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or coming off. is going to hit first the multis are a small country they feel very exposed right in the line of all of this traffic and what has really put them over the edge is the new talon government which assumed power on the first of june has decided to follow a policy of turning rescue ships away from its ports if italy a country of fifty million is refusing to take shipments of several hundred migrants multan is much less well equipped to do so and what they're afraid of is that unless they come to an agreement with the larger european nations on the proportionality of how these shipments of people are going to be divided up in future they are going to end up simply having to accept all these shipments by default and you can see the point they already have a lot of refugee camps on the island they are more exposed than the larger countries in the northern mediterranean basin they need this agreement in theory
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joseph muscat the prime minister has reached the basics of an agreement with the other five countries but that has not yet officially been announced and until that happens this ship is itself a refugee from all of the ports of europe spain and italy have officially turned away is keeping it in a holding position hoping to allow it to land john many thanks. live in malta for that heavy rain has hampered the search for twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a cave in northern thailand divers were unable to progress further into the cave system due to rising flood water rescue as they remain optimistic that they're alive after previously stranded tourists were found when waters receded scott hyde reports from china right. hundreds of metres of large hoses were fed into the town long cave early wednesday tools for an uphill battle to reduce the water level
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inside rescuers hope to make up lost ground from heavy overnight rains that continued when the sun rose rescuers say they need more power and equipment in the cave system to pump the water out that also raises the danger of electrocution for the divers working around the clock also to lower the water level a huge pumps have been emptying a nearby reservoir connected to the cave system saying it could not have that but we will continue to do this operation until we find the boys and get them out safely more vigils have been held and prayers said for the missing twelve boys and their football coach as they had done before the eleven to sixteen year olds went into the cave for fun after a practice match on saturday they never came out. the emotional and physical toll is visible on the boy's families many have not left side of the cave entrance one into be their one word comes from rescuers the searching outside the caves has
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expanded hundreds of soldiers have fanned out into the jungle here looking for a way into the vast labyrinth of caves concealed by these rugged hills the military had hoped to use helicopters to take a wider survey of the area and possibly drop a navy seal divers into the jungle but poor visibility prevented that for most of the day that. song sung them son also plays for the mobile academy football team but didn't go with his friends on saturday they live walking distance from the cave and the football team's home pitch now transformed into a makeshift hela pad for rescue helicopters. i saw them hit every day. the youth football team named after a while the jungle boar was practicing here for a tournament next month something many in this community are hoping will kick off with everyone save it's got hotter al-jazeera chiang rai. well it's the life of a chunk of the north of thailand i was
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a serious way to hey is. what's the latest one of the authorities saying. well adrian we just had a couple of media conferences updates given by an engineering team and also the military both of which are heavily involved in this search and rescue operation in the overriding theme from those updates is that it continues to be very slow going but they are hoping that the speed of this operation may be able to pick up where the permitting perhaps within the next few minutes what we're hearing from the navy teams that are very much leading this with their dive teams going further and further into that cave system is that the water level inside there just continues to rise they have been pumping it out but as fast as being doing that another downpour will come through this area and more water pour into that cave network system so in response to that they brought in heavier equipment small pumps larger
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pumps twenty two in total now they will begin operating within the next few minutes they're telling us and once they start working they hope that the water level will recede enough within the next two hours again weather permitting that will enable those divers those navy divers to continue to push through the cave into an area where they suspect or at least they hope that the boys and their coach may be given way and that this misadventure began on saturday it's now whedon's day how could a thorough seize be so optimistic that these these kids are still alive. well for a number of reasons adrian as has been reported in scott's piece a few moments ago the boys it's hoped knew the cave system fairly well they most of them anyway had been inside it with their coach a few times before so there is hope that once the water level began to rise on
