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tv   Afghanistans Own Battle  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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working closely with western journalists. from just the wrong box in purely military terms it was a brilliantly conceived plan the israelis managed to see more with israeli troops in egypt. international correspondents accompanied to minister of defense moshe dyan on visits to israeli forces west of the canal. president sadat claimed the israeli operation and deficit was in a television stunt an attempt to cover up israeli failures in the first week of. taba in fact it was a really serious problem i knew it was not just a media operation but that israeli breakthrough was a personal blow to me as a commander of the second army. davis walk the area now coming under israeli control was a rich agricultural land. totally different from the waste desert of sinai.
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egyptian special forces working in small groups use the last undergrowth to set ambushes for the israeli troops. it was clear. why was i was so confident because i knew they were up to the job i had faith in the troops and commanders. i had lived with them for a long time i was the commander of the part of troops for three years and i knew them to be brave fighters real men and reliable. egyptian chief of staff general sada szczesny realize the war plan was on the verge of disaster. antitank squads would desperately needed on the west bank of the canal to help stop the israeli advance. but an ordering them to cross back from say. i
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know i chose lee was breaking presidential orders. to say that. and so that had set his mind on the fact that since we had taken bridgeheads on the eastern side of the canal we should never leave the east whatever happened he thought at least now we are on the eastern side of the canal that so he gave orders that not even one rifle should be pulled back from east to west. too often. so how can we stop them how can we stop them how can we stop the enemy when we have no troops and ninety percent of our troops are on the eastern side of the canal not fighting and have nothing to do anyway at the end it was the president and the war minister on one side and side shows you on the other whose orders are going to prevail and you figure it out or an end of that. says lee who had masterminded egypt's initial success was sidelined. from now on sadat and his woman mr
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general after my dismay i would take all the decisions. when the israeli forces crossed to the western side of the canal they inflicted massive damage to the logistical units in the rear which were untrained units so what was their goal just to create as much terror as possible rob. now the egyptian high command was running out of options and force commander mubarak ordered his pilots into the at. all of by remember once i was entering the operation room and i heard general hosni mubarak on the radio speaking to our brigade commander as unfathomable as and saying sir don't you see what's like mubarak replied doesn't scramble. there then. europe's enemy targets but you have
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to scramble don't you if you didn't scramble what would happen there's raiders will advance and everything you've done would be in vain. egyptian pilots also found themselves facing a new threat from the israel and its from the ground from occupied territory west of the canal. adoor be that they came across with a mobile air defense system hoping assad asked those missiles brought down many of our aircraft while me on the colleague we were attacked by hopeless ours it took me by surprise and i said to myself oh god swayze is firing at me and then one of her songs one of the. after more than two weeks of war it seemed all this bloodshed was about to come to an end on the twenty second of october the un
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security council adopted resolution three three eight calling for a cease fire in the middle east. you're. going on a daily gave orders and instructions on the situation which is being created in this area syria's three ministers the big challenge to international peace. eight hundred fifty two middle eastern time the fighting would stop. in desperate battles on the western side of the canal egypt had lost hundreds of men. two of its senior commanders. who design and when he met a family had died in the fighting. but despite these losses egyptians had stopped the israelis from achieving the strategic goal of stout talk to the man. today just south of the
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city of a smiley israeli tanks remain at the point where their advance was stopped and its tracks. headway at that point at the cairo through the road had not been cut by me the third nor the second army was besieged but then who said anything about israel respecting un security council resolutions and in the slave that then let's. as the hour of the cease fire approached american secretary of state henry kissinger arrived in tel aviv. the ceasefire he had just spoken straighted with the soviets had come too soon for israel they were desperate to fight on to consolidate their position. kissinger agreed to china blind eye. witness say that israel had a greater interest in the cease fire and i couldn't get to that moment because the
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hard work to do so terror it was to corruption. as morning broke on the twenty third of october israeli forces went into action as though no ceasefire existed. to ahmed divisions commanded by generals after hamadan and conmen magen. raced southwards by pulsing egyptian resistance points and a dash towards us. coming out of a private school bus the support of the illness to get to within eighty kilometers of cairo and with three divisions i think that considering where we started from to reach where we did it was a huge achievement but we paid the price in blood in my battalion sixty seven of my soldiers were killed almost one hundred injured well if. by nightfall on the twenty third the israelis had managed to cut the kyra so as
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road and by passed so as city to reach the port of ajdabiya. the egyptian third army dug in on the eastern side of the canal now found itself under siege surrounded by israeli troops on every side. one hundred. million there was a state of the wonderment and feet of the one nine hundred sixty seven soon are you that what happened in june sixty seven would happen again and now we are at their mercy that the holiday. in new york at eleven pm middle eastern time on the twenty third of october the reconvened security council issued resolution three three nine. it called for a new cease fire to go into effect at seven am the following day. but again israel was to break the second cease fire. that formed my d.m.
