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tv   The Siege Of Qatar  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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i mean schools from wearing headscarves we have. a new climate political climate here in australia since the last election and with the new government has been in power or little more than half a year you see. various measures taken against foreigners against immigrants against islam and zones of war this is just one more step. one more measure. and their policy and that's what will interest far right movements across europe particularly in france the netherlands and here in berlin where the alternative for germany party made a polymer entry breakthrough in last year's election on a platform of opposition to islam dominant came down to zero in. the e.u. is back that negotiator says a british plan to avoid a hard border in northern ireland raises more questions than answers michel barnier
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he said the u.k. had made welcome progress that the rest of the country wouldn't get the same terms of access to the single market that northern ireland as benefit of a backstop cannot be extended to the whole u.k. why because it be designed for the specific situation of a national mine and. what does it do. and customs notion of island would form part of our world customs territory what is feasible or which authority reduced size of national island is not necessarily feasible which if you look at the celebrity chef and writer and stay put and has been found dead in his hotel room the sixty one year old was filming in france when his body was discovered they say it took his own life and a gal that reports. anthony bourdain is career spanned continents but his love of the restaurant business had humble beginnings started out as a dishwasher before becoming
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a chef in new york his best selling memoir about the underbelly of manhattan's restaurant business changed his life and launched a t.v. career i went from a guy you know broke. always ben had been broke never insured never owned anything perpetually in debt. hard working god overnight the guy with the best job in the world with the freedom to travel around the world doing anything he wants and get paid for it the sixty one year old was filming a series in france for c.n.n. network says anthony bourdain committed suicide and released a statement his talents never cease to amaze us and we will miss him very much force and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time ordains death comes just days after a fashion icon kate spade apparently took her own life spades husband and business partner said the fifty five year old suffered from depression and anxiety for years ordain one dozens of awards for his work in two thousand and thirteen judges for
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one prestigious award on a dem for expanding our palates and horizons in equal measure and a gallica al-jazeera. still ahead this news hour. and find out why these ice hockey.
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that's a very big refugees from nam maher who fled across the border says hyland have a tough time getting the basic necessities with
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a shortage of international aid it's hard for doctors to treat patients properly but that the malala refugee camp a three d. printer is helping with the arts as he. reports. that even nope no knows all about the needs of her community she's both doctor and refugee in the camp and he's getting a new pair of glasses but says basic i care is not easy to come by. i'm an eye doctor but we don't have any equipment to treat patients in the refugee camp people come to me with eye problems so i do basic checks but we need more of these doctors from america not for profit organization are providing inexpensive iowa to refugees and villages in remote areas of thailand they have a new tool to work with that allows anyone to conduct i check ups and provide three d. printed glasses in just twenty minutes on the. we're the first
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team on the ground outside of a university setting or an army setting that is actually using this system so it's earth early in its infancy but there are tremendous tremendous potential that we see for this really getting out there and really helping a lot of people see. most of the more than one hundred thousand refugees in these camps in thailand have fled main mass south east in corrent state where qur'an nationalists have been fighting for independence for almost seventy years but funding from international aid groups has dwindled in recent years prompting many refugees to consider returning to me in ma but they're told it's still not safe. for new fighting between qur'an nationalists and the mean man military has displaced thousands more people since march where the regular and the refugees need to coordinate with the karen peace council first to verify how safe it is to go
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back there should not go back on their own because if something happens no one will take responsibility for the safety of their lives. with intermittent conflict forcing many of these refugees to stay put and aid cuts to the camps this innovative new program is bringing much needed care to a neglected community. al-jazeera now has paid so with all the sport. so thank you so much rafael nadal has booked a spot in the final of the french open he beat one martin del potro in straight sets to get there as he looks for an eleventh roland garos title to do that he'll have to be two or three years dominick team who overcame its a needs a marker checking our thoughts seven five seven six and six one in friday's first semifinal the seventh seed is now the first austrian since thomas muster in one thousand nine hundred five to appear in the final act roland garros my first to be
