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tv   Shahira My Syrian Friend  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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minister of went to sink and janet. design key vienna didn't meet susan of but to be re he's of a group that kissed your own you know how could you to sing that he knew. it she was supremely it discontinued on your account. deja sons would consider him a key so until recently released speak daimon the man asked on the top of the sitting on that deja can even if you supply the link soon mick. and i see nothing. but if. or nor fair it tore at least one. but how did is
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an aberration become such a cruel dictator. the story begins in one nine hundred seventy five in chad. a former french colony twice the size of france located in northern central africa chad is landlocked and bordered by six other countries. he lives rather salute would reading the quran is a school but if i look at rest of it. it was you know it was well done by well you're aware yes it will but it's false as it will not read it but you know a balloon in a bundle a immunity deal medleys all mutual at best breach if you give a normal guys this will is an outbreak form a student at the elite french school of political science seals popa he led
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a rebellion against a government he considered to be overly influenced by fronts from the desert region of two bestie he relit support with his nationalistic rhetoric is a number he can still do a lot of emotional requests in a casket a cuban uncooperative and i will be shown justice to you like i'm different been. an informant x. come on and there you. i think concord. and i'm pretty sure i don't have to get. that you know. ted you can but i got one or play out and he called me but there you have he would tell you. that i would hear oh my. mom are going to move out of. an oven off i could think this one is on the measure so full of it it took a lot in the village now stone to see evolution there you know also could i guess
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again you'll see. how long would you need see to pull see the amount of money the office closed. there's a ton of money. but. it. was weird. for me read it was. going to did it in new york not. the first french hostage was archaeologist françoise closed who was kept prisoner in the to best the desert for thirty three months. are going to give us it. immediately. after years of chaos and infighting between rebel factions in chad. entered the capital
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victorious in june one thousand nine hundred two. the revolutionary declared himself president. from the moment he assumed power the young head of state had to face the threat of neighboring libya. colonel moammar gadhafi wanted to an exchange. he was an equally ambitious revolutionary but all the more powerful thanks to the money he made from oil. in the name of his pan african dream he okie pie district of land in knows who the neighboring territory of libya and launched a rebellion against dissent appling. under but at the end. of the job. as done in to get it into a. good
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effete threatened western interests. not only in chad good locally. he supported revolutionary movements and financed international terrorism. the west extended support to is an ab way that's absolutely any cost. then a result that he predicted was the. ronald reagan do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us ackland the president reagan came into power we were instructed to do everything possible to
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stop libyan activities america was like going against gadhafi he was just doing everything to foment revolution so in that context chad became an important area for us the americans have the sort of they were going to support dissing the united states didn't care in chad per se but they did have a very strong interest in reigning in the ambitions of of colonel gadhafi. what we did was we assessed were chair. needed. charlie and soldiers more point and shoot it had to be pretty simple. it was part of my function to coordinate all that . we were to deliver them to the airport in the middle of the day. be delivered rather than over their own who were reporting to the congress that the press there were engaged in clear this program.
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the united states is an aberrated regime but fronts was hesitant to do so. also meet at home a socialist wanted a new african policy with less intervention and more progression. he opens dialogue with gadhafi at the feeders up of new evil if you don't want to show us suddenly. it by you dummy tell all digital of your biting buddy less edited usfsa cook at spots ok but he still g.p.'s search me so give me do you think just because the west. you got there she. did you what was an all. who in law does she did in fourth year of their lives deal just villa in new. scalloped or
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a child. that you call partition as you little glass it again. gadhafi agreed not to cross the sixteenth parallel a symbolic boundary that separated the pro libyan troops from the regime of he sent our plane over be a pal of a gloomy and local to show if the son must be a loss is not a fault among. my colleagues and i in washington were aware of the fact that some elements of the french government were tempted to try to work with. khadafi in our message to the french would have been when you sup with the devil use along. within two years is an arbitrator had taken his place on the international stage. within the country his regime carried out their first massacres in the south. for
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the requirements of the trial lawyer jacqueline mu dana returned to this region where the armed rebels known as the code those opposed to our brain who tried to secede from the regime. was that it was. not administered. in this isolated location gray's army plan to ambush the rebel kodos. lap in their fog piece on their meal exact them on t.v. you do get a kid to timor ok there are many. ideas
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are kind of the same envy. segment so don't appear with their minds on the. evils auntie could have fed me when the. where. baku the head of i think the p.c. the cab driver is the only thing there and back to see. some m.q. would use to glad i'm sick could take that. she got most. part of that he took c. on the d. last the loss it just feels innocent i mean if we don't a show not going to turn don't know who got this done this. or us and second daughter say. no every.
