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tv   The Mafia And The Migrants  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2018 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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after every one hundred meters we see someone gotta goes the extra security measures are being taken because pilgrims have been targeted because last year eight people were killed and many more injured in an attack on a police bunker and a checkpoint nearly all the victims were women the indian or is blamed fighters from the group lashkar e tayyiba for the attack kashmir has been at the heart of decades of hostility between india and pakistan both of which claim the region. c.c.t.v. drones and bullet proof police convoys will be used this year to try to prevent any attack on the pilgrims. certainly the. group. which had been put in place the pilgrimage to want to pin do isms holiest sites lasts for several weeks it will be seen as a big test for a security force hoping it will pass
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a peacefully emma haywood al-jazeera. every day in australia thirty people rescued from drowning and saving lives is about to get easier later this year during the southern hemisphere summer drones are being used to help rescue stranded swimmers and to spot shocks that might be getting in too close for comfort andrew thomas reports from. a drone flies over the australian surf as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swimmers who've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into shore. it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky i got on video yes we didn't actually put it on our end because we're obviously
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busy but we did it with the other thomas from the video footage from the fly so we know from takeoff to them receiving the part was just sixty seventy seconds a demonstration shows how it works the drone hovers above the person in trouble then it's operates at times when to drop its load swimmers hold on until help arrives and traditional way in some cases drones are equipped with the loudspeakers too connected to lifeguard radios they act in a preventative capacity where being able to get above people and say i stop there's a repair or you are about to get into trouble or you're about to be washed off that certain head back in with had that capability so we've intervened probably close to one hundred times where we'll stop people getting into that situation before they've even got the last australian summer beaches down the east coast where patrolled by seventeen lifesaving drones by this november more than fifty rescue drugs will be operating the water today is a home of them again but in a rough way that with waves rising can reach places that jet skis can and far
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in frightening like going from shore to drop in just twenty five seconds. other drones look for shocks computers have been taught to recognise different species we've tried it with with images this computer system and it can actually come back and actually give us accurate answers on the basis of the data we fit the computer can then alerts people to get them out of the water it is an excellent example of where. being used in not replacement things but as a system in getting the work done in a better way the shark spotting and life flow dropping drones have finished their trial periods they'll be patrolling australian beaches for real this summer and those behind them hope to sell their technology worldwide thomas al-jazeera neighbors been or is coming right up front as argentina's men have the knockout
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game with france their female football players phase out fossil for a quality shell of that story and more in just a. part . one of the really special things about working proud is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for this is you know it's very chancy given to me but to give because you have
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a lot of people that if i did the political mission. the people believe tell the real story i just meant it is to deliver in-depth journalism i don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. i tire of old sport and his job back with the world cup absolutely right if you're anything like me you would have spent friday wondering what to do with yourself i'm glad to say that after a day's rest the world cup gets back to action in the next few hours and we're into
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the knockout stages to mouthwatering ties kick off in the last sixteen first up argentina play france and that is followed by european champions portugal up against euro why now the match between argentina and france in cars and will be the first time the two teams have met in the knockout stage france were crowned champions when they hosted the world cup in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the current team is full of youngsters some like style strike they weren't even born then well argentina have experience on their side they've won the tournament twice and have five time well player of the year you know messi in that city. so look in what i see in leo and in this group of players is that the love and the feeling for the argentina jersey is so strong that pressure and stress are factors which make that feeling bigger a cry or a smile externalize many feelings makes this national team so dangerous for anyone
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to face the one that everything is far from perfect but we have ambitions and we want to continue this adventure step by step and as we said before that it is a new tournaments that begins and i think we have to depend on a collective strength in defense and we know where attacking potential that we have a lot of talented young players put talented ones who can make a difference at any time during the game or to time champions uruguay and to their match against portugal as one of only three teams with three wins from three group games the south americans have to stop suarez and also the only team not to have conceded a goal so far but in sochi they'll come against the tournament second pest goalscorer in christiana rinaldo his message of four for the european champions still portugal's coach is warning the team have no chance of getting past year if they rely on rinaldo alone. if cristiana plays alone
