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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 181  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2018 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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sperry deep in the countryside at least when i was a group from the nearest bus stop. bell in the offer to take is that to see it to find out whether anything had changed. according to the report was sent to lax many of the basic services that the owners a contract she applies to provide. these claims across her a to buy videos the migrants shot themselves with the police make it isn't just. happened in medicine is also good looking at the missing want to give in to his little. sister mediator to. assistance sonny. made the stand on the song always. go out of their. mind yes. yes i did want to so if you're going to. see k.k.
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i'm allowed to vote. voted off looking you should compete. fairly secure why didn't step on that you. actually not only. was in one diminished. but you come to nineteen on the road. is that the right side on the other me that i've been like about myself when i was a sort of girl with kids kid with them on their own event so you must signify for example an instant q that's what i couldn't live with but it was really. the last sample so it was all going to be like the magic that's not on offer. to the song suffice to say so all the once again and so on so it's nice to be in the functional ninety's they're going to be going to be lost if you do that usually only those are not usual but we don't think. as we were talking to the
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residents. of the centre's co-ordinator turned up and agreed to speak to us could develop the national anthem. in the argus york about the social. cause of a. normal normal form of care or an image of a lot of people really down under made about the. only food be the. cause of a trickle as well if you've got a lot of much. went on. to do with going to going on change of. government that you know. but then says analysis said we're not going to. impact your going that it would be.
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possible it was. only. going both be. good to do all of these very important elements to the delivery. but when we ask grimaldi to matters inside the center to look around he refused. on the last minute you. on the show. do business one more. only just now this is a book if one is. gone we decide stray some of these concerns with the prefecture. responsible for overseeing the reception centers. is the deputy prefect and you have gotten his missile at the daily beast to speak peeling the chain.
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no. career journalist in. me today. we asked mrs mckeon whether the village center was among the facilities visit by a team. who would ask a study that a subtle drug were. critically. it could lead to any genuine daddy. while talking to the migrants discovered something even more sinister about the village had no sense.
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when the sender said. i simply to meant that if he. the company providing food for the migrants in the villa ten no reception center is called. the labels on the meal packs given to the residents clearly bear the company's name. but we've discovered that last for thirty year s.r.l. have been penalised by the prefecture of naples in june two thousand and seventeen because of its alleged links to the com or the local mafia. since then according to tally in law the been officially banned from participating and benefiting in any state funded tenders or from attaining public money because intended to hear the
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grounding. that. is. that of course the fashion or not but of those. on the finance young or the mafia. that we recorded this interview in early may two thousand and eighteen over a month later we received evidence that. is still catering to the below center as we investigated further it became clear that the absence of effective regulator oversight makes the migrant business a magnet for organized crime sometimes behind the most innocent looking.
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very easily pick up. a small town in the southern italian region of calabria the man speaking his father had wanted to score a deal the local parish priest. well this man is called leonardo sacco deputy president of the misericordia one of italy's oldest the most important charity organizations. in the very knowing that the hundred year from r.t. this feeling you would not be easy to separate is stefano is a former senior official of the misery called the association no easy going to these are going to the bone as we. can for the last year all of. us are. with the. manager of the united grocer scene. and i don't
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care less barry end. competence and proceed to the let me say we go to the resort so the list variance it was when i saw the press story but. he said he got a little credit or italy on. the revenues of the misericordia easily the capital began to grow exponentially in two thousand and one when it won the bid to provide services to one of its least largest state owned migrant reception centers. she's one of the moment when the lazy james and mary veronica finance yeah here the queen associates you in a fantasy because it was seen then that a man. the reception center was worth millions of euros per year thanks to the huge cash turnover fathered while the score deal and the united sakho were able to embark on many ambitious projects in
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and around the capital. by two thousand and seventeen the misericordia and the parish church owned a large number of assets including a local football club a stake in the nearby airport and a fabulous seaside sanctuary dedicated to the greek madonna and even do i. have even more of the push to tune into the g.t. language class of the stock market segments that i got from your mouths even after well on your me liberal. deeply worried by what was happening in. the stefano races concerns with the misericordia as top management but instead of the investigation and hope for he was demoted and his warnings were ignored. if i want to shill to the meter and it will i'm very happy lobbyist richard soon as underneath. me to. start all over
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my shoulder imagine that. but in may two thousand and seventeen the staff and i was dire warnings came true. that month the misericordia was hit by a wave of arrests a slaughter police anti-mafia investigation called operation johnny. kerry was only prosecutor on the investigation. in journey. that afi could deal disco music when the speeded up do you imagine word of that. just. the kid there can you answer the sort of it's really. according to go theory. and for the score to deal with the link between the misericordia and drank the all powerful clapping mafia love music or the role or the charm ok. c.m.a.
