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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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by these rugged hills the military had hoped to use helicopters to take a wider survey of the area and possibly drop a navy seal divers into the jungle but poor visibility prevented that for most of the day that. song sung them son also plays for the mobile academy football team but didn't go with his friends on saturday they live walking distance from the cave and the football team's home pitch now transformed into a makeshift hella pad for rescue helicopters. i saw them hit every day. the youth football team named after a while the jungle boar was practicing here for a tournament next month something many in this community are hoping will kick off with everyone safe it's got harder al-jazeera. lived out of chiang wayne hay is there in the north of thailand wayne what's the latest.
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well as night fell certainly there was no slow down adrian in activity here with a constant stream of search and rescue personnel going in and out of the cave entrance behind me both volunteers and also military and a few moments ago we also saw three experts who have just arrived from the united kingdom go in to inspect the site we're told at any one time there are some two hundred search and rescue personnel inside the cave but as was reported earlier the actual dive team who are very much at the front line of this operation the navy dive team has had to stop simply because the water level inside the cave is too high it was too dangerous for them to try to proceed beyond about the three kilometer mark the good news though according to the police that water level has been falling because we haven't had any significant rainfall in the last few hours although in the last few minutes a light rain has started to fall again so that will be causing some concern but
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helping that water level recede inside the cave is the fact that they have brought in more heavy duty equipment more water pumps in fact they now have twenty two in total trying to drain the water out of that area where the navy divers have stopped and they believe if that if the water level can go down significantly in the next few hours that they may be able to push through into an area where they hope the boys and their coach. all can understand the technical difficulties that the rescuers face but there is there any disquiet among people there about just how long this operation is taking a why it was it got off to such a slow start. but i think certainly people are starting to ask those questions as is often the case in these sorts of scenarios after all. the alarm was first raised late on saturday when one of the boys failed to return home after that football match and his family raised the alarm the navy seals for example didn't arrive on the scene here to begin their work searching for
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the missing until early monday morning the governor of chiang rai province was asked the question about the delay the apparent slow progress in getting the right personnel into the area and he said well it has to be slow it is frustrating for everyone involved and not ideal but it has to be slow it has to be steady progress because of the dangers involved and we're seeing an example of that right now with the the highly trained navy seal divers really not willing to go any further into that cave system because it is too dangerous but we have seen some concerns raised by the local community here about exactly how long it has taken many thanks indeed . live in northern thailand. here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. very much look forward to discussing with you is have had the opportunity to do with your colleagues how to prove russian u.s.
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relations donald trump sends his national security advisor to moscow i had an expected summit with lot of employers are. getting up close and personal with an asteroid two hundred eighty million kilometers from we'll have more on a japanese deep space mission. i will tell you who's looking good head of tennis's grand slam of the year the details coming up a little later it's called. the united nations envoy to me and has called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against range of muslims young a leni was speaking at the un human rights council in geneva in response me i'm a us ambassador called for her to be replaced i have been consistently informed by writing to refugees that it is futile to speak about this a fallen terry dignified and sustainable returns unless the root cause of the
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exodus a properly addressed in that it is paramount that the memo government dismantle the system of discrimination against the written by law policy and practice that continues to exist and guarantee fundamental human rights to the regime to muslims including by restoring their citizenship rights and property. we remain committed to continue to work with the mending of the special reporter but the people of myanmar considered that it would no longer be productive to continue to extend cooperation with the current special reporter because of her leg off objectivity and noncompliance with the code of conduct as such we have requested the counsel for the replacement of her father recent suspension above after listening attentively to her assessment we reaffirm our position assessment lexx the value of an independent reporter which our valens impartiality and
