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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers first change join the global conversation announces iraq. lol this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a dan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes of war in syria russia broke a cease fire deal between rebels and prosser forces in the eastern parts of daraa. former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif is convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison on corruption charges and live in islamabad with reaction trade war more than thirty billion dollars in u.s. tariffs on china kick in don't trump is threatening to raise it to five hundred
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billion. and i'm santa how much in sport we're down to the quarter finals of the world cup in russia as france's young star paper pesah take center stage against black. we begin with some breaking news rebels who've been battling a government offensive in southern syria have agreed to a cease fire deal it calls for fighters to hand over heavy weapons reports say they would be then given safe passage to rebel areas in the north in exchange government forces will take control of strategically important border crossings with jordan the army would also agree to leave for villages and province. bernard smith joins us now live from the job at a crossing on the jordan syria border so as a look i we have any movement on the ground there after this announcement.
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we develop but we're on the ground some if you look over my shoulder you'll see those military vehicles. where i'm pointing one of those has got a syrian flag on it and one of those has got a russian flag on it that's the syrian regime forces and the russians moved in just in the last few minutes really in the last the first time since twenty fifteen the syrian regime is out a presence down here just beyond where those trucks are they're heading to the nazi a border crossing a major prize for the acid regime that connects them to jordan and ultimately they want to see that reopened as a trade group between jordan and syria and so very quickly the syrian and russia regime regime syrian and russian forces moved in once that cease fire was agreed something. take us through some of the phases how is it supposed to go into effect with the whole evacuation and the handover of the area. well
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that's there's a lot of the details are still coming out but as far as we understand there are free there are three phases we have this eastern phase where we are on the jordan syria on the jordan syria border then we have a central part of data and then we have the western part of the opposition forces will handover will begin handing over their heavy weapons in phases and they've negotiated safe passage to the northern part of syria that is one of the last areas in opposition controlled territory they want there could be at least six thousand opposition fighters and their families asking for safe passage and the russians have agreed to facilitate that also significantly what one of the main opposition concerns was that was that the russian military police should have sort of control of security along this part of the border that was a jordanian concern as well that is because the opposition groups fear the syrian
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regime if they're left alone here the syrian forces will take retaliatory measures against people living down here and so if the russian military police patrol along this border that will mean the jordanians certainly hope that the refugees that have been governing gathering here will feel displaced people will feel confident enough to go back home and quickly along the jordan jordan side at least bring an end to the refugees the thousands of refugees along here sami we're going to thank bernard for giving us the latest on the ground there but we're going to continue this conversation now with hide hide he's a syrian columnist and a consulting research fellow at chatham house joins us now live from london first of all how much of a game is this for for the regime how much of a setback for the rebels. it's a it's a big game for the regime because it doesn't only allowed it to extend its authority over big chunk of rebel controlled areas but it also allows it to
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control the main border with jordan which will restore some sort of relations with jordan and i love that hume to generate financial driven us from from the trade that we're expected to go through the venue as for the opposition in that part of syria. there will be and at least at least until now that the details of what will happen exactly there are still not clear but that the regime will to a certain extent have more dominance and author if you will for that region which means that the opposition will not be able to control at least alone any of syria which leaves orderly one pocket that is still controlled by rebel forces and in northern syria and another one that is controlled by kurdish led forces in eastern syria so i mean let's talk about what we do know in terms of how much territories
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being handed back to the regime is this the end of the opposition presence basically in southwestern syria. well i think we need to wait until. the conditions of the deal are clear because some of the conditions are relating to what will happen to rebel forces who stay in those areas whether they would be able to have some kind of control over their territories meaning that they would be able to police the territories and control them while the regime has some sort of nominal authority over the area without any physical presence for at least the military and security forces or will the region be able to take over full control over those areas and push them out of any kind of authority local authority so this is this is not clear and i think another issue that is tonight clear is what will happen to many of the forces who rebel forces who decided to stay there
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because there is only a small part of them who will go to northern syria while the measure of two of them will stay there would be will they automatically become basically regime forces or will they have some sort of special status this is not clear as well what about the people over three hundred thousand people stuck at the border are they likely to go home now. definitely not at least not for the first few days for many reasons the first one is the fighting is still ongoing on the ground despite the non-student of the agreement the second one is that since agreement will be implemented in phases people will still be worried that. my are up again in the area so they want to wait until things are clear before they decide to go back and i think there is also this uncertainty about what will happen with that the regime would carry out any kind of
