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truce talks fail. hello and welcome back across europe we've got unsettled weather conditions across some eastern areas down through the baltic states through into parts of russia it is looking very uncertain a few days and cold air really sinking quite a way south the more central areas of quiet and western areas are still looking very warm indeed temperatures across parts of france into the mid or even upper thirty's celsius ukase not looking too bad there twenty eight coming to a little bit as we head through into monday but you notice that circulation of low pressure centers still very close to poland stage and temperatures really struggling in the capital so we don't se in areas who got a few showers around the balkans but general of fine weather thirty two for both rome and athens you'll notice as we move across the other side of the mediterranean
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sea weather conditions are fine them with the winds coming up from the desert we've got a forty high there in chuen it's thirty six in cairo and heading on through into monday not much change expected across the region for central africa a plenty of big storm clouds moving through the flow particularly across the gulf of guinea and through into west africa and here we're looking at some big storms coming through over the next twenty four hours bamako should stay largely dry southern portions of africa may need dry but we have got the risk of some rain affecting cape town at times. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to say i was there i saw him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time witness is a real case and. yes that's the person determining iraq being falsely accused
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incarcerated for something he did not exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. you're watching out zero time to recap our headlines now hundreds of rallies have been held across the united states against donald trump zero tolerance immigration policies protesters are demanding migrant children to be reunited with their families and the travel bans are getting some of the majority nations be ended. in just a few hours polls are set to open in mexico's presidential election priorities for voters include dealing with widespread corruption and gang violence there were
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twenty five thousand homicides in mexico last year the highest number in decades. south sudan's latest cease fire has been violated just hours after coming into effect of at least twelve people killed in the north government forces and rebels are accusing each other of breaking the truce. now the african union has asked south sudan's rival leaders to end the fighting and pursue dialogue they met in mauritania ahead of sunday's summit which is being overshadowed by an attack in mali on friday. has more from the washout. african leaders are concerned about the growing instability in the sahara region particularly following the deadly attack targeting their headquarters of the g five in savory in mali g five is a task force which comprises troops from mauritania book enough fossil charred news share and its goal is to defeat groups of related with al-qaeda of the islamic
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state and. and inspired the assistance that the g five has been getting from the international community of the u.n. and france it seems that this is going to be a long battle to be able to contain the rise of those groups the african union also is concerned about the instability in south sudan following the collapse of the ceasefire leaders meeting here in mauritania are going to put more pressure on the south sudanese president silva care and here's why of all rick must charter trying to contain the crisis and push for a road map that would and civil war in south sudan there are also other issues like the dispute between morocco and the over the future of western sahara african union is a pan african organization a mean to speed up political and economic integration they hope to be able to have
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their own single market single currency and central bank but many say this is going to take some time unless african union's tackle first of all regional conflicts the need to and armed conflicts for them to be able to pursue their political agenda. sweeping canadian tariffs on the dozens of u.s. imports come into effect on sunday it's also his response to the trumpet ministrations tariffs on steel and. experts are warning that an escalating trade war could damage the global economy and the calendar there are fears of a general downturn al-jazeera as daniel lak reports from toronto. among the millions of products canada gets from the u.s. most of its recreational boats but summer fun afloat will be more costly now as the tariff on imported yachts takes effect a response to the trumpet ministrations actions and rhetoric on steel and aluminum
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or helping one client who has a boat right now in miami who he's already purchased the boat it's paid for he needs to bring it back to canada and he's looking at you know ten percent on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars. more than steel aluminum and sailboats canada's also putting tariffs on the clock tick range of u.s. goods of them aimed at a politically sensitive part of the country chocolate for example from the swing state of pennsylvania u.s. states are the key to auto was trade war strategy canada is the leading destination for exports from thirty six of them many are being targeted for counter tariffs that's adding to the concerns of companies with cross border business as talks between the u.s. canada and mexico to renew nafta the north american free trade agreement stagnate some firms like this toronto pipe maker are expanding u.s. operations in fear that the border may soon be a barrier my concern is the uncertainty about investing in canada. and what this
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will do even if it goes away to morrow. and united states look at working with companies as potentially risky. trade props up canada's prosperity particularly with its largest trading partner the us more than a billion dollars in business flows between them every day now as canada's government sees it a protectionist administration in washington is sweeping away decades of consensus on trade that the u.s. itself helped establish after the second world war all the bombast there's a logic to it that instead of having him a rules based system same rules apply to everybody the global trading system we've had. it's bilateralism awkward word but one off deals. where the big guys are going to have one off. the government in ottawa is hoping that targeted counter-terror will add to pressure on the u.s.
