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rewind on al jazeera. and die from studio for team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha and fully back to the world welcome to the great a major escalation of trade hostilities between the world's two biggest economies us press and donald trump has just announced a fifty billion dollars on china which is to respond in kind of explore how this could hurt the states that helped put in office also on the great the pakistani taliban chief ordered the attack on nobel peace prize winner. been killed by a strike in afghanistan we'll find out what the reported death of more could mean for the security of the region. and i'm tatiana with all of the sport and it's all
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about the russia wild card will be in sochi to talk about one of the biggest in the group stages portugal and spain. with a news grid live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook. dot com thank you for joining us after recently imposing metal tab on some of the. administration is now slapping a twenty five percent levy on fifty billion dollars worth of goods from china it pushes the world's biggest economies closer to a trade war china has already drawn up a list of u.s. products that will face retaliatory towers but the u.s. president insists is doing the right thing but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly. live. in washington d.c.
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present one point believes that china's influence over north korea was a compelling reason to ease trade talks how's the administration justifying this decision to impose tariffs on china. well this is donald trump delivering what he said he was going to do for months and said on the campaign trail he's been saying in the white house he said it every time he's asked about trade that he believes china is one of america's biggest problems and so he justifies it that way certainly he may have been emboldened by what happened in singapore just over a week ago the united states always viewed china as a restraining influence on north korea on perhaps keeping them in check when it came to their nuclear ambitions now that he's built up this relationship with kim jong il and it perhaps feels slightly more emboldened that he can go a bit farther you remember it was just at the end of last month steve minissha who's the treasury secretary who said that the china war on trade is being
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suspended for the time being no clearly donald trump contradicted that very soon afterwards and he's decided to push ahead with these additional targets these additional taxes on goods coming in to the united states who are of the left twenty pages long on july the sixth and there is a warning to from the trade representative's office that if china does respond as they said they're going to do with retaliatory sanctions the teletech tollefson then a second phase of targets will be imposed by the united states very soon after stay with this island because i want to get into the political implications now for president trump and his republican party which faces midterm elections later this year areas that voted republican in the twenty sixteen presidential election khaled's in red here are reliant on exports they make up as much as thirteen percent of g.d.p. in counties won by john farming communities tend to lean republican and china's ties are squarely targeting agriculture take soya beans for example they are
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a key export of iowa and minnesota both where republican states in two thousand and sixteen corn is also a major part of the economy in those states along with nebraska and then there is a poor china's twenty five percent tariff is bad news for pig farmers in north carolina missouri and oklahoma again all of these states voted for donald trump now eight are tangan is a political analyst in beijing he says china like the e.u. and others has to fight back. they see trump as a playground bully if he senses any weakness he will demand more also china is looking at the overall global situation it's not just china who's suffering under these trade tariffs europe is fighting back canada is fighting back mexico's fighting back now you add those together and then add in russia and you have literally sixty percent of the world's g.d.p. a year of you know korea and japan included and there are not happy with this kind
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of unilateral approach bypassing the bad passing globalism that trump is employing so alan as he heard that china evolving to fight back the europeans also say they will fight back as will canada what political implications for president donald trump how's the u.s. business community and the republican party reacting to this. ok let's try and break this down very simply donald trump is a republican president republicans have traditionally been in favor of fear trade they don't like tabs and there are plenty of senators and those in the house think that this is a bad idea in fact bob corker who's a senior republican senator wanted to make sure that the president can impose tariffs on canada and parts of the european union because they were a national security threat because the been allies that didn't go very far but republicans are in essence free traders know donald trump has said from the very
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beginning of his campaign that he's going to start a trade war with china to try and balance up these sort of imbalances in trade and he wants to get the gap as he said in singapore from there to somewhere there so how is that going to play well with trump supporters very well he's doing exactly what he said it does exactly what it says in the tent he is going to deliver and he believes that in the long term the united states will be seriously impacted by a trade war and this is something you could when here's the difficulty for republicans obviously democrats but even people in the white house administration who say luke if you go down this road and you start a trade war with china all the benefits that we've created because of a tax cut they brought about the end of last year will essentially be wiped out and that will be a big difficulty for us come the midterm elections so please be careful these are the two biggest economies in the world about to go head to head right there are