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relations and there was this would also prevent many of the people who have been either displaced internally or close to jordan from going back at least in the new near future hi there hi good to get your analysis on the situation. pakistani court has given a ten year jail sentence to ousted prime minister nawaz sharif in a corruption case his daughter received a seven year jail term both were found guilty of buying luxury as properties in london with undeclared income the sixty seven year old was removed from office last year over other corruption allegations and banned from politics for life both he and his ruling pakistan muslim league party of repeatedly denied any wrongdoing our correspondent is in the capital islamabad so come on how much of a landmark case is this. was a political heavyweight. indeed
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and teatime prime minister of pakistan but as you know it was back in june. when de corps disqualified him as the country's prime minister and of course because of the huge league asians against him on corruption charges and of. joint investigation. that investigation game then rent on reddit finding that a court instructed the trial court which are the national guard community court situated right behind me to continue with the parole and dad now had not because the ten ten ten years for no watching t.v. . for daughter and also means the political end of the. most of it in england. are declared and gone.
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from that apartment in everett and the evan three department along with. the brother in law. country's finance minister and their. ordering that these properties should be confiscated by the federal government. a huge blow for no why should it go when nine months for the national accountability court to come out with a landmark war date. is not the only politician in pakistan has been accused of corruption is there a sense that this is just a one off my all this follow. well the expectation here in prague a. certain extent throughout the political leader and because it should be remembered had been indeed for that that you needed aid had made a deal with general musharraf to come back to pakistan whereby musharraf then
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unfroze heard money dad was patently. laundered out of the country so there are question marks the chief justice of the country are now off for. foreign account held by pakistani politicians which includes the next interior minister did rail figure large a key politician to be interesting to see where they did. continue why did will be that selective. aimed at undermining mr should leave party having said that the evidence against mr sharif. there are different incidents rail and. printed rail so now you have one choice to come back to pakistan within eight days file an appeal but they can only do so. themselves studio told me come on from islamabad katas mir is in paris for talks with
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french president emmanuel might call sally lead blockade against cuts or is expected to be among the issues in the meeting my clause previously called for an end to the blockade which is now in its second year. joins us live now from paris so what the concert is hope to achieve in france. sammy the meeting between the french president manuel micron the emir of qatar. family has just finished on we're expecting a press conference just start any time now the the aim of this visit is to boost economic political cooperation between the two countries in december qatar both bought. rafael fighter jets armored vehicles from friends was a deal estimated at more than eleven billion u.s. dollars and the qatari government is willing to go forward in terms of
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consolidating relationships with friends i mean that if this were the visits made by the emir of qatar over the last three years should be seen in the context of the ongoing political crisis in the g.c.c. of region so these visits by the emir are an attempt to send a message that the qataris are moving forward to break the embargo that has been imposed ever since by. the united arab emirates behind and egypt on qatar. and on that point of what sort of perhaps steps are seeking from france with regard to blake breaking that blockade of course they are waiting to see of their friends could step in and try to help put an end to the political crisis in the region i mean there is a mediation which is underway by the emir of kuwait the americans have been trying over the last year to break the political impasse with no major breakthrough.
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france has had strong traditional ties with the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and have been sending signals over the past few months that they are willing also to try to help broker a deal but you know just a few months ago saudi arabia has been has. was reported to have said it wants funds to interfere so the qatar does not go ahead with the push to buy the four hundred and cross missile system and otherwise it might take action against the backdrop of this us collision with the chances of a diplomatic way out of the crisis remain very very small i mean the chances for all the parties to come together and set aside their differences are very small of this particular moment the tensions still continue and qatar insists there is absolutely no way it will negotiate accept any demand that infringes on its
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own sovereignty. of all of their from paris. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including more than twenty years after a sarin gas attack japan killed thirteen people a cult leader and some of his followers are executed a tragic turn of events in the tile and cave rescue with the death of a former navy diver and the shock defeat for the defending champion that wimbledon details coming up with some out in sports. now the future of the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal is being discussed at a meeting of five major world powers in vienna foreign ministers from britain and france china and germany as well as russia have been joined by jove odds are ready for the run it's the first time they've come together since the u.s.