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i'll pray there. to roll a tivo to really put it that the road in peace to the promoter of the list. the authorities believe that sacco and score deal were instrumental in helping the mafia get control of the subcontractor catering and other services meant to be provided to the migrant reception center there are plenty fully. seated immediate first enjoyed it but a list of polish which added to the sausage a bit so it. will be able to shed. us the can of the. consumer the maze of the. prosecutors say that the catering company serving the reception center was diverting public money into the pockets of a local blanket the crime. leonardo sacco scored the zero were allegedly receiving kickbacks as part of the deal the investigation secret surveillance video backs
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this up with. his lawyer the lovely little it was very. lonely but. by the discord to the same pure. gentle. karen of this the. baby. with each other within three layers or so this thought the belief so stay no speed to. prosecutors say that the management of migrant reception center is second only to narcotics as an important source of income for the mafia no u.b. or sequestered out to put them in the out of the lose more. sicko in the litter that meant that they were the finance alone that are. being chained to the indio new course the main. despite the arrests the
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misericordia continues to manage the migrant reception center and easily. we contacted its new director. we spoke to him briefly on the phone. today leonardo sacco is being held in solitary confinement while waiting to stand trial father one of the school deal has been put under house arrest in a remote northern italian monastery and is unavailable for comment. overall italian state. as paid billions of euros to inexperienced aid workers fueling corruption around the migrant perception business and filling the coffers
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of a mob so long as governments look the other way and avoid responsible action in dating with asylum seekers proof the speculators will continue to profit unlawfully from those in desperate need. we have your zip data we know the products the buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat do you believe that any of your companies have a down a five before scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game after there are no president people in power investigates this information and democracy on
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a job. when the news is restricted and send said the press is not free and is external interference and influence in the zoos to exploit not explained. when journalists access to information is prevented. us the press. and then most of the costs. and just as never sees the light of day no i knew about it but in. the team of course you know what the show will have. and the stories that matter go on told and the press is not seen. and neither are we. every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in
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a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies are accused of in danger in the world's second largest rainforest . counting the cost on ideas it. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin in doha these are all top news stories less of crows have marched in cities across the u.s. protesting against president trumps the ministrations zero tolerance immigration policy also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . tens of thousands gathered outside the white house on
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saturday to condemn the trumpet ministrations policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the us mexico border they will never be the same even if they are reunite. here ability to see to process to trust others in future relationships is gone. donald trump wasn't home to hear them the people in the park didn't care. they are outraged by the video and photos of some twenty three hundred children including babies caged like animals in detention centers and by the fact the government doesn't know where their parents are being held to a lot of data. that we don't know that we need from the top administration but they've got a list of parents apparently they've got a list of children they've got to be reconciled we need to know where every parent is that matches up with every child and they've got to tell us that in
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a publicly accountable manner and i don't think they're going to feel compelled to do that unless there's public pressure even though the trumpet ministration vocal to public pressure and stop the forced separation of children from parents at the us mexico border it's now going to detain entire families perhaps indefinitely perhaps and military reservations across the us that has rarely go as here in washington fed up and that's the sentiment being repeated at rallies across the united states the signs in the messages were the same across the country obey international asylum law protect children stop the government's racist policies honestly the only reason our president is doing this is because of his ego he has no excuse these people are bad people they are running away from their homes and take a lot in must be big to make them do that competition sort of change in the policy that we have. and really move our legislators to actually get something
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accomplished the challenge is taking the white hot anger on a hot summer's day and turning it into political action there's no guarantee people will do more than this even though they say they will rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington rebels are losing ground in southern syria with several towns and villages accepting government rule syrian and russian forces have been waging an intense bombing campaign on their a province for almost two weeks talks to end the fighting have failed the free syrian army says it refuses to surrender president trump also has convinced saudi arabia to increase its oil production by up to two million barrels a day in a tweet trump said the extra saudi oil would help offset a decline in supplying from iran after the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal in may the saudi press agency made no mention of numbers in a statement but said it would use its spare capacity prudently to ensure market stability navy divers have gone two hundred meters deep into
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a flooded cave in thailand in the search for a boy's football team and their coach video released by the time navy shows how murky waters and complete darkness of hampered the weeklong rescue operation in the cave south sudan's latest cease fire has been violated just hours after coming into effect with at least twelve people killed in the north government forces and rebels are blaming each other for breaking the truce that was agreed on wednesday an independent judicial body in belgium has suspended some weapons sales to saudi arabia it follows complaints by human rights groups of outside his role in the war in yemen last year we bought nearly one hundred eighty million dollars worth of arms from producers in the belgian region of well lonia. friends and you're a guy will meet in the world cup quarterfinals after winning the first elimination games front's knocked out lionel messi in argentina with a four three victory and because on football's other global megastar christiane the
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rinaldo does portugal side also had a game after losing to your acquired those were the headlines of back with more news in thirty minutes we continue with the war in october. new york. saturday the sixth of october one thousand nine hundred seventy three. the waldorf astoria hotel. in the early hours american secretary of state henry kissinger. is woken in his suite with the news of military
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activity in the middle east. two hours later at two pm middle eastern time. egypt and syria launched a war against israel on two fronts. after three years in power egyptian president anwar sadat had grown tired of peace initiatives that seemed to be going nowhere. we don't fear mediators has not been successful and so and and the united states was the main supporter of the surge so it was clear that if you want to solve the problem you would have to do two things either go to war. or try to convince the americans to move into. two weeks into the war and with the opposing forces locked in a stalemate and richeson just arrived in moscow. is goal was to agree a u.n.