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administration to settle this dispute and lead to a new nafta deal but much is at stake and the costs of failure are immeasurably high especially in a country so dependent on trade with its giant neighbor. then you're like you'll just hear a toronto or car bomb attack in the iraqi city of kirkuk has killed one person and injured at least twenty others it targeted a storage center for votes cast last month in the general election ballots are due to be manually recounted there in the coming hours it follows a supreme court ruling that votes by certain groups including the kurdish peshmerga fighters should not be excluded from the result they were previously deemed invalid who has a large kurdish population one of the leading kurdish political parties is called for a full rather than partial recount. rebels are losing ground in southern syria with several towns and villages accepting government role at least fifteen people were killed in the town of awesome and the province on saturday talks when the fighting
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have failed the free syrian army says it refuses to surrender the tale of as more. recent liberation over syrian forces claiming control of rebel held town isn't are a province syria's state media show would be nice images allegedly showing unwavering support. but on syria's border a desperate point more than one hundred sixty thousand civilians have fled in just five days jordan says it can't afford to take in more syrian refugees. we came from the city of hama it was drawn by bombs and came under siege we'll cleaving with jordan and its king hoping to go through the. airstrikes led by syria strongest ally russia have gone on for at least ten days rebel forces have been all powered peace negotiations and on and off cease fire
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deals with russia following. previous cease fire deals had been breached before. syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. daraa was one of the last rebel told areas in syria symbolically it's much more it's here where the uprising against syria's government began seventy years ago now its fate may have international implications it has a very important strategic value for israel because it's about its north borders the u.n. warns the situation could turn into a humanitarian crisis many of those who try to flee now have nowhere to go katia lopez so the young al-jazeera. now pakistan has extended the right
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of more than a million registered afghan refugees to remain in the country their paperwork had expired yesterday they can now legally remain in the country for three more months after cabinet decisions many of the refugees have been in pakistan their whole lives having been born to parents who fled afghanistan during the soviet invasion in the late one nine hundred seventy s. another million are believed to be in the country unregistered there have been several rival rallies in south korea over the rising number of yemenis seeking asylum i hundreds of protesters gathered in seoul to support refugees and welcome them or many also turned up to express their anger against yemenis seeking refuge at the resort island of jeju about five hundred of them have flown in since december the government was forced to hold an emergency meeting on friday to deal with the crisis venture lee promising to tighten its walls navy divers have gone two hundred meters deeper into
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a flooded cave in thailand in the search for a boys' football team and their coach video released by the time navy shows how murky waters and complete darkness of hampered the weeklong rescue operation in the cave some progress has been made since the weather cleared on friday still no sign of the team. has the latest from chiang rai. a little bit of good news coming overnight saturday into sunday morning here at the mouth of the cave seal divers navy seal divers have been in the water for the last several hours and several teams have been going back and forth we know now that they are at the furthest distance they have been yet in the cave but they haven't gone that far right on the sea it's only about two hundred meters further than they had been further than that three kilometer mark there kind of stuff because of weather over the last several days and now two hundred meters further in but their immediate goal is to get to a place called the beach it's a cavern named after a famous beach here in thailand they are still four to six hundred meters away from
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that they're trying to get there because they believe that could be a spot where the boys and their coach might have retreated to when floodwaters came rushing into the cave system here so that is the incremental good news coming from the cave here we also know that teams are still working for a way in from the top in the hills in case how is this massive cave system they're still looking for a way in a new cavern a new tunnel downward tunnel was discovered over the weekend they are still trying to access that they're still trying to get down in there we know that in a couple of cases they have dropped supplies so that is still being exploited up in the hills above the cave now we know seven nations have joined the search and rescue operations here u.s. navy personnel here australia has sent some forces japan is here the united kingdom has diving experts here so a true international effort but right now there is a little bit of good news but still no definitive proof to fit into evidence where these boys and their coach might be now at least forty four people have been killed
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in the boss crash in northern india the past and into a golden polygon while districts in the himalayan states. police say rescue operations are still ongoing. al jazeera. where every year. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to
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leave it would just be when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and knife news i'm not out i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and online. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . we understand the
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differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. i really don't know how to define or that's it's not possible for me to defend it that's it's just one of those things that you feel this is yes yes i believe in this i'm so i'm not but i'm an independent on