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controversially pulled out of the room and earlier this year european leaders are hoping an economic package will persuade iran to stick with the terms of the deal despite u.s. sanctions the participants in the just a feel a critical firm their commitment to the fool and effective implementation of the nuclear deal they recalled that the disappear way is a key element of the global nonproliferation architecture and a significant achievement of multilateral diplomacy endorsed unanimously by the entity to castle through recently twenty two thirty one the participants welcomed the eleventh report by the international atomic energy agency on the twenty fourth of may confirming that iran is abiding by its nuclear related commitments. jonah hall joins us now live from vienna so how those talks going all over hoping to achieve. sammy there over now
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that statement read by federica margaret in the mark the end of this fairly brief session of talks here in vienna one imagines the first but certainly not the last time these parties will meet after the u.s. withdrew from the iran nuclear deal back in may and if you look i think through and past the diplomatic language there it's pretty clear they've not achieved very much in this session a joint statement recommitting themselves to the deal and also. committing themselves to continue working to develop and implement means by which trade with and business in iran can be maintained even after the u.s. sanctions come back into a fair alright i'm sorry john are going to have to jump in here we're going to take our viewers to the french capital paris where the amir of qatar and the french president are speaking let's listen in to them france will
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therefore take note of actions in this area they are specific december last we noted the first specific results of a joint take to vittie and we have very much to be able to pursue that. in the future we will be mobilizing all our services all our competencies. in order to make sure that terrorist groups are targeted we have a very solid sound framework to benefit from all this because france and qatar will be under the aegis says of on joint. foreign ministries to facilitate exchanges decision making as to the most sensitive issues so that there is absolutely no indulgence. no complicity and a real exchange of information our determination is that to work together
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for peace and stability and this implies unity for the region. should just like to say that i confirm the solidarity of france which opposes to the gulf suffers daily from the measures which have been taken so families have been separated because of the crisis we talked about this crisis and we determined that it must be sold through dialogue regionally through a multiplicity of this and of course it is all about the years to bit of a number of regions around it france. and as we did last year has been speaking through all the parties urging moderation and reconciliation and we've done that in recent months as well. we talked about other regional issues
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iran yemen syria. a peace process and palestine and indeed libya. on this last one it's a priority for us as you know because we have to work very closely capitals closely together according to the shed you to make sure that there is an organization of elections in libya by the end of the year. we have to decide. on commenting on increasing our cooperation on that one he. said both francis and determination to deepen bilateral relations whether their economic cultural or sporting and in this respect his highness told me about his country's determination to continue investment in this says fear and of course it is our determination to show case franks in all areas we have
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already done that to some extent in the aggregate imagery sector which we are very eager to promote we have also talked about other issues. determined to. make an exemplary contribution to the promotion of sport and of course there is the twenty twenty two world cup which is going to take place in and also the olympic games in paris later i just like to also. underline the importance which we both attach to research and development particularly for our youth we have talked particular today about how contribution to sport both professional and amateur even if we don't always have the same kind of enthusiasm for the french we have
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a friendly kind of competition here i would just like to. say that i fully support the french team in the world cup of course but. we believe that this cooperation is very very valuable and i think that we should say that loud and clear we are working on the. road map which is very ambitious for example and they kept. fund involved and allow me a laser jet event to conclude to. confirmation of cooperation between our two countries you have been excellent i made sure that i value that every time and i would like to emphasize it again and i continue to appreciate it. two countries. have real values in common we share them and
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i should like to thank you very much for your commitment here. on your highness and i'd just like to say after this so working lunch in this. conference. that we're delighted to be able to host you here in paris in these days where a. legend gentleman good afternoon. and others have us me to speak in french so any faults i make will be those of the best is not me. it's a group pleasure for me as president to see you here in paris your friendship is very very important for me i think the bonds between our two countries are very important. as you said we have discussed a number of subjects. about the region in general. and particularly the israeli palestinian conflict and i would like to thank the
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president for the position. which he has taken. for a year now lie now since the gulf crisis has begun he has always been by the side of. and he has already within one and always said that dialogue is most important between all the parties we spoke of many things today and we have a problem with the time of course. she is on the horizon and we have to answer some questions but i just like to say that relations no two countries are very very strong. and thank you once again thank you your highness your. let's take a couple of questions now. good afternoon so you. say.