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ceasefire acceptable to egypt soviet allies. the russians had to. for the russian jews it was acceptable so we had to rewrite it in history and. showed up from the. right again. we push it to the next morning. within two days the draft of un security council resolution three three eight had been accepted by both the soviets and the americans. but instead of returning direct to washington kissinger made a stopover in tel aviv for a few hours. that's off to news twenty second of october he would give his blessing to israeli plans to violate a cease fire even before the dawn. on
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the sixth of the toba nine hundred seventy three the egyptians mounted a lightning attack across the suez canal. their goal to liberate the sinai peninsula occupied by israel six years earlier in the six day war. to field all means one hundred thousand men had established bridgeheads ten kilometers deep into sinai. during the first week of war the israelis had lost equipment at an unprecedented rate. five hundred tanks. and fifty aircraft. to an egyptian army equipped with the latest soviet weaponry can tell the anti-tank rockets. and sophisticated sufis to add missiles. right on the political system way from the soviets were trying to impose
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their will on the middle east to regain a position data supplied mashable forms to the arab world. united states had to respond and it had to make sure that weapons were not perceived as being inferior in the soviet union. by the fourteenth of october a massive american alef had begun to carry weapons to israel. the operation was code named nickel grass. electronic equipment sand which would help to neutralize the sand sides toll antitank missiles or sand the strange thing is that the really important material it was sent was the most basic one hundred five millimeter ammunition they sent that by the thousands of tons and it was fired off almost immediately.
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throughout the whole war we were receiving ammunition crates of ammunition which came straight off the planes and ships. and no one even tries to make it look like it's israeli there was u.s. army on it so it was clear what role america took in keeping israel alone. reinforced with american arms. israelis now formed a bold plan to cross the canal at a gap that identified between the two egyptian field armies. the plan was cooled stout hearted man. during the second week of the war and after a fierce fighting these really succeeded in crossing to the egyptian mainland on the west bank of the canal. three on the divisions some six hundred tanks formed an israeli bridge had in an area called devore swaths
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. of the iraqi report says. we had to get to all the anti aircraft bases and take them out and hit the retreating egyptian forces and cut off the egyptian troops that had crossed to the eastern side of the canal so it was a complicated mission but. of a pair of. the egyptians confused and unsure what was going on began to restrict the release of information about the israeli presence on the western side of the canal. but sort of talking here was the moment the egyptians said that four or maybe even eight israeli tanks had been attracted to the western side of the canal and were being dealt with i told the friends the egyptian command have started making false statements up till then all the egyptian statements were truthful and the israelis were lying now i said it's the other way around that
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egyptians are lying and the israeli statements are correct. on the other hand the israelis were working closely with western journalists. just the wrong box and purely military it was a brilliantly conceived plan israel. managed to see more with israeli troops in egypt. international correspondents accompanied to minister of defense moshe dyan on visits to israeli forces west of the canal. president sadat claimed the israeli operation and deficit was in the air television stunt an attempt to cover up israeli failures in the first week of. trouble in fact it was a really serious problem i knew it was not just a media operation but that israeli breakthrough was a personal blow to me as
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a commander of the second army. davis walk the area now coming under israeli control was a rich agricultural land totally different from the waste desert of sinai. egyptian special forces working in small groups use the last undergrowth to set ambushes for the israeli troops. it was clear. why was i was so confident because i knew they were up to the job i had faith in the troops and commanders. i had lived with them for a long time i was the commander of the fatah troops for three years and i knew them to be brave fighters real men and reliable. egyptian chief of staff general sada szczesny realize the war plan was on the verge of disaster.
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antitank squads would desperately needed on the western bank of the canal to help stop the israeli advance. but in ordering them to.


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