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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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some will say i mean i think thinking they can fix it later but there's no fair to say that later when these statements are used against them in a board along the system with joe berlinger on al-jazeera. i football fever grips russia as the world cup kicks off in moscow with a five nil russian win over saudi arabia. i'm not entail this is al jazeera live from london also coming up new york sues donald trump three of his children and his foundation saying it was illegally used as his personal check for. sounded forces push on with their offensive to capture the yemeni port of her data as the u.n. meet to discuss the fighting last. i.
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jubilation as argentina's lower house approves a bill to legalize abortion after debating through the night. the football world cup has got off to the perfect start for host nation russia and its president vladimir putin with a five nil victory over saudi arabia and moscow geopolitics were front and center at the opening match with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon as putin's star guest they watched the game alongside fee for president john infantino. this was a reaction by russia's eureka's is school the first goal of the twenty eighteen world cup. the margin of victory is
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a welcome surprise for team widely expected to struggle russia and saudi arabia are actually the two lowest ranked sides in the tournament. earlier they haven't kicked off with an opening ceremony in moscow there's nicky stadium with robbie williams headlining in front of president putin western leaders stayed away from the ceremony all sports correspondent lee wellings has been among the fans in moscow. very good. this talk about a month of it. could happen in the time but in the palace you days with people coming in from the asians around the world to cheer on that it's a very different from the fairy ring him from the negativity that is on the stand to be surrounded the boat for many years that is what everywhere whether it's the who the good isn't that we've say in washington football the face of prices and. the politics and russia the international relations because so many critics of
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president putin and so much about. people coming into this tournament wondering should it be played on of course that's not how the public has see it to talk i want with the people of the coming in from the various nations they want to project themselves in a positive image they want to show you this is about washing the people it's not about the government it's not about policies it's not about politics it's about the man or woman on the street who just wants to enjoy a huge event that is in this country remember for the very first song. off the page prominent british gay rights activist peter tatchell has been arrested and then released after taking part in what russian police described as an illegal protest in moscow russian opposition leader saying the valley has also just been freed after thirty days behind bars holding an unsanctioned protest as he left he said the prison where he was detained appears to have a facelift to make it more comfortable for foreign football fans arrested during the tournament.
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new york attorney general is suing president donald trump three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state law the two point eight million dollars lawsuit alleges the trump foundation engaged in extensive an unlawful coordination with trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign as well as self dealing for trump's personal benefit trump went on twitter to dismiss the case as politically motivated ok were those on the has more from new york. the new york attorney general accuses the trump foundation of persistent illegal conduct and it relates to the donald trump foundation which was started in one thousand eight hundred seven by donald trump and it's a charitable organization that's tax exempt because of that there are certain laws that it has to abide by and one of those key laws is that none of the money that
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goes to the charitable organization can be used by any personal means in any way shape or form however the new york attorney general said that is exactly what the donald trump foundation did and they said that they used money from the foundation to among other things pay off trump legal bills also to decorate one of his golf course properties and also they say to use some money that went to his presidential campaign and they point to an event in two thousand and sixteen it was a trump a vent in iowa where it was billed as a fundraiser for military veterans that raised about six million dollars at that event the new york attorney general says only about three million of that went to the charitable cause the other three million was diverted away and used by the trump campaign and that according to the new york attorney general is highly illegal now why are trump's three oldest children also named in this and that's
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because all of them served on the trump foundation board of directors now the attorney general is asking that the trump foundation be dissolved the trump pay back about two point eight million dollars in restitution and that trump can no longer open a charitable organization or foundation for at least another ten years important to point out that this is a civil lawsuit not criminal so the worst that could happen to trump and his children is that they would have to pay restitution there's nothing beyond that now donald trump himself tweeted out a response to this he calls the accusations completely ridiculous. and he says that he will fight this case indicating that he will take this to court also insinuating as tweets that this is nothing more than politically motivated. an investigation by the u.s. department of justice has found that x. f.b.i. director james comey dramatically broke norms but wasn't biased to his handling of