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saturday when they went in there that they were able to push forward to an area that they would hope would be dry because it is very. inside that cave system but inevitably in these situations you eventually get questioned you get to allegations that perhaps the process to begin the search and rescue operation hasn't been fast enough and we are seeing that already from some people in this community saying that look the alarm was first raised on saturday afternoon late on saturday when one of the boys failed to return home the navy divers didn't arrive on the scene until very early on monday morning so some people are saying that just simply wasn't fast enough the governor of chiang rai province has responded to those questions to those allegations saying that they are moving as fast as they can the reason it has been a bit slower than everyone would like is simply the conditions are too difficult it's very dangerous and therefore they search and rescue teams particularly those divers who has a say a very much on the front lines of this operation we believe that one of those
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divers has already been injured so that is the reason they're saying it has to be slowed has to be careful because the conditions a so incredibly tough inside there all right way many thanks indeed i was there when hey they live in chiang rai in northern thailand here with the news out from al-jazeera still to come on the program both sides of the conflict in yemen are accused of using hundreds of child soldiers plus u.s. defense secretary is in china as tension between the two sides goes up a notch in the south china sea region. and in sports defending champions germany prepare for another must win world cup clash far will be. a little later with the teacher. is taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights it's been prompted by the blockade of cash by four countries which is now into its second year lawyers for both sides will sort
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out their arguments during the hearings at the hague over the next three days victoria gate reports saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt cut diplomatic relations with cattle last june imposed a blockade and expel qatar ease catalogs and eyes its neighbors accusations of supporting terrorism cattles national human rights committee estimates the blockade affected thirteen thousand people four thousand cases of human rights violations have been reported in the past year and it's affected all aspects of daily life in cattle education health the right to perform religious rituals own property or freedom to travel abroad and perhaps most crucially the right to family reunification in a region where family ties go beyond borders the blockading nations forcibly deported tarries and separated children from their parents rashid mother is qatari
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and his father is bahraini and gulf countries children take the citizenship of their father he believes if he continues to defy an order by bahrain to leave cattle he'll lose his bahraini passport and be stateless once my passport expires what do i do do i stay here and not pursue my future because i don't have a passport because i did not want to go to the country that i hold the citizenship nothing else but the citizenship. and that's in some sort of leverage that they have against me the blockade in countries also cracked down on the nationals for expressing sympathy for cattle with jail terms and fines catulus foreign ministry says the u.a.e. is violating international law prohibiting racial anational discrimination let's go live to the hague ounces here is leave barca is there so this is expected to take what three days leave what's happening there today. that's right a.j.
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and we're reaching the final stages of this first day in the three day hearing we have over the course of the morning being hearing extensively from counselors legal team they first of all being crucially establishing in their eyes why they believe the i.c.j. has the jurisdiction to even process this case in this complaint against the u.s. a in the first place and secondly of course to explain exactly what the complaint against the u.a.e. is they say fundamentally this is a case of discrimination against qatar and its citizens they focused on the u.a.e. decision to expel the qatari nationals from the country last year also to restrict their movement across the country to recall u.s. citizens from qatar and also to close off a aspace to qatari traffic this according to catalyze legal team it constitutes
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a violation of human rights they also argue that the u.a.e. has violated its obligations under the international convention for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination of which the u.a.e. is a key signatory to that nine hundred sixty five treaty which does of course leave it predisposed to being under the jurisdiction of the i.c.j. so what we like to hear next is a closing statement to the end of this first day probably within the next half an hour or so. rather will hear from the u.a.e. friday both sides will get to sum up their closing arguments and closing statements before the i.c.j. then works out what it will do next all right so we know what happens argument is in this and this dispute what is the u.a.e. likely to to argue in return. but we have really heard an awful lot from the u.a.e.
