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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm marianna mozzie this is the news hour live from london coming up a tariff tit for tat u.s. president donald trump imposes. on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods china responds in kind. all smiles for the cameras in paris but the leaders of france and italy have been at loggerheads over their policy on migration and. afghanistan says pakistani taliban leader mullah fazlullah ordered the attack on
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schoolgirl malala has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. and a galaxy of stars turn out at london's westminster abbey to celebrate the life of late astrophysicist professor stephen. i'm joining in doha with all your world cup news including christiane and i'll do with the hat trick hero for portugal as they earn a three three draw with spain in their tournament opener. we begin with an escalating trade between the world's two biggest economies china and the united states earlier u.s. president donald trump announced he would be imposing twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports saying he was doing so to save american jobs beijing promised to retaliate quickly and it has imposing a tit for tat tariff of twenty five percent on u.s.
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goods also worth fifty billion that will take effect from july sixth alan fisher has more from the white house. u.s. president donald trump has been hammering china on treat for months and. he held a surprise news conference he confirmed he was going to. need protection. one hundred fifty one hours or. so he's actually going to get you going to look at something that would help things countries militarily and yes but what point this is so now the u.s. will impose tariffs an additional tax on goods imported from china the industries to be impacted agriculture aviation automotive and the tech sector the white house says it's not targeting phones t.v.'s and computers for no that would mean higher charges higher costs for consumers one trait expert says a u.s. trade battle with china the world's two biggest economies will impact global
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markets it creates instability uncertainty it reduces particularly investment uncertainty for long term investors private business capital expenses and these types of things. donald trump summit in singapore may have strengthened his determination to act for years the u.s. look to china to help green an industry in north korea but convinced he's built up a solid relationship with kim jong un the president perhaps feels he's in a stronger position to act on trade. the industry is targeted or those tied to china is made in china twenty twenty five strategic plan to dominate the emerging high technology industries drive future economic growth but hunt for us and others china has warned when the first set of targets hit on july the sixth it will respond that will spark a second round of tide of from the us to move on the lead on china is consistent in its stance that if the us adopts any unilateral protectionist measures and damages
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china's interests we will immediately react and take necessary measures to firmly safeguard our legitimate rights and interests there are those in this town and those in this white house who privately believe that a long term trade war with china would be bad for the u.s. economy and for u.s. consumers but donald trump is the living on a campaign promise and he believes a trade war would be good for the u.s. and it's a war he can when alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house jeff shot is a senior fellow at the peterson institute for international economics in washington he joins us live now thanks for thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us so china has said that it's going to respond with the equivalent amount of terrorists are we now going to see a cycle in which president. we're going to see more. for tat trade retaliation as was just reported and it will start on july sixth unless there is some change of heart in both washington and beijing before
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hand and a new. agreement to increase u.s. exports to china i think that is highly unlikely at this point because the chinese officials have come twice to to washington and have come up empty so far so i think we're likely to see that retaliation come. come to pass on july sixth but if china runs a huge blast roll traits up list does that limit how far they can go in this tit for tat conflict well we're not just talking about trade we're talking about investment we're talking about cooperation many areas where we have joint interests in. ensuring the denuclearization of the korean of north korea of dealing with the problems of iran the united states needs china's
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cooperation. in its in forstmann of its sanctions against the iranian economy so there are many areas where china can hit back in a non commercial way which will have a dramatic impact on u.s. foreign policy interests. and so the trade deficit is one thing and that's something that we've heard president trump speak a great deal about but he's also said that he's doing this because of china's alleged theft of american funds intellectual property rights. well unfortunately what he's doing is not going to have much impact on the trade deficit nor is it going to have much effect on chinese policy with regard to high technology industries. this is something that is meant to be punitive but when you engage in a tit for tat trade war you're just hurting the people involved in trade and so
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both sides are going to be worse off but i'm not necessarily sure that we're going to make major inroads in resolving the core problems that led to this dispute in the first place which was the forced technology transfer misappropriation of of intellectual property by the chinese by chinese firms. this is more of well we're going to punish you because you're not doing what we want you to do and it's not going to go very far in convincing the chinese to change their underlying policies . and yet we seem to be entering this period of uncertainty where. american trade policy is very unpredictable under president what would you say that ultimately the american market is big enough and powerful enough to persuade fund to manufacture goods closer to home. well i think it's going to create incentives for more production in the united states and certainly the tax bill that