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out of you see their main target was a big city and the conquering of a big city either is smart or swiss a city with a big name they were fighting more of a media battle but at the same time they wanted to achieve a big political goal. until the six day war suez was a flourishing industrial city imports. but after nine hundred sixty seven the city found itself on the front line between egypt and israeli occupied sinai. a target for israeli attacks it was soon reduced to rubble.
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a city of a quarter of a million people now lay virtually abandoned. early on october the twenty fourth just as the new cease fire was scheduled to start israeli tanks and power troops moved into the semi deserted city. but they soon encountered stiff resistance from a small city militia. or how those tanks entered the city and ibrahim saw a man hit the first of them so a man's shell went through the tanks arch of the driver's throat and stopped the tank that was the first act to stop in so race. so all the tanks and armored vehicle stopped after that one because it blocked the street while we knew very well as we did that if any tanks stopped in a city it becomes
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a mobile tomb so the abandoned their tanks and ran to the nearby buildings where the horse should be or the from. the israelis were driven from the city using eighty debt and one hundred twenty wounded. to this day destroyed israeli tanks remain a testimony to the courageous resistance in sioux eyes. despite this setback israel's disregard of the cease fire was buying it precious territory elsewhere causing consternation in moscow. so this course is little government there that's a little of little clue to just when israel ignored the u.n.
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cease fire and continued fighting it became clear there were different points of view in the soviet government some people thought we should put pressure on them to make them adopt the ceasefire make them behave properly. report. on the twenty fourth of october at nine thirty five pm washington time and alarming message arrived from moscow. it said the soviets were considering taking unilateral action to impose the ceasefire in the middle east. what they were there were some exercises several airborne divisions were put on alert but i don't think there was a military contingent ready to land the next day in the middle east it was more likely to be political pressure not military although some people for example our minister of defense were very keen on the idea.
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with president nixon submerged in the mire of the watergate scandal. it was left to henry kissinger to handle the crisis. kissinger decided to respond to the soviet threat with a show of force. this eleven forty one pm washington time the american armed forces state of alert was raised to defense condition three the highest in peacetime. well the question of the u.s. versus soviet union. always boils down to mutual annihilation we could have killed everybody in the soviet union they could've killed everybody and i state and the rest of the world would have gone it was an absolutely insane situation the thing that saved it was that each side knew that if a war occurred the leaders themselves would get killed and so when you know that
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you're going to get killed in a war not to some poor peasant soldiers going to get killed you make different decisions about starting a war. faced with the possibility of a spiral towards nuclear will the next day twenty fifth of october the soviet stepped back the alert was defused. we do not consider it. but the soviet union we do not believe it is not at this moment. in fact we have been over the operative story that really. went. for a full twenty four hour as the world had stood on the brink of between the two great nuclear powers but common sense at prevailed.
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on october the twenty fifth the un security council issued resolution three forty the third and less than four days to finally impose a ceasefire in the middle east. the following day the vanguard of a new you and emergency force arrived at the suez front. but despite their presence skirmishes continued between egyptian and israeli troops on the western bank of the canal. so this violation stopped an almost immediate in a while because what will happen when the war stopped was that it stopped in the middle of ongoing military operations so there were no natural lines of them or cation the forces were nearly mixed on the battlefield.