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will not do it. all the last a bit of. the night i had no idea missis. said fairly soon then this same board they must faca just should be a few a day pretty september. after all been september while. on take it they barely let me do they don't want to with visual done this kind to play he is a christian bruce is on the road please i'm going to play you sit a very couple of my fuckin compliment got. thirty years later the south of chad has not forgotten the bloody violence of the army against the civilian population. people were killed on the slightest suspicion of supporting the rebels blame you. if you can. move.
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your so from the more. is it did you see. on the top three garbage women made on. this article because. gray ones you know you know when quilp i was up was remember one will buy one conscience. while it. was killing and wiping out dissent in the south the world's attention was turned to the north. gadhafi had violated the pact he'd made with france and the proly be in troops across the sixteenth parallel and were advancing on chad's capital city. and fair because of all of the
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money in. the syllabus exterior. i think was anxious to avoid. commitment in chad but he couldn't escape it. he and his government could not escape it in reality. is an aberrated got what he wanted the support of the french army. gadhafi gives in and signs an agreement with. he promises to pull his troops out of
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china. does upbeat. on earth also say. that i could still have it at the multiple borders false it. already got the wrong. they all help us he should also be a part of already. did to the all of the. well reviewed on the. this is a story about a small village the society that inhabits it and to of its most important carrots
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it's the village is a telephone and it's a mexican secret. discovering new film making talent from around the globe to find the latin america delves into this cuban my culture. it's only in line for the song world people click on al-jazeera. there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly when looking at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. to listed since we deserve to have people with these have to have
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a lot of latitude is if they have freedom and we deserve to have. we wanted to produce them in our population. he's not going to get never back down and you can't just flip oh no look i was jumped from the truck. because i'm all over the place the one today team on al-jazeera. we should all be in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera rescuers in thailand began to free a trap football team from deep inside a flooded cave the head of the mission says the twelve boys and their coach are very ready for the operation they've been trapped underground for more than two weeks emergency crews have been worried about weather conditions hampering the
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rescue squad hietala has more now from chiang rai there are thirteen international and five navy seal divers involved in this process we're being told there's a two to one ratio with the boys who are being brought out two divers per each boy and then we know based on previous plans that that the air tank will be carried by one of those two divers with each boy now it's expected this whole process to take about ten hours so it's going to take it's going to go into the evening hours probably about nine pm local time when we possibly will see the first boy emerge from the cave the same way they went in just over two weeks ago the u.s. secretary of state has reaffirmed that north korea is committed to complete denuclearization might pompei a brief the foreign ministers of south korea and japan on his discussions with the north korean officials in pyongyang he also said the north has agreed to talks in july to discuss repatriating the remains of u.s. soldiers who died during the korean war japan's prime minister shinzo abbott says
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rescue was a working around the clock to help victims of floods and landslides at least sixty five people have died fifty nine a missing after days of done polls more than one a half million people have been ordered to leave their homes. the sudanese foreign minister says south sudan's warring parties have agreed to a power sharing deal reinstating riek machar as vice president regional leaders have been mediating talks in uganda to end the civil war a similar deal was signed in twenty fifteen but fell apart a year later haiti has suspended a proposal to nearly double fuel prices after violent protests at least three demonstrators died in the capital port au prince on friday. hosts russia have been knocked out of the world cup by croatia who won in a penalty shoot out russia level to wall late in extra time in the quarter final croatia scored the decisive penalty to send their team to their first semifinal since one nine hundred ninety eight they'll play england to beat sweden two nil
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those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a trial of a dictator i'll have more news in half an hour see that.
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you see she. is an operator was known as the lion of un i on his political party. thousands of child eons were victim to the cruelty of his regime. who knows i get news of on the set sometime did it all still being kind to me and i. was left. without please don't be seen. please on the web we get special b.c. of. this it's also. a shame that many in the country must cheer. and jimmy not knitting can come to its own. name or to muster
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silly come out that comedian made slim on the sink. sink at a cat two nearest the referee. at two or a priest jennifer with us from the. book but it is much easier. in some men dessen appraiser up and. said it better than have done it i thought of the yeti. daughter so i live in la and me poor ethel executive controlling the country snobbery are fearful what arms around . this on the summer catherine who. was are we to make up for. the celebrity it's exact we come to was a pussy and is that a side show the government the show we.
