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grown our strength has also progressively grown the attention and anticipation that the peoples of all countries of the region and the international community have for us is also growing as we uphold regional safety and stability and push for development the responsibilities we undertake will also grow big. china has not been invited to take part in the landmark singapore summit that beijing's influence is already obvious go now live to florence louise she joins us from there in singapore let's start with then what china wants from beijing rather i should say that start with what china wants from those singapore talks. well the relationship between china and north korea is fairly complicated you know china has spent considerable money and effort in backing its old ally it doesn't want to see north korea's country collapse because it fears north korean refugees
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flooding into china but at the same time it's been quite useful to have north korea seen as a rogue state by many in the international community and china as the one with influence over north korea that was a very useful geopolitical too for china to have but now we have these upcoming talks in singapore between north korea and the u.s. and the speculation that this may be the start to the formal end of the korean war this could lay the groundwork for possible peace talks and it's not known what role china will play in that the u.s. and south korea have made no mention of china when they've issued statements about potential peace negotiations but a best case scenario for china is the eventual withdrawal of u.s. troops on the korean peninsula that however has to be said has is a very long way away when you've got the u.s. defense secretary saying that any talks about closure of u.s. bases and withdrawal of u.s. troops from south korea is going to be part of a separate discussion and the next best thing for china then is to still be able to
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maintain some sort of influence over its old ally in north korea and it can do this via trade that you already have very close exist very close trait ties north korea china is north korea's biggest trading partner there's very strong border trade going on china also supplies north korea with much of the oil it needs to keep its economy running and the two countries jointly operate for hydro power plants but talks to build two more so china's best next best case in are really is to be able to maintain some sort of influence through trade and perhaps to take part in any possible reconstruction of north korea i mentioned there the comments by the chinese president that the shanghai cooperation organization is rollerskating is that because of the divisions hearing in amongst western allies and groups like the g seven. well the shanghai cooperation
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organization or the c.e.o. is seen by some analysts as a sort of counterweight to the groupings led to dominated by western countries such as the g seven now the c.e.o. was set up in two thousand and one china and russia being the leaders of this grouping the other member states include countries like karega stan and kazakhstan not really big players in the economic or international arena but they've recently included india and pakistan and that gives those drooping a little bit more clout especially seeing that india is the fifth largest economy in the world now what we're seeing in the g seven is perhaps an indication that the u.s. is more and more ready to leave behind its old alliances be seeing the g seven and as well in the climate change summit in paris a couple of years back that the that. the u.s. may not be ready for its leadership role it may be it's willing to spurn these old alliances whether or not it means the c.e.o.
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can step up to fill this void or china even to fill this void now remains to be seen but what we are seeing is china increasingly ready to step on to the world stage even forging alliances with old rivals such as india to chip away at the dominance by dominance let by u.s. and other western countries in the international world order and for now. still ahead of al jazeera refugees from all the world's biggest camps and given a chance to share their stories with the global audience. plus we take you to a stumbles biggest music festival and show you how it's promoting musical education . i. mean the weather sponsored by cateye always
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however we've still got some rather disturbed weather into the middle east not too much to speak of the truth but i mean of course northern parts of the region at that you can see a little bit of cloud spilling out to turkey i'm sure that's the black sea towards the caspian sea but spaces of cloud and right and also into that far eastern side of afghanistan is pushing over towards the high ground little chain of storms there pushing up into turkmenistan into the. dry skies come back in behind a few showers there from northern parts of iran as we go on through sunday monday same weekend some big a lot of these showers here could lead to some localized flooding society want to watch out for elsewhere is generally fine and dry so i thought if i really hot and dry forty two for baghdad that's hot enough twenty eight a pleasant twenty eight therefore by river that also a breeze just feeding in from the mediterranean sea pleasant across the web and potentially now so hot sunny side boarding hot here in qatar temperatures getting up to forty seven celsius on sunday on places the easy back a touch as we go on through monday no higher than around forty five celsius
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hopefully the winds just easing off a little so that's just picking back about a little bit so we'll see they lifted just the sand not so much of a problem south africa generally fine and dry little bit of cloud easing its way to the east in case. the weather sponsored by cateye always. a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries liberal i was the first and no i like any other student when one continues with kosovo but year of fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of but one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera.
