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all the things. on. this is al jazeera. i know i'm right matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. rescuers in thailand finally locate a youth football team missing in a flooded cave for nine days. scenes of joy outside the cave but officials say it could take another day before the top boys are brought out safely. mexico's new president says he's proposed
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a plan to reduce migration and a phone call with president donald trump. germany's interior minister says he no longer plans to resign after reaching a compromise with chants of i'm going on migration. and in the football world cup five times world champions brazil see off mexico two mill to set up a quarter final meeting with belgium. a remarkable story of survival in thailand thirteen people who went missing in a flooded cave nine days ago have been found alive rescue workers struggled for days to drain the cave in a bid to reach the twelve young footballers and their coach the operation is now going to turn to how to pull them out of the underground complex and shortly we're going to get the latest from wayne hay in shanghai but first here's his report.
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after a long search that at times seemed hopeless the first signs emerged that twelve boys and the football coach were alive the british searches were the first to make contact deep inside tom the one cave. confirmation outside came from the man who for the past nine days had the job of delivering what little news there was about the fate of the missing this time he was able to say what everyone wanted to hear. about the thirteen missing people the latest report from the seal unit which winton and managed to reach by the beach they found the beach flooded but then they went further about three hundred to four hundred meters to another area of high ground they found a young brothers a safe it's been an agonizing wait for the families many of whom have been camping near the entrance to the cave since they went missing. are carney express how i
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feel it's stunning and i'm very proud i never expected this day to come i didn't have any information that led me to believe that my son would come out. for more than a week expert divers struggled to get through the cave system because of the huge amount of water flowing swiftly through it progress was painstakingly slow and at times the conditions forced the searches to retreat getting the boys and their coach out of the cave may be a long and difficult process and the big challenge may still be the water level even though it's dropped dramatically in the last few days more heavy rain is on the way. pumping is continuing around the clock to try to get as much water out of the cave before the heavy rains return the priority now is on getting food drinking water and medical attention to the thirteen while the plan is hatched to try to get them out which once complete will bring to an end a horrific ordeal and a remarkable story of survival. well let's take
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a closer look at how the underground cave complex is laid out the belongings of the twelve boys in their coach or first spotted at the entrance of the cave at one point rescuers thought they were trapped near an area known as part of beach but that area was flooded and they were found seeking refuge closer to the main cave wayne hays joining us now from chiang rai when i mean the sense of relief one would imagine that the boys in their coach are feeling at the moment having been discovered must be extraordinary but it is still a long process to get them out of that cave successfully isn't it. it certainly is rob and i think the emotion all faith and joy at herring the news late on monday night that all thirteen had been found alive inside the cave will perhaps in the coming hours and days give way to more concern. about the prospect of exactly how they will get them out of the cave the governor of chiang
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rai province who made that announcement late on monday that they were all found alive returned to the side here just a few moments ago and gave a few brief comments to the media and the overriding theme wall from him was that they are still very concerned about the water level inside the cave yes as we just reported it has gone down a lot over the past few days for a couple of reasons because there hasn't been as much rainfall but also the brought in a lot more heavy equipment and been able to pump a lot more water out of the cave system more quickly than they had previously but there is still a lot of water in there and they still have to dive to get to the area where the boys and their twenty five year old coach are located after that initial wave all the. divers went in there led by the british experts the next time to get in there we believe that has now arrived on the scene he had to dive to get there
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as well so he is now they're able to assess the exact medical condition of the boys and the coach and exactly what treatment they may need before that or even able to consider the process of bringing them out of that cave when do we know what's going to happen to the boys and their coach if and when they're brought out of the cave what's the next stage. well i think the immediate stage will be to get them off for some proper medical treatment we've seen basically rehearsals taking place over the last few days by military personnel by other search and rescue volunteers who have been heavily involved in this operation have been practicing the process of what will happen when they bring them out of the cave whether they are able to walk out by themselves or whether they will be carried out on stretches and carrying them into the waiting ambulances that they have taken
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them to nearby hospitals the hospitals have been on standby really in this area since day one said that will certainly be the priority and no doubt over the coming hours perhaps towards the end of jews day we will know more about the medical condition all of the boys and they coach. for now thanks very much indeed. another mayor has been assassinated in the mexican states of jalisco it comes on the day our new president was decided after a violent campaign that saw more than one hundred thirty politicians and workers killed president elect andres manuel lopez obrador has made countering the violence the top priority of his presidency latin america editor alysia newman has more. still wearing mexico's football jersey after monday's world cup elimination. is nevertheless happy convinced he says that his country has just won something much more important. than what we see
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a new transformed mexico ahead with andres manuel lopez obrador and his team we expect to see the country we love so much rise up. and like no big sick and president in decades president elect. will enjoyed not just overwhelming popular support but a majority in congress to push through an agenda that includes limiting or eliminating some of the current government structural reforms but he can't completely turn the clock back says this economist you know. there are a series of laws that protect investment especially foreign investment because mexico is a champion of free trade agreements and they cannot be dissolved by the career a simple congressional majority even notice of that god has named moderate economists to his cabinet to reassure the business sector indeed none of the doomsday predictions have come true the volatile mexican peso and the stock exchange have remained stable and perhaps much more unexpected u.s.