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the hillary clinton e-mail probe the highly anticipated report examines the actions taken by top f.b.i. and justice department officials before the twenty six thousand presidential election it found caylee's decisions negatively impacted the perception of the f.b.i. as fair administrator of justice. the f.b.i. is current chief christopher ray has just held a news conference over the findings he says he'll be taking action against employees who were found guilty of misconduct the report does identify errors of judgment by a lay sions of or even disregard for policy and decisions that at the very least the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices we've already started taking the necessary steps to address those issues first we're going to hold employees accountable for any potential misconduct a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. this is
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a wide ranging report by the inspector general seventeen months in the making it walks through the key moments in that investigation and the handling by the former f.b.i. director james comey into the use of a private e-mail server by hillary clinton the democratic presidential nominee when she was the secretary of state in the obama administration the report expected to be highly politicized even though this is a nonpartisan review it's likely to be just the opposite given the contentious nature of the election and the divided american electorate it does conclude that james komi as f.b.i. director deviated from protocols harm the reputation of institution but that he was not politically biased or motivated in any way while conducting that investigation this is a point that is likely to be disputed by many of donald trump's supporters and even the president himself given he has repeatedly had led to the investigation the handling by james komi was rigged in clinton's favor despite the fact that donald
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trump won the white house has been union member countries have you know mostly back to plan to impose import duties on u.s. products the move will target three point three billion dollars and is in response to u.s. tariffs on steel and i mean new measures are expected to come into effect by late june or early july. a saudi that coalition fighting to ask if the rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic port of her data after intense fighting. is the second day of the coalition's campaign to take her data saudi arabia and the u.a.e. accuse the shear who three rebels are using the port to smuggle weapons from iran ever watched several airstrikes against rebel positions in the city. data lies on yemen's red sea coast and is the port through which seventy percent of the
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country's food supply enters international aid groups appealed to the saudi led coalition not to attack the city fearing it will heighten yemen's humanitarian crisis the u.a.e. insists aid will be delivered as soon as the city is captured we have the same apply. they did when we liberate the adam adam is more population populated than the data. everything went very well and even our ships are just sea witting so we have a fright we have very we're very will organize and we are ready to do. every assistance for i did you know nation's security council has called for the port to be kept open despite the fighting at a closed door session in new york it also reiterated that only a political solution solution could end the conflict in yemen why canada has more.
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this was the second closed door consultation held this week and ended in a similar fashion to the last one a brief statement saying that the council was united in its concern over the crisis calling on all parties to ensure that the port of the data in particular was kept open and stressing that the only solution to this crisis is a political one the council will meet once again for further discussions on monday where once again the special envoy martin gryphus will report back he is continuing with this efforts to broker a truce between the warring parties some members of the council apparently insistent on to clearing a three in the ongoing military engagement but clearly not enough agreement within the council to go public with this particular demand at this point. still ahead on the program a hunger in court sentences for people smugglers to twenty five years in prison but
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letting seventy one men women and children suffocate inside a refrigerated truck. and leave no girl behind the new campaign in kenya to help keep girls in school after they become mothers. how i would call some rather lively weather pushing into the southeast of australia over the next couple of days lost in circulation rackley amy here ashley and that will bring some very strong winds some rather heavy sallis blustery shall as we go on through the next comes ice twelve celsius in melbourne that on the strength of the way and wedding feel as warm as that elsewhere see about a two just to twenty for at i say by ninety's warm twenty celsius there for perth on friday touch warmers to go on into saturday generally try to see across that western side of australia down to the southeast well melbourne struggling to get
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into double figures by sas they often further north about twenty two for brisbane fair amount of clout there across clays and you notice further south tasmania looking rather unsettled and that cloud of rain that's going to just drift its way across the tasman it's heading towards new zealand i think for good parts of the weekend it should stay dry but western pastas new zealand some heavy rain there you go for friday go on into sas day thirteen celsius in crushes but the rain never really too far away from the south out of north island on the other hand should be dry at least for the sasa day dry the moment for chip pattern you notice a little bit of what whether it's the southern areas of honshu on friday that cloud and rain pushing a little further north to saturday. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north that led to one of the women who crossed the world for love and stayed to change
