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attributed to wildlife trafficking on al-jazeera. two hundred seventy thousand people. also. i. corruption. in thailand but divers hoping to make
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a breakthrough for young. un says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to recapture rebel areas a province in the southwest and hopes of a ceasefire have been thrown into doubt. within opposition groups who have been negotiating with regime russia reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. syrians continue to. united nations says two hundred seventy thousand people have a. military offensive now in its third week the remaining towns. and the. military campaign talks collapse.
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there is a military escalation to pressure the rebel factions to accept the russian military is conditions to end the assault those conditions are he relating for the opposition they just want them to give up everything after years of sacrifices they can't accept that. the opposition delegation involved in talks with the russian military which were mediated by jordan formally pulled out of negotiations and it's not clear if all rebel commanders support their decision but those who have made separate deals are being called traitors. to the representatives of a handful of towns have been signing so-called reconciliation deals with the government or what amounts to a surrender syrian state television is showing people celebrating the return of government rule more often than not there has little choice such deals stave off further military action and prevent more suffering but anyone wanted by the state such as rebel fighters and those involved in opposition activities or who worked in
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rebel run administrations leave. rebel areas are shrinking more than sixty percent of drought is now under the control of president bashar al assad's forces rebels still hold parts of the provincial capital that are city and areas along the borders of the occupied golan heights and jordan including then crossing the opposition is in a weak position it has been abandoned by its allies the united states told them not to expect to be back to militarily jordan close its borders to weapons shipments and refugees instead it says it wants to focus on mediating a ceasefire but a ceasefire is not what the procedure and government camp wants. it is pushing for a military victory a win in the southern corner of syria would follow significant gains close to the capital in recent months then like now it is the civilians who pay the heaviest price. valid move could she see let me ask every person with a conscience to help stop the shelling and why are they shelling areas where there
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are children helpless elderly and sick people the children are hungry and without food we only brought tea and sugar with us pleas for us this criminal to end the shelling. that is unlikely to happen the decision by some of the opposition not to sit at the negotiating table means a stepped up military campaign especially since the government stated goal is to recapture southern syria. beirut. well let's talk more about this now. director of policy analysis of the arab research institute does this opposition forces speed up the end of their fight in the southwest of syria i think eventually everybody is expecting some sort of a deal to be struck between the opposition. and the russians because the jordanians are working hard right now in order to have such a deal they don't want an influx of syrian refugees inside jordan so they are very
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much keen on having the sort of understanding that would actually spear the life of so many people on the one hand and on the other the hundred actually given the sort of void the sort of influx of refugees inside jordan but i think the details of the deal is still remain to be seen because i think what the russians and the regime is offering might not be accepted by the opposition at this particular stage and what the what is actually offering is either side under. that the opposition faction and so on that they are that heavy weaponry as well as i mean. raise the flag of the regime on the on off show departments inside the towns and cities where i was actually the opposition one and also the regime is actually offering that. the factions the armed factions either integrate with the army of that all actually be exposed to something similar to their scenario of. a couple of months ago
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whereas the opposition on the other hand they want actually to stay in in the area they would like to see as a local police on the area they want to keep their families as well and they want actually the syrian regime. mean not entering the. villages and either having. russian military police. getting into these towns and. villages instead of the regime so both sides seem very far apart still and in the meantime you've got these large numbers of people two hundred seventy thousand already displaced and heading away from the areas where they're fighting mad in towards jordan jordan chasse's border some point someone's going to have to deal with these people and help them well i think this is why there is a huge pressure mainly on the opposition because of this because i mean these civilians are their families their relatives i mean their own people because of the
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fighting there are actually leaving. the fighting areas. there is in my opinion or such pressure on the regime and the russians because we all know actually don't want to have much sympathy towards these civilians they are using the civilians in fact as a live image of the pressure of the opposition into a total surrender. this is why i think we. probably going to see some sort of a compromise by the opposition in the coming days and weeks keep a very close eye on it and we will hear on al-jazeera. the moment thank you very much. the u.s. actually general says he's heard unimaginable accounts of killing and rape from rangar refugees who fled from in marjah bangladesh until you get terrorists has been visiting overcrowded camps in bangladesh cox's bazar district where hundreds