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watching out zero time to recap our headlines now donald trump has asked u.s. representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven leaders in canada all members had signed the deal but the u.s. president changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister. has left those talks and is always way to singapore ahead of tuesday's landmark summit with north korea's leader kim jong un the u.s. president says the meeting will be a one time shot for kim to end his nuclear program and the chief peace and prosperity. leaders from saudi arabia the united arab emirates and quite say look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles take part
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in the meeting on sunday in the sacred city of mecca here opinions top foreign policy official travel to jordan on saturday to meet with king abdullah the second for that i'm already in the end the king discussed a strategic partnership. saudi arabian state security and wilders arrested the second women's rights activist in the space of three days my granny was arrested for posting on social media has support for north who was detained on wednesday the arrests come in the same week a saudi arabia issued its first driving licenses to women it's part of a series of modernization reforms to pakistani navy helicopters have rescued eleven iranian fishermen from rough waters in the north arabian sea they sent out a distress call from their fishing boat and were lifted to safety a few hours later rescuers in guatemala say it's now almost impossible to find any
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survivors following a volcanic eruption there a week ago around two hundred people are still unaccounted for their relatives have been trying to find them after the rescue team suspended their operation at least one hundred nine people have been confirmed dead in the four hugo eruption. is nuclear option science. well governmental agencies and catholic groups have been coming here to the town to find that they now this is a center for relief supplies there are about twenty shelters around the area level kaino here in the true of them we've visited one of them with a lot of women and children there they have they are receiving a blankets and food and clothes and water and so on but also very importantly many of these the victims of the tragedy nearly one week ago are receiving psychological
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help inevitably when one person starts talking about what they live they start crying they are traumatized by these terrible events here in what they now there have been two explosions on friday two explosions that experts say are normal however the volcano continues its activity and it will take at least two and twenty half weeks for the mckinney to come down as the experts say in the meantime it is very dangerous still to go back to the villages that were that suffered the most and also experts are saying that the heavy rains could also caution mudslides causing posing a risk to the communities around the volcano. refugees in one of the world's largest camps of being beamed around the world in a rare web streaming event the camp in kenya houses about one hundred eighty five
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thousand people from south sudan somalia ethiopia and other countries the tax organization arranges lectures around the world to try and change perceptions mama germ jhoom was in coma for your very eyes. it's been an extraordinary day here at the cooma refugee camp here in north western kenya this is a refugee camp that houses around one hundred eighty five thousand refugees in this ted x. cacouna camp talk today this is something that's really been inspiring for a lot of the residents here the organizers are hoping with this event to showcase the positive impact that refugees have had made not just in this camp not just in this country but all around the world now earlier i spoke with melissa fleming she's the chief u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson also one of the co-hosts of this event and i asked her how an event like this was going to help try to reshape the narrative around refugees and how refugees are perceived around the world most europeans or americans are astray and think that all the refugees are coming their way frankly most of them are in
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countries like kenya eighty five percent and yet they're invisible and we were hoping with this event today i can't we could really illuminate the camp but not only that the extraordinary refugees and the talents and the ideas they have by putting them on as powerful a stage as the ted stage many of the speakers here today are refugees among them actors singers musicians poets there was one young woman in particular the twenty two year old refugee from south sudan her name is mary mark here she spoke with me and told me that she came back to this camp after she had left so that she could teach children here and why that was so important to her. i look at the population in the. especially that population of the most of them a hopeless. and seeing me as their teacher who is almost their peer will actually encourage them to move on to push on to see that life is not about the
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come life it's something more ahead and that's what i want them to believe it and every time i'm in my class teaching them biology our business. i'm not just teaching business. i'm teaching business that's that of statistics that will help everybody i've spoken with here today has told me they believe an event like this is extremely important not just because it counteracts negative stereotypes about refugees but also because it will inspire so many refugees around the world. the taliban in afghanistan has announced a three day ceasefire to mark the end of ramadan is the first such truce signed since the group was toppled by the us led invasion in two thousand and one taliban fighters say they'll stop all of hundreds of operations during the three muslim holiday later this month except against foreign forces that follows