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many republicans who are watching this entire scene with their eyes up to their face i write any comments on their face alan from one of us on facebook ben who says you can't boycott china they make everything how these tensions allen likely to impacts negotiations with north korea now. well china still has influence with north korea but donald trump being donald trump is absolutely convinced that he has a great relationship know with north korea that as he tweeted just the other day people can sleep soundly in their beds because the nuclear threat from north korea is over that is perhaps overstating the situation there's still a great deal of work to go on but he over the asli thinks that china has been pushed out of the equation when it comes to north korea there are those who would see that would be a miscalculation and so what you've got to remember with donald trump is everything is situational it is in the moment there is no long term strategy there is no of
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a do this then that might happen it was once described to me he's not a chess player he doesn't see two or three moves in front and so for the moment he thinks everything between him and north korea is great and there will be some sort of deal but china still has an influence there and that is perhaps something that this white house has to remember all right thank you for that alan fischer live for us in washington d.c. and that is what a lot of our viewers today believe one coming here from albert who says you have no idea how resilient china can be they will fight back at all costs thank you very much for your comments keep them coming on this and other stories we're covering on the great today his aging is great on social media and speaking of social media let's bring in our social media producer and a ship out to take us to another running issue that's dominating donald trump's agenda well the trumpet ministrations immigration policies are generating outrage online particularly a policy of separating migrant children from their parents now these were some of
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the first images that americans saw late on wednesday night from inside a facility that's holding more than fourteen hundred boys some of them as young as ten years old it's in the state of texas now the u.s. government has more than eleven thousand children now in government shelters and this is how attorney general jeff sessions justified his department's actions. i would cite you to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen two. of the government new york times columnist nick kristoff says that sessions comments reminded him of what he calls sanctimonious slave owners who cited the apostle paul to justify slavery wall father david simmons he's a pistol priest in the u.s. state of wisconsin he had one of the most popular responses here on twitter saying to sessions quote i'm not saying that you're a nazi but you're interpreting the bible like one while the vatican advisor and
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jesuit priest chain's martin described the attorney general's sentiments as disgraceful and tweeted that it's not biblical to treat migrants and refugees like animals so this these tweets illustrate the kind of anger that's out there based on these comments and may explain this testy exchange at the white house briefing room on thursday it is very biblical to enforce the law that is actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible but the separation of illegal family and families is the product of the same legal loopholes that democrats refused to close and these laws are the same that have been on the books for over a decade and the president is simply enforcing them nothing they come to the border with the road children just you know you're a parent of young children don't you go into detail but they go through children. and as you heard there there are still questions in many minds whether this is the law now this is what the republican party strategist kevin seek friel told us
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earlier. it's actually not a law as sarah could be sanders claims it is this was a policy instituted in the bush administration and continued in the obama administration however both of those of ministrations did not enforce it that often they would only do so in the case of extreme situations in this instance the trump administration since the spring has been forcing it at every opportunity that can now we're punishing the children of illegal immigrants for the sins of their parents and it's no fault of their own and immoral now people held rallies across the united states on thursday to say that families belong together these pictures are from los angeles where protesters chanted you are not alone outside of the detention center so let us know what you think about this policy of separating migrant children from their families and let us know if your country has a similar policy can share your thoughts as always using the hash tag a.j.
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news great or message me directly i'm anderson. andrew thank you very much for that migration is also at the center of tensions between france and italy french president demanding michael accuse italy's new populist government as being quote irresponsible for turning away a boat carrying hundreds of refugees and migrants the dispute threatened to derail a working lunch between my coin prime minister just that they contain paris but they decided to go ahead with it to talk through their differences and the false france just like italy has to manage just migration crisis and we have to provide better solutions together i think all our discussions have allowed us to illustrate this joint responsibility and this desire to have at the same time more humanity and more effectiveness in dealing with the subject of having a cooperative approach and to apply european solutions that you know obama will be inserted the money nobody in europe can wash their hands with regard to migration problem new approach must constantly keep human rights in mind particularly with regards to human traffickers that are profiting from this in the human trade we
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have to change the treaty of dublin not only in the interest of italy we today have been left alone to confront the current crisis we have to strengthen our solidarity if we. live to know who's in paris for us so now how did the meeting go in light of these tensions that we've seen the diplomatic tensions over the migrants on the a korean boat. well finally it was a remarkably concerted it was remarkably good natured if you like the press conference after the summit between president michel and prime minister. they didn't refer really in depth to the mutual accusations that have been traded between paris and rome after the last few days president mccrone did refer to the so-called aquarius crisis and he was he was actually saying that it was a reminder that the current situation doesn't work offering a lots of lots of lots of words of sympathy to the italian government this new