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his first grand slam title i well i don't think it's a real breakthrough i mean the same is in the last two years so just went one step further today and the second set. percent because obviously he felt all the messages from from these two weeks after that and if he would have won the direct he would be full power for sure in the third set so it was good for me that i wanted to. women's world number one simona halep is looking to win her first ever grand slam title by winning the french open she faces the usa sloane stephens on saturday in what will be the roumanians second roland garros final in a row. i think is the same pleasure the same happiness that i am in this position again it's a very special moment and to be able to play to financing not only discernment means a lot for me and as you all known it's my favorite grand slam i feel like home here
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and it's nice to be to face another big challenge. the washington capitals have won the stanley cup for the first time in the franchise as a st they beat the vegas golden knights four three in game five of the n.h.l. finals on thursday to secure the victory there was a big party on the streets of washington d.c. of to the game thousands of fans gathered near to the capital's home arena to celebrate the historic win. alex ovechkin fatigue getting in the school she true the capitals in a one on one. that was the series of course now former w w e superstar c.m. punk has taken aim at u.s. president donald trump ahead of the second fight in the u.f.c. on saturday punggol trump a racist when asked if he'd ever accept an invitation to the white house this
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follows trump i'm inviting super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles to the white house. number one i would not be invited and number two no i would not go just. always and now david duke invites me over for you know tacos i'm not gone to david duke's house you know what i mean like come on let's call it because like i said you know race is a racist i don't care if you're in the white house or you know you you live down the street from me and i'm not hanging out with you. england or in south africa for what is considered one of rugby's toughest tours the english will take on the springboks in a three match test series in than one eighteen in a row before a serious wobble in form during the last six nations tournament where they eventually finished fifth while south africa are rebuilding after a difficult last few years is. now england in south africa enjoy one of rugby's most famous rivalries they've played each other thirty eight times since one
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thousand there are six that is outside of the numerous meetings between south africa and the british and irish lions when england combine with wales scotland and ireland but england have only won four times in south africa over the years compared to thirteen victories over all the springboks have won nine of the thirteen meetings between the two countries in south africa and they will be added interests to see a goalie see takes to the field as south africa's first black captain in a test match. a very special cricket series underway in england to mark the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the first liberal strain entering side that eight hundred sixty eight team was entirely comprised of aboriginal players now the new generation of aborigines are carrying on that legacy paul brennan reports from statics. an australian cricket team lines up to face an english side just as they did exactly one hundred fifty years ago and on the shirts of these australian
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players the names of those first aboriginal pioneers i must admit back home it's not a story that's widely known but you know we're hoping that through these two. and more publicly of the story that we can get the message you know it's an important part of us trying history and here's a photograph of that now long deceased eight hundred sixty eight team a team that was greeted with skepticism and curiosity in england not all of it kind one newspaper of the time described the tourists as a travesty upon cricketing much commentors made about their skin color and physical appearance but out of forty seven games that eight hundred sixty eight team won fourteen lost fourteen and drew nineteen just like the australian teams of today they can play the star of the team there was an aboriginal all rounder known as johnny mora he bowled something like i think it was nineteen hundred overs on the two hour and took two hundred forty five wickets but he also scored over sixteen
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hundred runs as well. back then to be able to achieve that you know it takes a very good cricketer to do that this twenty eighteen tour is also a first the first england for the aboriginal women's eleven and all the modern day players admit to feeling a strong sense of history it's such a great opportunity where they're playing cricket but it's definitely just amazing to be. have a look at the places those teams played to major in that they actually had a group of people. counting one lakh first ever team to two are at a strike i. just pay part of the script now. i think it's still entire block i feel like i'm one of ours back in the day. a lot of the young ones come through in poker going. next to. the names of saddam bradman or dennis lillee or matthew hayden may be etched into australian cricketing legend but before all of them came the aboriginal eleven of eighteen sixty eight paul brennan
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al-jazeera sussex and that's all the sport it's back to you see. thanks they said that from mr townson but nick club will be with you in a moment is much more of the day's news and so what. took you out of south america australia pretty soon.
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you just folded to me today. and the. good news in the street. is the case because the make sure it's close to. the. sixth. street. just a. few. months. it's been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on the town by land sea and air. a move that shattered the region's two political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant.