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of thousands of people sheltering he says refugees are living in terrible conditions there because of massive human rights violations in minimal. all these people here in these tragic circumstances and this near murder no responsibilities for them is not acceptable we need to push and we will be pushing in the right direction and fully in line with the principles that have always been the principles of the united nations in the ocean to. the need for every citizen to have a country that they can call their. correspondent mohammed jam jim as an cox is bizarre . the u.n. in the past few months trying to do a donation drive to get money for the or hinder refugee population it's only been twenty four percent funded thus far that really goes to show how much this population is neglected secretary-general good terrorism spoke a lot about the fact that there were hindu population is perhaps the most
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discriminated against population in the entire world he said that he went to iraq kind say you know ten years ago and saw the kind of difficulties that they were living with even then and it's only gotten so much worse now one of the things that i asked secretary-general the terrorist specifically about is something that's become a bit of a bone of contention here there was a memo of understanding that was signed between the you in the government of me and maher and that memo of understanding was leaked in the past week to the press and as it turns out it did not mention the name as the ethnic group of this people and it did not talk about if they would be granted citizenship if they were to return to me and mark some point in the future when i asked secretary-general the terror is about that he said that this was just a starting point that this was a document that they had to enter into it was nothing perfect it was nothing binding that there must be
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a lot more work that needs to be done he said that any citizen of any country needs to have a right of return and that anybody from any country country needs to be able to be considered a citizen of that country so clearly he's saying the government of myanmar is not doing nearly enough that they have not been nearly cooperative enough in the hope that they will be able to take your steps to ensure the rights of the regime to a population. that is launching legal action against parent of the country's supreme court reforms the government is moving to force judges to retire at the age of sixty five and set seventy says undermines to decile independence the changes to . take effect from tuesday will force more than a third of parents current supreme court judges into retirement as the latest development in westing relations between the parent's right wing government last year brussels threaten to withdrawal potence voting rights accusing it of systematic tries to the rule of law let's go live now to david tacey he's standing by for us and warsaw so david how exactly is the e.u.
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launching this legal action. yes or it seems to be one crisis is the other in the european union now what's happened is the european union's commission executive has sent a letter to the government here. saying that again to start this whole process reminding the government the government here essential the judicial independence is one of the main checks and balances at the core of the beliefs and it's law and that will then they'll have one month four weeks to reply to this letter but at the end of this process if nothing changes if no more amendments the brought in to try and soften these laws then essentially what was or is facing is time before standing in the dock before the european court of justice they can
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bring in our sanctions against the warsaw government and they can also withdraw as you mentioned it's voting rights within the e.u. so the e.u. would effectively be twenty seven not twenty eight and that means essentially that unless laws are brought in to amend what's happening in the supreme court on tuesday this means that warsaw will appear before the european court of justice but some forty percent nearly forty percent of the justices are being removed from the supremes called behind me and what that means essentially is that there's a huge political control. over the whole judicial process it's been described by those against it as a as a sort of political coup against the judges but the government and i must put their point of view the government say that originally the when the reforms came in when the berlin wall came down and the communists were expunged from power there was still some communism and corruption left within the judicial system and they
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described the gummed of describe that judicial system as a self-serving to a completely out of touch with the common people here. in warsaw thanks very much david. we're going to check on the weather next and then. my political discord and libya could threaten oil production played any. welcome back as we look at the weather across central and southern parts of china and taiwan you can see weather conditions across eastern areas gerri not looking too bad we got a few showers here hong kong might see the odd shabbat some brighter weather is likely to still very hot and humid across many parts of indochina annoying not far short of forty degrees celsius and still some heavy showers for coastal parts of me
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and mar young gone once again looks as though it's going to be fairly wet and that continues to head on through into wednesday so let's then move across into south asia and here well many areas are seeing the monsoon now it's pushed up across most of the region some decent rainfall being reported in salute for instance in bangladesh and more showers likely here during the course of choose a western gas looking pretty wet he scenarios dr chan i should be launching dry and i think for delhi it will be dry for much of the time thirty five degrees there is your high and fine across much of pakistan crunchy looking at temperatures in the low thirty's moving across into the arabian peninsula. pretty humid around some of the gulf states forty one degrees likely much from here and a little bit of patchy cloud further towards the south but on the other side of the plane should so much drawing heat from respected temperatures a taco to forty six degrees in medina.
