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tv   Hissene Habre Trial Of A Dictator  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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i'm robotics and in doha the top stories on al-jazeera mission impossible has now become mission accomplished as the world has watched and waited twelve boys and a football coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in thailand she made island organize the story thanks after their seventeen day underground ordeal all twelve boys and their coach saw daylight for the first time. and a massive international rescue effort that made headlines worldwide it began as a local search and ended after experts from men could she see a clue and to help. let me come try
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you today team thailand government officials and the private sector as well as the media members and the world's mobile support we must do something that we've never expected we could do it's a world first and i know that new york. this search began on june the twenty third when the football team and their coach were reported missing after deal gone exploring in a cave. so when shal rain flooded the cave system delaying the search for days for the first contact was made with the team more than a week after disappearing expert divers found them all alive in darkness sheltering on the dry ledge they were hungry but in stable condition the boys were given food and medicine for minor wounds getting them out was going to be complicated initial reports said it could take months and experts debated the best options.
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rescuers pumped millions of liters of water out of the cave complex while mountaineers continue to look for a safer exit above the dangers were enormous a former tiny the seal diver died after running out of oxygen four days ago then on sunday the first success with the rescue of four boys and another four on monday then on tuesday afternoon confirmation that all twelve boys and their coach were safe. from fear to cautious optimism then to relief and celebration. all of them are no under medical supervision for a week in this hospital here in chiang rai two of the children have contracted long infection and they are receiving medication while laboratory tests done and everybody is expected to last for several days at this point we don't know for sure whether they have been physically reunited with their families since they are still
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under quarantine we were told though that their family some of the parents were able to see their children through glass windows but again the reunification is something that is everyone here that everyone here has been looking forward to and that is something that is expected to come in about a week or so prominent politicians being killed in pakistan along with thirteen others in a suicide bomb attack in the city of peshawar the bomber targeted a political rally killing the leader of pakistan's a war mean party how do you know ballou the drug administration has proposed more tariffs on chinese imports could be imposed on an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods a member of trump's own party the republican chairman of the senate finance committee has called the move reckless meanwhile president trump is arrived in brussels for the first stop of his three nation european tour is there for what could be a contentious nato summit with tariffs looming the e.u. council president has said the u.s.
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needs to remember who its friends are the america after shared your allies after all you don't have the money. and you europe spend more on your defense because everyone expects that this will prepare and equipped money is important about generating solidarity is even more important the southern japanese island of okinawa is being lashed by winds brought by typhoon maria power outages have been reported across the region those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera has seen hobbling trial of a dictator. this
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is the first time an african head of state is to be tried by a special african tribe you know. he sent ab gray the president of chad from nine hundred eighty two to nine hundred ninety is on trial for crimes against humanity war crimes and acts of torture. i gave it official he said have a say too and put africa to them she says. in last week but i'll say that schools have been fired up for us a pope will just keep a mess like no to put pressure on them or lose your vote and i got this i'm sure they're on the shit. they did buy that vince think i'm going to. just see her the proof. to my end of the sin of rape put quite
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a muddy to. say there's donaghy and then the manhunt is on his unit but i didn't feel. there was a group of us who said no we are never going to give up we were going to fight this until his and heartbreak died or went to court. you'll lose a son. roxie got up and. made them the nice you. did that make you nimo see most young kids from eleven said they saw or known the me. sink a victim. the people do cancel said the most
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documenting. systolic a party. death or lemon that there may come for this immediately the victim to come to some t.v. that's really a part of what they saw while they despair they more discipline . due to seche a cause they couldn't discern abri. dimly the wolf. is an aberrated not speak a single word during the eight months of his trial. not looking one of the hundreds of victims that gave their testimonies day to day.
