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you know my dad taught me i'm one who lives with you at home. by doing what i do with three children and with that keep you very busy yes ok. i mean to move on and so you have one child affected by let's see my about can we meet your child. oh hello ok i am live rather you need to be legalized to me to how do you. do so and when did you get diagnosed. and how did they diagnose you how did they know that you had leprosy. you know. where's that where is the package can you show us. thank you so it's very it's very very subtle. so the health care workers have been trained how to defend the test for they touched the skin lightly and the patient is asked to report if they can
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feel it whether leprosy is the coffee that because the area is now no more fertile now but the team confirms that germany has been entirely cured of leprosy thanks to the medication what do you think might have happened had the health care workers not come to find you yeah i mean connie do you do you give them yes so this is this is how easy it is to treat leprosy there's no big deal needles there's no drips there's literally a small packet of pills the patient just keeps in the home just takes one every day and it's free. for more or him leaving you know the information. about them were known for me. it was really important and little part of the tracing health care i came here had been burned verifying with that they've got the members of the family. or their name i went around in the area all of them is
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meticulously. so we're going to cover an area of about three hundred meters asking to go into the home and examine people looking for the signs lights or just the pale patches or asking if people have symptoms. that they. are out there. but. yet. it was really going to. come in and that. was. always when i was. a. new lease on the let me try it with some of the union movement. something like that in the night.
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and it will. look like. in the same venue is another previous patient who was reexamined to ensure the treatment has been entirely successful here. ok so this is. the proof from ok when you had your diagnosis of leprosy how were your friends with you differently with a just the same. never. give him the jump. good pal your god to me man john john did him a job that he and i have had hope. and does that still happen or my old friends more understanding of the condition now i'm ok learning how to get up at a corner at nine cracked open minded when i'm a nine year. old. with them in.
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the world and. the little. children that they have actually just identified the only little area here that you can see on this young man's left leg the top of it he put on the skin that. they. now know to hold what put him back no matter what. you did among the one. gram. know that on their own. when the. the feeling for the meds on the inside of the arm just by the elbow sometimes they can be second with the disease these are the most typical lives that can be affected. after various noninvasive tests the team finally confirms that prac has leprosy. so have we made the diagnosis and. this
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is leprosy. non-starters treatment today starts its day. you know. within this movie had no. idea. how to listen here is recorded the area of skin that was affected when he saw that it meant of action and it was now i was absolutely vital is that this young man's family members the potential contacts with the disease all recorded on here so they can either be checked this day for the health of the visitors come back and check them another day when they're all present. so this is a very of the compass until it doesn't. really you know disability yeah we will be wait until three more he will have this ability so this is the. all that
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great news. products diagnosis means that he can start treatment immediately and should be able to cure himself and it's a perfect example of the importance of this strategy the team will continue to go from community to community tracing the contacts of previous patients with this new strategy on the existing drugs the hope must be that one day no one needs suffer from the devastating impact of leprosy. one of the greatest challenges facing the world today is the increasing rise of bacteria resistant to antibiotics meaning that even the most common infections could become impossible to treat and taking us into what is being known as a post. i'm dr john place and i'm here in norway to join the first part of a worldwide expedition on the hunt for new antibiotics. the pharmacy project is
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a collaboration between scientists from across the world the goal is to collect marine organisms from some of the hottest deepest and coldest places on the planet which have never been searched before the hope is to create vital new drugs and antibiotics from them and the project starts here in the fields of norway. funds can you explain to me why is there a name find you on about this it's been in years since the war seven years ago and already a lot of people are immune to pencil in order different at their belt explain how more and more people die of the fall for infection with antibiotics but by killing or preventing growth of bacteria by breaking down the cell walls or interfering protein synthesis but over time bacteria can build a natural resistance this is drastically celebrated when they are misused such as
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when we don't finish our prescription the surviving bacteria will then reproduce with inbuilt resistance to that antibiotic. plans his hope is that the incredible marine life here will provide solutions to this problem where in organists they have the means to repairing the move to get there the infection so we can isolate the not trying to enforce it so they produce weaker maybe produce a new antibiotic for human years yeah it's a long process and it takes many years but. it must be done. the team on board the helm hunts and will be trolling organisms from the bottom of the sea as well as sending out dive teams to hand-pick marine life from the sea floor. eighty miles north of the arctic circle marine life that can survive under these conditions will hopefully have. the right properties to become the basis of new antibiotics.
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why do you think in this environment sickness seems to be the key bindings and you want to kill them and my meds have. finally shifted one of the county stream the snow the north pole so you these are. extreme old farts as we all. have through evolution adapted suppression of cyclists at the organist's further so long as. you have large amounts of organists high diversity there must compete for space. so they can compete for example by reducing deterrence chemicals right old fellow species. turns out the song will.