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a similar announcement by the afghan government of chemistry. has taken root take all the steps to make sure that. there is no more bloodshed in afghanistan and even if these troops are smaller steps we will come those we will come down on. and we hope that the will be. committed to implement their announcement on the ceasefire just hours before that truce announcement taliban fighters killed at least seventeen police officers and early morning raid one hundred fifty fighters stormed a military checkpoint in herat province eight of them were killed by afghan army soldiers. the second attack by the taliban is also killed twenty four police officers in the northern can do this from and gunman targeted several road checkpoints in the morning hours ahead of the cease fire agreement and the attack by ukrainian far right group on
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a roma camp on the outskirts of kiev is called the attention of human rights activists this video appears to show the incident on thursday in which men armed with hammers and axes dismantled tents in a park the national delusion is founded by the veterans of ukraine's campaign against pro russian separatists in the east is the fourth such attack on the roma population in the last month. pope francis has called on oil company bosses to help the world convert clean energy warning climate change risks destroying humanity the leader of the roman catholic church has been hosting leaders from some of the largest energy companies in the vatican. chief executives to collate a long term global strategy saying the issue was fundamental to solving the world's most pressing problems although generally most i encourage you haven't demonstrated the aptitude for innovation in improving the lives of many people that you will use
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those skills in the service of two great needs in today's world the care of the poor and the environment. turkey's biggest city is alive with the sound of music the forty six stumble music festival is playing host to more than five hundred classical artists symon costello reports. as well as some of the world's most renowned classical musicians young talent is taking to the stage all over. including twenty two year old. but talent she says needs to be polished with practice. fingers paid the price and as is often with artists her rewards have little to do with money. and that art is expensive no one produces hops in turkey my instrument cost twenty thousand euros at least these are all beyond my parents' budget i am dependent on funds. it
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is much the same story with her fellow musicians. instruments i buy its case its bow all a very expensive for us considering the euro is very high in turkey and we send all mark being a musician is all about what's in your heart in a way but besides education you must have financial support. classical music is not as popular in turkey as many other countries private institutions and companies tend to fund artists and events through what are called social responsibility budgets. this festival lasers with sponsors to support young talent while ensuring their educational needs are met. here in the sun not doing arts and music together pushes us to think collectively about the world's problems and act together i believe music has an indirect wishing for peace the soul of some concert tickets will help fourteen girls who are
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studying music approach with gang fame male musicians friend i will play the maintenance of my cello and i will buy new hair from my bow so it's a mazing help for me these young stars are already known outside turkey but that's home it is difficult for classical musicians to make a name for themselves and the government doesn't have an incentive or scholarship for special art students. but most of these girls agree they are promoting their country with their talents and the government. should recognize that and provide more help seen i'm close although al-jazeera stumble. has take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now donald trump has asked u.s. representatives not to endorse the joint communique on trade put out by g seven
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leaders in canada all members that signed the deal with the us president has changed his mind following comments by canada's prime minister trump took to twitter to call justin trudeau weak and dishonest for those dismissed his critiques saying he said nothing he hasn't said before particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that for canadians who either themselves or whose parents or community members have stood shoulder to shoulder with american soldiers and far off lands and conflicts. from the first world war on words that it's kind of insulting i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians are polite were reasonable but we also will not be pushed
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around the us president is now in his way the singapore where his landmark summit with north korea's kim jong un will take place his administration is hoping the talks will begin a process that eventually leads to kim ending his nuclear program tramples described it as one time shot at peace. leaders from saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait say they'll look at how they can help jordan out of its economic struggles will take part in a meeting on sunday in the sacred city of mecca the european union's top foreign policy official travel to jordan on saturday to meet king abdullah the second for the bigger more worrying in the king this crust strategic partnership so the arabian state security has arrested a second women's rights activist in the space of three days. ronnie was arrested for posting on social media her support for no of. she was detained on wednesday
