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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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you're. all accounted for rescuers in thailand finally locate a youth football team trapped in a flooded cave for ten days. and scenes of joy outside the cave but officials warn it'll take time before the boys are brought out safely. hello it's a whole robin you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up mexico's new president says he's proposed a plan to reduce migration in the phone call with donald trump. and five time world champions brazil sea off mexico to reach the quarterfinals of the fee for world cup
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. welcome to the program a youth football team have been found after being trapped for more than a week in a flooded cave in northern thailand rescue workers struggled for days to drain the waters in a bid to reach the twelve youngsters and their twenty five year old coach food and medical supplies have been sent in because the mission to bring them out to me takes some time when hay reports from chiang rai. after a long search that at times seemed hopeless the first signs emerge that twelve boys and the football coach were alive the british searches were the first to make contact deep inside tunnel one cave how many are. very. many papers are coming. we are married they.
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are. her. confirmation outside came from the man who had the job of delivering what little news there was about the fate of the missing this time he was able to say what everyone wanted to hear. about the thirteen missing people the latest report from the seal unit which went in and managed to reach by the beach they found the beach flooded but then they went further about three hundred to four hundred meters to another area of high ground they found a young brothers a safe it's been an agonizing wait for the families many of whom have been camping near the entrance to the cave since they went missing when they are calm express how i feel it's stunning and i'm very proud i never expected this day to come i didn't have any information that led me to believe that my son would come out. for
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more than a week expert divers struggled to get through the cave system because of the huge amount of water flowing swiftly through it progress was painstakingly slow and at times the conditions forced the searches to retreat getting the boys and their coach out of the cave may be a long and difficult process and the big challenge may still be the water level even though it's dropped dramatically in the last few days more heavy rain is on the way. pumping is continuing around the clock to try to get as much water out of the cave before the heavy rains return the priority now is on getting food drinking water and medical attention to the thirteen while a plan is hatched to try to get them out which once complete will bring to an end a horrific ordeal and a remarkable story of survival wayne hay al-jazeera chiang rai. let's take a closer look now at how the underground cave complex is now the belongings of the
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twelve boys and their coach were first spotted at the entrance of the cave now one point rescuers thought they were trapped several kilometers within the complex there an area known as protégé or beach but that area was flooded and they were actually found a further four hundred meters away closer to the main cave scott highland has the latest on the rescue operation from chiang rai. they became known as the missing thirteen here in thailand but they're not missing any more but their ordeal is not over the boys and their coats were discovered at nine fifteen pm local time here but they are still in there it's going to be a very difficult process to get them out here are trying to hatch a plan the best plan to get them out safely medical technicians are in with them and i will be throughout the day throughout the hours making sure that they're in good health so far it sounds like there's no major health issue for now obviously the very hungry they're being fed supplies have been brought in but it's going to be very difficult to take them out that is because that water level is still very
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high now it's stopped raining but there's still a lot of water in there and the pumping is still going on so that's the biggest issue is the water level because even though it's not raining here the hills around here drain into that system that we've been speaking with family members who have been here for this entire ordeal ten days they say that officials are telling them that they're going to try to move family members to chiang rai city prevents the capital here to the hospital there presumably that's where they will take the boys when they come out and bring them to that hospital we're hearing that they'll probably be taken out from the stairway here and then they'll be put into anyone's is taken to a how a padded makes it nearby and helicopters over to china city now it's about an hour drive obviously a lot less time by helicopter but right now the family they're very happy but they're very concerned now is how quickly these boys and come out and right now we're not getting any indication really of how long that's going to take. a central american way or another that has been assassinated in the mexican state to be so it
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comes home the day a new president was decided after a campaign that sold more than one hundred thirty politicians and workers killed president elect and this man while loop is over the war has made countering the violence a priority he's also had a phone conversation with u.s. president trump to address the migration issue a lot of america to tell you see in human. still wearing mexico's football jersey after monday's world cup elimination. is nevertheless happy convinced he says that his country has just won something much more important. we see a new transformed mexico ahead with andres manuel lopez obrador and his team we expect to see the country we love so much rise up. and like no big sick and president in decades president elect. will enjoyed not just overwhelming popular support but a majority in congress to push through an agenda that includes limiting or
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eliminating some of the current government structural reforms but he can't completely turn the clock back says this economy. there are a series of laws that protect investment especially foreign investment because mexico is a champion of free trade agreements and they cannot be dissolved by the career a simple congressional majority ever. thought has named moderate economists to his cabinet to reassure the business sector indeed none of the doomsday predictions have come true the volatile mexican peso and the stock exchange have remained stable and perhaps much more unexpected u.s. president donald trump has rushed to be among the first to congratulate his soon to be leftist mexican counterpart telling him in a half hour telephone call that he is looking forward to cold a very good bilateral relationship as important as that relationship is over the border has a more urgent priority dealing with mexico's terrifying rate of violence that is
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a killer must important in the country is his most difficult most important task we need very clear signs of a change in strategy to crime to draw a line between what's legal and illegal and to recognize the crimes against humanity have been covered with impunity. lord has the mandate. he has the political will the only question now is if he has the skill to reach the high bar he has set for himself and his country i see in human as just mexico city. germany's interior minister says he no longer plans to resign after reaching a compromise with chancellor angela merkel on migration the disputes been resolved after hours of ten's talks on monday horse as a whole further is leader of merkel's main coalition partner the c.s.u. now he was unhappy about her migration agreement with the e.u. saying it didn't offer enough protection to germany's borders. the u.n.