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the stubborn silence of a dictator denying the legitimacy of the court. when the police arrested him in his villa in the capital city of senegal it's an upgrade had been living as a free man for twenty three years despite having had an international arrest warrant. in exile in senegal since the fall of his regime in one nine hundred ninety few believe that he would ever be arrested. on it they didn't know he had. let's go to move on i will abuzz league o'keefe valley city. silicon was ordered to click when he said to me who who simply said i bring some id you give says you then
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next the shift in africa. you know african near the end up against syndicate this africa. count on this in is to prove all the necessary evidence to indict is an arbitrary had been painstakingly gathered over fifteen years ago by a few survivors and with the support of activist reed brody. nicknamed the dictator hunter he investigated is in a breeze dreaded political police force the d.d.s. . that task to stamp out those who allegedly opposed brice regime. within these buildings abandoned by the d.d.s. brody made a major discovery. we go into the building and there you know in room after room ankle deep tens of thousands of documents.
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documents had not been touched you know for seven or eight years and they were just strewn across the floor. and we started to bend down and pick up these documents and we realized that this was these were the files of his and hob ray's political police. sent out he said system very tough it was awful. there were spying reports and they lead lists of people who died in prison i mean this was everything you know that we needed you know to to build a solid legal case you know. i'm going to give you a minute if you don't we'll go over let's go over to the left with. the money the victims association actually spent six months putting these documents together and we put them in
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a database. we were able to count the names of one thousand two hundred eight people who died in detention or you know or killed twelve thousand three hundred forty one victims of arbitrary arrests and of torture. that did this. seem to go due to action. i think he didn't mean he doesn't make it. cheaper if he. did actually but have been. a cream will meet him days and have a nice some pot in sheiks you know. sample a show on. their desk say lafever to have them piss on
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you do know when it's. a shock for you having. to live. among the venue in common was ontario no. grey i'm wondering you know going in with your measurement the then because the product the design or ordered up in the more than my claim is what was on the shop he. she doesn't the loses she minister a prevent the sink. and dammit. there's one key v.n.o. beneath says in a bit to the brewery he's a bit did get the new guy could do this thing that he knew. she was soo granted it discontinued on during. the songs we can consider certainly made. until recently be they more.
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balanced than the two i'm sitting on that they can have been if you see but then insert mic. and i see nothing. but if. i see no. or nor fair at tor at least one. but how did is an aberration become such a cruel dictator. the story begins in one nine hundred seventy five in chad. a former french colony twice the size of france located in northern central africa chad is landlocked and bordered by six other countries. who
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judge a salute would reading the quran is a strong but if i look at rest of it. you know you more players get the it was you know it was what will go your way yes it will but it will fall says it will not lead it but no way believe. the immunity little middle is all new sure the best reach if you give a normal guys this will is an outrage former student at the elite french school of political science seals popat he led a rebellion against a government he considered to be overly influenced by fronts from the desert region of two bestie he relit support with his nationalistic rhetoric is a number they consume do all of you must feel equal for in a casket to cuban on capitol cam and i will be shown justice to you like i'm there had been. an informant x. come on and there you. i'm pretty sure the launch of the gear. had
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no. trouble at all they called it blair yeah here we. go mark. this one is one measure so if a bit it took. us on the evolution there. could i guess again you. see the pool see the amount of money the office cost. there's a ton of money it only. nor does all that we do not at all but he say it. was weird. to be going to be the only plead it was. going to did it in your not. the
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first french hostage was archaeologist françoise closed who was kept prisoner in the to best the desert for thirty three months. are going to give us in. this new form. the moment the. immediate is. after years of chaos and infighting between rebel factions in chad it's an ab gray entered the capital victorious in june one thousand nine hundred two. the revolutionary declared himself president. from the moment he assumed power the young head of state had to face the threat of neighboring libya. colonel moammar gadhafi wanted to an exchange. he was an equally ambitious revolutionary
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but all the more powerful thanks to the money he made from oil. in the name of his pan african dream he okie pie district of land in knows who the neighboring territory of libya and launched a rebellion against is an apple. but then. you jack. has gone in to get it into the ice that. gadhafi threatened western interests. not only in chad but globally. he supported revolutionary movements and financed international terrorism. the west extended support to have way that's absolutely any cost. then a result of the previous was. ronald
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reagan to stalin i swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us ackland the president reagan came into power we were instructed to do everything possible to stop libyan activities america was like going against gadhafi he was just doing everything to foment revolution so in that context chad became an important area for us the americans have the sort of they were going to support dissing the united states didn't care in chad per se but they did have a very strong interest in reigning in the ambitions of of colonel gadhafi.
