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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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it is just before nine hours greenwich mean time that's just before eleven am in brussels where we are covering the extraordinary sila taking place in the nato headquarters as you've just seen the general u.n. social addressing the gathered media well earlier the u.s. president arrived in town had a breakfast with the and pretty much lambasted nato allies for their trade relations with russia it was a heated exchange with the end so the mr trump said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s. for defense the borders energy from russia mr selden but as you see there's just been seeking and he said that he expects more open and frank discussions the president had already criticized for they are saying they aren't paying enough for their defense we've got dominic kane who is standing by in munich to discuss how this will go down in berlin we got rory chalons in moscow but first this hour that diplomatic editor james bays is there in brussels at this nato summit and there's
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a saying that he fully expects more frank and open discussions that's a bit of an understatement he said we're going to have that later today isn't he. i think he's had frank discussions and far more open than he would like this stage because that breakfast meeting was played out in public on global television the president of the u.s. being very very public about what he thought about other nato allies particularly germany which he says is not spending enough on defense while at the same time is spending money buying gas from russia mr insults and you heard a short time ago saying he's confident behind despite those disagreements that nato can deliver but he was dodging some of the questions he said that gasp. pipeline
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that germany. links germany and russia and the baltic that was a national issue for germany it was not an issue that he wanted to wade into a difficult time i think for the secretary general he knows the most powerful country in this alliance but he also knows that that most powerful country in this alliance is raising doubts about this alliance as it's never done before. now if you look at it germany is a captive for pressure because they supply they get rid of their cold to get rid of their nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think is something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate for you and i think we did it appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. don't make this the non-so trying to
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find nations there are some problems differences on them to do so and also some disagreements on the gas. pipeline from russia to germany small issues lots of these three but the sinful nature is that despite these differences. to unite our own shortfalls good to protect on the hill the people from the sound of your story together. if you go through world war from the cold war for the last going to go or . how are you going to get a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or simply because the understanding of the when we stand together also when dealing with russia we are stronger i think will become seen is no you just think you russia rich or well the deal with russia making the rich richer a good deal of even the whole war made by a loss for trade with russia of under the. distributions of both went on the trade
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agreements with through the i think traders wonderful i think energy is a whole different story this energy is a much different story than normal traded and you have a country like poland the four except the gas you take a look at some of the countries there were separate because they don't want to be captive to russia but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from but so listen most of it takes germany and getting their energy for i should explain that every three years. but james we can look at pictures of more of the nato allies leaders arriving there arriving as we speak and it's clear isn't it james that the. diplomatic conventions the diplomatic playbook if you like is just being torn up and thrown out of the window and how far is donald trump prepared to challenge the very existence of nato.
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well that is the big question because the central part of nato is the north atlantic treaty it was signed it's coming up to its seventieth anniversary it was signed an alliance between north america and europe at the end of the second world war at the start of the cold war and at the center of that is what's known as article five of the north atlantic treaty and that basically is an armed conditional pledge where if one nato allies are turned to then all of them consider it attack on them only been invoked once incidentally in favor of the u.s. after nine eleven now you've got president trump saying things like we are supposed to protect germany well no says you must protect germany and all the other. allies all total of twenty nine members of nato so he really is questioning the fundamental principles of this longstanding alliance the u.s.