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with no clear border lines between forces a major breakthrough was needed to end the fighting and secure the fragile un ceasefire. it would come when it gyptian xin israelis metta negotiations on the battlefield. for the first time in the twenty five year history of the state of israel. the story of a friendship between a filmy. and a seven year old girl what is your name. giving over to our future being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. around my syrian friend.
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on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera in a new series of had to had maddie hasson tackle the big issues with hard hitting questions pakistanis going to the polls to elect a new government what power will the country take people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world a generation of voters in zimbabwe grew up knowing only the leadership of robert mugabe now they are electing a new president of the first time since independence his name's not on the ballot on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news. july on al-jazeera. with over forty thousand people killed under his roof it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such
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a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who heard our reporting to the congress that the press there were engaged in the cleverest of al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president is saying had great dictator on trial on al-jazeera. back. hello i'm darren jordan in doha the top stories here on al-jazeera british police say two people critically ill in southern england have been exposed to the same nerve agent used to poison a russian spy and his daughter the man and woman were found unconscious on saturday in the town of amesbury that's near salzburg again eunice crippleware poisoned last march. on monday the second of july due to concerns over the symptoms but if the man and the woman would display samples from both patients we said. treat for
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analysis. following the details analysis of those samples we can confirm that the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent. which has been identified as the same agent that contaminated and surrogates from iran's revolutionary guard say they're ready to carry out their president's threat to disrupt oil exports from the gulf hasan rouhani has warned of taking action if u.s. sanctions prevent iran from selling its oil on the global markets syria's government and russia have intensified their bombing campaign in southern iraq province opposition media says strikes escalated up to ceasefire talks with rebels brought down around three hundred thirty thousand people have fled their homes since the offensive began wooden two weeks ago poland's prime minister is defending a new law that forces supreme court judges to retire at the age of sixty five hundreds of people supported the chief justice as she defied retirement to return to work the government says the changes are needed to reform an inefficient legal
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system and european union's warning that the judicial independence is under threat . food supplies and medicines are being delivered to a youth football team trapped in a cave system in northern thailand for twelve days rescuers are working out how to get the twelve boys and their code out including a crash course in scuba diving time navy seals are using a chamber about seven hundred meters into the cave complex to base the rescue operation but heavy rain expected in the next few days could slow progress and the chairman of korean air whose family has been of the center of a series of scandals is now in court in seoul the rulings expected on an arrest warrant for sixty nine year old cho young ho he's suspected of tax evasion and embezzlement court last month rejected a request to arrest cho's wife on charges including assaulting workers well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the war not earlier stage and that's what
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a battle. on the northern front on the golan heights the third week of the october war opened with syrian and israeli forces locked in a stalemate. syria's initial thrust to recapture the territory occupied by israel in the six day war had been repulsed and
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a counterattack by hastily called up israeli reservists. by the end of the first week of war syrian troops had been forced to withdraw while the israelis pushed on across the one nine hundred sixty seven cease fire line towards the syrian capital. of. secular mirko i think that stopping thirty five kilometers short of damascus was smart you must end the war in a position from which the statesman can start negotiating saw final position was good to me. as the balance shifted in favor of israel of the arab countries sent troops and support. the syrian front was strengthened by the arrival of expeditionary forces from iraq jordan saudi arabia and kuwait. this cocktail of arab forces would now be
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used in a counterattack to drive the israelis back out of the pocket they had occupied in the syrian mainland. you'll win. our city and our struggle so i will suffer survey of the on the twenty first of october we heard there was a big attack planned. it was to be carried out by iraqi and sunni forces to reclaim . to retreat and it back to the position on the fifth of october. of that stage we hoped we could restore what had been lost on the syrian front. of a. lawful thing in the asylum. surely. the attack was set for the twenty third of october. but it would never happen.