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journalist i have a question for you your highness then going to put in french. and. you obviously take a great importance to the economic aspect of the relations strained. but the public opinion. is not always favorable. or rather the public in general often associates the name of qatar with terrorism and on the. women how do you deal with that image of qatar in france or the second question. you can see that you have. four hundred. fifty and four you president. my question is.
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you. determine to apply france in this. dispute in the gulf. are you going to mobilize all the if it's available to you in the international arena to address this question of the gulf in reply to your first question. many things being talked about here in france and in qatar but everybody knows that so many things which are said again scatter are not true. then i address this both do you know and everybody take time and look at what qatar is doing. for peace throughout the world and particularly you know rita. there are many to complicate the bad things being said about all. but fortunately. it's
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going to feel all the french know very well what qatar is doing here in france and they know about the friendship between our two countries does feel second question . i don't want to go into details but let me just say that there isn't an agreement we have discussed it we've spoken about it but up till now there is nothing. and i mean. i'd just like to say that you never speak innocently the. name of a country when another country decides to speak our language it means there is something between those two countries. and i think that you have absolutely been was lucid on this subject your highness if you. will but to hear somebody speaking in french and who promotes it means that there is something
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sincere in the relationship to that country on the second question on contentious and sensitive issues we have been working in the last months we have been in direct contact and in terms of combating terrorism and clarifying financial issues we have solved a number of issues. and so we have spoken about specific subjects work has been done specifically and in real terms. we have spoken to each other frankly we have signed a roadmap and it's being implemented at the moment which i think is very very important in the context of what you're talking about. as far as the situation in the region is concerned. we will take an initiative if it is asked of us at a particular moment but in this case i think that the role of france is to pursue the dialogue we're having with all the parties which i said right from the
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beginning not to isolate anyone and not to export any kind of attention so as to aid stabilization that is the role of france at the moment and the policy which we've been implementing for the last couple of months since last year so i think that dialogue is the only way forward to reinstalling normality another question. zero television what are the levels can you ask of military cooperation. in military terms between your two countries. well we have written here that saudi arabia has asked the help of france
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to dissuade. russia not to sell the four hundred to get there what is your official position on that i don't know but if we have a strategic relationship shared as i said. which is underpinned by a vision and common values this is. specific. and underlines. the military. cooperation and saw yesterday we actually saw that so it's not just industrial cooperation but cooperation government to government which also implies a training and the establishment of a real strategic relationship we are pursuing this relationship in other areas. for example as i said in the months to come but all this is part and parcel of
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a common vision we have. this roadmap which i spoke about. two complex diagrams schemas do not really work if you know and there are. parts which are much more direct when you're talking about it to get my message across to moscow i have very good relations with moscow we can speak directly to them we speak to all our partners common. project included. and also the vitality of the strategic relationship and we certainly don't go into. for some dialogues. ok i think that's the end of this press conference because we have
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a very important. appointment now. france knows the truth and relations remain strong the message there from the emir of qatar to i mean been family sentiment echoed by the president of france or went on to say carter has suffered touching upon the blockade imposed on carter and this must be resolved so demanding my call through dialogue he said france is playing the role of pursuing dialogue not twice or late anyone but to resolve the crisis has returned to outside the palace in paris and has been monitoring the news conference so a lot of focus there on bilateral relations and house strong they are the issue of of how to resolve the gulf crisis the blockade on either didn't receive a lot of lights going forward did it. see
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some of them is just a part of the frame because he says that the emir of qatar is going to come out now from the elites after a press conference with the french president eman well we've got some very strong words about the political and military cooperation between the two countries crossing expressing his sort of dollar to with the emir of qatar to gas a backdrop of the blockade imposed by sandy arabia the united arab emirates behind and egypt for more now than one year but also they're talking about working together together to combat terrorism in the world and also about military cooperation between the two countries in december qatar and france science a multibillion dollar deal that comprises the put chase over. fighter jets and armed vehicles and you've heard that a certain moment during the interview sami the emir of qatar talking in friends and i think it was a masters by the emir of qatar that. clinton has massive investments in france in