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a partnership but you can buy. a lot of trees only because i'm physically no sissy come i'm. serious you don't see that it's an honor to suss. to cause effect to be my own self. as i get the shows with l.v. the years that now he said i'm late. to school you want. the public. school to check the business i. was on before we seriously. need to meet up i see. as good he said he also. exquisite hadn't he what. decision should yes he would love it for me i do sir. he said i will provide where it was you know i don't want. so but i'm going to pass resumption you say you want. because of the month
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of june. you want to. look if. anybody knows your dualism but it came to france in a bit of but good to be in the zone one hundred did they look at it it all sort of a lot is done. the lumber said about false. did this was a villainous fuck you say did he and it's very nice to to this american either you move away or nick or that i am goes wrong on doing this by the corps long to meet their fans sake of it have a disease that are. media composure to the clinic and. one of the ferry first documents we picked up was the report of a training course in the united states for a number of d.d.s.
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agents. including some who were listed later as the most feared torturers in chad we see from the entry log of the d.d.s. the liaison from the us to the d.d.s. was coming in and out of the d.d.s. it would be really hard to say that the us did not know what was going on. yet when he got. shocked when the wind does all up. and he wants to call my friend and from the fisherman. of course we knew about human rights violations. in chad. it was not an issue for us as i said before our main focus was libya. of course
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we frequently have to help people we who are not very nice to to do our things but we do not regret anything there it is real politic yes. sevilla put it together sure that's it i'm sure vol of selfhood up and cease. by the mid one nine hundred eighty s. gadhafi had still not withdrawn his troops from northern chad he did not fulfill the agreements that he made with force one metre high tensions were rising between france and libya by the forces it on here which are always be to see the girl
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ilario door you are to a left they. are sure don't ya don't go she is bitter the girls are below. is showing respect in the bar. near the city of what the doom the libyans built a two mile long runway to channel weapons and initiate a fresh attack on the country alone meant to gadhafi once again to try to persuade him to see reason. get their feet or sua sucked off the saucer and then apply this is. and it is. all the. charges she. did. is something.
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many. of us will fall says a lot of this image and they all will not sit on it at this moment and then get it france reiterated their support for going with operation apell being. the french and the americans were now in the same position they had to clamp down on the libyan advance to threaten stability in the region. libyan army was very well outfitted because libya had a lot of oil wealth and the soviet union the top happily provide them with
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a lot of equipment. so at the same harbor was going to go after that you know he had a good case to make we provided ten stinger missiles under very strict controls . and they were he wanted. a new reality. this modern equipment allowed. to launch an assault on the probe libyan forces a battle known as the toyota war took place in the vast desert of chant. on the thunder had bigger than any. of us see and. said to the. new level of the year. is a big deal for the men. the toyota war ended with the taking of what the doom
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gadhafi stronghold in china. is and how brave in the end destroyed the libyan armored corps. and killed thousands of libyan troops that would not have happened if there had not been effective french american cooperation. is very happy he came we had lunch with president reagan and we had a long talk president are convinced. that the relationship between our countries will continue to be strong and productive it was an honor and a great pleasure to have had him here as our guest.
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this is the president. lives it does unique. sherry. the. largest dish. this in harbor a is the fourth dictator charged with crimes against humanity who was supported by the reagan administration you have a gusto pinochet in chile you have his in harbor in chad you have in haiti you know every zero smog in guatemala after seven years in power he became obsessed with those he considered internal enemies in chad in one nine hundred eighty nine is an obvious former chief of state interest they'd be led a rebellion against him and his paranoia knew no limits. chaddy ends from the same ethnic background as he treats day be there's
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a guy became targets in jim ina they were held in a prison called a p.c. in a swimming pool it became a symbol of oppression as the country was plunged into fear. or left the p.c. prosecutor in a to be seen sank as a m.s. it is if you see it on the left one is that you. tell us a bit if you need left the scene i did because for me when i was three in shop i would just. say come into day i'll buy yeah. the cd with. the. we're. with. the. long girth from it the threat is that it shipped from a through the. cut madness aunties. and that. don't but if someone did that
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they didn't. say. we're live book why did their lives at them going to be a couple of enough. in one minute it was curiously. when it. released sam the man on guard duty of course i think on a terrorist event like that on. only the. listed fit only to show one of them or ask. your mom what event. we're all in was. more
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was a bit it. is all there is a small war declared as you know exactly what i'm. going to have come up with on the president's left we don't really don't see i'm one of the sons and am ability to understand. during the same period two terror attacks find their targets the pan am flight explodes mid flight over lockerbie in scotland the second a french u.t.a. plane explodes in the middle of the sahara desert both attacks both the hallmarks of colonel gadhafi the united states decided that the libyan leader needed to be eliminated. it's an opened his country to u.s. forces allowing them to pursue their objectives just a few kilometers from and jim ina the cia had secret camps where they trained former libyan prisoners. an issue that i forgot i will juggle on that with real down watch the media bali was right there with.
