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tv   Kosovo  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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they've been protesting for the right to return the israeli military says it carry it will carry out an investigation into the jaws of death. government troops in indian administered kashmir a fire that hundreds of people who were attending a funeral aid gathered to pay their respects to a man who was run over by a military vehicle during an anti india protest on friday he died in hospital overnight the mourners were marching with the man's body to a graveyard and when police and soldiers used force to stop them over the top stories they'll be more news coming up in about twenty five minutes time said do join me then coming up next on al-jazeera it's people in power.
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to just move goalkeeper places because of his fighting to succeed for me to bring serbia in two thousand and eight possible candidates and this year celebrated its tenth birthday though said he is still trying something and relations still strained amid complex claims of time atrocities and grievance and then a mysterious death gave this toxic cocktail another. we went to investigate.
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twenty years ago the small balkan state of kosovo was in the grip of a bitter war. on one side it's predominantly ethnic albanian population which wanted to break away from the serb dominated you can slow via on the other course of age so the minority which opposed the move the fighting and the came to an end after native intervened on the side of the separatists in two thousand and eight because of a declared independence and is nigh recognized by most countries to be a cause it's not a free school but their own many signs the skulls of war have yet to hear. neighboring serbia still claim sovereignty and exercises control of a some enclaves including northam attributes kosovo's most troubled city earlier
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this year and just one month before cause of a celebrated its tenth birthday there was shocking news. that had been moved to. the listed on the go for also it also it was this it will because of political settlement so it's a double a for lots of photos on and off the list of possible anyway well it's not . all of the event of each was much of it's his most famous a politician was with ali and i said so in their homes here he said the way it was david he'd read missed as it was and that was that glorious but his death sensual quaids through a city segregated on ethnic lines with an albanian muslim majority and a serbian orthodox christian minority this was a great article use and. the way. they often years and everybody was
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shocked not expect. they're not without controversy the advantage which was widely admired for advocating dialogue between the two communities there were thousands of people in the streets following the call from out of the city towards belgrade i think that shows the respect that the man was held in and he was not corrupt because for very many politicians here and call school that allegation comes very easily he was not corrupt he was dedicated. he was decent. by this. event a bitch left behind a wife and seven year old son. in the. only way before i was for him all the better for me our bond theme for the
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response you are only yelling at me your boy the all of your family. will be are you the patron were up on me then they're. going on talk about me don't think. riding a come up after me or boss come on the. looks wrong so on the question then i put all of it over there not machine your very best besmirched name but show nobody's me trip through. the evil were many here see event of beaches unsolved murder as a parable for the complex fault lines running through kosovo and its struggles with its wartime legacy. we've come to find out why who might be responsible for his death and want to say it might have on this young nation's future.
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mitra vits is river divides the city's two communities to the size of the albanian two headed eagle predominates to the north and the serb flags are to be seen. the new bridge between the two sides was meant as a symbol of reconciliation but as with much here it may be a full on gesture. the serbs are building a wall on their side of the river to further demarcate territory. all of a valid beach had been one of the most significant political figures in northern coast of for nearly two decades championing the cause of the minorities while stressing the importance of remaining poles of course of the role of the van rejoining serbia and it certainly has been the start of you know that we are very very bad not bad. and we try to give the facts also in the. play that was not we
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got to see that we are gathered that maybe he advocated very strongly for the serbian community in kosovo but all the while open for a dialogue with the cross or be a new political leaders as well as murder is a tremendous loss. but evanovich is inclusive approach to cause of an albanian was not universally popular. in the months running up to his death when he was standing for office in north mature he and his family with the victims of sustained attacks his car was torched and there were threatening phone calls. to bin laden we all must pause then we are there in the bottom to know all going to die yet you listen long and all the good i'm glad that this is all this early in the day to do much. mr glad to also lose value did you get up close was completely released and you gotta do it on its. own to learn on. and you can hear
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mislay my neck. out there quicker than i thought of off yeah. there was no hole in the way the. other thing i would have thought on the financial plan was found out from below. undeterred valley beach was determined to find out who was behind the violence i don't see where this work was an argument as richard white of a brick or a store. died you know what it was we share such a dirty. story this and go on as though. show's over all we need to this that we're not in a garage on the genius. inevitably develop which is murder heightened tension between kosovo and serbia it's also gave politicians an opportunity. four days after his death serbian president alexander
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the church made a rare foray over the border to mentor of itself to pay his respects evanovich is outspoken criticism of the serbian government's approach to kosovo had angered belgrade not of the church sorts to mend fences. you don't. want to sort of you know some of those early mute visits he will go to so it's over that i mean. that you're treated to sort. but at a press conference local serbs made it clear where their priorities lay their eggs of almost the sea but physically the few bucks to get the food at least this was it was it was the. church tried his best to calm the situation so. close.