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what we did was we assessed were check. needed. charlie and soldiers more point and shoot it had to be pretty simple. it was part of my function to coordinate all that . we were to deliver them to the airport in the middle of the day. be delivered rather than over their own who were reporting to the congress and to the press they were engaged to clear this program. the united states is an abberation regime but fronts was hesitant to do so. also meet at home a socialist wanted a new african policy with less intervention and more progression. he opens dialogue with gadhafi at the feeders up of new evil if you don't want to show us suddenly he
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is a. dummy to all digital. bitly buddy less edited usfsa cook at spots ok but he still g.p.s. search me so give me do you think other guess because of west. you got there she. did you what was a little. who in law does she did you thought you was a live a deal just villa in new. scalloped or a child. that you call partition as you little glass it again. gadhafi agreed not to cross the sixteenth parallel a symbolic boundary that separated the pro libyan troops from the regime of essent outrage over be a part of a gloomy a new call to show if the son must be a loss is not a fault among. my colleagues and i in washington were aware of the fact that some elements of the french government were tempted to try to work with.
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khadafi in our message to the french would have been when you sup with the devil use a long. within two years to send a break had taken his place on the international stage. within the country his regime carried out their first massacres in the south. for the requirements of the trial lawyers jacqueline would dana return to this region where the armed rebels known as the code those opposed is an operating who tried to secede from the regime . was. not administered.
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in this isolated location. as army plan to ambush the rebel kodos. apollinaire forgive me please on then me exact i'm on t.v. you do get to get to timor ok there are many. when i viewed as a smile. i deserve counselling envy to meet their segment so long if we meet their minds on the. sunday. it was aunty could have fed me on the let me get over. baku the head of i think the p.c. the cab driver is the only thing there and but to see. some m.q. would be too glad i'm sick when they can. she got most.
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part of. c. on their the last the last it just feels a lot and i mean if we don't a show not going to turn don't know who god is don this is. us and second daughter say. no every. sin they go. it is not doing. all the lesson but if. the neighbor has your idea. set fairly soon then the same board they must factor should be if you had a pretty september. october in september was it if you just don't take it they barely let me do they don't want to have visual done this kind to play he is
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a christian bruce is on the road i'm going to play you sit a very couple of my fuckin cups rank up. thirty years later the south of chad has not forgotten the bloody violence of the army against the civilian population people were killed on the slightest suspicion of supporting the rebels blame you. if you could to. show so one day more. the bit where man that. was one of course. right it was you know you know when you're number one. was on fire.
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then with everyone within. a place army was killing and wiping out dissent in the south the world's attention was turned to the north. gadhafi had violated the pact he made with france and the pro libyan troops across the sixteenth parallel and were advancing on chad's capital city. a secular regime that deeply and fair. as i want to monday. from the. syllabus you experience. i think was anxious to avoid. commitment in chad but he couldn't escape it. he and his government could not escape it in reality.
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she didn't. got what he wanted the support of the french. gadhafi gives in and signs an agreement with me to whom he promises to pull his troops out of china. because. they will moan. those up be get this. on are told also say. that i had soviet then multiple orders false it.
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got the brush that he should also be a part of already. well when you. were away when the scythe. but when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief. of an inequality in society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for a change join the conversation announces. and monday put it on the. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of al salvador war two percent to iraq and you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest. in counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave. his era.