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a community. is the room. where every. among the top stories here knowledge is there russia have kicked off the twenty eighteen for the world cup in style defeating saudi arabia five nil in the tournament opening match. in new york attorney general as father two point eight million dollars lawsuit against president donald trump three of his children and
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that charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity nor. the saudi led coalition for fighting to oust the rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic port of her data after intense fighting on the second day of its offensive. argentina's congress says narrative voted in favor of legalizing abortion in the country's first ever vote divisive issue the bill was now pass in the senate before it becomes law at the moment abortion is only allowed in cases of rape or if the mother's life is in danger to risible the ports from. the national anthem to celebrate a historic vote emotion was high among those who wanted to. washington argentina. i can't stop crying because we are together this is a fight there are so many emotions we know that
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a lot of things are missing but we are still moving forward we have worked so hard we are being ignored for so long and today we are making history. the debate lasted for twenty three hours and the vote was a very close especially when two congressmen changed sides and decided to support the law for months women here wearing green bandanas have been taking to the streets to change a law that affects this country's most vulnerable thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of complications with illegal abortions most of them are poor in the last decade argentina had half of everything from pregnant reforms like gay marriage but abortion was the table until now when the fighting started to change especially women and young people took to the streets demanding change. opposing the law is the catholic church issued a statement saying the results in congress were upsetting and they did not solve the real problems poor women face today. the country is not ready for them but if.
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there are a lot of steps that should be taken prior to passing this law a lot of education needs to happen people have to know that if you do something there are consequences and one of those is getting pregnant a consequence. the opposition as well as allies of precedent were divided on the issue. has encouraged his party members to vote as they see feet even though he's personally opposed the proposal. ski has been campaigning to change the law for years she says that the most difficult part is yet to come in the senate you see why why difficulty for and he says he's not received here in the coming days in that they put his time there in the senate john kerry is going to be most difficult the numbers tire i really really bad at the moment but what we are we're doing these like step by step a green revolution has taken over large sectors of argentina society they have
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managed to convince lawmakers that legalizing abortion is a matter of public health that urgently needs to be addressed and that is i will just see that when a site is. tomorrow. senior research a for human rights watch she says that women need to have a biggest say in argentina is abortion debate maternal mortality main cause in argentina is abortion according to official statistics so this has become a debate that's not about feminists taken an issue to congress it's an issue of concern for a lot of people in society and that will remain on the agenda as this bill goes to the senate we can all disagree from an ethical and religious or biological perspective when life starts but what the law as it stands today does is impose one view over the other what we need to do and this is what is pushing the drive for legalizing abortion in argentina is allow women to decide if they want to have an
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abortion or not and the truth is that legalizing abortion according to evidence in other countries does not lead to more abortions it just leads to say for abortions . nicaragua is holding a nationwide strike as protests as ramp up their campaign to force president daniel ortega and his wife who's the vice president out of office if there is to not answer violence which was originally sparked by plans to reform pensions move was abolished by the government to help pacify protesters but their searches then turned on the president or take a subsequent able to crack down on mass protests which human rights activists say has left more than one hundred fifty people dead. caution hungriest sentence for men to twenty five years in prison for human trafficking the group an afghan and three bulgarians were found responsible for the deaths of seventy one refugees who suffocated in a truck in twenty fifteen colbran reports. the ringleaders were
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brought into court for sentencing flanked by armed police wearing masks at the heights of europe's twenty fifteen refugee crisis the gang smuggled more than a thousand refugees into austria in just six months using fifteen different trucks and lorries migrants are being charged as much as seven hundred dollars a person but the oldest smuggling run was in a refrigerator truck a vehicle designed to be tight on the seventy one men women and children from syria iraq and afghanistan trapped inside quickly ran out of oxygen i started to send me a manager that the people who saw it was seen suffering and as time passed we realized that they may suffocate to death so they banged on the doors screamed and shouted trying to signal to the driver was running out of people inside realized they would suffocate and die inside. the gangs driver abandon the lorry beside the a four highway and when austrian police open the doors they found the corpses piled