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hardline italian government which has talked of expelling hundreds of thousands of so-called illegal immigrants as well as making it tougher for n.g.o.s boats to arrive at its whole he said that italy was basically suffering because of its job graffiti and said that it's early in france in the next few weeks would be working hand in hand to find new solutions going into these summits this european union meeting at the end of june right because it's not just say a french and italian issue a say european wide issue what are they doing at the european level to deal with this issue of migration. well if you ask your president michel not enough he said that the current system desperately needs reforming he said he shares that view with with the italians and other governments because under that system in twenty fifteen there were quotas allocated the
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italians have already accused france of not meeting their commitments but why do them that they both both of the prime minister of italy and the french president referred to the dublin agreement which needs to be federally looked at again which states that that migrants must can only apply for asylum where they were first processed in the year which is generally either it's silly or greece president mccraw accepts that dublin needs to be looked at now the italian say they'll come up with their own suggestions on an e.u. wide policy in the second half of the year under austria's presidency of the some one solutions quicker than that and it's unlikely to to be a highly necessary if the german government is to hold together because they they're having a crisis over what to do about pushing people back at their borders right now so every day really counts in terms of coming up with solid concrete proposals to take
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to brussels as i was saying at the end of june fully thank you for that for us in paris and the issue of how to deal with refugees and migrants is particularly acute in northern italy people from sudan in rich area and afghanistan have been arriving for years hoping to cross into france and as a tasha butler reports from benton media you know courts are fed up. the colorful northern italian town of fenton mia faces the mediterranean sea in recent years it's become a stopping point for migrants trying to cross into france just a few kilometers away many in the city say they're frustrated with the situation most say france should share the burden instead of tightening its border and turning its back on its neighbor the miracle i think french should take some of the migrants because we have too many here invent a million italy take them all but france doesn't want that it's not fair europe and france have to do their part. these women say the romes recent decision to block
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a charity migrant risky boat sends a message to the european union that italians like them have had enough going to say thanks to solve any of the leg he's helping to reduce insecurity we don't know where to put all these people in the city center left mayor is cautious when talking about italy's new anti immigration government but he says there's no doubt that people are frustrated with europe more than. i can't complain about the way people have approached us and help the migrant worker but it's a big weight to bear and people feel abandoned by our neighboring countries and europe is rich you know little. as patience runs out so does goodwill this church was once a refuge for migrants but it was forced to shut two years ago the colombian praise that was serving in this parish decided to open up the church course to the margaret center any time now opt out thousand five hundred people sleeping here
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behind the church and inside the building but local residents became fed up and after bearing to pressure city officials decided to close it down. the new government has decided it is italians first those of us helping got a ready feeling more pressure and they see less migrants coming. the people who come here are mainly refugees from sudan and eritrea this young man didn't wish to be identified but he described his terrifying crossing from libya is what. many people lose their life what i did as a way. through. people invent to me i may not be united in their approach to the crisis but nearly all agree on one thing the migration should be a european issue not just an italian one a new strategies an urgent plea needed to help those on the front line and protect those who are vulnerable it's a popular al-jazeera into media italy and i was talking about the a koreas migrans
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ship just a short while ago that ship that was turned away from alta and it's the end it's now heading towards valencia in spain all your questions about that crisis answered on this page at al-jazeera dot com who's on board the conditions on there and what they're expecting once a reach spain all those questions on al jazeera dot com and if you have a moment watch this excellent documentary about the desperate journey that syrian refugees who try to make it to europe take their part with large sums of money to embark on kind this time journey is fraught with danger it's a great film that tells you about the conditions these migrants face trying to reach europe you can watch it on al-jazeera dot com that's our web site now and to other world news and the man wanted for a school massacre in which one hundred thirty two children died and for the shooting of schoolgirl malala yousafzai is said to have been killed in afghanistan pakistani taliban leader was hit by u.s. drone strike according to afghanistan's defense ministry we're covering this story
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from book both pakistan and afghanistan will be live to come on in his on a bad very shortly but first to jennifer glass our correspondent in kabul jennifer quite significant that this piece of news came from the afghan defense ministry what more do we know about the circumstances of this drone strike that killed this pakistani taliban leader. well as your rightfully it is the afghan defense ministry saying that lolo was killed in a u.s. drone strike on wednesday night the americans will confirm that the strike took place they will only say though that it targeted the leader of a known terrorist organization the afghan ministry of defense saying that was mullah fazlullah the head of terror taleban the pakistani taliban it happens in kunar province near the border with pakistan it's a remote rugged area very difficult to get access very contested there as well the pakistani taliban operating there as well as other anti government groups operating there so getting in there is difficult getting in there to confirm who was killed