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is most important a military alliance arriving right now we have the canadian prime minister justin trudeau and i suspect there may well be tense encounters not just with chancellor merkel after the comments we've heard in the last couple of hours but also with prime minister trudeau because remember he was the host of the g seven that took place in canada and after they came up with the wording of a final declaration from that president when he was in the air all the way home an air force one said no we're not signing it. called him a weak leader so i think interesting encounters between prime minister trudeau and president trump as well as chancellor merkel but it's of course this is president trump is not conventional is unpredictable he might decide to predict to pick on another one of the twenty millimeters in the next two days all right james for now thank you now let's get it mia nick in germany of course and our correspondent
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there dominic casey now we know that mrs merkel has from the moment. was elected to the white house has a fairly strained relationship with him but it does seem very much to have gotten worse and now we have president trump singling her out as being almost the biggest rascal in the room if you like when it comes to nato. while the captive of russia over this was one way that he described germany wasn't it martin in so far as the facts are concerned regarding energy we should be clear about this germany in recent years is imported perhaps forty percent of its oil from russia perhaps thirty five percent of its natural gas from russia those are the facts in so far as the way the policy here the clear reality for the german government for some considerable time has been as you say this slightly fraught relationship with the united states with the white house certainly from
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angela merkel's perspective she's been this week seeing the premier from china come along and sign deals with her they've talked about the need for trade to be a very important part of the world community that people have to obey the rules of the international community they mean there the world trade organization rules but it was clear when the signing of the state of the ceremony took place before we had the news conference it was a clear statement as it were for people looking on from the white house quite what she will make of the sort of rhetoric that the president has just used to describe her country where we have to where. to see exactly how she will react in the nato summit but the point to make here regarding nato and germany remember that quite recently the white house had floated the idea had talked about the the possibility of transferring some of the many thousands of of combat troops stationed in germany to poland and the president called into question why in germany needed to have
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troops based in germany still well that gives you a sense of perspective here so this this idea that the president now is upping the rhetoric as it were against chancellor merkel against germany it won't be that much of a surprise for the people in the chancellor in berlin that's for sure and of course germany is one of those countries that is spending less than two percent of its g.d.p. on defense spending and we know germany has as as a special status if you like doesn't it within nato obviously because of its role in the war and subsequent developments from that how popular domestically is the prospect of mrs merkel going to the bundestag and asking for more money to spend on defense which is something tradition the germans don't particularly like. yes well me me saying that requirement of hitting a certain percentage proportion of gross dimensional gross national product was domestic product on defense has been
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a real challenge for successive german governments so that. we can say that for certain she has said that it's an aspiration to reach the requirement that has been put there for nato countries but as a method and both parties have admitted that's the both main parties in the bundestag but they don't think they can reach that sort of percentage any time soon and so far as different spending is concerned more globally in germany in a way society perceives it well there's not vast much appetite for a hike in spending on defense because it would come at the expense of other. elements in the economy would do do people want to have more of their tax money spent on defense rather than on health rob and on education those are the sorts of questions that people in society would pose and clearly from the point of view of the german government of their dilemma is that this government has in the past few weeks the past few months been going through its own crises its own tensions it doesn't want to have yet another problem thrown at it which is what this defense
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contribution question would raise doesn't it came live in munich for us now let's go to moscow this go to our correspondent there rory chalons and i'm guessing rory that the kremlin will be rubbing its hand hands with glee to see another. driver as another group of its rivals in a state of disarray as was the g seven. well i think there will be a mixed response to all of this from moscow we haven't seen any particular reactions yet from the russian government or from the kremlin but i think of course they will be relishing this kind of wrecking ball activity that is going on of the moments coming from donald trump of course he was warning with his tweets as he came into this nato meeting that he would be firing all of his guns.
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his last uncivil allies in the nato alliance russia has always said that it values a strong europe but it has no love lost whatsoever for nato which it sees as essential as a kind of imperial u.s. project. to. kind of in slave europe in some way and persuade it that russia is the enemy. so on the flip side of being i think quite pleased to this activity from donald donald trump which is ostensibly weakening nato i think russia will also be concerned that what donald trump is doing is reinforcing the perception of russia as the enemy of europe and the enemy of the united states and also picking on gas and energy exports as you know the but the he's what he's working on
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here because gas and energy and oil etc is one of the key foreign policy tools that russia has and if donald trump is trying to get europe to kind of break itself away from that that of course is going to be concerning for russia in the long run roee chalons live in moscow thank you very much indeed. right let's have a look at the rest of the day's news which includes a libyan war no one agrees to hand back on oil fields he controls who found out why and what it means for this conflict ravaged country. and china val's retaliation for the latest us terrorist threat in the escalating trade destry.