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president donald trump has rushed to be among the first to congratulate his soon to be leftist mexican counterpart telling him in a half hour telephone call that he is looking forward to quote a very good bilateral relationship as important as that relationship is of that order has a more urgent priority. dealing with mexico's terrifying rate of violence that is a killer must important the bus you find the country is most difficult but most important task we need very clear signs of a change in strategy to go much crime to draw a line between what's legal and illegal and to recognize the crimes against humanity have been covered up with impunity. thought has the mandate he has the political will the only question now is if he has the skill to reach the high bar he has set for himself and his country see in human i'll just see that mexico city . ok let's bring in michael shifter in washington d.c.
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he's the president of the into american dialogue it's a u.s. based think tank thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera let me ask you first of all sir your opinion on whether or not president elect globalist open a door can actually do something about the level of violence that mexico is facing well it's been it's very difficult to be doubled his predecessors last year there was a record number of homicides thirty thousand almost thirty thousand he's been asked a lot about this issue and he claims it's one of his priorities but it's a way of attacking it is to try to reduce poverty inequality where the will be able to do that and whether that will be sufficient to bring down levels of violence is unclear so we're really going to need more specifics about what his proposal is ok let me ask you now about this phone call that has taken place between president elect obama daughter and the u.s. president donald trump what do you make of the tone of that conversation and how
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much can we extrapolate from what has been said. well i think so far so good but he election was just yesterday so the tone i think it's been positive president. sent a tweet out last night can graduating obrador lopez obrador was was pretty conciliatory a moderate in his in his speech in his acceptance speech and it was followed up by a phone call so i think there is a window of opportunity to try to overcome some of the strain in tension that we've seen in u.s. mexican relations but i don't think you could extrapolate a lot from it we're going to have to see when the rubber hits the road and when the president begins again to make very strong aggressive comments about mexico and mexicans especially all with immigration issue and and over trade i think president lopez obrador will be much less accommodating and will not sit back he will
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be he will he will challenge he will respond more forcefully to president want to do once he does that so we can only hope that there's a change in president trump but i think that's very uncertain president. has said in that phone conversation that he was going to attempt to do something about a comprehensive deal on job creation and development projects in mexico to try to do something about the migration difficulty that exists between the u.s. and mexico in practical terms how do you think he's going to be able to do that and he's going to be any more successful than his predecessors of being. well i think it's going to be very very difficult he claims that by cleaning up corruption in mexico which is very very complicated. and has eluded his predecessors as well in fact his predecessors have been involved in corruption that he's going to be able to have the resources to finance some of his social programs that he wants to
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pursue which is really the top priority. to reduce inequality to reduce poverty each country has forty three percent poverty and so that's what he plans to do and so by that measure he can begin to create economic opportunities to support small farmers and small businesses and the like but i think it's the practicalities of that i think are unclear and where those resources are going to come from how he's going to be able to underwrite and fund some of these very ambitious socially oriented efforts is something that we're going to have to see it be very very difficult and of course the relationship with the united states is very critical eighty percent of mexico's exports go to the united states and in order for the country to finance these social projects it has to grow and in order to grow it has to have trade and investment we appreciate your views on this microsoft to thank you very much for your time. the u.n. says more than a quarter of
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a million syrians have now been displaced by the government's offensive to retake province jordan is set to hold talks with syria's ally russia this week in the hope of paving the way for a ceasefire it comes after opposition talks with russia broke down would splits emerge between rebel groups and a quarter reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. syrians flee as front lines continue to shift and there are problems the united nations says two hundred seventy thousand people have already been uprooted during the syrian government's military offensive now in its third week there are made in towns under opposition control are being battered by air strikes and shelling and the fear is an escalated military campaign now that talks collapsed. there is a military escalation to pressure the rebel factions to accept the russian military is going dishes to end the assault those conditions are humiliating for the opposition they just want them to give up everything after years of sacrifices they