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a mission for america. it's about the idea that you had. raised. it's about it's about the believing in your dreams it's about them. as a filmmaker i would want my audience to support that when men begin first as a unit i would definitely want my audience today jumble with it and say yes this is what i want and. i have tried to be very honest with them the story isn't mine yes i did rip it off from my sister was a childhood incident she was the one who planted chocolate all of them so i have to put in the lumens of my childhood off but i suppose in my influences that i've had . the little incidents that used to take place in my own backyard i have cried a little bit of everything to stay honest to the point being but still big the hole even from my point of view. i'm trying to create that language where this kid is
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a shy kid and it doesn't speak to that is how i ended up not giving him more. than ever the need to be i wanted him to express through i just didn't want anything to shout and scream and cry just assure that his discipline i wondered something which is very subtle that he expresses but it's barely an expression is a shy kid although he doesn't speak he would still stand for his dreams for his believe. the nation will give you a lot of difficulty because you know the truth but when it when it comes down to flipping those pages and understanding animation or everything goes for cost at least my first five line drawings follow and for the whole because i don't know what they were like i did and they were not working on though there was this one man that i started playing and i said yes i'm going to go it's really ok.
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i can't tell you the number of problems that i phased in. bang my head was i would not have been on a mission of a renegade making vagabond i laid my mind was always walking in one particular direction because i have been born and brought up but those are the images that have come across all the bank so i know what i sat good with all i ever knew my exposure maybe a school at least that i ended up doing the same bank owns all that by. mixing what at the last with digital it gives you more freedom then it kind of gave me the opportunity to relate can thought about that on one on a digital and then who's these are not totally their shows and all luck and margy them in but i'm get an image their lives with really appealing. legs if i have to visualize my kitchen. i don't visualize
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a dark blue because those are the on those that i haven't been in no make that when i see it i sneered that there could have been a better shot than i could have taken a shot sort of an establishment. you know follow on building the animation i just wanted to call it what i what my mind makes me think like the immediate damage that comes to my mind is when i will go away. from this one phone because of the kind of film and those and also tell you about the soul of this guy and i i just wanted to follow the story i just wonder before i make. stuff as if it doesn't have structure i don't mean it's ok and i'm fine with that that are.
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this story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl. tamara future. in the face of deep rooted tension between the knees and the refugees. my syrian friends. by seventy eight up on al-jazeera. many only a lot of parts than those they hold they were born there are two afghan refugees now face being kicked out sent back to a country still. can of sandstone cause and papa stands decision purely political this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth piron i'm more than two million afghan refugees in pakistan now living in uncertainty as a deadline for them to leave the country expired on saturday the government in islamabad announced last year that all afghan refugees must return to their homeland a proof of registration cards have been extended a number of times but the government says eventually they will all have to leave for many of these refugees pakistan is and always has been home afghan families first began seeking asylum in pakistan in one nine hundred seventy nine when all broke out so many of them were born and raised there they also say conditions are not safe enough for them to return but the pakistani government says its economy cannot afford what it calls the burden of the refugees any longer come our high the has more from the capital islamabad. ever since the russian and raise you know
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vanished on nineteen seventies the van refugees have corp august on their home the government of pakistan has been exerting pressure on these refugees to go back because they say they say you will die sanctity by militant outfits which are targeting father son however the relationship between kabul and islamabad has become. several rounds of talks between the civil and military leadership august on and as far as dealing with the fund refugees as concerns the country is also due to hold an election on the green the fifth of july. new government will be in place in islamabad to take decisions on the future relationship with afghanistan and the plight of the afghan refugees residing in this country the united nations high commission for refugees is optimistic that despite the fact that it was indeed
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their day to nine the government of pakistan was likely to increase that deadline. and to ease the suffering of the of one refugees in a dieting across this country this is some of the higher the reporting for insight story from islamabad. well almost one point four million registered afghan refugees were living in pakistan at the beginning of this year the un's refugee agency estimates up to one million registered but also there since then only twenty one thousand that's fewer than one percent have returned to afghanistan that's according to the un's humanitarian office around one hundred fifty thousand left last year when pakistan first announced its repatriation plans but fewer than half the registered refugees helped by the u.n. h.c.r. the others either went back of their own accord or were deported by pakistan. but let's bring in our guest now joining us from kabul is riaz some other former