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i'm rob madison in doha the top stories on al-jazeera twelve tire boys and their football coach have been rescued after seventeen days trapped inside a flooded came an international team of divers navigated dangerous tunnels to bring them all out it's. only gave me one so we're glad we're so happy that all thirteen from the soccer team have left the cave today we are giving away apples giving away everything food there so if anything i would like to thank everyone who helped me i will feel like all thais will feel now after day enjoy their rollercoaster of emotions away after the two weeks everybody will feel relieved to know. a prominent politician has been killed in pakistan along with thirteen others in a suicide bomb attack in the city of pushkar the bomber targeted
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a political rally killing hoddle ballou the leader of pakistan's of warming national party us president donald thomas proposed more tire of some chinese imports that could be imposed on an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods more from hydrogen castro in washington d.c. we know this is an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods and in a statement that was just released by u.s. trade representative robert light hisor he confirmed that this was trump making this decision in retaliation to what china has done in the last four days which was we tally their return for the first round of tariffs that were imposed by the u.s. so essentially we are seeing this trade war intensify before our very eyes meanwhile president trump has arrived in brussels for what could be a contentious nato summit the e.u. council president is warning that the u.s. needs to remember who its friends are the america up to your allies
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after all you don't have the money and you europe spend on your defense because everyone expects that this will prepare and they create. well they've been potent about generating solidarity with. the wife of the chinese dissident a nobel peace prize winner leo szabo has arrived in germany after being freed from eighty years of house arrest her husband died while serving an eleven year jail sentence for inciting subversion those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after hossain huberty trial of a dictator but i think. it's an upgrade was known as the lion of un eye on his political party. thousands of chaldeans were victim to the cruelty of his regime. who knows i get news of on
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the set some time did it all still be in kenya. it was a love. please don't be seen. police on the web we get special b.c. here the place is also. a shame that many in the country must cheer. indymedia . can come recent. months or nearby. city motif. is seen if you. michelle are pretty dumb said bit use a little give it david kilcullen metric sheba she was as she needed done read impaired some. poor soul did always jump up
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on it it was you. don't push lovin we jump in a case you. or me. if your paramedic. who did turn you can fight in one eye soup in preventing one j. prophesies young would drop shooter morning. gauche so young the bush should warn it will look what it pete said rupert may defend a man purely as you lay it down because you me five. you are a prime up with the show. did member. jay didn't. mention a pipe. having made down so kwame's he said daley's tablighi don't mean issued
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from. you liberal polymyositis you was us you don't sit it out cause i didn't know my life. i didn't do a damn. it member the party shove it to live my lady is it even more. cynical mad at comedian made slim on the sink. sink at a can of tuna. at two out of a priest jennifer with us from. d.c. . in some men dessen appraiser up and. said it better than lived on it
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i thought of the yeti he said they don't. put at an executive. authority under countries nobody appeared for one hundred and one gentleman i did this on the some a couple hundred. that we didn't know make up for. the celebrity it's exact we come to was a policy at is that a side show the government it is additional we come tonight it is own is a magic to my life what isn't was it don't listen to her credit the machinery no collision prevailed the city if she wanted. the sea all ski to someone else for the knob. in you meant to go. because of a love opportunity the deal of very deep aleppo city i mean let me fashion
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the sound. is your idealism disunity don't mention it but after this. top three. be creating the don't use on top three. even ship. it up to best sun it is our problem because i got my back up look at. the victim. it's a lot to yell oh i feel mean i wanted to talk to a partnership but you can buy. a lot of trees only because you're physically a sissy government. services also that it's an honor to source the slogan was it because if it will be my council. estate at the shows with all of you that you know he said i might. disappear you don't want to see the public.
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is going to check that because what you saw. was i want people to see repulsive. he tore it up i said. it's good he said he also said it's because it hadn't he what she looked decision should yes it would love it for me you are too certain he said it by the primary where it was you know i don't want. so but i'm going to pass real she said you wanted to be different because of the money article. you want to. look if. anybody knows your dualism but it came to france in a proof but good to be in this all one hundred did they look at it it all sort of a lot is done. the lumber said about false fast did this was
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a villainous fuck you say did he and his thing is still to this american either you move away or lick or that i am goes on doing this by the corps long to meet their fans sake of it have a disease. the media you compose your good you can going to. one of the fairy first documents we picked up was the report of a training course in the united states for a number of d.d.'s ages. including some who were listed later as the most feared torturers in chad we see from the entry log of the d.d.'s the liaison from the us to the d.d.'s was coming in and out of the d.d.'s it would be really hard to say that the us did not know what was going on.
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yet when it got. shocked when the wind does all up. and wants a cannot find out from the fishermen. of course we knew about human rights violations. in chad. it was not an issue for us as i said before our main focus was libya. of course we frequently have to help people we who are not very nice to to do our things but we do not regret anything there it is real politic yes. sevilla put it together sure that's it i'm sure of all of selfhood up and cease.