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on the twenty second egypt's president anwar sadat unilaterally accepted a un cease fire that would take effect that evening. syrian president hafez assad now faced the prospect of fighting alone on the single front . as the twenty third drew to a close the syrians to bow to the inevitable assad would have no choice but to accept the ceasefire times. but the israelis were not done with fighting yet. a key listening post had been captured by syrian paratroopers on the first day of war. with just a few hours left before the cease fire israel's golani brigade attacked. after
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facing fierce syrian resistance they finally secured their prize. but only after suffering heavy losses. fifty five dead and seventy nine wounded. the for the ships. it was really important for israel to raise the country's flag and the go along the brigades flag on top of mount hermon on the last day of the war. and to prevent the syrians from securing any sort of success from this war. on the suez canal front things were no better for the egyptians. these release had the entire egyptian third army besieged on the eastern side of the canal. thirty five thousand soldiers cut off from their supply lines. that may affect
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them and beside at least every day we had with us what was called combat russian three packs of small biscuits and two bottles of pressed. these things could provide you the necessary calories for one day but now it was all the food that was available for the soldier for five days and one that had a gun that was nothing but the other. but the israelis were also facing a major problem for the first time in the history of arab israeli conflict egypt was holding a large number of prisoners of war. two hundred thirty in total. i want to hold for an award this year to get almost a country off from under the arrival of the first prisoners lifted the morale of all our forces straight away egyptian military intelligence resorted to photographing them and putting those photos in the media to try and boost the
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morale not only of the armed forces but also of the egyptian people shop. back in israel demonstrators soon took to the streets accusing gold the eves government of not doing enough to bring home the captured soldiers. goldeneye here have some time before offered who have is really officers meet their egyptian counterparts. for the scuzz well most important to her the release of israeli prisoners and also talk about letting supplies through to the third army but she insisted on meeting between the egyptians and these rulers who until then the return they are israel in exist they want to go counter. so it came as a surprise when the egyptians accepted just such negotiations. the
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meeting point was to be a tent erected at the sign marking one hundred one kilometers to cairo on the kyra suez road. at one thirty am on the twenty eighth of october and for the first time ever egyptians and israelis were about to have direct negotiations. but the negotiations quickly became strained a skirmish just continued in the confusion of the battlefield. but the logic then yemen on a different sort of battle started after the cease fire as we put into action a plan called revenge and another called total we had orders to keep the defense active not passive meaning we should not give up fighting. him at the second. on the thirtieth of october israeli prime minister golda made complicated matters
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still further when she made a morale boosting visit to israeli troops on the western side of the canal. on egyptian soil. meanwhile the effects of this war began to be felt globally. arab oil producing countries had formulated a plan to use the price of oil to pressure western supporters of israel. by mid october several of the biggest producers had unilaterally raise prices by nearly twenty percent. people were worried about it it drove futures prices up and people were but now has are now wanting to fill up their cars. i think you're satisfied. a very real and important psychological need a mug's there. to have demonstrated. that they could take some action.
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now that this regional conflict was beginning to have international ramifications. on the sixth of november american secretary of state henry kissinger flew into cairo. for his first ever meeting with anwar sadat. they started talking about zero pulling back to the so-called october twenty second war it's where they should have stopped business as you know we could argue for weeks and weeks and weeks over this and at the end they would still be on your territory of water solved lot but if that's what you want we'll do it and sort out so what's the alternative is to give me a little bit more time and will go for a bigger agreement that will get them completely off the. west bank of the corral
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back in the sinai and so that's a fun let's do the big step not the small. four days after this meeting an initial agreement was signed and the ten to kilometer one zero one . the first step in kissinger's grand plan. the agreement guaranteed the egyptians daily convoys of nonmilitary supplies to the city of suez and the besieged third army. for israel the key point of the agreement was an exchange of prisoners. israeli prisoners arriving back and tell of the when met by huge crowds. prime minister golda my ear was moved to tears by the occasion.