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terrorism in real estate and also in support and i think he was trying to say basically that one of the main reasons for dance before that is the qatari affinity it was the affronts cult culture so we've seen two leaders trying to work together to solve many issues now we've come so the jesus equalizes is there any way out of that crisis any time soon i doubt that would happen we've heard the reports about saudi arabia asking friends to interfere to stop an attempt by the qataris to put chase the as four hundred anti-aircraft missile system from russia that escalation could be an indication that we might not see any solution to the crisis the americans have been trying to bring all the sides to negotiate a settlement even notices of america that there are opposed to that could happen it's september but from that. for the time being we're not getting any indication
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from any party that's we might see a political solution to the crisis now from a political perspective the reason why we've seen the emir of qatar multiplying his overseas troops is basically to say that despite the fact that there's an embargo which is imposed on his country but he's consolidating his political and strategic relationships with different key players in the world all right thanks so much from paris. our trade war between two of the world's largest economies has officially begun with the u.s. and china imposing tariffs on each other's major industries a trumpet ministration fired the first shots imposing tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods china responded immediately and accused of starting the largest trade war in economic history rob mcbride reports from beijing china has always said it will match any u.s.
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tariff with its own at the ministry of foreign affairs briefing just hours after the u.s. terrorists were imposed china promised to be true to its word searches are i want to stress that we never wanted to see the escalation of trade frictions into a trade war a trade war is the last thing we want to see because as we've said many times no one country will benefit thirty four billion dollars worth of goods will be affected from farm products to automobiles chemicals and medical equipment as those u.s. products become more expensive china has been looking for other countries to supply them. china has been trying their hardest to diversify suppliers of energy of agricultural products especially when all the heat focused on saudi being on china has been boosted its investment in a lot of other unconventional countries for soybean exports such as russia in so doing say critics of the u.s. policy beijing has been forging deeper trade links with the u.s.
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competitors there will be no winners the question is will there be something lose more than anybody else right now though it looks like the united states is doing the opposite of what it intended it is in essence rallied the entire world against it and u.s. tariffs could ultimately hurt u.s. firms as well as chinese that's because far from being a straightforward take for tat easily winnable trade war it's complicated for example some of the chinese semiconductors the u.s. is putting tariffs on use microchips that are designed and made in the u.s. so those companies will also be hits. it's thought the u.s. is imposing tariffs to punish china for what it says are unfair trade practices and stealing american intellectual property rights but attending a gathering of sixteen central and east european leaders in both garia chinese premier league co-chairing said foreign firms was safe in china. our view is
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that trade war is never a solution china would never start a trade but if any party resorts to increase of tariffs then china will take measures in response to protect the interests uphold the authority of the world trade organization and save the multinational trade order as relations with the u.s. continue to serve china's leaders appear to make new friends wherever they can probably bright al-jazeera beijing. well just before those u.s. tariffs on chinese products kicked in don trump told reporters he's prepared to escalate the tariffs on chinese imports to half a trillion dollars that's about the same amount as the u.s. imported from china last year kimberly how he joins us now live from washington d.c. so talk of half a trillion dollar that's big talk is there a sense there that donald trump may really follow through on this. yes
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absolutely is the short answer let's try and break this down sami so what we've essentially got here get your pen and paper ready because there's a little math involved we have the twenty five percent tariff on thirty four billion coming into the united states the retaliation from china but donald trump telling reporters on thursday it's not going to stop there as you point out there are another sixteen billion that will be subject to tariffs from china into the united states that is set to be put in place in two weeks and at the ready as you pointed out another two hundred billion and then another three hundred billion after that what this means is donald trump is getting serious certainly he's taken a confrontational approach this is an unexpected we had this announcement in april that this is what would happen if tocs between the two countries high level talks did not yield a better arrangement as we heard in robert prize package that the united states and