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each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally all married before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories on talk to em just zero. zero zero zero zero again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour the u.n. says more than a quarter of
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a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake daraa province in the southwest hopes of a cease fire being thrown further into doubt with split some urging an opposition groups who've been negotiating with regime russia. the european union is launching legal action against poland over the country's supreme court reforms the government is moving to force judges to retire at the age of sixty five instead of seventy the e.u. says undermines judicial independence. maybe as national oil corporation is suspending exports from the country's eastern ports the move follows the capture of two oil terminals last month by forces loyal to the warlord honey for half ton his forces have prevented shipments from being loaded at several ports it is un backed government has warned international companies against dealing with her after some handy is the editor in chief at instructional interest as an online current affairs magazine he joins us now from london good to have you with us so we're looking at a huge drop of barrels produced barrels of oil produced today eight hundred fifty
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thousand some eighty percent of libya's production was of economic impact does that have on a country. i think first of all it depends on what you mean by the economy i mean the libyan people are not exactly feeling the benefits of this oil products or the oil revenues or as it is i think it has far more political ramifications than it does economically because we can't really talk about economy until the war finishes for half that at the end of the day the tide of war has been turning in his favor after he sees the to oil terminals last month moreover i think it's very ironic that he sees he sees the ports and prevented the export of oil productions while the head of the national oil corporation is in vienna trying to convince businesses to come and deal with libya essentially half that is saying look you're not supposed to deal with this national oil corporation we've just set up a national oil corporation in libya come and do deals with us and it's important to understand just how big this actually is remember the international community
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because of its attempts at reconciliation between the two parties it's essentially done away with who is right and who is wrong it's trying to find some sort of peaceful solution the problem would have that is that remember he's backed by egypt and in egypt he's a very good example as to how to end this conflict sisi used brute force to get rid of a democratically elected president and now the international community recognizes him as president so how to know that if you wins this conflict if you wins this fight if he sees as the key economic assets that the europeans want to trade in so badly which is the oil in particular it doesn't matter what political negotiation will take place as long as half that can win the world have to will be the internationally recognized leader of libya so have to seeing these changes in the tide of war and he thinks let's go for it let's again bill at the end of the day remember a lot of these e.u. countries that deal with libya have their own economic problems and rising oil prices don't necessarily help them in terms of stopping the oil exports this is going to affect them now the companies and it's very telling that the head of the
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national oil corporation asked companies not to deal with after because he knows they're considering it he knows that they're thinking about look this war is very complex as it is it's not going to end anytime soon we need to make profits we need to show. to keep going one who just goes it will have to and make a deal with him and whoever wins in libya anyway is going to deal with us anyway so i think it's very telling that he desperately told the phone companies not to deal with half that and i think that if health care can prevent these shipments long enough companies will go and deal with him was going to know you could get one of the over here where they do want to find out from you whether you think that this scandal is going to pay off is the international community going to abandon the u.n. back sharply government and throw all its support behind general after i think it's very interesting i mean part of my role as a geo political is consorting you get asked a lot of these questions and some companies have asked on numerous occasions is half of the future for you leader of libya is tobruk actually going to win can we actually had your risks by gambling on half that as it is remember libya is a big issue for the e.u.