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the arrests come in the same week saudi arabia issued its first driving licenses to women. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of your trying to get accepted as if it is the way it is there in europe and form a zero point one percent of civil liberties two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country and which they sought refuge took out jazeera at this time. hello welcome again to rewind i'm fully back to bill since al jazeera english
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launched more than a decade ago with built up an incredible library of award winning films here on rewind where revisiting some of the best of them and finding out what's happened since ten years ago kosovo sandwiched between serbia and albania on the balkan peninsula declared itself independent and independence held the promise of a new beginning after a bloody war had ravaged the country at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. in the months following the emergence of this new nation al-jazeera correspondent bonamy phillips traveled to the village of barrack of all where ethnic said he and sold fled during the war where returning to make a new life alongside their albanian nevus from two thousand and eight his bonnet film about one village is attempt to forge an inclusive and peaceful future co civil a year of fear and help. this is western kosovo and behind me
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you can see the village of but. it's just a small place but what makes it so unusual in kosovo is that in late two thousand and seven a handful of serb families who had run away during the war decided to come back here that makes but one of the very few communities in kosovo where ethnic albanians and ethnic serbs live side by side as neighbors we decided to follow two families in one albanian and one throughout this his story in kosovo our idea was to see what the prospects of two communities living in peace in a land which has been divided for so long by hatred and war. as you can hear fell apart in the night that mainly so you can log on moved into
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courts of. the suppressed k.l.a. guerrillas fighting for independence for the majority albanian population to. many albanians splayed into neighboring countries a desperate exodus fueled by atrocities carried out by so troops. march nineteenth one thousand our nature began yugoslav to stop the persecution of albanians. nato succeeded in forcing serb troops out but failed to protect civilians. now they suffered ethnic cleansing at the hands of albanians some one hundred thousand fled from costs of the province which is regarded as their spiritual home slipped out of belgrade control. if nine years have passed. it's february two
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thousand and eight and salva band young is one of the serves who's come back to rebuild his old life in the village of birth of first solver and his wife lupica a new start after years of demoralising exile in southern serbia. we only got here to months ago with him was in ruins and overgrown with weeds we have to start a life from zero which is very difficult so far we haven't had any problems without unable to. part of the time being. with us. program. but solve those children could see no future in this ruined village and decided not to come back with him to cos about.
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returning serbs are mainly old mainly men. they've just heard that cos of those ethnic albanian. will declare independence from serbia in the coming days as they warre on what this mean as bizarre as it is no matter how hard they're trying to take it away from us we are staying i haven't stolen anything from anyone this is mine and mine alone it's all i have. on the other side of the village and of course avails divine. is an ethnic albanian working the land a verdict of over thirty years a tough life because even afford to send his children to school but he believes independents will change everything if. they're bored.
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god willing it will be soon things will change for the better. we waited one hundred years for this and. so how did he and his family feel about serbs coming back to the village what. they've come back to their property lines that have done something wrong will not come back and they don't come back but the ones who have returned have done nothing wrong so i'm not going to harm them they will be in their homes and we will be in our homes so everything is normal. the declaration of independence by course of us government was accompanied by an eruption of joy. in the capital pristina at the sculpture spells out the word new born of the ethnic albanian crowd saw this as the triumphant culmination of
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a long bloody struggle against the serbs. it was still dark seeing the next day and saying thank you to the americans and europeans who had back their independence . celebrations took place across cos a band would give an illusion his family a camera so they could keep a video diary this year hear his children joy in the street dances in a small town. and back at home or. even lose his grandson was allowed to raise a glass to the new era. it's so obvious that it's going to be better the president is good europe is going to help us america are going to help the countries that are with us are strong. we also lost family to keep a video diary. they saw no reason to celebrate on the day of independence but
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played cards at home hoping there would be no trouble in vain as it turned out was a reaction maybe in belgrade not cos of there. was. a huge crowd protested the declaration of independence this. anger and humiliation whipped up by prime minister costa needs. soon often. hundreds attack the american embassy. in cos of that celebrated american french and here they vented their new you read towards the west which they believed would help steal their sacred cos about.