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and sniff the heart of the new york's innings it's hard to describe my feelings when i saw the coastline of my country from the plane we landed at a military air base and once the doors were opened we saw the israeli soldiers coming in not egyptians. and when you come down the steps and you saw the applause in the church is an amazing feeling the whole method or at the core lot. of stuff that's the. as the new year arrived henry kissinger returned to the region. to hammer out the next step in his grand plan for egyptian israeli disengagement. on the eleventh of january he met with sadat in the southern egyptian city of aswan. the. next day in the afternoon kissinger left for television to meet up
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with the israelis. after week flying between aswan a city famous for its winter sun. and television experiencing its first ever snow storm. both sides accepted a disengagement agreement. a new term had entered the lexicon of international politics shuttle diplomacy. over this could be. when you can. get really really. the face of it. on the eighteenth of january general mohammad an egyptian chief of staff. and general divied early as at his israeli counterpart signed the agreement in the tent
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a kilometer one a one. it was the first in a chain of agreements that would lead to total israeli withdrawal from sinai and april nine hundred eighty two. thousand how possible or what the significance of that war the october war was the impact it had not only on the political military and security level but only israeli citizen himself in accepting the idea that i can leave the land occupied to feel more secure. the agreement stated that israeli forces west of the canal would withdraw to the east bank and further east into sinai. a reduced egyptian force would stay on the eastern side of the canal and positions they had captured during the war. un forces would police the buffer zone between the two armies. and entertainment troops came one day to sing for the soldiers on the western bank of
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the canal and be included in the repertoire of song left over from the six day war making fun of egyptian soldiers. running away and leaving their boots in the sand and when they finished singing the soldiers came up and suggested that they take the soul out of the repertoire that is not appropriate and. by the end of january the israelis had finished the first stage of their withdrawal from the western side of the canal. the route to the city of suez was of that. after almost a hundred days the siege of the third on me was lifted. three weeks later egypt enjoyed a day of celebration. in
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the gypsum parliament sadat tell the ceremony to decorate and promote the heroes of the armed forces. but one name was missing from the rhone of on a. general side to show. the man who had formulated the original plan for the u. n l a i have many that doesn't matter at all look i see. no position in real life i am seeking the afterlife along. with what matters to me is egypt my worst fear is the demi stakes of the uk to war and there were mistakes despite the undoubtedly glorious achievements of the our children and grandchildren will make the same mistakes if we don't learn from it egypt is what matters to me not even i will get my reward from a loss of
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a willing and again the law. by the end of february israeli troops had completed the final stage of their withdrawal from the western side of the canal. the moved us the israelis pulled out this i spirit myself and it was a bit like a carnival and basically they were relieved. why. these were research soldiers they've been called up for months they wanted to come home. but even as israel soldiers celebrated the mood back home was different. israel lost twenty six hundred men killed.
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per capita. this is treat her as the death rate of the americans in vietnam over ten years. this israel suffered in three weeks. as the public wanted to know how come this really in the civilian and military leadership were surprised by a mass arab a two front attack it how come the they were caught with their pants down and they also wanted to know why the army performed so poorly in those first few days. less than six months after the start of the war a commission of investigation headed by shimon i cannot president of the israeli supreme court would place the blame family on the military. three army heads would roll. chief of staff general david the.
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commander of southern command general shmuel gunmen. and head of military intelligence general alys aida. the commission cleared prime minister golda may it and defense minister moshe diana. but the israeli public were not appeased. and demonstrations broke out on the streets. nine days after the commission published its report the prime minister resigned. and a q's opening. and still accuse golda meir of killing. mordred to talk of israeli soldiers in the long haul many egyptian soldiers because of her sheer stupidity and obstinacy. yet it would be two months before mrs made would leave office there was unfinished business with the syrians. since the ceasefire of the
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twenty third of october the previous year the situation on the golan front had remained inflammable. skirmishes breaking out regularly. the israeli still occupied a salient deep inside the syrian mainland not far from the capital damascus. when family look if you remember a few mcauliffe who were in the ark we went through some hard days and nights them . staying strong emotionally was difficult because of the depression or the uncertainty of the physical conditions also made it difficult to live in the open during the winter. and that winter of seventy three seventy four was very harsh. in may nine hundred seventy four kissin just set out on his second round of shuttle diplomacy. this time between tell of these and damascus.