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take everything back to the bio have a look at the place to look. at this time of year is part of norway doesn't get dog meaning that for three weeks the team will be working for twenty four hours a day. writing. one i mean. once the organisms are collected the team and the on board lab arrange them into species ready to be sent ashore and see what we've got. so there are some interesting stuff to start with. i do it's this kind of move to the monks normal space rich harbors just like you're going to need to separate everything out it's really tedious work. but it's. not here we also have some new difference on people's hearts just with your bare bones through filler to get
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a listers really so these guys must produce a lot of interesting chemicals well then they would just put everything on the table you take the poison with thank you intel on the new guy. and give you. the civil lawyers sue stores so now we have the time consuming work here that would separate i love of to go through this resume to do the find work and drive them a long way that with a month to start here. so in some way could be an organism that's producing the next antibiotic maybe maybe this petri dish as it. is hope so. the species are taken to the state of the art lab at the university of trauma. on my hard resume on job hard work you know.
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as you can see this is a good start so i well that's what he is doing now is kind of cutting out for somebody just cutting up with office shifts thing i want to face try the sample. it's is somewhat advanced the system and this is the stuff bush ground up with their problem of the microorganisms such as plankton which are also collected on the boat need to be cultivated in the lab to create enough quantities to analyze what we have here this is where we have a full ethanol are on the chemical and extract that's a said the good the molecules all but the end the the few. so the psystar is knowing that you inside one of these test you could be a new drug a new antibiotic or even luck but i think that when these. such wrong order. we are going to do next with these samples though are going through what you say screened . we want a final go to the activities we have been doing this the samples. but this is
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a robot which actually is doing all the screening though you see the bacteria in one of them solution the other somebody actually acts in all of one of those total mixing them and so if you find that one of those samples has killed the bacteria in your petri dish what's the next stage when you do well the next thing is that to find out which of the most cures are actually the actor one against the bacteria just finding the active molecule is a painstaking process and even when one is found the scientists have to make sure it isn't an existing antibiotic. trying for free work what is the dream what it would do you hope to come out of this whole process well done that we can come up with some new molecules active against bacterial even more and more bacteria are develop resistance ability and that's a big challenge for the i mean for the whole world world the
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. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions mexico is getting ready for a general election what direction will the country take as it struggles with drug violence and economic instability. people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world as the world cup in russia nears its end we'll bring you stories from on and off the pitch of the world's most viewed sporting events on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news july on al-jazeera. a new series of rewind
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a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries destro continually from the till now use distance rewind continues with alfred's free press. and they didn't talk we know from the public of what's happening in the rest of sites that have been some changes over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. captaining a leading youth team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. a whole family bands together and shares the
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sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes coast to coast protests in the united states tens of thousands take to the streets angry at the white house's zero tolerance immigration. policy.
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truce talks for the off failed intense shelling forces our hundred and sixty thousand to flee their homes in the southern city and probably. the future of south sudan's peace deal is in jeopardy as a cease fire is violated within hours. and the man who would be president of the dog prepares for the mexican election. and in sports messes disappointment argentina are eliminated by france in a breathtaking encounter at the world cup. from coast to coast almost every major city in the united states has seen protests against the white house's erode tolerance immigration policy tens of thousands of people have joined marches condemning president donald trump's controversial family separation scheme more than two thousand children are still not reunited with their parents despite trump being forced to reverse the policy more than
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a week ago now in a moment we're going to hear from john hendren who's been at the march in chicago gabrielle elizondo who's in new york where protesters are calling for urgent action to bring together separated families but first jordan reports from washington d.c. that's where protesters have gathered on the president's door step. tens of thousands gathered outside the white house on saturday to condemn the trumpet ministrations policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the us mexico border they will never be the same even if they are reunite. their ability to see to process to trust others in future relationships is gone. donald trump wasn't home to hear them the people in the park didn't care. they are outraged by the video and photos of some twenty three hundred children
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including babies caged like animals in detention centers and by the fact the government doesn't know where their parents are being held to a lot of data. that we don't know that we need from the top administration but they've got a list of parents apparently they've got a list of children they've got to be reconciled we need to know where every parent is that matches up with every child and they've got to tell us that in a publicly accountable manner and i don't think they're going to feel compelled to do that unless there's public pressure even though the trumpet ministration vocal to public pressure and stop the forced separation of children from parents at the us mexico border it's now going to detain entire families perhaps indefinitely perhaps and military reservations across the us that has rally go or is here in washington fed up and that's the sentiment being repeated at rallies across the united states the signs in the messages were the same across the country obey international asylum law protect children stop the government's racist policies
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honestly the only reason our president is doing this is because of his ego he has no excuse these people are bad people they are running away from their homes and take a lot in must be big to make them do that over the accomplish some sort of change in the policy that we have. and really need our legislators to actually get something accomplished the challenge is taking the white hot anger on a hot summer's day and turning it into political action there's no guarantee people will do more than this even though they say they will rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. while in chicago protests has marched to the local offices of federal immigration authorities john hendren was with the marchers thousands of people have gathered in the streets of chicago fifteen thousand registered on facebook saying that they would come to this event and many of the people i talked to said that they have not registered at all so we don't really know what the numbers are many