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back in but salvato and his brother. have bore down to earth and. planting crops for the first time since they came home they fill this important moment north and be a right of a mechanized plowing machine a gift from foreign donors of the cost but government it should make farming easier but trouble is brewing again. this time in a nearby course of. supposed to independence attacked un and nato peacekeepers with grenades and guards at the end of this chaotic day one soldier had died many dozens were injured. when the peacekeepers are reluctant to use force against the serbs call supposed future in the back. good news is these are still
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happy day. off families. over the easter holiday. most ethnic albanians in kosovo all nominally muslim. but here in weston costs of many a catholic like lucian his family. back in but lucian saw those seem to be getting on well it looks like it might end the beginning of a tentative friendship they speak together in serbia as speaker. over . there now partners in this new venture intended to lift out of poverty i. a peacock just opened salva and have part time jobs here again the fault responded by the cost of government and
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foreign aid groups and the pig farm seems to be a catalyst bringing serbs and albanians together. we were sincere of course this brings us closer we can communicate with them and they can communicate with us because we work together. weeks later in early may serbs elected a new governor. the nationalist prime minister for students confronting the west over kosovo looking for another time. when the results came out in belgrade a surprise victory for pro western democrats led by president boris tadic which the democrats also reject the cost of an independence but getting serbia into the u. is their priority. for the celebrations went on long into the night this results reduce tension across the board.
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sama in the village of. the ruins of serb houses destroyed in the ugly reminders of what went wrong here. not so long ago. but next to them new houses for the serbs who are trickling back the cost of a government has helped build them it says it's committed to a multi-ethnic society where serbs are welcome. oh no more but there is a growing serb community and. and in june salvato and his family feel this ceremony they call this day spousal marking the ascension of christ in the orthodox calendar . by tradition the serbs gather at the site of a ruined orthodox church just as they did before the. pick goes on all day. has plenty of drink and old folk songs of courtship and
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love a day that boarded the together and strengthened their feelings but but is where they belong. in july news from belgrade resonated across europe the bosnian serb leader and war crimes suspect rather than carriage was courts after years in hiding this is how he disguised himself. there were protests against his arrest but they were contained maybe this was the final angry spasm of serbian nationalism. by the end of september salvo has reason to be satisfied the first crop of peppers since the serbs returned is a good one and he's been led to a car by
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a nearby serbian monastery giving him the freedom to drive across kosovo if he feels safe doing so. today he's going to the nearby town of cleaned up. had been attacked by albanians even since the war with the money problem make up so far we've had no problems whatsoever neither with people nor with the police your thing is not of money however what you have are most of our license plates which helps to spot as i'm concerned with drive all the way to pristina if you want to. know where any possible. shopping in cleveland solve always treated politely by albanians but some say they're worried about their safety in this town and they dare not go to bars. they're not all over the world they're in bourke of though some of the film this delivery of free grain from the serbian
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government. it shows how belgrade tries to keep the loyalty of serbs who live in kosovo giving them aid the serbian government undermines cost of those independence . by big november it's kosovo's albanians who are part. of the very same prestigious streets where they'd celebrated nine months before they reject the plan from the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon which will allow serbia to retain power over parts of kosovo. but there's a deeper frustration here that independence has not changed their lives in the way that homes that cost of those government has let them down. there have been changes we are now independents with the constitution of we are making new laws the european standards donors have promised us one point two billion euros
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that's why people today are more optimistic and hopeful about the future certainly of there will be difficulties but we will make progress. but like so many costs been albanians lucian his son did not yet see that progress. by the end of the year things are going badly at the peak farm donors have pulled out lose doubts it can survive. back home he looks after his own light stock and wonders how to find paid work optimism has turned so quickly to disillusionment. there is so much corruption you can't even imagine the top officials are taking everything for themselves opening up businesses like restaurants and petrol stations and we have been abandoned. and for the first time