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other countries we should point out to have long accused china of not only intellectual property theft but an equal trade practices donald trump when he came in as president he promised this in the campaign trail said look not going to stand for this we're going to take action in the absence of an action from the u.s. congress and i can tell you from covering congress for many many years the problem has been acknowledged but the solution has never been one that the u.s. congress could come up with so donald trump a launch these high level talks press the u.s. congress said if you don't do anything i will act and now we've seen him taking this action committee and wonder what the sentiment is amongst the u.s. business i mean a lot of products and components are manufactured in china prewar. very worried certainly out we've seen very large trade groups coming out saying that this is going to hurt american consumers cautioning against this but at the same time what you have to remember is well there is this recognition some things are going to get more expensive the american consumer hasn't actually seen this yet
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what seems to be at play here sammy are short term political considerations we have the u.s. midterm congressional elections coming up in november donald trump has been taking a very confrontational approach not just in trade we've also seen this on immigration and guess what's been happening his poll numbers have been going back up to what we see in inauguration levels pretty solid particularly among his base so this seems to be what is also another driving factor for the president not only did is he making good on a campaign promise but he's looking ahead to that vote in november now pulling back you talked about the business groups well certainly they are concerned because what we're seeing here is really an up ending of global trading practices there's been a place for roughly a half century all right thanks so much kimberly how careless continue discussing this though we have michael hewson these chief markets analyst for c.m.c. markets and joins us now from london you know i still can't get my head around it
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talk of hof a trillion dollars worth of sun has a trillion dollars worth of trade which is almost about the same amount as i said the u.s. imported from china really is that really possible with that mean for the trade relationship we still call it a trade relationship between the u.s. and china point. well i think this is part of the battle that he's fighting on a number of fronts sammy and ultimately i think mark is fairly sanguine about it for the time being i think simply because to coordinate that type of response is likely to take some time and you know i think that i think there's an exceptions the president from could have played this completely differently you know you acknowledged in your something out there that china has been criticized by any number of countries for intellectual property theft as well as access to its markets is a common refrain not only from the u.s. but also from the european union if you really wanted to go off to china i think
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you could have adopted a much more consensual approach but this approach appears to be less the less consensual and more scatter gun and its approach in ultimately he's hitting pretty much everyone over to having a go at the european union in terms of automotive terraces slapping a twenty five percent tariff on european automobiles so i'm really not sure where he's going with this but you're absolutely right it's playing very well with his base unfortunately i think is going to suffer the consequences maybe in two or three years down the line he said scatter gun markets don't usually like that do they where is this likely to leave markets. i think it's going to make it very difficult for us to rally in the short term at the moment they're fairly sanguine about it we were expecting these tariffs to kick in they have kicked in the bull i think is now firmly in president trump's coal because i think what china is doing is china is counterpunching so it's not. for the u.s. to make its move and then acting accordingly so i think if president trump is
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serious about implementing a further two hundred billion dollars of tariffs on chinese goods which is going to have to wait and see where he tell gets those tariffs because at the moment it's got things going to be very very difficult for him to come up with a range of goods. given that they only have as you said five hundred billion surplus with china anyway. and time will tell i guess thanks so much for your analysis on that michael hughes. thank you so head of al-jazeera all the small. belgium get the better of world cup favorites brazil so not will have all the build up to that point a final just ahead. welcome
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back now in northern thailand the ceremony has been held to honor the former navy seal who died as part of a mission to rescue a young football team and their coach team all trapped inside the cave thirty eight year old someone k'naan lost consciousness on his way out of the cave where he'd been delivering oxygen tanks rescuers have been in a race against time to extract the team monsoon rains are forecast over the next few days. neil bennett is a diver at the privately owned new zealand diving center joins us now on skype from oakland good to have you with us this tragic case of the death of a diver i guess highlights just how difficult it is to get people in and out of this cave complex. in the early going. very near.