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to. the use of. the ceiling in. egypt. was the teacher was. there an. event of bitches death also reignited debate over another and joran kosovan problem the difficulty of dealing with repeated other gay sions from both sides about all time atrocities. indeed ivanovitch himself was tainted by such claims in two thousand and sixteen he was convicted of inciting a paramilitary group which killed albanians all your credit card sat test their years in prison. but even among those with no axe to grind the case raised. i was surprised that he was in the reserves in the first place. my
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understanding is that the evidence was not particularly strong and circumstantial i was absolutely a shock. the found out. that everyone who are now in the faith. now and. divided which served eighteen months in prison before the conviction was cost and a retrial order. at the time of his death he was expecting to be fully exonerated but his supporters were outraged believing the case had been politically motivated. they are booked full not yet in the us the only t.b.o. the soul of it is of this you create for some in the maze he had no control russell got it just opened the door for there is a gap in the speech that was traced to what the bullet hits book either like. most others believe the case against event of each did have merit there are dozens of
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all banks will say that they have seen him being part of the actual commit crime so i'm not sure that's what. the truth may never be known but it does beg questions is it possible that i have to want to times to keep event a bitch out of public life that failed that his murder was the next step. was it also an attempt to further inflame hatred. almost everything in this troubled country is still framed in memories of the war. because of the albanians pointed to the stork statistics of the thirteen thousand who perished eleven thousand were ethnic albanians. outside the parliaments of both capitals belgrade and pristina permanent displays keep alive the memory of the sixteen hundred still missing. at the village of true
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shimoda hundreds were massacred. serbs colored people and hills story devival from women and children there was who were from fifteen and elder. to them first taking money from them. started beating and killing and burning that we have one hundred forty eight widows in the religion. but serbs point out that over two thousand of them perished in the war and after it some two hundred thousand perforce to flee cos of. they say religious communities have been told it had too. many serbs corso there is noone is views jerusalem the most important holy sites of the serbian orthodox
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church can be find within its borders in the form of magnificent medieval monasteries monastery suffered for armed attacks by a mortar grenades and r.p.g. attack and then of course be had also problems with graffiti with isis sign in two thousand and sixteen for armed possible pain eons were arrested in front of the monastery they had kalashnikovs and two of them proved to be connected with isis organize a neighbor definitely not interest to distance. against this background of claim and counterclaim the killing of a leading figure from one side or another takes on huge symbolic significance which may have been the reason behind event of each his day if it was inevitable that that's after the murder some politicians in serbia accused of paintings of being
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responsible the site yet the product would just be nice for the last person to go here but equal to this court did not you know that sort of brought that on the side lost on me but i don't think it. will be if the boxes will only get out on what was somewhat of one is for the never to be cynical that. the situation has been compounded by the inability of ulick's the e.u.'s rule of law mission to push through war crime cases you know lex was spending here almost one million euros per day when they arrived there were huge expectations and hopes now we're going to get european justice for justice is not something that you imports. a case in point is yet another set of unresolved allegations about wartime atrocities this time involving cars have been president. george the war president thought she was a commander in the can they the course of an liberation army which led the fight by
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ethnic albanians for independence from yugoslavia in two thousand and ten council of europe special russia to dick moti produced a damning report implicating the k.l.a. info in gruesome of a geisha ins involving the harvesting of body parts was a void eking exact amount. leave my dog i know your lizard gun it down where you have it let. alone tissue of the past sudden keep a yellow. for reka recently denied the charges. we got was up at five dollars up but the market took up there in that email they got out of the thought of it to me there's truth in thought it was thought. various attempts to bring cases against former k.l.a. commanders to find
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a doctor witnesses have been murdered or killed in tree credit accidents will simply disappear yet the allegations have never gone away. in two thousand and seventeen there was expectation that a special court in the hague was about to indict senior members of the government. then suppose ruling party made in of course of attempts to repeal the law underpinning the court's jurisdiction. it's no surprise that there's growing cynicism about who exactly is dictating events. is it really very cool that makes it go in the sense to change the war record or the government had no much for all because this was not a few self lol. initiated by government or presented to the parliament by government it was. in the setting of its own of m.p.'s the actual president of
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course always being mentioned in the water from or and all his opposition is due to his personal interests. somewhat from politics they are putting pressure on prosecutors and judges not to bring these cases across the justice not to deal with skills. meanwhile the victims of war crimes in kosovo. on both sides on the left in legal limbo people like fatah rooty a former schoolteacher and political activist who was shot seventeen years ago at his small village in central coast of oregon of a daughter your children under still when you were thirty you could have all said come out all back and forth that it's here. at the store. welcome as president the author spitz charged. with say many alleged political crimes under