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after almost a month of hard talking to managed to secure a second breakthrough in the region. act on the twenty eighth of may one thousand nine hundred seventy slug the government of israel approved the disengagement agreement with syria. this is a day that we hope syrian mothers israeli mothers syrian young wives israeli young wives and children on both sides of the border and go to sleep at night without. terror. dreams of who knows if their day one is alive today will he be alive again and the next day. egremont stated that israeli forces
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would withdraw from the pocket they were occupying in syria. syrian troops would return to almost the same positions they had started the war from with the un managed officers between the two. can a trial the largest city in golan would be returned to syria. in news on the fifth of june nine hundred seventy four the agreement was signed in geneva by senior military officers of both sides. the war in october was officially over on both fronts after two hundred forty three days of fighting. kissinger persuaded assad to have it isn't given to remove the gorilla. in the sense of tricked syria to disengage the grip of the gulag with . the syria recovered
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a truck which the israelis grew up before the the tiny sliver of territory with everything else in israeli hands. the egyptians got what they wanted out of it so you know sadat had realistic goals about recovering the sinai and the war led to the recovery of the sinai for egypt so you've got to see that as a win for the egyptians. for the syrians they don't recall the golan so you're going to see that as a defeat essential. for the israelis also mostly they have reversed the course of the war but they have suffered very heavy casualties so you kind of have to see it as a bit of a defeat for the israelis in terms of being caught by surprise. you know a person in his life has three four friends who are close to their hearts and in their souls possibly on a number of them returned with me so i definitely don't think there are any winners
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in your age there will be someone who loses more someone who loses less but there are no winners in wars and that's something which has stayed with me since nine hundred seventy three because he. actually was. going to lead up to us least most of the company no more. we used to train for our return to coddle you knew soldiers who had died during this or duct operation and you know their wives their mothers we knew each other families very well and when i saw them i hid under the train see what can you say to them do you get my point you see that expect in our eyes and they look at you search. where is he what can you say the suffering churns you up inside you feel like exploding of course you cry it's command or not it's just a human reaction what can you say to them his children what do you say to
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a wife who comes with two kids waiting for their falling. in the ball.
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we got dry by the hot sunshine across the good parts of the middle east a little more clout there over towards afghanistan towards pakistan through my stance a task and all mighty you could just catch one or two showers here as we go through thursday but for many it's more hot sunshine thirty seven celsius in tehran with ten degrees hotter than that for baghdad pleasant sunshine around that a ceasar of the mediterranean so we getting up around the thirty degree mark here over the next couple of days good to see want to two showers just sliding out of the black sea into or georgia as we go on through friday now the forty seven there for baghdad the hot sunshine continuing in the hot sunshine steady down across much of the arabian peninsula just notice a little bit of cloud into central and southern parts of saudi arabia biologics going to be more burning heat coming through well quite as hot as of late for doha temperatures around forty to forty three degrees but still plenty hot enough not to
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try weather to into southern africa but we have got some showers in the forecast the chief going to be around the mozambique channel so just around the coastal fringes the most and became expect to see somewhat to weather his thursday going on into friday cool enough in johannesburg but largely dry temperatures at eleven degrees. where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief. of opinion equality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to. change joining me. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the
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cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. of. the bombing campaign in syria intensifies as the refugees continue to flee the fighting by the tens of thousands. this is. also coming up to people remain in a critical condition in the u.k. after being exposed to the same the agent used to poison a former russian spy on his doorstep. the teenagers trapped in
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a cave may need to learn how to swim and scuba dive before they can reach safety. to hold key meetings with their counterparts i'm hungry and i'll strip as a political uncertainty continues to deal with asylum seekers. welcome to the program. russia are intensifying their bombing campaign in southern province that's according to opposition reports they say the number of an strikes increased after talks with the rebels ended without a deal on a cease fire at least two hundred seventy thousand people have fled their homes since defensive started more than two weeks ago. to hold is monitoring the situation in syria from neighboring lebanon and she joins us live from the capital beirut sanna so what more can you tell us about the escalation in fighting since the collapse of those talks yesterday. well the relative lull in the fighting has