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says more than a quarter of a million syrians have been displaced by the government's offensive to retake a province in jordan is that to hold talks with syria's ally russia this week in the hope of paving the way for a ceasefire opposition talks with moscow broke down when split between the rebel groups that hold a reporter from beirut in neighboring lebanon. syrians flee as frontlines continue to shift in that our province the united nations says two hundred seventy thousand people have already been uprooted during the syrian government's military offensive now in its third week there meaning towns under opposition control are being battered by air strikes and shelling and the fear is an escalated military campaign now that talks collapse i. there is a military escalation to pressure the rebel factions to accept the russian military is conditions to end the assault those conditions are here relating for the opposition they just want them to give up everything after years of sacrifices they
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can't accept that. the opposition delegation involved in talks with the russian military which were mediated by jordan formally pulled out of negotiations and it's not clear if all rebel commanders support that decision but those who have made separate deals are being called traitors. to the representatives of a handful of towns have been signing so-called reconciliation deals with the government or what amounts to a surrender syrian state television showing people celebrating the return of government rule more often than not there is little choice such deals stave off further military action and prevent more suffering but anyone wanted by the state such as rebel fighters and those involved in opposition activities or who worked in rebel run administrations leave. rebel areas are shrinking more than sixty percent of daraa is now under the control of president bashar al assad's forces rebels
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still hold parts of the provincial capital that are city and the areas along the borders of the occupied golan heights and jordan including then a sea crossing the opposition is in a weak position it has been abandoned by its allies the united states told them not to expect to be back to militarily jordan close its borders to weapons shipments and refugees instead it says it wants to focus on mediating a ceasefire but a ceasefire is not what the process and government camp wants. it is pushing for a military victory a win in the southern corner of syria would follow significant gains close to the capital in recent months then like now it is the civilians who pay the heaviest price. valid mccord she feels let me we ask every person with a conscience to help stop the shan and why are they shelling areas where there are children helpless elderly and sick people the children are hungry and without food we only brought tea and sugar with us please force this criminal to end the
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shelling. that is unlikely to happen the decision by some of the opposition not to sit at the negotiating table means a stepped up military campaign especially since the government stated goal is to recapture southern syria so what their al-jazeera beirut where the most senior roman catholic cleric convicted of covering up troll sex abuse has been sentenced to twelve months to turn train in australia but also bishop phillip wilson well what going to cost to the immediately the court has ordered the assessment of whether the sixty seven year old can be put on the home detention wilson was found guilty of failing to report the repeated abuse of two altar boys by the pile a paedophile priest during the one nine hundred seventy s. . still ahead here on al-jazeera we look at how egypt's changed in five years since the overthrow of its first democratically elected president. refusing to budge months after the argentine submarine with missing relatives of crew members are still waiting and says do stay with us here but it was
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a. hello there there's a lot of dry hot weather across many parts of the middle east now not a great deal of showers showing up on our shot at all just really in the far northeast in parts of our map through parts of his back is down and up into kazakstan that's why we've got a few showers and want to could turn out to be rather live to the west of that you can see some quite keen winds working their way down from the north they can pick up a fair amount of dust and haze at times making things a little bit murky but towards the west that's where it's hottest with baghdad up of forty seven degrees rising to fourteen i as we head into wednesday so really a very hot day on the cards here a bit further towards the south and for us here in doha the temperatures aren't quite that high thanks to a bit more moisture around that makes the temperatures just that little bit lower
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so forty two degrees will be our maximum on cheese day and by wednesday down to around forty one to the west of us a little bit of cloud could be coming and going at times they were parts of saudi arabia and as you head down towards yemen that cloud is likely to be a little bit thicker as it is over parts of oman where it could just bring us a little bit of drizzle as well down toward the southern parts of africa and there's lots of cloud having us been giving us some very heavy rain over parts of cape town so gradually clearing away though so i think for many of us as we head through the day on choose day should be bright and fine fourteen degrees though so not that will force in cape town. the story of the british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp it's. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of whom have lived there for seventy years it's like he's been there a few jomo saw his life it's not a long life
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a short seven days in beirut. an al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching i'll just there i was the whole robin a reminder of our top stories rescuers in northern thailand coming up with a plan to bring a young football team out their coach out of a flooded cave the team was late on monday after ten days trapped below ground food and medical supplies have been sent to. mexico's president elect says he's offered to help reduce the u.s. bound by gratian exchange for president trump support responder lopez obrador spoke