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i sensed resentment from this family towards the serbs in the village itself scum of. reverse worthwhile goal for both of women for i can't blame the serbs they have nothing to do with this we mind our own business but the truth is that they have been held more than we have. they robbed hours they killed us they burned our homes and now they've come back and the authorities have built them new homes. they lived comfortably in the past and now we are left helpless no one comes to help asses. not that the serbs of but are finding life easy many still depend on social security and help from their neighbors but there's also a determination to stay on in costs of the two enormous who would go to those i
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don't know for it's been said look to me it means that it's ours and nobody else says my grandfather and my great grandfather were born here the slant has been ours for two hundred years and nobody can take that away just like that. you understand the border. this is the last bit of home videos software sent to us it shows his neighbors gathered in his living room it's hard to know if there is a future for this community. and here's. the last bill we received from the family enjoy their time together and for one night at least be getting back frustrated. at least. the declaration of independence.
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and life carried on pretty much as before in fact perhaps what is most striking is how much in common. they both mistrust politicians in distant citizens frustrated at slow economic development and corruption and perhaps above all a common desire to carry on living here peacefully on the land they consider their home. throughout the year and we saw that they did confrontation. but we also saw they live largely separate lines. with their own religion customs and language. to. one little village. to change but maybe.
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that was a year of fear and hope since independence back in two thousand and eight life has been tough for the young state with major players like russia china and crucially next door serbia refusing to recognize its independence but how have the villages. braved the winter snow to go back and find out. this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book in the depths of a cold winter a return to a place which i got to know well in two thousand and eight following. families who are neighbors i've not been back since. i've been treated no what's changed when i left this village ten years ago the family were apprehensive about their future even physically worried about their safety the albanians well they hoped that cos of those independence would be the answer to all their problems that it would help
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make them which one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams many of the old houses still lying ruins sad reminders of an ugly. but when i visited suffer and his wife lubyanka i found them in good spirits more relaxed more comfortable feeling more permanent in their presence. was the father the the net and them or now when the brits sure took order so you're ok so did the new islam us with their courts are more mature than them on their money or a program of either million. doesn't appear to be very good numbers but they will not decide no. and yet this community is precarious several of the older people i met in two thousand and eight have died very few young staffer
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time and mr to sail to see called. for the full story also bernie wanted to. rajan the track more to the moment. which a model for the story was going to get it's perceptible for its simple this is how . we have clearly said it was a good deal to do or do not really. so we are k.l. symbolism in the bill and the. that was a. was an inordinately yours that it will be no further that we are. more. and yet all is not well in back of the pick farming business that salva and his albanian neighbor louche worked on together collapsed and albanian family moved into the property. what's keeping young serbs away from here is not fear as in the past but
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a lack of jobs and those economic frustrations i felt very strongly on the albanian side to. lucia seems happy to see me but he's still a small time farmer still wishing he could afford a tractor still hoping for regular paid employment. through third poor. for good because of the we're going to go he. was a dog. the music to me in the pool was effective were. going for it all for me is a civil war thoughtful in the fifty's yourself if. you go from zero four to biggleswade leaders when. the most. lucian printers family has grown they have ten grandchildren with a lever on the way two of their daughters live in western europe they depend on
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their remittances like so many families in kosovo. printer describes relations with the serbs exactly as she did ten years ago. up and. down. you have this huge fan or they can be. the complaints i've heard here about corruption lack of jobs reflect what people across kosovo a feeling disappointment that independence has not transform people's lives. what i found is that in one sense the village of bourke over is working serbs and albanians live in peace but in other ways this village is not so exceptional after all it could have been a model of cooperation for cos of a in fact the two communities lead parallel lives even as they share this land