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a call receipt well this comes on the stands a national has named more than a dozen military personnel that they say are responsible for war crimes against the ranger and its report the human rights group documented what it called a planned and systematic campaign that involved murder rape and forced starvation diplomatic editor james bates reports. i'm honestly international researches say they've uncovered devastating new details about the crimes committed against these people the right as they were expelled from their homes they interviewed more than four hundred people mostly survivors and witnesses here in the refugee camps of bangladesh and inside rakhine state in myanmar and they give a clear picture of a planned and systematic military campaign in each case villages were surrounded and then attacked many were killed whereas lived alongside other communities only the rectangle homes were torched. villagers were surrounded by the me and my
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military soldiers swept through they opened fire on men women and children as they were running away and they systematically burned down their wishes and what this shows is that this was not the work of rogue soldiers or units involved units across a large area that this was a pattern carried out and therefore suggest that it was a pattern carried out pursuant to me a common plan the human rights group is naming thirteen commanders and officers who believes are responsible for war crimes one of those generals is now being sacked by the commander in chief's office but it's not believed to be linked to these allegations and amnesty want all thirteen sent to the international criminal court why is the family history twenty seventeen clearance operations one president in my view is ridiculous and made answer to the crimes against you know we actually you know. for starvation illegal and targeted large
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scale it's the norm from the us to serious and they should be referred to the international group. any referral to the international criminal court is unlikely to happen soon and that's because it either has to come from the government to be unmarked that stately unlikely or from the u.n. security council and on this council there's one country that strongly supported the government of myanmar it just happens to be a permanent member of the security council with veto power china james pays out at the united nations unofficial results and into the regional elections appear to favor candidates aligned to president joko widodo however opposition backed candidates have done better than expected in the poll for new governors mayors and district chiefs the mixed results spain that could face a much tougher challenge in next year's presidential election a step. reports. offend the is running for reelection after campaign
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dominated by religious issues opponents of the me of a muslim destined against a permit issued to billet church and accused him of not supporting muslims the city of nearly three million that is predominantly muslim but also home to more than three hundred thousand christians. someone has the legal right to build a church people can protest against me. but it won't change anything i told them to just shoot me in the head. only when a judge orders me to do so. soldiers guarded church which is still under construction because of fears it will be attacked governor elections last year in that were dominated by large protests and the jailing of christian gov. for blasphemy many in indonesia were worried that a similar scenario could be repeated this time around. in
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vocal hardline groups have held protests against churches for years. we will worry that what happened in jakarta could happen here because many people from because he had joined protests in jakarta and our church is still rejected so we were very worried especially because we hear rumors that messes would come here always made us more alert. but so far the elections have seen little violence and religion has not played a leading role in campaigns nationwide less than one year before presidential elections millions of indonesian are not only electing their local leaders they're also deciding on the country's political future provisional results show that president has a good sense of being reelected next year but a year politics can be long and unpredictable. we don't know is the first indonesian president who did not come from the political elite he has gained popularity mainly because of his infrastructure projects and cheap health care and
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education but. number one it economy is going worse it is very easy to be bitten his is going to be very easy to be bitten. especially when there is a candidate who can be an alternative indonesia's economy has not grown as much as we had promised and unemployment is still high but mayor of fendi a supporter of the president is optimistic that the government can continue to work next year and he himself can continue to turn that into a city of tolerance and peace with churches don't need to be protected anymore step fasten al-jazeera but. prince william the second in line to the british throne has called occupied palestine a country and a meeting with president mahmoud abbas it's part of the first ever official visit by a u.k. royal to the region the prince mass israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in
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west jerusalem on tuesday the british monarchy has historically avoided involvement in the israeli palestinian issue written govern the territory prior to the creation of the state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight. it's my first visit as you pointed to and i'm very much looking forward to meeting suppose the news today and seeing some of the culture and the diversity of the palestinian way of life so thank you for welcoming very glad that all of the countries work surfaces together and have had success stories with education and. really. in the past so long without continue. my sentiments the same as yours is and hoping that as a loss in peace for the region. classifies taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights it's been