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to trump on the phone to his electoral win something and the u.n. says more than a quarter of a million syrians have now been displaced by the government's offensive to retake their province jordan is set to hold talks with syria's ally russia this week in the hope of paving the way for a ceasefire. the libyan navy says sixty three refugees and migrants are missing in the mediterranean after their inflatable boat sank the navy rescued another forty while the international organization for migration says more than a thousand people have died trying to cross from libya to europe this year and on monday a ship with rescued migrants on board was detained in malta rescue groups deny claims by italy's tiriel to start their colluding with people smugglers in libya. israel's knesset has passed a new law to allow the government to deduct three hundred million dollars a year from the palestinian authority's budget the money will be taken from taxes
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and towers that israel collects on the authorities behalf israeli politicians claim the authority paid three hundred fifty million dollars last year to palestinian prisoners jailed for attacking israeli security forces and their families seven former u.s. ambassadors to the un have called on the troubled ministration that to restore funding for palestinian refugees the un relief and works agency is facing a major budget shortfall after the u.s. announced its withholding sixty five billion dollars the agency provides aid for millions of palestinians across the middle east the former envoys say funding is crucial for providing education and health care to people in the. the un's voyage to yemen is in summer to meet who three rebels watching griffiths is trying to broker a deal to end the bombardment of the hugely controlled city of new data by the saudi and the rotty coalition other coalition backs the evident government which is demanding the who things withdraw was more real hard reports the assault is
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deepening the suffering of civilians trapped in the city. abdu salim and his family really leave their home everyone else in the neighborhood has gone seeking refuge elsewhere from the bombs being dropped on who day there by the saudi led coalition without any money and little prospect of finding work to make some they simply can't afford to leave. when we are broke i have eight children we can't go anywhere because of the sea the warplanes are always flying above us the war planes began flying overhead three weeks ago as the un was leading another round of talks to resolve yemen's three years civil war the yemeni government backed by the saudi led coalition opted instead to launch an offensive to retake the port city of who they are the un's envoy martin griffiths is currently in the capital summer to meet who see rebels based there he's pushing to end the three
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beacon feats of which could include the un stepping in to manage the port something the world body has resisted in the past the port city of new data is the main entry point for seventy percent of humans imports and a prize in yemen's long running civil war it's controlled by who the fighters but the saudi lead coalition maintains it will accept nothing less than a full who thought withdrawal and we should hope the militia has yet to change its position the operation continues so as to put pressure on the rebels to change their position i think that means relief for the people who died in may be a way of it of drammen mohammed an experience trader. says times have been tough in the past but never anything this bad people don't have jobs people don't have money most in the densely populated city he says just trying to survive. the situation is deteriorating we're trapped by the fighting in her data many people
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have been displaced by the bombing by the saudi led coalition its indiscriminate yemen civil war has lived three quarters of the population in disparate need of aid millions of them on the brink of starvation. ahmed abdul salam is disparate he says he has nothing left but his family and his faith in god media al-jazeera it's not five years since egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi was overthrown in a military coup the muslim brotherhood leader had been in office just a year when army chief general of the c.c. seized power troll strafford looks at what's happened since the. uphill fertile c.c. was minister of defense and commander in chief of egypt's armed forces when he led the military coup on july the third two thousand and thirteen. that overthrew egypt's first democratically elected government. after months of protests demanding
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the newly elected president mohamed morsi step down sisi said the coup was necessary to prevent slipping into a dark tunnel of civil unrest. sisi dissolved the two thousand and twelve egyptian constitution set up an interim government and called for new elections. human rights groups say the coup represented the end of democracy in the important middle east ally for the u.s. and other countries. the subsequent crackdown on morsi party the muslim brotherhood and its supporters was widespread and brutal. security forces raided camps set up by morsy supporters in the capital on the fourteenth two thousand and thirteen. at least eight hundred people were killed in cairo and around four thousand injured cc's opponents. thousands of muslim brotherhood members and supporters were arrested the government offensive on opposition groups and the
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media has widened in the years since that day our model. says he was first elected president in two thousand and fourteen democracy international one of the main international observer groups monitoring voting said egypt's repressive political environment had made a genuine democratic presidential election possible sisi inherited a troubled economy apparently needing aggressive reforms i list say things have improved since but egyptians have suffered the withdrawal of certain price subsidies and the devaluation of the egyptian pound against the us dollar workers also began on several major construction projects including dredging a new channel of to sue is canal and the building of several new desert cities including a forty five billion dollar administrative capital east of cairo the battle against eisel in the sinai peninsula is a major security challenge sisi ordered
