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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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deadlock in efforts to avert a wall trade war china warns all deals with the u.s. will be off if washington imposes tariffs. i know i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up. with. the largest anti-government rallies in jordan in five years anger grows over income tax and price hikes. the anti immigrant party tipped to win slovenia's election but facing a struggle for coalition partners we'll have the latest as polls close. on the u.k. marks one year since a deadly van a knife attack that killed eight people at london bridge.
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and the program our top story china is warning the u.s. that any agreement between the two will be off if donald trump goes ahead with his threatened tariffs u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross held trade talks in beijing with chinese leaders earlier in the day he praised his meetings with china's vice premier as friendly and frank despite the two countries threatening to attack tariffs on goods worth up to one hundred fifty billion dollars each so live to john hendren now in washington and it looks like the chinese are refusing to back down john. no compromise on either side merriam president trump has been dispatching trade representatives around the world trying to make a better deal for the u.s. and he's been really focused on the trade deficit and there's a huge one between the u.s. and china
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a lot of economists would say he's too focused on the trade deficit and the logic goes like this i've got a trade deficit with the macy's department store because i buy from them and they don't buy anything for me but in the end we both get something out of value of value out of that relationship in the same way when china gives the u.s. cheap steel people in the u.s. benefit and when the u.s. sets tariffs on that cheap steel that may benefit the u.s. competitors who are making steel here but it does not benefit it hurts the automakers and others who are using all of that steel drives up prices and there are a lot more of them so there are critics of this approach nevertheless wilbur ross was sent there and told to take down the trade deficit which is now about three hundred seventy five billion dollars trying to get it down by two hundred billion the chinese said no and then ross said we are going to the u.s. is going to renew tariffs about twenty five percent on some fifty billion dollars worth of chinese electronics goods comes at a time when china has this china twenty twenty five policy where they were by their
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trying to make more of their own domestic electronics by the year two thousand and twenty five so it's trying to hurt china we're really gets them so that went badly wrong when home empty handed there was no deal with china and meanwhile steve nugent the treasury secretary was dispatched to canada to talk to g seven members ahead of a big meeting this week they were all irate at us tariffs on steel and aluminum the guy who was perhaps most irate among them was justin trudeau the host and prime minister of canada this is what he had to say today on american television. first of all we're putting the same kinds of tariffs exactly on on steel and aluminum coming from the united states into canada to be directly reciprocal but we are also putting a number of tariffs on consumer goods finished products for which canadians have easy alternatives one of the either made in canada or made from another partner
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with the tariffs one of the truths about tariffs is they drive up costs for consumers and on top of that these tariffs are going to be hurting american workers and canadian worker the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable insulting in unexceptable are strong words in diplomatic language and you heard justin trudeau there saying that canada was prepared to levy tariffs on a number of products coming out of u.s. that is in addition to european planned sanctions on such iconic american goods as levi's jeans kentucky bourbon florida oranges and those are picked to be in places that are republican states states that donald trump wants in the midterm elections later this year so his party can retain control of congress whether there's all get sorted out in the coming days of the g. seven meeting we will find out in a matter of days should be interesting meeting thank you very much john hendren and
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in washington. it's been another night of angry protests across jordan after the government and unions fail to end the standoff over a new tax law demonstrators are calling for the prime minister to resign after he refused to withdraw the law which would significantly hike taxes on employees and companies and hawks to has more. their the largest anti-government rallies in five years in what's regard as one of the most stable middle east countries the protest movement initially started by trade unions has swelled nationwide as jordanians show their frustration. but i won't believe how local while citizens now have no power the searching for the children's daily food women are looking in garbage containers to feed their kids and every day we are surprised by rising prices of new taxes the problem is not just the tax law the jordanian