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in this air strike also very challenging it really seems like an extension of the united states is more aggressive stance here in afghanistan just so far this year they've they've launched ninety percent more bombs this year over the same period last year when the president trump in announcing his afghan strategy last year loosen the rules of engagement allowing u.s. forces who are in a counterterrorism mission here to aggressively go after any any perceived enemies so the taliban the pakistani taliban of course right now during this three days of eating the afghan taliban a separate entity from the pakistani taliban is in the midst of a of a cease fire with the afghan government it will last for the three days of even the afghan president would like it's a last longer all right jennifer thank you very much for that jennifer grasslands forests in kabul afghanistan that's not cross over to pakistan and come on in islam about force come all. may have died in afghanistan but many of his violent actions
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occurred on pakistani soil he was a leader of the pakistani taliban tell us about the reactions there. well the local media has certainly been giving this a lot of coverage because dish is big news he was one of don's number one enemy a back in two thousand and nine. fled into avantage down across the border into cornered provenge after a major military operation by the pockets on a military force but he was able to regroup august on had already complained to have won it on their operating from of ground he was able to move between corner and nuristan and so this news comes at a time when both kabul and islamabad are trying to improve relations by get on had demanded from of one is done and the us earlier all go to dogood for now according
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to their details that we've been getting here this happened in a remote region very close to the of one bordeaux where and if. of course the breaking of the fog many senior commanders were also present with. unconfirmed reports their day would bided in that area where he was no way to confirm that and of course the news coming from the only primarily because by how. did you get dollars on pakistan would like to concede the fact there did be good because they will now be assured nation. and the control of the data dollar bond get on board indeed one can form dishes a huge loss to the thirty dollars on pakistan and of course will be considered a major step for progress on also improving relations with the united states to an extent and osho removing some of the mistrust. thank you for that force in islamabad that speaks more about this not to michael semple was
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a professor at queen's university belfast he has advised policymakers about afghanistan particularly about political engagement with the taliban his live from belfast in northern ireland thank you very much for being with us on the news great so what does the death of. if confirmed by the pakistani taliban which they haven't done yet mean for the future of the movement of the pakistani taliban they've been under a lot of pressure will they be able to go on with another leader. yes the the killing of melissa is symbolically extremely important and will do great damage to the pakistani taliban movement he really was the the last famous leader that they had available to them he was one of the figures who is helped to bring that movement together since two thousand and seven they don't have any body of his or fame and stop sure to replace him and i really think that after
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the death of we're going to end up thinking of the t.t.p. as a an ecosystem of lots of different armed groups operating in different parts of the the pockets gone from t. or a not really as a united movement as he wanted to portray it michael help us understand. the difference between the afghan taliban and the pakistani taliban which of these two groups poses the biggest security threat to this region. well the threat that the two of them pose i believe is intimately related put simply the afghan taliban exploit centuries in pakistan to wage a war against the afghan government and the pakistani taliban have exploited sanctuaries inside afghanistan to wage a sort of war against the pakistani government although inherently the pakistani
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the pakistani taliban have proved themselves violent and ruthless but they're simply not strong enough to risk overthrowing the pakistani state they often taliban take more trouble to present themselves as they obey humanitarian law and so on but overall are strong enough to pose a threat to the afghan state that's the difference between them that's very interesting so where does this leave then relations between the u.s. and pakistan the death of the leader of the pakistani taliban we recall that in january u.s. president trumpet cut more than a billion dollars in military assistance to pakistan over allegations that it was providing safe haven to members of the afghan taliban and the haqqani network how does this affect relations now between the united states afghanistan and pakistan potentially this could go provide a strong incentive for improved cooperation between the pakistan and afghan
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authorities under the u.s. . certain the cause until now some in pakistan have been very suspicious of both afghan and u.s. intentions and they have suspected that the us kabul perhaps even india are complicit in using sanctuaries in afghanistan to conduct terrorism against pakistan now of course the us has always denied that and the fact that the us can turn round and say we just killed your osama bin laden is really a strong pitch to pakistan that now if we three states cooperate properly we will be able to bring stability to both of these countries essentially that's the pitch that they're going to make because they there's you know there really is a a long agenda of cooperation that afghanistan and the u.s. want from pakistan so that pakistan can help basically winding up to the afghan
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taliban problem one which is not going to be sold by drones there are too many of them the afghan taliban are not all going to be killed killed by drones it will quote political action as well the u.s. wants to get pakistan on board taking out pakistan's or salma bin laden really is quite quite a strong incentive for market on now to cooperate michael is always very good to incite on this thank you so very much for joining us here on the news great michael semple live there from belfast now as jennifer glass mentioned in a report just a short while ago for the first time ever the taliban has announced a three day ceasefire with the afghan government over the eight holiday period and ahmed rashid a journalist and author of five books in afghanistan explains in this piece on our website what's behind this taliban move and says the afghan president a shotgun he needs to engage the taliban a very interesting perspective read it on our web site at al-jazeera dot com. i feel watching us on facebook live coming up. looks at the one hundred ten year