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can't accept that. the opposition delegation involved in talks with the russian military which were mediated by jordan formally pulled out of negotiations and it's not clear if all rebel commanders support their decision but those who have made separate deals are being called traitors. to the representatives of a handful of towns have been signing so-called reconciliation deals with the government or what amounts to a surrender syrian state television showing people celebrating the return of government rule more often than not there is little choice such deals stave off further military action and prevent more suffering but anyone wanted by the state such as rebel fighters and those involved in opposition activities or who worked in rebel run administrations leave. rebel areas are shrinking more than sixty percent of daraa is now under the control of president bashar al assad's forces rebels still hold parts of the provincial capital that are city and the areas along the
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borders of the occupied golan heights and jordan including the crossing the opposition is in a weak position it has been abandoned by its allies the united states told them not to expect to be back to militarily jordan close its borders to weapons shipments and refugees instead it says it wants to focus on mediating a ceasefire but a ceasefire is not what the process and government camp wants. it is pushing for a military victory a win in the southern corner of syria would follow significant gains close to the capital in recent months then like now it is the civilians who pay the heaviest price. valid move could she see let me we ask every person with a conscience to help stop the shot and why are they shelling areas where there are children helpless elderly and sick people the children are hungry and without food we only brought tea and sugar with us please force this criminal to end the shelling. that is unlikely to happen the decision by some of the opposition not to
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sit at the negotiating table means a stepped up military campaign especially since the government stated goal is to recapture southern syria. beirut. refugees fleeing the fighting have been barred from entering neighboring jordan many of them have now set up camp on a small strip of grass just metres from the front here i'll just get out of it conor spawn and all my reports from there well some men i said you know a lot of. what we have arrived at the strip separating syria from jordan thousands of internally displaced people have been sleeping here in the open they're using basic sheets to protect themselves from the sun for their conditions are catastrophic the pictures are stronger than any words they fled attacks on their villages and towns and eastern countryside and escape toward the border with jordan looking for the safety and security that they have lost since the resumption of the attacks which led to many casualties have lost their security and hope they can
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cross into jordan. many more ahead in the news hour including how israel is planning to slash hundreds of millions of dollars from the palestinian authority's budget. plus what the french government is being accused of selling egypt's president the tools he needs to brutally crackdown on dissent and in sports roger federer gets his quest for a ninth wimbledon title off to a winning start. germany's interior minister says he no longer plans to resign after reaching a compromise with chancellor angela merkel all migration the disputes been resolved after hours of tense talks on monday also the hoffa as leader of merkel's main coalition partner the c.s.u. he was unhappy about a migration agreement with the e.u. saying it didn't offer enough protection to germany's borders. intensive
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after intensive negotiations between the c.d.u. and c.s.u. we have come to an accord we have a clear agreement about how we are going to prevent illegal migration in the future between germany and the austrian border i am glad that we have been successful in coming to this agreement we have seen once more that it is worth fighting for what you believe in and we have a clear and very robust agreement for the future for these things are just as mr foy and us i am very pleased that the cd you and see as you have come to a compromise with a view to managing regulating and where possible preventing secondary migration at the european council a few days ago we decided that we have to take care of secondary migration otherwise there is a risk of jeopardizing the freedoms of the schengen area that is the right to free movement in order to do that we want to take national internal measures why operating in partnership with the countries of origin and other countries dominic again has more from berlin. after days of deliberation many meetings not
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necessarily meetings of minds eventually there was this agreement on around a document which can unite the two branches of conservatism in this country this is that document which effectively creates a new regime at the border between germany and austria the place where the bavarian christian social union believes that migration has become problematic certainly illegal migration into germany and stop them and creates as i say a regime whereby centers will be set up close to the border which will be in effect detention centers for some people pending their return to the countries where they first made landfall in the e.u. this is been an issue that has divided the conservative branches of government two parties which until recently had been wedded at the hip as it were a very successful election winning machine but which found itself effectively split
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in two by the route between angela merkel and horst zero four from the c.s.u. appears as though the two parties have agreed on this question now will be how this can get to a position of being implemented by government the international organization for migration says more than a thousand people have died trying to cross from libya to europe this year hundreds have drowned in the mediterranean in just the past few days on monday for the second time in a week a ship with rescued migrants on board was detained by malta rescue groups deny claims by italy's interior minister that there colluding with people smugglers in libya. so far this year ten thousand migrants have been brought back to shore by the libyan coast guard. and put into detention so there's a big increase by the libyan coast guard in preventing smuggling. at the same time the proportion of the number of deaths is increasing we think this is because the smugglers are getting more desperate and are taking desperate measures and