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citizen right now. his pockets are empty are completely empty. saw the government has to listen. to the sound of the people jordan is one of the most expensive. countries in the region and on the top of the words too with no resources the time just for the people of jordan. the increase in sales tax and employees being taxed more has infuriated the protestors and they want the government to resign king abdullah has stood by prime minister hani milky despite calls to fire him the king's been instead calling for talks between m.p.'s and government ministers but moki is under international pressure to reform jordan's economy and cut its thirty seven billion dollar debt that is equivalent to ninety five percent of g.d.p. . the international monetary fund approved
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a seven hundred million loan to jordan two years ago to lower public debt and increase growth jordan relies heavily on financial help from the u.s. u.a.e. and until recently saudi arabia which has cut funding king abdullah is a key u.s. ally in the strategically important region which borders syria israel and iraq regional time or has worsened the kingdom's money problems and sheltering one point four million syrian refugees not according to the hashemite government and those refugees look no closer to returning home. it's also has a large population of refugees from the war in iraq plus two million palestinian refugees have settled in the kingdom. the king recently reversed plans to raise petrol prices for in protest and these latest protests against austerity measures are further demands for change. as there. is already war planes of targeted fifteen have massed sites in gaza as tensions rise along the border this was the moment two
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weapons manufacturing and storage sites were hit israel says the attacks were in response to rockets fired towards it from gaza the strikes come days after israel and palestinian factions reached an informal ceasefire following a we sent flare up of violence now tunisia's defense ministry has confirmed it's recovered thirty five bodies after a boat carrying refugees in migrant sank just off the port city of suffolk's the navy and national guard responded to a distress call and managed to rescue sixty eight of the people on board to nature is becoming an increasingly popular departure point for illegal boats heading across the mediterranean to south and europe and then in a separate incident nine people including six children have died after their speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands five people were rescued by the coast guard and fisherman. well this comes as italy's new interior minister mattel's salvini is in sicily campaigning for his far right league party ahead of local elections later this month salvini who takes
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a very hard line on immigration isn't salo on of the main arrival points for refugees and migrants making the illegal crossing from north africa one hundred fifty eight people landed there on friday after being rescued in the mediterranean already promised to reduce the number of arrivals and increase the number of expulsions polls have closed in early parliamentary elections taking place in slovenia the right wing and immigration policy led by the former prime minister janish is in the lead according to exit polls but they're not expected to win seats to form a government of the party say they refused to enter into a coalition juge was anti immigrant stance slovenia center left party led by a former comedian who also secure a large percentage of the votes will bring you more on this story later on in the program the head of the catholic church has called for dialogue in nicaragua where weeks of anti-government protests have left more than one hundred people dead at
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least fifteen people have been killed this week alone in demonstrations against president daniel ortega and propose changes to social security critics accuse the government of targeting protesters with a shoot to kill policy but france has called for talks during sunday mass. i joined my brother bishops of nicaragua in expressing sorrow for the serious violence carried out by armed groups to suppress social protests which of course the dead and wounded i pray for the victims and their families but the church is always for dialogue but this requires an active commitment to respect freedom and above all life i pray so that all violence could see so and so the conditions for the resumption of dialogue could be found as soon as possible. north korea's state news agency says the syrian president bashar assad is planning a visit to kim jong un in pyongyang the comments haven't been confirmed by damascus and there's no indication that
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a trip has been actually set up at this point but the two countries have maintained good relations for a long time now knighted nations monitors have accused north korea of cooperating with syria on chemical weapons a charge the north denies. but least in berlin have shot a man in the leg at the city's cathedral officers who were called to the bell in a dom a major tourist attraction after a dispute between two people and they say the man who was shot had a knife but that there's nothing to suggest it was a terrorist attack kenya now a government official say residents of a building which collapsed early on sunday morning and been evicted but they sneaked back in even after it was condemned and marked for demolition three people were killed when the five story residential building crumbled rescuers are still looking for survivors it's not clear what caused the collapse but with housing in high demand developers often bypass building regulations in two thousand and fifteen the national construction authority found fifty eight percent of buildings in nairobi were unfit for habitation. this inspection is being done strictly to