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toxic weather event that's blanketing india's capital and still ahead on news great interred alongside fellow heroes of signs and shot into deep space to look at stephen hawking final. great change in the weather across the middle east dry we have got some showers though and once again as has been the case over the last few days those showers will drift out of turkey they'll just make their way through the black sea over towards the caspian sea along with some wet weather coming in here mania georgia that could see some showers along the spells of frying little truthers and all the possibly robert has some showers here live hosts are in toronto as a result of that thirty five celsius sunny a possibility over the next couple of days still a few shows over towards eastern areas of afghanistan and to talk minutes down the
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showers continue across northern parts of turkey up towards the caucasus further south as hearts and fraud the small wind hopefully easing down for the eastern side of the gulf just around the gulf states here on cots our temperatures getting up to forty three celsius on saturday similar value as we go on into sunday and as you can see it pretty much pretty much is wall to wall sunshine with that persistent wind still coming through it is going to be dry long as you try to across southern africa but we've had some useful rifle just around the western cape the southern town has seen some clouds and rain temperatures here at about eighteen celsius showers pulling away on sas day she lost the dry but cloudy the sun. i sill killed ten family members and. the wall
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has passed some. people in power i'm meets the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. an eye for an eye. in iraq on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you applying to provide the best most curious up today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on things seem petty to realize even witness history in the making a. bandana .
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headlines on al-jazeera and the top trending stories on our website al-jazeera doc comment number one and two our top stories on the news. today afghanistan and the death of the pakistani taliban leader there was killed in a drone strike by the u.s. at number two china vowing to retaliate after the u.s.
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imposed tabs worth fifty billion dollars on chinese imports and at number three the oxfam charity accusing french border police of abusing refugee children a child he accuses border police of withholding food and water and forcibly returning minus to its me read those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. with a news grade on al-jazeera we've got people watching today from india canada and australia thank you so much for a company would love to hear from you on all the stories we're covering it can send in your comments to any of our online platforms all different ways to get in touch with us on your screen right now don't forget to use the hash tag news grades now moving up and more than a million muslims around the world have begun the holiday of aid which is a celebration to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan but for palestinians in gaza have a holiday is yet another reminder of being under siege this eed coincides with the beginning of the twelfth year of israel's blockade al-jazeera is imran khan met
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families who are struggling to celebrate under difficult conditions. in their gets his children ready for the religious festival of eden that follows a month of full sting they headed to pray and to listen to speeches by representatives of the defacto power he goes. imad lives near the border with israel but has never left. since march thirtieth he has taken part in and he's really protests along that border and seen many of his friends and neighbors injured by israeli snipers and to gas this eat coincides with the start of the twelfth year these really laid siege a lot of them that god willing we hope that by the end of the protest we achieve our goal of lifting the siege and we wish the israelis will accept our demand to lift the siege and give palestinian people our rights. a mass representative. is the deputy to smell funny at the political bureau chief of the
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mouse he delivers an impassioned speech criticizing israel for his actions and accusing it of targeting civilians journalists and medics during the protests. imad ends an average ten dollars a week when he can get work he doesn't think politicians will change very much. to learn. by god the speech doesn't change the reality things on the ground change reality and we're changing things by protesting we want to change we want to achieve our goals. prepares to celebrate traditionally a time for family and friends but he worries about his children's future. also what we have seen over the last few years we see war then cease fire then they announce there might be a solution we become optimistic but then things get worse then there's a new war hope these protests will give hope to our children. imad plans to rejoin the protests and continue to demand the lifting of the siege and to fight the
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palestine in the hopes that his and other's lives will improve. is typical of many gazan residents according to the palestinian bureau of statistics some fifty three percent of people live in poverty that's over a million people despite all the challenges he faces is the term and to give his children the best possible iraq on gaza and some interesting facts about aid on our website. this is the first day of the celebrations in most muslim countries a mubarak in arabic means blessed celebration but in many countries the greeting is different you can find out how they say it for instance in some and in malaysia also see how you know it's celebrated with different for some around the world all those interesting facts on our website at al-jazeera dot com live not a multi view wall here taking a look at the different pictures the news agencies are feeding us and this here is the associated press which is showing us some pictures of a courthouse in washington d.c.