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absolutely not caring for the safety of the migrants putting them to sea in unsafe persons israel's knesset has passed a law to allow the government to deduct three hundred million dollars a year from the palestinian authority's budget the money will be taken from taxes and tariffs that israel collects on the whole cloth ortiz behalf israeli politicians claim the authority paid three hundred fifty million dollars last year to palestinian prisoners jailed for attacking israeli security forces and their families. you cannot brand the palestinian a criminal just because he or she is a criminal otherwise most palestinians are commitments since israel decides to label everybody that its occupation as a criminal it's out of responsibility to be fully transparent to be fully professional and to conduct outside of this in a way which is based on our responsibilities and we would continue to do that we will not let our people down we cannot withhold any kind of support that assistance
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from families that have lost great head from families that have been led to victimized by israeli violence by israeli criminality seven former u.s. ambassadors to the un have called on the trumpet ministration to restore funding for palestinian refugees the u.n. relief and works agency is facing a major budget shortfall after the u.s. announced its withholding sixty five million dollars the agency provides aid for millions of palestinians across the middle east the former envoys say funding is crucial for providing education and health care to people in need. the strain has stopped providing direct aid to the palestinian authority feeding the money could be used to support people convicted of political violence is truly a government provided about seven and a half million dollars a year to the world bank's trust fund for palestinian recovery and development for
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the minister julie bishop says the money will be redirected to a un fund. the french government and several companies are being accused of helping the egyptian president crackdown on dissent the international federation for human rights as investigated weapons deals with as well as sales of surveillance technology but actual battle reports from paris. it's five years since egyptian security forces commanded by then general abdel fattah el-sisi brutally dispersed a protest in cairo at least eight hundred supporters of ousted president mohamed morsy were killed the four thousand injured of what's called the rather massacre the international federation for human rights says french made armored vehicles were used in the crackdown in a new report the organization says that french companies are increasingly selling weapons surveillance technology and drones to egypt arms they say help president sisi crush dissent. after the coup in twenty thirteen by sisi the european union
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council decided to suspend the sale of all military and civilian equipment to egypt to condemn the dictatorships abuses but france has profited in the name of counter-terrorism. the report says between twenty ten and twenty sixteen french arms sales to egypt increased from forty six million to one point five billion dollars exports included conventional weapons such as warships and fighter jets but also surveillance systems that help egypt's security services to monitor citizens. egypt's army has been fighting armed groups in the sinai region last year france's president said that egypt was an important partner in the fight against terrorism. acts that i am aware of the security situations and conditions in which prison system must operate is not in paris like us the challenge is to stability of this country in the fight against terrorism and religious fundamentalism it's the
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context in which we must govern. the authors of this report say that france is founding international rules on weapons export such as the arms trade treaty which says that if there is a doubt that arms are being used to suppress people then this sale should be suspended egyptian authorities are saying that they're combating terrorism and the french say we have a great partner in fighting terrorism however in practice and we saw that those terrorists are human rights defenders are journalists independent journalists are intellectuals and have nothing to do with political violence activists say that in the past five years egypt has detained at least sixty thousand political prisoners and if france holds to uphold its reputation as a defender a few minutes rights the government must carry out proper checks on egyptian all music schools who face being complicit in some of the regimes abuses natascha al-jazeera paris still ahead and al jazeera promises of help for india refugees
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after a high powered visit by the un secretary general. by political discord in libya could threaten oil production globally. and in sports belgium and japan play out of five gold world cup thriller tachyon is going to be here with the details. hello there for the southwestern part of the u.s. it's still rather dry and that's not good news because we could really do with some wet weather to dampen down the flames these fires all from the northern parts of california and see just how ferocious they also know what weather on the horizon here but elsewhere that has been a north of heavy rain all out of this system here gradually beginning to break up now but i think for some of us in texas we're going to see