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on top of each other investigations showed they'd been dead for two days. the gang leader was an afghan national named sam salon who charged with aggravated murder the gang said they weren't aware that the refugees were dying the police telephone intercepts showed that when the driver had raised concerns law who had ordered him not to open the doors let them die instead that's an order he was recorded as saying. the deaths became a tipping point in the twenty fifteen refugee crisis it's believed to have led directly to angle america's announcement the germany would welcome migrants eventually allowing in more than a million mainly syrian refugees the prosecutor accuse law who of endless greet and frightening indifference to the suffering of the seventy one who died the men's defense lawyers say they'll appeal the prosecutor is also appealing to try to have the twenty five year jail term increased paul brennan al-jazeera. a ship
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pushed rescued six hundred twenty nine refugees off libya at the weekend but was turned away by italy is now expected to arrive in spain on sunday that's after bad weather and rough seas forced it to take a detour aquarius skirted on the eastern coast of sardinia to seek shelter from the storm aid workers on board say the long journey is treating a big challenge for the exhausted passengers. last night we had another down to the really hard moments when where we were starting to become really bad with a lot of wind and and big waves. of people who were seasick vomiting a lot where they were scared because of the know the wind in the motion of the ship so we decided to bring everybody inside. see agenesis has been shot dead in srinagar the capital of indian administered kashmir reports suggest should jet blue curry was repeatedly shot at close range by unknown attackers outside his office
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two of his security guards were also critically injured cari was the editor of rising kashmir and organize several conferences for peace in the kashmir valley the territory is divided between india and pakistan but is claimed by both he. india has rejected a united nations report which accuses it of using excessive force in kashmir to kill and wound civilians since twenty sixteen the un human rights chief is calling for a major international investigation into alleged abuses carried out by both india and pakistan. reports. in indian administrate kashmir soldiers a combing the area for separatist fighters who they say shot and killed their colleague last week. it's the latest military operation in a dispute that's lasted more than seventy years and twice ended in war. during the last two years the un has investigated allegations of human rights abuses in
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kashmir and found fault on both sides. of the un human rights chief ziad rod how hussein says india has used excessive force in response to anti india protests and accuses pakistan of misusing its anti terror legislation to quash dissent now he's calling for an investigation into allegations mass graves have been found in the kashmir valley this report is the first issued by the un human rights situation. pakistan administered kashmir details rights violations and abuses on both sides of the line of control and it highlights a situation of chronic impunity for violations committed by security forces. pakistan says it welcomes the un's proposal for an international inquiry into human rights abuses bought a spokesman for the indian ministry of external affairs said in a statement india rejects the report it is fallacious tendentious and motivated
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would question the intent in bringing out such a report. the un human rights chief says he met with representatives of both governments when there was an increase. islands in july twenty sixth the that was triggered by the death of rebel leader. neither government agreed to the un's request for unconditional access to kashmir so the un began remote monitoring of the region that ended a few months ago and the final report makes uncomfortable reading for both india and pakistan. big touring gay to be out there britain is marking the first anniversary of a tower block fire that killed seventy two people the remains of grenfell tower lit up green overnight along with the prime minister's residence and other landmarks a moment of silence was held across the country lasting seventy two seconds in
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recognition of the seventy two victims. tens of thousands of pregnant girls and teenage mothers across africa often banned or discouraged from going to school human rights watch says governments must impose policies urgently that allows students to stay in school while they're pregnant and return after giving birth a campaign titled leave no girl behind is also being ordered to help improve young mothers access to education migrant gendron reports from nairobi. when angela found out she was pregnant her father said there was no need for her to continue her education but the twenty year old mother from western kenya as mcgorry county says she was determined to stay in school come down i think i would run back home to feed my son during the lunch break and then come back to school to study encouraged by her principal and her mother angela didn't quit except these these two hundred two hundred then they grew up in for one levy not rejected by society other young