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where president trump's former campaign chairman paul man a ford has pleaded not guilty to new witness tampering charges brought by the special counsel robert mueller was investigating russia's role in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election that's happening in washington d.c. and right now we go to london and lauren taylor for a look at the day's other news nordan. folly thank you very much the leader of yemen's hooty rebels is calling on his supporters to fight back against a saudi and morality offensive on the port city of her data forces from the arab alliance launched the operation three days ago and have seized the entrance to the airport in her data on friday united nations is calling for the port to remain open for its closure could trigger a famine threatening millions of lives or a burden mentally has more. yemen's port city of her date was bustling with people buying food on thursday but this is also a city bracing for a heavy bombardment
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a lot of. people here barely living unemployment you know data there are no jobs a person your works to earn his daily living there will be a big crisis if the fighting moved into the city. with poverty and hunger and the war residents will be victims people are dying from hunger the country will be destroyed. the coalition has captured a town south of the data as fierce fighting and as strikes pound the area the u.n. security council has had to closed door meetings this week both concluding that the only solution to the crisis is a political and not a military one the u.s. ambassador says there are ships on standby to supply her data once the military operation and even our ships i just see with ink so we have a fright we have a very we're very well organized and we are ready to send every assistance
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force i did. the council will meet for further discussions on monday but many analysts agree that a basket of her data would not draw yemen's three year war closer to an end. but supposing that there will be a successful sort of military takeover of data many questions remain what will happen to other parts of the country you know what will happen to who will run her data what will happen to you know the deep divides among among yemenis i think that you know it's important to recognize that who sees as as a political actor as they were back in two thousand and thirteen fourteen. as the saudi led coalition forces a military victory over the strategic port the formerly exiled president abu dragoman so hardy has arrived in the southern city of aden for the first time since february two thousand and seventeen to oversee the operations but the u.n. wants the attack on how data could kill up to a quarter of
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a million people and shut down the main route for food and humanitarian aid to the rest of the country this would have a devastating impact on survival of a population already teetering on the brink of famine. in mali algis there are thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of a leading journalist who was shot dead on thursday in india the rest of kashmir should occur it was the editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir he was killed by unidentified men on a motorbike as he left his office in tryna go to her two year old has been given police protection following three attacks on him in the past decade. hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the greek parliament condemning a deal that would end a decades old name dispute with macedonia as a protest as waved banners and yelled slogans m.p.'s and athens debated a no confidence motion against the government in a landmark deal announced on tuesday message agreed to change its name to the
6:41 pm
republic of north macedonia the agreement has angered nationalists on both sides of the border greece argues that the name macedonia implies a territorial claim to a greek province with the same name former tennis star boris becker is taking the unusual step of claiming diplomatic immunity to avoid bankruptcy proceedings in the u.k. becker was appointed attash a for sport humanitarian and cultural affairs by the central african republic in april he's lodged a claim in the london high court saying this role in titles him to immunity a british bank is pursuing because assets in court after he was declared bankrupt last year as well for me from him in fact not to fall into lauren thank you very much for that i spent most of his life probing the origins of the universe and mysteries of black holes that even hawking same as sympathize voice will be beamed into the cosmos in a final sendoff several high profile names attended a funeral at london's westminster abbey where howkins ashes have been interred
6:42 pm
alongside those assists isaac newton and charles darwin is sami says his voice recording accompanied by music will be shot towards a black hole all king died at age seventy six in march after decades living with motor neuron disease or joining us now to talk about his legacy is hina falco's a professor of radio astro to me and astral particle physics is via skype from cologne in jamie thank you very much for being with us so stephen hawking's fois being sent into space into a black hole more precisely can you explain to us first what exactly is a black hole. well a black hole is literally a hole in space and time the end of space and time in a way with a lot of mass action if you compress the earth to two centimeter negro taishan attraction will be so strong that even light will be attracted and disappear for ever in the black hole so everything you would see that you know you target will disappear in a black hole never come out again so this voice and i mean just in the sense is
6:43 pm
basically disappeared well actually it will go into space it will actually fade out i think very few photons of that message will actually arrive at the black hole so in that sense it's more symbolic act now not long before he died stephen hawking said it's dangerous to send messages into space because you never know who might answer quite quite a chilling thing to say right before he died so what do you make of this the fact that his voice is being sent into space now and you know what he said before he died about you know messages being sent into space well i think you deserve speeding sent into space having being hampered and really constrained to his wheelchair for all his life so he can you know go freely into space we are emitting so much radio emissions so much a mission that you know that will not make a difference but indeed if we would try to target specifically you know some. some alien civilization somewhere i would say i would be cautious as well but we don't