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a cluster of thunderstorms to stick around as we head through two. tuesday and into wednesday just rushing trucking a little bit further towards the west ahead about staying dry and pretty hot with washington d.c. all the way out at thirty three degrees above average was the south and there's plenty of showers here but also a good deal of sunshine but it do you think that the showers are beginning to pull themselves together of a pulse of costa rica and up in tunica regular here inside the show is going to stick around as we head through the next few days so choose the am when they both are looking pretty wet for us but if over towards the south of forth in one of the reasons it's pretty chilly at the moment so a maximum temperature just of nine or ten degrees it really will feel cool for us here for if in santiago though here the temperatures are recovering but there's more rain edging its way towards us and wednesday is looking pretty words. i'm. going to. how reliable is an eyewitness when you have an eyewitness to
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say i was there i saw him do it that is the best evidence about thirty percent of the time when this is a real case of who picks someone it's yes that's the person determining the prime are wrong he's being socially accused incarcerated for something he did not exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job ballenger on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives new possible. thing in the stimulus and. the public's support to paint some discussion when you see tough questions like this what comes to mind how do you respond to people how global of all could you see. winning programs take you on a journey. and.
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you're watching out is here a reminder of our top stories this hour twelve boys and their football coach have been found alive after nine days missing in a flooded cave in thailand parents cheered as their agonizing wait for news came to an end the operation will now turn to how to pull the group from the underground complex. mexico's president elect says he's offered to help reduce u.s. bound migration in exchange for president trump's support and as manuel lopez obrador spoke to trump on the phone after his electoral win on sunday. the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government's offensive to retake
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that our province jordan is set to hold talks with syria's ally russia this week in the hope of paving the way for a ceasefire. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has returned to the country for talks aimed at ending the fighting in the port city of kut data modern gryphus will need leaders from warring sides in the next three days data port is the main entry for aid needed by millions of yemenis on sunday the u.a.e. says it halted its military campaign to give the un's diplomatic efforts a chance however the rebels say the saudi and iraqi coalition has launched ten air strikes and ground attacks in the past twenty four hours. the u.n. secretary general says he's heard unimaginable accounts of killing and rape from refugees who fled the military crackdown in me and mine and tonio get out as has been visiting a million refugees now living in overcrowded camps in bangladesh he says refugees are living in terrible conditions there because of massive human rights violations
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in myanmar and reports from cox's bazar. the visit to could to prolong refugee camp may have been short but its impact on united nations secretary general antonio good terrorists seemed a lasting one in the senate senator. can't these people that have suffered so much in vietnam you know we're still lead into difficult circumstances that these camps in every piece are. witnessing the magnitude of this crisis firsthand good terry's expressed how worried he was for a refugee population vulnerable even before this current monsoon season threatened them with flooding and landslides as funding for the crisis has been very difficult to obtain the news from world bank group president jim yong kim was welcomed we will provide an initial triage of four hundred eighty million dollars in grants for volunteers to support the. jemele debate them was one
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of a number of or hinder refugees who met the secretary general during the visit. her wishes were made very clear and other the. issue was a smart card that identifies us as well but before giving us these identity documents they should give them to their hanjour who are in jails and the m.r. and to the er hanjour who are still living with them. but many others who didn't meet the delegation also found ways to let their feelings be known. so as we wait for the u.n. convoy to start rolling again i'm noticed here on the side of the road you see all these we're going to refugees in the whole the signs yes to dignity yes to security yes to where his citizenship really showcasing a concern that they have something that many of those who we've spoken with today want to make sure that they get across to the u.n. you see the sign is saying that rohinton should be included in any agreements about revenger and that any dignified repatriation must include full citizenship rights as a a hinge or ethnic group. that tells us he fled the violence in me and more almost
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a year ago. that if list will go back if i did ditty as raheja is given to us otherwise we won't go. but good terrorists agreed much more needs to be done we need to push and be pushing in the right fashion and in light of the principles that have always been the recent polls in the united nations to. the need for every citizen to have a country that they can call to action to many here it's a sentiment that's more than welcome but also one that seems a long way off from becoming reality. at the could to prolong refugee camp and cox is a bizarre. a philippine mayor has been shot dead while presiding over a weekly flag raising ceremony in his city.