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at least one amorality minister describes this court case as being a stunt by council to keep the blockade within the public eye. several ministers across the region have given interviews in various different forms of media saying the whole issue of the blockade has slipped down the list of foreign policy priorities for the likes of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and this is simply just a case of cattle trying to draw as much attention to this blockade as possible when it really in the eyes of at least the saudi crown prince should be seen as being very similar to the sixty year blockade of cuba by the united states we wait as i said though to hear from the u.a.e. on thursday they will have a chance to speak then they will also have a chance to speak on friday may have many thanks and they don't deserve their reporting live from the hague but the un's aviation agency says that it will
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consider a request to have the blockade imposed against declared illegal the international civil aviation organization rejected objections filed by the four countries behind the ban a final decision is expected before the end of the week danny alack reports now from montreal the headquarters of the i.c.a.o. . it's been almost a year since cats are first came here to the international civil aviation organization to have the blockade against it declared illegal under international law the countries that are blockading cateye or egypt bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. filed counter complaints to try to say that i could not hear. concerns but according to katter as minister of transport the organization has dismissed those complaints and will hear them will hear what catherine has to say medicine when obama said the next step is that the council of international see. aviation organization will announce its final decisions on friday meanwhile will submit more
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documents in order to find solutions but i think the blockading countries will file an objection arguing that the council is not competent to consider qatar's complaints. they're requesting the case be transferred to the international court of justice so we're confident justice is on our side. the current session of the governing council of the international civil aviation organization ends on friday so if there is to be a decision on this it's going to have to happen before then because then i k o basically takes off the rest of the summer it's also not clear whether this organization which is both publicity shy and not normally involved in disputes between member states without trying to achieve consensus is going to take a quick decision or whether it might stretch it out to september when it meets again it's there's no doubt the blockade has had an effect on cateye are in qatar airways its flagship carrier reporting some hits on its profits but also i.k.o. i think has probably never had a situation like this in front of it before so there may be some sense of urgency
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to get this done sooner rather than later. the u.n. says that it's counted more than eight hundred cases of children being used in the fighting in yemen a new report accuses both the rebels of the saudi and iraqi coalition of recruiting child soldiers some as young as eleven it says that up to seventy six were used on the frontline many got it checkpoints and government buildings and took equipment to military positions the u.n. report also blames the saudi led coalition for more than half of child deaths and injuries in yemen ibrahim qatar be is a political analyst who specializes in the yemen conflict he says the u.n. has an obligation to hold those who recruit child soldiers to account. recruitment of sheldon and using them as shields and bringing them to the. you know word zones two to being gay than the conflicts and the wars and the killings it's a crime against humanity all parties the saudi love coalition and the whole thing
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is have committed crimes and crimes against humanity and yemen and in particular against shoulder they got them out they will move them out of schools they recruit them they do all kind of violations that actually is a violation to the local and the international laws and i think this is all these people all these you know militias and the coalition need to be held accountable this is not new and to be honest this is only a fraction of what is being done to the shoulder and the future of yemen these are the future of yemen and to kill the future of yemen killing the sheldon of yemen and without any accountability without any transparency this is a serious problem going into the future and i think the u.n. has an obligation to do what's right for yemenis and to hold those who committed these crimes accountable the leader of the protest movement and maracas refrigerant has been jailed for twenty years by court in casablanca. was sentenced for
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undermining state security and other criminal acts after being arrested last may the number of other political activists were handed jail terms ranging from two to twenty years maracas refreezing was hit by social unrest last october after a fishmonger was crushed to death by a rubbish truck. and the badness and the home we were shocked with the verdict we felt quite sorry for the court decision these were very cruel sentences today's verdict is a test for the american government and the record the respect and commitment to the international law and human rights even if it's respect the constitution itself this is also a taste of the independence of the judiciary and the so-called reforms to the justice system and the kingdom meteorologist rob mccallum we're here with the forecast for us in just a few moments. i was. with the u.s. supreme court upholds trump's travel ban covering people from predominantly muslim
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countries getting up close and personal with an asteroid two hundred eighty million kilometers from board a japanese deep space pace deep space mission to say and we'll tell you who's looking good ahead of time this is the grand slam of the year the details coming up in around twenty minutes and space. and it's. still. the weather sponsored by cattle as always. the hottest place in the world. shared by the middle east and pakistan but we are regularly in the forty's and of course the sun has been at its height so all the more she's been brought up and we get. the world you saw results in the ivory coast. the figures.
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all these storms rain gauges they are still massive systems and they drift they drift towards the west so the prevailing breeze takes in that direction need this they don't actually do anything that means everything that comes out of these big developments goes across the atlantic and we just picked up by satellite you might just see. an area of dust that's gone from africa right across the atlantic towards the caribbean which looking pretty in the dominican republic this was sunset. but how many people knew that the sun and the dust right across the atlantic to reach the caribbean republik now this is also the course of nascent hurricanes that's where they start in africa this is sometimes where they develop at the moment with his just regular showers but the breeze still blights. the weather. in.