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because of the migration crisis because of its huge oil exports that it relies upon the e.u. just wants a solution it's not interested in who wins the elections or the like they just want some sort of stability if half the come provided they can back them and the proof of that like i said is sisi in egypt has brought some semblance of stability albeit relatives in egypt in other words now the e.u. is thinking ok look face is struggling with these tripoli militias who themselves don't necessarily recognize him maybe just maybe if her can seize a few more cities if you want territories maybe it's time to sit down and talk about half that as the future of libya this will upset many libyans but this is real politic this is how the international community works this is how the international rules actually work and house that has made a political morality aside obviously half that has made a very shrewd move in showing the e.u. who's really in control of the economic lifeline in libya fascinating analysis of thanks very much sami handy for joining us there from london. now mexican voters
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have delivered a landslide presidential election victory to leftist andres manuel lopez obrador his fiery campaign hinged on promises to clean up corruption in person and to rampant violence is expected to end up with fifty three percent of the vote that's remarkable margin not seen in thirty years plus america unlistenable reports from mexico city. times of a bridled of violence and corruption mexicans have taken a leap of faith in the interior of macedonia was we all want to be able to live and work in our country without being killed with lopez obrador we believe there will finally be real change. to the first time mexicans have chosen a left wing populist and respond. to lead them better known as he represents social change and the pope all honesty. i know.
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i will not let you down i will not disappoint you i am conscious of my historic responsibility i don't want to go down in history as a bad president. says he will begin by a radical corruption which he says is the principal calls poverty and violence but just the true college tuition expects to achieve his ambitious goals this mystery because he has been credibly short on details about how he wants to implement what he calls a radical transformation of mexico. he has explained that he'll pay for ambitious social programs and subsidies to the poorest with an estimated twenty five billion dollars he says corrupt politicians steal and that he'll even sell the presidential plane to save money he says his opponents say he has a messiah complex and warned that he will undermine democratic institutions and send investors fleet. but for millions who voted for another load he represents the
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change this country desperately needs that the government cannot do it alone but the single so he cannot do it along either so we have to join forces in a vase of honesty in a race is of a real fight against corruption and in the basis of a good judicial system to give justice for all. all that of course is easier said than done and given the extraordinary expectational he's awoken or those jobs will be all the more daunting scene human i'll just see the mexico city . american the philippines has been shot dead was presiding over a weekly flag raising ceremony and his. ten year assassination was posted on social media and he led a controversial walk of shame campaign parading drug suspects around the city but
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himself so his powers over local police suspended following allegations of involvement in the narcotics trade thousands of suspected drug dealers have been killed in a war on drugs by present or direct attack. divers have been preparing for what they hope will be their final push in the search for a young football team missing for nine days in caves in thailand a thousand more rescue workers now join the search operation for the twelve teenagers and their coach scott hired to reports from china raw a thousand war rescue workers have joined the operation. tucked away throughout the entrance of the town long cave in the bustle of the search and rescue effort shrines and offerings have been appearing thais from near and far have been coming to make the offerings there part they feel in making sure the twelve boys and the football coach are found alive yes i think a lot as a christian church leader in chiang rai province song gone since corn and his
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community have been praying for the missing since the very first day and part of the effort to find them is right out the front door of one of his churches although thailand is overwhelmingly buddhist he feels this is a time for all faiths to work together. it is very important in this situation there are no borders between religions all faiths because we all have the same goal to help one another we don't care where they are from what religion they are the main mission is to help people who are in trouble in times of crisis like the missing thirteen many thais focus on their spirituality sometimes even ignoring the science of the situation one man has traveled up from bangkok because he believes he can communicate with the dragon spirits here in the caves. identifies himself as a spiritual leader he came up to volunteer in the rescue effort but he also feels that the power of kindness and peace can effect change in the physical world and he wants to use it to find the boys and their coach. even you cannot buy their boy
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see me. a bit to me there are not enough polish. up. there their power. and power add to their. enough. to do that but. at the same time the largest international rescue effort in thailand history is in full swing using the physical power of the top military and more than a thousand helpers while many thais continue to exert spiritual power but all sides are working for the same goal seeing those twelve boys and their coach in the daylight yet it's got harder al-jazeera. the u.s. envoy to the philippines as that north korean official is in the demilitarized zone that's according to south korean media saying the groundwork for an upcoming visit
