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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 24  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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more than a month after armed men killed one person at a mosque near durban in cars little problems police say so far there is no link between the two attacks it's a small farming town families say they are still in shock and some are nervous he means it is like telling people to stay calm and not speculate until the police find out why the attack happened. the family and friends of the two murdered min say they want answers they need to know why the attack happened some say it won't bring their loved ones back but it could help them and the community know. how to meet us al jazeera monastery south africa. here's largest still plant will finally stop production for decades after it was built. a mill has cost the country more than eight billion dollars but has never produced and he still has hope again the facility off the ground will save nigeria billions of dollars and still imports as i have addressed reports from huge challenges still lie ahead. the
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last complex sits on twenty four thousand hectares and cost nigeria eight billion dollars to build because of all revenue the government never bothered to complete the project underneath the. life forty three plans from still moves complete with belt finances foundries and power plants the three quarter of dust is evidence of decades of deceit. the quarter and the plant is still intact but now what we've done is to start to. try to make them work we also have the lighting mills where we produce our roads that are hard represent only very soon already planned to be in full operations. eighty percent of raw materials needed i with the factories sixty kilometer radius. now for the first time indicates the company's engine stuff come to life its true power plants generate one hundred ten megawatts
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of electricity seventy megawatts more than it's all in a country with electricity shortages while big steel production activity may be a year or two away small scale operations like producing iron rods and on demand for brick asians are handled by local engineers like the company's completed sixty three kilometer internal relink locomotives network of tunnels a sixty kilometers of roads most to keep them and on site i simply waiting to be used. these machines bear the label made in the us uk i remind our one empire long gone forty years ago nigeria wanted to use them to industrialize since then caught up in an easy revenue from oil output but dream on hold. officials say the company can produce nearly ten million metric tons of steel and generate more than five hundred thousand jobs when fully operational but challenges remain. the cost
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of the materials involved we need the dredging are delivered. in the port in the local in the village. in the import embargo and their own this also going to be a link from as outer. barrel. the still complex was handed over to private operators price before the government took it back months ago. with nigeria's imports averaging ten billion dollars a year many expect a lot of external pressure to keep the company and its current state. despite assurances it's not clear if the government will bow to these pressures or forge ahead to kick start its industrialization. in the next eighteen months. central nigeria.
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and finally mohamed salah will want to forget his twenty sixth birthday at football's world cup star ford is recovering from a shoulder injury and was left on the bench for their first match at the showpiece event in twenty eight years and it wasn't a good result or a guy winning one nil with a late header from josie maria jimenez in group b. cristiana rinaldo scored his fifty first career hatrick sports call came from behind to draw three all with spain. and iran won their first match of the world cup in twenty years with a last minute one they'll victory over morocco and their female fans were happy just to be there in iran women are banned from football stadiums is the only nation competing in the world cup that doesn't let in supporters raise awareness banners were displayed at the stadium in some petersburg and iran iranian band of g.'s released a protest song. football's governing body has issued a warning to
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a saudi owned company that it says is illegally broadcasting world cup matches rights for the middle east and north africa region held by qatar based be in sports the for says it's looking at options to stop pirate channel b. out cue from illegally broadcasting the matches and says it takes infringement of intellectual property very seriously. go it out as there are these are our top stories the voices these agency is reporting that they can argue as government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that has killed more than one hundred sixty people since april the move follows mediation by the roman catholic church. as president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that brings the world's two largest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has hit back with its own tariffs of twenty five percent on u.s.
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goods i spoke with china very happy actually they were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china's been terrific president she's been terrific the white house has said the contradictory signals about whether president donald trump will support an immigration bill proposed by u.s. house republicans it comes as protesters rally against the administration's policy of separating thousands of migrant children from their parents and putting them in detention facilities the leaders of france and italy have met in paris and the diplomatic row over the fate of refugees who try to end to europe both insist the migration policy needs to be overhauled a saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to the airport in yemen's main port city operation to retake rebel held her data from iranian backed fighters it was
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launched three days ago the coalition which is backing government forces says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of yemenis a large earthquake has struck off the coast of the pacific kingdom of taller man to six point one quake was measured at a depth of ten kilometers there are no reports yet of any damage nor injuries. and in scotland a fire has broken out in the center of glasgow at the famous macintosh building. school of art was undergoing multi-million pound restoration after being destroyed in a blaze in two thousand and fourteen videos posted social media fire is visible from as far away as ten kilometers. say with all your headlines we're back with more news after talk to al-jazeera. on counting the cost what economists are saying about warmer relations between the u.s. and north korea as america's trade ties with canada sour. and why business is
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a warning the u.k. car industry risks being wiped out. counting the cost on al-jazeera. michael. you mention the all movie. super sci. we kapadia according to wikipedia is a multi-lingual web based free content encyclopedia project supported by the wikimedia foundation and based on a model of openly editable contents the project launched in january two thousand and one. tweets of one point four billion individual devices accessing some forty six million articles in three hundred languages every month we could be in today's digital age is already a powerful empire one of the masterminds behind this digital source of knowledge is