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passed the congress last year was a major component of that but you want to take steps that are incentives for production that make economic sense and if you engage and increase trade protectionism you may encourage some short term change in corporate behavior but you're going to impose costs that that undercut the competitiveness of of those firms over time and that's the real risk of the trump administration's policies they're seeking short term economic gain that could over time undercut the competitiveness of major u.s. industries well thank you we appreciate your analysis today jeff shot peter from the peterson institute for international economics joining us from washington. well now in other developments a u.s. judge has sent donald trump's former campaign manager paul manifold to jail ahead of his trial on money laundering and bank fraud charges in september prosecutors
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say manifold tried to tamper with witnesses in an investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election in a tweet president truong called the decision tough and unfair call him reports from washington. paul mann of fort begin his day a free man and ended it in handcuffs by a man the judge had told him he could stay under house arrest until his trial but then the government accused metaphor of trying to tamper with two witnesses and alter their testimony the judge said metaphor it was treating his trial like a marketing campaign abused her trust undermined the credibility of the court so she said he'll stay in a jail cell until his trial here in september man of course expression didn't change when he heard the news he simply stood up and started to walk towards the door turning around just once with goodbye to his family before the verdict u.s. president donald trump once again tried to distance himself he worked for me what sort of forty nine days or something a very short period of time that is not true manna for actually work for the charm
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campaign for almost five months at one point he ran it manna for it was clearly going to fight the charges against him now he'll be under increased pressure to cooperate with investigators to avoid potentially spending the rest of his life in jail he is a man who has lived a life of luxury for decades now discovering the harsh reality of life behind bars . al jazeera washington much more still to come for you in this news hour from london south africa's muslim community reels from a stabbing attack at a mosque that left two men dead. reports from malaysia suggest the former prime minister najib razak could face charges over a corruption scandal. and with egypt's fans as that team returns to the wild card for the first time in twenty eight years joe will have to deal. tells in sport.
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the leaders of france and italy have met in paris to end a diplomatic route of the how to handle europe's migration crisis the french president emmanuel macleod criticized the italian government for refusing to accept a rescue ship carrying more than six hundred migrants from libya but micron's criticism sparked a war of words with the italian leadership who accuse paris of hypocrisy and in baba reports from paris. a week after setting off hundreds of refugees and migrants are still at sea on their way to the spanish port of the in syria. this will be their sixth day on board and the seventh since they pulled the rabbit being loose in libya on. their ordeal should soon be over but when italy turned away the charity boat that rescued them the query is the route that erupted almost led to emmanuel michaels meeting with new italian prime minister giuseppe conti being counseled after mutual accusations of not doing enough a phone call from president michael saved the day and now they're promising to work
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hand in hand to find solutions. if you don't get local use in the case of the aquarius the risks start when the boat leaves libya this is at the heart of the initiative we want to take with our colleagues preventing the men and women boarding ships and making dangerous journeys before being rescued by n.g.o.s the risk starts right from the beginning not just when the boat arrives in european waters we must have an organization with countries of transit to avoid humanitarian situations that are unbearable. we have always said and would like to reiterate today the dublin rules have to change italy is firmly opposed to the current reforms to the dublin system and we are currently preparing our own proposals which we will share with our french friends and other european partners to develop them at the european level under the austrian presidency of the council and it's those rules which leaders will be reexamining at the european union summit in two weeks time the dublin regulation imposed that the first gone through the well comes out
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that receives migrants and that's ireland seekers' is in charge of processing at that claim which brought an enormous burden on countries like italy spain mouth our hungary that is countries on the nod i'm sure are of the media there and see these two leaders were never going to get rid of all of the tensions that have built up between france and italy over the issue of migration but what we've heard from them does remind the whole continent that the solution to the problem lies only europe wide basis the number of people arriving in italy by sea has dropped this year but with attitudes hardening in many countries those who do make it to europe may find they're even less welcome al-jazeera paris i leading charity says child refugees are being abused detained in illegally sent back to italy by french border guards their report by oxfam says young migrants are often physically and verbally abused they say they're held in cells of a night without food water or blankets. the charity says some border guards cut the