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we will go to that other with the. cloud of the world world making it would go back but we thought it was going down with you and so the only. the flow of the war to that feeds doc i understand it's a few kilometers long given all of that can the boys realistically be expected to be trained enough to scooba their way out. do you think you mean the. only a couple of go wrong with the rule not to worry about whether it doesn't going to happen. if you try to get them and they're going to do a crash through the front load the donkey in front of them and they're relying on the rescue dogs with the people who performed. but now the current u.s. is saying that they don't think the boys have a lot of time to stay in the cave as they initially thought what options do they
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really have then if if staying put is not an option anymore. this is probably their only option they're going to think of a crash proof a little to keep him on the war don't mean that they're not going to cover the modern cool thought with knowledge about going to get into the bargain the war the war the garble garden birds i also question that comes to the mind of a lot of us if they know where they are why is it not simply possible to drill a hole or access them through some kind of tunnel is working just what we call on the groom i was going into but we've got a long career wrote about. in this story really have no idea what's going to take you below it because i. could prove going through rounds of earthquakes is probably true when they grow up let alone will think. it is
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a tough one let's hope they figure this one out soon thanks so much we will ban it . oh. thank so it's a big day for favorites brazil so nice to hear to tell us all about it thank you very much sami while the world cup quarter finals kickoff shortly first up it's two time champion a year ago i guess nine hundred ninety eight to a winner is france before five time champion brazil me to belgium well let's go straight to our correspondent andy which isn't who's life for us. and he is the case of south americans against europeans let's start with the early kick off of france do you think they'll be able lying on their teenage sensation helium and bapi to deliver. such an exciting performance from him was in it
4:50 pm
in the last game against argentina is not exactly an unknown quantity only nineteen but he's already i want to lead titles in france with monaco in paris and your man paris on your mind buying in for more than two hundred million dollars from monaco easy's a product of the cliff on say national academy front so he's even known quantity here used to doing it on the world in the world cup so it's elevated his status to go to a whole new level i mean you look at a player so young and already there are comparisons with what he was doing as a seventeen year old in the one nine hundred fifty eight world cup and you the shoot he's going to have plenty more tournament's and and big games ahead of him and i think back to to the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eighteen france when i was another teenager michael owen of england he made a huge impact i'm against argentina looks is always going to take on the world for years to come and although we had a good career injuries meant that he never quite evolved into being the player he was when he was eighteen so i'm not suggesting i'm backpay is going to come into
4:51 pm
injury problems in the near future but it may just be this is his in france his best ever chan. to have a real go at winning this world cup for a second time such a talented squad of players and one of the criticisms leveled at the day shows that coaches that he's never quite been able to work out what is best formation is and what his best eleven is because he's got such an embarrassment of riches they they were pretty poor in the group stages came to life against argentina but the concern will be that they did concede three goals against a team that was pretty much in a state of disorganized chaos by then but yeah i think we're all really excited to see how does in this game today and the a bit of the disappointing news for you glad i finally has been ruled out do you think the whole responsibility will be on louis was and can they can they pull this phil. yeah it's a big loss for them he looks so good in the in that when it gets to portugal or school two goals and i think it's
4:52 pm
a frustration for europe was that when it comes to big games of the world cup they can't seem to get cavani and luis suarez on the pitch together in two thousand and ten when they reached the semifinals suarez was suspended because he'd been red carded in the quarter finals and then in the last sixteen four years ago suarez was unavailable because he puts in opponents in the group stages but come on out for more reasons this time around but it's a big loss in the christian's draw and he's coming in he's got a good season in the spanish league with your own but he's not a like for like replacements and it will be a loss but what you do look at europe wide you see what they do have which is defensive strength of our as the coach has been seemingly forever approaching two hundred games in charge for his country and such such a good organizer of thoughts even in the central defensive partnership of god and how as a human as he would take our madrid partnership they are rock solid if any conceded one goal so far in this tournament and if you look at seams that do well at this stage of a world cup it's teams that don't concede goals so i think if he was fits it would
4:53 pm