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all work. in the deep sea salt or gold pocket or say. i mean i don't know no no no no no. i'm so pleased along with julian when he did go on a ball player he's already shocked to be on the rails. at this i mean i just rename it images we've ignored all evidence and i would only be because we don't. get this he. was a cia operation. a covert operation. the purpose was to infiltrate libya with libyan people who could attack libyan facilities she got access to her city this trial again about a.f.e.
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the prison year and i guess going to get us. on either me. because you mother the use of america it fit in a fox even hard for me to walk highly food or a hotly i get a few is american an example but come up with. our simplest gonna do montgomery man. fronts did not appreciate united states inviting themselves into their african domain the head of the french foreign intelligence went to chad to meet it's an upbringing was she said i but him of a twelve in the rear of the. it costs just to put it on disha. sucked.
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eleven year. you know present do you know provision a false. good day some collision middy. the frizzy he precipitated. a moment laziness on the i. see your list he sent a fair sympathy shoot to sir no sane get metal of fur and i think also for too short to show to death think. france had already selected the man to replacing. the former chief of state under the sand upgrade. he had taken refuge in sadam. when his troops entered and janina the french military did not intervene. michel compatible.
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lizzie a must go to a combatant if not budgeted and of our country year i look closer to god only if you should be. sick i don't. need ariza seller leader. said to put images somewhere in the socket of n.g.'s if you have to for the guy in up the deputies on politics. who often live south of the show say look i'm very left having me don't think yet you got a problem you can get a skeptic you grew up in must be. on it it is clip of you vote. then up in omagh share a common city loudly that i show. them by the coming out going is us live it
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to live my ship it it will happily uncle she was said more considerate tubby's. it to let us walk to the peace and. then look. inside the path look at the each just to see if us that was said just said jean lack of if it is a. here at the ship but their ears. cecille issue please get. it be stead be appointed magistrate mamata haasan advocate as the head of a commission to investigate crimes committed by the regime of he sent out thing. the commission collected statements from victims and discovered a number of mass graves.
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by me that a woman does here comes out of it for. says out of the city after a pause he she. on just talking on pleasure. if you don't this you. eaters debbie's relationship this case has always been very complex on the one hand he was his military chief during one of the bloodiest periods of the government on the other hand after he broke from his and harbor a many of his best friends and many family members were killed by his and. when you're the authoritarian president of a country. and simple citizens have brought to justice the previous president it's very it's an uncomfortable situation it's
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a democratic victory that you don't. necessarily want to be encouraging. to did noticed when somebody. says what a false this is one is it doesn't. end soon month and a buddy is on it keep it pretty good look at this full stop with the jimmy dean and have this illusion that made the news off that i suppose it's a scoop. on to be a financier human must. be tied to a kid is a freaky. little point in their lives that. disappeared back. around on this election.