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soles of children's shoes stole their phone sim cards or change their birth dates on documents so they wouldn't qualify for special treatment as minors others say they were pushed off trains going into france oxfam says the practice is a contrary to french in either law or tribunals in nice israel the border guards acted illegally when they sent back twenty children to italy. is senior press officer at oxfam he says european governments need to share responsibility over the care of refugees children have different rights to adults under the law no child migrant who wants to claim asylum in front should ever be pushed back to italy there is a procedure for sending children back to italy if they do not wish to claim asylum but that involves certain protections like a twenty four hour grace period or like having a guardian appointed and these procedures the simply not being followed instead
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from the accounts we hear repeatedly children are being sent back almost automatically to to italy and being kept in the cells abused and and also in some cases increasingly having their paperwork altered by french border police to make it appear that they're older we think it's important the french government immediately puts an end to these practices at the french border which are illegal and immoral but we also think it's really important that european governments come up with a better solution than the one we've got for sharing responsibility for refugees and migrants and when e.u. leaders meet in brussels on the twenty eighth of june it's really important that this is top of their agenda to to agree a better way forward. well in a sign of just how divided europe is over the migration issue anger merkel is also scrambling to save her government after part of her ruling coalition threatened to
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walk away a conservative christian social union the bavarian sister party to merkel's christian democrats is demanding tighter checks on migrants at the border john mccain reports from berlin these are difficult days for angela merkel her coalition government is at a crossroads brought there by a rout over immigration with her interior minister horst zero offer he's one of her strongest allies on the center right with his very own based christian social union c.s.u. the sister party to her c. d. he wants her to change course she does not suppose anything to be known throughout i personally think illegal immigration is one of the big challenges for the european union so i don't believe we should act unilaterally we should not act in an uncoordinated way and we should not act at the expense of third parties but the c.s.u. and zeal for disagree vehemently they want to abandon the scheme in place since
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merkel open the borders in twenty fifteen allowing in more than a million refugees instead they say germany must be prepared to act unilaterally to control its borders independent to commit its interior ministers a whole for his even threatened to put border controls back into place next week a move that would leave his position in miracles cabinet untenable believe me for. i do not wish to hide from you that we're in a very serious situation there's been talk of a historic situation our colleagues from the c.s.u. have unanimously expressed their one hundred percent support horsy hope for the must apply and the rejection of migrants at our borders. the problem for merkel is that without the c.s. use votes in parliament she would lose her majority as a string for a three goals record of throwing britain. so it's possible that the coalition falls apart because the c.s.u.
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part of it is really in an ideological conflict with the non nationalist and non nationalist orientated chancellor that means that the populist right that the c.s.u. has become and merkel's centrist approach do not fit together angela merkel believes it's only at the europe wide level that a comprehensive solution can be found she's pinning her hopes on the coming in new summit in brussels but critics on the right say a glance around europe's capitals suggests that many governments don't share her views and all the while this route with the c.s.u. remains unresolved dominic kane al-jazeera well in. well joining me now is any condesa darry a research analyst at the open europe think tank he is with me in the studio thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us how would you describe what is happening in europe right now in terms of the refugee anti migrant policy being really played out within some of these political systems well it i believe it is a combination of different factors if you actually look at the numbers immigration
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is dizzier not such a big thing as it used to be in the previous year and the year before before a series of foxes said it is really talked up like quite a lot different maybe one single factor the made the world think explode was the talent or minister mr savina decision not to allow the aquarius boat to dock can you tell it in full in that you know in that first decision then their issue of immigration the war somehow dormant but not so much as explored in its you know force yeah like you say we've seen this diplomatic route between italy and france i suppose the crucial thing it's really brought to light is the fact that even bilateral agreements between countries have their limits and can only go so far so far we're going to see an implosion in europe over this. well there are different the high tensions between countries over immigration issue you just mentioned italy and from france it was indeed speak out against italy of course for domestic
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reasons because it was under pressure from part of his party but of course is also macone is in a position where speaking out against a country like italy on immigration is very difficult for him because of france having also done as we seen before some quite dodgy things where when it comes to. migrants. again there are. indeed a minister germany there mr. talking of a possible axis with italy there are tensions with other countries or is there for me an issue that is creating some problems in europe on countries and it's the dublin law that cuts to the heart of the matter the idea that refugees should claim asylum in the first country they arrive and they've been going a guy she ations over the law that regulates their. leader is going to be able to