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education and treatment in. the embody early you know disability yet the libby wait until three year old four year more he'll have this ability. and then you know wait for the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean. so. revisited. new possibilities. medical. documentaries can discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. debate discussion on one side of the split screen dignitaries on the other hand see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here with the news from al-jazeera our top stories this hour amnesty international is accusing me and its army of a planned and systematic campaign against that or injure including murder rape and forced starvation and imus to name is thirteen military personnel who it says should be tried at the international criminal court for war crimes. more heavy rain has hampered rescue efforts twelve young footballers and their coach missing in a cave system in northern thailand divers were unable to progress further into the cave after water rose by as much as fifteen centimeters in an hour early on
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wednesday. and capsized taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights the case was prompted by the book aid of qatar by four countries which is now into its second. territorial disputes in the south china sea is being discussed in beijing by the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is due to meet president xi jinping after previously saying that china's rapidly expanding military power is a bigger national security threat than terrorism his visit coincides with a u.s. aircraft carrier draw. being anchor in the philippines the ronald reagan is the third carrier the troops to patrol the south china sea this year let's go live to the beijing china corresponded adrian brown is with us so given james mattis is a strong language of china in the past adrian what sort of reception is he going to
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get that. well he's actually had quite a polite reception comments released just a short time ago adrian from from both sides say that matters has had very good talks here and has received a high degree of respect from his military host president xi jinping has also been talking he said that no relationship in the world right now matters more than that between china and the united states so the language is actually quite measured and of course it comes at a time of this increasing trade friction between china and the united states now you know the relationship between these two superpowers is complicated but frankly right now it is in deep trouble and matters has been here talking not about trade but about his big concerns about what china is doing in the south china sea now essentially the united states has accused beijing of militarizing this vast basin
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of water and of course in the past matters has accused the chinese of using coercion and intimidation against their neighbors because while china claims almost all of the south china sea there are other overlapping claims from other countries what particularly i think concerns the united states and indeed other countries is a fact that china has clearly been installing surface to air missiles on these islands it's been building our china says these us purely there for defensive measures it is china defending its sovereignty but the united states doesn't really buy that and of course during the past few years the united states has been conducting what it calls freedom of navigation operations in the south china sea and occasionally you have u.s. warships sailing very close to those islands that are occupied by the chinese and at the same time you know the chinese navy has also been conducting high level operations just in april china's new aircraft carrier and
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a number of other warships took part in what china said. his biggest ever naval parade that was another symbol if you like of china's sovereignty in this area and analysts have actually warned that the danger of a of this sort of game of brinkmanship on the high seas getting out of control is very serious and the the potential for a miscalculation is really really there now it's not just the south china sea adrian that figure in the secretary of state's discussions here in beijing he's also been talking about taiwan china of course very concerned the united states is saying it's going to be selling more arms to taiwan in the future and the fact the president is set in motion legislation that will make it possible for thai we twenty's officials to visit washington more often and vice versa and then of course there is north korea and now china in many ways feels pretty happy right now about
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what is happening on the korean peninsula now that the united states has said that it's no longer going to conduct for the forseeable future war games with the south korean military and also of course kim jong un has committed himself in theory at least to full de nuclearization so china's getting a lot of what it wants but the united states of course is still insisting the china must carry on in forcing sanctions against its neighbor but a lot of analysts argue that actually china may well be less enthusiastic about doing that now given that the united states is about to clobber it with terrorists every many thanks some serious china correspondent adrian brown there live in beijing there is an emeritus professor at the university of new south wales in the australian defense force academy he joins us now live from camera good to have you with us as the south china sea likely to dominate these meetings between the u.s.