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hello there we've got a good deal of cloud is drifting its way across the caspian sea at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture it's here actually edging its way east with that it does say it's bringing us a few showers will see a few of those around georgia there on sunday and pop a few in the northern parts of iran as well but elsewhere across the middle east is just pretty hot at the moment as you'd expect at this time of year so for baghdad will be up around forty six degrees over the next few days so not as hot as it has been but certainly very warm here in doha things are going to change and they going to get hotter and that's because the air is going to get a little bit dry up so forty four degrees will be our maximum on sunday then the winds really begin to pick up on monday so a blustery day and a hot one as well with draw iraq temperatures will make it to around forty five or
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forty six degrees a pretty sticky one here for this was the west a lot of cloud over parts ever try and it looks like we're going to see some pretty heavy showers here down to also southern parts of africa plenty of dry weather to be found but not quite for all of us have these winds coming in off the sea and as they do so they're going to pick up a lot of moisture so a fair amount of cloud and a few showers around many of the coasts particularly around parts of mozambique and madagascar we see plenty of showers here and generally speaking the further west you go the brighter the weather becomes on time and a review should be dry. a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues but from back till now these districts rewind continues with the return of the lizard king steve child and one
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east upwards of two hundred species are going extinct every twenty four hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of families that matter to lose. out is iraq. a dangerous rescue operation begins for the twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded toy cave. logan piece it will be here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha also coming up south
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sudan's warring leaders try again to make peace agreeing to a power sharing deal. standing firm with his asian allies america's top diplomat shrugs off north korean accusations that he's behaving like a gangster. plus russian fans expressed disappointment but also pride after the hosts are eliminated from the world cup. and he divers have begun an extremely risky operation to rescue the twelve boys and their football coach from the cave complex in northern thailand their plight has transfixed the world as the authorities have struggled to devise a plan to get the team through twisting narrow and jacket passage ways that in some places are completely flooded the rescuers hope to bring all of them out before monsoon rains forecast for later on sunday cause even more flooding footballers
3:50 pm
have been trapped for more than two weeks. money today our readiness has reached its peak today we're carrying out the d.-day operation at ten am thirteen cave died as it went into. the cave to stop the evacuation of the kids the thirteen kids know about the operation that's being carried out and they're ready to come out with this they're ready to face any challenges let's bring in scott correspondent who's in scott how do they do it well peter there are many stages to this process and what we know now four hours into an operation was once mission impossible by the head of the operations here says that it started in the way it's going to work the way it is working again we're four hours into this there's a team of eighteen divers thirteen of them are international experts the other five are tied navy seals and they're bringing the boys out one at a time we don't know how large this first group is going to be each boy and their coach will have two divers with him and the way we know it's the way they were
3:51 pm
planning it and we're assuming this is how they're operating right now sticking to that initial plan is that the boys will have a you know a body a diving buddy with them and the diving buddy will actually have the air tank with a hose attached to it and now it's going to be very tough going peter particularly some of these passages because there's no room for a diver and the air tanks so it has to be fed through and the boy presumably would have to go through himself too so i don't know if you have one diver in the front one diver in the back but there's going to be a lot of very tricky maneuvers as they go through this so we know when they'll go through two spots as you mentioned completely submerged diving conditions and then they'll get to make their way to chamber three and that's where kind of the inside cave operations have been going on for the last several days they'll make their way there and then i would imagine regroup see some medical attention we know that doctors have also gone in into the cave system see them there and then proceed on out the front of the cave and that's the way they win and peter was their main
3:52 pm
calculation and in the run up to officially launching this was their main calculation scott look we've got to go into a good mood on this because the monsoon is just literally around the corner is two three days away. absolutely yeah they had you know yesterday. saturday they said that look conditions are perfect as perfect as they're going to be to carry out this operation and then they said you know we just need to make sure that it's safe enough to carry this out perfect meaning that they were able to get the water level down is far as they figured they'd be able to before these rains as you said peter start coming in they were low enough everybody was trained enough that they felt comfortable with the boys using this diving equipment with the divers that they were. ready to take the boys out they were trained enough the plan was was solidified enough and also the prepositioning of oxygen tanks probably medical supplies and personnel so everything came together
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they said and right now this is the go time they said because rains are coming it's months susan season here you know you can see behind me there are clouds on that mountain that houses this massive cave complex more rain is going to be coming that had a little rain this morning expecting more this afternoon evening but again peter when you look at how big this mountain range is behind me it doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be rain falling right here to feed water into the cape the flooded parts of this cave system it can be coming from miles away kilometers away and then drains into it so they're worried that even though the rain is not falling directly here it could start to rise and make things even more difficult we'll come back to your suspects in the coming minutes but in the meantime thanks very much will shell the palace looks now well closely at the enormous challenge of this rescue operation. the tome one cave is in northern thailand in the chiang rai province near the border with me and ma and laos it is one of the longest caves in the country stretching ten kilometers through the door and mounts range the boys