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afghan refugee in pakistan who returned to afghanistan in two thousand and three here in the heart of either an investigative journalist from pakistan and also from kabul as william carter head of the program at the norwegian refugee council a very warm welcome to all of you must to say that let me start with you. should the deadline for afghan refugees to leave pakistan be extended once again what is at stake here for them. thank you very much for having me here. i believe it should be extended there is a need for extension and the government of pakistan shouldn't be using the refugees as a political pressure at the moment evelyn government doesn't have that capacity of the moment to absorb those huge number of refugees and the government can prioritize government of afghanistan can prioritize different categories of for refugees which can be observed for example those who have some established
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businesses or those who are related in family members abroad but those who are living with very limited means in pakistan will be very difficult for them to to absorb and to adjust to the environment of afghanistan so the government of pakistan should comply to the reform in principle and extend this deadline. of why off to hosting afghan refugees for nearly forty decades has pakistan somewhat of a pattern in them and made such a priority of it in the last two here is why at this time. well the on say is very clear since because a government in the falling government of afghanistan has been doing is has been ruled by its own people and there has been no plan as such as to how the refugees are going to go back there is no public pressure as such on the flounder if it is to be returned to be repatriated there is
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a sympathy there is that brotherhood that was there in nine hundred seventy nine to a great degree but when there are incidents of terrorism and somehow of one day if it is are found involved in them or in political protests like pushed through in the first movement the recent political upsurge then it raises some concerns more so because of economic reasons as kamaal deported from istanbul but. has been in distress for various you know the reason for various reasons internal issues corruption mismanagement and now. have these all of them snowball and create a scenario for his down to a plan from afghanistan and forty eight people at creation and understanding generally is that of what is done is not serious about taking the responsibility of the refugees as much as that if he does want to stay and pakistan and a stand there were liberal it be the same feeling of ownership is not there in
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kabul mr william kata do you think of gunfire is in a position to take these refugees back given the number of violent attacks and the instability that continues in the country i mean just last year to three thousand five hundred thirty eight people were killed in attacks more than seven thousand engine. yes we would agree that now would not be the best time for people to be encouraged to return back to afghanistan security instance of going up control over parts of the country has really gone down and the situation is very very fragile and uncertain with the elections coming we saw a large wave of people of refugees feeling forced to return in two thousand and sixteen from pakistan to eastern afghanistan. it's a very tenuous position province on the border with pakistan. as seen in
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the islamic states aligned groups fight with the taliban fight with the governments and international military forces it's a province where the mother of all bombs was dropped last year a province where just a few months ago our colleagues at save the children in eastern afghanistan were unfortunately attacks it's really a unsafe situation right now we also say that in our own studies and research which rates released earlier in this year and generally pointed out of those hundreds and thousands of people that come back in two thousand and sixteen many of them had been forced to flee again or leave their homes because of insecurity or because they haven't found a basic services available to them really there's not a solution here just yet we really hope that the government of pakistan remains patients and that the incest community can support refugee staying in pakistan who have been very on the whole generous host over for decades. hosting sting afghan
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refugees but now really is not the right time for people to feel forced or encouraged to come back and that's another that well what do you make of that because you know u.s. citing the security and economic reasons that pakistan is considering and sending these refugees back but as mr carter has been saying there is a real security problem where there is a lack of it in afghanistan so how much how high is that a factor in the pakistani government's consideration here well that's a very well of point insecurity enough quantised and has risen and this is a sign that the government in kabul is not effective which does is the concern in the there's the harwood these refugees eventually go back if it's if gobble cleaves who is in control and militants whether they are days. taliban or other factions they continue to go and gain more space and operate in larger areas than they were like five years ago or two years ago or that concerned very much exists or what is
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it what is more important is the commitment that gobbles showed or lacks to show on the table and in its plans as my friend sadat said in kabul that did this should be a priority this should be a serious and and discussion about how in phased manner all these refugees can go there is little progress on that account and his stomach feels that these this political politicize ation of the issue which is being said and termed helps. washington and other stakeholders realize that this is not obliged to continue this hospital a t for a very long time on the other hand i would just give you any separate example there is this movement called open the border in southern syria. and jordan for jordan to open the border but at the same time jordan is saying that we need support for
