
9:58 pm
affronts that means any of it's really all these big huge oil companies that are already huge deals where they want anything iran alienating the five security members of the security council is not very smart. now on we're going to have to leave it for the moment you'll stick around though i'm sure you'll be back in the next bulletin to remind you the news of the hour donald trump the president of united states has withdrawn his country from the iran nuclear deal he will really reinstate nuclear sanctions on iran the highest level of economic sanctions he said he called the deal disastrous defective to its core at its heart was a lie that's it for me for this news hour mariam will be here with more of the day's news more of the news on this deal in just a moment. on
9:59 pm
packet for us what were you hearing what we're seeing whether on line or render things you know it's all just. about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a diana talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice but what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus and amount is iraq. al jazeera is investigative units reveals tactics used by and she must remain nations to instigate a fear of islam all over greater universe there are. earthquakes where there
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are occurring this stuff is toxic he's a poison salesman we saw a number of attacks of women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts or next thing or not there's blood flowing all over my leg al jazeera investigations islamophobia. incorporated. children dream of becoming astronauts. yet few are further from the stars and second. a teenager from iran. held back by society's shock. on the time. that the day reaching for the star witness documentary on al-jazeera.


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