6:44 pm
know whether they exist or not so i think it's a bit premature to be afraid i saw nothing to be afraid of that. what do you think said stephen hawking's upon what did he teaches about space and you know what did we know about space and what's out there before he came along. well i think one of the biggest challenges that he put out and that is still not solved is indeed about black holes because black holes are the a prediction of the theory of general relativity of einstein. and it works fantastically describes everything and we have quantum physics that also works fantastically in all cellphones both theories we use every day but at the edge of black holes both theories route literally collide one of them cannot so why and you know and that's something that he pointed out was it was his theory and he offered a way to solve it well that's the way to solve it we don't know. but clearly that
6:45 pm
will probably give us completely new real space and time how are you any worse really is set up thank you so much for speaking to us joining as staff from cologne talking to us about the legacy of stephen hawking thank you for your time i will football while cap pit is coming up on the news great in touch and i'll be here as we go live to sochi ahead of a massive match it's only a second day of a tenement but european giants spain and portugal will battle tonight that's not just on the world but.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
wait is from the world cup touchdown was here three big games today on day two of the turn absolutely i'm going to tell everybody more about this day to all the wild cup in russia and already two of the sports giants will meet portugal and spain clash and group b. in sochi tonight the portuguese all the reigning european champions while the spaniards won back to back european championships and a wild cup title between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve let's go to sochi now andy richardson joins us andy that start with spain they sat back
6:48 pm
on the eve of the tournament what effect will that have on the team. yeah well we'll find out soon enough i mean i've dealt with a few major tournament during my career but it was really surreal scene last nights in stadium behind me here in sochi where you had the spanish team going through their final training session before this world cup got started for them and in the same time pretty much over in madrid you had. been spain's national coach and so a few hours before that being introduced as rail madrid's you managed a pretty extraordinary stuff i mean in terms of loss but soggy you think well perhaps the realm adric job might not have come around again for him but what definitely won't come around again is the chance to take spain insua major tournament at school and have a really good chance of winning in his place is fun and hero who's the spall singh director he's had next to no coaching experience had one brief stints in the second
6:49 pm
tier of spanish football with right off he was of course a great player and a great leader on the pitch around madrid he was part of the coaching staff with spain in two thousand and ten when he won the world cups no doubt about his qualities but he is on such that as a coach an unspecified at this sort of level but it's a very experienced spanish team so be remembered they may need the compound of yasser at some point because four years ago and much was expected of them i failed to get out of the group. and the looking at portugal now kristie ronaldo has just been handed a suspended jail sentence and a hefty fine for a tax fraud how will that affect their team especially so close to kick off. well if you were i would say be hit with a twenty five million dollar tax bill or whatever the zacks arrangement is in a suspended serious sense since you think it would affect you but this is has been
6:50 pm
a long running saga and i think in fact that the relief has been a resolution there's no question of it being thrown into jail mid-way through this world cup so i'm sure we'll move on and he's not the first spanish player to a spanish bass player to come under the scrutiny of the tax authorities so it's an agreement that's been coming i think will be a relief i don't think you will notice it really in the build up it's what is a really important world cup for him this is his fourth world cup he's thirty three now to realistically since the last big chance to make an impression on this tournament it's one of these of not great success that so far only three goals during his career in world cups four years ago he wasn't really fit and portugal went south like spain in the group stages going inside this match he has never scored a goal against spain he'd love to put that right and give his team a really good start but notoriously slow starters portugal and it sort of months and they've got a tough group with morocco and iran also involved so he can make
6:51 pm
a couple of instagram posts to get that money back and finally andy what hopes to the other two teams in this group have morocco under run of course who are on the field right now and it is commonly known now. think both teams will consider themselves a bit unlucky to have been drawn in such as arguably the strongest representatives of their respective consonance of asia and africa morocco getting over the disappointing as a country of not winning the rights to host the twenty twenty six world cup their back to the finals for the first time in twenty years they came to a really tough qualifying process which saw the not concede a goal against good seems like ivory coast double on and mali they have a very experienced coach for a nod who's won two cup of nations with zambia and the ivory coast not so well such that the world cups will find out exactly how good his credentials are they've got some great young players like him the younger i.x. . who's had the most assists in the dutch league for two straight seasons and he's
6:52 pm