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buggiest on the same has been not there for a for a long time and instead there is a recent list at issue of pakistan for in f. eighty s. financial action task force all these things did not co-exist and pakistan continues to take the responsibility that is due to it on the name of neighborhood and humanity but then washington which needs support continues to press islamabad against the wall yet so pakistan you know has taken and great number of afghan refugees obviously more than anyone else and you're saying that it has not received the international support that it needed to do so this to say that let me come back to you because you were actually an afghan refugee in pakistan so what was your experience of that but also of returning to afghanistan did you have the support you needed when you returned. thank you well i lived in pakistan as
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a refugee camp for about fourteen years and i grew up there i had my primary and secondary schooling there. we lived in a mad house and in a difficult situation but we thought that how life was we didn't know how difficult life our situation was that now we knew we were in difficult but at the time we thought that wasn't normal life for everyone the time we were returning after the fall of taliban in two thousand and three. we thought in pakistan but we are taking a very difficult decision and we are going to a place specially for me that i had never been before to a couple so when we came in the beginning it was a bit difficult to adjust but soon soon after we realized that our parents had taken a very positive decision and when i asked that's about all of the thing is saying that school parent then it was their decision then it was voluntary.
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it was a it was a voluntary decision that we left because i got it camp in pakistan which sure as soon was build those later but our immigration to pakistan was forced then and there was but the returning was of course of voluntary the time comparing a plan is of two thousand and three with two thousand and eighteen it's quite different in an situation has improved in terms of infrastructure or economy or job in and other terms and at the time we thought it was the sort of the life was difficult in the beginning in the few months but later on we were very happy with our decision and right now we're going to look to look back at the past years that have lived in afghanistan and of their progeny of these that we have grabbed and used i think we couldn't do that in pakistan so there are such opportunities for
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the refugees in their attorneys who are coming back they're not available in pakistan for them but if they come here. they can utilize them in using for great mr katter how many of the refugees who return have an experience that similar to this to say that switch was positive because the un says that. returns have to be voluntary safe and dignified but is that often the case. those first ernst's to be good and well managed yes they do need to be safe voluntary and dignified and every every refugee registered or not in pakistan has a right to it out of their own free will and we are it's support that along with other agencies but. what it was unclear or clear in two thousand and sixteen when we saw six hundred thousand refugees come back very suddenly. the course of
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four or five months. many hadn't been prepared many were not very well informed about the conditions they were returning to so it's these are standards which we have to to uphold and encourage the governments of pakistan to make sure happens and it's as the voluntary or patch ration process is a very sensitive one that needs to be done with enough time for people to make informed decisions some of those people who return many years ago this was. a process which they've been very happy with but we have to make sure that when tempers run high and patients runs thin that we can still support refugees to make an informed decision to come back and ideally to an area where it's safe and where they have access to basic services but that is the opposite of what i saw and what we saw when we were in eastern afghanistan two years ago it's in thousands of
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families living in open shelter or no shelter conditions overcrowding and unfinished buildings i saw. children sleeping in the mud next to livestock heavily pregnant women feeling suddenly forced to return at this point some of them giving birth. in the few days of having returned so there have been instances in the past which we hope are not repeated in which this was a less than ideal scenario but we are hopeful that back in. the nick of minutes will continue to show its its mercy and reprieve for afghan refugees to stay as long as they need to particularly whilst still it says have not ceased in afghanistan mr ahmed the time in the incidents that mr carter is talking about two years ago was when tensions and tempers were running high following deadly attacks in pakistan and both you and mr so that have spoken about how afghan refugees have
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been used as a political tool between these two countries how can you make sure that this doesn't happen again. there is a roadmap there could be this is not a new situation if you have been the better at it from various parts of the world and that is that there is a method to do it the issue is that how do you can take it as it is that a roadmap on the afghanistan stable and how it managed one wants to get it implemented on its site if one government gives losing security of its districts and districts keep falling today short taliban every now and then in a month like three to four how would that framework be implemented so the primary question is is safe enough for any refused to come back and the second to question is that whether pakistan is financially is strong enough to deal with the presence of so many people who are not paying taxes who are burden on resources who have
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contributed to economy as well but not to the extent as they would have had they been citizens and well equipped so there is there is a minute of questions that need to be addressed it's not just as simple that they are being politicized there are genuine concerns which are remanent from security economy and of course humanitarian concern that they will be killed or recruited by delhi barn and they should once they cross the border line so all and above all whole of government reacts to it by this time is it is it speaking the language of india which it has been. sons intelligence agency has been using of on the pakistani side for political purposes by launching a movement against the military or. political parties there are these delicate issues that need to be understood and confidence level what the past six months or so has really it isn't there is a track active track to diplomacy going on and i hope there will be a way out and