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portugal will lose it's not possible if we're not strong as a team the same way europe why a strong we start the game being weaker but it's very hard with a single player to solve anything even when you score three goals in a game you must have a team to support you other was there's no chance what's clear to me is that we will have a clash between two very strong teams with highly skilled players. a match in a round of sixteen in the world cup against the current european champions you can find more motivation in a match like this and all the support that we have been getting is extra motivation we must be ready for this to give our best if it doesn't go our way we have to be sure we've given everything well as he heard from argentina as head coach for argentinians football is a national passion all eyes have been on the men's team at the world cup as they fought to make it out of their group but as today's sub zero reports one a side as players in the women's team caught up in a battle of their own for equality. it's training time for the women's football
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team twice a week they travel to a ground on the outskirts of when a site is nine of them by members of argentina's national squad. including the cup ten florins one still no she accepts that the men's team is extremely important for argentina but says their women should not be forgotten and. we are fighting for change in women's football and the clubs in the national team i wish we could get to see that happen so now everyone is focused on the men's team but we would like a quality because we are treated differently to have a woman coach that will be a quality. the players tell us they have never met stars like you in any messi but they share the same pride wearing the same national colors on the field even though women's football has grown in the last decade in argentina it continues to be largely ignored in terms of investment and support most. this women are part of argentina's national team and yet they cannot make
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a living by playing football. and that's why some women have gone on strike in the past demanding the argentine football association gives them more prominence it's almost an order you know it well there is no equality not even the least you see the difference in the training we do in this type is receive we don't have support to compete in the best way. but the main problem is the culture support of the women's league in argentina is small in fact most matches attract very few fans. but. it is difficult for people in argentina to get used to watching women's football some are surprised to see good players society needs to change and accept the fact that women can play to. the argentine football association says it wants to give women a bigger role. especially after the national team came in third in the america's cup. is in charge of making it happen.
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the problem is not only with us but also in the clubs that needs to give women's football a place they deserve and give them support in the possibilities they need to grow i believe in five years we will start seeing professional women players in argentina . but most of these players can't wait that long some are considering leaving the country to find somewhere where they can earn a living from the game. they said well i'll just leave when a site is well away from the world cup caroline wozniak he will aim to win her twenty ninth korea title at the eastern international later on saturday the danes saved a match point on her way to beating fellow former well no one. in friday's semifinals was lucky who won the wimbledon war then in two thousand and nine and was runner up last year will now play unseated belorussian. the front. tiger woods is forced. it's often late at the halfway stage of the national as he
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continues his quest for a first p.g.a. tour title since two thousand and thirteen woods made seven birdies and a five under par round of sixty five in maryland on friday clutching his best score of the year so far the fourteen time major champion is one of twenty players separated by just four stripes heading into saturday's pronouncement round brian gay ryan all more and boho tied at the top for the record. i'm not that far back and i'm in a similar position where i was at. this course i'm going to that low and it's going to be a tough weekend to be hot you know it's going to be a long long grind so yeah it was harder now than now it's just scary but you know be over a hundred degrees and it'll be a long with a long weekend mentally physically and. you know i'm going to chip in good position right now former australian cricketer cameron bancroft overtime to the crease for his first professional game since a bolt time print scandal landed him with
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a lengthy ban and cost him his place in the team the twenty five play in a regional tournament in darwin starting on sunday it comes out to the other two players involved in the scandal steve smith and david warner made their returns to cricket in canada earlier this week. i've been up and down as well with why that i think feeling you can hear it in their voices that you come out of god and you made towards you know i guess. a lot at the end of the tunnel and and you know it's going on a little while now since say it go back to the south you know yes walk honestly and always having a really sad. conversations with all of you and now here i am going on got to step off and question for good against all right that is useful for me i will have will feel thanks very much indeed that is for we go we've had some new pictures coming through of rescue efforts from deep inside a cave system in thailand where a team of young footballers that has not been missing for
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a week divers have managed to go several columns as into the flooded cave local rescue crews have been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel as that rescue operation continues as it goes. back in just a moment with another phone books. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have
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a mismatch between the way we. work to be here and the reality of the twenty first century enough for a good year. for you and i know how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers not. child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan sewer rats are going to stay that figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible had her liking it different i doubt schools have why it's clothing from around the world several focal it's still very you have these players are very confident they won't be able fully made people want to play on the international study. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally omeri before the age of eighteen.