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break the deadlock well absolutely the heart of the problem are you leaders going to be able to cut their doc i have very dub very much dubbed into the next you son it's the risk of a proposal by the bulgarian press there on the table but countries including italy spain and all the greece all the countries that are borderless say that the council first century said they're not happy with this proposal so it's very unlikely. there will be re some kind of consensus on these early today and. the prime minister going to the meeting with the crown was also talking about a proposal that italy will try to put forward. coming or going forward now in the run up to the next year summits we would have to see what the details of the proposal are and whether. it can potentially gather support from other countries but again it looks like there are there is a big gulp we do in the position of countries in the first century and countries
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like hungary as well don't really want to discuss. relocation when that's very location of because and if they can't reach an agreement on some sort of redistribution mechanism kicking in every time there might be an influx of refugees the i know you say the problems improve but if there can't be any europe wide agreement on this what do you see how do you see this playing out over the next few years are we looking at increasingly looking at deepening divisions that could be a real threat to the the fabric of the what it could be i mean as i said dizzier is not the numbers are looking much better than the previous years we need to for example i believe we are the moment on fifteen thousand which is damas some seventy something percent compared to the three you see here in the year before but there could well be soon are you a new crisis there has been one in two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and yet if northern new mechanisms are put in place of the rupee level now
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the next rise is that the divisions between countries could of course borson and that would be a big problem for for for europe well thanks very much for sharing your analysis with us and in europe as a dairy from open year thank you. well now the afghan president says the head of the pakistani taliban has been killed by a u.s. drone strike on a low was responsible for a number of high profile attacks including the shooting of schoolgirl malala yousafzai in two thousand and twelve jennifer glass reports. mullah fazlullah was at the top of pakistan's most wanted list as leader of the pakistani taliban he planned attacks including one of the school impish our in two thousand and fourteen they killed one hundred fifty one people many of them children. two years earlier he ordered the murder of schoolgirl malala yousafzai she was shot in the head on a school bus by taliban fighters but survived and was later awarded the nobel peace
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prize those who met mila first listen he was ruthless radical and uncompromising his speeches were often directed against the united states pakistan female education and the polio vaccine. i'm warning the people of swore to stay away from the security forces otherwise the alone will be responsible we also want the people not to buy land from the local landlords otherwise the a lot more will be accountable. first lula broadcast daily sermons on illegal radio stations and use them to spread his message in him the nickname on the radio. lou grew up in the mountainous swat valley and spent years as head of the region's taleban before taking over as leader from hakimullah mehsud in two thousand and thirteen. there's lulu's believed to have been operating from hideouts in the forests of eastern afghanistan he'd been falsely reported killed on numerous occasions his apparent killing by a u.s.
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airstrike could open the door for stronger cooperation between pakistan afghanistan and the united states the u.s. wants to get pakistan on board taking out pakistan's or salma bin laden really is quite quite a strong incentive for marcus on now to cooperate with his death will mean for the pakistani taliban is unclear the pakistani taliban is separate from the afghan taliban that's active here in the spiders are in a cease fire with the government for the three days of the holiday yet again president hopes it will last longer jennifer glassed al jazeera kabul. well now to developments in yemen where the saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to an airport of the country's main port city the operation to retake from hoofy rebels was launched three days ago the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to the millions of yemenis who need it most of yemen's humanitarian and food shipments pass through data through theses the city in october two thousand and fourteen. thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of
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a leading journalist who was shot dead on thursday in indian administered kashmir because he was the editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir he was killed by an identified man on a motorbike as he left his office and the fifty year old had been given police protection following three attacks on him in the past decade at least twelve people have died in phelan's forced into relief shelters after days of torrential way rain in northeast india flash floods and landslides of cut off parts of money poor state in neighboring trip poorer hospitals and shops were flooded and closed flooding is an annual problem during the monsoon season but effect has been made much worse by crumbling infrastructure and clogged drains. now people in the south african town of mama's very are mourning the death of two men killed in a mosque attack on thursday a stabbings have shocked south africa and of raised questions about the safety of
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muslims in the country are metasearch imports. so would buster is grateful that his brother faisal survived thursday's attack at a mosque near cape town he was stabbed in the face and arm by a stranger with said he needed a place to sleep for the night their father and a somali national were killed. in the. form. of the police came and. it. says he was stabbed first he thinks the attacker was acting alone so it's not just a congregation or a specific. this is the guy he used to be blamed despite our kindness to him unfortunately. but he will be judged well you will be judged by a lot of behind accordingly. the. western cape province is home
