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go on any longer but i wish to deeply wish that the over the coming days weeks and months france and italy will work hand in hand in glove together to contribute to act and to propose european solutions more specifically with partners which spain germany in all the other states and we apply concrete european solutions to deal with these two main challenges which are migration and the convergence in economic convergence with the euro zone i want to thank the president the council and to thank you for having come to paris i know what it is what it means when one first takes up wants to tease and the discussions that we've had allowed on many subjects over our drug possession i want to wish him to know that he has here. the french president the
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republic who loves italy and wants to succeed together to obtain a strong europe thank you giuseppe. i'm really delighted to have been able to meet. president. today my first visit has the new prime minister of italy i would like to thank him for this opportunity and also for the exchange with opinions which we have had much appreciated it. we have. concerted to work on the principle challenges before. migration and of course the eurozone will be at the center of discussions at the euro. council at the end of june we want a stronger more fair europe one which helps all the
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citizens of italy but also other countries. i think that we have really come to a moment where we are going to. turn a leaf and i would like to thank president particularly for this i think we also ought to change strategies and have a really consistent policy with european values reinforcing strengthening particularly the security fundamental securities of the continent and. of europe as a whole. we have always said and i repeat it again the treaty of dublin must change italy is very much against the proposals which are. being discussed at the moment. and preparing our
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own proposal which i have shared with french partners and we will be sharing with our other partners in europe. and the austrian chairmanship of presidency of the e.u. . what it really wants is a radical change of paradigm. which leads to fundamental change and transformation we have to strengthen that european level the relationship with the countries of origin and transit. and here we obviously have to prevent these deaths transit and every country in europe has the responsibility we have to create centers of european. protection transit centers in order to anticipate. the
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flow of migrants and the requests for asylum the very concept of. people attention has to be really thought from italy and in europe as a whole. nobody in europe. can be. can wash their hands with regard to this migration problem this new approach must be constantly under the view of the protection of human rights and particularly against all those human trafficking traffickers who are profiting from this inhuman trade. and we have to obviously change the dublin not only in the interests of italy. which today has been left alone to confront the crisis but we have to
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strengthen our. solidarity. as far as the euro zone is concerned we are in favor of strengthening the economic governance of europe we. as president micron's said have broached this subject and we also exchanged ideas about how arrangements could be made italy is in favor. of. new mechanisms for spreading risk. and i must say that we are behind in this respect so we have to concentrate above all on questions of evasion. relations are excellent we are anticipating an intensification of cooperation with
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france and particularly in terms of the defense industry shipbuilding and so on we are prepared to go along with france there. i am as i said absolutely delighted by this intense cooperation which we have and which is before us and i am very happy to. announce that on this first visit of mine. and that essentially would be a bilateral summit in autumn. and that would be the opportunity for strengthening at various levels this relationship and this cooperation thank you. your child is there and there was the italian prime
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minister. speaking at a joint prints press conference alongside his host the french president manuel cross in it said the contrary suggested that italy would have its own proposals for dealing with asylum requests there was talking also about the potential proposal of centers for european protection perhaps areas where asylum seekers could be hal's until their cases were heard of the concept of deportation would have to be reevaluated only hope to put those points across to the e.u. conference at the end of june again mccraw his host of course welcoming the italian prime minister for the very first time and also understanding and certainly making it public that france understands the problems that italy has faced let's bring in the demon barber our correspondent of course pleasant words there from the french president but also he was stating his own case that france has to looked after
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thousands of asylum seekers and migrants it's whether each man has been listening to their own argument to a certain extent. was ahead i think what we've heard during this press conference is actually an argument for a really wide ranging change of the rules of the european union over migration and movement in this free movement zone known as showing in which are president michel referred to now the german government at the moment of course the going around in which some people suggest that if the interior minister there decides to push people back from the border that will actually jeopardize the whole idea of showing and will these two leaders emmanuel markhor and giuseppe conti have been. listing the problems that have been created for their own countries in the
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last two years since twenty fifteen when that huge a flow of migrants really started so the blame game has in fact subsided for now but they've been saying nice things about each other's suffering over the last few years emmanuel and michael recognizing that the dublin agreement as he puts it must be changed because it places a heavy burden on countries like italy and greece the countries of first arrival where migrants are first processed in the dublin agreement says that that is where they need to apply for asylum so the french government busy right now saying we have every right to send people back over the border into italy or wherever they go because they've already been registered somewhere else it's the system that needs to change but they also referred to quotas all of the countries are agreed to a certain number back in twenty fifteen that's really gone nowhere because of course certain the team one of the big issues as well that was mentioned here was that of course