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young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories and talk to him just zero. al-jazeera. and for your. syrian state television shows celebrations in one of several southern towns that have reportedly accepted a deal to return to government control. i'm
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sam is a dam this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up rescuers drop food into the depths of a cave in thailand hoping young footballers are still alive a week after going missing. following five years of war can the latest agreement finally bring lasting peace to south sudan plus. trying to find comfort away from home the yemenis who fled to a south korea island only to face anger there. now rebels are talking to syrian government ally russia about of peace deal in the south under which they would hand over areas they control to president bashar al assad's forces these pictures aired on syrian state television they're said to show celebrations in a town called it appears people are chanting pro-government slogans after the army entered the town there's been
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a temporary ceasefire in parts of daraa province but it's been breached by sporadic fighting i think the fears of a humanitarian catastrophe the u.n. says the fighting has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people in southern syria over the past five days. arabic correspondent. has this update from the jordanian side of its border with syria. the cease fire announced friday and i mean not only held for a few minutes there's been uninterrupted shelling across billy just south of syria namely in the eastern and western countries sod's of daraa province according to eyewitness accounts we received the areas were all residential homes and makeshift hospitals which is no longer operational as a result of the intense bombardment as we speak we can still hear the shelling a true massacre took place in the town of hossam in dars west and countryside the ceasefire collapsed in this town where residents of neighboring areas had taken refuge over the past few days was targeted by intense shelling this means more
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syrians will be fleeing for their lives towards the jordanian border as it also exacerbates the dark humanitarian conditions of the displaced the u.n. reported that more than one hundred sixty thousand syrians have fled to jordan border along with syria jordan's government said it cannot open the borders as it's already home to one point five million syrian refugees and due to political economic and security issues jordan is in no position to accommodate more negotiations also kicked off in the regime held areas south of syria between representatives of the free syrian army and russian forces we have learnt that the rebels would propose to give up crossing on jordan's border while the syrian regime laid a precondition that the f.s.a. must lay down arms withdraw from the south then integrate into the police force these demands were turned down now call schembri from the norwegian refugee council says aid agencies are ready to help if the refugees cross the border. we know that they are lacking the most basic water food. shelter even
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they are stranded there and they are facing some of the most dire conditions now it's summer it's getting closer it's already thirty five degrees it will get hotter and in the next few days and they've been fleeing from extreme escalation of fighting in their areas they're tired they're exhausted and we still can't reach them the best that we can offer to these people are still hold them and the safety and security of a country like jordan and then we can step up our services and say this country we feel for the international community not to abandon jordan jordan needs all the help possible right now in this moment of crisis that is also going through a very tough economic moment with a lot of unemployment and people who are on the poverty line here so of course jordan needs all the all the solidarity together with the syrians who are now fleeing from this fighting that is has decimated their neighborhoods divers have
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managed to go several kilometers into a flooded cave in thailand looking for twelve young footballers and their coach had been missing for a week local rescue crews have been joined by british divers and u.s. military personnel a new opening to the underground complex was discovered on friday offering some hope the boys may still be alive scott heiler reports relatives remain positive despite so many questions and few answers. week after the boys and their coach passed through this entrance into the tom long cave a line of ambulances and hundreds of workers carry out a drill for their rescue. non-home boone is the mother of one of those boys she tells us thirteen year old among loved all sports but football was his favorite mother and son are very close uncharacteristically he did not ask for permission to go to the cave often take that he's
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a good boy he liked to play football since he was small i always support him i never thought and if the light would happen because whenever he would leave he always act. for the first few days after monk or went missing his mother just cried at one point she was so distraught and exhausted she fainted she's only just started eating again she did not previously know any of the other parents of the missing boys now they're getting strength from each other i feel much better now and this the pause is making me stronger i have to be strong but i received my son . the tom long cave complex goes on for kilometers now this is a section of it across from where the searching for the boys and their coats is going on now now people here locals believe that there is a spirit in these caves and this is where they come to make offerings to it while offerings to the caves spirit and gods continue. so does the searching for