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but what caused the rift between the g.c.c. countries is there an end in sight and can the gulf ever be the same again the siege of qatar on a just zero. caliber as prime minister welcomes g seven leaders to quebec for what's expected to be an acrimonious summit. well i mean this is odds are live from london also coming up in the program why i.c.c. judges have overturned the landmark war crimes conviction of former congress vice
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president. for killed and hundreds injured as palestinians protest again at the gaza border despite israeli warnings to stay away. tributes to us celebrity chef anthony bourdain who took his own life at a hotel and for. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has officially welcomed world leaders to what's expected to be a tense g. seven summit in quebec the meeting has been held in. the united states is looking increasingly isolated from its allies on a number of fronts at a two day meeting is expected to be overshadowed by a potential trade war after. u.s. president donald trump plays tariffs on steel and aluminum imports trump also break ranks with most of his allies by calling for russia to be part of the g. seven trump is expected to face considerable pressure from the leaders of the other
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six countries over his decision to impose these metal tariffs and before leaving for the somebody told reporters he would straighten it all out. we have massive trade. with almost every. race that i do and i'll tell you what it's what i do it won't even be hard in the end we'll get along but they had to say. well we thought with you with the war three they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers they don't mention the fact that almost three hundred percent of what it all straight will all be allowed to get. well protests is being back on the streets of quebec city one hundred kilometers away from the g seven shelved while thousands of police in riot gear have been deployed to prevent any violence well let's go straight away to john hundred who's in quebec city and joe we've been seeing some of the the meets and greets scaring
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ellen and as far as is concerned all sweetness and light. that's right make it looks like a happy family in that picture but it had to have been awkward when donald trump arrived after all before he came it was it was like an intervention all of the other six members had issued an extraordinary rebuke of trump saying they were disappointed by the tariffs and they had been talking with emanuel mccrone of france and the host of this summit justin trudeau got together and had a press conference talking about how they would approach trump all of them insist that he want to push back on steel and aluminum tariffs that he is instituted against all those g six countries beyond the u.s. . and yet trump is talking like he wants to go further he has tweeted that he wants to talk about trade in a news conference on his way here he said he wants to talk about the unfair trade practices that are put upon against the u.s. by europe and canada and he's been specific and in
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a tweet storm last night tweeting about the problems that he has with with trade you just. heard in the soundbite there what he had to say and he's been highly critical he's trying to push further in the end it's hard to say exactly what will happen in this meeting but it had to have been awkward and tense in those first few moments no joined at the end of these affairs nobody would expect everybody to get together and be all good mates and saw an agreement it's not going to happen this time. that's the open question president is going to leave early the summit goes until five o'clock local time on saturday trying to according to the white house was planning to leave it ten thirty in the morning so he would not be there when that final statement was crafted we'll see exactly what happens with that but emanuel mccrone tweeted yesterday that if it ends up being a g. six plus one statement in other words six countries signing on about all the things that they agree about and the united states is not on that mccrone says that is
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fine with him and unity is far better for this organization so there will probably make an effort to get trump on there and he said earlier we're all going to love each other at the end of this so maybe that means he'll sign on but we simply don't know at this time. all pans out john hendren there in quebec city. but meanwhile russian president vladimir putin has been holding talks with his chinese counterpart in beijing approaching was awarded a friendship medal by who called the russian leader his best friend economic military and political cooperation between the two has improved during she's presidency to count a u.s. influence. to sort of russia and china both want peace in the korean peninsula peace talks between the two koreas out of moving towards the right direction to moscow city some contacts. for and. support a constructive work.
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the international criminal court has over. turned the war crimes conviction of jump here ben but the form of vice president of the democratic republic of congo i mean judges found that ben but could not be held responsible for the horrific acts of his militia which he sent into neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two they said judges in ben biz first trial failed to consider his efforts to stop the crimes taking place mariana hond as mall. from the moment war crimes allegations were liberal to gainst him. and sisted he had done nothing wrong he maintained that stance even in two thousand and sixteen when the international criminal court unanimously found him guilty of two charges of war crimes and three of crimes against humanity he will seem to eighteen years in prison the longest ever handed down by the i.c.c.