be year of war that the favorites i mean it's more of a fifty fifty game now. and he just quickly let's talk about the next game that's happened in brazil against belgium how do you see that going. well think belgium of all the players to worry brazil thing my concern is that they conceded two goals against japan in their last sixteen games they would have taken huge confidence of course from from their comeback performance and reports are most of us took a lot of credit for managing to come up with a plan b. and so you've got not seen in forty eight years of the world cup has managed to come back from such a margin but they really can't afford to concede two goals against brazil and like you were brazil for all their attacking flair it's their defense that looks are soiled now. he's been in charge of the team now for last couple of years he's worked very hard to make them notice flakey if they were four years ago when the host of the tournament and and subsided against chile in
4:54 pm
a semi final when they lost seven one that defensively strong to the fancy crystal to have enough to beat the belgian ministry and it was live from moscow thank you very much for that now let's go to the not to show butler has added to the fan zone and was you know gone just outside paris the tasa tell us how's the atmosphere are the french optimistic about this. that's why france is facing you're a guy would you require a formidable opponent because france has not beaten europe quite in thirty three years but records are there to be broken some rules have to be broken and that's what everyone is saying here today they are sure that their team is going to get through and you probably see behind me fans have been gathering they are excited to extremely pumped up and you know early on in this tournament fronts disappointed the team's performance disappointed many fans across the country they said that maybe they could have played better against australia against denmark against peru and then there was that game on saturday which really changed everything france
4:55 pm
against argentina beating them for three two incredible goals by the nineteen year old and a strike in about these really come at the start of this tournament he's the person that many people here are pinning their hopes on for this games. as you can imagine excitement extremely high because the game of course is just about to start at that of us a life from was it a gone past thank you very much for that well from paris to montevideo what daniels wanna is just standing by dan and you must have heard earlier that any is out how do the fans feel about this. world held. for america's regional championships they.
4:56 pm
have to. come up with a. very. very very very. very much for them. way from russia the is under way at wimbledon and the big names will be wary and there were several huge upsets at the all england club on says day none more so than the exit of defending women's singles champion the number three seed. the spaniard that was ousted in the three sets by belgian will number forty seven alison. on the two of the top eight women season now remain in the draw on.
4:57 pm
both williams sisters are in action venus is training against the netherlands kiki burton's a while serena takes on christina modern the riches of france defend him in men's champion roger federer faces germans. later south africa's classism in his aim to conquer the one thousand five hundred meters that has hit at bit of a snag the ice has a meter's world champion had to settle for a six place at the diamond league meet in the sun this race has a one by american shelby on so many are lost by more than three seconds and that's it for me back to sammy banks. well that brings us to the end of this news out of course the news continues round the clock on our web site and head over to be addressed al-jazeera dot com to see be addressed then for you on the screen i'll be back in
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a moment with more of the day's news so do stay with us here on the syria. expelled from their base in jordan in lebanon left in a little. green valley and this rising in the ranks of china but was this just another inevitable step down the road to. this is a long story just for the conflict that would cost on assad his leadership in life . chronicling the term story straight to. history of the revolution the now just. a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues but from bob did till now he's distance rewind continues with the return of them is it can't stay challenging when
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one east upwards of two hundred species are going extinct every twenty four hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant a place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. getting to see the astonishing bond life here is by no means straightforward the weather makes everything a challenge the environment where life is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that are up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism the number of tourists coming down here at say the beginning of the two thousand this was somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand
5:00 pm
a year and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to loop on the horizon . the guns could fall silent in parts of syria russia broke the ceasefire between rebels and pro-us of forces in daraa. says al jazeera live from doha. also coming up a ten year prison sentence for pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif on corruption charges get ready for the global ripples donald trump imposes huge tariffs on china and it strikes back. and trying to thrash out
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a way to break the unity of the u.k.'s divided government meets.


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