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a man well not quite say that he'll be speaking to his german counterpart on choose day and of course prime minister conti will be visiting germany on monday night of course germany's position on migration is not really the same as france's so there lies another very interesting meeting. well it's a fascinating situation because up until now chancellor merkel of germany has managed to keep ahead of the game to stay strong and to form a government despite all of that criticism of her of her approach to migration which saw the country admit more than almost a million people in one year at one stage and continue to allow larger numbers than most of the rest of the e.u. now she is very much against starting to send people back who have already applied for asylum elsewhere but it's clear interior minister part of her sister party the c s u wants to start doing that if he does so she'll be forced into
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a situation where she'll have to sack him her government will collapse and probably she will no longer be chancellor so she's desperately trying to to come to some sort of agreement which involves other countries which will take the pressure off her but whether that's possible anyone's guess there's a big summit in brussels at the end of this month we've just heard the italian premier invite president back home for a bilateral summit in the autumn but things really do need to get sorted before then particularly because of the summer weather the the journeys by sea tend to increase during these months of course so we'll leave it there for now and get more analysis as the hours progress for the moment. our other top story now is china has announced a series of punitive tariffs just minutes after the u.s. imposed a new round of tariffs on chinese imports and the trade representative's office says a twenty five percent duty will be slapped on more than one thousand chinese products that will happen in two phases the first round targeting about eight hundred
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products will come into force next month now the list does not include goods such as mobile phones or televisions which are widely purchased by american consumers a second round of terrorists will target an additional two hundred eighty products . but we're putting terrorists on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly. and our correspondent. joins me now from washington d.c. of course this news is just sinking in allan i mean how are the u.s. justifying the move to a certain extent considering they'd also said they wanted to sort of pull back from any sort of financial confrontation with the chinese because of their involvement with recent talks progress with north korea. exactly and you remember that steve mission who's the treasury secretary said just last month that the trade war with china was on hold then he was contradicted by president donald trump so the chinese
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are concerned that there were mixed messages coming out of washington d.c. also there's a feeling that donald trump me feel emboldened because in the past he always needed china's help to remain in north korea to keep their nuclear ambitions and check now he's built up this relationship with the north korean leader during this summit in singapore he perhaps feels he no longer needs north korea to deliver what he sees is a big when the denuclearization of north korea and so he's pushed ahead after meeting your street advisors on thursday with this list eight hundred items here you can see it's all pretty small type and goes into very great details things such as combine harvesters and also machines for meat preparation essentially the industries that are going to be impacted our inner space information technology and cars as well as the agriculture industry not just in the last hour or so the tech industry was saying this is
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a really bad idea because it's going to cost to american consumers because it will look to increase prices on forms of computers and televisions the white house seeing in their statement not so those industries are not impacted but as you see the chinese very quickly saying well the tires are going to be put in place by the united states then we're going to do the exact same thing just as quickly indeed we'll see what happens for the moment alan thank you let's see what the chinese are going to do by crossing over to our in a tangle political and economic affairs analyst joins me now from beijing good to have you with us on the program again interesting times and certainly beijing will be quite perhaps confused by what's happened they just had wilbur ross there just a few days ago that had mike pompei oh they're looking for chinese support although range of political issues and now when both american cabinet ministers you might say leave they say we hear now that trumpet slapping these tariffs on this can only
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mean a trade war surely. yes you're absolutely right it is a trade war but the you know the question everyone's puzzling is why exactly is donald trump doing this and quite frankly i think the dancers and his domestic woes he's concerned about his personal lawyer turning about lawsuits against him and his children over their charitable foundation and everything else that's going on and good women who claim that they slept with him. at cetera so it's controlling the news cycle trying to make sure that this goes i think this is part of the fodder in does play into his base that he is attacking china this is what he promised to do and it is working for him in terms of raising his popularity but is that he it's a huge distraction in a very expensive want to play out if you'll theory is correct with the american with american salaries because it's going to hit the pocket
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inevitably the way the american lifestyle. absolutely but i mean it's a gamble he's facing a midterm election which could. impact whether or not he has a republican majority not that he's been able to successfully move it along the lines that he wanted to but he's he's a person who has been raised on television controlling their waves is the key to success and he will continue to do this there's no question about how he deals with the crisis learn this from the lawyer named cohen who was the the lawyer for the house investigations. anti-communist investigations that were run by state senator from wisconsin.