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welcome back i'm sure the satellite imagery for southeast asia first of all and you see first of all the sub see nothing in the way of significant cloud across java and bali and southern portions of borneo but a heavy rain is further towards the north through parts of thailand cambodia southern parts of vietnam and then to ching is all the southern edge of where the heavy rain showers are i think the philippines will i see some further heavy rain during the course of thursday so manila could be very wet at times hoshi minh city in vietnam also heavy rain as you come south was again it looks much better across borneo fine conditions there sunny in jakarta on up through the night potential generally pretty good but then once you get into thailand it is going to be very wet indeed many areas seen some to run chilled showers and that continues as we head on through into friday so then as we head across into a straight here the weather still largely dominated by a high pressure system but we have got this in the low moving in giving the risk of showers also even the chance of some snow at higher elevations across southeastern
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areas but for the most part fine conditions sydney that eighteen degrees looking sunny for perth in my sum of twenty degrees celsius as you head on through into friday still rather cool for melbourne a high of just twelve degrees celsius across new zealand the weather looking fairly quiet at the moment should be a find across the north island highs of fourteen in oakland. beleaguered paying the price for his political maneuvering in the middle east now desperate for american recognition and absolutely denounce. the goodies how did the p.l.o. find strength and support from their only lifeline oppressed palestinians living in the occupied territories chronicling the turbulent story the struggle for a palestinian homeland. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. to
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take a look at another of the main stories we go to the nato secretary general. has been trying to play down differences between member countries after president lambasted allies for their trade relations with russia in a heated exchange with. mr trump said it was unfair that juror relied on the u.s. for defense but also its energy from russia. now another of our major stories today that is just within the last hour or so it's a breaking news story from libya the war after has agreed to hand back control of the major all polls to the internationally recognized government now this follows
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a call for him to do so by the u.s. fronts u.k. italy as well as regional powers last month have to battle the rival group for control of production facilities in the country's lucrative oil crescent after the fighting the amount of libyan oh that was being pumped to reaching the market led to an almost billion dollar loss to the economy let's go live to our correspondent in the living capital tripoli mahmoud head so what persuaded general haftar then to give back his gains. well maltin it seems that finally. have to has responded to the international pressure on him especially after the meeting yesterday that was held by your present to divs from foreign ministers of the united states italy the u.k. france and also from other countries that attended as observers lakes or saudi
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arabia and egypt and it seems that it has recently has finally responded to all of the pressure by the international players now according to the then you see see that is the national oil corporation based in tripoli the export operation is going to be resumed in the coming few hours and now general have we know that he was planning to hand over the five oil terminals in the east of the country to that because he based it and you see national oil corporation which is a lie it to the. parliament but after this pressure by the international players especially from the united states now the sea has has has announced that the exporting operations are going to be resumed so on and now then you see has
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lifted the forced merger that has been imposed on the oil terminals in the east following the conflict that erupted on the fourteenth of june between have this forces and forces loyal to their former chief of the petroleum facilities guard. as you know martin that the oil revenues are the bad born of libya's income and the blockade that has lasted for the last three weeks by have to the forces has cost the libyan treasury around one billion dollars that is according to their national oil corporation in tripoli. mahmud up to one head thank you very much indeed. now to eastern afghanistan where at least ten people have been killed after gunmen stormed a government office in jalalabad that's the capital of nangarhar province a gun battle between afghan security forces who arrived at the education department is now over both eisel and the taliban are active in this area so far no one has
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claimed responsibility. china says it stands on the right side of history in defending multilateralism as it warned it would retaliate against any further u.s. tariffs on wednesday washington and else a possible ten percent charge on another two hundred billion dollars worth of goods from china beijing cooled to move sceptical and warned it will be forced to impose countermeasures if the u.s. goes ahead with the terrorists adrian brown has more from beijing. well more angry words from china's commerce ministry on wednesday a spokesman saying that the latest u.s. action was unacceptable and that china was shocked saying that the united states was accelerating and escalating the trade dispute with china he warned that china would take countermeasures but didn't specify what those would be but it's got many firms u.s. firms here in china worrying that perhaps the chinese government might start
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harassing u.s. firms here now china has also said it's going to sue the united states at the world trade organization we've heard very little from the w t o's so far remember this was the organization set up to deal with disputes just like this meanwhile stock markets here in asia have not been reacting well the hang seng in debts dropped more than two percent on wednesday morning the nikkei index in tokyo dropped also by one percent the markets are worried about inflation and about economic growth china meanwhile is taking measures to try to insulate its economy it's reaching out to other countries that have fallen out with the united states over trade germany in particular the chinese premier has been in germany earlier this week he talked up the prospect of new trade deals between the two countries and next week china