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ensure that those beatings that the public feel that are and serve public device. at this beauty and then decision has been meant that some of them will be knocked down straight away while these machines i've still owns the ground. still have for you on the program looking at how iceland fighters in the southern philippines are recruiting children to join their ranks. and the leaning tower of baghdad and use of how iraq's rich heritage is crumbling from neglect. at over three days ago we had significant showers in lebanon and in syria those are
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still visible as these masses of cloud here and produce some pretty significant rain up in georgia for example in the caucasus as a result there was flooding and it's not finished yet you still got these green dots that extend to northern iran and still talking back through southern turkey back into syria and lebanon once more beirut being the recipient of significant showers possibly hail and small now beyond that is a dry picture an increasingly halt forty four is the forecast in baghdad with a wind up from the size possibly strong enough to bring a bit of dust with it and temperatures happen surprisingly high for the last few weeks around the gulf nations for example but if you just about the middle forty's in the middle of a month clouds increasing on the coast near samarra and they view this is the start of the heavy seems a little early but you never know it's about that right we've got three months of it to come after all thirty one degrees is the result of on shore breeze and cloud in so i was drizzle inland probably southern africa we have had some useful rain
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recently in the western cape and deeds a little stripe of cloud coming across here as you can see but significant rain seems unlikely.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera an update of the headlines now china has one the united states that any agreements to end their trade dispute will be off if washington goes ahead with threatened tariffs. more angry protests have been taking place in jordan after the government and unions failed to reach an agreement over a planned income tax which would raise taxes on employees and companies. voles of closed in slovenia's parliamentary elections exit polls suggest that the right wing party led by the former prime minister younis young show will win the most seats. now london is marking one year since a deadly van a knife attack at london bridge the prime minister to resign may in the mayor's study on were among those taking part in a service at suffolk cathedral before laying wreaths close to the scene eight
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people were killed and almost fifty injured in the attack which was carried out by three men neve barker has more from london bridge. it was a warm evening around ten o'clock at night when a white van driving a high speed mounted the pavement here in london bridge standing pedestrians running for their lives among them was forty five year old frenchman javier tomasky was knocked into the river thames his body was found three days later further upriver. inside the van the three attackers were all fake suicide vests and carried twelve inch hunting knives they were later identified as career but moroccan russia . a moroccan born yousef zog he was twenty two years old the van crashed just over there when the attackers came running down the steps into a bar or market at the time it was packed full of people involves restaurants and cafes what happened next has been described by police as a frenzied knife attack lasting only eight minutes but in those eight minutes eight people were killed they were french italian spanish british canadian and australian
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forty eight people were injured many of them critically among those killed ignacio who tried to fight off one of the attackers with his skate board he was stabbed in the back. minutes after receiving the first emergency call the specialist armed officers arrived on scene and shot the three attackers dead this was the third of five similar attacks in the u.k. in two thousand and seventeen only two weeks after the manchester arena bombing in which twenty two people were killed many of them children. to mark the first anniversary of the attack a procession from nearby saw the cathedral to london bridge the prime minister and other dignitaries who joined by londoners survivors and first responders. these are painful memories as a londoner this really disgusted me and why i'm here as well just to commemorate obviously the victims of that talk but it's come together as
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a good night to show that you know well beyond. rather than trying some division within people. shows what happens when it's really also shows the good things. go for all that has to be. a year on and the you case national threat level remains severe meaning the possibility of another attack is regarded as being highly likely the head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six has described the threats from i saw and i saw in spy groups this being unprecedented london was recovered market is busy as it's always been but the cost of keeping london and the rest of the u.k. safe is very high indeed and the threat hasn't gone away. al-jazeera london. kenya has launched a pilot scheme to explore crude oil as part of efforts to capitalize on the country's reserves a first convoy of trucks set off from the north west into qana area towards the
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coast on sunday it's believed an estimated seven hundred fifty million barrels lie beneath the county catherine soy has more. of. a significant moment in kenya six years after all it was discovered half president symbolically started the campaign of crude oil into one of the trucks transporting two thousand barrels to the coast about a thousand kilometers away it will take roughly ten days to get there and months before all seventy thousand barrels in storage arrive for export if the beginning of a pilot program to see how the international market reacts before full production is expected to start in a few yes if we can lose all of this is. manageable resources let's. put the decision on another natural resources i see these two countries go to meet. it's estimated about seven hundred fifty million