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that court decision has now been overturned the appeals chamber by majority reverses the conviction of mr bin bin but showed little emotion as the presiding judge delivered the appeal ruling it enters and it quits all because the air are strong too with respect to necessary and reasonable measures extinguish his responsibility in full bimbo was accused of failing to stop his private army known as the emelle sea from waging a campaign of rape and murder and pillage against civilians in neighboring central african republic over a five month period from october two thousand and two he was a rebel leader the in and had seen more than one thousand fighters to help put down a coup in the cia. the lower court judgment described a series of sick and sadistic rapes and murders and some cases where entire families were victimized but then but never actually issued an order to rape and
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murder on appeal a majority of judges held that been there could not be held responsible for atrocities carried out by troops under his control and that trial judges failed to consider if it's he made to stop crimes once he became aware of them the decision overturns what had been hailed a landmark ruling been but was the first ever to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command and it was the first time the i.c.c. focused on rape as a weapon of war. speaking to al-jazeera in two thousand and seven before his arrest bin baron assisted he had nothing to answer for you will know that the international criminal court know that. i am not of course involved in any of this ng's i rested in two thousand and eight a convicted war criminal in two thousand and sixteen he's now won his appeal but bamba hasn't been freed a separate panel of judges continues to consider his punishment for interfering
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with witnesses during his trial made him the honed to zero now the new us special counsel investigating alleged collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign has filed new charges against former trump campaign manager paul metaphor let's cross right away to washington d.c. where in fisher has the details of what more do we know. all these charges are two currents of obstruction of justice and two currents of conspiracy to obstruct justice these really two charges that we had about a week ago when paul matter what was alleged to have been involved in witness tampering speaking to possible witnesses that spoken to the f.b.i. and trying to convince them to change their story that's why these new charges have been raised also and the indictment is constantine minnick who is an all time friend of paul from his stint in ukraine what there for ten years as a pollster a translator essentially
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a political fixer for poor mother forte and he becomes the twentieth person and dated by the robert miller russia investigation this is all part of robert miller's investigation into alleged corruption into possible collusion between the campaign and the russians during the twenty sixteen election campaign and the charges also added to those that. are already faces which include tax and bank fraud and money laundering and of course on all of these charges paul metaphor pleads not guilty or allan thanks very much indeed and fischer reporting there from washington d.c. four palestinians have been killed in gaza including a fifteen year old boy after israeli forces fired tear gas and live bullets of protesters at the border medics say more than six hundred others have been injured in the violence on thursday israeli military planes dropped leaflets into the enclave urging residents to avoid the border area israeli forces have killed at least one hundred eighteen palestinians during weeks of demonstrations that began
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at the end of march imran khan is at the gaza israeli border and he has more. as you can see the palestinians are burning tires just over that close to the israeli buffer zone now every so often the israelis fire off a volley of tear gas they're using this in two different ways firstly coming in from jeeps to give them a height on the take as comes down into the crowd trying to suppress them clearly it's not working the crowd all still there but they're also using tear gas drones as well which is a fairly recent development however the palestinians figured out a way of dealing with can you see the kites just up there they're becoming a bit of a problem for the israelis there affectively a toy but the palestinians figured out that they can in tangle a drone into those kites they've actually done that and they've managed to bring down an israeli tank astro and so that's something the israelis are going to be concerned about now this protest has begun slightly earlier in the day than the
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regular friday protests that's because of al could stay that was started effectively means jerusalem day but it was started by the iranians after the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine but it means something quite a lot to the palestinians as well that's why they come to this border however the protest organizing committees did the protesters not to go too close to the border to the buffer zone as they have done in the past and they've said stay away from border we want to try and avoid casualties however the palestinians have turned up as you can see in great numbers not only to commemorate al could stay but to say to show the world that they are against the israeli siege israeli led siege of gaza. still to come the program lebanon's growing rift with the un refugee agency which should accuses of spreading fear to discourage syrians from returning home. catholic christian bishops trying to end the bloodshed in nicaragua through dialogue and diplomacy.


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