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they live apart. well that's it for this week if you want to catch up with the rest of the films in the series you can find them on the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time good bye thanks so much. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from the till now or use distance rewind continues with australia's lost generation ever covered from colonize citation is a really important issue suicide rights do or mine very high we're still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera the most memorable moments with al-jazeera
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was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to appear. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover muse like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans will disturb as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on insect a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ship steve bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. the nature of news as it breaks
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this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the road through things finding higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage of this extremely hot muggy assad regime but everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta torrie over region's history and its perfected war that has divided the tribes here for generations. a social media route which we in the u.s. and canada as donald trump drop says and dawson's juice of the communique. i'm sorry is a dan this is al jazeera live from coming up now president trump heads for
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singapore in a high stakes meeting with north korea's kim jong il and. singapore solid take shape for the look at a key player who isn't invited china. and the search for survivors around guatemala is months away go becomes more difficult and less hopeful. the annual g. seven summit is ended with an escalating route between the u.s. and canada after leaving the meeting early donald trump withdrew his backing of a joint communique signed by the group's leaders he's blaming it on what he calls we can dishonest statements from the canadian prime minister john hendren has more from quebec city the g. seven summit in canada began in crisis in ended in conflict u.s. president donald trump came late left early and ceded no ground as united states
1:50 pm
has been taken advantage of for decades and decades and we can't do that anymore i can gradually the leaders of other countries for so. crazily being able to make these trade deals that was so good for their country and so bad for the united states neither did the six other world leaders at the g. seven summit they were united in opposing trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum a move they say is likely to spark a trade war after trump left early the host of this summit canadian prime minister justin trudeau fired back i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that its kind of insulting but we also will not be pushed around. trump from air force one on his way to singapore to meet north
1:51 pm
korean leader kim jong sent off an angry tweet calling trudeau dishonest and weak all seven nations had papered over the trades bad signing an agreement that vaguely endorsed free fair and mutually beneficial trade without defining it that agreement is now moot in another tweet from air force one revoked his signature saying quote based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our reps not to endorse the communique trudeau's office tweeted back quote the prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before both in public and in private conversations with the president this picture captures the global tension and that was before the twitter war. is already going down as the g six plus one six members on one side and president trump on the other. six of the members hope. escalating
1:52 pm
a budding trade war that instead has ended up accelerating. but it was trudeau who had the support of his fellow g seven members where we disagree with our allies on something it is right that we say so and and the issue openly and frankly we have done just that at this summit registering our deep disappointment at the unjustified decision by the us to apply terrorists to e.u. steel and on the medium imports as the g seven leaders returned home they leave more divided than ever john hendren al-jazeera quebec city canada. now is joined by our diplomatic editor james bays who is live for us in singapore so the world stage there left in a state of division james head of the singapore talks what options to the other members of the group have now. i think they face a very stark choice are they going to join together and confront the us are they
1:53 pm
going to be divided or are they going to try and continue to paper over this is going to be much harder now this is really unprecedented what we've seen before a year ago was that the g seven in italy where they agreed to disagree that's what they were going to go and do again this time the list of things they don't agree on have got larger but then trump has pulled out his support for the communique it makes things very hard for the other members of the g seven the other six i think the other place that you've got to watch closely sammy and there's i think for the international financial community some good news if this happened over the weekend but watch what the markets do with the prospect of a worsening trade war i think that will be worth watching very closely. i think of for talks kickoff the divisions between traditional western allies where does that leave the negotiating positions of policies to the singapore talks james.