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because we will focus on an exactly how and why president trump is doing what he's doing but how is china going to react i mean is it as simple to say that china is going to tire of sort of we're going to see this tit for tat scenario for the next what few months next couple of years. well i don't i don't think china has a choice in this show we lease and their perception will be they just know the beginning of the end quite frankly they see trump is a playground bully if he senses any weakness he will demand more also china is looking at the overall global situation it's not just china who's suffering under these trade tariffs europe is fighting back canada is fighting back mexico is fighting back now you add those together and then add in russia and you have literally sixty percent of the world's g.d.p. you know korea and japan included and they are not happy with this kind of
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unilateral approach bypassing the cio by passing localism that trump is employing and they made their case very well known there will be a lot of. appeals to the w. cio the question is does the u.s. really draw from that and make it official that they do not want to have anything except bilateral treaties but we will see what does and certainly in the coming hours and maybe even next few days to the time the time get back to joining us from beijing so a. developing story that's coming out of afghanistan and that the ministry of defense says the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a drone strike. was talked into on wednesday in afghanistan's konar province the pakistan taliban who is responsible for the found attack against child activist a nobel laureate use of sign in twenty twelve is standing by for us in islamabad that says that's go over to jennifer glass in kabul is fast moving story to
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a certain extent just getting news about this in the last couple of hours jennifer but what were the exact circumstances behind the strike and the way that this news has been delivered to the media. well if the americans will confirm that there was an airstrike they say that u.s. forces did carry out an air strike on wednesday night against a leader of a known terrorist group they did do not name follows a little boy by name as you see the confirmation coming from the ministry of defense here they're saying they're confirming that he was killed in that strike include our province that's a mountainous province that borders pakistan it's very difficult to confirm information out of there and of course it was two days ago now is when it was late wednesday night when this strike took place but it is a contested area where not only the pakistani taliban operate but also there are a number of other anti-government groups there as well so access is very difficult
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confirmation is a very difficult and this u.s. airstrike coming of course on the first day of a cease fire between the afghan taleban separate from the pakistani taliban and afghan security forces each calling their own separate cease fires today the first day those have overlapped the americans saying they will abide by the cease fire but other groups like the pakistani taliban territory taliban do not apply and that's why this airstrike was carried out. with each other so across the border over two hundred in pakistan. he's apparently. in afghanistan many of his violent touches a kid actually on pakistani soil and in the northwest of the country he had a very solid grip really power in the area. absolutely. love squad.
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ran a massive military operation drove him across the border and. so far the ministry of defense has confirmed indeed. in her report. being informed on the official level possibly because of the taleban coming. in primarily because they will be education. the taleban if indeed. by the government of. information but indeed. was operating out of a territory. or taken responsibility for their deadly attack on army public school back in again in which one hundred thirty people. mostly. he was considered to be number one enemy and therefore if the reports are indeed by
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the taliban or if it. be considered progress as far as progress on is concerned and may even improve relations between kabul and. because. the americans should do more against operating from a story which they would hope for the moment thanks very much for the update from islam about thank you. muslims around the world all celebrating. the end of the holy month of ramadan. although. in indonesia many gathered in most of the country for either prayers every year muslims observe ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk in egypt eat coincides with the country's first appearance at the football welcomes the one nine hundred ninety and the atmosphere there in the capital was very festive for many holding balloons and the national
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flag despite them losing one. but for palestinians in gaza either is also a reminder of being under siege this holiday marks the beginning of the twelfth year of israel's blockade imran khan when families who are struggling to celebrate under difficult conditions. emerge a bed that gets his children ready for the religious festival of ied that follows a month of thought they headed to pray and to listen to speeches by representatives of hamas the defacto power here in gaza. immured lives near the border with israel but has never left. since march thirtieth he is taking part in and he's really protests along the border and seen many of his friends and neighbors injured by israeli snipers and tear gas this eat coincides with the start of the twelfth year these really laid siege along. god willing we hope that by the end of the protest we achieve our goal of lifting the siege and we
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wish the israelis will accept our demand to lift the siege and give palestinian people our rights. a must representative. is the deputy to smell funny at the political bureau chief of the mouse he delivers an impassioned speech criticizing israel for his actions and accusing it of targeting civilians journalists or medics during the protests. imad and an average ten dollars a week when he can get work he doesn't think politicians will change very much along the land. by god the speech doesn't change the reality things on the ground change reality and we're changing things by protesting we want to change we want to achieve our goals. prepares to celebrate traditionally a time for family and friends but he worries about his children's future. falsely what we have seen over the last few years we see war then cease fire then they announce there might be