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a second day water is flowing from the mouth of the cave decreasing the level inside the flooded sections of the cave complex and rain has been light. and in the hills another chimney or hole leading down toward the cave is being explored as a possible way into the cave complex. the spirit of the cave is fable to be that of a woman who is waiting for her husband to return to her much like the relatives who have been here since last saturday scott had her al-jazeera chiang rai. south sudan's latest attempt to seize fire is being threatened by new fighting between government forces and rebels in the northwest both sides are blaming each other for breaking the cease fire agreement was signed by president salva kiir rebel leader much are in sudan on wednesday at least fifty thousand people have been killed and four million forced from their homes since the civil war began in two thousand and thirteen. morgan has covered the conflicts in south sudan extensively explains the
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fragility of the agreement this is not the first ceasefire agreement to be signed since the conflict started in twenty states and this is agreement this is a my think remain to be signed and it's not clear yet whether it is going to hold a lot of agreements have been violated nearly every single agreement have been signed between the two parties and several other factions have been violated sometimes in less than twenty four hours after they were signed so it's not clear yet whether this would. i would actually hold because what both sides said is that they do not want their forces to attack and less attacks and is their attack so basically in defense and that's what they've been saying all along you will find a ceasefire that is signed and then they will come out and say we have been attacked and we fought back in self-defense and the cease fires were later so it's not clear if this one is going to hold but people do have cautious optimism that this one will be this could be a little bit different because it has been brokered by sudan not by the regional bloc i get and that it was signed by the two leaders it was signed by the president
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himself and the leader of the opposition and the representative of the south sudan's opposition alliance so so just because their top figures who have signed the ceasefire they're hoping that it might be a bit stronger than the previous these fires. more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing feared drowned after their boat capsized off libya's west coast i should warn that some viewers may find these images to be disturbing the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived a spanish rescue ship says it was told by italian officials to let the libyan coast guard respond to a distress call from the boat with mrs described the vessel as old and overloaded. but then. there were one hundred twenty people on board on their way the front part broke a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died.
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at first over surprised with this boat because i was told it was eight meters and could hold twenty people when i tried to leave they beat me and. i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of them. the german government has secured a deal with fourteen countries that will allow the rapid deportation of migrants who fail to qualify for asylum in a letter to partners in her ruling coalition the german chancellor angela merkel also says asylum seekers who arrive in germany after first registering in other e.u. countries will be sent to what she describes as centers you leaders struck an eleventh hour deal in brussels on friday agreed to send migrants rescued at sea to centers across the block for more on this dominic cain joins us live from berlin so how
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does this fit into the rest of the deal was she signed in brussels then. well it's all part of that european solution that she promised that she would try to secure and also part of the bilateral and trilateral perhaps multilateral solutions that she said would be available that we're hearing that the fourteen other countries i have a list of those countries here national read them out because it's interesting as much in the countries that are in this list of the ones that aren't because it's in entails the belgians and the and all manner of countries around the e.u. but specifically not austria and not italy now what makes that's important is that it's only one of the front lines states in the in the in the migration crisis that's where many of the migrants refugees first make land for the italians are not prepared as it were to to fit in with anger the americans plans and yet the greeks and the spanish are those two other front line states as it were in this list
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amongst the other fourteen the benelux countries hungary also in the czech republic to another point important thing there is certainly the hunger ariens were part of the visit ground group with big daughter brown as prime minister who is very clearly said that he doesn't want migrants to be part of his society changing the constitution to prevent them as using his words he calls them an alien population so it's very clear angela merkel has this has this deal as it were she's been writing to her coalition partners the point being she's trying to placate her allies saying look i promised you a solution border control will be something that will be a much more palpable presence as it were and look how many countries are now prepared to pledge that they will take back migrants or is it working though is this placating her political allies. well that's the big question is it all weekend this is going to be the question that the media and others will be will be putting out there because on sunday afternoon there.


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