1:54 pm
well i think that the north koreans will have been watching this very closely we know that the north koreans from many reports have been studying very closely the trump administration this has been an on off summits they've been trying to read president trump will be pleased i think the president when he spoke in quebec said that he doesn't necessarily want a firm commitment on all the key issues here at this first meeting and it could be part of a process on the other hand i think as they approach singapore they going to be a little wary having just seen president trump falling out with those that are supposed to be his closest allies so a lot for the north korean delegation to think about as they head towards the city . the exclusive hotel where the summit will be held has already been placed in a close security zone singapore will be the venue for high stakes diplomacy which may
1:55 pm
go on for several days but it's arguable the fact this historic meeting is even taking place is a victory in itself for kim jong un his country is sort of meeting with the u.s. president for many years and he's achieved that goal without making any concrete commitment on denuclearization i think kim is a much canny or operator than we give him a lot of credit for certainly in the united states and other circles i think that he has exposure to the outside world you know through his education in switzerland and i think that he's got advisors who understand the outside world pretty well even if they prefer to live in their relative isolation inside of north korea and i think that he is doing a great job playing the united states in the. if that were seen as volatile and risky right now in his interactions with the chinese and south korea of those two countries a key to summit meetings now with south korea's president jay in the north korean
1:56 pm
leader to show the different face to the world and smiling and prepared to negotiate and after reaching out diplomatically to the u.s. experts now believe it will be very hard to persuade north korea's main trading partner china to impose fresh sanctions if the summit is not a success i think it will be very difficult to return to the maximum pressure campaign of last year and early this year because north korea has indicated it's willing to negotiate to work towards denuclearization he's reached out to beijing and seoul and sort of got them on his side and so i think it will be very hard to get china to cooperate at least on the economic portion of the maximum pressure campaign much of course the pens on what goes on around the negotiating table trump prides himself on the art of the deal but kim is the one who intimately knows the secrets of his country and its nuclear program. the world will be watching the
1:57 pm
diplomacy here in singapore in the coming hours and days it could determine the future of the korean peninsula. but two leaders are in the air on their way here to singapore president trump on air force one touching down we think about seven hours from now a little harder to predict supreme leader kim movements there are three different planes that we're tracking heading from pyongyang to passenger aircraft and a cargo plane taking slightly different routes but one estimate is that we could see the supreme leader here greeted by the prime minister of singapore between two and three hours from now all right we'll watch out for that james place for now from singapore. where it's to day two of a summit in shanghai leaders from india china russia and pakistan are among the attendees at the shanghai cooperation organization talks north korea and regional
1:58 pm
security dominated the agenda china's president xi jinping says the blocks roll on the world stage is getting bigger. as the number of member countries has grown our strength has also progressively grown the attention and anticipation that the peoples of all countries of the region and the international community have for us is also growing as we uphold regional safety and stability and push for development the responsibilities we undertake will also grow bigger. we're joined now by florence lowy is following the story from beijing so the xi jinping feel the shanghai organization role is getting bigger because of the divisions among western allies in groups like the g seven. well the shanghai cooperation organization or the s e o some people call it is certainly seen by some analysts as a sort of counterweight to the groups and the blocs dominated by the u.s.
1:59 pm
and its western allies now this grouping was set up in two thousand and one it had six or original members led by china and russia it only just a year ago included india and pakistan into the grouping and that gave it considerably a bit more clout india being the fifth largest economy in the world and then you've got china the world's second largest economy so together this grouping accounts for about twenty percent of the world's g.d.p. not a huge lot but they represent forty percent of the world's population because you've got china and india the world's two largest countries in the world in this group inc now exactly how powerful is this grouping law really remains to be seen the other members are countries like stan and comes out stan and what's happened what we're seeing in the g seven really is perhaps it's the countries perhaps realizing that they can't always count on leadership from the u.s. now whether or not the s.c.
2:00 pm
or other similar groupings are ready to step up to fill the void really remains to be seen but what we are seeing is china increasingly ready to step up and play a larger role in the international arena even to the extent of forging alliances with old rivals such as india which only recently it had a military standoff with and this is a way perhaps for china to chip away at the dominance of the u.s. and its other allies in the international world order was talking about chipping away at dominance so we've got those talks going on in singapore between the u.s. and north korea sort of outcome is china wants to see engineers from its. well china has a rather complicated relationship with north korea you know they have been allies for a very long time and china does spend considerable effort and money in backing north .


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