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to the largest community of muslims in south africa. thursday's attack comes more than a month after armed men killed one person at a mosque near durban in a top province police say so far there is no link between the two attacks it's a small farming town families say they are still in shock and some are nervous community leaders are telling people to stay calm and not speculate until the police find out why the attack happened. the family and friends of the two murdered men say they want answers they need to know why the attack happened some say it won't bring their loved ones back but it could help them and the community move. in with us al jazeera. south africa. you are the news hour live from london still ahead. protests are held across the united states against the trump administration's policy of separating immigrant families little to celebrate for palestinians in gaza as they prepared to mock and now they eat holiday on the and
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israeli blockade. and when is and we as well tell you why there were tears on the pitch in morocco as game with iran only action from the world cup in sport. how we've got more big showers across the eastern positively down towards the balkans more heavy downpours coming for her areas of low pressure swirling away we've got some live big oil as well little crop of storms a little further north you notice just into nor the policy you cry the scenarios of potent pushing into that western side all of russia then we got a cold front just around the baltic states sliding down across germany behind that that's who got some cooler and fresher weather pushing through this could be the case as we go on through the next couple of days so we're struggling to get
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eighteen celsius in london what a breezy day there was rattling for a not quite as windy as it was nice we had weak of course when still act made its way through there's a fine weather the dry weather the lovely weather thirty one so she is for madrid on saturday could be a touch warmers to go on through sunday hifi the the breeze easing back across the miles and scoff and a few showers the into oland showers continue to central southeastern parts of your the be some showers into greece not too bad for moscow twenty five degrees celsius with warm sunshine really hot sunshine across know the piles of africa cairo touches see a decrease over the next couple of days or enough in china's with a top temperature of this. when i was a kid. for me it was a pleasure. to talk they always found
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a ball to play with a toll in the living room and i had to pick out one playa who's made the difference to major yachts or a board is it the big farm or small can make things up and people can make things change you know thank you for the bull durham brahimi on al-jazeera world. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into the true media network.
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welcome back a look at the top stories this hour the trade war between the u.s. and china has escalated now with both imposing twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of each other's goods meanwhile donald trump's presidential campaign manager has been jailed ed of his trial prosecutors say paul man a fourth attempted to tamper with witnesses in an investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. and the leaders of france and met in paris to end a diplomatic row over the fate of refugees who try to end to europe both insisted the policy needs to be overhauled. now nicaragua's government has resumed talks with local civic groups to try to end two months of
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anti-government protests but neither president daniel ortega nor his deputy are expected to attend the negotiations or take his attempt to push through an april triggered deadly clashes between pro and anti-government protesters more than one hundred sixty people have died. protests across the united states have rallied against the trumpet ministrations policy of separating my current families thousands of children have been forcibly removed from their parents and placed in detention facilities brunell's reports from los angeles. i. live outraged by the trumpet ministrations policy of taking migrant children away from their parents protesters rallied in los angeles. right say it was one of dozens of similar demonstrations in cities around the country this policy is reprehensible we feel like it's it's it's forcing its manufacturing a crisis on top of the crisis that already existed the trumpet ministration says it
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is seizing children and separating families as a deterrent scaring other would be migrant parents away it's part of a so-called zero tolerance policy meanwhile news came of nearly one thousand five hundred migrant boys between the ages of ten and seventeen being detained in a sprawling former wal-mart store in texas reporters were given a monitored tour of the building which is run by a private company under contract with the u.s. government but were not permitted to speak with the boys or film the site these pictures were distributed by the government the government says it has contracts with one hundred holding facilities in seventeen states detaining immigrant minors those facilities now hold more than eleven thousand children congress plans to vote on immigration proposals next week including one that deals with family separation lawmakers from the opposition democratic party called the trumpet ministrations
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harsh policies a disgrace babies as young as eighteen months being ripped from the arms of their mothers that is psychological torture leaders of major us. religious denominations have condemned the family separation policy but attorney general jeff sessions offer justification for it in the bible i would cite. it to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to a phase of laws of the government one protester said sessions is wrong i really dislike that he's taking my bible in and. doing something anti-political with it many of the parents and children seeking refuge in the u.s. are fleeing extreme gang violence in central america protesters and immigrants rights advocates say sending them back to their homeland could amount to