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a framework that could be debated publicly and also within the government and this is about what do you make of all of those concerns coming from the pakistani side are they being addressed adequately by the government of honest. well let me make a comment here that first if we look at the security situation in afghanistan it's not ideal but that does not mean that of the didn't should stop because of the security situation if the security situation is so workers fan the people who are currently living in evanston should also go somewhere else what we are more concerned in afghanistan about returns is the economic situation and the integration in the society here. security would be the same for all and we have hope and peace wilkinson in and there is life in afghanistan the business sense and kind of so much is going on so security shouldn't be the main or the major
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reason for them of not returning there is another economic problems and we should be focusing on that so the government of afghanistan or not on the government of afghanistan but all stakeholders in the refugee situation have their own responsibilities when they have to perform them. starting from atlanta stand they have to look into different categories of refugees in afghanistan for example those who have established businesses in pakistan and in the good life that they can come easily in a just one son's life or they have they should have a smooth transition for their companies in factories into afghanistan or those skilled laborers that we have in pakistan governor futures in packs and they can come to afghanistan and they can have decent lives in afghanistan too or could be exported as a labor skilled laborers to the middle east countries apart from that those afghans living in pakistan who have their family members abroad in wiston countries or in
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the middle east can have decent lives in afghanistan without any problem similarly that of afghans who are working in afghanistan but their families still live in pakistan afghanistan should promote in and ask them to bring their families back to when it's. now the remains the people who. have a difficult life living in pakistan they have very limited means of life there then that's difficult for ivan government to adjust yeah so our government should think about policies implementing policies for their housing and for their placement in afghanistan mr carter everything that we've spoken about requires a lot of support and a lot of finance as well international organizations of the international community doing everything it can to support these millions of people. in afghanistan there is quite a well established humanitarian and developments community here which is working on
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this issue. really it's up to us to supports in this respect the government to be able to increase the absorptive capacity of service delivery so that health facilities educational facilities don't get overwhelmed with this but also some of the the longer term issues that would help people not just come back and survive but hopefully thrive so for example looking at who where people can live and looking at access to jobs from this side of the border the incest currency is present it is difficult to work but we are committed to. we're working with the governments to help increase this capacity for longer term solution but the government really needs more more time we need to be more patient with it it's got . elections coming up it's got. his friends rebuilds
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a lot of it states institutions and there's multiple emergencies internally affecting that afghanistan has it is an emerging droughts so it is internal displacement in the don't have very long left of the program and i just like to pick up on something that you mentioned which is a long term solution and put that to both of our guests quickly before we end how do you find a long term solution because these sort of ad hoc extensions and unpredictability extending their stay for one to three to six months is not sustainable mr sutton start with you before going to mr ackerman. and so so because of course the current situation of refugees effects and shouldn't be dealt as an emergency situation a long term solutions that are very important and then how do we do that so as i mentioned before the categorization of different refugees in return is that how do you just easily later on there should be policies in programs for example that to
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train or are those return easy or with a specific job or or another skill. that i am sure i work for that we are you have a very long left so i will give the last word to mr i live here in doha thank you yeah i think the real issue is the security situation the political dialogue between taliban and the government of afghanistan should be supported by all stakeholders and that's where the key lies and once that elite is develop some confidence building measures i think pakistan and afghanistan can come back to the table for discuss a framework and a plan of return or a back creation a few days or mr ahmed thank you very much for that and thank you to all of our guests that as the as and couple that lived in the hot and william kata also in kabul and thank you too for watching and you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and
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a further discussion to go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter i had a list at a.j. and side story from elizabeth prada and a whole team here i found out. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on and on him body early you know disability yet we will be waiting until three year old four year more he will have this ability. to get and then no wait the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taken at the bottom of the ocean maybe this as it is hope so that you are revisited on al-jazeera.