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barrels of oil lie beneath this dry region home to some of the poorest and most marginalized people in the country trucking the oil from here will not be easy or cheap one of the big problems is dealing with the bad food from here black construction is now quickly going want to make some of this truck get to their destination safely and on time but it's going to take at least two years to properly create a bad stretch. it. knows little about the statistics all of just sticks as a hard to helps one of his goods get fast he only hopes that he's village will benefit from the oil boom the local community has been a located five percent of the oil revenue while the national and county governments share the rest and. the five percent i was hoping for ten percent but because it has been decided we have to money go expectation and hope the profit
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really gets to us. on the other side of this riverbed fifteen year old cecilia morea fetches drinking water for her family and animals she's walked for thirty minutes to get here. i would want to earn money to help a porter to our village i would like my school fees to be paid more classrooms built so many hopes in two can are pinned on this oil expectations are high that prosperity will come quickly but just how well the oil will sell a brute and how fast the benefits will trickle down to the villagers will be the real test catherine soy al-jazeera to cannes and nothing kenya. more now on the elections taking place in slovenia sasha delage joins us live now from and tell us more about these exit polls it looks like the party of the former prime minister. is in the lead. yes merriam best dr we have
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results of exit polls here done by media polls those who remember slovenia and as the as the rising party of young as yasha is getting its event c. four point four percent which is translated into seats in the parliament seventy five. members of the parliament which has ninety seeds ninety seats is so this is this puts them is. a very uncomfortable position of forming a government for all one party has pledged so far to go along with mr young and form a coalition with him and beth banti also has would have if these results and projections come true seven seven seats in the parliament so a clearly short of majority which is forty six. members of parliament
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so it's going to be interested formally would be summoned by the president of the country it's you and ask to form new government dods it's not the first time if the party which has most of the seeds fails to produce a. stable coalition thank you very much it. will the latest from libya. army commanders in the southern philippines say gunmen linked to i still of weak whipping in tricking children into joining nephite jamil alan duggan reports now from the roman city of merari where mount a gunmen were defeated by the army seven months ago but haven't gone away. ibrahim is fourteen years old and lives in an evacuation camp with his father he says a group of men approached him a few weeks ago they told him they were police officers and invited him to join
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training and he said the prospect of taking revenge against the ice will inspired mao to group that attacked what are we city and kept it under siege for months appealed to him so he said yes his father as a side knew they were not police officers but now the supporters in this guy's. vision if they wanted to take that there were no be burst the sign i am thankful i managed to save my son. they told me that after training i will start to receive money during five months of conflict the city was severely damaged around two hundred members of the multi had taken control hoping to create a caliphate. st mary's church was a symbol of religious tolerance in the country's only city under islamic law but when the war broke out this was one of the first places to be seen them out to specifically targeted christians hoping to create a religious divide more than
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a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. the philippine military declared the victory in october last year but the war is far from over because the mouthy appears to be regrouping this information is going for it we have had several intelligence reports that they're trying to recruit more members. and then training them the harder to fight because you're fighting for the hearts and minds of the people because the reserve did not die with the liberation of. the philippine military accuses the moutier of playing on the emotions of children especially those traumatized by the battle for morale we like fifteen year old ricky who lost his parents in the war now he lives alone moving from one evacuation camp to the next and i don't know who to trust anymore i don't
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go all a noise that i am. it's a sentiment shared by many young boys displaced by the war aid groups say they are the perfect to recruit spur armed groups like them out and they need to be protected unless they're offered hope of a brighter future they could be part of the hundreds of children in the southern philippines or falling victim to the disciple of poverty and violence. in duggan. city southern philippines. over eighty pieces of plastic rubbish have been found in the stomach of a dead whale in thailand after a five day effort to save the pilot whale vets dissected its stomach to find eight kilograms worth of plastic that's after it already spat out five plastic bags since being discovered in the southern province of song on monday forces have now