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a death sentence robbery moves well just zero loss and. there are reports that greece in macedonia will sign a controversial deal on sunday which would end a decades old dispute named. macedonia the agreement has angered nationalists on both sides of the border hundreds of have been protesting outside parliament while m.p.'s debate a no confidence motion against the government malaysian authorities reportedly planning to check to charge former prime minister najib razak with money laundering and misappropriation of property alleged involvement in a major corruption scandal played a large pots in his shock election last earlier this year well asia's new prime minister mohammad has vowed to bring back money that was stolen from a state fund and to punish those responsible if you'll pardon reports from. you know it's one of the biggest ever turnouts for a prime minister's open house the annual celebrations held at the residence of
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malaysia's leader to mark the start of the muslim holiday of either addressing the crowd might there mohamed thank the supporters who helped him and his coalition and the sixty year rule of the previous government last month. this is democracy and it means to people afraid to trust their government if they find it a government and is no longer suitable true votes we can change the government and the people here are well aware of it. but. based on my observation they sit in promises that they may fulfill but we won something that is fair and transparent so we are informed of what had happened to our country which is the new government i think i suspect nation of the feet and the sites you know the old are among the. quite alright but the former prime minister najib razak is being investigated for money laundering and misappropriation of property it's related to
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a corruption scandal in which state money was allegedly used to pay for the lifestyle of politicians and businessmen around the world sending the country into debt it's what mahathir says forced him out of retirement with a promise to clean up the government prime minister mahathir mohamad is credited with bringing together not only a divided population but also of our youth political parties with one common goal change but as a new government formed there are concerns he won't be able to keep the different groups united long enough to deliver the proposed reforms. the ruling coalition known as the alliance of hope is made up of politicians across the spectrum many had been jailed by my heart their himself when he was prime minister from one nine hundred eighty two to two thousand and three the opposition coming to join you know it can lead to fractious relationship it depends on whether his ideas can be tolerated because some may not like the choice of you know the top
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people one month on might there is still putting together a cabinet with the eventual aim of a clean and transparent government but they're watching. whatever changes that has been promised to take for. the actually to watch but there mohamed at the age of ninety three is now responsible for ending a system of cooney ism and corruption that has been a problem for malaysia ever since he was last in power to be the pollen al-jazeera putrajaya malaysia millions of muslims around the world are celebrating aid which marks the end of the islamic month of ramadan for many palestinians in gaza the holidays also remind of being under siege this weekend marks the start of the twelfth year of israel's blockade on the territory imran khan met one family that struggling to find a festive spirit in difficult conditions. him out of bed gets his children ready for the religious festival of ied that follows
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a month of thought sting they headed to pray and to listen to speeches by representatives of hamas the defacto power here in gaza. immured lives near the border with israel but has never left. since march thirtieth he has taken part in and he's ready protests along the border and seen many of his friends and neighbors injured by israeli snipers and to gas this eat coincides with the start of the twelfth year these really laid siege a lot of them that god willing we hope that by the end of the protest we achieve our goal of lifting the siege and we wish the israelis will accept our demand to lift the siege and give palestinian people our rights. a must representative. is the deputy to smell funny at the political bureau chief of the mouse he delivers an impassioned speech criticizing israel for his actions and accusing it of targeting civilians journalists or medics during the protests. imad
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and an average ten dollars a week when he can get work he doesn't think politicians will change very much along the land. by god the speech doesn't change the reality things on the ground change reality and we're changing things by protesting we want to change we want to achieve our goals. home imad prepares to celebrate traditionally a time for family and friends but he worries about his children's future. falsely what we have seen over the last few years we see war then cease fire then they announce there might be a solution we become optimistic but then things get worse then there's a new war hope these protests will give hope to our children. plans to rejoin the protests and continue to demand the lifting of the siege and to fight the palestine in the hopes that his and other's lives will improve about typical of many residents according to the palestinian bureau of statistics some fifty three people
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live in poverty that's over a million people despite all the challenges he faces is determined to give his children the best aid possible. so had. it's the late late show. open a way to egypt the action from the wild in a few moments. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.


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