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by the mid one nine hundred eighty s. gadhafi had still not withdrawn his troops from northern chad he did not fulfill the agreements that he made with force one eternal tensions were rising between france and libya bar discussions it all share which are always the this is the girl ilario door there were two i left there. don't ya don't go she has bits of the girl below. is showing respect to the bar. near the city of what the doom the libyans built a two mile long runway to channel weapons and initiate a fresh attack on the country alone met gadhafi once again to try to persuade him
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to see reason. get there she or sois sucked off a saucer and then applied this is. well and then. and it is. all the. charges are she. in pieces of. did she i. think. it's useful to you really thought whoa. what do you do when you. love us you'll fall says a lot of this image and they hold all the will not sit on it at this moment and
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then get it france reiterated their support for going with operation apell being. at their feet. the french and the americans were now in the same position they had to clamp down on the libyan advance to threaten stability in the region. libyan army was very well outfitted because libya had a lot of oil wealth and the soviet union that the top happily provided them with a lot of equipment. so at the same harbor was going to go after that you know he had a good case to make we provided ten stinger missiles under very strict controls . and they were he wanted. the new reality that. this modern equipment allowed to send our way to launch an assault on the pros
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libyan forces a battle known as the toyota war took place in the vast desert of chant. b. to you that one form on the thumbnail had to get that money. on a home plus if. they do you only see and for a. set of your own but i. did i felt that the new level of yourself a little bit. is a big deal for the man. the toyota war ended with the taking of what he doom gadhafi stronghold in chant. his son how brave in the end destroyed the libyan armored corps. and killed thousands of libyan troops that would not have happened if there had not been effective french american cooperation.
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is very happy he came we had lunch with president reagan and we had a long talk president outbreak and i are convinced. that the relationship between our countries will continue to be strong and productive it was an honor and a great pleasure to have had him here as our guest. this sort of president. look at. liz it does you need. sherry or blue or plan b. the largest dish. brought extended throughout the lawn at a pub. this in harbor a is the fourth dictator charged with crimes against humanity who was supported by the reagan
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administration you have a gusto pinochet in chile you have his brain chad you have duvalier in haiti and you have rios montt in guatemala. after seven years in power he became obsessed with those he considered internal enemies in chad in one thousand nine hundred nine is an obvious former chief of state interest they'd be led a rebellion against him and his paranoia knew no limits. dns from the same ethnic background as a dress day be as a gala became targets in gym ina they were held in a prison called the p.c. in a swimming pool it became a symbol of oppression as the country was plunged into fear. or left the p.c. prosecutor in a team to be seen sank as amis does if he's here. on the records that's your. loss or. if you need left the scene i asked for me when i was three in shock would
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just. say come into day i'll buy you. the cd with. the. we're. with. the. long goodbye met the threat is that a ship from a thriller or madness auntie's i've accepted you and that. don't but if someone did that didn't. we i live book and i did them to be a couple of enough. i thought as i assumed was what it was called just read i was a. city almost went down we don't. really saw.
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the going to cut duty of course i think only it is the event like this one. only the. list you fit only to show one of them or ask. your mom would have done. it all in one. more was a bit if. it is on the isn't. exactly what i'm. going to have come up with on the reasons. you really don't see i'm one of the sons and am ability to understand. during the same period two terror attacks find their targets a pan am flight explodes mid flight over lockerbie in scotland the second a french u.t.a.