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prompted by the blockade of cassava by four countries which is now into its second year lawyers from both sides will sort out their arguments during hearings at the hague over the next three days victoria gately reports. saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind an egypt diplomatic relations with cattle last june imposed a blockade and expel qatar ease catalogs in the eyes its neighbors accusations of supporting terrorism cattles national human rights committee estimates the blockade affected thirteen thousand people to four thousand cases of human rights violations have been reported in the past year and it's affected all aspects of daily life in cattle education health the right to perform religious rituals own property or freedom to travel abroad and perhaps most crucially the right to family reunification in a region where family ties go beyond borders the blockading nations forcibly deported qataris and separated children from their parents rashid mother is
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qatari and his father is bahraini and gulf countries children take the citizenship of the father he believes if he continues to defy an order by bahrain to leave cattle he'll lose his bahraini passport and be stateless once my passport expires what do i do do i stay here in not pursue my future because i don't have a passport because i did not want to go to the country that i hold the citizenship nothing else but the citizenship. then that's some sort of leverage that they have against me the blockade in countries also crack down on their nationals for expressing sympathy for cattle with jail terms and fines catulus foreign ministry says the u.a.e. is violating international law prohibiting racial and national discrimination a japanese spacecraft has run david with an asteroid twitch hopefully can provide
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clues about the origin of the solar system the unmanned higher booster to blasted off three and a half years ago for the two hundred eighty million kilometer journey scientists hope that it will land on the real goo asteroids three times and troops will collect rock samples if all goes well it will make the return journey home to earth in twenty twenty morris jones a space analyst and author of when men walked on the moon he says the team will now look for a safe place for the craft to land it's very challenging because the asteroid is very irregular in shape and it's to write in and it's partly a question of finding a safe place to land but it's also a question of saying whoa which type of to write in which type of surface and which type of materials do you want to sample for the returns who worth and so there's always a bit of a conflict between what the scientists want in terms of their samples and what the
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engineers want in terms of policy in the spacecraft as straight such as the one that high abuse of who is visiting do have the potential to endanger life on earth if they get too close and crash into the it and we do know that several asteroids do make close approaches from time to time to the us and so studying near earth asteroids is helping us to understand their composition and also how we could deflect them or possibly defend the earth through out the methods against an impact in the future. wildfires in northern california threatening hundreds of homes four major fires are burning in lake county where the governor of california has declared a state of emergency large areas of forest already been destroyed as a small via firefighters tries to stop the spread of. the u.k. is enjoying the heat wave at the moment beating the temperatures of most of mainland europe apparently this man tells me it's set to continue meteorologist rob
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mccallum is his tell us more yes it's a wonderful thing isn't it when the u.k. hits thirty degrees it really goes wild because the beach and enjoy themselves but there are consequences of course i've been the picture of yesterday same as it was this one thirty one degrees no tree i'm saying portishead london thirty but on the whole say western side of the u.k. with temperatures where the highs that these are not quite record breaking but they are very close there within by a degree we are talking about northwest europe here offer a lot of people do want to get sun this is from the world well it's over the deck chairs in the park all donkeys on the beach go paddling in the sea off the coast of blackpool so everybody was out enjoying it but they said they were called because we just heard about the wildfires in california scale things down a bit and not far away from this site here inland is subtle small which is largely this is called a major event actually largely because it's a it's a peat pool so it burns happily on the ground as well as on the surface and is not
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be much great and of course it's hot it's those degrees the pall of smoke caught in the wind and it's just an easterly wind was blowing a long way that way you know general circulation this is the center of high pressure over europe and interestingly that's where all he's lying to be the rest of europe because this cloud made as it's already cooler it's also allowed to be wetter and also the currents. intreat but he thinks did but you are the news out of zero still to come on the program the u.s. defense secretary is in china this tension between the two sides goes up a notch in the south china sea region. of. get ready for that must win world cup match against mexico amid racial abuse on social media peaceable of the details that sport.
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there are seven million lights in this school. each one is still. to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably. it is time to be a. witness to the human being to look out. on. the big breaking news story account be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pinned to realize even witness history in the making.