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young men who know that each day could be the last it to continue to fight for a future free from cale's. of qana stans own battle a witness documentary on al-jazeera. no just zero tolerance that's the message from tens of thousands of protesters in the u.s. to donald trump. and sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. russian
4:49 pm
and government and strikes killed dozens of civilians in southwest syria including twenty three children plus. election day in mexico the number one issue for millions of voters is crime. all over. and hidden from view high in the mountains the mountain man astri's that have now been added to the world heritage list. from new york to los angeles and even donald trump's new jersey golf course large crowds turned out to protest against the u.s. president's so-called zero tolerance immigration policy huge crowds demonstrated outside city hall in san francisco while estimated fifty thousand people marched in downtown chicago some of them set up tents outside the field office of the
4:50 pm
immigration and customs enforcement agency known as ice to demand the return of more than two thousand migrant children have been separated from their families. musicians like john legend performed in a call for action in los angeles so did democratic senator maxine waters who last week called for members of the trumpet ministration to be harassed in public spaces and protesters marched across the brooklyn bridge in the president's hometown of new york while thousands more staged a demonstration outside the white house al jazeera is rosalyn jordan was there. tens of thousands gathered outside the white house on saturday to condemn the trumpet ministrations policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the us mexico border they will never be the same even if they are reunite. here ability to see to process to trust others in future relationships
4:51 pm
is gone. donald trump wasn't home to hear them the people in the park didn't care. they are outraged by the video and photos of some twenty three hundred children including babies caged like animals in detention centers and by the fact the government doesn't know where their parents are being held to a lot of data. that we don't know that we need from the top administration but they've got a list of parents apparently they've got a list of children they've got to be reconciled we need to know where every parent is that matches up with every child and they've got to tell us that in a publicly accountable manner and i don't think they're going to feel compelled to do that unless there's public pressure even though the trumpet ministration vocal to public pressure and stop the forced separation of children from parents at the us mexico border it's now going to detain entire families perhaps indefinitely
4:52 pm
perhaps and military reservations across the us that has rarely go as here in washington fed up and that's the sentiment being repeated at rallies across the united states the signs in the messages were the same across the country obey international asylum law protect children stop the government's racist policies honestly the only reason our president is doing this is because of his ego he has no excuse these people are bad people they are running away from their homes and take a lot in must be big to make them do that will be accomplished some sort of change in the policy that we have. really need our legislators to actually get something accomplished the challenge is taking the white hot anger on a hot summer's day and turning it into political action there's no guarantee people will do more than this even though they say they will rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. g. is a professor of social work at the university of michigan and intended to keep families
4:53 pm
together march she says the president has altered course once before as a result of public pressure the protests that have been taking place all over the country for the past few weeks have already begun to have an impact in the sense that president trump did sign an executive order to stop separating families at the border now with this order he has not stopped detention so the current zero enforcement policy required that separate parents and children and they were detained in separate places their current executive order says we're still going to keep doing what we're doing we're still going to have the zero tolerance policy but now we're going to detain them together and so i don't think that you'll see the protests stopping because of this particular change in the policy
4:54 pm
of also being protests on the mexican side of the border thousands gathered to accuse us of thoris use of turning asylum seekers into criminals and they condemned president dawn thomas policies that are separated migrant children from their parents it's election day in mexico and left this lopez obrador is the front runner he's gaining popularity because of promises to deal with violence and corruption i mean if the country's poorest citizens say they get little to no help from authorities when a family member is murdered i want latin america to lucy and human reports from mexico city. this is my son her son he was nineteen and studied architecture many said mantel piece is in fact a shrine to her two murdered sons place where she can at least keep their ashes close to her three years ago the eldest herson was kidnapped.