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jimmy wales. today he is working on a new project we contribute in a form of journalism he hopes will be a counterweight to both superficial information and state news. can this new cat form replace traditional journalism as we know it and with digital currencies and killer robots being part of today's world what should humans expect from to the g. in the future jimmy wales talks to al-jazeera. to me with thank you for talking to al jazeera you've already be the mosque the money behind one digital revolution wiki pedia of course the transformed the way that we seek and accumulate knowledge and information you're now doing something potentially equally true groundbreaking with the news business we can attribute. rebelution izing the way that we receive and process news is ago going good we about a year ago we did
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a crowdfunding campaign to get initial resources to start the project and we started publishing stories for the first time in late october twenty seventh again . and now we're cranking along small team of journalists and tech stuff and we're basically working on the software making it easier for people to participate and to really try to build a whole new. framework really for how journalists and community members can work together was it fake news specific lee that triggered this idea in the way it was there was sort of particular moment when something happened you said this is noir you know there really was i've been thinking about the idea for quite a long time actually when we when we started working on the project i realized i had reserved the domain name five years ago so i've been thinking about it for that long but what really provoked me was you know the sense during the last u.s. election all the talk about fake news about. post truth world and those kinds of
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things and i remember you know i was in davos and somebody convinced me they said look you've got to give the president one hundred days it's an american tradition one hundred days to see what he does and i thought all right you know let's just see we've just said the election he was just being sworn into office and it was the very next day when kellyanne conway said something about alternative facts about this dispute about how many people regular inauguration. was just like you know what hundred days is up like this is not acceptable behavior like facts do matter and in particular something like that is just a very simple statement that to lie about it when there's photographic evidence and so on is just outraged. and so anyway for me. it wasn't just that but that was kind of the last straw that was the thing that made me say you know
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what i'm going to do this now it's not a brand new concept is it fake news it's been around a long time or perhaps in the past in the realms of sort of conspiracy theory the moon landing j.f.k. all that i believe has now really made its way into the mainstream narrative how dangerous do you feel fake news is well i think it's it is quite dangerous and i think we can the term fake news has so many different possible meanings from i wanted to the spectrum stories about teenagers creating fake websites to get some quick ad money is a real thing it's a real problem all the way to donald trump uses the term to mean news he doesn't like or doesn't agree with but i think we really step back and say ok well let's avoid that term for a moment and look at a lot of the problems facing journalism as a profession the news industry it's a serious problem and it's a it's a problem not only the sort of national sort of our understanding of the world globally but really at the local level the decline of local newspapers has been
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really devastating and it's something that i think everybody should be concerned about and we should all be thinking about how do we fix this so tell us more about how we keep tribune actually works it's a similar sort of crowd sourced model to we keep either isn't it the wisdom of the crowds bearing upon the news model give us a better sense of how it actually we're sure yes so the idea of the tribune is to say let's let's replicate and let's build a healthy strong community much like the community creates wikipedia so you it's not wide open to everyone we want people who are thoughtful and kind and interested in contributing in a positive way and i want that community to work side by side with the paid professional journalists as equals and so that's. really unusual the idea of saying let's actually empower that community they can make decisions they can actually do things by the same time they're going to be backed up by professional journalists
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who can do things like you know drop everything to pursue a story for four days things that citizen journalists find harder to do and basically we're a power project right now really exploring a lot of different ideas to think about how can the community best contribute how do they want to contribute what are the things that only the professional journalists can do and you know how can we think about that. and it's fun you know we're we're cranking away every day so it's not just about empowering citizen journalism it is also about recognizing that there is a place in the valley for professional journalists that sort of wisdom as well absolutely absolutely i mean the funny thing is what people can't do from home and what journalists think may not always map together a lot of journalists seem to think they're the only ones who can understand the world and explain it to people that's not true at all but they may be you know the people who can get access to people who can. partly understand the world and explain it all but also things like interview skills you know there's
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a lot of very specific skills raw journalism that not everyone will have even though there are a lot of people out there who can do all kinds of interesting research and things like that so anyway i see i see real opportunities in that collaboration can you give us an example of. i mean a sort of story a type of event in which we keep tribune comes into its own in which we contributing works and therefore in practice how it works so trump you know they did the big tax cut corporate tax rates were slashed in the us a really important story but on the day of. most of the news about it was very superficial very you know not very insightful as a lot of often tends to be yeah and also quite opinionated you know but opinion without a lot of analysis i just wanted to know what is actually in this law right i'm an american living in london so my taxes are incredibly complicated what how is that going to impact me and what is actually in there that was hard to find now i just
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saw a cover of a newspaper today is done looks like a fantastic piece of explaining what it's all about but that's the kind of thing that you can see how a community. can do a very good job of actually getting people who are you know real experts in the field to come in and help do you foresee a moment in time when we could tribune becomes you know rather like wikipedia the first stop perhaps a one stop resource for people who are interested in the news in what's happening today what it means and they just go into a website and they'll get everything they need without any further need to track traditional media or any other source i don't know that sounds very difficult simply because. you know i think that the traditional media and the traditional methods of doing things do work incredibly well for certain types of.


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