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defense secretary the chinese president and his chinese counterpart. well it will feature but i think they're for three other issues before you get down to the south china sea the first is that secretary mattis wants to establish a transparent strategic dialogue. a military to military relations on track a second they to find out the how far china will cooperate on the nuclearization of korea thirdly is the taiwan situation which is really quite tense with china just having done in circle been exorcised as legislation that was referred to in the lead up and finally the south china sea where about us is really saying that the consequences will follow from chinese militarization so three major city tick issues on the plate plus the larger context of how the two countries should get along militarily it's his first visit to china ever and first the secretary of defense so it's an important time to china seems deaf to us objections of china's
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militarization of the south china sea what progress if any can matus make with china here. it's unlikely to make any china's got seven artificial islands three with runways that are three kilometer long with aircraft hangars they haven't put the jets in there but the issues that were mentioned were the surface to air missiles anti-ship cruise missiles electronic jet jammers and more provocatively the touch and go exercises of a chinese nuclear bomb are off woody islands in the parasol to the north that's being countered by u.s. b. fifty two flights of diego garcia in guam over the south china sea is stepped up for navigation patrol seven under trial double the number under obama plus presence patrols and three american aircraft carriers combat battle groups since february march exercising in the area although one is retiring so they'll be two so both sides are doing near imaging all across the board of flexing their military muscles
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and creating tensions and i think secretary mabus was trying to work out a modus vivendi with china and to halt further militarization to keep the status quo all right so we know what the u.s. wants to get out of these tools. what's in it for china. well the key issue for china is north korea and it's the complete it's the complete denuclearization on the korean peninsula which is not just about north korea but it's the actions that the u.s. should take will it remove its nuclear deterrence from south korea will it halt as it is already done major military exercises will it take out the theater high altitude area ballistic missile defense system that john is really worked up about such as the china is looking at it from that perspective and also to make sure that whatever settlement is reached that china has a role at the table so they've talked about a mechanism that expands beyond the north korea u.s. to include south korea japan china itself so they want to place their on taiwan
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china doesn't want to travel by u.s. officials there doesn't want the arms sales that congress is pushing in the national defense authorization act of two thousand and eighteen which was just it was just approved and on the south china sea china will be inflexible they claim indisputable sovereignty everything they're doing they claim is defensive it's america's act military activities that china finds provocative the best they can do is manage it and keep the status quo but that remains to be seen because trade issues. could spoil everything professor good to see so many thanks indeed for being with us. in canberra with us president on the trumpet sent his national security advisor to moscow to finalize plans for an upcoming summit with russia's president vladimir putin the visit by john bolton follows months of work by the kremlin to make the summit happen it's reportedly being considered for mid july after trump attends the nato talks in brussels let's go live out of moscow to syria
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through each other this is the force the what's the plan for john bolton's visit. well it's been a busy week for him so far he's been in london then in rome and now he's in moscow he has been meeting with sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister and also a representative from the russian national security council and a short while ago the kremlin finally confirmed that bolton would be sitting down with putin as well of course the main thing that bolton has come here to do is to hammer out some details for an expected summits coming up in the next few weeks between donald trump u.s. presidents and russian presidents now the details of this are not yet finalize we don't know when it's going to be we don't know where it's going to be perhaps we'll find that out in the course of the day the rumors are that it's going to be perhaps in the finnish capital helsinki and perhaps it's also going to be held on july the
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fifteenth now that would be a. problem for vladimir putin because it's also the same day as the world cup final being held in moscow so he would have to fly back very quickly after any summit with trump to make that in moscow i don't believe for a second the hilton here want to miss it. what will this summit be like well if the trump kim young on summit was anything to go by it's likely to be a big flashy affair perhaps short on much detail and substance but afterwards trump may well proclaim that see has made america great and much to advance the course of of world peace for russia it's a chance to mend relations somewhat with the united states and perhaps to extract concessions from donald trump concessions that would help russian interests russia particularly putin has been wanting this meeting to be taking place for
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quite some time or even a saying such a serious or a challenge there live in moscow the u.s. supreme court has upheld donald trump's travel ban on people from fire. muslim majority countries the justices naturally voted to accept that the u.s. president was acting legally when he bought people from iran yemen somalia libya and syria from entering the united states democrats have expressed concern after the ruling the reports from washington. the five four ruling was not on the expected but protesters were still incensed. but the majority of justices how did agreed with the trumpet ministration this was not a muslim band this policy was the result of a careful global interagency analysis of vetting procedures for travelers to the u.s. from libya syria somalia yemen and iran.


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