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of these people are wearing white as the organizers of the event have asked them to do to make a dramatic statement but of course many of them aren't you see signs here that say things like families belong together there have been some counter protesters wearing signs that say things like reunite families in mexico but by and large this has a protest against president john and trump's immigration policies john to a man who said the last time that he went to a protest was in the one nine hundred sixty s. and it was a protest against the vietnam war but he said he was show furious about the president's immigration policies that he came here to protest once again that he is now an elderly man trump is not popular in chicago he lost chicago in the twenty sixteen presidential election and he lost the state of illinois he remains highly unpopular here and he often uses the city as a whipping boy talking about the amount of violence in the streets here and that
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feeling is requited by many people in this crowd the big song they're playing is pink floyd's the wall everybody chants at the line that says leave those kids alone . and thousands also turned out in new york city trump's home city. was there. thousands of people marching here in new york city they just completed a march over that famous earthling bridge there well over ten thousand people here i would say and they're calling for two things number one the reunification of the children that are already separated from their family members and number two there say stop stop. the zero tolerance policy of president donald trump that is still holding and criminalizing asylum seekers after they cross the border into united states now just here in new york city it's thought that there are over three hundred children that are in shelters here that have been separated from their
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immigrant family members now this number we don't know exactly because the federal government the government that has this information is not actually sharing the exact number with the new york authorities but it's believed to be over three hundred we see a very diverse crowd of people out here all saying that they have to come out in force to make sure that their message is not only heard here in new york but washington as well and even around the world. syrian rebels say their peace talks with the government and russia have ended in failure the free syrian army say they were very refused russia's demands to surrender in the southern province of the it comes as a string of rebel held tons in the villages have accepted government rule and intense bombardment campaigns force more than one hundred sixty thousand people to flee such a low place hot it has more. with the celebration over syrian forces claiming control rogue rebel held town isn't all right province
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syria's state media sure would be nice images allegedly showing unwavering support . but on syria's border a desperate plea more than one hundred sixty thousand civilians have fled in just five days neighboring israel and jordan have closed their borders jordan says it can't afford to take in more syrian refugees one of them and. we came from the city of hama it was drawn by bombs and came under siege with pleading with jordan and its king hoping to go through the. airstrikes led by syria's strongest ally russia have gone on for at least ten days rebel forces have been all powered peace negotiations and on and off cease fire deals with russia follow. previous cease fire deals had been breached before. vision syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states
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and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. daro was one of the last rebel told areas in syria symbolically it's much more it's here where the uprising against syria's government began seventy years ago now its fate may have international implications it has a very important strategic value for is that i. because it's about it's north border to the u.n. warns the situation could turn into a humanitarian crisis many of those who try to flee now have nowhere to go. so the young al jazeera. the leader of hezbollah has says he'll help some of the syrian refugees in lebanon return home. has confirmed to work with both the syrian and lebanese governments to assist any syrian who wants to go back more than a million have fled over the border to lebanon since the war began so even says
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it's willing to mediate between yemen's warring parties in this comes as the u.n. says it will help run the red sea port in her data the saudi and u.a.e. military coalition's been fighting to take the city from who the rebels for two weeks most of yemen's humanitarian supplies coming through what it is port the mandate for iraq's parliament has expired with no new leadership confirmed the country still waiting for the results of a manual recount of suspect ballots from last month's election that's due to get underway in some regions on tuesday and it will take about two weeks leaving iraq in political limbo muhammad ali explains. your x. politics is a moment when the clock struck midnight local time ticked over into sunday the mandate of iraq's parliament expired. a new parliament was supposed to emerge following the general elections last month but differences over results are still under dissolved which presents
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a constitutional belamour for iraq after weeks of discussions about whether the outgoing parliament should extend its mandate it has finally decided to end its term from now and until a new parliament is in place we rock will be in a constitutional vacuum who can put things back on track legally or speaking i mean so the government has the opportunity to sell so the government is responsible for implementing the law and the constitution and the courts are responsible for overseeing that the implementation has taken place in accordance with the law and the constitution so the government and the courts can do so together i the results of the may twelfth election came as a shock to the ruling coalition led by prime minister betty it came in third contrary to its expectations a nationalistic alliance of mostly secular parties but led by shock cleric moch to the suburbs got the most seats fifty four of three hundred twenty eight in second
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place came an alliance of around groups. several parties cried foul alleging irregularities that included vote rigging glitches in new voting machines and destruction of ballots prime minister hyderabadi said security agencies had evidence of unprecedented violations on saturday the independent high electoral committee decided to start a manual recounting of votes only in areas where irregularities were reported that will begin to be and other provinces on jews that some party say that's not enough and want a total recount. these are serious problems none of which were resolved before the current parliament expires which adds political uncertainty to a long list of problems for iraq one hundred five. a final ruling for seven hundred people accused of taking part in a sit in protest in egypt has been delayed until the end of july the court blamed that lay in what it called secure.


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