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a large scale military campaign in february after a mosque attack killed more than three hundred people human rights watch says up to four hundred twenty thousand people in four cities in the north of the sinai need urgent humanitarian aid because the military has heavily restricted access c.c. was reelected president for another four year term in march. he has support from the u.s. president donald trump and european allies. main challenger was arrested and his campaign manager beaten up in the run up to the poll or other presidential hopefuls withdrew their candidacies alleging intimidation and harassment. growth of the crew members of the ms the origin tones of marine one or demanding the government speeds up the hurry of a private company to continue the search is on one disappeared with forty four
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sailors on board while on a training mission last year it was last heard from in november when they reported a short circuit in the vessels batteries two days later an international search and rescue operation was launched which saw the deployment of four files and personnel for more than a dozen countries really two weeks later the mission was abandoned as all those on board were presumed no trace of the vessel has ever been found truth about reports of four burners i was. near relatives of those who went missing when the argentine navy submarine sunk one disappeared in the waters of the south atlantic eight months ago. on this husband letter sanchez was one of them she has changed herself with others to demand then cers from the government of president. doesn't feel like those forms of police we are are sacrificing ourselves to be here we have children families but we won't leave my husband does not deserve to be forgotten like this he was serving his country and the least the government can do is try to find the
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sound one with forty four sailors on board was what he said to have been a routine mission when it was lost the commander of the vessel had reported the water had entered the vessel resulting in better remote function then nearby underwater listening devices identified an unnatural sound in the area the navy believes it was an explosion this one was never seen again this people have been sleeping in tents for days they are demanding to know what happened to their family arena and they're also asking the government to hire a private company that will help find them since april the search for the missing sub has been suspended because i didn't tina does not have the technology for deep sea exploration this one was allegedly investigating illegal fishing in the southern atlantic. but official answers have not been enough for members of congress who have created a special committee in charge of finding out what happened if you do that what is
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clear is that we did not have the resources to react in the case of an emergency to find out that we don't have anything to save our sailors shock to me it's like sending pilots to a war without a parachute this tells us a lot about the conditions of argentina's navy. last month the government announced it had hired a spanish company to rescind the search but the contract was never signed apparently because of the raw crissy. the son was one of the forty four he says the government needs to act now they don't know. the model for we were told the contract that was going to be cancelled we all know a tutor's we don't know how this will continue we told the president when it came to continue searching promised that they would do that and it is not happening and that's why the family say they want more from here and to lend you a contract has been signed and sealed. and just see what a site is. al-jazeera
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. where every. when the news breaks. on the main man city and the story builds to the forest story you were interested. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning
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documentaries and live on al-jazeera i got a comment or i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. and this was different not to say whether someone showing some of us would read this but we need three things it's how you approach an official enough that it is a certain way of doing it hundreds in just a story and fly out. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garber is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in good song by in the local language which means a traditional bridging assistant or a midwife ameena has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. know this you would be. not going to become to me the poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing i can't refuse them so i take care that
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even when they come they me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. ya'll are good.
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oh. how. how wrong.
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as. crew.
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hello i'm has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics the european union is trying to change a look at the efforts to reform it. also this week illegal logging activists accuse timber companies of endangering the world's second largest rainforest in the democratic republic of congo plus nafta and one of the world's worst digital divides a look at the economic challenges ahead for mexico. or the european union makes up one fifth of the world's economy part of its success is that each citizen see themselves as better off economically within the block than outside but that perception is being challenge the e.u. turned sixty last year and for some it may be showing its a.


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