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video antonio holly's assassination was posted on social media how many led a controversial walk of shame campaign parading drug suspects around town in one city but clearly had his powers of a local police suspended following allegations of involvement in the narcotics trade police in the western indian the state of maharashtra have arrested twenty three people not to five men were bludgeoned to death by a crowd of people on saturday police say the attack came after one of the men was spotted talking to a child it's the latest in a series of lynchings in india sparked by false rumors spread on the internet of child kidnapping gangs. honesty international's accuse indonesia's security forces of killing dozens of people in the past eight years and the country's largest province of pop up some armed groups in the region have been fighting for its independence but amnesty says many peaceful protesters have lost their lives in
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a government crackdown service and reports from jakarta. the killing of four teenage boys in two thousand and fourteen shocked many in witnesses told amnesty international that security forces opened fire on villagers who were performing a traditional dance which is their way of showing anger against the military the seventeen and eighteen year olds died at the scene south indian people were admitted to hospital the case has yet to be brought to court it's one of sixty nine cases detailed in amnesty's report called don't bother just let him die instead of improving security approach with human rights and a more friendly approach. on the ground they still use of violence approach or means of human rights violation in handling peaceful protests social protests and. political activities of of pop up which creates more in the us
2:37 am
which creates more issues and which creates more resentment or feeling of dissatisfaction feeling of injustice among. the fast majority of top one. became part of indonesia after an agreement between the united states the netherlands and the united nations in the one nine hundred sixty s. one independence activists have disputed the agreement ever since. a small movement regularly fights government troops but amnesty found that mainly peaceful protesters of people not involved in the independence movement are killed police and military leaders deny that and say they have been attacked. by mangled up all. the many pleas sensible. become victims and pop well what about them being suggested the killing to only have been committed by police and military what about police and military being killed the. president has vowed to bring change to
2:38 am
where poverty is widespread the indonesian government is building roads and ports and tries to improve welfare but government critics say it's failing to help many in power earlier this year church leaders reported hundreds of children in the past month region have died of malnutrition and hunger new findings about killings are reminded that the situation in the troubled east of the country has yet to improve now indonesia has become a nonpermanent member of the un security council there's a lot at stake to make sure that the human rights situation improves and once again finally live in peace step fasten al-jazeera that france's president has addressed financial and security hurdles in the sun hell on the final day of the african union summit in mauritania emanuel held talks with leaders of the five nation anti terror unit the g five subtle force it's backed by france and it's faced multiple attacks from on groups in recent days. has been following the summit from knocked
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out. these are delicate times for french troops operating in this region of subsaharan mali armed groups have attacked and killed french soldiers and their regional task force our allies. and we. friends has sent thousands of soldiers to the remote area where groups affiliated with i.c.l. and al qaida have grown in size and influence since two thousand and eleven and you see i obviously want to take a moment here for mali and friends following the cowardly odious attacks of the terrorists in survivor a gal several french soldiers have been wounded and being evacuated to france and it is mali and civilians african civilians who are killed by its here or is and who are the first victims of these barbarians we fight despite u.n. sanctions targeting smugglers in libya their networks remain
2:40 am
a busy main gateway for migrants crossing the mediterranean into europe then watch out summit issued a watered down report on the situation in western sahara calling for the a you took play a central role in breaking the impasse. a united nations brokered cease fire has been in force since one nine hundred ninety one but morocco and the police are your front remain deeply divided over how to end the conflict. and the african union says it will introduce zero tolerance policies for corruption but the leaders of countries often accused of graft inefficiency and crippling bureaucracy didn't elaborate on what kind of measures they plan to take. africa's problems have spread beyond the continent which explains why the e.u. has stepped in offering cash and military assistance to tackle the surge in attacks