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by u.s. secretary of state might have the united states and north quickly to pursue the teenie of the korean peninsula president tom says north korea is very serious about the plan its national security adviser is taking. and were very well aware of north korea's patterns of behavior over decades of negotiating with the united states we know exactly what the risks are of them using negotiations to drag out the length of time they have to continue their nuclear chemical biological weapons programs and ballistic missiles the president would like to see these discussions move promptly to get a resolution this is been the advice the chinese leaders ping has given us as well so we're going to try and proceed to implement what the two leaders agreed to in singapore but rather than have a series of reports that things are going better things are not going well they're concealing this they're not concealing that really it doesn't serve the purpose of
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advancing the negotiations but there's not any any story a. feeling among the group doing this that we're well well well aware of what the north koreans have done in the past. stop providing direct aid to the palestinian authority fearing the money could be used to support people convicted of political violence is telling government has been providing around seven and a half million dollars a year to the world bank's trust fund for palestinian recovery and development foreign minister julie bishop says the money will be redirected to a un fund. and thus it is a been protesting in the occupied west bank again donald trump's peace plan for the middle east high for said has more from ramallah. several hundred. on the street in the sense of a lot of this is really just has to be told by the leadership but i could see the yellow very much a fatah factional protest called by the leadership really to expound its position
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on the u.s. attempt to restart the middle east peace process between israelis and the palestinians they say that the deal of the century is donald trump is trying to sell it is dead that they will not accept it i think the leadership was very much stung by a two interventions from the u.s. envoy jason green but and on from subtle jarrett cush the when they were in the region i just a few days ago each talking to the media here and be more critical of the p.a. leadership the president mahmoud abbas and the p.l.o. second generation erica they were complaining of an attempt to sort of bypass or even overthrow the p.a. leadership as the u.s. tries to drive this through appealing to the palestinians on grounds of economic opportunity that might be available to them if the u.s. peace plan were adopted they say the palestinian authority continues to say that the u.s. declaration on jerusalem recognizing it as israel's capital disqualifies united
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states a speech of much of what about his words just read out over the last twenty four hours again says that the united states is morally and politically unfit to take part in the peace process they are keen to show that their supporters are very much behind them in that message. as is out there these are our top stories the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government offensive to retake tera province in the southwest hopes of a cease fire have been trying further into doubt with splits emerging and opposition groups have been negotiating with the regime ally russia. under his manual lopez obrador is to become mexico's first leftist present in decades following his election victory told cheering supporters who clean up corruption and deal with spiraling gun violence. european union is launching legal action against
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poland over the country's supreme court reforms the government is moving to force judges to retire at the age of sixty five instead of seventy two stake effect from tuesday the changes will force more than a third of poland's current supreme court judges into retirement maybe as national oil corporation is suspending exports from east libya the move follows the capture of two old terminals last month by forces loyal to warlord holly for her after his forces have prevented all shipments from being loaded at several oil ports in the east of the country there is actually general says he's heard unimaginable accounts of killing and rape from rango refugees who fled from in martyr bangladesh and hennig a terrorist has been visiting overcrowded camps in bangladesh's cox's bazaar all these people here in these tragic circumstances and these if myanmar have no responsibilities for that is not acceptable we need to push and we will be pushing in the right direction and fully in line with the principles that have always been
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the principles of united nations in motion to. the need for every citizen to have a country that they can call their. iran's president hassan rouhani has just arrived in zurich he'll be meeting swiss and austrian leaders to discuss efforts to revive the iran nuclear deal that's after donald trump withdrew the united states from the agreement has been nine days since young football team went missing in a flooded cave in thailand rescue divers are advancing into the cave talk to out there is next. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change a look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies accused of endangering the world's second largest rainforest. counting
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the cost on. july on al-jazeera in a new series of head to head match of the big issues with hard hitting questions pakistan is going to the polls to elect a new government. will the country take people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world a generation of voters in zimbabwe grew up knowing only the leadership of robert mugabe now they're electing a new president of the first time since independence his name's not on the ballot on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. on al-jazeera.
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each year childhood and it's for an estimated fifteen million girls who marry before the age of eighteen according to the international center for research on women or i c r w. south asia has the largest concentration of child brides but early marriage is a global phenomenon girls living in poverty are more susceptible by marrying so young the research shows girls perpetuate the cycle of poverty unicef says they typically drop out of school and as a result face poor job prospects. buckled under the bed and i don't have that and my dad s. and son had a lead by then add that in that second that is this. any lesson that didn't make the n.f.l.'s bit to invest this bill and you add deborah.


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