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are stuck just past a kevan known as party of beach now looking inside the mountain one point five kilometers from the main entrance navy seal teams the sit up a base and a cabin and no one is trying to three three kilometers in a semi in junction it forks off to an exit but that's flooded the cave widens to large cabins and narrows to passages so small that rescue is need to crew to get through the passageway climbs and drops which means when it rains water builds up in these steps for kilometers then is passing a big the boys are about four hundred metres after the spot and eight hundred to a thousand meters below the surface to get the boys out through the flooded patches rescuers have attached a guideline and daughters emergency oxygen tanks every twenty five to fifty metres the plan is that as they swim one navy diver will be beside them another one behind
3:55 pm
keep in mind some ways don't know how to swim there are strong currents and the water is dark and muddy they're being given wet suits boots how mitts and a scuba mask but no tank the proposal being they'll get all from their dive buddy supply now don't take at least five hours to get each boy out so i know it may take a couple of days to complete the risk you ok let's bring in. a cave experts and u.s. national cave rescue commission a coordinator he joins us now from williams in indiana let's just walk walk us through the main risks here for the rescue team. well for the team themselves of course there's the risk that is as they're bringing the boys out there can be something that goes wrong in one of the dives and either one of the boys panics or has some type of medical emergency such as vomiting into the regulator mask which is it can be deadly and if they panic they can potentially also take the rescuer
3:56 pm
with them so from a team standpoint that's one of the biggest dangers they face from the boy's standpoint of course those are also the same dangers the other fact that they that we have to look at is that they had nine days of starvation so they're still fairly weak they it takes a long time to recover from the nine days of starvation day had and they have not simply had that time to recover the situation did not allow them and their time to become fully strong and and i'm hoping that they have drilled well enough that there are any problems but it is still a huge risk how does that conversation go i mean how do the divers keep the boys calm because understandably you know the adrenaline will kick in the stress hormone cortisol will kick in they will perhaps want to go upwards to a pockets of air pockets of air the surface of the water isn't there because some of the tunneling is completely full of water. oh absolutely now one thing to keep
3:57 pm
in mind is that these these boys had nine days living on adrenaline and high cortisol levels their metabolic processes are. completely out of whack. the divers themselves have built a level of trust with the boys and that's part of the psychology of getting them out is having that level of trust and they having them there most of the places the diver can have they can touch and be right next to them there are those few spots where they cannot be side by side but again they can they can communicate with them by the fact that they're just right close there so with luck that keeps them call and of course we will not know how. to react until they've gone through it and it's true of just about everybody so for the divers give us a sense if you can as well how long would it take for one of these rescue divers
3:58 pm
you know these guys on a personal basis so they're at the heights of the game they're super fit they know what they're doing how long would it take them to get from where the point where the boys are to the exit point from the cave system versus you're attached to one of these children and you'll having to do a body breathing system with them i mean how much does that slow them down. well it slows them down incredibly and they're not actually doing a body breathing system they are a body next to them and scuba diving body breathing refers to swapping the regulator back and forth when one regulators failed but it does slow them down dramatically so normally it takes them about five hours to get from where they are inside the cave where the boys are located to the entrance now of course they don't have to go all the way to the entrance here they're going to the command post that set up inside the cave which is a little bit shorter of a distance and my understanding but it's even though that's a shorter distance it's still
3:59 pm
a lot longer because they are going slower with them so we will know after the first one or two come out how much time that adds and that will adjust the plan based on that information and why do you think they've decided not to utilize the drill holes that they put in place over where they thought the boys were as opposed to going for this option. but my understanding is that none of the drill holes have penetrated to the point where the boys were. and that's it still you're trying to get a new needle in a haystack they you could drill for days and days and days and weeks and weeks is still not hit the cave without the high precision surveys that are necessary to do so the the coming monsoon rains have the potential for flooding the cave even worse than it was when the boys were first trapped and if that happens given the fact that there is a very low amount of air exchange in the cave in the air was already starting to
4:00 pm
get to go bad it might have just resulted in. not being able to get them out alive which this is a preferred bowl alternative and we've spent saying from the beginning there are no good choices here understood me as a thank you very much and we'll have continuing coverage of what's going on in thailand for you here on al-jazeera. if the o.p.'s prime minister is in neighboring eritrea in the first such visit in almost thirty years these are the latest pictures coming into us here showing crowds in the capital asmara now the prime minister was greeted by the eritrean president. at the airport ahead of a summit between the two regional rivals ethiopia and eritrea who force a war in the past over a disputed border but last month there were signs of a thaw as ethiopia's new prime minister accepted a peace agreement and restarted flights for the first time since one nine hundred ninety eight. south sudan's warring parties have agreed to an.


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