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now been shattered it was quiet over the past few days while the russian military and the rebel factions were sitting down and trying to negotiate an end to the fighting those talks collapsed late yesterday the military offensive resumed dozens of airstrikes have been reported by activists on the ground mainly targeting two areas the town of tough us that's in the western countryside of that very strategic town because if the government takes control of that town it will cut the western pocket in half and put more pressure on the rebels another town in the eastern countryside that is also coming under heavy fire as the government forces try to advance towards the border the border crossing it wants to take control of that border crossing but so far no progress on the ground the government has not been able to take more ground since this military offensive resumed but like we mentioned the air strikes the heavy air strikes now the rebels are calling on all men to carry arms the general mobilization saying they have no other choice but to
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fight and die until you know until death because talks have collapsed and they are not ready to accept the terms presented by the russian military so why did the talks fail and what happens now. well if you talk to opposition negotiators what they tell you is that the russian military they used a very threatening tone they were not willing to listen to their demands and what they were demanding was a complete surrender for the syrian government to regain control of the rebel territories the rebels need to lay down their arms that what the opposition is asking for is some sort of guarantee they don't trust the syrian government they don't trust the russian military they want a third party like jordan for example to have observers on the ground because if they lay down their weapons they do not know if the syrian government is going to take revenge against them reprisal retribution and it's not just that what is not clear is some of them are demanding safe passage to leave like what we saw in eastern aleppo we saw this in eastern people were given the chance to leave to go
3:52 pm
to rebel held territories in the north of the country apparently that option is not on the table so people who are wanted by the state opposition members army defectors they are worried what will happen when the state gains control of the area without any security guarantees and international guarantees. in beirut say no thank you. british police have confirmed that two people critically ill in a hospital in southern england have been exposed to the nerve agent is the same substance that poisoned the russian double agent. and his daughter in march some of the a good report. it seems almost unthinkable that the same nerve agent could strike twice in the same place and yet it did leaving two people critically ill and a town swirling in shock these two patients are in critical condition following exposure to the nerve agent no victual following events in march we have a well established response to this type of incident and clear processes to follow
3:53 pm
our priorities at this time on to care for the patients the couple in question dawn sturgis and charlie rally both in their forties both british nationals collapsed at a house on saturday initially suspected of having had an overdose of contaminated illegal drugs but those tests proved inconclusive were they for first those drugs now they know it's not the drugs that is something new to the nerve agents were training for not. the places they had visited have since been cordoned off as a precaution and police people who have visited those areas to wash their clothes and it's not just sites in amesbury that have been cordoned off but also by geographical coincidence in salzburg as well here at the queen elizabeth gardens not too far away from where the script pals were found when they were poisoned
3:54 pm
earlier this year. came under intense scrutiny when the screwballs fell victim to poisoning by the nerve agent nabil chalk the british government pointed the finger to russia and a diplomatic rift ensuite samples from the victims were taken to the nearby defense research facility at porton down was scientists were able to pinpoint exactly what caused the couple to full so ill the u.k.'s national health body has said that there is no risk to the public but counterterrorism police have now taken over the investigation. once again this quiet corner of england is plunged into the center of one of the most serious cases of poisoning in recent times. joins us live now from ames persona so just bring us up to date with the police investigation what's the latest. from here and sold three. is. which is really leading to exactly how these two
3:55 pm
victims. came into contact with. the line that the police are all pursuing and security services is fact it was more a case of contamination rather than being targeted as part of an attack such as the street house where they did extensive background checks they looked into the backgrounds of these people and that isn't anything which really gives it away in terms of how they could have possibly been a target for anyone really is part of it it's a targeted assassination and told so really it's more a case of looking into exactly how they came into contact with which sites they had visited how they how they did do that and that is the course of concern and that is the line of investigation that the security services are now following our people in the area must be shocked but just a few months after the initial poisoning this has happened yet again.