one so look out for hours for iran they're led by color skater oss he has it's only won one game in four previous world cup appearances he's had huge experience in manchester united real madrid portugal and south africa but if he can get this team out of this group all the hopes being there the greatest achievement of his coaching tourist so far thank you very much for andy so as you heard there is portugal spain america and iran in green bay peter thurman take the close look at the quartet. portugal and spain lead a top heavy quartet in group b. which also includes morocco and iran led by christiana rinaldo the european champions boast one of the most talented squads in world football portugal's first world cup was in one nine hundred sixty six with a team that featured the famed striker you say below and they finished in third place maybe spain failed to make the knockout stage in brazil they were the defending champions four years ago after having lifted the trophy in south africa
6:53 pm
twenty ten now morocco will make their return to the world cup after twenty years away they were the first african team to win a group at the world cup that they did back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and iran are one of the most successful teams in asia with three asian cups they've qualified for the world cup five times but they've never advanced past the group stage. now the fifa world cup is the single biggest sporting event in the wild more people tune in to watch the munches than the olympic games and have a look at the hate not his showing the online interest using the hash tag like wild cop and all us as well as the wild russia for the opening game between the host and saudi arabia social media has been abuzz as you can imagine with the world cup let's look at some of those tweets now for the next thirty days i don't want to see anyone talk about any other sport other than the beautiful game and then there's this more negative sentiment towards spain the portugal time to sleep before spain versus portugal's boring game it will be spain dominating possession with seventy
6:54 pm
five percent and then christiana rinaldo scoring either from penalty or on the counter attack viruses some fun so let's look at someone a little more high profile egypt's president el-sisi tweeted off to his team went down one nil to uruguay earlier on tweeting in arabic he says he's proud of the brave performance and confident in their abilities to win the next match as well so to hide and spend the day in the qatari capital doha with egyptian supporters hopeful that that team could pull off a win in the first world cup appearance since one thousand nine hundred ninety in italy. egyptians i say me james i'm living abroad toughening right to be excited about this game is this the best game in twenty eight years of them to play at the world cup it's also it's time where people in the most remote instead of racing are huge which marks the end of the holy muslim month but everyone has been watching to see if this sort of pam a homicide offer also plays for liverpool whether he is going to be taking shots in
6:55 pm
this game unfortunately for many he's fast on the bench he was that night and we have so many friends all can especially it's what puts mohammad sell off and i just wanted to speak to a few of them here what do you think of the game so far and have you been excited about mohamed selloffs being on the pitch i know he's on the bench but while you're . very. substantial gains. today should be here. in the fourth. game and we will. do too much in what is someone like mohammad saw him as an incredible talent and his world famous now probably one of the top players if not the top player in the world what does that mean to people like you hall who are egyptian and from the egyptian community we love. you it's our. football team but it is it is
6:56 pm
a game and. coming generations in their lives too much of it and i just want to come in some favor here to another egyptian i want your thoughts on the game so far i mean you are why has just scored a goal in the eighty ninth minutes but how do you feel by agents agent taking call in the world cup. team. is very good much. better tree feeling optimistic it's all for the games that are coming up i mean i am playing russia on tuesday. business. because my size you see there are lots of age action fans upset saying a lot of fights on the homicide off especially after all he is the person that got them through to the world cup in the first place they are top they are fair game in africa so let's see how far they can get whether they'll get through to the
6:57 pm
knockout phase or maybe with a homicide they might even get to the finals or at least that's what it should and can hope for to keep in touch with us throughout the world cup send us your videos and photos using the hash like. that is all for me for now it is a t.v. thank you very much indeed before we go breaking news. of washington d.c. where a federal judge has just ordered a poll man afford the former campaign manager of president donald trump while he's been ordered to jail for tampering with witnesses in the twenty sixteen investigation into russian interference in the u.s. election investigation by the special counsel robert while a poll man afford the former campaign manager off president trump has been ordered to jail on that breaking news story on al-jazeera very shortly from olenda new center from the city back to one home news group to thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow.
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the only. from the tropics of self these days to the feral islands in the far north atlantic . the women who cross the world for love and stage to change a community. counting the cost what economists are saying about warmer relations between the u.s. and north korea as america's trade ties with canada sour. and why business is a warning the u.k. car industry risks being wiped out.
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down on china donald trump announces tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing slams the move as myopic. and learned hey this is live from london coming up a u.s. judge sends former campaign manager to jail pending trial. migration takes center stage in paris as him under his italian counterpart just days after rome rejected a boatload of refugees. from afghanistan says pakistani taliban leader one of the board of the attack on schoolgirl malala yousafzai has been killed in a u.s. drone strike.


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