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by armed groups investor head region and to dismantle the migrant smuggling networks but it's unclear if that help will work with the ongoing conflicts and lawlessness in many african countries. washout. libya's national oil corporation is suspending exports from the country's eastern ports it follows the capture of two all terminals last month by forces loyal to warlord calling for huffed up his forces have prevented shipments from being loaded at several ports libya's u.n. backed government has warned international companies against dealing with. this is special effects crude oil loadings that. oil terminals in eastern libya comes a week after the cedar and ras lanuf ports was shut down. self-proclaimed libyan national army libya holds africa's largest oil reserves and these suspensions will cut the country's oil output by almost eighty percent that's
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a loss of eight hundred fifty thousand barrels or sixty seven million dollars in revenue every day mahmoud under one head as more from tripoli. libya's n.o.c. that is the national oil corporation based in tripoli which is allied with the u n bag the government of national accord has declared force measured in two major oil ports in the eastern part of the country namely to eighteen a oil port which is located in the oil crescent and lead a girl oil port which is based in the eastern city of tobruk and that is following the actions taken by warlord twenty four hefted to prevent any vessel from loading oil crude in the eastern oil terminals now n o c that is the national oil corporation has taken that decision to protect the n.o.c. from any legal procedures from any legal prosecutions that might be taken by foreign contractors the foreign companies that out contracted to buy or to take
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libyan oil. crude now this follows that incision made by the hefted to hand over the oil terminals in the east and the eastern of libya to the. new sea national oil corporation that is that is following the conflict that erupted in the oil crescent area between forces do all of. the have that and others loyal to their full model the chief of the petroleum facilities guard brahim. now. based in tripoli says that the total loss of all in this conflict is more than six hundred fifty million dollars today the u.s. says it remains committed to sanctions aimed at preventing iran from exporting any oil president donald trump has faced international criticism for his plan to impose sanctions on countries or corporations doing business with iran article hain has
2:44 am
the latest from washington. here the state department put out a senior official to talk about the status of the u.s. pulling out of the iran nuclear agreement saying it's been about two months since the president made that announcement they said in that time they started sending out senior officials across the globe warning countries and companies that if they continue to do business with iran after the u.s. sanctions are put back in place they too could face u.s. sanctions now will there be any waivers the officials sort of hesitated when asked that this is a campaign of imposing pressure and so we are not looking to grant licenses or waivers broadly on the reimposition of sanctions because we believe pressure is critical to it to achieve our national security objectives we are prepared to work with countries that are reducing their imports on a case by case basis so far the u.s. isn't getting a great reception across the globe as a tries to force other countries to follow suit the important date so watch out for
2:45 am
august fourth that's when some u.s. sanctions go back into place but the big ones november fourth that is when the u.s. says it will target iran's financial sector and its oil sector. well it comes as iran's president hassan rouhani arrives in switzerland for talks on how to save his nuclear deal with the world powers the pact was dealt a potentially fatal blow after u.s. president donald trump pulled out that's left the iranian government pinning its hopes on european partners who say they will stand by the twenty fifteen agreement the man who said he would take a bullet for donald trump has hinted he may no cooperate with any investigation into the u.s. president in a t.v. interview trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen distanced himself from the president and said his loyalties are to his family and country cohen's under investigation for possible fraud and electoral law violations he admits paying an adult film actress one hundred thirty thousand dollars to keep quiet about an
2:46 am
alleged affair with trump before he was president. and the white house says secretary of state my pompei is going to head back to north korea on thursday but pe is going to meet leader kim jong un for talks on the denuclearization of the peninsula it's going to be the third time compares being to pyongyang. the european commission is investigating poland over its reforms to a supreme court the changes will see more than a third of supreme court judges forced to retire early while his ruling in law and justice party says that a forms are needed to improve a judge system that hasn't been updated since communist times but the commission says the moves a threat to the courts independence still ahead and al jazeera tachyon a sanchez is going to have all the support of the day including. i'm told race in sweden where a strong culture of professional football teams founded by immigrants has helped fuel the national team stand against racism at the world cup.