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plane explodes in the middle of the sahara desert both attacks bore the hallmarks of colonel gadhafi the united states decided that the libyan leader needed to be eliminated. is an opened his country to u.s. forces allowing them to pursue their objectives just a few kilometers from and jim ina the cia had secret camps where they trained former libyan prisoners. an issue that i forgot i will juggle on that with real don't watch the media worry because i play with. it. all in one. room in the deep sea salt or gold pocket also. i mean i don't know no no no no no. i'm so pleased along the journey and we did it on a ball player it's on t. shirt to be on the rails. at is any
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idea isn't it images we. have it is a no brainer that would only be because when it began. it was a cia operation. a covert operation. the purpose was to infiltrate libya with libyan people who could attack libyan facilities she says her city this is. a book a.f.e. the prison yea and i guess get us sit it. on either me. because you must do news america he fit in a fox. me to walk i leave the food or hotly i get a few is american an example but come over. our sippers gonna do montgomery
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man. fronts did not appreciate united states inviting themselves into their african domain the head of the french foreign intelligence went to chad to meet it's an upbringing which she said. in the rear of the. it costs just to put it on the. heels of the. eleven year. when do you prevent a false where you. good day some collision middy. fizzy he precipitated. a moment laziness on the i. see your list he says
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a fair sympathy shoot to sir no sane get metal of fur and i think also for too short to show to death i think. france had already selected the man to replace him into a steady the former chief of state under is an upgrade. he had taken refuge in sadam. when his troops entered and janina the french military did not intervene. michel compatible. lizzie a must go to a combatant if not but it did not work on three year i looked closer to god only if you should. seek god only. as a sailor leader. said to be made to summer in the south of n.g.'s. to for bigger in up be deputies on politics.
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who often live south of the sure say look i'm very left having me so to speak yet you got a problem you can get a skeptic you grew up in must be yes i. wanted to disclaim to be vulgar i penned up in all my share a common city loudly that i show. them by do come and go is us live it will live my ship it it will happily uncle she was said more considerate a base. for to the people. who didn't look. inside it but look at the eats just to see if that was it just said jean lack of the prison.
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here at the ship but their ears. cecille issue please get. it we stead be appointed magistrate mamata has signed a card as the head of a commission to investigate crimes committed by the regime of he sent out going. the commission collected statements from victims and discovered a number of mass graves. by me that a woman does he comes out of it for. says that the city after a pause he she. on is just working on pleasure. if you don't this you. eaters debbie's relationship this case has
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always been very complex on the one hand he was his and his military chief during one of the bloodiest periods of the government on the other hand after he broke from his and harbor a many of his best friends and many family members were killed by his son harbury. when you're the authoritarian president of a country. and simple citizens have brought to justice the previous president it's very it's an uncomfortable situation it's a democratic victory that you don't. necessarily want to be encouraging. to did notice when somebody. says want to france this is when is it doesn't. end soon month and pretty easy to keep it really did not responsibly do jimi did have this illusion that made the news off that i suppose it's a scoop isn't going to be
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a financier human must. be tied to a kid is a freaky indwelled. the point of the net is that. to simplify. even more on his selection.
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welcome to look at the weather across the americas before we get on to the forecast to see that recently announced that twenty eighteen june twenty eighth was the third warmest on record is going all the way back to eight hundred ninety five and look it's been beaten only by two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and fifteen indeed there is quite a bit of heat still around the continent at the moment temperatures well into the thirty's. conditions there for toronto chicago's looking brighter twenty eight degrees the area of low pressure giving some heavy rain across parts of canada and across the desert southwest the u.s. we have got some shower activity meanwhile pacific northwest looking good sunshine in seattle highs going up to twenty seven degrees as we head on through into thursday down into central parts of america and the remnants of what was hurricane beryl are just now an area of showers across the island of hispaniola so we could
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well see some very heavy rain here and general disturbed weather conditions across the bahamas and also parts of cuba meanwhile up through the isthmus panama costa rica nicaragua looking at heavy showers further north just a scattering of showers likely into mexico city for south america heavy showers in the north and try conditions now expected in the south and temperatures recovering in point as areas highs here of fourteen. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into uneasy as a rich tapestry. the threads on a. every
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weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories happen it wasn't trucked in happened a boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot and. chilling the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big fear is someone from the country who guides you who leads you to this story the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. in two thousand and fourteen israel inflicted a devastating attack on gaza. filmmaker mohammad jumbling captures the destruction of his home city through the struggle of those he saved lives for a living. witness ambulance on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. the sun and this is the news our live from doha i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. to address. of the group the world is the final five were rescued from the thai cave. the u.s. proposes more tired of some chinese imports as a trade war intensifies between the world's biggest economies. with. a bomb in pakistan kills fourteen people including a prominent politician. and in sports france beat belgium giving them a shot at their second world cup tie.


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