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mothers in the gory county weren't nearly as lucky. as him i did not go back to school because no one gave me any advice and then when my mother told me there was no more money to pay for my school fees side have to stay in time a report from human rights watch says laws attitudes and cultural values in some african countries can keep pregnant girls and adolescent mothers from continuing their education what we're calling on all the african union governments to do is to adopt reentry policies to ensure that their roles i know that the mothers can go back to school and i governments to reinforce the fact that girls have a right to education that you know a school official can discriminate against martinez tells us kinney a is among a group of twenty six african countries that does have school reentry policies for young mothers in place but says those policies are not implemented in the same way often a lot of school officials are not aware of these policies others do accommodate girls in school is out of a good way of well but when you talk to them about
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a policy a lot of our partners and other going to surgeons that actually there is very little awareness according to the report barriers remain in all countries while some countries are making progress human rights watch says there are others like tanzania sierra leone equitorial guinea that still ban pregnant girls and teenage mothers from attending public schools how much improvement does it iraq. the equity in the indian capital new delhi has promised to unhealthy levels putting residence at risk as many due to dust storm. blowing in from western india people have been complaining about breathing problems but many say delhi has become unlivable but the state government has responded by banning all construction and deploying the fire brigade to sprinkle water across the city delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. u.n. draft document says global warming is on course to exceed the limits set in the paris agreement to fire around twenty forty it's the un's starkest warning yet of
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the risks of climate change the report says governments can still kept temperatures below the agreed ceiling of one and a half degrees celsius but only with the rapid and far reaching changes in the world economy between tim crosland as the director of plan b. a u.k. charity supporting the use of legal action to tackle climate change he says the battle against global warming is a fight for survival one point five degrees might just sound like a number to a lot of people to call in paris when governments agreed to limit temperature to ground level was one point five to stay alive and that is the call that really sums this out this is an existential threats it is an extension threat to all of us to our societies to our economies to international security if that isn't enough to wake people up it's very difficult to know what is. a priest who survived their bowler outbreak in democratic republic of congo has returned to his parish to a hero's welcome. was greeted by
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a cheering crowd after being released from hospital where he made a full recovery the world health organization says survivors can often be shunned by their communities as many believe it is the work of a curse father says he's now on a mission to educate his congregation. from out of the top stories how to syria the football world cup has got off to a perfect start for host nation russia and its president vladimir putin with a five nil victory over saudi arabia in moscow which in sat with saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman and fee for president janeen frontino to watch the game russia and saudi arabia are the two know it strength sides in the tournament. off the pitch prominent british gay rights activist peter tatchell has been released after he was arrested for taking part in what police described as an illegal
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protest in moscow russian opposition leader alex and yvonne a has also just been freed after thirty days behind bars for holding an unsanctioned protest as he left he said the prison where he was detained the priest of had a facelift to make it more comfortable for foreign football fans arrested during the tournament. the new york attorney general is suing. three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state's charity a two point eight million dollars lawsuit alleges the child foundation in gauged in extensive coordination with twenty sixteen presidential campaign. now the attorney general is asking for three things that trump the foundation be completely dissolved the trump repaid nearly three million dollars and they're trying to be banned from creating any sort of other nonprofit for at least ten years now not only trump but his three oldest children are also named in this in
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these allegations and that's because they sat on the board of directors of the foundation it's important to note that this is a civil lawsuit not a criminal one meaning that the worst that could happen to trump or his oldest children is that they have to pay financial fines there's no sort of talk about any sort of jail time or anything like that assad or the. rebels in yemen has captured a town south of a strategic port is the second day of the. the city of. saudi arabia and the. rebels of using to smuggle weapons from iran. one on one east is up next. as it breaks this is one of the area. along the road. higher than any.
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with detailed coverage. from around the world. and the. current generation. the remote windswept vero islands are a world away from tropical selby east asia. but hundreds of asian women are moving to ease some part of the island between norway and iceland amid a shortage of local women. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we meet those traveling to the far reaches of the earth to look for love.
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