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well. i was just.
2:49 am
ninety percent of the wild special dogs are being fished battle beyond best to stay in it will limit its growing demand an industrial fishing techniques are pushing some populations of cod and china to the brink of collapse while millions of tons of other less marketable species are being used to fast eliza fish food or simply discard it i'm so we are rightly in london u.k. where marine scientists are working together with local fisherman to get consumers hooked on sustainable seafood. based in east
2:50 am
london a tiny startup by the name of sol shah is hoping to change london his relationship with fish. the fish for the german. order over discipline said. you choose how much for if you want health and you want to uncover get it from it's a bit like a budget box but let's say. we work with a couple of ensure fischman we bother it's hard and then handed out to us it's a really good why i just got to go home to the maze of the fish trying things that maybe you haven't tried before and also a supporter of the god cool thing martin fuller is one of the three and a half thousand small scale fishermen what he means wish to use but unlike many out this families have been in the business because. and aeration says he and used to come to the trade a decade to get the last of my the fish and most of the boys out a little was a toy i've also got a fixture of the skill set you know for the stronger for a living take that i want to play provincetown so that once i've been there
2:51 am
constantly they stand by. you're an economist nothing that they have a market for you know it's a die hard there were. six touches the bigger fish. the all the nasal sides big fish but some of them cut off small fish as well which are trolling the only thing you find looking like the day in. the sun told you could avoid every. unlike industrial bottom two minutes which tried them on the seafloor and can kill a wide array of three night. stay still in the world and the notch holes means he's not undermining feature fish stocks by catching let's see. those he doesn't extend the net come in and i. say that's legal soley because the wife and i work for our backyards but. how much more would you get say for.
2:52 am
a place if you send it three don't rub it in just a little so jack is a flat right for her and the cage on. the house side of the market male tomorrow to offer a crate for for the son plights says quite a bit different that is yeah so share members help keep martin in business by giving him a good price and buying a set wait each week of whatever he brings in he also going to fishmonger what i seldom i still get a break simon called from provence and sure you know they're beautiful things that i sell more than anything else and they're also some of the nicest kind and i miss fish exactly. everyone in someone's office. has got all day because i have to accept whatever turns up of a god or different spaces on the spanking first figure giving a child. who think into congress is going to quote really invested war hero marine significant this meant that for we end up in boy. the business is not as missing
2:53 am
from a lot of the way that we know we eat today you know it is such a big disconnect between what's on our plates the merits come from. a sample you want to fight then that there's something about it we're not so sure i started in twenty thirteen and now has eighty members in london who buy from martin and a few other small scale fishing. from a boat to icebox in a matter of minutes the race is now on to get today's fresh catch straight up to social members in london so it's about finding people that care about where the fish come from and linking them with the called the fishermen that care how because i think.
2:54 am
we have a newsgathering team here that is second term and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job and information is coming in very quickly all at once we want to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garber is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in goes on by in the local language which means a traditional breeding assistant or a midwife ameena has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty
2:55 am
years. now going to was a well they come to me the poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they can't pay me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel weak or this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's that it turns out they believe what they believe because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to do the work in depth
2:56 am
journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. there. was a man in just a few. hours one. you know from and you never left i did it. because of. my money let's see everybody else. so that's how i came to bed.
2:57 am
sleepless matty had to go bust city center at least to get ahead beginning for food and not just walking. in the lead tonight that's. been up in fact it would be tempting to me is just sad. sometimes they succeed and my friend it's not having something i want to show them. in each. poor little bit of people. it would indeed each end is a very big. challenge to the team.
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morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. this is a story about a small village the society that inhabits it and to of its most important it's the villages on the telephone and it's a mix you keep. discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe you find on
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latin america that delves into this cuban michael's. into the song. cuba calling on al-jazeera. her. all accounted for rescuers in thailand finally locate a youth football team missing in a flooded cave for nine days. scenes of joy outside the cave but officials warn it's going to take time before the traffic boys are brought out safely. in and this is all just a live from doha also coming up mexico's new.


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