3:56 pm
yes indeed it's a sense of disbelief really they have just started to slowly recover from the shock they had back in march when the screen files were targeted. back then they were saying why souls three it's just all why a city really nothing dramatic ever really happens here and all the attention that the city came on to really was quite overwhelming for a lot of people and affect businesses here as well and now this whole idea that there is a potential contamination of this very highly dangerous nerve agent has really worried a lot of people there as well as also the sense of exactly how this was supposed to have you know the dea it wasn't contamination how this how the spanish to a state. in a condition in the certain conditions to be able to poison the people as well although most sites which are affected as well the public health care has been very
3:57 pm
careful to try and calm people's face down saying that it is really specifically a low risk to the public right now and that it would have to be a case where somebody would have had to ingest the material rather the brush up against it reach in order for that to be a serious contamination as has been seen on saturday daryn thank you. rescuers in northern thailand are in a race against time to pump water from a flooded cave where a group of teenagers and their football coach been trapped for twelve days well these are live pictures coming from the mouth of the cave in chiang rai heavy rains for cars for the weekend could mean the boys on their coach will have to dive into the water using scuba gear to make their way out but they'll need basic training as none of them can swim scott hide from the sights of the cave complex and chong ride . as the training and the planning for this very difficult process of getting the boys in their coach out continues there was a clock over when they have to get that done that is because the monsoon rains are
3:58 pm
expected to start again we've been lucky with the weather last couple days it's expected to start again in three days on sunday and see that there's still training right now trying to get that water level is low is possible now when you think about the logistics of getting these boys out yes obviously the part about training them the basics of screwed up but also there are different stages to this exit you know this is something that you know a situation where they're four to five kilometers in and it's not all the same terrain it's not all the same water level so they have different stages to go through so that being said if rain starts to fall again what they're planning for right now where there are chambers that aren't submerged where there could they can leave supplies that could change if there's more rainfall so they need to try this process before the conditions inside change now it's going to be very difficult for that but also when you think about bringing them out it's going to be in stages they'll probably have to rest for hours you know once they get out of the main part safe chamber once they get to that section they might have to rest there so it's going to be a long process to get thirteen inexperienced divers many who don't know how to swim
3:59 pm
out of there so it's going to be a very very long process again because the rains are coming in on sunday there's really a hard deadline on this operation the right now is still training and planning for exactly that. a private humanitarian rescue ship is docked in barcelona in spain after being refused entry to italy a mile to the astral belongs to the products of a open arms charity it rescued sixty people from a rubber boat off the coast of libya on saturday italy has accused private rescue boat operators of encouraging human traffickers to take refugees across the mediterranean from africa to europe german chancellor angela merkel is set to meet hungary's prime minister she tries to sell her migration plan to e.u. member countries that obama signaled his willingness to strike a deal with merkel that would limit the number of asylum seekers arriving into europe full on monday merkel reached a compromise agreement with her conservative coalition partners to set up migrant transit centers on germany's border with austria germany's interior minister is
4:00 pm
heading to vienna to try and get the support of the austrian chancellor dominic cain has more from berlin. obvious speaking in parliament on wednesday anglo-american went on german television and in an interview she gave more detail about the sort of shape the plans for migration detention centers might take the crux of this is establishing way in the the person concerned that the migrant the person being detained first claimed asylum feel forages here in germany would have forty eight hours to hold that person and if they can't establish which country to send that person back to in that period of time the detainee will then be sent to a place where they can they're not going to be held against their will separately to that we received information that suggests that mr minister is a whore for from the christine social union he's talking about three centers that are already federal police headquarters or bases where these detainees might temporarily be held remember all of this will be contingent on getting support.


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