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a solution we become optimistic but then things get worse then there's a new war hope these protests will give hope to our children. imad plans to rejoin the protests and continue to demand the lifting of the siege and to fight the palestine in the hopes that his and other's lives will improve about family is typical of many gazan residents according to the palestinian bureau of statistics some fifty three percent of people live in poverty that's over a million people despite all the challenges he faces is determined to. give his children the best possible iran card. people have died in renewed fighting between protesters and security forces and. activists barricades and blockaded streets in the capital with a twenty four hour strike demanding the resignation of president daniel ortega the upheaval begun two months ago sparked by changes to social security policies stephanie decker has more. in the nation wide strike on thursday didn't stop the
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violence several regions of nicaragua fighting between activists and pro-government forces including here in tampa tampa there were fatalities with the locals accusing pro-government forces. we were not armed there were four hooded men some skinny in a black shirt and they were the ones with the machine gun the shotgun i do not know only they know what weapon they had a sniper was on top of a pole police officers were in uniform and we barricaded ourselves here. president daniel ortega is efforts to introduce welfare cuts in april prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred the plan has been dropped but the protests haven't stopped there demanding that president or take leave office many accuses government of using lethal force in trying to contain the unrest at least one hundred sixty people have been killed and hundreds injured in almost two months of violence activists have set up roadblocks on more than two thirds of the country's roads in an effort to push back against ortega backed forces but those road blocks are hurting the economy and affecting regional
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trade beyond nicaragua's borders but even with that will begin with the school we want to keep going because we're caught up in a crisis that has nothing to do with us there are many central american squatter mellons hondurans coast to reconsider even many panamanians here we want to go back to our countries because i've been here far too long now. a new round of talks between the government and civil society representatives are expected on friday millions of nicaraguans will be waiting to see if it will end the crisis stephanie decker zero. it's day two of the world cup in russia the while the spotlight is very much on the field told once also chants the campaign is to raise the issue of human rights in russia the country has faced criticism on many issues from gay rights to political prisoners to workers' rights challenge. the world cup is the best football policy the planet has to offer it in russia not everyone is celebrating this is british gay rights campaigner peter tatchell detained in moscow
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while protesting against russia's treatment of the people and he's far from the only person who's decided the world cup has a use but is not for fun ukrainian filmmaker alex sense of is starving himself in a siberian prison times to cause russian or thirty's maximum world cup discomforts they jailed him for twenty years on terror charges he says it was for opposing russia's annexation of crimea sense of is supported by international organizations like human rights watch and russians to oscar nominated russian director andres yeah i can say is one of them. was to be used in the the man acted as a true patriot for his country to turn him by force into a citizen of the russian federation and to judge him by russian law as a terrorist simply by being someone who sits and dogs on fire is an absolutely disproportionate response it's outrageous for recent presidential candidate and t.v. personality to send you a sub jack says she's given a bloody me a person
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a list of political prisoners to be released including sense of and i'd like to talk to him i want the eighteenth day of. his starvation period and. i hope that he will be released because it's not fair and i support the movement. for freedom for like since all perhaps is because of world cup attention baps it's for other reasons but in the past week president putin of russia and president poroshenko of ukraine. talked about a prisoner swap ukraine wants sixty four people returned sense of among them whereas russia wants to have back captured soldiers and journalists like. the local editor of a russian news agency in ukraine amnesty international is campaigning on the world cup to it wants to draw attention to human rights workers in russia's eleven host cities. their people know that there is not only.
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work and leave in russia but. people their. daily bases are fighting for justice and dignity in the country i host in the world cup means russia is in the international spotlight for the next month rights campaigners are hoping some of that lights can also shine on their. chalons al-jazeera. you're watching algis their arms the whole robin these are all top news stories the u.s. has announced a new round of tariffs on chinese imports worth about fifty billion dollars a twenty five percent duty will be slapped on more than one thousand chinese products china's commerce ministry took just a few minutes to respond warning of tariff measures of similar size and intensity but we're putting terrorists on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other
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things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly. it's a nice new prime minister just having conte and french president manuel macro have agreed on the need for new initiatives on e.u. immigration the two sides are to gauge in a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board macro underline the need for the two countries to work together on the migrant crisis left france france just like italy has to manage just migration crisis and we have to provide better solutions together i think all our discussions have allowed us to illustrate this joint responsibility and this desire to have at the same time more humanity and more effectiveness in dealing with this subject of having a cooperative approach and to apply european solutions that you know will be inserted the money nobody in europe can wash their hands with regard to migration problem the new approach must constantly keep human rights in mind particularly with regard to the human traffickers that are profiting from this in the human
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trade we have to change the treaty of dublin not only in the interest of italy which today has been left alone to confront the current crisis we have to strengthen our solidarity afghanistan's ministry of defense says the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a drone strike while others were was targeted by the u.s. drone strike on wednesday in afghanistan's konar province the pakistan taliban was responsible for the failed attack against child activist and nobel laureate malala use of sign in twenty twelve of course you can follow all the stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com follies up next in half an hour with the new script next it's the stream to stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. zero.
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