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hello again this is the news from al-jazeera adrian for they can hear into our top stories this hour the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have signed a peace deal aimed at ending the country's civil war under the deal a cease fire will begin in seventy two hours at least fifty thousand people have been killed and around four million displaced since the conflict began in twenty thirty. eight e.u. countries have agreed to take in more than two hundred migrants who've been stranded at sea for six days they were picked up off the coast of libya on thursday by the german rescue ship the lifeline malta has now agreed to let the boat use its ports for the migrants to disembark. and the united nations envoy to me has called
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for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against the hinge of muslims. was speaking at the un human rights council in geneva in response spam us ambassador called for her to be replaced. donald trump's national security advisor john bolton has met putin in moscow as he finalizes plans for an upcoming summit between russia's president and donald trump it's reportedly being considered for mid july after trump attends nato talks in brussels during his meeting with bolton putin said he'd hoped that the two nations could put their differences behind them. the should it be here that there's a new one is and it brings me great regret to say relations between russia and the us and not in the best shape of the us most school related to your visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least take the first step to reviving full blown ties between our countries. even in earlier days when when our countries had differences
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arab leaders and their advisors met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and president from feels very strongly on that subject let's get some analysis now from out of there as rory chalons who joins us now live from moscow rory as we saw from singapore president trump seems to like big one on one summits president putin has been wanting to sit down with the u.s. president for some time now what's the likelihood that of a big breakthrough in russia u.s. relations. well i think they're both in washington d.c. and here in moscow there is not a huge amount of excitement or hope that if this trump putin meeting does indeed happen that it will result in anything massively progressive in terms of u.s. russia relations i think the feeling in both capitals is that trust is. a
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pretty serious low and it's going to take more than one flashy event between putin and trump to heal that the differences between the countries on things like syria ukraine election meddling cyberwarfare weapons control etc are just too great at the moment so yes there will be much fanfare made around the world when putin and trump sit down together if that's what indeed they do and we are likely to hear from trump after such a meeting that you know this is taking a great step forward in making america great again and. in boosting world peace but it's beyond that it's likely to be very little substance the russians i think are aware that this is an opportunity for them that donald trump is a very unusual american leader that he holds
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a global view that in many ways is similar to the view held in moscow that we are essentially global affairs should be operated on interests rather than the values and that each powerful country should be able to look after its own affairs and in some ways dominate those surrounding it so that's the kind of view that they think that donald trump shares with them and they appreciate that but they also have enough experience of the trumpet ministration so far to know that they shouldn't. the hopes up too high and they also know that despite what trump may promise in any meeting there are lots of people back in washington d.c. who are likely to try to roll back any promises that they think trump has made which they might view as too much of a giveaway and selling american interests being charmed and bamboozles by finding a proven so if this meeting goes ahead when is it likely to happen. well that's
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all still t v c. john bolton is going to be holding a press conference later on today in moscow which we're going to go down to and i suspect hope that we're going to get some further information about when and where this meeting is going to be the rumors of the movements are that it is perhaps going to be held in helsinki the finnish capital and that the date might be july the fifteenth now if it is july the fifteenth that's going to provide a bit of a show dealing challenge of writing a piece in because it's also the dates of the world cup final being held in moscow so he might have to hop on a plane very quickly after the summit finishes and get back to his own capital to preside over the end of a world cup tournament here which he was instrumental in bringing to russia so he won't want to miss that but i think when bolton speaks later on in moscow we might
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get a bit more idea about exactly when and where this meeting is going to be taking place many thanks i was it was already chancellor in moscow territorial disputes in the south china sea a being discussed in beijing by the u.s. defense secretary james mattis met with president xi jinping after previously saying that china's rapidly expanding military power is a bigger national security threat to the u.s. than terrorism his visit coincides with a u.s. aircraft carrier dropping anchor in the philippines ronald reagan is the third carrier to patrol the south china sea this year more from al jazeera china correspondent adrian brown in beijing. well almost eighteen months after he became u.s. defense secretary this was james madison is first official visit to beijing in that role of course he's not here to talk about trade trade of course is the real point of friction between the world's two largest economies right now he did though meet president xi jinping who said afterwards according to state media that the