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a zoloft finding those responsible for the murder of all of the fun of each will never be an easy time. but in his last interview the valid which did point a finger of suspicion in one rather unexpected direction. all over the balustrade the statement that he doesn't feel threatened if you will at spite starts by his people. before he died the fun of each told the press. people here are not afraid of albanians they're afraid of serbs the local strongmen and the criminals we had over fifty cases of torched call's throwing of hand grenades and unexplained killings the perpetrators have links to the security structures. there is organized crime throughout the territory of course or and for many years the north has been a kind of lawless area and of course just leads to
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a situation where crime flourishes and where money is made and quite big money. so because all of ivana bitch of upsets kosovo's criminal underworld war was the underworld prompted interacting on someone's behalf. according to the course of and press one name in particular has attracted attention from the authorities that of milan rather your church. acquitted in two thousand and sixteen of organized crime charges rather your church now conducts operations from grace his exclusive restaurant in the serbian north of the time while locals told was he is seen as a mafia style ball. yes in his last interview event of its called roger your church a criminal and was concerned that in late two thousand and seventeen serbian president nixon the view church had singled out roddy
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a church for praise stating that he was safeguarding. yes nation was done for professional it was not done by an angry and i think it was organized. by the state of serbia in two thousand and seventeen ivanna beach to the mary mitchell votes against the local so list candidate serb list is an offshoot of president his party and his run from belgrade back of you drop it or leave it at the vinyl beach county there's a good other naturally skinny trophy to join the campaign says a list repeatedly branded event of each a traitor warm t.v. and complained he cared more about his cold than snow. and accused him of working for kosovo albanians in your view would be we really wanted the police to realise castle not the middle of the place i respect either here or.
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novelists or gas certainly certainly make them look down on yugoslavia when you go out and laid down. the sort of scheme that is that. last is all anyone to me just last the first is that at least as well not of them they are even humanity is they not it not the last one. in belgrade serbian politicians accuse the cos of ins of spreading fake news about their country's involvement in the killing . of someone told. to not only did not see all of it or you can only charge the priest in a full sawdust premier puzzle we are not today was pretty cut they all get bailed us northfield go almost as obese or leave it or even know just told on a person. with more questions than answers the
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task of solving in front of which is murder ultimately lies in the hands of the largely influenced know. the mitra fits a police an institution he frequently criticized. we have many questions about the not just the killing but also the police response to police officers where put into custody because of their behavior here at the scene of the the crime there are strange things ivana bates was gunned down outside his office in a street brimming with c.c.t.v. cameras if there's no dallas what was really nashik i made it enough to compute the national id you know one saml beast that would be my day like i'm better than i was it will be in monte devon had me yet you know still value more boyish than a nice one does molly than me at it we must get new parts or three investigation
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happens in kosovo but this interview with serbia in belgrade. so we was open to all for a series of informations. however that we haven't received a lot of on the other side. to date there have been no arrests despite rumors there are no officially named suspects and crucial evidence appears to have been compromised doubts remain as to whether this murder will ever be solved. but what is clear is that it's given the already talk sick mix of relations between kosovo and serbia another stir. in february two thousand and eighteen kosovo celebrated its tenth anniversary. the unsolved murder advantage hanging eva proceedings and relations with its old enemy
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at the latest and for years. president thought. he was keen to show his security forces see brazil in the movie business owners in those insisted it was. mostly the. there's the being. over the border president of the church made a similar commitment to military exercises. which are called what are you there when you meet chris cuomo is everywhere queer. about those who have no dollars who for the book or we avoid the question of the social work so well you will sort it it may be some time yet before all of a valley bitches dreams for dialogue and reconciliation are ever realized.
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struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption and its its wet season mudslides that are claiming most dives i don't remember even the wall when if i think one day in one thousand wound up it would dive into means people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there's an author already failed to act the mountain will fall on al-jazeera. june on al jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post
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continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus for personal stories june on al-jazeera big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am god. with the listening post on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was just getting to the truth as i would guess that's what this job.
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catalan nationalists regain control of their regional government and vowed to seek independence in a challenge to spain's new prime minister. hello i'm in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up thousands attend the funeral of a young palestinian medic shot dead by israeli forces at the gaza border. is yemen will lose a vital lifeline as pro-government forces advance on the rubble helped course of the data. and as hurricane season starts again puerto rican in the thousands thought to have been killed by hurricane maria.


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