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launched campaigns to try to encourage people to use feel to recycle. italy's leaning tower of pisa is an icon in world architecture but it's not only one of its kind by dad also has a leaning tower but like much of iraq's rich cultural heritage building is suffering from neglect. has more from baghdad the block read sixteen sixty the year when the with zero mosque was built but this is all that's left of it the cracks in the arches and feeding tiles are reminders of the golden days of baghdad this is the victorian facade of the iraqi capital old government building it was damaged during the two thousand and three u.s. invasion and has been abandoned since this interview was part of the ottoman military complex on the banks of the tigris river it's decrypt state symbolizes the degree of iraq's rich cultural heritage to see are monitored. and many
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people nowadays are not aware of the importance of these sites and the reason is that recently iraq has faced violence and internal fighting which led to a weak government the inscriptions on baghdad's old minaret are feeding. after centuries of war than invasion the minute it is the only original structure left. and it didn't mean. the government has sealed because of the dangerous tilting of the minaret but there are being made to repair it the government's priorities are the provision of basic services and with a struggling economy preservation efforts inevitably take a back seat there are no worshipers. because of the fear. on the hall these days when people pray they do it in the courtyard spiderwebs have replaced the curtains inside and we are told there are no books left in the library
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upstairs. we need to value the sites not only there were but also historic sites like the assyrian and babylonian sites it would help to strengthen the national identity and that iraqi national identity has been blurred by years of sectarian strife corruption and mismanagement. envelop the symbolic eternal flame of the iraqi flag this monument built in the one nine hundred eighty s. used to represent iraqis now many government departments claim ownership of the multi-million dollar. was used by u.s. forces and then the iraqi military as a base. its museum and library. these days the halls remain empty and the general public is not allowed in. rich tapestry of ancient and modern history is fading fast many people are afraid that unless
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action is taken to protect and preserve it it could be lost forever. as more and everything. just a quick look at the top stories this hour china has one the united states that any agreements to end that trade dispute will be off if washington goes ahead with the threatened tariffs u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross has been holding talks with chinese leaders in beijing he said the meeting so far have been friendly and frank two countries have threatened to attack tariffs on goods worth up to one hundred fifty billion dollars each meanwhile canada's prime minister has called the new u.s. tariffs insulting and says canada is ready to impose its own tariffs in retaliation the idea that the canadian steel that's in military military vehicles
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in the united states the canadian aluminum that make sure your fighter jets is somehow now a threat the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and acceptable the polls have closed in elections in slovenia the right wing anti immigration party led by the former prime minister is in the lead according to the latest exit polls but they're not expected to win enough seats to form a government all the parties is saying they refused to enter into a coalition because of his anti immigrant stance. as been a fortnight of protests in jordan against austerity measures bank by the international monetary fund crowds gathered near the prime minister's office calling for the government to resign the i.m.f. is recommending an income tax increase to lower the budget deficit at the biggest antigovernment protests jordan has seen for five years. israeli warplanes have
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targeted fifteen sites belonging to hamas in gaza as tensions increase along the border israel says the attacks were in response to earlier rockets fired towards it from gaza strikes come just days after israel and palestinian factions reached an informal cease fire. tenacious defense ministry says it's recovered thirty five bodies after a boat carrying refugees and migrants sank off the port city of sofa the navy and national guard responded to a distress call and managed to rescue sixty eight people and then in a separate incident nine people including six children have died after that speed boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands. these are in twenty five minutes time now it's inside story.
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the biggest anti-government protest in jordan he is tax wise is the cost of living in else terry key measures are still king demands for the prime minister to resign what role are regional powers playing in the crisis this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program fully back to hundreds of jordanians have spent the past few days voicing their anger at proposed tax increases and what they say is the already intolerable high cost of living they accuse a government of covering up failed economic policies and demand the resignation of prime minister. jordan's economy has struggled in recent years because.


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