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will be hosting e.u. leaders at a summit here in beijing where the theme is going to be free trade over protectionism . a german court has found the last survivor of a near not guilty on ten counts of murder for killing spree in the early two thousand they are to chaper had been on trial for the last five years for her role in the letters as part of their national socialist underground has been sentenced to life in prison for taking part in the right wing motivated murder of ten people to van and various robberies all of which targeted members of the ten. it's community. the world health organization the w.h.s. is yemen's port city of her data has now registered the highest number of cholera cases in the country the saudia morality coalition is backing a government force against toothy rebels for control of the red sea port since april last year around fourteen percent of more than one million registered cholera
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cases in yemen came from her data the world health organization says the conditions and who did that even before the escalation of the conflict has been some of the direst in yemen were they that has registered the highest incidence of suspected cholera cases around fourteen percent of reported cases countrywide since the start of the epidemic in april two thousand and seventeen and diptheria two hundred nine suspected cases in addition there have been two hundred fifty two suspected cases of measles. a cleanup is underway in the capital of the days of protests against fuel price rises which have now been shelved but as gabriel. prince president to resign a continuing. buzz of activity at first glance it appears like just another regular day in haiti's capital city. but don't be fooled this is a country again dealing with a political and economic crisis port au prince has in recent days been the scene of large scale protests thousands took to the streets at one point officials
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temporarily closed the capital's international airport fearing the crowds the anger was directed at the government police used tear gas to disperse people apparently threatening to overrun the presidential palace several people were killed during the melee. the unrest was sparked by the government's decision to increase fuel prices by up to fifty percent the increases cover gasoline diesel and kerosene sales however it's kerosene which stands apart from the others being the cheap fuel of choice for the millions of poor haitians to power their stoves and generators people of this economically of the country most of whom make less than a couple dollars a day are furious at what they view as an inept and corrupt government the fuel hike was the last straw. we are taking to the streets because the president is keeping the people hostage everything is overpriced unemployment is high and people are hungry to free haiti from all of. that is if the president doesn't step down
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we'll continue protesting we've given lawmakers in ultimatum either they force him from office or we will burn the parliament down to the ground. government says the gasoline rate increase was needed and it would have brought in tens of millions of dollars to fund much needed infrastructure projects throughout the country but faced with a backlash the government backed down and halted the rate increase at least for now but this is still a country in deep political crisis people here saying they'll go back on the streets to protest until there's a change in government georges lucien is a historian and political analyst who says these protests are different from the ones in the past because now the anger is focused not only on the political leaders but also at the business leaders as well. these policies not only affect the poor but also the middle class until the government starts working to improve people's
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lives there's no guarantee the recent unrest won't return so far all the government policies are pushing people out of their lands they are building sweatshops and other industries for imports but ignoring local production. a proposed fuel price hike. is now the fuel inflating the end of the long suffering people. port au prince. the british man who was exposed to the deadly nerve agent ten days ago has regained consciousness souls re hospital officials say charlie rose lee is now in a critical but stable condition after experiencing the smooth significant improvement the forty five year olds pop in a dorm sturgis died on sunday the nerve agent was the same type of russian spy said . in march. tens of thousands of people turned out in london on choosing to
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view a fly paulse commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the royal air force the r.a.f. was the world's first independent air force when it was set up in nineteen eighteen just fifteen years after the first ever college flight dozens of aircraft including lancaster bomber as spitfire as and hurrican feiss flew over buckingham palace in central london.
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. al-jazeera where every. act down on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national elections when he's to investigate how far general he is moving party will go to consolidate its power when he first on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where ever you are. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price of twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the b.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggled to regain palestine ever since.
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after years of bloody infighting the various palestinian factions began to resolve their differences. to mold to us events in the region were to prove both a solace and a setback for the palestinian cause. by one nine hundred eighty seven the various factions of the p.l.o. had come closer together after the past four years of into palestinian strife. the palestinian parliament in exile the palestine national council met in algiers in april of that year. a common cause help unify ranks.


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