4:55 pm
a few hours later fifteen year old allen a football player was murdered along with his brother in law invade a goose where they used to live even though the family paid the ransom to get her son back he was never returned eventually the remains of my eldest son were found in a bass grave along with one hundred ninety other missing people in your area. i thought one day i would find. only thing i have of him now is his call and a piece of hip and leg because those monsters chop them all to pieces. there's no peace for the families of the more than thirty thousand mexicans who were murdered last year and the equal number who are still missing records that are expected to be surpassed this year. but there is another type of crime that is also destroying mexico this is what's left of
4:56 pm
a school that collapsed during last september's earthquake here in mexico city and these little angels represent the nineteen children who were crushed to death when a structure that was built illegally by the school's owner fell on top of them as he had apparently paid off local officials to turn a blind eye to the building code the victim's parents say that they died not because of the earthquake but because of corruption a phenomenon that is spreading like a disease throughout mexico impacting almost every aspect of life. which is why confronting crime violence and the widespread corruption that makes those things possible are the main issues for tens of millions of mexicans as they choose a new president. one has to pay the criminal so they'd let you work in peace sometimes it's the police that bribes corruption is everywhere. against corruption and impunity says the corruption costs the poorest thirty five
4:57 pm
percent. into their income putting poverty and violence in a vicious circle and when you start here in the economy with those levels of violence and those levels of corruption of course nobody's going to want to invest and that's where you and you have more inequality more poverty and of course more crime at that i mean that there is neither a silver bullet nor a presidential candidate with serious proposals to turn the tide and yet like millions of mexicans many seller hasn't given up fairly or he tech area and come here they will they are not now there will be a new government which has the power to do more we hope this time things will change. after losing so much hope she reminds us is the last thing you can lose to see in human and just see that mexico city russian and syrian government airstrikes have killed at least seventy five civilians and over the last twenty four hours the dating through twenty three children and fourteen women rebels are
4:58 pm
losing ground in the south for several towns and villages now accepting government rule involved talks between the free syrian army and russia to end the fighting have resumed got fellow pows how they are has more. you know. what the celebration over syrian forces claiming control of rebel held town isn't dora province syria's state media showed these images allegedly showing unwavering support. but on syria's border a desperate plea more than one hundred sixty thousand civilians have fled in just five days jordan says they can't afford to take in more syrian refugees i don't know if we came from the city of hama it was drawn by bombs and under siege we've cleaving with jordan and its king hoping we are left to go through the. airstrikes led by syria strongest ally russia have gone on for at least ten days
4:59 pm
rebel forces have been all powered peace negotiations and on and off cease fire deals with russia follow. the previous ceasefire deals had been breached before. syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side to him a disagreement the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. daraa was one of the last rebel told areas in syria symbolically it's much more it's here where the uprising against syria's government began seventy years ago now its fate may have international implications it has a very important strategic value for israeli because it's about its north aaron border the u.n. warns the situation could turn into a humanitarian crisis many of those who try to flee now have nowhere to go katia lopez so there jaan al-jazeera. a car bomb attack in the iraqi city of kirkuk has
5:00 pm
killed the person and injured at least twenty others targeted a storage center for votes cast last month from the general election ballots a jew to be manually recounted there in the coming days follows a supreme court ruling but votes by certain groups including kurdish peshmerga fighters should not be excluded from the result they were previously deemed invalid kook has a large kurdish population one of the leading kurdish political parties is called for a full rather than partial recount. pakistan has extended the rights of more than a million registered afghan refugees to remain in the country their paperwork had expired on saturday they can now legally remain in the country for more for three more months after the cabinet decision many of the refugees have been in pakistan for their entire lives have been born to parents who fled the afghanistan fled afghanistan rather during the soviet invasion in one thousand nine hundred seventy
5:01 pm
nine another million are believed to be in the country without documentation. still ahead on al-jazeera among taken yeah i have to be strong but my son camped out to be mother's anxious wait during the search for a thirteen year old son trapped in a cave in time and. we take a look at how austria's e.u. presidency could impact the block and the boats bringing refugees and migrants to european shores. and it's. in. the weather sponsored by katter. hello there you may have heard it's been pretty warm in the western parts of europe recently.


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