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relationship between china and the united states was one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world so those words from the president very measured indeed given the state of friction between washington and beijing right now for james matters of course his big concerns are what china is doing in the south china sea right now he has accused china of militarizing this vast basin of water citing those aerial photographs which shows say washington that beijing has been deploying surface to air missiles on those islands it's been building in the south china sea china though says the u.s. is over hyping this issue saying all they're doing is simply defending their sovereignty remember china claims sovereignty over almost all of the south china sea and just a few months ago in a vast naval parade china sailed its aircraft carrier and dozens of other warships
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and that was a symbol if you like of china sovereignty in the south china sea but the united states has also been upping its profile in the area conducting what it calls freedom of navigation operations which means that u.s. warships often sail very close to chinese islands and china has called all of that a deliberate provocation the relationship between china and the united states is complicated right now and it's also in deep trouble. the u.s. supreme court has upheld donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries the justices nearly voted to accept that the u.s. president was acting legally when he barred people from iran yemen somalia libya and syria from entering the united states democrats have expressed concern after the running out of. the reports from washington. the five four ruling was not on the expected but protesters were still incensed. but the majority of justices how
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degreed with a troubled ministration this was not a muslim band this policy was the result of a careful global interagency analysis of vetting procedures for travelers to the u.s. from libya syria somalia yemen and iran. and it was the president's right to impose a ban because national security is his responsibility donald trump was clearly delighted this is a great victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure but in what was described as a furious dissent from the bench of liberal justice sonia sotomayor referred to cannes that trumps open comparison of the travel ban to the decision that mandated the detention of japanese americans during world war two sort of my all said taking all the relevant evidence together a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was driven primarily by anti muslim animus rather than by the government's asserted national security justifications. politicians and activists are now expressing concern that the
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supreme court has affirmed doldrums own opinion that he and he alone is in control of the country's national security and that he can act without oversight in deciding who comes into this country with this decision we are concerned that donald trump will move beyond the five muslim majority countries that are in the current version to not only target more country but we can't really even go after us and lawful permanent residents i say who's going to be in. is the president going to issue an executive order against mexicans is he going to issue an executive orders against people coming from honduras guatemala what's next and now that the supreme court has ruled the tricks on donald trump's post to set immigration policy himself have been weakened considerably she. washington ambassador daniel benjamin is director of the john sloan dickey center for international understanding at dartmouth college she was also ambassador at large
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and coordinates of a counter-terrorism at the u.s. state department he joins us now live from new hampshire ambassador good to have you with us what's your view of the supreme court's decision i think that it will join the ranks of the worst decisions ever rendered by the court over two hundred forty years i think it's an abomination and unfortunately it will set back our national security not improve it it's not just democrats who are upset about this the large majority of the counterterrorism community inside and outside government saw this as a very very big mistake that would alienate precisely the muslim allies we rely on and on and render uncertain and unconfident and anxious muslims in the united states so to some extent we're just saying this ounce is a problem that doesn't exist. i'm sorry can you repeat that yes what you're
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saying essentially is that this is a problem that doesn't exist in your view absolutely i think it's important to recognize that the court for example said that there was a legitimate need for improved vetting but in fact after nine eleven our vetting procedures improved dramatically and there has not been a single case of a terrorist under the commanding control of a foreign organization coming into the country and carrying out a lethal attack in other words there is you know no not even a wisp of a basis for claiming that we do not have good control of our borders or that we do not have very good intelligence to be able to identify bad actors who may wish us harm and in this regard the court really i think abdicated its responsibility to
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embrace a reasonable approach and i think that this is going to be very dangerous for us over the long term to the court essentially said that it is the president's right to be able to impose a ban essentially as far as the court is concerned there are no limits on what the executive branch can do in the name of national security. well the court did essentially say that immigration is the president's prerogative and all the. anti muslim remarks that he said were irrelevant on this issue because it was predicated on a towards a serious purpose i think the court the justices would say if he said i am closing the border because i don't like muslims that they would have a harder time with that but the pretext that this was about improving our national security gaev.


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